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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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of t" in the count. the anarmy has finishe sweeping the cpu- ansays the attack is noover. develohig... t guard has called off their search for2 ris who disappeared after their hepts collid off the coas hawaii last friy. e coasard is now trantioninovery and salvage operation... afr wreckage has been founon the ocean floor... as have all 4 lifeafts oe choppers.. t there isll no sign of any marines. a candlelight vigil willheld in fouain tonighfor the missing maris. of their mot- calls uthern coloro ho news 5's joaa wise is live this morning -- with how t mom of 22-year-old sergeant "jeffrey ler" -- isn't ving up hope. joanna. the 22ear-old sergeant hasn't been heard from since the choppers went downate last week. erday afternoon, news5 spoke
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fountain. she she's ruses to let of hope. the moment laue allen d ouabout the crash, she had a feeling heson was involved. jeffrey sempler weo high scn south calina but visiuthern colado ofte to see hisom. ys, despitthe long odds ofval, she hdsut for the ightest ance tt her first- born will be found anbrout ho. "i don belie tt he'se yet. i stfe there's a chance. thhato be a chance." a vigisergeant sempler will be held tonight at six at the american lion post on southmoor road in fountain. we'll ha more on this story tonighon news5... and onlinet koaa com. repoing liven colorado springs, joanna wise, news 5. class ist s-u pueblo, and a proposed cais research institute is the talk of campus.
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e institute is still in the plning stages, but it will be the first its kind to emine every aspe of cannabis... from hemp toedical and mariana. they plan to ht conferences for rearchs to shareheir a jourl. udentsn campus a mosy on board withhe idea, but others are worried thatarijuana's legal status could causeding problems. i'concned out the federal budget a t amot of money our schooleceives fr the federagovernmentso i'more coerned with whether or not theyl be able to keep a eady budg. the fe do alw he research already and obseatory studies marijuana with volunteers. the university plans to get some of ttitute's fundingrom grtsnd pueblo's city and coty governmts... but administrators emphasize
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major change underway ght now --ill impact how counties acssoladcouneltion llot a new unied voting system pushed by the secrarof state has awn pposio from "so" cotylerks,... o se the move as a tate supported monolybecause itimits them y buy equipmen a single vendor. the sets tules for eqpmenic the counties are obligated to buy the mach. "way williamells us he can the coes acount buy buyi in bu. "we believe at for a number of countiesit'sually ing to be cheaperhan maintaining their existi equipme and theyl have t advantage of new equipment." "i thinkre's somethical considerationsan unfd mandate from the state tt says you mustll buy thisame syem." the clk in douas county says he's is consering rsuingeglave remies or evenitigation "if"t mes
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the proped rule change ends this friday. parents and hools in sthern colodo are teang uto omotre pental invoement in schoo y in coloro springs... local counity aders will host a traing for parents about meaningful ws to get involved in the child's school.... it's bei organized by aren challee" over 150 pple are expected to attend. it starts at 50... and ends at 8-p-m at the 21-c library. it's free and pants do not ed t weather anon the 5s. meteolist stephen bowes here now with first alert 5. this morning is noceably colder than yestery moing. temperatures are mnlin the s. cldsretreang in erad omhees our clouds snowi them, but some snow is falli
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there'a bitch ofw this mng over idahoern wyoming, andnortrn isks a disturbance that is heading ou way and willring se snow to leastome s. that cold front heads eastward. tos sn will ay primarily the mains r highs will be in the 4 and 50s wi cloud increa. snow will move in t. cong uheren abt just an ho... e t mosra and imesvents wi be
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coming up here in about just an ur.. one the most rare and impressive eves will b happening in the sky above us. that's right for the first time in a decade... five of the solar stem's planets will all be visible at the same time with just the naked eye. the five bright planets at will line up dianay from left to rit e... meur.. venus...
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mars and jupiter.... dista uranus... neptune anplutn't be visible. this will happen every morni at t same time until february 20th. still ahead... we're seeing more dely car accides here in colorado than ever before... coming up in youalthy family... the little things expertsay you should rember...
