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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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future carlee?? we can thank high pressure building southward from wyoming for this beautiful d. low pressure is ng out of new mexico andnto northern xas. inetween the high pressure to our north and low pressure to our south, the wind has be bit brisarly everyone in south corado will mana0s under nshine this afternoo gh sponcluding monumt anwoodnd pk will be e exceptiowith 30s. coing brin our 4 back in the 30s by 5 pm with0s through thisning. thslkening wind with a car sky toghwi allow our teeratures to chill intohe teenfor our frid mning lows.
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"eower citizs" to "oversee" their vernmen action. but one southern colorado family says they're lrning just how limited our state's open r policy can be. investigative renden joins in studio now with an update on a suected ofr abuse case, where atrn's say they're being stewalled by investigator this involves the case of donovaduran. ase fit ported, was paralyzed while inolic custy ina junta. duran plans to sue, but his lawyer ss instigors ha denied requests informion and documents related to the incident. duran told us from his hospil bed that he was drune night he wasrrested. the officers took him to the hospital a that's where duran claihethenup. his attorn me mcdivi surveillance cameras d officer dy cameras may ve recorded thincident, but thcolorado bureau of investigation won't let him see it. "to maintain the integrity of thinvestigation and so forth, ey are denying our request which is another way of sayi,
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be interpreted to mean, let us haven opportunity to get our act tother and clean things up beree reveal the information yound there for to th public and that's what i don't." the b- well with rights. e stathine l policegencies toeny the release of records fm ongoing criminal investigatis. thtwo offirs involvehere are l on the force, however theyre are assigned to administrative duts. the c-b-i tell us they have turned over their finding to an special prosutor assigned to the case. duran is not the onlto be denied access to theublic video of his encounterith the police. retives of aan who din the nverl back in november to w untitoy wh invtigators announced they were not gog to file charges against the depues iold --eforthey weree see evidence wh hpene andy koene 5 investigate w at 5. aiort-s-a officers caught a coumber passengs la ye--ryinto te guns on ples.
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loaded! the t-s-ys nearly 27undred firearms were found in carry-on bags in 20-15. that's a 20 percent increase since 20-14. we checked-and found out d-i-a is one of the airp with the most gun discoveries. t-s-a officers captured 90 guns last year alone. new tonight. no crimicharges will be filed agnst six denver sheriff's deputies in the death of a jail inma. dirict attorney mitch morrissesays theeputies used "necesry fce" resain 50 year old michael marshl during the november encounter. the mily of marshall call the decisi a"outrage..d have callefor a federal investigatn. investigators say marsll was suffering a psychotic episode, was aggressive toward another inte a ignored commands. heas taken to the hospital,...his family took him off life support even days later. death was ruled a homicide. colora state lawmakers are busy ts week.
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abt severabimoving through our state legislature. one of them, cenr's on "teen ing." this bill comes about twmonths aftea sexting scandal at canon cityh school. in this case, e fremont county d.a. did not file crges because he dn want to permanently bnd the teens asex offenders. now if passed, "this bill" would create options for prosutors... creating "ss charg that could be used, caed "su of eleconic imagesy a veni." in cases where rranted, this wod prevent juves frelony chars---like "sexual exoitation of a child'". xxxx another propos bill, lawmakers are discussing... would "remove" colorado's "10- year atute ofimitations" on felony sexual assault cases. thisould allow prosecutors to go after suspects when sations or evidences surfaces, years after the offense. xxx we'll ntinue to follow t prress of these bill here anon koacom. xxx on the election watch tonight. hiary clinton is ramping up her criticism of senator bernie
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as s is now locked ia bitter battle to win iowa and new shire. sands leased new ads showing s movement is growing. c's edward lrence picks up our coverage of e campaign trail from washingtod-c. nat sot hiary clinton targeted t het of senator bernie sanders suort.. young people. today the form secretary of state spoke colleges in iowa... sot hillary clinton / d pridenti candidate :09-:19"in th, ere is a lot to like about some of his ideas. but 'in theory' ist enough. a president has to deliver in realy." decidestudents are listening. sot gabriel schabilion / spson college sophomore 2-8 olitics as usual - is at what our country really needs? or is what we need wh bernie isntroducing? kind of an overthrow of the establishment. super: perborough, nh :32 sanderspenthe day in new hampshire.. where hes leading in the polls sot sen. bernie sanrs / d presidential candidate :33-:42 "our job is to creatan economy thatorks for working famils and not just a handful of billionaire mpai contributors." super aly on screein upper corner- bernie 2016
