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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 21, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in roeller er in e heart of new york city, 's "the tonight show staing jimmy faon." night,oin y and his gues -- sarah silverman, republican psidentl candidate marco rubio, musical guest wet. and featuring the legendar roots crew. >> quelove: 405,klahoma city!
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mmy llon! [ chee [ chrs and applaus] >> jmy >> jimmyoh, hey,verybody! weome. [ cheers ] welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone. welce to "the tonight show." th is it. you guys made it. you're here. you're saf you're warm. thiss the show. [ chee and applause and you're watching from home. thank you for watching. guys, i'm your host jimmy fallon. guys, we have republican presidential candidate marco rubio on the sw ght. [ cheersnd applause and to make marco feel coortable during the intervie we have five other
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him evy time he tas. [ laughter a applause ] "my turn." "okay, my turn." [ laughter ] here's the latt on the ection, you guys. at a dald trump rally in oklama, sarah palin lled president obama a weak-kne capitulator inef. [ lauger ] when asked if shknows what a a capitulator is, she said "of cose i do, it's one of those worms th turn into a a buttfly. [ laughter ] [ applause ] ah, sure. this week, the manager of a a pizzrestaurant in iowa put up a sign that said na trump could eat for free, but trump never showed up. [ laughter ] shtly after, tusands of restaurants across the country puupigns saying dold trump could eat for free. [ laughtnd applae ] i st thought it was odd. why would they do that? they're hong that he would come by. >> steveris christie, i know. >> jimmy: check this out. a new "people" magine profe on bernie sanders saidhat he stl does his own grocery
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grocery shopping usual takes bernie a while becse he ways stops for an hour to ll at the 1% milk. [ laughter ] "what about the other 99 no one talks about tmilk. no one talks about the 99% milk that you should be drinking." [ light laughter ] e article also said that bernie sandersn calls his dad the bernster. [ laughter ] while jeb bush's son cls him "my mom's friendjeb." [ lahternd applause that's sad. you shouldn't do tt. ld. guys, i w that a n ad from bernie sanderss music from simon angarfunl. at fir, people wondered how they got the rhts, and tn they looked at old phos and alized bnie sanders mit be garfunkel. [ laught ] 're not sure. [ apause ] 're ndg out now. we're finding out now. we're still finding out. we're still fiing out. >> sve: they d'tnow yet? they're still oking. >> jimmy: guys, listen to this
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new guidines that say doctors must l patients see their medical records if they request them. and ors are like "just so you guys know, 'lardss' is a a medical term. [ hter andpplause so -- means heahy butt." and get and get this, a leaked memo revealed that espnold its reporters anannouncers not to make political comments on air. seems weird, butoong at a a few games they've aired recely, you can see where the probm isinom. goodands. he passes it on ahead. iguola, am dun oba'not my presint. [ laughter ] >> jim: you have tlisten -- it's there. >> steve: wow. jimmy: you gotta listen close, but it's there. you can he sething. >> steve: that's insan >> jimmy: you t to liste clos it'sething there. >> steve: no wonder thme. >> jimmy: no, yeah. ter. u can hear i [ light ughter ] of coue, the oth big story right noisinr storm jos,hich cou drop over two feet of snow on parts
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meteorogists say winter storm jonas wasn'that stng until it left its brothe joe and kevi [ laughter ] then, unstoppable. [ applause ] hit after hit aftehit. i mean, unstoppable. lile entertainment news here. i saw that jnifer lawr is set to star in a biopic about a a spy o became fel castrs lover in the late '50s. won't spoil why they broke up. let's just saye had a litt bit of auban missile crisis. [ laughter ] >> stevezok! rink! ronk! [ ughter ] >> jmy jimmy: and nally,hi really made me laugh. have you seen this, higgs? this is really funny. last night on "wheel of fortune," we lovheel of fortune." we love pat and nna, and everybody. we we watching. these o coestants had back-to-back guesses that were pretty interesting. wah this. >> and the category is t ever popular food and drink. [ ding >> homemade wale >> no. still time.