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in today's your healthy fa... coloradods a "deadlier" thanver.. with spike in fatal ashes in the past months. c-dot sayseadly cidents jumped10-percent." newve's maddie garretteportsthe portant reminders for drivers... that cou help prevt these fatal crashes. nats of cars
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don't call them cidents. sot maile gray "tffic crashes are just that they are crashes, they areot accidents, they are not acts o god,hey are alpreventae." cause just about every collisio sot maile "could havbeen prevented, sometimes it's your own behavior, sometimes it the behavi of anher driver." rising problems on our rds... sot mason speak extingndriving for sure. t brittany eisenhauer "i do see some peodoindumb thgs, putting on makeup and dring, texting and driving, occasional drinkinand drivin" maile gray with drivsmar corado works eve day to reduce the number of deaths on r roads. t maile "we are very discouraged b those numbers." 545 deaths... up from 8 the year bore. sot maile "over 50 percent of the divials that psed aw o e highways this ar we not weing seatbes." a simp step that's rsonal to drivers like brittany eisenher.. sot itny eisenhauer "i had an aunthapassed away in a car accent so ever since then walways weaour seatbelts cause she didn't have hers on."he crash might've happened 15 years
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bu's stillery much a reminder for eisenhauer and her mily. sot brittany semi driver aually wasn't payingention and hit h from behind and shwent through the windshld didn't survive, but if she would'ad r se belt on, her passenger had his seatbelt on he svid, she didn't." re'sreak dof som thother formatn from ot's report... 32 percent of the fatacrass 2015 were alcohol related. 105 motorcyclistdied last year... at's an alti high in rado. and el pascountyad the fourthighest number eaths the r... at 4 weatheand trc on t 5s. meteorolist ephebowe is here nowith first alt 5. th morning is noticeably colder than yesterday morng. temperaturesre mainly in the
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clouds are streaming in overadfrhees ou clouds do not have snow with them, but some snow is falng this morng along the coinentadivide. thers a bibah sw is morning overdaho, westeroming, a northern utah. th marks a disturban that is heading our y and bng some snow to ateaste of u thatold front ads stward. today's snow wilstay prily in t mountns. our ghs will be in t 40s a 50s th cud
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in tay health watch... rning fomen... that an regulaartbmay pose greater health risks for them tn men. "atrial fibrillati" affes about 33-million ppl... and linto aincread riskf stroke and dth forboth m andwo t archerfounwomen th a-have 12-ent high risk oearly death ...
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in today's health watch... a warng for women... that an irregular heartbeat may po greater health sks for them tn men. "atrial fiillation" affects about 33illion people ... d is lind to aincrse ri of roke andea for both men and wen. t rearchs und n wi a-f ve a 12-peent gher risk of early deh ... and armoreikelto sufr from stroke, heartailu and other cardiac proble. however... re studi areeeded to teinwhat causes es differences. though many of us like tgo out eat... neresearch shows- that restauranmeals are diet er the universitytudy found -- over 90-per oals fromrgchain and local stntceedhe recommended calories for a f se meals exceed calorie requirem for an entire day! experts say offering smaller
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help combat th proem. overall -- american, chinese and italian meals have t highest calorie counts. day.. wbor ipueb are shong thr pport r the nverronc!! bies at saint-ry-corwin- mecacent will ecd out tiny oncoonesies and ankets in lebrion of is weeke's a-f-c chpionshipam thnewest and tinst bncos ns.. whincluda t twins.. are shg their home team it a will albe gifted wid orange knittedps plus her team gear to take home. the broncos face off againhe w england patriots on sunday at 1 p-m. still ahead... if youe lookg for a new career the's e job growing fast pace her colorado...; at's
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tch. in this mornin this moing's consumer watc. if you're loing at starting a careerbs iennergre grg at a ce here inado! thr undation j compd it's stu on the job market,... whh shows th grew more than twent fr014 to 2015. atools like "e-tech institute" in ra, teachers say they can't g enough students to meet the demanfor jobs in colorado and around the world. "one othe biggest areas of the econy that waswing even ck when wee in recsion007, 2008 and orth, the newable energytor of the y kept growing." > the e y shows that jobs in t solastry are gro at a rate "12imes fas than th rest of the ecomy... and ght now ere is high need for chnicians engines at every level. alsoere in colorado.
