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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 20, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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cheers [ cheers and applae >> ste: fr sdio in efeller the heart of new york ci, 's "the tonight show starr jimmy fallon." toght, join jimmy and his guests -- kota johnson, maon wans, musical guesepbishop,
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roots crew.>> qstlove: 404, a-t-l! >> s: and no he is, faon [ cheers and applause ] j>> jimmy: oh, my gdness! 's what you want in a crowd. at's how you do it. [ cheers andppuse ] they're showing you how to do it. giving the best example. welcome, everybody. welcome, welcome, welce to he tonight show." this is . [ eers ae ] is the rl thing. iss noa phony. this ie real thing. lcome, everybody. thanu for being here. a hot owd. it's gon ba fun show tonight. rst, hers at everyons
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obviouthe big sty is that yesterday in iowa, sarah palin gave 20 nute speech to endorse donaldmp for prident whe trump ood off to thee. [ lahter ] padescbed tras a great leader, while trump described being iet for 20 mes the most paful experience of his life. [ laughter a applae ] [ as trump ] huge. wall. huge wall. [ laughter ] that's right. at a rally in iowa, sah pali gave a 20 mite long speecho endorse naldrump for president. at least i think she was endorsing donaldrump. list >> the selfie sticksthen the greet columns and althat pey changey stuff. you with the hands that ck the adle. right ngin bitter clingin', prd clingers. on one candidate's record of success proves he is theaster the art of al. [ laught and applause ] >> sve: at?
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>> steve: selfie stick? wh >> jimmy: wh's ieres is that in 10years,tudents will have memorize that speech. [ laughter ] if youat trump during that speech, you can acal hear what he's thinking w again. tch. >> he is the master at the art of the deal. [ cheers ] he is e who would know -- [ as trump ] >> i wonder why shkeeps sayingill. [ laugerart ofhe dill. does s think i'm a pickle king of new york? [ laughter ] >> art othe deal. >>here, she saidt again. that's aually mange hungry for pkles, which really are fstic ofll the prerv vegetables, the pickle really is the best. lahter ] but alsoem me of my vori digital undergrnd song, "the humpty dance." my nose is big but i'm not hame big like a pickle i'm still gettin' pa [ laughter ] i likehe ia someo getting paid for having a g nose. that's seo w's thinkin >>eser t best. >> oh, god it happed. the hdanc is your ki do the h [ laughter ] oh dthe trumpy trump [ applause ]>> jimmy: do t truy trump.
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>> jim: do the trumpy trump. all right, stop what you're dog. yeah. i wouldn't have peedim for a "humy dance" fan, but he is, man. meanwhile, at a recent town hall event in new hampshir jeb bush says he lov his mother more than his dad. [ audience ohs ] whilhis dad sayse loves winnermore than pele at 4% in the rfor president. [ laughter and applause ] >> steve: really? jimmy: come on, man. that's -- >> steve: wow. meow. >>immy: that har. >> sve: harsh. jimthat's harsh. yeah >> jimmy: this iembarrassing. jeb bush was talking aut t obama's yestery and mispnounced their daer maa's name he said, it sounds like he sd "malal [ laughter ] then his bth george was like - [ as george w.ush ] "looksike e student has become t mustard." [ uger and applause ] over on the atic se, bill clintonas beg making solo apprances to campaign for hillary. and a t eoe are wondering if he willelp or hurt theampaig i could see both sides to the issue. check this out. lllinton could help hillary's chces by passing along hillary's message. he could hurt hillary's chans by passing along thousands of messagesillary thoug she delete
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you se you sewhat i'm saying? steve: could, yea >> jmy: hurt or -- >> steve: that would ht. >> jim: ye. wellhere's ano one. bill clinton could help hillary's chances by helping rty. he could hurhillary's chances by n realinghat kind of party it iand throwi h keys into a bowl. [ laughter and applause ] and filly, bill clinn coul he hillary's chaes by remindinamerics of t succs of his presidency. could hurt hillary's chances reminding aricans of his sex excess of s prency. [ lauger and alaus] this is no. confusing. you see what i'm saying? steve: i see. >> jimmy: i n't en -- no. >> stevevery clo. >>immy: ohis made laugh here esident oba gaven interview on youtube this week whe he showed what he carries with himn his pocks. anit's a lot more than you might think. take a loo this is real. >> this what i had in my pocket today. thiss rory bdst pope francis gave me is is ttle buddha that a a buhist monk gave me. thiss a hindu ttle atuette of t mony god,