10:40 pm
everybody else. christine? >> homeme ffles? [ laughter ] >> still not that. >> jimmy: still no still no. yeah. "i'm sorry, pat, she's -- what are homade waffles?" [ laughter ] "that's the wrong show." "pat, i'd like to buy a a waffle." "we don't have anyamn waffles." [ laught ] ys, have a greashow night. give it up f the roots, right er [ eers and applae ] jimmy >> jimmy: very nice, very nice. ysit's been a greaweek so far. thers morehead. torr night, my pal jeff daniels will be here. >> ste: yeah! >> jimmy: and utube star, lilly singh. that's going to be fun. plus, we have music from st. lua and thank yonotes.
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it's going to good. so tune into f show tomorrow. set your tivos or whater y do. yoknow, your dvrs. >> steve: dvr it. >> jimmy: betamax. >>teve: lm it. >> jimmy: whatever you guys got, yeah. >> steve: 70 milmeter.>> jmy: cd-rs. >>teve: sure. fisher price. [ light laughter ] >>im: first,e have a a fantasc ow tonight. she's a unbelievable comedian. she's a stselling thor, earned a screen actors guild awarnomination f her dramatic performance in the film, "i smile back." sarah silverman is here. >> steve: yeah. [ eers and applause >> jimmy: i love rah silvman. sarah and i are gointo catch up andalk about her vie, then we'reoing to play a a roun word sneak. it's a funame. so you don want to ms th. us, from the great ste o flida, he's seeking the 2016 republican presidential nomination. setor rco rubio isoining us this eveng. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: and making their levision debut wh us nit. we have music fromet! [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: h. >> jim: there it is right there. t.
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i pofor that >> stevedid you ally, yore the shadow in that? ba? >> jim: 's my back. [ laughter ] that's me with my shiroff. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: yeah, it's cool. nown wet for a while, so they figured thed just pute on the cover. i was like, "can i be on the and they go, "sure." there i am. >> steve: oh. laughter ] >> jimmy: my mustache. >> s: that's your mustache that you shaved? >> jim: yeah, i used to have a mustache. >>teve: used to be like a a salvador dali. >> jimmy: long time ago. yeah, yeah. >> steve: ck in the day. >> jimmy: anyway, good sff. you want to hear a little bit of wet here you go. this is "weak." oh baby baby baby if you're -- that's it. that's all youet. yore gng to t that tonit. plau ] wet ere ght,s.hey,s fornigh show" hashtags. here we go. hashtags tags >> jimmy: oh, th's right. you ys are on twitter? anyone usewitter? [ cheers ] 's fun. we usewitter on our show
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watch r show and you want to ay alongwe do this thing every eswhe i t a hashtag and a you gu to tweeout things based on that topic. so since there's a huge winter std to hit the nohet this weekend, i went on twitter and started aa hashtag, #awwhellsnow. [ laughter ] i asked you gu to tweet a funny, weird or embasing story about winter. we g thousands of tweets. within 30 minutes, it s a trendi topic in the u.s., so thank you for thoseweet [ applause ] i appreciate that, for playing alon now i thought i'd share some of my favore "aww hell snow" tweets from you guys. this fst one's from ky. nce slceuta supet,ndheme y were rlang it on the security cameras." [ laughter ] >> steve: ohh. >> jimmy: "oh, hi, yes. hi, how's it going?" >> steve: ha, ha, ha, ha! immy: all right. this one is from stimnotthatguy. [ ht ] >> steve: he is that guy. >> jimmy: ah, i think he is that guy.
