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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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wille able to shed the lays. i'll have ils now cong inhis weend comi up weathe& traffic onhe 5's. good morning, than foroining us on this friday morning... it's janry 22nd. m joanna wise... in for sheene. and m ira onin. first up at 5... there's a bill in the wos thstate housin denveaimi to aress "te sexting" and e coequencesf kids takin part th comes after a big scandal con cy high schoolast year. the bill h bartisan ppor and if passed, it wod crea a new cre called "misuse o electron images by a juvenil -- a misdemeanor, aspposed to the feny of child pornogphy. in canon city, the hig schoolers investigated for sexting in novemr weren't chargewith any crimes. t lols say the blame for these kids' actions becse of their upbringing. they havto he the corol theids. they don't have thato more,
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much violee. e billas jt inuced in the use,o it has a ws to go before becoming law. passed, iwill go into ef ijuly righnow, 1stes he mir ady on the oks. counes here inolorado are gettinalmost a "million lls" tbuy w "voting" equient! thisomes as the secrety of at wayne williams--helped negotiate a deal to only b vongachines om a single veor.. t andtreamline the press. th85thoundollars in grant money, comes fm the "hel america vote act" and should he counties "pay" for updating eivoting machis. ear th week tolyou w couies arupseth thmoveyinghey i "tk awaytheir abilto "negiateth eipmentcompies. this morning
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changing the ty's pks, opence and trails master pl. last nht was theast opportunity r peop to share their comments before the plans move forward. nancy fortuin chair parks open aces trails comiee manitou values highly it's parks ope spaces and trails, ty are very possessive of them, they value them grely we have nev h an issue getting the open space trails parks tax extended.:15 a draft ofhe uatasr plan will be presentedt an open house setor april 14th. today... marijuana la in colorado spngs are on the agenda as the city council's "marijuana sk force" will hold its second eting. this morning the gro will talk about medical marijuana spensaries, advertising, hours ofperation and outdoor r ows. they'll also have eir questions answer about medical cannabis patnt and carer rules. today's meeting ispen to the public. it startaten a-mn the 2nd
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two n from colorado arin an ohio jail th morng-- accused of trafficking ts majuana throh that state. thohighway patrol releas this pho of 3 pounds o marijuana thay they foun inside thearf two rbdale men. authities arrested 47- year-old kelly hardi and6- year-oldraig voigt earlier this month were. troopers said the men we acting strany whenulle over-- a drug-snifng dog found the pot. it has street value of mor than 600-thousand dollar weatr and affion the 5s. meorologt stephen bors is hereow wh first alert s our friday is off to a cold start, but this afternoon will be much rm. dress in layer and y will be
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ose layers awe wm through the day. morng teeratures are in the teens. when the wd picks up, nd chills can drop into the single digi. the wind at 6-12 mph is not huge. it is just enough to a some chill to the air. today will be moly sunny, and the warming will hpen quickly. at 10 am, teeratures will be the lower 40s around colorado springs and monunt wh 30s hoing arod pueb and la junta. the arkansas valley from pueblo west to caon city will kelywarm a little faster with 40s by 10 am. nearly everyone will be the 40s by nn, iluding mumen and woodland park. 2 pm, nearly eryoneill be the lower and mdle 50s. high spots wbe in the 40s. expect 40s and 50s tld on througabout 4 pm. then we will cool through the 40s from 5 pm through ab8 pm when 30s return. a storm syem bringrain from wasngton to cifornia wi play a big role in r weekend her. ahead of it, the warmth will build from today into saturday. colder air with increasing snow
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,,, we've lened criminal charges
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sheriff's deputies in e ath of a jail inma. district attney "mitch morrissey" says the deputies used "necessary force" to restrain 50-year- old "michael marshall" during the nomber encounter. family omarsha- who just yesterday were able to look at vid of what happened, the decisn an outrage and are demanding a federal investigatn. didn't do anythinto harm anyby. there was no confrontati involved. and they killed him anyway. investigators say marshall was ffering a psychotic episode, was aggressive tard another inmate and ignored commands. wasaken to e hospital.. where his family took him off life sportlevedays later his death was ruled a homicide. right now at rocky mountain national park: search andescue teams are getting ady to head backut to try and fina hiker-- missing near longs peak. 58-yr-d ronald webber of
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tuesday morning and hasn't been heard from sin. archers say he wanot eparedo spend the ghon e mountain. crews on the ground and in the air spent all day yesterday looking for him-- but,o far-- no sign of webber. today is oe fray-- and on nday-- the denver onco will te on theew engnd paiots- for tha-f-c crown anthe chance to play in sur bowl 50! y want too toheamat mile-hh, get readyo y so big bus. we checked stubhub overnight a fountickets available in nearly evy section. the cheapest tkets-- in the uppebowl-- are running about $200 bucks a piece. you want to sit in the lower bowl, expect to pay between 400 and 500 dollars. ta o$200 or so dollars if you wa to be othe 50 yard line.
