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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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of trump or cruz, whicone th're getting be. sounding alarm. an eed goverasked to appear fore congresse-mails reveal trail of di missed wnings to ameran city. a new twt in a deadlypy thriller. formerussian agent lled by polonium in his t altions pot e finger at putin. "nigly ns" begins right now. tens of mills are bracing for what forecasters fearill be a histoc snowstorm that could paralyze the eastern third of the country. winter weather advisories and warnings are posted from arkansas to the noheast f a storm th b tomorrow at thime ll bri bral wds, whut coitions and two fe of snow along parts of the east coast. air travel disruptions coulripple acrs
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expected to get the worst of it, shington, d.c., where tonight folks have fresh rean to qution whetherhe ci is rey. roker has the latest tcking d snow predictions. first nbc's migu guer in the ll's. >> reporter: tonight after sno and sleet move through tennessee, preparations for the nohe a mo storm set to blas80 million. >> ihink it'ing to be >> rte6 hours of blinding snow, ice, flding and power ges. r wn weot he >> repte the bull'syeriday, washington, d. st lasnighit ed uglhere, a dusting brought the nation's capital to itknees. >> if this is what a sile ih es, w can handle a blizzard? eporter: 20-minute commutook up t fi hours. some abandoned their cars. the president's motorcadslipping a slidin d.c.'s mayor under fire f being
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>> we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide aduate resources. >> repter: n they're expeintwo feet of snow. >> how bad do you think it's going to be? >> for this area? we shut down for half an ih of snow so 's going to bad. >> repter: with ve stes, d. and sevel coties in georgia undea state emergcy, more than,000lights a already canceled in washiton, rail and s seice suenth ekd. worries gas will run ort,ood islyin the ve shels and snow sal hard to come by. >> i've never seen the line this long. >> reporter: maryland's governo issued a warning, k le food. not just last foe weekend, but enough to last up to an entire week. >> reporter: from north carolina to the jerseyhore, gh deand ro nds, dangeus combination for an
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superstorm sandy. >> we are planni f the worst, hoping for the be. >> rorter: tonight, a scramble to prepe, race against time. tonighit icold b dry outside of wagtonc. nt to show y a ve picture from ou licopt outde ong the beltway. there is a lotf traffi it a nhtmare again. hopelly in 24 hours it will be different scene anere ll be less vehicles, but plty of on the gr meanme, are at a lt barn,he larst one east of mississippi. they have already taken tonssalt outside acility. er the next 48 ho they are goin to nery inch of it >> miguel,nk you al roker is here tracking the storm. >> reporter: a sth of snothat will sttch 1,200 miles from northern arkansas and louisiana all the way into new england. let's show you where we eect to see the snow. the bibull's-eye aroundhe washingto d.c. area. are talking about 18-24 inches. western parts the
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feet. blzard wches, the ow beginaround rush hou we look at philadelphia. wereoing to see anywhere from 12-18 inches, 10-16 inches of sw, heavy wet snow and gustyin. w york city, w lowered the amounts looking foabout 5-8 inches of snow. the other big problem is going to be icing. we are talking about anywre from 0.1 in to 1/2 inch. power outages likely from washington to charlotte. there is aevere side, tornado watcs and warnings in effect. that will move east intoloriday tomorrow. a wide-ranging storm. >> al,hank you. this monster srm comes in the middle of the most powerl nino on record. that ino coincidence. the weather phenomenon is fueling thiwild and unpredictable seonncludi ts system, blizzard conditns, ice and tornado warnings from the same storm dee intohe south. nbc's be gutierrez
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story. ig already on the mo, a caravan of power crews headed to rt carolina. >> the biggestmpact heren charlotte with por outages wi 1 inch to 1/2 inch of >> reporter: where they are bracing not st for snow and sleet but cripplg ice. >> our goal wi this pontl winter storm coming to north caro is to b erpreped and hopelly derwhelmed >> repter: the vagetorm comes fr what some are lling a godzla el ni. the weathephenomenon brought on by wa pacific waters could be fueleby a son dip in the jet strm nning low pressure syems across the gulf. it's been one extreme after other. in sou carolina, historic flooding in october. >> it doest feel like theolidays wit beincold >>eporter: new york, recordigh mperatures i december. ound ctmas, tornados in xas. then florida. and colossal rai lifornia that uld
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drought. >> wt el no does is disrus in major way the normal weather patterns around the earth. >> reporter: tonight, citiesike charlotte are prepinr the worst. >> we are taking every precaution to make sure our roads are ready for the storm itself and crews a ready to rpond afterwds. >>epor ad th stngeselinin memo. the big concern is icing on these rds here in charlotte. the freezing rain is set to begin in just a few ur lester. >> gabe, thank you. let's turn to the bale for the wte house. hillary clinn firing off her stirect attacks yet at bernie sanders as their rac grows increasingly tight. on the gop sid donald trump remai the front-runner with fellow outsider te cruz now bng targeted by ma within his own party. we are covering bo races begiing with nbc's andrea mitchell in des moines. eporter: good eveng, lester. with that race getting tighter t