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and g a coptic cross, this is om ethiopia. this is a lucky ker chip that this biker gave me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is he a president or a monoly board? [ laughter and applause ] [ as obama this is a wheearrow. this is a thimble, here. oh, this is a little race car, . it goes rit here. you don't get 200 if you don't pa go. >> steve: he's a ld pi from ce.>> jimmy: d finally, a new study found that the amount of manmade heathas absorbed by thocean has doubled since 97. main source of heat, that d who's t deep at the beach with that weird ile on his face. laughter ] it's like, "wh are youoing mmy? "nothing [ ap wee eat sh. give iupor the rts, dies and gentlemen. cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about. hey. it's been a eawe sfar. ers more ahe. tomorrowight, sarasilvern will be here. >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jmy: the presidential caidate marco rubio will be he. [ cheers and applause ] then ofriday, we have je daniels, youtube star liy singh,usic from . lucia, and thank you notes. [ cheers and applause ] that's our hot wee >> stevecome on. >>immy: but rst, we have a a great show tonight. we love her so much. from the hilarious new movie "howo be single", the lovely, the lent dakotjohnson is here tight. >> steveoh. [ cheers and applae >> jimmy: she's great in t movie. it's a gone. good mie. joining us tonight ao. he's greatryhe's here. from the new film "fifty shades of black." [ laughter ] all we did is show the poster last night and we got a ant laugh. >> sve: yeahthat's i >> jimmy: it's the movie, it holds up. marlon wayans is stopping by. >> steve: yeah. [ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: marlon wayans,
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plus, heas a new album calle "be here tn." and tonight, he has an incrible music performance planned for us. stephen bishop is here tonight. >> steve: woah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmythis i-- i aed him to do a for and just play one of s old hits, a sic. this is -- and you're telling me it might be you >> jimmy: i think it's one of the most rantic ngi've ever heard, ever. >> steve: yeah, ever. >> jimmy: i remember i put it on a playlwh ias just dating my wife, then. [ audience aws ] i put it othe playlist. it was corny, yeah. [ laer ] but i don't even remember really doing i but i guess i did because it's one of my vorite son. and i put it on. anshe that was the first day that i called her my girlfriend to people. [ audience a ] i think it's a big deal for girls. [ laer >> s: apparently. >> jimmy: yeah. >> sve: you 't realize that? >> jmy: no, didn't realize. was just say, oh, this is girlfrie, nancy. >> steve: what? >> jimmy: she's like -- [ laught ] i remembered. i wali, that's how she talks. that's how she talks.
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>> sve: woah! hey, gue what?! jimmy just called me - >> jimmy: has the voicof goofy. [ laughter ] whatever, i don't want to get into it. >> steve: she was a voice over -first. >> jmy: shs a very successful voice-over artist. [ laughter ] >> steve: why! >> jimmy: but anyways,hat 're dointonight is so cool ancreatind fun. and if you have meonyou love, get themogether an watch e show tight. and i think u're reay, rely gonna enjoy it. sthen bishope ain is here tonig. >> steve: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] pre-valentine's. >> jimmy: yeah. gu, as you know, we're always striving to get better here "tonight show." bett rong [ laughter ] befo every show, we puout an aience suggestion box, a a "sugbo" right. weant toetomfeedback from the audience. wet to knowhat you gs thinof the show. things you like toee us to . thatind of stuff. so tonight, let's look inside thaudience suggeion box. here we go. [ cheersnd applause ] look into the box to the sgestion box >> jimmy: i appriate you guys sendin these suggestions.