10:44 pm
snmalace pu on ourst me." [ applause ] >> ste: oh, boy. zok! >> jimmy: u should also move the mps of cl. [ lauger ] this one this one is fr @weslyngray. she says"i pd the oof buttnsteade gaor aoo of snow in my lap." [ hter ] that's gre. >> steve: avalanche! >> jimmy: this one'sro @rtcarne. ays, "slediding withy 2-ar-oousin.d off and m t it." [ laughter and appe >> steve: 2-year-old cousin. >> jimmy: ery kid for themselves! >> steve: get out! >> jimmy: ar-old cousin. yep. this one is from @blsdrew. ays,rothonvio giy cls owma wermakin th yardthene loed me out of the house my underwear." [ applause ] >> steve: that's what brothers
10:45 pm
>> jimmy: that's what others do, n. ste: it's hisob >> jimmy: this is fr @amonmsladdy. she ys"wn asmyad wcogea owow sd ecseheado be some e to having children." [ lahter and alae ] ste: yay, dad! >> jimmy: this one'ss from @thehexican. ays, gtuckn theway ihidipuen mes. he had the eency brake on." [ laughter ] "it ain't budging, man! it ain budging, you gotta dig more!" ey, anks for cominby, man. >> steve: you got it! you got itde. you got it. >> jimmy: see you lar. this last e is from @clock. she , nce sa neig salng hy with a table salt shaker." [ lahter ] ere you have it, guy those e ou"tonht sho hatags. to check out morofur favorite go stick around, we'll be right back with sarah silverman,
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[ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: we are joined right now brilliant sndup comedian, she's a multiple emmy-award winner, anew york tis"-bestselling author an recently earned s.a.g. award nomination for her perrmance in the dramatic film, "i smile back," which is w available on itunes and on demand. she's fantastic in it. please welcome our pal, sarah silverma ladies and ntlen. [ cheers and applause ] jmy >> jimmy: my goodness. , we missed you. oh sarah siman, gd to s you. here a11:30. this is the time on our "tonight sho" >> i love what you've done with it. >> jimmy: thank you so much. i appreciate that.
10:49 pm
thank yoor dressing up. >> yave no ide's ed. >> jimmy: really? >> i'mng to go bk being sloppy me, i think. did a year of atever the fancy peold me, but i am literall abt 90 sec ahe whole zipper of this dress j popped open. thteeth just went, "hi [ hter ] so i kind of like, sewed in. >> jimmy: l right,ell don't look fantastic. you lookreatth's perfect. n't touch it. perft. dot en, yeah. yore very shion forward. i waysnothatf you. you're very fashionabl i foll y on twitr. i saw that you wand to start ur own perfume. >> realldo. >> jimmyyeah. @sarahksilverman. th's you, right? >> yea that is me. >> jimmy: ah, i followou. [ ught ] you saidou want to start y own perfume. i thought that wasery intereing. >> well, all these ladies have ts, and i want one b k about it ery when i walk my d. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> i an apartment building andiv-- like, i
10:50 pm
room and everyone doir lndry. there's one washer, one dryer on every floor. d wh i walk my dog, walk past there, and it always -- would call my scent, aundma" [ laughter ] >>immyoh. i ve thasmel >> and it ju has that hot smel i'm gog tohonest's tide. it pbablde. [ laughter ] >> jimmysometh yeah. >> it wod be cal "laundrot." i lovehe smell of the undromathere >>immyme, too, i love that, o. >>here a heat -- >> jmy: you got to do "laundromat." >> it's a wa, clean smell. >>im: itou also be a a dryer sheet, too [ laughter ] i'm not su. >> i find dryesheets t peumy. i apprecteou pitching. [ laer ] >> jimmy: i'm juling, here. i'm just spitballing. ts whe do as comedians, but, no. >> j yperfume inl >> my friend heidi's gng t ugh, because, yes. >>immyel >> i wear -- when i moved to neyork city when i my
10:51 pm
body shop,nd tt is still what wear to this da laughter ] >> jmy: oh, real? ite musk. the by shop ia ore th is from 1980. yogo into a me machine a then you buy your whitmu. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think it's still around, right? it must be if you still wear it. >> i do.> jimm and that's your smell. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you smell go. >> y smell tt? >> jim: i do. yeah, itmells great. it'slean. it's noo much. yeah. -- it's t too ch. t tottle. it's pct. ah. >> you put it on a clean body. 's not supposed to cover filt [ laughter ]i'm not -- i'm sorry i just, when men- all right. never mind. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: . do youike it when wear cologn >> no, i don't. >> jimmyi'm not wearinany. >> why am i so angry m passionate abo this. jimmy: not angry. it's psion. >> i lovuber, as wall do it's convenient. [ ughter ] >>immy: yes. >> i wilonly uber-becae i want to get in someone ne, ean tota
10:52 pm
mousine th ss ke b.o. and akka [ laug ] it's gro >> jimmy: so t putting it -- theye covering it is whatou're saying. it's so strong, and it makes me -- i've become my mothe buakes me sick. i put my ne in aissue like m like"uh." [ laughter ] i re c't takit jimmy: re? your boyfr doesn't wear -- he doesn wear cogne? >> no. >> jimmy: naturascent? >> i love s smells. jimmy: ah. [ laughter >> he getsad at me becse, like, ontime he burped in the kitchen d wali, your ss. i loou." [ laught but i -- >> jimmy: wanto know all your smells. >> my -- >> jimmy: so romanc. >> this wod be a pheromone, i n't know -- , that doesn't make sense, i love, like, the of hisrmpits mak me crazy. i ve it. [ laughter ] and 's shy- [ ughter a alaus] 'sn e audience sitng th td barry. don't mean to me dp. [ laughter ] and i love the smellf his armpits.