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with her toues attacks yet. a small private college in iowa, clinton hammered bernie sanders, aiming he n't liver his promises. >> i'll tell you, i'm not interested in ideas that sound gd never make iin the re world. >>eporr: sanrs responded to nbc's kasie hunt. >>irtually every plan we have brought forth is supported by the american pple. >> reporter: clinton devering sha jabs fr a teprompter, unual r th inrmal setting, also beayed sanders as nve on foreign policy, especially iran. he suggested we invite irani troop in syria. at is like aing the arsonist to the fifighter >> reporter: touting her expece after 9/nd as secretary of state in a new tv ad. >> t candidate who has everything i takes. >> reporter: the ad iowa is buzzing abou
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powerful images set to simon d garfunkle's anthem "america." aimed inspiring the studen who he been ocking to sands' rallies. this sophomore atnded events for both candidates severatimes. >> my vision for the future of america is what bernie sanders wants to have happ here. but i believe that ere are ings leing up tthat visi that need t take placend hillary can help construct th vision.>> reporter: it's your headersus ur heart? >>t is. >> reporter: here democratic caucus goers are liberal. 43% describing themselves as alis. last time clinton nished thirdn iowa. shes if you we to descri youel sociist, capitalis >> sociast. >>eporter:ast time
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she is fighting to avd anotheupset to caidate iowaay find more inspirational. andr mchell, des moines. daltrump or t cr? for somet's a ller choi. >>ou get the se outcome. whether it dth by being shot opoison, does it really matr? >> reporter: senator lindy grahamne o cruz' congreional colleagues rooting against th. uz seems to lovehe hate. >>f you thinwhat weeed is more republans washington to cut a dealith harry reid and ncy pelosind chucschumer, tn i ess donald tru's your guy. >> reporter: cruz taking aimt trump thoughirg on the front-runner hasn't worked f oerso far. >> his n line of tack is i've be estaishmt. give ma brk. >>epter: trump arguing he the washingt suprt cruz doesn't. >>hey li me the ys. there notng wrong witht. 've to make deals. we don't want sign ecutive orders. we want to make deals. >> reporter: the shington esblishment d rather have a wild rd tt wants to get something done tha someonthey kw and n't like>>epter:hi b do is caina uz
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for the party, crus campaign said it raised $70000 this week afterowa's anti-endorsement. >> i believe it would be a big mistake for >> reporter: compared torump, cr has a stronger overall farability rating, performingetter with african-americans, latinos and won. >> if it's between trump d cruz, what does the establishnt do? >>hey are going to eporter: why? >> problthlesser of two evils. >> reporter: hale ckson, n ns. variouan breaking news onhe toxic water cris in flint,icn. e epa for thregion resigned and the agcy issued an emergency de requiring the atto take immedte action to prote the public health. decrats in congress wanthe republican governor to pe on capitol
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nbc's stephanie gosk has late details. >> repter: the children ce into th ymca like every kid in flint who dra the water will havto beonitored their enre childhood for possle lead exposure. >> some ofhe long-term effes it's gog to have is ridiculous >> reporteheir parents reted to74 pages of documents about the is voarily ed byhigoor ricknyde e cuy t tiline of warnings that were smisse the state agency that enreclean inking water spt months denying the lead coation unl october. inn e-ma, e director wro, i believe now weada miake. corrion control should have been reired from the benning. coosn coro trea the water preventingead om ng io the stem. simonths bore on april , epa
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coion control trent." june 24t sounds e alm again. "recent drinking water mpesults indicate the presence ofigh ad." no action was taken as state water ofcials continued to insis the water was safe even after mtiple inpendstudies proved otherwise. in dbe aetter om the task rce t up by the vernor described the response as aggressive diissal, belittme and attempts to dis crit these efforts wi a persistent tone of scorn and desi. the head of th agency and his okesrs resigned. the documentreleased and governor's apols e not enough for many who line up evy day for handoutse this one. stephanie gosk, nbc news. to a conoversy we've been following in hollywood. don't counon seein superstar will smi at t oscars next month. the actor is joining his wife jada pi smith boycotting the show, critizing the lack of versy amonis year's
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academy considerina mar ite to i rules. >> if you continue to denywork. >> repr: will ith co-starring in his wife jada's ca to boycotthe oscars. >> we are uncoortable totand there and sathat this is okay. >> reporter: former academy presidensays the academy gets a bad rap. >> as esiden i worked very hard to brinmore divsity into the acamy. i'm very proud of the fact we did >>eporter: but the backlashay prove too loud tigno. we need to do more and better a more quic saythe rst black president. >> they have to do something dratic. this is not a time for cautious baby steps. tim gra awards editoror "variy" magazinesays the acady will increase st pictures nominations to a mandatory ten.