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help us out for our show. "hey, jimmy," this is from steve hyden. "h jimmy, ve you heard of these ings callebernie lis? this is where you do your best bernie sanders impression and list o fr random wds. it's really fun. yoshould dit on ur show." [ light laughter ] that does sound like fun. can i get into the rnie charactere can see a k videof him. >>he top 1% haveer, ever had it so good. >> jimmy: i k i got one. i'rtt f. [ bernie mb, shamo, clavicle, giant donut. [ laughter and appuse ] tariq. tariq. tariq, you wannary one? >> tariqyeah, ye. i'll give it a try >> jmyall right. tariq: jigsaw puzzle, cuinart, sshipbelly button. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: bebutton. estlove, you wanna give it a
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>> questlove: re, sure, sure. bacon, keanu reeves, teeter-totter, male pattern ldness. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy >> jimmy: teeterotte y birthday, by the way questlove. >> questve: ank you. [ cheersnd applause ] >> jmy: thisne's from myra cohen. hey jimmy, one of my new year's resolutions wato g in shape, but therere so ny personal trainers out there, it's hard to tell who's the real deal. can lp i know what you mean. it can get pretty confusing. so rightow, i thought we could brout a real tin and a fa trainer and see if it's possible to tell the difference between the two. me on out, guy [ cheers and applause ] all rit. all rit. okay. first off, guys, what are your
10:46 pm
>>'m did ksch. >> and i'm bry bibbet. [ ughter ] >> jmy: bay bibbet. alrit, let's see. what's a gd breakfast to have to start off the day? i like to start d wh carbs and le prote. that giv me energyhroughout the day. usually just wake up at an ihop and say "surprisee." [ laughter ] jimmy: wake up -- still not sure. what is favoriter move? >>na i lnges they're great yo ls and really great for your glutes. >> i like stretching because you're n really doing much, and it's easy. [ laughter >> jmy: i'm still having a littlerouble deciding who' the real trainer. t's see. do you guys have any books that you've written abouthysical fitnes >> actually mmy, i have a new book called ltimate faly wellness. the importance of maintaining a a althy lifestylas a a mily." >> jim: . >> i got a book called
10:47 pm
atkeeping" by joan selds. [ laughter ] >> jmythat's not a fitness book. you see? hey, don't judge a book by its cove james. [ lahter ] >>immy: alght. wellthen what is the book abou >> it'about exhibition in practical goatkeepin >> jmy: all righ yeah. >> smoke bomb! jimmy: all right. ve nice. you -- [ laughter ] 's oio now. dies and gentlemengive it up for the rl trainer, david kirsch, rit there, viously. [ eers and applause ] i appreciate you being here. thanyou for being here. 's good to see you. thank you for being here. bibb--ibby. bibby, get lost, buddy. >> jimmy: all right. take care, bibby. thank you, buddy. good to see you. bby bby, everybo. bobby bby. what was his name? thanks to david kirsch. byhe way, everybody in t auences geing one of well."
10:48 pm
t's tr let's try another suggestion. this one comes from shane mork "hey, jimmy, i've en having this crazy recurring dream out george washington wearing a bawaand upde dow visor. and in the dre, he's ice ating while playing the guitar riff from "every morning" by sugar ray. [ laughter ] at one poi, he does a "bor" imprsion. what do you think thatll ans? i don't know wt that means. [ laughter ] but it does remind me of something i saw down at the ice rink at 30 rock this morning on thway into wor i have a cera on my head ways wn get ino work. [ laughter ] so remember what i have seen. cawe just ke a l that foe, becauhis is r >> >> j my nama borat. [ applause ] >> jimmy: not bad.
10:49 pm
it's real. oh, one mo from e d sugg box here. this last one comes from rk schesh. [ lauger ] love thschesh's herat "the tonight show." they always come to all the shows. "h, jimmy, it's the end of the nfl ason, but it's the ginning of a new season of "pretty little lrs." yoshould do something at combines t two you're absolutely right. we should do that. ladies and gentlemen, here to re-ect a sne fro"pretty littleiars," please welcome the quarterback from the york jets,yan fitzpatrick, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ] and the cornerback frothe new rk giants, prince ukamara! [ chee and applause ] thank yo thank you. thank you for doing this, guys. i appreciate this. prince, o will you be aying?