10:53 pm
tie, l lettinge in there lauger ] because heoesn'tit and i li hmes. o year for my birthy, the ar before last, he did the most selfleautif ing. he spent a whole dith a coon bunr hiar and under s balls [ laughter ] >> jimmyoh, come on. >> -- a one in his ass. [ laughter ] >>immy: okay. all ght. >> i feel like he was doing th magic threbecae it's not like've been lookingo smel his ass. [ lauger ] >> jmy: mathree, ware you lking abt? >> theomedy magimber o the. i don't know. really ijust tallsand the arit tt i -- >>immyat w he wit these cott bal? >> he put th in ttle glass vialand label th and presented it to mend it'on my pia. [ laughter ] >>immy: and it'sonnae on is ws epode "date." laughter and applaus] "he her a via his --" yeah.
10:54 pm
i have his dna in so many ways. >> jimmy: u really do. absolutely. [ lauger ] oops. [ laughter and applause ] >> where is he? whe is he? >> jimmy: it's a true ory. yeah, okay. good. st syou know, everyby. it's not preplne a little todd barrcameo there as well. >> yh. >> jimmy: i wanto lk to yo about your mie.i want to lk about your peormae, "i smile ba." yojust got nomined for a a screen actor's guild award alonwith cate blanchett, briearson, helen mirn, and sorconan. did. immyyeah. thatwesome. chrs appe ] don atoto fe goo a a. awa. at- t el nice. iteally is. it was very spia >> jimmy: yeah. you tweeted ouhorrifto be in a cate with these s. lahter >> that's pretty pedestr i conc it was a funny tweet, calling
10:55 pm
we aw they're not hacks. they'rbrliant actrses. >> jimmy: that's one of the coolest awdsi ink, because itusa community. 's like,ing for ea otr sayingey, u did a a grjob. you were awesome in this vi" ani think, as medianyo go, "i'd love g a dramac rolend be ab tscore in itanyou d. u throle, but en y scedit. coratutions. [ cheers and applae ] >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: you were great. well, y know? you're a beautiful act. >> jimmyand jas chars isreat as we playing your hud inhe m. basilli don't al know how to describe the vie. dooueally ow how >> still hen figuredut hoto nele vie. stenit's wom a ife is, on per, has a life, hu kids, e's a drug addicshffers fromdepressi. d i doand i dot ink it's a
10:56 pm
it's a unique story, but i knowhat it's a unique story in terms of thk it's t of an epidem >> jimmya common sryyeah. w dithey finu for this? likethe rect? is becoke, thsty ofowiearmadei s howd ster jim: hellight>> o palhoward ste, talking t my o expernce with depression. and amy coppellman, who wrote the vel, wasriving down th highwalisteninto hd and just dec thais parhad toe me luckily itas, likea k,inof kisme jmy: man, washeight. 's good, and it's jarring in way because i watched d go, "o good, s. i can't to see it. you'ny." then- uger ] it goes -- it swerves. yeah, it swervesff the road. o a lot of great ain i'm, lik ", m iving!" >> jim: , no, it gets deep grk ma oman, youdle it so well. i want to showrye a clip. m tired of talng about it becai wantou guyto see
10:57 pm
re's aook at sah silvern's a.g.ward nonated peormance in t dramatic film, "i smile back it's available now on demand. check is out. >> and itunes. this point in the yr, eli is familiar enough to get to his own classroom. he'll be fine. >> i'll take janey? okay. >> i'm okay, mom >> a you sure? wa, janey,ive me a kiss. all righ all rit, baby. >> i'll see you later. at you wanto raise yourid >> yeah, that's how i want to raise my kids. thanks for the help, you condescending -- [ chrs cheersnd alause jmy: you did a great b.
