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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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lo the es the estion ough tt comes omur own president where they have to look at him and wi. here. >> we' going to protect christianity. >> reporter: trump'socus is on the evangelic veoping to peel away ted cruz supporters i iowa,ut some engelical leads of eptical. >> most people understd that donald trump thrice married, cano magte moggnoing to a for forgiveness is not a religious man.
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universally led by tmp supporter. >> i nev led her. i don't le r. reporr: wn the dorst, wl it hel our hu tru in your ew? >> theeople've tald , i think it hurt >> rorter:erry nders, nbc news, tu i'm kristen welker in new hampire fee the burn. hillarclintonurrogas rather thanng up their attacks now paiing senator berni sands as an uneltable socialist. >> i think it would be absolutelympossibleor a self-dlared socia to win in a sta likessouri >> repter: b fmer president b clinton in new hampshire tayerinclea of the wd bore erongrom t 2008playbook saying sanderss unectable and jus can't wi >> t real issu who can win the election, prepared to dohe job, who can make rear chan? reporter: could this backfire
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of looking past the sociali bel. >> reporter: hillarylion tang her on shot a sanders today in an interview with npr. >> in some ofalomment that senator sanrs has been making, there is rm for disaeent,ven ereporr: t anuip nder theublica natnal committeeweeting during las weend's decratic debate. i feel t rn. >> they arerying to prop up bern sanders and wld rather run again him. >> reporter: the clinton campaign getting jittering with pollin showing her leads slping. a dd hea in io. firmly ahead i n hashire, saers. today the campaign downplaying. >> a candidate leading througut the untry. she is leadingn all ofhe super esday states by significant margins. >> reporter: the big foranders can he turn sport among young, first-time voter and independents into victories in thear voting stages?
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thaticking o a two-day campaign swihrough new hampshire morrow. meanwhile, the rnc is down playing sgestions they're ying tonfluence the democratic primary writingn part nit, o we want tun against sanders? sure, but we'll gladly take inton anyayf the we >>ristenwelk, thank you. another dark day on wall street ocks plunging's dow finishing down 249 pointst t price of oi contieso . while is cerinly good news at the station, bad news for the economy where business are hurtg. we have the latest. >> reporter: tonight the mkets continue their sde plunging more than 500 pointsn a volatileay of trading. the dow a nasdaq bothching thr lowest point sinceugust. >> there was a good deal of anxiet throughout the morning. >> reporte what' behind t drop?
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slowing and nobod quiure actly by howh. so, driving the sell-off, a sign economic growth around the world. the price has plueted down nearly 80% in the pastew years. today closing $27 a rrel. >> tre's a l of oil evywhere ohe planet. e saudisre producing aot we're producing a lot and of cour the iranian o coming online more price declines to come. >> reporter: the impact onhe u.s. economy is mixed. th price aallon o gas, the nationwi avage, is hal thecefallo ofmi. americans are ao singn atin oil and airli fares. bu on the flip de, mor than 250,000eoplost engy-related jobs last year. and formany, tre's less money in the bank. since last november, theverage ameran has lost about $9,500 his or her 401(k).
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panic. >> you have to look at your fundamentals and you have to look at you plan. there's a huge opportunity here and som grt, great ameri compies own. >> reporter: and last, buckle um. experts say volatility is back. so we can get used to seeing big swin in themarket l w saw toy,t leastntil price of oil stas to stabilize. >> olia, thank you. a late development in a story we've been folwing he. michiganovernor rick snyder releasedis e-mai reled eoxicater crisis inflint. a day after he apologized d we tix it yder faces calls to resign as th people of fli suffe with thencertaty of when clean te will flow from tir ts agai nbs kevin tibbles has more. [ anting ] >> reporr: late todayhe miigan governor ary otestsveisg thliatselse mo tn20ag-mls in aem t show what he knew and when he kne .