10:50 pm
alisonthe "it girl," rosewood's teen socialircle. [ ughter ] >> and i'll be pying the rol of sncer. she's ison rich d coetitive best friend. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay, guys. thank you again for doing this. whenever youe rey, take it away. [ lauger >> i missed it. [ laughter ] >> what >> what thhell are you doing? >> she's going to find out. >> no, she's not. >> i promise ye is beuse you don't tell her, i will. >> i thought you were my iend. >>on'tou get- n't you get it? [ laughter ] i'm trng to help you do the ght thg.
10:51 pm
listen to mealis. [ laughter ] r what? >> if you say one rd to my sister autan, i wi tl eryo t truth about the jenna thing. [ laughter ] [ cheers a [ cheers and appe ] and scene. >> jimmy: oh, that's fantastic. thank you so much for doing that. thank you very much. i appreciate it. give it up for ryan fitzpatrick and prince amukamara, everybody! at'sll te weave for "audience suggestion box." sticaround, wel be right back with dakota johnson, evody. [ chee and alae ] perfornc performance...
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chee and applause ] >> jimmy >> jimmyour first guest, oh, we love her. she's a talented actre who stars alongside rebewilson in thnew comedy,
10:55 pm
theaters valentine's wnd, february 12th. ease welcome dakota johnson, everyby. [ eers and applause ] [ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> jim >>immyi likehis. >> i alrea ruiit. >> jimmy: was ing the. i thout we were gog threkisses i know and i forgot.>> jimmyah, yeah like theance on thwain, was goo >> i know. i don't kn wt happen. >> jmy: it's kd of like a a ruggg dance. ke you'rno se like, i n't know. i don't know. >> iidn'know what was going on. >> jimmy: i n't know. i dot know. maybe. i don't ow. >> happy birthda >> jimmy: oh, happy birthday to questle. ye, you lookgeous. weome back to "the tonight show. >>hank you. >> jimmy: thyou for being here >> tha you for hin. jimmy: love when ye oncause it'slws fun and we laugh a lot. last time,ou laughed.
10:56 pm
[ lilaught ] it was vy intesting, y beuse it's starting happen now. well, am anss, you know? so i don't know. >> jimmy: you were actg. i think it's 'cause -- i k i t in love with yo [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that right? yeah, this happens a lot on the show. >> does it? >> jim: this happened wi danny devito last week. [ laughter ] and it was awkward. and it was awkward. but it happens. we have therapists that are waiting r you en leave. i just see you and i star i art laughing and then i stt crng. >>im: have the samretionshipith my wife. [ laughter ]very interesting. >>he last time i canember i was laughing smuhat i crie asi from justow, was dung fming ts movie "how to be le." me and my friend would py a a game called, it esn't have a na, but -- >> jimmy: 's always fun. he you want to play -- yeahve that game. it's almt as fun as --eah. [ lilit laughter ] >> basicly -- no, were traveling a lot, so we would colct bunch of busi cards from people, then, like, it's liksi
10:57 pm
r d you pi one and y have tprank call the person. >> jimmy: uhuh. ohreally >> yeah. >> jim: ye, so just rand business car. you call them up. what would you say >>r yocan do it with cetime on your phone. like in your phoneook. jim: what does that mea >>hich is alnteresting. >> jimmy: plain th to me. dependi oe contts of your pne book. >> jimmy: i look at my contact list i flip it ndomly. >> facetime. jimmy: ju facetime oever my fger s on? >> yeah, y >> jimmy: okay i d that with my friend centlynd it s thy grif d she answered. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wa, i'm orry you were playingith thy griffin? no, i was with my friend aubrey plaza. who ptty brilliant. >> jimmy: yeah, love aubrey pza. >> we were at one of our best friend's baclor partieand we decided to facetime.>> jimmy: so then you just fatimed randomly kagriffin? and e answered? and what d yo? >> we talked. [ >> jimmy: sounds like n game, yeah. did you get along?