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believe straight out "straight out of compton" uld have been included. the academy is also considering expandin thacting cegory to mo than ve nominations and creating new membership rules. currtly, ade membership ifor life. >>s more like an ite organizaon. >> reporter:he nomineesn hollywood aren't divse because the ademy itself isn't verse. a 13 stu found3% of voterarwhite, 76% are male with an avere age of 63. some blamehe studios. >> the studios are overwhelmingly caasian and male. >> reporter: perhaps thspotlight is misdirected. morgan radford,bc news, loangeles. who killed a former r spy? a poison plot that ds right outf a ld war thril w a ne investigation conclue approval to kill like came from vladimir putin mself. >>also the tonishing ral video a snowboarder trappein an avalanche who lived to
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a y to get your >>there is a new twist in a real-fe spy myery that has remainednrolved for nearly a decade. a former russian spy whfled his country only to be fatally poison y later. as bill neely tells us, w investigation concludes what man suspected, that e adly plolikely
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the top of the kremli r: os deathbed, alexander litvinenko, a former russian spy blamed adimirutoris murder. dabritish judg idutinrobay approved t hit, naming twouss the killers. andre lugovi londonitponium, a radioactive liquid d dmitri koutun who we witm. he defected to briti intelligence and made enemies. ssian specfoes used his ima as target practice. the london assasns poisoned him by uring polonium into his grn tea. >> the conclusion th e russian state was probably invved in thmurder of mr. litvinenko is deep sturbing. >>eporussia trashed the report as a polil smear. >> it's unacceptable that the report concludes thhe russiastate was in any walved in
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liinenko. >> reporter: lugovi denied murder today as he did last year. what happened in thi hotel may have bee state-onsored murder, but this ia case thaalmost certainlends here with no one ev likeo be brought trior litvinenko's slow deat his wiw said putin is guilty of nuclear rrorm. it quite a spy sty,der with a nuear weon tt's gone unpunisd. bill neely, nbc ne, london.
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busaving aaddition 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm gointo be ev better out can dot, it helps in the long run. prudal bring your challenges a nerecord involving air travel and itnvolves a t of america pacng. thtsa says it sees more gs la yr th er bereover 2,600 of them, an average sevenun per day found
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found in airports as, atnta, houston, denver and phnix. the buffalo bills ju brought othe rsfull-te male coach in nfl htory. thrysmith will rvashe speal teams quality rol coach. prior to thihe woed at adnistrative assistt ex ryan who said today he is excited and proud r her. jaw-dropping piofideo making the rods captured terrying moments for a owbodecaught n avalch the fallg wall o snow sweeps m do the mountain parally burying him. luckily was ablto find his way to the surface. the resort is seeking criminal charges saying he triggered the avanche himlf in an area closed to the puic. >> wn we come back, they met as straers. th aife-saving ft mademuch [bke] at fmerswe've enmost everythg, soe know how to covealmost anything. even "rk jerks."
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we're putting away acorns. you ow, how the imrtan ofavinfor e fure. soou'rsortf li a okeserso no, i'm more like a metaphor. okay, a spokes-metaphor. noi'm... yore spokemetaphor. yeah. ok. see how voya canelp u georzeat finally tonight, an incrediblstory about someone who gave the giftf fe ta tol strangerhrough organ donation. that's not whe ts story ends. in fact, ajoe fryar tes , with these o, it was just the beginning. >> reporter: hther's glowinsmile a od jobasking the painaused byer faillive >> basical, ti was
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reporter: dperate for livi don heher's fami sp t wor a medical hail mary thatded the eak roomf he cousin's work place where chris dempsey overheard a converti a ciou hp. is a ary thin go rough,ut it o grte flis the world to hp somebody like that. >> i couldn't believe. i justaid, thank you. whato u sato someone th just is saving your life? repter: the transplant took place march 16, 2015. chris gave heather 55% his liver. tlte, all ofis heart. >> aer we got ouof thspwee it oicial at s was gog to be my girlfrnd. >> reporr: tur out some timbetween the first time they met and the surgery, chr and heather diovered they wera mah in more waythan one. evething was about me and hwas so concerabme wo jt mem.
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i wathking, this could work. >> reporter: last mohris had one more tng to give heathe an engagement ring edleo sahis tu inlawwe aladimpressed. >> you will t get a bett m o there. >> reporter: tod heatheis healthy and chs' liver totally renerated as ty share their story about organ donation, a gift of life, and for ather, seo spend that life with. joe r, nbc news. >>quite a love that's going to do it for us on a ursday night. i'm lester holt. news, thank you for watching and good night. vio that could help expln how a man ended up palyzed--- tonight, why it's bewithheld from the the case ainst a cal police fcontinues.
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an unpleasent surprise for some new homeowners... were exposing the uth bend a misleading notice at is showing on thr front doors. llo evyonehanks for joinusorews 5 at 6. i'm lisa lyden. and i'm rob quirk. fit nigh.. ne five investigeslo up--statinigators have tued ovetheir findings t special ecutorer looking in suspected cof polise in la junta. we first told yot novan duran lath he inow paralyzed after sufferininjuries while in police custody. news 5's andy koen joins us live in stuth an update on this case ... an there's some frusation today ov the state's luctance tlease vio of e incide. duran hired mikecdivitto represt hiin a potential lauit. vitt tell there is hoital surveilnce video and offir body camer that likely recorded t inciden.. but says investigators won't ve himccess le hsu.
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