10:58 pm
play gamwith me,lease? >> yi do immyguyswe'lbe r backh mo sarah silverm we're going lay sneak right after thbreak. staround.
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cheers applause jimmy: welce ck, erybody. wee heith saman , once again. [ rsndpplause ] itally acclaimed new vie, "i sme back" is ave on ituneand on nd. smile back. check it out now,arah, i want to keephe interview going. s spice up the conversation with a lite word sneak. re wgo. work sneak word sneak >> jmy:n, he t way it goi to rk. wel ea get fe cards with random words wrien on th. our al is toork thwords intohe conversation as casually and seaessly as poible. are yorey fothis? >> yeah. >> jimmy: okay, good.
11:02 pm
u start with one.look at one. i'll jusart with a qion and you -- you keny newr's resolus this year, sar? younow, neveado. i'm yinghuntore. [ lahter >> jthat's wt you tofor 2016 >> yeah, i meaou know, beuse iteepsitgood for the opuln. hunt deer, you nt moosou hunt atever, an itheike, sow itood foem o something. >>immy: that's good int. yeah. i don'hunt i don't hunt. if io, just likeo be thow [ laughter ] keo gerighins cle as can. whado you use>> jmy: e a ick ani ju -- you ow, ke, hit th like pinata laughter ] until i feel satisfied a then i'ne. >> thaeat. jmy: yeah. 's just someineen do[ ughter ] something i've beedog.
11:03 pm
it's jttle qe about me. >> wheyoimals to death --laughter>>im: ? >> andavu ever n this, because actuallym trying to k of anima right now. jimmy: uh >> do theybelly butt [ laughter ] enhey' born,he ian umbilical cord, d, ist, th, do they justhew ff oey e it off? ey don'te soone, like, ip it off, but eher way, is >>im: i don't evennow beuse once i'm de beating em, i'm justi'on my hoveoa aoi tthe next animal. [ laughter readto beat -- off to e next one. i don't iean, i dit - 's aime thin moref i n't re aut h manyma, so io 30 minuof hting eve day. [ laughter ] >> setimes y just wa to use tennis rackeometimes you want to use,on know ryg to say. i n're this is i'ke, hedle. all i'inkibos m
11:04 pm
so, it's like, i want to see susan day. i wanny sms. [ lahter >> jimmy: did you say "l.a. law"? >> sah: yeah >> j: cae itny every night after ow gesit in my bean bag chailass of warm buermilk [ laughter ] and an e-cig.justit back, watch "l.a. law" rerunsnd just jomyself. anjust go, "hey, deserve it, n." >> oh, my d. im: yeah, haa tough da at's jushow i like t rex. you asheit bacr . 's interesti.[ laughter at are youhiinab>> my aver. [ laughter ] [ eers and applause ] it's not n what you think. it's not y thi. t i call my [ bleep ]. [ laughter and applause ] jmythat's a name of the
11:05 pm
ding ] i'm gonna end it right there. you're in trble, missy. at's a great conversation right there th sarah silverman, you guys. [ cheers and alause always a pleasure. tnk you, thanyou, thank you for being so funny a asome. senator rcrubio jos us after the brk. stick around, everody. [ cheers and applause ] y fit in when you were rn to stand out.
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[ cheers [ cheers and alaus] >> jimmy: our next guest is a a u.s. senator from florida cueny seeking the 16 republican presid nomination. ladies aentlemen, plea welcome marco rubio! [ cheers and applae ] >> jmy: marco rubi everybody. that was that was nice. >> did he just sing "rubio?">>mybiubio.
11:10 pm
>> they got ission to do that? >> jimmy: we got permission from -- yeah can pay for tt one, yeah. [ ughter ] thank yoso much. >> tho are nice. where'd you get ose, man? >> jim: i just -- thyou very much for being here. , i'm sorry. do you like myoots. >> io. can i keep them? [ laughter ] ed a backup pair. >> jimmy: n you believe that ur boots -- >> i need one in iowa and one in new hampshire. so you gottaive me the- jimmywhy is it a big de that you wore ese? i love these boo, by the way. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and peop made a g deal that you had heels on your boots. who cares? these are great boots, by the way. these are oor -- no floor shin >> yh, i only wear them on weekends. >> jim: you only wear them on ekends. yeah. nights mostl [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you we them bed? >> yeah. the uth is, they're a step up. en i w in, like, in college, i bought some boots like that and remember the old foam parties? remember that?you don'member that. >> jimmy: yeah, a foam party?
