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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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the fire started shortlyfter10- 30 yesterday morning. fire crews say aittle more than an acre was burd, b they were le to get it under control and contned in less than 20 mites. no homes or budings were damad in this fire.. and novacuations were put place, but a nearby preschool maden to self-evaate, to be safe. just hours later-- the sond grass fi on the westside sparkearnd four the afternoon in the 24-hundre block ofauncelot court. it's just a w blocksway fr where the first grassfire started. flames did spread to a fence and damaged onho before fifiterserab to knoc it down... about 20 minutes after it was reported. both fir are still under investigatn. we'll stay on top of this story and bring you the last updates on air and online at koaa dot com. thanks joanna... here in southernoloradthe familyf a missing marine continto hold on thope
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one disappeared in a military helicopter crash o the coast of hawaii. last night -- dozens gathered in fountain for a candlelht vigil for sergeant "jeffrey semple.... just 22 years old and lost at sea... thsearch forim -and 11 of his mrades has been caed f... and e counity is coming toer to support hifamily. "this is community. this is what it's all about. this is what the legion mily isll about." "it's great to know that you all care so much and iuscan't thank you enough on surday... a spaghetti dinn fundraiser will be held at erican legion post 38 in fntain at 7 p-m. proceedsl goirectly to the family to help coverny costs they incur. 34 yead thomas glee golee .. haen formally arged... wirying to kil of he's accusedf shooting colorado springs police during a pursuit. goulee appeared in court yesterday... anis bei held on a mlion dollars bond,... and faces multiple counts, including attempted first degree
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attempted burgry, assault, motor vehicle theft,..and possession of a weapony a evioffder. as wve been reporting. "guolee" reportedly fired shot at police last mon aft tryi to break into aom he'll be back in crt f a preliminarhearing in april. this morning... a truck driver, is facin multiple charges... accused of crashing into two bridges inueblo last nht which caed a brief shutdown of the interstate. it happened at highw 50 and the abriendo exits. police says thsemi driver was heading southbound on i- 25.. when the backh he wacarrying hit thbridge at hiway 50. theyay he opd to check his load.. then kept ing... and proceed to hithe riendo bridge. officersay they were final able to catch up and stop him aroundndiana avenue. he's being chaed with both moving violations d ersized load violatis. thdriver that blew thrgh a stop sign and smahed io an
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isacing charges. thisapped la night at the intersectionf east uintah and institute. police say -- the driver "marvin ambulance... .. pushing itntits side... and sendintwo e-m-t's to the hospital with minor injuries. ey were treated and released. brown s taken to t hospital-- and was aested for iving unthe uence. today. the woman acsed of stabbing denver'sire chief wi appear in court. as we told you yesterday... police sayyear-old mlene saysa-ck jumped in the cheif's car... stabbing him in the handnd leg. she's g held on investigation of first-degree assault. chief eric tade islready bk to work... we're ld he will make a fu recovery. poce say this was a totally raomct oce. time n for weath traffic on ts. meteorologist stephen bowers i here now with first alert 5.
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this morng, but they will w. e most favored areas f snow wille nohern el paso county and teller county. even in those areas, snow will t bebundan so snois mimal, but itan slow the d over monument ll this rning. e other fact todayill be wind. w presre moving stwa across norernew mexico and high pressure er wyominwill work to funl a gusty east-to-west wind rit along th corridor. that is especially te this morning, when ndill be blowing in the5-25 mph range th higher gusts. nd will ben easi after 2 pm. theasto-west ulopeanmake us mo humidto thateans the a m feel a little more icy than normal. it c a our0s this ti y little bit of snow we get wie ort-lived and confined to early this morning. the windp and keeps some clouds a but the afternoon willecome gradually more sunny. temperates will warm f 20s this morning towd thmiddle and upper 30s by 10 am. looks oy with temperatures warmingoward 40 colorado spngs withid- 40s arou pueblo and caon city.
