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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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driven, anif anyone cod suive such an orde, it would be him. len sayshe hardest part the ordeal so far has been people talking about her son in the past- tense before any finitive word about his fate. coming up tonight aten, much more from the vigil happening here and how the fountai community is rallyinaround an xious moth awaiting word on her son's fate. li in fountain, zt, news 5. havthe llerew wh sergntpl's mher.. stedightown ouweite, koaa-dot-com. o grass fires break ouon the west side of colado springs this afternoon--onbeing inveiged as a ssible arson. e latest partily damag a home. itparked right around fo
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brush and grass. fire crews say the flames spad to a fence and daged oneome t. thcause of this firestill being vestigated. e second fire started the same general area near 19th an west uintah juse before no today. fire crews tell us just about acre was burned,ut they had it in uerontrol in less than minutes. at one point---t fire was threatenina arby daycare,...bevuation was necessy. springs police tell this fire is suspicious, and they are woing on an arson investigation. a live lk idin pueo now... mild tempetures fous mid-week.. but there are snow chancesn the forecast... meteorologist carlee hoffman i in for mike tonit. we'vhaa eezy wedsd and winds will stay onhetrong side forheext 24 hours o so. 'll ve a cnce r a w isated rn/snow showe this evening and into t overnight hours. mbined with e stng winds, low visibi wil a concern in sno areas cumulaons looko mini witabout an ih at
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overnight lo drown into the 20's. new night at six. the on-going effort to make sure
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asey is always part of t university of colora at colodo sings. whilthe afath of t planned parenthood shootings cuon court action...leaders at the schooare continuing furaising for a scholarsp fund in swasey's name. bill folsom is following uand here wh new informion. bi in jusdays after swasey wa killed the univesty raed a big chunk of mon. the fund-raising is ill happening. in fact the iversity has set a goal they'll work on through the year. the s in the aftermath of the planned parentos soting es mostly to leg maneurvg. only acs....atntion mainicer gret swa campfficer who reonded and s lled during e gunfire. " we don't wt to forget m even thougevything else happing arounds inhe court systtcetera. garretains a big parofhowe are and we want honor that." chief brian mc remembers how swas supported students. he says it's part of the reason furaising isappening to crea a scharship in swasy'es name to support studen. " to eourage people to never
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was d whgarettass person really imptant to university. the horship nd was start ju days before his funeral. itas already a significant memori to him as t funeral procession passethe universi 20-thousand llars. "then we set a goal to raise 50-tusand by t end of th yearnd we were able to achieve that we're actually at 56-thousand dollars. donations are still coming in with things like sales of memorialralets.....andhe is aonnug -line e campgn. thunivestiy s en me raisthroh thyear" e deded ai our al t$100usanin hop in 2016 we can achieve 0-ousand and therefore award more scholarip dollars." anndowment for larger scholarships and more larships. " we want this t a robust scholarship." "a powerful scholarship on camp." itiaor we scholarship is coming together. "champions for the commuty they're going to he aras garret did."