10:58 pm
>>heas rlly funny. >> jim: yeah. but did she -- that must be fun. aubrey mt have a bunch of comedians. she's not in "how to be single" right? aubrey's not in . >> no. >> jimmy: no. rebelilson and leslie mn. >> and alison brie. immyalison briis in it as wl. it's a funny movie. it's perfe to go see iu ha a dator if n't ve a a date. it'sifferenteople talking abt how to bsingle. >> yeah. >> jim: either peoe who don't have dates or people that are just mri or ttina a divorce or single. >> it's a bunch of single women trying to figure out how to be le. >> j: yeah perfec [ light laughter ] i think we got it omhe tle, yeah. [ light laught ] i want to show everybody a a clip. you can laug youan cry.he'sakhnsoan bel wilson in "how to be single." take a look at this. don't cry. >> you didt buy the drinks. boys buy the drinks. it's kind ofike a sexual currency tth useo the noactually paying you to hk up. so, go get us a drink. nowi this waet. with theausageallet. [ talking over each ot] >> hey, what's up, y'all?
10:59 pm
y'all. "you all" would taken jt asani'm not evenrom the south. i'm omorand, whis southern from canada. are y'all canadian? i just did it again. i said it again. , my okaybye. cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: me y'all. whdid you say y'l? we don't know. more with dakota jnson wn we come back, y'all. [ cheers and applause ] [engine revving]
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[ cheers andlause ] >> jimmywelcome back, everybody. wee here with the lovely dakota johnson, star of "how to sgle." [ cheers and applause ] which is in thears valentine's day wed. everywhere, bruary 12th. dakotayou telng me abouthis game that you play with your friends. >> yeah. >>immy: anit's a new game
11:03 pm
we're waysn for a new ga we n alpl. >> yea >> jimmy: yeah, and what is the me of is game? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: okay, no of your mes have names. >> noteal name. it's called acting ga." >> jimmy: okay. "acting game."> basically, "the acting game," because well, i only playeit once. just so you ow. jimokay. was it fun? >> it was overhe hidays with my family and some friends. >> jimmyit involves a phe. >> basically, u get a fake sceniondou have answer the phone d act out th scario. also, this phone matches m ess. >> jimmy: peectl >> so, i wasuppod toe here tonht.[ laught ] >> jimmy: at&t made my dress tonigh so i want to thank everyone there. >> at&t also made th phone. >>immy: at&t. they also make the phone cessory. is is ndbag. [ laughter so you're going out with your friends,nd they're like, "oh, what's going on? hold on, let me get a little lip balm. sorry."it is a beautiful dress.
11:04 pm
>> gucci. >> jimmy: i don't know. all right, here's the deal. what are the rules -- ucci made the phone, too, by the way. >> jimmy: what is this game? how es it go aga? so i going to read a a scenario. >> okay. >> jimmy: or a scenario, however you say it at ho. that's half the n ofhe game saying scenao, snao. and then you awethe phone, reti to what happens. >> okay, yea jimmyready? and i'll say ring, ring after i say e scenario. >> okay. >> jimmy: it's your fianc\, h vader, cling to tell you he's leaving youor anher woman. >> okay. >> jimmy: ring, ring. ring, ringt. >> hello hi, babe. [ light laught ] did you just wake up? [ laughter ] oh. re- where are you? who the [ bleep ] -- [ hter and appe ] >> jimmy: >>immy: hang up the phone.