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we'reven "be theional average! the state average price rit now bout a dollar- 81... ich is 7-cents less than the national avera. but we found even cheaper prices t here in southern lorado.. average.. it'sut a dolla70 right now. this means wre saving er a buck a glon, cpared to 5- nthsgo. as we told y yesteay... tax ason iofficial underway and... that also means 's open seas for am artists -- trying to tart ry dartmen if u get s frhe i-r mandinpayment you should ju hang up. since 2013, thscam has ct thsands of victims more than milon dlars. oftetimes, the scammerhave
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the peon they're cli and thmichs un yay iia don't fall for i if youlan sing youtax if y pn on using your ta return tpay for a vacation.. here are me of the bestotelin the nation you can pick from!! trip-advisor compiled the list the top hotels using traver's rin. in fir place. the shernether hoteln new city!.. it's aouque hotel from the. second place goes e bardessono" in cornia.... and if you're avelg to the east cst... the ucket and sort in massachusetts is the third bestlace tay in amera! is mig be the most unique reas... to tl to japan... thmcdonald's resturathere
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the goen arches cas this sweet and lty o the "mccco-pato"... it's french fries drzled with tw diffent chocolate uces. it's available for a limited time sing januy 26th at paicipating restaurants in japan. weather and traffic on the 5 teorologist he
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this morng is noticeab colder than yesterday morning. temperatures a mainl the 20s. ouds are streaming in overhe from the wt. our clouds do not ha sw with
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this mor along the continental divide. e's ,
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ov idaho, stern ing, a r our tender turkey breast sandwi... willremeat and no artificial preservatives, it's hard to resist. even for us. e all the turkey for our rhode island market! am i supposed to dolitytrol if ian't e the pduct yoworkn accounting. e teer turkey breast sawich,
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,,,,,,,,,,,, first up a. we'rtracking breakg news in pakistan. where at least 20 people a dead and 60 injured... after gunmen storm a unersi.. openg reguds... stents and teacher is iaccoing to n-b-c ne. least two eloons so heard. we'rld themen sced the walls into the bg... ooting ading ser peopostage. four othe en were lled in a shootout secur e univty h been ed by authoritiesbout t possibity of an attack two weeks ago. they increased securi o campus. the kistani tabais taking reonsility wel continue to dateou throthe ing as we learn more loping thiing...
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off their search for 12 marines disappeared after their heliers collided off the coasawaii last fy. the coast guard now tranoning to recovery and salvage opation... afr wreckage has beefound on the ocean floor. as havall 4 life raftsn e choppers... but there sti nsignf an ne a candlelight vigil wi be heldin fouain tonifor th missmarines. e of tirhers -- calls sout colorado home news 5's joaa wise is live this morning -with howhe mom of 22-year-o sergeant "jeffrey ler" -isn't gi up hope joanna the 22-yold sergeant hasn't en heard from since th chpers went wn late last week. yesterday afteoon, ns5 spoke
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fountain. she says sheefuseslet go of hope. the moment lrie allen fod about e ash, she had a feeling her son was inlved. ffrey sempler went to high hool in south carolina but visited southern colorado often to s his mom. shsaysdespe the long odds of surval, she holds out for e slightest chance tt her first-orn child will bund alive anbrought me. "i don't bieve thahe's ge yet. i stl feel there's ance. there has to be a chance." a vigil for sergeant spler will bheld tonight at six at the american legn post on southmoor road in fountain. we'll have more onhis sty night on news5... d on akoot c. repoing li in colorado springs,oanna wisenews 5 american war hero-- and parampian-- will share her inspirational ory inolorad springs this morng. lissa stockwell isn iraq war veten, and w the first woman to losa li in combat she'll be spking tthe new "y triathlon teamand rt carson's "woded rrior
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you'll hr fr stockll in a live report, coming up iour 6 a-m hour. overnight... firefighters continued mopping "hot spots", after a grasfire broke out on fort rson. it started late yestday afternoon ring a training exercisen the sml arms impact are no injuriewere repd. while the fire is completely out, firefigersay yo still smelsme in the isorning. toda.. "thomas guolee"... the man accused of shooting at colorado sings police during anttempted burary... will appr in el paso county court r the first time. earlier this month... poce s "guolee" tried to break into the home onierra springs driv.. ned by a former employee of the departme of coections. he was arresteafter leading police oa chase during which he fir shots.. police returned fire... injuring "guolee". auorits say "thos guolee" is reported memberf a notoris white suprict ng
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assasination of the director of the departnt of corrections. today... lora sgs are lkingor a urth spect acd stealing huredsf sands of dollars in items -- from homes in corado spngs. these the suspects accused of the samerime are now behind bars.. po say they ulknock on people's doors and when no one answered... the forced tir way in... they're accuof stealing jewelry, tv's and ns. another suspect, "no rael"is "rael" and "nathanial gonzales" were both sentenceto t years in prison in 201 but the-o-c says thewere paroled 7-months later. rael is considered armed and dangerous. this morning convicted aurora eatre oor "james holmes" is no longer being held in a eblo prison. thcolorado departmenof corrtis n't releasing his nelocati or reasonbend the moveueo safety conces, t they say he was ansferred to a fility th is not theirs.