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in a new political ad sanders uses simon and garfunkel songs.. images of millennial voters.. and pictures from his huge owds. nat sot sanders ad "we've all come to look for amera." beyond the fst t contests, sanders is hing staff to cover l eleven sup tuesday state nat om ad - super aly on the screen - wwllaryclintonom 1:07-1:09 a day r releinher own campaign ad clinn repeatedhe themes that e is presidential. sot hillary clinton / d presidential candidate 1:10-16 "i am e only candidate o either side with the experience d judgmentkeep us safe at home and stronin the world." with 11 days to the iowa caucuses clion.. and her supporrs a putting on t full courprs. hillary clinton also criticized bernie s se payer healthare plan and h lack of foreign policy experience. reporting live in washington.. edwa lawrence news 5. our fair and balanced coverage. g-o-p pridential candidate ted cruz says the "republica tablhment" is abanning mao rubio donaldmp. and he says he welcomes that
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cruz td reporters is week that the washington establishment has deded rubio can't win the race, the trump. this comes day after sarah palin anund she's endorsg trump. bio says it pres he is not the establishment candat--and n win the white use. new at 5. an organization is "showing support" for our servimen and women---by "giving back" to local miliry families. employeefrom "400 boston scientic" gave away 80 bikes families. the organization says this is how they'rowing "appreciation" for the "sacrifice" military famies make "everyday." ===== mikees vp sales boston scientific our thank you to the mility families, it's the l we could do to lp them r all they do for us. and how about this... thorgazation... "buil of the bikes. themselves!! someig news for an outstanding student athlete at air academy high schoo she's been named the gatore cross untry ruer othe year
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jos us istudio with more o this prestigouaward-ant? katie is no stranger to individual awards or honor.. e s med the loradoigh school runr of the year last year andtate and national title winner... and now e aational award winner. katie was surprised by her teammas and coacs at school is morning with the ard sh will add the big award ther already big trophy case and add her name to an illustrus lt of horees itreal a sural moment - ithard to put into words and mean all the hard work yve out in f years and for mths and seons i mean its aumulated to this among other moments and tonamed gatoradethlete of the yr is aimnse nor. katie is headed off to oregon next year run with the ducks... we'll mo on r story---coming uponight at six. rob
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new homeowners in colorado rings are gettg what they say is a misleading noti left on tir doorstep. our kelsey knedy is investigating why the notice i not what it seems.. and is live tonight in a targeted neighrhood.. keey? take a look at this notice.. it saysorry we misd you.. and when placed on yr door.. looks as if a shippingompany trd deler pkage while you wereway.. but we found t. if you call the nuer on the slip.. you're giving the marketing company permison tshare your ntact inrmation with their clnts.. a website,nucards dot com", so listeinhe fe print. when wchked it out we foun the compy just wts to connect you with lal businesses andelyou save money.. i spoke with one homeowner.. who dn't fall r .. buwaexctina lirynd easily could have.. ========= here doesn'tppear to be any package. they putome giftds for businessest my doorstep, b
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dad randalworks heret koaa he bught the notice to our attention so oth new homeowners can we warned that it's not at all what it apars to be.. coming up tonight atix.. i'm talkg to the colorado atrneyeral's officabou whether this sort of marketing technique is legal.. and at you should do if you find ts on your door.. for w in cos, kk news 5 l ahd in tonight's your hethy family. treating heart defects. we'll show you the "new heart valve" that could reduce the numberf rgeries for ents---cing and bracing for the stor how the east coastpreparing for ld winr weather th en but first here's carlee in first er5. i'm tracking a b warm up for today...
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patients with heart issues. e stors ose sties and ur latt helines comi up tonigh ne at 10. right now. 80 mlion amerins acrosth east coast a bracing for a massive wint storm. some places are expecting up to -feet" of snow this weekend! the storm is expected to hit 9 states-and wasngtod-c will likely get hit the worst.