11:05 pm
ha uthphone. [ cheers and applause ] i can se i can see whe this game -- yeah, a little adult gam it's an adult game. all righ let'switch. you readhe scenari i will answer the phone. >> oka okay, i'm going toayring ng" when i'm done. >> jimmy: just sti to the words, yeah. [ laught ] >> oka you're a famous chef, and soone from your kitchen calls timidly asng for your special turkey stuffing recipe which they've lost again >> jimmy: ial rkrk recipe? what? >> tury stuffing recipe. >> jimmy: rk stuffing cipe, okay. i'm faus c ay, okay. [ laughter ] [ french accent ] thphone has not rung all nig. i can't believe no ones calling met all. this ia great part i'm having a great time. >> wait. okay. [ french accen]
11:06 pm
to go ble mb 5 or ee we don't do fancy -- >> do do do do doodle-loo. do do do do do do. [ lauger ] [ french accent ] >> jimmy: be quiet everyone. i think ere's something happening. >> do do do do doodle-loo. do do do do do do. [ french accent ] >> jim: is somne playing a video game osomein [ light laughter ] hold o this is my ring tone. it's "e hustle." do the hustle do do do ddoo do [ laughter ] hold on. hello. it is me, cques, speaking. yes. sacrebleu. ebu. i have to do table 5you want to call me for rkey stufng. u take a celery. shove it up the turkeyutt. [ laughter ] you take -- [ middle-eastern accent ] now i'm middle easrn. i'm middle easte now [ light laughter ] you ke that -- you ke that poto, you shove it up turkey's butt. what you want from me? what do want from , my iend? you shove it up thturkey's butt. [ bberish ] sacrebleu! good-bye! tabl, get on tight now. [ cheers and applause
11:07 pm
>> that was better than mine. jimmy: it was lame. >> it was beer. >> jmy: very lame. said it ly all ght,ere we go. last one here. readfor is? yes jim: kota? >> yes. >> jimmy: you're abouto get a a call with news that you've been rejected from clown school this iyour one shot to convince tto change thr minds. >> oka ring rg. i kw when that hotle bling that can only mean one thing where's ne - >> jimmy: ri, ring! >> hello oh, yes,his bubbles. [ ughter ] um, waitwh? no, no. but why? [ laughter ] what's the reason? use couldn'to the balloon dog? really?
11:08 pm
tell my d? ye he's big lahs. myad is big laug. i'm bubbles. what am i gog to d> jimmy: his name is big laughs? >>es, my d. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'sorr you got the job now. i'll see you in clown school. >> okay. >>my: just kidding. i'a clown. love you. [ laughter ] dakotaohnson, everybody. th's the aing game. [ cheers and applause ] "how to be single" is theaters febary 12th. marlon wayans jos after the break. stick around, everybody. i ve this game. [ cheers a applause ] en ye onacion, itime to play. so at lton we saay hooky from your relar nday. anwhilyou're at it, play hooky frothe ordinary. e uninspired. the routine.
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cheers and appuse ] >> jimmy >> jimmyour next guests a a very talented comedian and actor who -wrote and stars in e new comedy film "fifty shadesf black." ich hits theaters fray, january 29th. ease welcome bacto our sho marlon wayans, everybody.
11:12 pm
>> thank >>hank you. >> jimmy: marlon, we love having you on the show. >> i love beg here. y, happy birthday, quest. come here. >> quelove: thank you, b. >> h birthday, quest. ve me some lov come here. ppbirthday, other. [ laughterndpplae ] happy bihdayques >> jmy: do you remembethe last time you were here? >> you better shavthe afro though soon. 'causehen it srts getting gray, you're going to lo like cornel west. [ laughter ] >> questlove: rnel quest. >> jimmycornel que. thlast timu weree, we talkedbout the roots. yoidhat if you look at th, it like every dierent style haircut you can have at the baer. ughter ] you go to a barbershop,t's everdifferent style ircut you can have. >> i talk about so many ople, i forgot what i said. [ light laughter
11:13 pm
>> it's just aamn shame at this point. >> jimmy: we tught it'd be fun to make you a sig we got you a "tonight show" hastes this is y hg [ cheelause ] we havggins, thek, the questlove, and the james that's for you you can take that. i think that's forou. that'sor you. >> y go to t barbersho wall. [ laughter ] i'll take thmarcus. th'silarus. >> jimmy: welcome. thank you again for coming back. it's always good to see you. >> i love being here. it's just too co in new york right now. >> jimmy: it's fezinhere. >> oh, it black winter. this is e weather -- laughter ] is is the weathewhere brothers stop comingutside. start getting ashy wei plac. [ laughter a applaus] look at the brotr next to you. l the ots right now, this rht here gets real hy. i don't ow wt part of the hand this is [ laughter ] but it looksike spider-man hit you wi a little web. [ laer ] and it's cold, cold. because girlin new york, in the suer time, they'rell cute.