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you deserve accountabity. yo deserve t knowha the buck stops here withe. >> reporr: t gornor top airote tim last septemr. seral months aer tests first reve ld saygre w is lithe cy a e county t sd theta sul spe up t avoid the narrative tt the state is ducking reonsibility. the govnor saide acted when heknew, and wasegally permitted to do so. tonight the state house arod snyder's ruest for $28il to help payor ergcy wer suliesndead testi the schools. to ttle, too late, says this mother of three. >>ot goingoring us fsh watervery day. >> rorter:he says it's like ling in t third world with no cle ter. >> brush m et wash my face i got to cook brkfast, lunch and nner mak kool-d probablywi da
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told her 2-year-old deloped a rash from washing wit tap water. >> are y worried about their future? >> yeah i don't want my kids do hav ntal probms, or anger problems o none ofthat>> reporter: but when t water might be safe again remains an unown. ev flint's mayor today codn't offer much he to weary residents. >> we don't know when we'rein toavlean water agai an that's why thi i such a tredy. >>epte tonatedat is now arriving fm across the countr donad. today singer cher raised in near detro ptynered with a party co rty company donate. and this woman bathing her by in bottled water say it's her children that derve the real apology. what these e-mails also show is governor sde tr a much more proactive role in this after september 30th of last year. event oneoint asking his stf to che on the health status of two you cldre
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>> all ght, kevin, thank u. at ast 20 people re killed when a gunman srmed a university iorwest pakist. ther a cflti claim whetrhe pisni tal are responsible. thereere actually four attacks all killed as military closed in. all weari elosiveests but only o managed to tonate. now to more from the rare acce iide ir, wre the liingfuclear sanctions qukl setnotion b ecom changes, b changin th culture ofmirust is the diert story. richard enl explains from tehran, man inran continue to vi america as e emy. >> reporter: t nuclear deal fted sanctions, and expectio, too. but t tho who think washington and tehran hav mpleteurd e geno so ft. onfthe dlas implemented, washington imped ne sanctions oniran'sefse
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te. d dahitero olh alntion ori slodisover to gu ain governnts in particular amera. iran's feign nister the man who negotiated the dlith secretary of ste john key, hoed his leader today in davos, davos, switzerland. >> thi theanno ios their views on others through sanctions and sure. >> reporter: on the streets of tehran, the wring is on the wall. this recently hung billboar evok the iconic image of iwo jima jima, but the u.s. marines are show standin on a pile of dead muims. a clear msage to eveone here th america remains very much an enemy.
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irania politicianso be vigilant a watch f a cheating on t deal. d ifhey see it, call the olehing off. richd enge n news,ehn. still ahead tonight, more aboutheir striking fear in prnant men. night we answer some o urgt ess about where wenan trel. sksf tir unrn babi, whoof there showi mptoms. lso actor jamie foxx embracesis new biggest fan
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real-life action sne.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>the thcents for disease col is urging ctors tionwide to closy monitor patients that may have recentl trel to thcaribbn or latin amica. areas where the ka virus is now spreading unchecke putng unborn children at risk. there are several cases reported now in the u.s. we have details from nbc tom stel. >> pkp. about the zika virus. >> reporter: the cdc health alert to doctors, be othe lookout for signs of theika virus in pgnant men who returned from countries or terrories that health agenes are urging women who are pregnant who aoping to co pgnt to avoid. >> t by's a goo size. >>eporter: tara pierce is4 years d, and pgnant. even tugh she loves travelg wi her husndshe is now stayinpuin new york. feedre bau i don't wa to puthe baby at risk. >> rorter: researcrs believe