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30in theh spots through 2-3 pm before cooling back into
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colorado lottery players are helping with some much neede improvements at lake pueblo state park. a 10-million dollar project is underway to re-pave the roads and trai there. it's being funded by the colora lottery, colorado springs utilits through e southern delivery system project, and the federal government. expected to lastnto june, the
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juniper road and st down public access tohe trail-- whh frequent usersay is disappointing. t... ey still havaccess to all the dirt trails, which will also be improved -- dn e road -- ter the finishe a new resoce management plan. we onllive aboutee miles away, so it's ni to come out here a be able to enjoy the wildlife. fewer people are impacted this time of year -- and park als to be just abou wn the busy ason kicks off on memoal day. the meantime, if you use juniper road ttretween the city aueblo west, they suggest you find an alteate e. l ahead. the driver involved in that deadly crash on the las ves strip... is facg moreuble e new charges add to her list. and a snboarder may be fing legal trouble after triggering
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lcome back... toy... a former oklahoma city police officer convicted sexual assault will be foly seced. "diel holtzclaw" was convicted
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counts of rape and sexual assault against 13 african ameran women while he was -duty. a jury has recommended a ntce totaling 263 years. day judge will also rule on a defense motion for a new trl. holtzclaw's attorneysay he was deni a fair iabecause deliberate disvery violatis and mirenta tions. the womaacsed driving through a crd of people onhe las vegas str -- is facing more charges... 24-year old "lakeisha holloway" appearedn court stday... where she learned of 71 new counts against her.... including chges ofodily harm -- regarding existing victim holloway's aused of killing one woman and injung more an 3 dozen otrs in last month's crash. her attorneys say she pls to plead not ilty she's d back inou next moh. pop icon "ch" is jumping in helphe water crisis in flint
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she donated more than 181-thousand bottles of water r residents! the dotion arrived yesterday... and willo cmunity ceers, fd banks d fire hous... it will focuon low incom housing areas. as we've been reporting... since the ci switched thr water supply to saveoney... extremely high levels of lead and other contamints have been dected in e ter. in ts moing's electi repuican presidential candidat"jebush" is usin his falyies appeal tooters. speaking to a crowd in new hashe last night... bushaid that having a fath and brother who wereormer presiden -- gives him an advantage over other candates. i'veind of had aront r seat wating is. kind oa unique seat. i dot know. i mean, ere's no else running for president who's had a brother thas psident, dad thatas psident and i've seen how it's do the right way and i've sn how it's done the wrong way and i think i could dothis job bush also had an interting answerbout who he would choose
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heaid he wasn't sure -- but that she would definitely be qualified. he m be onof the most important leaders the world... but thatoesn't mean he can avoid winterraicroubles! last night due to bad ather... esidenobama's motorcade got caught imajor congeson while on the way bacto wte house fr joi base andrews. traffic is normally cleared out for thprent... t could not bne o this snowy night in d-c. so a drive that normal tak 25inutes... took aboutn hournd ten minutes. and rit no d-c... drivs arstill uck on the ros from last night! and more of that messy weatheris expected to sthe east coast this weekend,. right w... thsands are preparinfor e big storm... stocki up onood d supplies. as crews are prering streets ahd ofime for the snow. the strong winter blt predicted to bring heavy snow across more than 14 states
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withangerous bzzard conditio developing ov parts of baimore and waington d-c. time now foreather and tffic thes. meteorologisstephen we i here now with first alert 5. we can havsome snowflakes fly thisorning, but th wbe few. the most favored areas f snow wille northern el pasoounty d teller county. even in those areas, snow will not be abundt. so snow is minimalbut it can ow the drive over nument hill this morning. the other factor tay will be the wind. lopressure movg eastward across northn nemexi and highressure over wyomingill rk to funnel a gusty east-to-west wind right along the i-25ridor. th is especially true this morning, when the wind will be bling in the 15-25 mph ran withigher gusts. wind wilbegin easing after pm. the ea-to-westpslope can make us moumid, too. that means the air may feel a little me icthanormal. canlsmake our 20s thi morning feel more like teenst times. any little bit of snow wget ll be short-lived and confined to earlyhimorning. thwind ramps up and keepsome clouds around, b the afternoon
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temperatures will warm fm th s this mning towthe middle andpper 30s by 10 am. no looks okay with mperatures warng towar40 inolado springs wi m- around puebland caon city. most areas will manage 40s wit s inhe high otthroh 2-3 pm before cooling ck into
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the snowoard in this video that triggered an avalanche could beacing criminal charg. he was at the sugabowl resort in california... when he film himself boardin do t steep run causi the
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e owboarder is accused of crsing into a very active avalanche area which was closed t plic. the resort says p hse s friends, s prol anth public at risk. beree goo .. we have to show you these adab baby otters that were rescued from a home in fda! the the tiny and helpless otters were discovered near drivway by crews doing nstruction. their ther was nere to be found... so they were taken ta wildlife hospit where they're being treated. e stafsays these first few
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ill ahead... a road disaster all caught on tape.. the miracle ter this rolover
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welcome back... take a look at this dramatic dashcam video... and we want to begin by ying the man is ave... he w the passenger ithis truck... yosee barrelolling acrs the highway...