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otu ifhey want thechship to to just one area of study.. more. contui covere tonight on the future of he martin drake power plant in coloradsprings. the springs utliites board voted thisfternoono decomissn un fivby the of ne year, the goal to have it off-line by december 21st 20 17. unit 5 is the smallest of the three power-producing units. this marhe first sp in completely decommissioning a meeting is coming next week for spris mayor john suthers, city counc and elected leade in pueblo---to talk about stormwater. the mayor has committed some 19-million dollars from this year'sudget are stater improvemein community. he's ed to lay out plan for the pueblo county commission this comes as pulo's leaders anothers in downstream commities ok fortronge coitments from t sprgs reducing excess flowan di lels. pueblo cntcontlshe land
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pipeline which is exct to begin service in latapril. xxxx "marijuana legalization"n corado is "strengtned" by a recent court rulg, chalnging the "legitimacy" of our state law. a federajudg"dismissed pulo county" and t "state" om lawsuit that named the marijuanregulatorygencies as defendants who violated the federal corolled substances act. news 5's andy koen joins us live from our pueblo studios with reaction to thisuling. co cmissioners are relieved to have the rulinin their favor. that said, they think this lawsuit was potcallyivated ... and wouldnsurprised if the plaintiffsulem back in court on appeal. ok rq the suit was brought by hope and michael reilly who own a ranch in coloro city near a plned marijuangrow op. theilawyers claimed coun and state regulatory agcies broke organized crime laws by licensing the business iniolati of federal drug w. but the judge disagree-- saying eorcment is up the attoey general -not e
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commissiersay that ruling was a relief. "we feel strongly that our job is to uphold the will the citizens and the court basilly upheld that anthat's what governments shod ." the judge's order only extends to the governmt dendan i the case and nheusinesses. but e attorney for theot growerthinks the ruling bodes well f them. "we ink that the judges der teleaphshe government's plans toikely dismthe suit agaiall parties." it cost pueblonty alone over 100-thousand dollars to defend the case. hart says the county to recoup some of that expense. "i don't know if we'll get reimbursed the entirount, usually you don' usually you don't get all of your attorneysees, but there reimbursed." he adds atoney forlegal defee came fm marijuana nsing fees and taxes. and attorney general cynthia
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state in this case -- had this to s quote "i am committed t defending all pendg cases challenging colorado's decion egalize recreational marijuana. i continue to beeve these caselack mer and are not the y toix america'saruana policya policy which continues to raise significant challenges for our ate and legitimate concerns by our neighbor states." new at six. convicted aurora tatre shooter, james holmes...has been transferred to another prison,...possibly, ouof state. the depament corrections won't say where he was sent, or why,....but the ansfer was another prison to exchange inmates. the man who prosecutedhe ce, distri attorney george brauler, is criticizind-o-c for 's lack of transpancy, saying t victims have a right to know where holmess. he is serving fe in prison, without parole for murdering 12, and wounding 70 others. you'reev too you to be broncos fan.
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starts at birth. chk out the scene snt mary corwin medical center in pulo today. six newborn babies we outfittewith bronc blaies d hand-knitted orange and blue caps! the oup of newborns soincludes a settwins!! alfamies will get take this gear with them as a gift from the hospital oon asey're ready to ghome. xxx the moy is there---to prove the city olsenburg for destrians and .... ahead at 6:30-'ll take a closer l what could happen. and coming up---it could be a great weekend to hit t slopes.!! we've got the skpo coming up.first.. he'slee. m meorologist carlee hoffn. i'll have your extended firs
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possiblity for aew snoflakesay morni thursdngn news 5toda..ack to militar . how ouis showing their apprecia.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, don't ss those stories--and all of the days la news and weather only onews five at ten. let's cheack in with carlee. we've had a breezy wedaynd winds will stay on the s side for the next 24 hours so. we'lve a chancfoa few isolat rain/snow shors this eveninand in t overnight hours. combinedith throng winds, lovisibility will be a ccern innowy aas. accumulations look tbe minil, witabout an inch at most for the majority of areas. overght ws drop downnto the 20's skies wille clringn thursday wh wis staying brzy uil l part ofthe day. tempatur wl be cler with s inhe 3s 40's. enty of nshine in e r friday witcalmer winnd temperatures wming io the 50's. we'll hold onto the 50's for saturday, with some adtional cloud cove colderir will a retn xt week, along wit
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,more snow for the sl before weekenbut in theas7 as already bee quite a bit nc ke. 21 inches at both copploland and the most snow this past week
