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shooting and holdingeval people hosge fo othgunm wed in ahoott with security the unersityeerned by authorities about the reonsibility. we'lcont to upda you arn . vepi this moin u-s coast ard halled off thr search for 12 marines who disappeared after their helicopters collided off the coast of hawi lastriday. the cot guard now transitiong to a recery and salvage operation... after wrec h been found on the choppers... but there is still no sign of any marine caleghvil will be ld ountain toght the missmarines. onof theirothe- call southern colorado me. ne joanna wise is ve
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of 22-year-old sergeant effrey hope. joanna. the 22-year-old sergeant hasn't beeneard frosince the choppers went down late last week. yesty afternoon,ew spoke to his mom-- who lives in fountain. she says she's refuses to let go of hope. the moment laurie allen fod out about the crash, she had a feeling heson was involv. ffrey sempr went to high scho in south calina but sited southern colo often to see hisom. she sa, despite the long odds of survival, she holds out e slightest chance that her first-orn child will be found alive and brought home. "i don't believe thahe'sone t. i stilfeel there'a chance. there has to be a chan." a vigil for sergeant spl will be held tonight at six at the american legn post on uthmr road in fountain. we'll have more on thistory tonight on ns5... and online at koaaot c.
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springs, jnna wisenews 5. an acan wahero--nd paralympian-- wi sreer inspirational story in colo springs this morning. melissa stockwell is an iraq war veteran, a was the first woman toose a limb in combat. she'll bspeaking to the new "y triathalon team" and fort rs's "wounded waior ansition unit" this morng. you'll hear from stockwell in a live rept,oming up in r 6 a-m hour. overnight... fireghters connued mopping up "hot spots", after a grass fire brout on fort carson. it started le yesty afteoori training impactrea. njuries were reported. while the fi is comptely out, firighters y you may still smell smok the area
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toda.. "thomas guee"... the accused of shootg colorado springs police dung an attemptedurgly... will aear in el paso county court for the rst time. earlier is month. police say "olee" tried to breainto t home on srra spngs drive... owned by a former emplee of the department of coections. he was arrested after leading police on a chase during which he fired sho.... lice returned fire... injuring "guolee". authorities say "thomas guolee" is a reported member of a notoris white supremicist gang anwas once a suspect in th assasinaon othe direct o the depant orrons. today... colodo springs are looking f a urth suspect accused oftealing hund of thsands of dlars in items -- from homes in colorado springs. these thresuspects acced of the same crimere now behind bars.. policehey would knk on peop doorsnd when no one answer...
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they're accused stealing welry, ts guns her suspect, "gino, still on the run. "rael" and "nathnzal" were both sentenced to two years in prison in 2014, but the d-o-c ys they were paroled 7-months later. el is consered aed and ers. this morngonvicted aurora theatre shooter "jam holmes" is no longer being held in a pueblo prison. the colorado department of corrections isn't reasing his nelocation or reasons behind the move due to safety concerns, but they say he was transferre a facility that is not th. lmes was bng held at the san carlosorrectiona facility at the state hoital in pueblo. and before that, he was at the colorado state penitentiary in canon city were he w assau bynothernmate in october. holm is servg fe in pron without parole for killing 12 and injuring 70 others at the
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timeow forth a traffic on ts. meteogist stephen bowers is heow with first alert 5. is morning is notiably cold than sterday morning. temperatures are mainly in the 20s. clds aretreaming in overhead from the west. clouds do nove snow withbut me snow is this morninglong the continentavide. there's big batch of snow this morning er idaho, we wyoming, a northern utah. this marks aisturbance tour way and will bring some at least some of us. th cold t heads ward. dasnow wl stayrimaly in t mouains. r his ll be in the 40snd 50wi clos ineang. ow wmoven toni pueblo police are moving fward wi newechnoly th's me. e telo w essentially map out whe the
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histicallyapped. rit now it's a tra run- to
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mont- befo decidg ifthey wanto adopt t pueb police pueblo police are moving forward with newechnology that's intended to "irove response times". the new technology will esntiay p out where e mo calls f svice have storically happened. right w 's a trail run -- to collect more data for a w months -before deciding if they want to adopthis long-term. the companakes thech. is basedut of fort collins... and pueblo wilbe the sond ency ttest t produ,. and at mn'it comes at no co... hile they're patroliround can get direction too certain spots in town where historically, events hav
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arvada w the fst city to test it... and afr on about six months, they've seen a 37 percent effiency increas donald trumpusing a miliar ce in his caaign for present. why sarah palin isndorsing the candidatdespite the rsy rrounding him. plus... he's a triple reat... actor... sing and now hero! w jamie foxx is being creded
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lcome .. right noyou're taking a live lookt washington d-c... where day the biggest item on ntrol. u-s attorney gener loretta sete
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this morning's heang will focus on theustice rtment's role in implementing new execuve actions related to gun ctrol. as we've been reporting... earlier this mthresint obama nounced executive actions degned to reduce gun violence. those proposals focus on back chec, law forcent, mtal al treatme, and advanced gufety technol also today... presidt obama will head to detroit to check out some ca! 'saking part in the north american iernationaluto show. and will be there to talk about the reco of thamerican auto dustry. the white hoe p ama alsoants to experien firsd the ogress mby and neighborhoods. more than thousand jobs have been createdince the 2009 bailout of the .auto industry. one year from da the 45th president ofhe unitestates will be sworn into office-and