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microenceply, abnormally small heads and brains in baes. but it is not clear duri whi trimester they are mt risk. >>nternational travel -- >>eporter:n new , this door i telng patiento ay ay fr tegn, t if thecan't, cer uan wear mosito reant. >> the deet ray isafe r women inreancy, soe' teing them to e the etnd stay inside if possible an . >> repter: so far the cdc is aware of just2 ultsho have returned year. cludg o prnant women in liis a o in hawaii. w its urgingocto t test tirus andlose nir he retned fr zikne e go ns he virus bringsild symptoms. once you had it, you should not geit again. >> you'll be immune, and if you decide to ge pregnant years in the future ere's absolutelno causeor concer reporter: but with thbrazil
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spread spread with the mosquitoes and airports. washington. when we come back, t s system may be more crowdedhan
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astronomers think they made. tr astronomers think they may ve discovered a new planet in our sosystem it's believed to bup to ten mes bigger than earth and as far as 100 blioniles away. way st pluto, which lost itstatus as a planet in 2006, and for the first time ie than adecade, you can see mercury, venus, mars, saturn and juter, all with e nakeeye, all ve aligneinhere-dawsky from now until feuary 20th. it oicl thon ocnianatmospri socin nocingayotsteasie i1810mo hecteeratur e rdh s y sp athworlth
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record occurring since 2001. when we come back, why one
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> finally tonight, usually when actor jamie foxx leaps into action, there is airector on hand to yell "cut." t now the st is being hailed as a real-life hero for saving man trped inde of a burning r right outside h l angeleshome. nbc's morgan dford s the details. > pamedicswhats ur emergenc >> reporter: a pickup uc ams in a ditch and fli seratis. >> someone is trapd? >>es, yes. the car is on fire! >> reporr:nt calls f lp andunkelyero. d't lk att aser justoo it ke -i ju hato dsomeing. >> rorte somhing that de all the diffee. >> good. you good? uplef cars dve by and didn't stop. he was re f my son, and he savedis le. >> get herand the ucis over on its side and in fles. >> repter: 32-year-old brett kyle trapped. >> i had the seat belt wrapped around my bodynd my neck and
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>> repte fx ananhe byandecuhifree as e fl dw os>>s we pulled him t, five seconds later the uck goes up. sa you g angels ou yo yo he ge aunyo >> rorr:ndese him. i thi walho tt we could do something when thti is there. t the question is, is do we? >> reportepeaking from the hospital, the victim in shock. >> jt the facthat one human beg willg toelp anotr one ans lot me. >> justhe ea tsomee d dot iso mu morthan canhom. so i just -- it is allearsf joy. >> repter: gratitu. >> comby aime. >> rorter: morn radfd, n news, los angeles. and at will do it for us on this wednesday nit. i'm lester ht. foall of us at nbc news, thank u r watching and good night. ad l weaer
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bi stand up and aying for a miracle.. faly and friends are coming together right nown southern lorado--for a candleligh gil for a lol fa, praying their missing rine will be brought home. hello everyone and thankfor joing us for news 5 at 6. i'rob quirk. and i'm li lyden first- quick traffic note. i- southbound hajust closed rth pueblo at et 10due to an accident. weon't have ch me informatioyet, but creis onhe way. now to our top story at six..t sechuspended for 12 missing marines off the ast of hawa.. not seen for nrly a we since thr helicoers re seen crashing into the ocean during a routine traing mison. ase first reported---t
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high school in south carola, but spt some time here in sohern colado after his mom moveto fntaiwither and. ppening righnow... the community comi togher in support of the family tonight---praying for comfort for the fami. news 5's zach thton is live at the american legion post along southmoor drive in fountain with more on the candlelight vigil that's just geing under way. it is a somber mood here, considering the ct that the searchor any survivorsas be called off. still,hough, people here are rallying around sempler's mother, who continues toold t pe despite the long odds of a positive outcome. ase to you last night on news 5 at n, sempler entered the rines immeately after graduang high hool in south carona i2011. he quickly moved up e ranks, cely bei proted to sergeant and serving as cr chief on one of the two choprs that went down. sempler's mom, "laurie allen,"
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driven, anif anyone cod
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