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ch of fresh powder.. looking ahead and and keystone will see highs in the 30's with stly clearkies iday and surday but snow starting isaturday night int sunday droppinsundays highs into the 20's similar conditions at both breckeidge and coppe mountains with highs in the 30 friday and saturday-plenty of sunshine ....but cloudincrease sarday n with the an for snow..linging into sunday with highs only in the 20' .remember you can always check the latest ski conditions on our bsite koaa dot com back to you some future "tri-athletes" got a "big boost" to the confidence th morning... they got a visit from melissa stockwell, thest u.s. woman to loslimb in combat.....she also haens to be a 3ime world champ for ra triathalon. news 5's greg dingrando has more on her story....and wh her sit to the future tri- athletes. if you'rning for your rst're
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long the way.....wheth its someone pushinyou physically toimit.. or ithis ce helping you mentally. stockwell stepd and shatred y ofhe athles' doubts that they couldo it .... simply by telling her story of l e thingshe's ercome.....from surviving.... to bing a champion rq laietta/jog triathon team 0:39 this was kia on my bucket lisof all things. i ju dided to take something f my bucket list. and training for it....hasn't beenasy. sot: 1:30 fioxir and some of them have al ght about quitting. ter melissa stockwell. looking at her in plane clothes you never know what' e's gone through. in4, she lost her left l afg hit by a roadse mb in ir. melissa stockwell/ palympian sot: 1:40 when i got to waer ed wasby a l ofther soldiers who were missing a lot more tn i s. 2, 3,4 limbs, orye problems, trmatibrain injuries so it was reallyard to feel sorry for mysethat point bse only missi my left l. she not only got used to lif
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e embrassed thchallengand thingto thet sot: 4:56 i'veeally done more ilife wit1 leg an i would have done with 2. her late endevr....tki ng to groups li this. something e loves doing. sot: 4:52 hopefully yone who haheard tory has been inspired by it ty are ab to get out ando things ver thought possle. en incredible.and these tu triathletes a few und rriors say... it was just whathey eded. matthew meuche/wounded warrior transit unit sot: 1: iwa a good saw w she is reall it and th g me en more into it. it wve me a thought to keep in my head while m traing. sot: 2:33 wee finding that we have everytng, but thonly mit we have is our o mind and hearts. its oursve we're chlenging ourss and ths only chaengee have. now if stockwell's sryasn't impressive enough...she's also a and new mom. ju months after giving birth she's already ck to training... for her next goal - the para
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home theold. why a snowboardesays hwas why a snowboarder says he was intentiolly pushed off of a ski-lift in pe next at six. and it cost c-u boulder hundreds thousands to host lasfall's
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say itas wor every p. outq...news5">- the new year mea it's time to once againhoteachers who have gone above and beyond in learn. and we are pleased to nameassi rebitski, cond grade teacher at odysseylementary scoln district 49 ashe january news fiv"teachs first" award winner. her students were overjoyed to learthat their special r "excellence!" congratulations. itou wldike nomate your favite acher, just head tour wsite, koaa-dot-com,...unr the cher'sirstta
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an early morning fire in larkspur. uglas county fire official say the home burst into flames justefore 5:30 this morning. thhomeowners say their "bking dogs" aleed them to the fire... they, along with the pets, were able to getut safely. because ofhe remote location it was a "treachous firefight"... anews say the home w complete loss. the red cross is helping the family. xx the search continun e high country for a hiker whs en missing since the weekend. 50-year-old toddussleman from denver w fsteporng ssing saturday after gng for a hike in arapahoe naonal forest.. inhe area of snt mars glacier. arch teams s he may ha been in an area where the was "avalche." weather conditns... with "high winds and blowing sn".. is making the sear difficult xxx an iestigation is underway in aspeafr a snboarder claims he was pushed off of a chairlift by an angry ier. 28-year-d seth beckton told authorities he said somethg that offded a skier he was
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shed himff of the lift--sund morning. aspen skiing comny says th're sharing security video with police to determine if chges are warranted. the suect is a lal man but his identity hasn't en released cu-boulder says hosting the o-p debate last year was well worth the e-tag! the school spent nearly 800- thousand dollarso host the 14 ndidates at the coors event center. t they says thpublicity and exposure... valued atome 4- million dollar c-says visitors who me in for the debate.. spent hundreds of thousands of llars duringheir vit to boulder. xxx a t... "stranded" on top of a power pole for aeek in tenr area... finally comedo!! the cat was thfocus of muc attentio.. was on top of this wednesday." plenty of residents ll with concerns. police a animal control felt anttpt to reue h w t dangerous, becau of the surrndg power lins. buwh excel ergy went to check on himast gh.. he'd already come down on his xxx thbroncos gearing for the
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meech has lo at another maing vs. brady matchup. d coming up xt: some big political players stepping out on the campaign trl today--in support of candidates.