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air... this all played out in brazil... again... that's the... u can see flying out of the openindow. d if celie it... survi it'report the man only sufd from sev broken bones! russia continuirstris in syria... days ahead of the hoped "peace talks". the russian defense ministry says -- since the airstrikes started... syrian government forces have retaken about 250 villages and wns from extremists... which isllowing so syrian residents to move back into their towns and rebuild their hos. russian warplanes ve flown over 57-hured missions t past four months. threpeop in flora and tw in iinois -- now have the zika virus. two cases in hawaiand texas were reporearlr this month. the u-s centeror disease control anprevention is
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avel to countri... includg colombia and territors in t caribbean and latin erica. the seasis seadi mos radly bzil and comb. mita pernnel in ose cotrs are fumigati homes for mosquitos to prevent the spadf e virus take a look at this... in spain... doze of tholics ther in the streets to throw vegetables at the devil! it's an annu event.. stemming from local folk-lore that targets the devil as a cattle thief! yesterday... hoards ovillagers showed up tothrow turnips otheproduce at redents chosen to dress upn fiberglass aor... a colorful suiand horned devil mask! someine-thousand turnips were thrown this year. one bakery in mexico... is taking advantage all the frenzy surrounding the recent re-
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theye mangel chapo" cupcakes.. featuring the ug-pin wearing a dirty t-shirt just like the one he was wearing when he was recapted bmexican thories earlier this month! the pastry chef in crge says the reacon to his cupcakes on social media h been shocki! time noworeather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowe is here now with first alert 5. we can have somenowflakes fly this mning, but they will be w. the most fored areas for snow wille northern epaso county anteller county. even in those areas, snow will no abuant. so snow is minimal, but it can slow the drive or nument hthis morning. the other factor today will be the wind. low pressu moving eastwa acss northern new mexico a high pressure over wyoming will work to funnel a gus
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that is espeally true this morning, when the wind will be blowing inhe 15-25 mphange with higher gust wi will begin easing aer 2 . the east-to-west upslope can make us mo hid, too. that mns the a f little more icy than normal. it canlso make our this morning feel more keeens at mes. any little bit osnowe get wille short-lived confined to early this rning. the wind ramps up and keeps some clouds aund, b t afternoon will become gradually re sunny. temperates will warm from the 20s thisorning toward the middle andpper0s by 10 am. noon looks okay wi teatures warming towd 40 in colorado springs with mid- 40s around pblo and caon city. most areas will manage 40s with s in the high ots through 2-3 pm beforoling back into
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plus... honong a flen police officer.. while helping studen get rough llege... the holarship carrying the
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swasey. teeraturesre in the 20s this morning. a sml feof us can see some brief snow this morning,ut th day wilbecomeunny. highs will be in t0s. a lo ahead through the wkend is cominup in weher & traffic on the 5's. good morningthanksor joining us on this thursday morning... it's janua 21st. m annie snead... for sheentoday. and i'm a crin. firsup a5... this morng ainveation is undeay.. after two grass fis sparked wiin hours of eachther.. less tha a milepart in colorado spngs... news 5's joanna wiseoins us liverom th street near uiah... with more on wt vestigats arsang joanna... good morning.. investigats ve not said whether the twgrass fires are related. but the colorado springs fire department says they believe arson is involved in the first grassfire that started right
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