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caos crectional facility at the ste hospital in pueblo. and before that, he was at the colorado state penitentiary in canon city were was assaulted by anoer inme in october. holmes is serving life in prison without parole for kling 12 and injuring 70 others at the 2012. time now for weather and traic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. th morng is noticeably colder than yeerday ing. tempaturesre mainly in the 20s. clouds are streaming in overhead fromheest. our ou do not ha snow th th, t menow is falli th mning alo the cointal vide. there'a
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over idaho, western wyoming, and hern marksturbcehat is heg our y and will some ow at lea somof us. that cold front headstward. today's snow will stay pririly in the mountain our highs will be in t0s and s wi clouds increasing. sn will mo itoght. pueblo picare mong forward with new technology that's innded"improve response times" the nechnology will
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alls for ser have storically happened. right w it's arail run -- llt more dfor a w mohs -- before decg if to adopt this ng the companthat makes the new tech... withew technology that intendedo "improveesponse times".
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icalappe righnow it'srail r- to coect more data for a few mo -- before didg if eyant to a t long-term. e compthat mak t tech... is bas out of rt collins... and pueblo will be the second agency to te theroduct,... st... can t direction to go to rtain spots inowwhere historically, events have happened that cause a ca for servi or potentlly a cre is mmitted" arvada w the first city to test it... and teonly about six months, they've seen a 37 percent effiency increase. donald tmp is using a miliar fa in his campai for prident. why h palin is endorsing the candidatdespite the covesurrg him. plus... he's a triple re... actor...
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w mie s being edited
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welcome ba.. rit now you're taking a live look at washgt d.. whertoy e biggest it on the nationalgea gun contl. s torney general loret lynch will testify befora senateubcommittee abouthe ise. this morng's heari will focus onustice department's role in imementi new executi acons related to gun control. ase'veeen reportin.. earlier this month president obama anunced execive actions signed treduce g violencethosproposalfocus on background checks, law
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eatmen and aance safety tolog also today... president obama will head detroit to check out some ca! he's taking part in the north americannternaal auto sw...anllther tabou e reve of e amican to industry. e ite ussaysredent obama so wtso experice firsand thogss made by e ty of detroi i peoe, anneighbhoods. more tn 640-thsand js ve been cated since the 2009 ilt of the .auto iusy. one year from today, the 45tesent of the united ates will born into office-- an republican presidential candidate dold trump hopes he'll get a boost thanks to an endorsement from former alaska govern and former vice- esidental nomi"sarahpalin". yesterday at a rally in iowa... trump introducedalin... who coulgive him aignificant boost among conservatiin the nation's first voting stat "readyo make americareat
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for trump? i'm here to support next est of the united states, donald t." papraised trump as ndidatwho hashaken up the republican party... anin her words... shwas to let "american's make america gre again." palin is expected to attentwo campaign events with tru today in iowa d laho. reblican presintl ndate dr. ben carson canceled s mpgn events today after a campaign volunteer died in a as 25-year-old den plins killed yterdayft vane travelin witfourth staff mbers d over on an icy retc iowa highway an was struck by anhevee. "if every onof us coju ink about how we c somebodylse' better what a fitti tribute ould be to aden." r enn the
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is morni two men are dead nine her pele areecoverg in a california hospital -- after the bus they were riding ocrashed and flipped over on itside. thbus was on its way frolos angeleto oakla when the cident happene.. 's believed the s crasd into safety rrels along the mean othe highway. authorities sathe bus driver admied he s tid at the time the csh.. but 's not known if he fel asleep. in louiana... authits arinsting a possib attac on a contractor hired to take down confederate monumes througut the sta. the s lamborghini was stroyed inhapoli are caing a suspicious fire. the car is vued at over 200- thousandollars... d is now unrecognizaafter was found ia parkin lot in flames. is happened just days after the coractor quit hijob due
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now for weather traic the 5s. meteorologist ephen bowers is here nith first alert 5. isornings noticely co than yesterday morning. mperates are mainly in the 20s. clouds are seaming in overhe from the west. our clouds do not have snow with them, but some snois falling this morning alonghe continental divide. there's a big batch of snow this morni erdaho, western wyoming,nd northe uh. is marturbanceis heinour waand ll bng some sn to at least somofs. that cd front ads strd.