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topping e ws at 30.. anhedaof wild swin on wall seet.. e w s down more than hundred points earlier in the
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burecovered somewh tend e y down just 2-ndred 49 points. thplunge was tied to a steep drop in crude oil... it fell below 27- dollars a rrel--the west pricnce maof 2003. rah paout on tampaign ail with dond trump today--the pair spoke at a stop in oklahoma--with thousands in attendance. this... new polls show senator bernie sanders gaining support r the democratic nomination. edwa lawrence with our election watch coverage. t sod crowd eering = palin and trump embrace supe tulsa, ok :00-:08 in oklahoma today, sarah palin stressed donald trump's anti- esishment campaign, and his strength, sang he change the couny. t sarah palin / foer gop vp candide :09-:19 ur vets and yodeserve a commander chief who resct what it is our forces go through and would never ave them bend." in iowa some voters say palin cahelp trump win. soderek sharp / iowa caus member :22-:26 "she still holds some sway with the tea pay reblican party." su norwalk, ia :27-:33 once again, ump attacked senator ted cruz for being born in canada and failing to sclose two specialow inrestk ans.
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presidential candidate :3443 beuse didn't want you to see that ok? that's a problem. ---edi-- sot donald trump / r presidtial cdidate "i think when you go to caucus - you shou think abot probm." super: exeter, nh :44-:51 inew hampsre ...this movin billboard rcd cruz's campaignvent.. uz highted how he would fix e presidency by following the la sot sen. ted cr/ r presidential candite :52-:59 "if u have areside who behaves as an emsaying this law wilignore. this law i will ignore. we losthat protectn liberty. per: concord, nh:00-1: on theocratic de in new hashire hillary clton le her husbd do the talking. sot foer psident bill clton / no super nded 1:05-1:09 "i trust y - and threeeek is an eternity pitics. senator rnie sanders leads polls in new hpshi... hillary clton is running new ads there and in ia make her ok presidential. pealady tape - www.hiaryclinton.c ------1:12-1:20 nasot from hilry cnt caaignd "has everything it takes to do 1st. and goo the po n hampshire eight days later ouue: i'm edward wrence, nbc news, washington. rnie sanders has been gaining
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w, the clintonamigis trying to op hisomentum. xxx anothe"local" candidate... is joining the racto try and unseat u.s. senar michael bennett, in is falls' elecon. el paso county commissioner peggy ttletois the latest to announce she's entering th race. she's the firsfemale on th compition. el paso county commnissier darryl gnns also in the race. we'll have mh more on th sena race.. coming up tonight at 10. x five is yousourceor a yea- heado aa.comor a thete we're coinui to cover th close i-2in pueblo. e southbnd lanes entirely shut down at the santa fe exit after a crash in the aa. liceell us a semi carrying a ckhoe hit at leasone bridge wh the top of the load. crews are working to test stability of the bridges, estimated time to reopen t las. we'll keep you updated awe len more.