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10-thousand dollars-- of course-- ticket owners can "name eir own price" on stubhub. still ahead... new strides in heart surgery.. a device that could help
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fewer procur. in today yr healthy family... device for heart surgeries... that cou mean feweprocedures younpatits witheart issues. it's aew heart valveade of ssue tt "grows" with the dy. "adriennoaddus" ains. --- pkg --
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anrs jenson s had fosurgers hisrt 's him rering in 2008. his father - mark - hopes no child has to hurlike his son. ice of mark jenson "ourasone rough four open hrt surgeries on his lve. to lesson any one of those would a terrific thing for pares inheute to have." but than tresearch at the university omiesota... this tiny device could have a big impact ochildren born with heart defects like anrs. sot:obrauio,esrcher "our goal iso create an opti that reqreonly one rgery. presr bob tranquillo i leading e search ting acside ts lafotissue gineering. in this container, they are growing tubes issues tt n poteiall replaca defective art vae a young chi. sot: b tranqllo, rearcher "our merial cabe a ling ssue that can itself, pair itselfnd for pedic patits grow thhe patients." if the dece is
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ies chil face. the on famy wants to s a shi in the dos treadiatc patien liheir ... for w, hd helive thintai... voice mark ns "tre inothinrsthan seeiour or daughr have go rougsurgies like at. and to lessen the nuer tt th he wod be wrf ing for lerod the world" oue ndinhow long it lle tiweeeomhi li ts the mket... itou bve soon. presr anil ss pl approh e f- d i just wksbo a clinical tr weher and trafc t 5 meorist sthebowerss reowith rsalt 5. our friday is off to a cd stt, but this afternoon will be much warmer dresin lays, andou wl be to off those layas we warm through the day. morng temperes arethe teens. whenhe wind picks up, wind ills can drop into theingle digi. the wind a6-12 mph is not ge. it is junough to add some chill to the a. today will be moly sunny, and the warming willapn quickly. 10 teeratures will be in the l 4 around co springs and monument with 30
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the kansas valley fr pueblo west to caon city will lily warm a ltle faster wit40s by 10 am. nearly eveone will be in t 40s by noo incding monument and odla par at 2 pearly eryo wilbe in t lower and middle 50s. high spotsill be in the 40 exct 40s and 5 to holdn throh about 4 pm then we will cl through the 40s from pm through about 8 pm when 3 rurn. storm syemringing rain fr whington cornia wi py a g role in ou ekend weather. ahead of i thearh wi build om taynto turd. coerir wh ineasingno
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,,,,,,,, in this mornins heal wah... we have a warning for pregnant women... oudangers of melanoma. researchers founthat women under 50 werdiagnosed with melanoing or soon afr a pregnancy .
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aftetreatmen theyo fod that tse women were five mes more likelto die from theisea than women who weren't pregnant. experts beeve hormones proded durg prnancmay fuelhe ccer. new gornment research finds a large gap breaseedi pport teenothers ithe maternity rd. the study ofe maternity centers showed t percentagof te ms who got help w breastfeeding ram high as 95-percent 29- peent. mo who did get coaching were more likely to breastfeed .. and stick with it longer. tewho out shape... are at risk of developing highblood pressure later in life. resellowed more than e-million n over a 26-year period. they fnd that ose who were erweht or obese at 18- years-old... had more than doubleheisk of blood pressure than the nmal weight prs. but even tteens with lowfitness levels... also have a significanrisk. experts safewer than one- third of high school students
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exercise still ahead.warning for residents in southe colad the misleangotice that's comproming yr ntact information.
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nats of bell dow futus pointing to another sitive dayhead on ll reet. thatops our coumer wat this morng. overnit-- heavy battered marks in asia posted big gain with japan's nikkei index osing 6 perct higher. surging oil ices-- helped push asian s gher y. ts0 this morning. if you've evade a "cre fumble"... you're n aloner thoso n't wthis is...