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pennsylvannia have declared a state of emergency. rlines are warning passenger that flyincould be a mess....and we're told som carriers have waived change fe. xxxx thiseekend's winr weather is ready causinheadaches for drivers in washington d-c. take a looat this mess durg thmorning commute toda many people wereo focused on this weekend's snotorm--hat when ainch of snow fell overnigh--e cityas caugh off guard!! the untrted roads led messy, hour-long commutes---with doze of accidents across the area now new jsey. mostf thstate is under blizrd warng---and theeal concern along the jersey shore. with heavy floing expeing-manyowns are building uareawith "sandbags"... tory a proct homesnd business. x we can thank hh pressu building southward frowyoming for this beautil da lopressure is moving out of new mexico and into nohern texas. in between the high essure to
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bibrisk. temperatures were in the0s and 40s at noon. the wind mak us feel 6-12 degrees cold when it pks up.nearly everyone in southern colorado wilmana 40s under sunshine this afteoon. high spots inclung monument and woodland park will be the ceptiowith 30s cooling brings our 40s back io the 30s by the evening wiith 20through eveni the kening wind with alear sktonight wi allow our temperatures to chill into the ens for our fray morning lo.friday will bnny and rmer with highs in the 50s satuay comes with sun, incrsing clouds, and mperatures thaare waer still - highwill be in the upper 50s and wer 60s. sunday c back into the 40s with clouds increasing and snow coming frothose cloudsy sunday night.
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still ahead tonight---mily finaes. why the amount you make uld pact your child's bevior---coming up in night's hethch. ==== natsf alanche ==== and an avalanche caught on camera. why the snowboarder in this video could now be facing
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sound up a snowboarder trge an avalanche---and it's all caught on camera. and no--he cou be facing crinal charg. het the sugar bowl rort in california...
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cascade of snow. the snowboarr is accused of crossing into a very active alanarea w wsed to the publi the sort says he putimse, his friends, skiatroand e public at sk. take a look at this "adorable" deo. a group of baby otters---"rescued" from a florida home! constrtion crews found t three tiny otters near a ivay... and the mother, no where to be found. soolunteers a wildlife hospital took them in. they say the otters won'be able tsurvive "on their ow until july or august. xxxx a washington police ofcer tres in his --r a dad hat! officer shane phillips went "above" the call of duty this week. he comforted a baby o s in the back seat of a car involved in a massive wreck. and he didn't ss a beat---rushi i help the baby... swooping her into his arms. it's not complicated, it's just
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"you can't pay anybody enough to care, we do it bau it's the right thing to do." while caring for the baby---th officer maged to change her diaper, find a bottle---and giver her a toy to make her
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welce back. onig's heah watch. "family nances" might fect yo child's behior! researchers fod thatids whose parents had credit card or other unsec debt -- were more likely to have behavior problems than their pes! buhome mortgage d student loan debt were td to fewebevior issues. experts sathat the stress of rryi short-t hig inrest debt maaffect paing and child development. and in tonight's your healthy family.
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minnesota are woing on a heart lve made of tiss - that "grows" with the by. and at could mean "fewer surgeries" f young pients th heart issue ======= in 17 years ... anders jensohahad ur surgeries his hear that's him recovering in 2008. his father - mark - hopes no child has to hurt keis son. voice of mark jenson "our son honthrough four open heart surgeries on his vae. to lesson any onof those would be a terrific ing r parents in the future to hav" but thanks to research at the univty of minnesota. this tiny device cld have a g imct on drenorn with heart defects ke anders. sot: bob tranquillo,esearcher "our goal iso create an opon th ruires only one surgery." professor bob tranquillo i leg the resech taking plinde tlab r tiue engierin ts contner, they are growg tubes of tissues tt can tentially replace a defective art valve in a young chil sot: bob tranquillo, researcher
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tissue tt caheal itself, repair self and forediatr patients grow th t patients." if the device is approved by the f-d-a .. it reduce the number of iedren fe. the jensily wants toee a sft in the y docteat pediattients heir son . now, hope d healing lives in this coner ... voice ofjenson "therenothing worse than seeing your son or dr havetough surgeries like the they have would be a wonderful ing fopeople aund the world" r reeah storie.. ju head to "your healthy" he's wt we're working on tonight at six. james holmes will noonger serve his life in is seen in cora. 'rtang an -depthook at whinmates are transferred out of state. and a small oject inhe shadows a bigger oject. wee looking in t new pns in the works to improve highy 24. rlee? fridayill beunny a warmer wi highs in e s. sarday comewith sun, incrsing ouds, and teeratureshat are warmer still - highs wilbe
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nday cools back intohe 40s with clouds increasing and snow coming from those clouds b sunday night. snowill continue into monday thanks for watchg news five at five. 'll see yock rightere after n-c nightlnews, next. and your local new always on
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of emncy ght. ockbr zard set unlshts fu on 88 million people. et of snow and a wild mix of ice and tornados, winter weather nightmaris here. on the attack. 11 days to iow hillary clinton unloads on berni sands. a moment of panic for the p establishment
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of trump or cruz,
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