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have bn dismissed om a lsuit claing they acted as co-conspirato t breaferal laws in allowing majuana growing and les. the plaintfs -- hope and chael reilly -- owa ranch in southern puebloounty just outside o colorado c th sued a marijana grower d her associ sinesses who plan to s ow on private nd near them claiming it wi harm eir oper valuend dy thse of their ld. theilawyers say thfedel law supercedeshe state mariangaza, a jue greee' rveouit, have simply been trying to implement e will of the pele. the puebloitizens askeus t do theest we can wh the majuana sues andhat's extly whate' done." for now, case remains op ainst the sine owners named asefendants. new inrmation togh about road impvemes heing to walsburg. dot is lkingo make imore destri andike iend. but rs-- they ed yr inpu
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our eblotudio tonit wi a closerook t project having a busy streh hhway pass tough a downtown area isn't exactly eal fopedestris. t c-dot tepping in thelp ke it a safer place and business ownerwith, ey nall the hehey can ge waenbu hasept it up as much as possible for such a little town phyllis cordova s owned hereaurant downtown for years.... she haa front row seat to highy 16 th is semi traff right here, they all go to 160 andome from 160, and i wouldn't y it's safe! with not enough room on the roads r bikes or skaboar swillend e ruleand take to the sidewalks instead. posiomewhat of safety risk to roberllejo'customers. somebcomingown th dewalkat aspeeth a skateboardr a bi, scter, theye going to run into them, cuz th don't s them in time
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make this town more bike and destrian friendl we would stripe the roadway in such that we would h so potenti desigd bike lanes, as well as some numbeof crossing for pedesiansn strategilocations they have a budgetf one- int-ree milln xpay dollarto use othestypes imprem tyear. sas theme we always look to impro our facies and incorporate other different modes of trtion, not relyingon vehicles think whever thecan do for thisown will help it hoping to brthnew life into the struggling dntowar. ously en yave safer crossi for pestrians, it omotes morstrianrals and when you're on foot or on bicy your attentn more te availiabil the commercein that ea
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now huerfano co community nter they're hoping to begin nstruction this summer live in eblo, lena howland, news five. a meeting is coming next week for springs yor john suthers, city council and elecd leaderin pueblo---to talk stormwater. the mayor has commitd me 19-million dollars from this ye's budget to address mwaterronts e mmuny. 's expecd to layut pn r e eblo couy mmissioners. th com as pueb's lders and in doream communies look for sr mmnts from the springs on reducing excowan meevel pueb the land use permit for theer pipeline, whh isected to begin service ine april. two grass fires brt on the west side oforado springs day within about a mile of ch oth--one being investigated as arson. the firsbroke out ar 1h reet and uintah just before noon. fi cws saybout an acre burned... they had it under control under 20-minutes. this ibeing investigated as a
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the cond spark right ad ur this afternoon in the24-hundred block of launcelot urt in an ar of dry gras d h. rerewsay t flames spread to a fence and damaged one home bere they we able to g it t. the cause this fire, ill ing inveiged a lot of excitent across the state ahead of the a-f-c championship gamon sunday. d that includes so adorable little ones!! that'sht--some brand n fans to help cheer on the team. six neorn babies at saint mary corwin in pueblo we outfittoday with broncos blankies and hand-itted orange d blue hats. in the g of thnewborns --included a set of twin the hats were handmadern by a motr of the premature es. i t do much el bause she sts he so have a lotf time on hdsig now very exciting to see them this bronco'd t! w as soon as these little ones are ready to go home...
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tfits with them, as gi from theospital. xxx the worst passwordonhe intern--do you have one them? ahead at 6:30--we'll t you which are sted as the mo likely to be hked. fiet'sheckack with carlee in the weather center i'm meorogist carlee hoffman i'll have your extended first
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we've haa breezynesday a winds wi stay the stng se for e ne 24 houror so. we'll ha a cnce r a w isated rain/snowhowers this eninanintohe overnht hours. mbined wh thst wds, low visibilityill a conce in snowy areas. cumulations look to be minimal, wh abouan ih at mo for the mority of areas. overt lowsp downo the 20. skiellclearing on thursday with winds staying breezy until the latert of the day. mperatures wilbe cooler highs inhe 30'd 40's plty of nshinen ste for idayitcalm winds and temperaturesar ith 50's. we'lholdnto thos50'sor satuaywithome dional cloucor. coerir wl ke a retur
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the r ording f the broncod ts... spoiler alert... they don't like each other....