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ung ums, many wiout the necessary financl educatn,all ctimo largely avoible nancl stak! edar fou thamo wordof conmers madet let onmajoedit fumble beforturnin30... by eher ovendin cred caissing paymes,ng aaccount t llection 73 percent say better financial education could have prevent th fromaking credite mistakes. we're ning more abthat magazim in south colorado we told you abo yestery. th biness res this mig be highest numberf cots eved a ationin year! thrado springs --yole wc"s dodoorma ses and in 25 they had more than 12colats fil again .
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anhere fm 50 t150 arfor boor mazin... and nevet thproduc a am tushnson"l victsot nsscmedoor-to-or sal "swaited a waitei ited and bks never aived, so know, a hard lesson led i guess. the police and the bbb say to not do busineswith "young pele working llc"... re aictim, file a mpt or a police report right away. towe also want to give you a heads up abo what some in southern colorado are calling a "misleading notice" some resid in a new ighood icora sings arg pie ofaper stuck tront door. this hapned to our digital newsector "did randell itoo lika shipping delivery noticand sa"sorry weissed u". there'also aumber on the slip thaencoes yca ucar dot".but uncered bcall..
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peis to share your ctact infoiowiththclies! the anms to nnecnew meowne wprod andserv in r coity. thradoorneral' fice sayif you receive a slip thas not from aacge delivery comny, like fed ex or u-p-s, do no the number! weather and trafc on the 5 meteorologist stephers is here now witt r iday is f to a cold start, but this afternoon wi be mh warm dress in layers, and you will be able to take off those layers as we warm through the day. morning temperatures are ie teens. when the wckupwind ills can drop the single digits. the wind at 6-12 mph is not huge. it is just enough to addome l to the air. today will bmostly sunny, and the warming will happen quickly. at 10 am, mperatures will in the low 40sround colorado springs anmonume wit30s ldinon around pueblond la junt
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warm little faster wh by 10 am. nearly everyone ll be in the 40s noo incng mument and odla park. at 2 pm, neay everyone will be inhe low and middle 50 gh spoill bethe 40s. expect 40s and 5 to holdn througabout 4 en we will cool through the 40s from 5rough abt 8 wh0s return. a storm system bringing rain from wngn california willlay bile in our weekend weather. ahead of it, the warmth llbuild om intsaay. co wincrsing snow wi me in by late sunday and
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first up at 5-30 day a al service will
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declaredecead -- by the s marine corp. a motherhoes here in southern coloradll be at t s... in honor of her son "sergeant jeffy sempler" as we've been rting... "lori allen's" son- was a crew chief on board one of the two hecpoters that crashed offhe ast of hawailast wee allen, her oer sonand sergeant sempler's step-father will a be hawaii -- for today's service athe mcorpba. bies ve not been coveret,... althoughreckage of t helicopters has been found on the ocean floor. the community of fountain -- ntins to show their suort r "aen" and he family... and tomorrow there is dinner fundraiser at the american legion post 38 at 7 p-m. preeds will goirectly to the family to help cover any costs theyncur. developing this morning... news-5 is learning more about the survelliance v alledly shs the attack of "donovan duran." he claimhe was pared w
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lawyer says investigats have deni rstinrmation d documents related incident. donovan duran first told us his hospital b tt he w unk thnight he was arrested. the officers took him to the hospitalnd thas whe duran clms they then beahim up. his attorney me mcdivitt, belies survelae camera and officebody camerasay have recorded the incident, but he says the colora beaof investigation... won't let him seit. "to maintain the integty of the investigion and fth, theyre denying our request whicisnother w of sayi, or could be interpreted toean, leus have an opportunity to get our act togeer and clean things up before we reve the infoation to y and there for to the public an's what i don't ." "cbi" is well within it's li agencies deny the release of records from ongoing criminal investigations. the two officeegly involved are still on the force, but they are assigd to
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c-b-i tell us they have tued er the findings to a scial prosecutor assd tohe ce. later today -- state lawmakers will learn abo a sdy that looked into theeay 2013 shooting at arapahoe high school. it was higy itic of district administrators. the "intim committee -- on school safety and youth in crisis" will hear re fm the study's authors at 10 this afternoon at the sta capitol. thateport claims -- the school dismissed obvious wag signs by the student wholed 17-year-old claire davis it also said -- d they payed close attention -- t tragedy could have been avoided. last night, lileton school district boa members -- talked about the shootingin dail for the first time. theyavfought in the to keep details of the shooting secret... buare w finally speaking "i am deeply sorry for the painful losshe davis family suffered that tragic day and through their lessons of love
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spirit will resonate in the hallways of apahoe high school new perintendent brianwe -- adms at ttleton schools essentiall went into an "information shutdown" with the media and public after the shooting. he defend that decision saying the district had to go s because ofhe crimi vestd posslats e woman acsed of stabbing denver's fire chie- faces stiff conditions if she wants to get out of jail. marlene rodriguez faced a judge yesterday. the judge set bail at 100-thousa dollars on the condition she wear a g-p-s device and stay away from ief eric tade. weheck overnight--he's still in jail. officersay rodriguez stabbed chief ta ithe hand and in leg earlier this week. investigators believe the attack was random and unprovoked.