11:11 pm
so i bght some of ose and when i leffo party, they were white. cause foam like washed the of itea soikst my: you o goo those dance parties? >> i went one time. ug ] >> jimmy: you can't say that you gothemll the time. you nt oe. >> yeah. well that's all you need. they ruined my boots. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think they're cool. my dad we these pper boots to work. he worked at ibm. and i got into them ani started wearing them, too, and i know will ferrell lov zipper bt to wear th aund the fice, but will would wear white >> yeah. >> jimmy: wh >> because he went to a foam party. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's probably wh but i think you shoul wearhe veou stopped wear >> no, they' ian they'll be useathe apprriate me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: undisclod location. you n't say where ey're hiding. yeah. think yo backut dot let peopleullyou, man. they look yo marco rubio. you n do whatever you nt to do. you'reunning for president. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to our show, and thank yofor being here. >>hank you. jimmy: appreatit. new york city h meaning for you. >> yeah. >> jimmy: because -- >> i got engaged here. >> jimmy: yeah.
11:12 pm
one? yeah.>> it was like a long time ago but it was -- yes. [ laughter ] but it was a good. it w a good thing. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so we came here on valentine's dain 1997, and i told my -- ianted to propose to hern top of the empire state ding she like"sleepless in seattle," is that the name of it? >> jmy: sure, yeah. great movie. [ lit laught ] it's great movie. >>eah, i thought it was about insomnia, but it's not. it's like a -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no that's where they get yo yeah. >> iwas co. and she didn want too up thertohe top so i had to figure out quickly, like, how am i gonna get her up ere. >> jimmy: she didn't' wanndo tohe top of thempire state building? >> no, it was cold. and we're from florida. so it walike 40s. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that'sot even co. yeah. >> so we wan go up there. so, i filly coinced her, i sa, ook, as a child, i always loved kg kong. remembering ng was otop of theuilding?" she's like, "that's not even a a real story go, "i know but liked it. let's go." so i got her up there, i proped and thei was afraid- i n't know why it wathis thing, i thought i was going to drop the ring off the side. so i grabbed the rinback a gave iback to her en we t
11:13 pm
i was just worried i would lose the ring, like, it would fall off the si. you're not gonna find it. >> jimmy: just don't go to t pire sta build >> it's in new york gonnfind it. >> jimmy: thiss l >> i know. buthat's wr "sleepless in they sh by, you know, somewher flatter. [ laughte >> jim: you st renting other movies. but i an you'rhappily married. you got four great kids, ri >>he the show. they said, "they're gog to boo at you, d, they're going to boo at you when you wa ou" [ audience aws ] and it didn't happen. that's good. >> jim: they don't boo anyby. [ cheers and applause ] they can. >> n no,o. >> jim: they can if you want them to. i mean, we - > anybody. but now they can't watch t show tonight because segment was kind of -- the question thing. [ laught ] mean there was a couple points there where i have figureut how to inhe or something. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'll sd you clip of this. >>eah, just send this clip. >> jimmy: yeah cause they ana >> and l too, yeah. >> jimmy: ave o >> yh. >> jimmy: ey don't > think one of them migh boughtt for me. >> jimmy: really like the bos. >> oh, y did? >> jimmy: yeah. i'm not maki fun othe boots. no, ihought it s a a come show. i didn't know. i thoughwe'r okay. [ laugh >> jimmy: yoreonna get
11:14 pm
you keep this u actuallyeay do enjoy t boots. them. >> i'm actually tired of [ laughter ] jimmy: i thk it's gift. i actually do find them very comfortae. for those of youho don't know your message is, doou want to let everyone know why you're running for preside >> yea well, obviously this country's changed the history y mily. my parents came here, acally to new york in 1956 and my dad stopped going to school when he was 9 years-old because his mom died, so their whole lifthey kind of struggled, they work ha. they werable to achieve what i call the american dream. you know, th were able to own a home and raise their kids. and just wthis to remain that kind of country want it to remn a place where peopleano for their kids what my parentse le to do for me. and i'm afraid we're losing at. ifou go arou the country you see many pele that will tell yowe're rking harder than ever worked y we can't seem to get ahe. so that really bothers me. so we're n jt going to save the ameranream, i want to