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schedule. words exchanged twier as each tm getting set for sunday. ma prichard was at bncos pratice today seeing if we can repeat some of thoseords on gran tsewoeams a very faliar with each otherfive times they've met in the playof andhe fifthime ses to sparking a war of wds on sociamedia sites. that getme amped up, i saw that last night and i got wanting to play! mp: verbal spears coming out of new engld thisk. -------wds that have reached the broncos locker room and left them unphased headed into sunday. you can say whever you want to but what happens during the gas all at matrs. we're not woied about the trash talk it st makes it more exciting. it's just a distraction. ve gng to win is ga is g to be deded on the eld onunday no some social med site.
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tohe excitent of ampionship week atile high. ------omething peyton nning says just ilds uanticipation fothe big ga. i think it's healthybe cited, have a loof enthusiasm and havsome jce in you. think it'smpornt that we bring that to e practice fie and ceainly bring that to the aying field on sunda mp: and that's the key, ing your ' game and leave it all on the field in win-oro-home scenario. 're fosed onhe ge plan and fosed hat we have to do both individuals and as our respecti offendense and special ams to hopefully win this game. and cause these twteams know each oth so we insidand oufor w manyimes they've played o another it's no rpri that ayers and acheare sang it'll ta a fwless me for the wier on sunday. dver, matprhardew5 sports. onanning wassked about his rivalry with t brady a magic and bird... he didn't e that mostly beuse herew up idolizing larry birds a child...
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actuallly defended against each other when that happened... but r th17 time th manning brbo will go down and for the second time... wl be held denver... manning admiretom bry for his longevitin the league and the talent thapatrts come with every single year. he doesn'tee it as rivalry.... more aual spect. a quaback is alwa been gat honnd privil to compete against hiat my timeover t course of e past 16 or 17 years thate've been in the ague together. 11-5n brady's favor. manning won two of those in the playfs "travelers" nk thebest"
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and a new trend among teens... morere choosg to "t"
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we'll tell you why.. coming up first in your first in your consumer wat: car safety regulats are vestigating complaints that ors won't "lchroperly" on
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rs. e national highway tffic safety administratn says 73 driverhaeported problems with dooratch, including some who said the doors opened while the "vehicles were moving."!!! the probe cors ford fos, model yes 2012 and 13. xxxx a new study finds more and more young ults are n getting a driv's license. university of michigan resear... findonly about 76 percent ofeople ages 20 to 24 had a driver's license in 2014. that's dowfrom2 percent back 19-83. at least two ftors are thought to be sponsible. ride-shari services like uber and lyft... and thprice of car--less affordable forebt-strapped udents ara. xxx if you love netflix... you're not alone! the streaming serve now boasts nearly 75 million subscribers across the globe as december. 's also recasting million more subscribers through march. e increase in membs has en fuel by netflix's expansio inirtually everyountry expt for china. wever.
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u-s is slowing down. websites are always asng you to creatsecure pswords... and now... serityirm releasing some of the "rst" choices. topping list.. "123456"... "passwd"... "welcome". "princess" and "star wars." the report is compiled using million passrdleaked ding the year. and get this--some tech mpanies are testing ways to "remove the need" for a password "altogether." xxxxx as many of us get read for spri sr vacation plans-- tripadvisor has revealed the "topels".. part of it's "tvelers choice awas." if you plan to trave the big apple,he srry- nherland hotel in n york city picked the top spot in the s. se on e li ibardessono california.... foowed by the nantucket hotel d resort in nantucke massachusetts. tripadvisor'winners were determined based on the millions
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the race is on! a full field o republicans now chalin democratic senor michael bennet for his seat this electi year--that includes t prominent el paso county commsioners. toght on news five at n--we're taking a oserook athis important race. and thcounity comes together to suprt founin famy during an incredibly stresul time. we'll take you to the candleghvigil for sergnt jeffresempler--one of the 12 marines still missing off the coast hawaii. thks for joinings for news 5 at 6. anksoing unews 5 6.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . mom? did you break your alarm clock again? it only broke because she dropped itut the wdo laura: oh! halt warriors. to strike fear int ur opponent, thou musnever pose thy belly on. mmm-hmm. whoa, whoa, wh, whoa.
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