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inhe mountai. our ghs wi be inhe 4 and with clouds ineasi. snow will move in tonit. right w... authorities in new orleans are gettinsecurityreparations -- order for rdi gras ations. f-ofs say that seri wilbe "un-precedend," this ye featurucan that eone can "asse they a being filmed wherever they are." authorities inew orleans s
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right now... authorities n oea are getting securi prepations -- in ordefor mardi as celebr. i officialsay that serity will be "uprecedented," this year... featurin much surveillance at everyone can "ae theyre being filmed wherever they ar" authorities in new orleans say theris no known credible threat right n... but they are even beintrained by msachusetts sta pice who leard om the boston marathon bbing mar pades stt ar 29th. wi mardi gras ing on
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singer actor "jamie foxx" is being hailed as a hero afhe saved a man fr a burning tck monday nig in california authoritiesay the driver hit a drainage pand his uck rolled seval times right outside the actor's home. xx and another man ran to the accint... breaking out a window from the blazing hi and cutting e man'atbelt bere pulli him out of the car!ver "foxx" says he not ro... "i look at it as h i ju look at like you just h to do someth all just worked out. thout going too into i all jworkedut." the iv w treator his ries a has beecharged with a d-u-i. stilahead... he'sinally free -- after almost 5 yea i iranian prison.. how the former mine is
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, welcome back... this morning wre hringrom a former marine who was an iranian prison for nearly 5 years. as released in prisoner sp over t weekend. he ss he was surprised when he arnehe wasoing tbe reasedloitreother americans. he spoke publically for e first time yesterday. "i feel lucky, alive...for the first time in a loim and ve humbl at everybody's
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"there is lot at i have to say t the experience a at happened ani pe to bring that to e americ peoplend torld. " am is onof five amerans freed in the psoneexchange three, ilung ar,regeintrtment u. spitaln rmy. a fifthostage. who hanot endentied, chose remain in iran. time now weather tff on the 5s. meteorologt stephen bowers here now with first ert 5. this morning is noceably colder than yesterday morng. teerates are mainly in the 20s. cloudsre streaming in head
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our clouds do nohavenow with them, but so snow is fling this morni alo the ntintal divide. ere's a big batcof snow morning daho, ern wyom and rtrn utah. th mar a dturbce that is heading r waanwi bngomsnow to lst som u that cold onheadeastrd. today's sn will stay primarily in e mountain our highs will bin the0s a
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coming u. are tracking breaking news t of pakistan where me militants stormed a college us... and opened fire... we have the latest from ofhe loss of life...
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onbility for the ce an.. rescue crews call off e search for thmissing marines in the pacific... but morng, a cal mother islingg to he at heron ll be found alive... 'll tellou how lals are planni to show support forer n in the day aad. this morni ica and col with temperares mainlyn the 20s. ouds will beuiintoday, and have some snow on t way. will telyou when ives comi uineatherraffic the 5's. goodorning, thanks for joining us on this wednesd... january 20th. i'm annie snead -- ifor shellene. and ira cr. new information now about brea news in pakista the pastani taliban is taking responsibility for an attack at university that killed 20 people and wounded 60 others. four attackers also died. the terror g says today's
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