11:15 pm
than ever. >> jmy: that's fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] what is yourgedy goingnto this? becae, i mean, donald trump is just leading, right, in the polls? >> who's tha [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he running f president. >> oh, yeah, yeah. jimmy: ah. d ted cruz. >> yeah. i know him. >> jimmy: yeah, you know him as well >> uh-hu >> jimmy: jeb. you know jeb very well. >> i know m. >> jimmy: is that awkwarr you, you andeb to be bating? >> wl, there's a lot of other ople up there, too. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but i mean yeah. we've known each other f a a lo time. we just happened to ha, like run for prident at the same me, so, t - - laughter >> jimmy: it is a weird coincidence. >> but like jeb ve much. he's my frnd and will always be my friend, so. >> jimmy: how do you pronounce guacamole? >> guacamole? >>immy: yeah. >> gcamole >> jimmy: yh. jedoes, guacamole. [ laughter ] i just wanted to hear you say it the se way jeb does. >> yeah. no. >> jimmy: whats your strategy gog into ts? th is crucial. this time peri right now. >> yeah. i mean we're working as hard -- that why'm on the ow tonight. if you live in new hampshire or
11:16 pm
[ lahter and applaus] i pre this message. >> jimmy: you have to -- y approve th -- just in cas just in case, ye. >> jimmy: wh if you don'n the two is istill possible? >> oh, sure, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but we want to n. jimmy: ah. eawe wan do as wl as posbl let's not talk about not wiing, you know, because we're going to do al well there. feel good about it. >> jimmy: that's why ye doing all this stuff. at's why you're g -- obviy like that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: would u -- this is a -- >> i mean, iave a ttle bit of an impediment in new hampshire. i don't li the n eng patrts. so it's hurt me a lile bit because i'a dolphi [ boo ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no. theryou go. >> yeah. see. told you they were gna boo me. >> jimmy: u you got one. hey, you didt, [ laughter ] >> jimmy: y hard for that and you got . so this is just a fo question. y if you don't win the nomination, would u consider being vi presint? no. no, that not what i'm thinki about. i either- i want commissioner of the nfl, wch is more werful thapresident metimes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yowant to b commissier i mean they have one n i'm just sayin
11:17 pm
you have a lot of power in that job. you can, like [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yes of yeah. but e presidenis obviously -- >> n that's >> jimmy: second is -- [ laughter >> jmy: you just, i ve that >> yeah. >> jimmy: this ireally fun, yeah. we, i lu. >> tha you. >> jimmy: an back an yeah, and if that -- then, kn, yocan send me some jerseys or somethingik. [ laughter ] >> or some. >> jimmy: or some boots, yea i lovehe boots. please. marcorubio, everybody. [ chee and applause ] senator marco rubio, thafor coming on the show wet rformsor us ne. stick arou, erybody. [ rs and applause ] to tho who diver dr... and get dinner delivered. to those cakedflour... coat in dust... evenovered in lava. to tse who are all night. and allig. to allhe beautiful mess makers. keep it up... th delta tou2o technogy, you can. see what delta can do.
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stonavere ne ver and c cch. chee and applause ] >> jimmy: r ne gues are out with one of the mo antited debut albums of the on january 29th. they kick ofa adne tour this sunday. rformingweak" off ofheir cong album, "don't you." please welme wet. cheers andppe ] you
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u make mweak yeahou yeah you you brin u bring me to my kne and and l and all i ask of you is baby please don'teave me you are all i ever need bab oh by by baby if you're
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aby baby by you're leaving leaving leing you wld only only only take from me me me baby baby baby y'r leaving leaving leaving ou would only on only take fm me me me baby by baby please don't leave me leave eave m you are all all all i ever need need need [ chrsnd applause ] >> jimmy jimmythank you so much. asc. thank you, guys. wet, "don't you." 't you" is availle for prorde itunes w. we'll beight back, everybody.
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