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he'lget boosthanks to an endorsement from former aska vernor and fmer vice- presidental nominee "sarah palin". yesterday at a rally in iowa... trump introded palin... who could give him anifica boost among conservatives in the nation's first voting state. "ready to mamerica gat again?re you r to stump for trum i'm hto suprt the next president of thunited states, donald trump." lin praised trumas a candidate o has shaken up the republican party... and in her wds... she wants to letamerican's make america great again." palin is expectetottend two campaign events wi trump today in iowa and oklahoma. republican presideial candidate dr. ben carson canced s campaign eventsoday after aampan luntr died in a crash. 25-year-old "braden joplin" was killedesterday after a van he w traveling in with four other staff members flipp overan icytretch of iowa
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another hicle. "if every e us could just think about how we can make mebody elss li better -- what a fitting tribute that would o braden." thother passenge in the accident were trted and releed from thhospital. this morning.. two women are dead and nine her people are recovering in a california hospital- after the buthey wereing on crashed and ipped over on its side. the bus was on its way from los angeles to oakland when the acdent happened... it's belved the bus ashed into safety barrels along the medi of the highway. authorities say the bus driver admitted he was tired at t time of the crash... but it's not kwn if fell asleep. in louisna... authorities are instigating a possible attack on a contractor hired to take downde monuments througut the state. the man's mborghini was destroyed in what poce a calling a suicious fire. e r is vald over 200-
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and is now unrecognizable after it was found in a parking lot in flames. this happened just days after the contractor quit his job due to death threats! police say this y be connect those threa time now for weather andraic onhe 5s. teorologist stephen bowers i here n with first alert 5. thorning is notiablycolder tn yesterday mornin teeratures are mainly in the 20s. clouds streaming in overad from the west. ouclouds do not have snow wi them, busome sw is falli th morning along the continental vide. there'a bibatcof snow th morning over idahoweern wyoming, and norern utah. is marks a disturban that is heading our way and will bring some snoto alet me of . that cold front heads east. today's snow wl stay primarily he mountains. r highwie in the 40s and 50s with clouds increasi. owilmove in tonight. rinow... authorities in new orleans are getting curity preparations -- in oer for mardi gra celebrations. f-b-i officials say that security wl "un-precedente" th year... featuring so much surveillance that everyone can ssume they are being filmed wherever they are." thorities in new orleans
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that right now... but they a even being trained by massachusetts ste police who learnefrom the boston mathon bombing. mar parades start january 29th... with mardi gras fallg on "fat tuesday", bruaryth. nger and actor "jamifoxx" is g hailed as a hero... after he saved a man froa buing trucmonday nht in calirnia authorities y the drit a ainage pipe and truck rolled several times right outside the actor's home. foxx and ather m ranth accident... breaking out aindow fr blazing vehicle... and tting thmaatlt before pulngim outthe car! however "foxx" ss he's not a he... "i don't look at it as heroic. i justook atike you just had
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authorities in new orlea are getting security preparations -- in order for mardi as celebrations. f-b-i cials say at securityilbe "un-precedented,this year... aturing so much surveillance that everycan "assume they are being filmed whever they e." authorities new orlea say there is no knn crible threat rig now... but theyre even being trained by msachusts ste pol who learned from the boston maraon bomng mar pades start nuary 29th... wi mardi gras falling on "fat tuy", bruath. singernd actor "jamie foxx" is being hailed as a hero... after he saved n from a burning truck monday night in california. authorities say the driver hit a drainage pipe and his truck roll several times right outsidthe actor's home. foxx and another m ran to the accident...
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blazing vehicle... cutting e man's seatlt bere pulling him out of thr!however "foxs he's n a hero... "i don't looat it as heroic. i just look at like you had to do something. it all jusworked out. without going too far into it, it all jt worked out." thiver wreator hinjuries andas been char with a d-u-i. stilahead... he's finally free -- after almost 5 years in an iranian pris.. how the form mare is
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welcome back. this morng wre hearing from a former marine who was held in irani prin for nearly 5 yea. hekmati" was released a prisoner swap er the wkend. he says he was surprised when he learned was goi to releasedlong with three her americans. he spoke publically fothe first time yterday. feel lucky, alive...for the rst me in a lo time. and very humbled at everybody's support." very humed at everyby's support." "there is a lot that i have to y about the exrice and what happened and i hope to brinthat to the americanpeople and t world. " amir is one ofive ericans frd in t prisochan three, iluding ar, are tting treatmen u.s. hospital in germy. a fifth hostage...
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chosto remain iran. ti now foreath and tffic on ts. meteologist stepn bowers i here now with firsalert this mni is noceably lder than yestday morning. tempaturesre mainly in the 20s. cloudsre str in ovad fr the w our clds dnot ve sw wi them, t me sw is falling th mni along t cointal dide there's big batch of sw is moing over ida, stn oming, and northerut. this marks a dturbancehat is ading our way and will bring some snow to at least so of us. that cold front heads eard. today's snowill stay pmari in t mountains. our his will be in the 40s and s withudineang. snow wilmove itoght. plus... en it comes time to te...
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plus... when icomes time tte... thgs cld be a little fferent at the pollsn corado the machines thamanytate ofals pushck nst... thisning is calm and col with temperatures mainly in the 20s. clouds will be building today, and we have some snow on the i will tell you when it arrive co up in weather & traff on the 5's. good morng, thanks foroining us on this wednesday morning... it's januuarth. i'm e snea.. in for shelle.and i'm ir. new informatnoabt breaking newin pakistan. e pakistani taliban aking reonsibilyt for an attack at a university tt lled 20 people anwounded 60 oths.4 atcks al died. e terrorroupays day' atck w in respon to pakisti serityorces kiing sc olitain rece months.pakist primeinter
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of t" in the count.
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