11:14 pm
theyll go this face -- "oh, damt's co out here!" [ laughter ] girls stop shaving. womelike to be pristine. th're ke, uh-uh, that's insulation. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's n tru no way. >> no, it's true. i'm dead serious. >> jimmy: cold. and that's everywhere. it's like all the waxingtops. you kn, normally i got the lile chaplain thing or t little air strip. no, en it geco, erybod growthe quesove down there. laughter ] >> jimmy >> jimgive me ck that sign. hairyles. r up here. hey -- [ laughter ] >> i would much rather be he in the winter than theummer, because summer in new york, yeah, can't take the humidity man. it just feellike tre's jt a faperson on your back [ laughter ] just breathing on you and saying all h wor. "h harold. [ laughter ]
11:15 pm
lahter and applause ] >> jimmyhow's heather? well, i gotta say, last time you re here, you showed us just a posr. >>es. >> jimmy: of your film "fifty shades of black." >> yes. jimmy: january 29th it comes out. e ster got a laugh. just look at this. [ lauger ] that's the poster. that's the movie pter. you're just crazy. just love you. do i he to knowhat the book or the movie "fiftshades of grey" is? >> n it's just a funny movie. it's just retelling of the story. it's jt a comedy. we took their characters and we just did the spin on it. it's like the urban spin. so you know, with a black gi, you ain'going --ll the beings that little dakot took in thatovie, you ain't going to dthat to a sier. [ laughter ] you got two orhree hits and she's like, "oh, hell no. you're not gng to do this. we ain't going tdohis. [ laughter ] don't makee call my brotrs in jail. nohis is not12ears a a slave'! i ain't trying t this!" [ laughter ]
11:16 pm
'm mr. black >> jimmyyeah and t fun - the weird twist in this is that you're not a great lover in is one. >> no he's -- he's a really bad lover. like, in the movie, he's not a a great lover. li, he didn't have no ves. you know what i'm saying it's n a rial thg. i don't wantou to take offense, because you're my friend, and got white nds. i think you need them, especially for when the cops pull you ove [ laughter ] when the cops pull you over, please let your white iend do thtaing. [ laughter ] >> jim: that's why i'mere, buddy. >> yeah, but we do things differently in the bed. like, we move differently. like white guys, it's like this and th move l together. [ laughter ] it's just all th. like atress ball or something. althis. and brothers, we do it different. when we move, 's like, you know, althat just moves. just moves. chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: re's marlon wayans as christian black in "fifty
11:17 pm
>> w aregog? >> to my parentshouse. for dier yook lovely. tha you. whdid you learn toance? >> at a club at stanford. [ uger ] [ eers [ ee and applause ] >> jimmy: comen dude. every time. every time he's the best. marlon wayans, erybody. "fifty shades of black" in theaters friday, january 29th. we'll be right back with music from stephen bhop. it great one.
11:18 pm
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yo let' pce [ cheers cheers and applae ] >> jimmy >>my: ladies and gentlemen, here with a ve speal performance of his classic "it ght y," plee welcome
11:23 pm
[ cheers and applause ] time i've been passin time watching trains go by all of my life lying the sand
11:24 pm
wishing there would be someo waiti home for me something's lling me it might be y it's telling me it might be you of my life lookg back as lovers gokingast l of m all of my li wonding how they met and at mest last if i fouhe place would i regnize the face et
11:25 pm
it might be you yeah it'telling me imibe you [ hter ] sny qui lk te so many eams to and we've so mh veo make i think i think we're goa need some time aybe all w need is time d it and 's tel me it might be y a of
11:26 pm
i've i've en saving love songs and lullabiesther and thers so much mor no one's ev hed before sothin someing'telling me it might be you yeah it's telling me it muste you d m fein itl just be you ll of my l maybe it's you ybe it you i've been waiting r
11:27 pm
maybe it'sou it's you it's you it' it's yo it'sou it' it's you it's you hey girl maybit's you 've been wting for
11:28 pm
[ cheersndpplause ] [ cheers and alaus >> jim: my thas to data johnson, marlonans. see him at e orpheum theater inew orleans january 22nd.
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