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rodriguez's son toldur partrst 9news in denver at his mom suffers from "sizhria." time now f wther and traffic on t 5s. teorologist epn bors is he nowitrsalt 5. our friday is off a cold start, but this afternoon will be much warmer. drs inayers, and you will be able to take off those layers as we warm through the day. morning temperatures are in the teens. whenheind picks up, wind chills can drop into the single dits. the wind at 6-12 mph is not huge. enough to add some chill to the air. todalle moly sun, and thwarming will hpen quickl at 10 am, temperatures will bein the lower 40s around colorado springs and monument w30s holdon around pueblo and la junta. the arkansas valy from pueblo west to caon city will likely
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thanksteph... dealing with space traveca t etty complex. but 100 high schl students in denver say they're up to the challenge! they're king part in a nasa program signed to get gh hool stunts invoed in creang solutions to real problems astronauts encounter in space. and th week, they esente their prototypes to presentatives from the johnson space nter in houston.
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without gravity to how to preserve food in space. "we're tryinto fter ou ethylene, because the fruits produce ethylene and that helps ripen the fruit." 3738 "if they send upperiodically fresh fruit thathey want t able to pres it r astronauts to eat." > if therojes are seleed as finalists the students will travel to houston. the projects selected there could end upeing sent all e way the international space ation! there's just two days til the nver bronc' biggest game of the season! theyake on the new eland patriots in the a-f-c championship on sunday! e te's been praciticing vigorously to prepare for rival tom ady... but coach kubiak and quarterback peyton manning say they are
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" well, certnly we're glad to be playing ahome, we get to play in front ofur great fans and there'no question that we're gonna need them in a big way on sundato keep us gng anpefully disrupt who wee playin" kubiak "we're playi t world champs and they've been spectacar, we kn we have to play better than we did last we so we'll stay focused on the task at hand." the last time the broncos played in the a-f-championship they beat the patriots 26-16! ki off for suny's game stts at 1:05 p-m. while the broncos are concentrating on getting serious... the's plenty of fuand laughs at the denver nuggets games! takeook... at last nit's me against the grizzlies... one memphis fan throws a cup o water on the nugts' masc ocky"!
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o in rurn getsed with a masse amountsilly string by rocky and some nearby nuggets fa! the fan learned the hardway... don't mess with mountainions! still ahead... the east cst is praring -- fostrong blast of winter... whdozens of citi are plus... a depuakes a startling find whe driving on the road...
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welcome ck.. right now you're taking live look at washington d-c.. just one of the areaon the east coast preparing fhis weekens massive wier storm!...
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but first... today inur nation's capitol... thousands will gather for the "march for fe"... the evenis hd every year near the anniversary of the supreme courts 197 roe-versus-wade decision legalizing abortion. this is video fr last year... today... thousands will rally on th grounds of the whington monument... g-o-p presidential candidate "carly fiorina" is expected to speak at the event... and here in colora... to mark thanniversy of the controversial ruling... "nal nay-ral o-choice coloro" will host a legislative ieng for new d veteran law-makers. at today's seson... the organization plans to t voters know who supports pro- choice values and o does n ahead of the upcoming election.. it starts at noon at the fir baptist church of nver. anwhile... the nation gua is increang thnumber of troops in flint michigan.. theeight of the cit
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wateand filters to residents. additionalational guard soie andirmeare also teaming up with ter respse teams toive sidents ter stg ki. so far. more than 22-thousand hos in flint have recve assistance. this morning... the f-i investigang deadly bank robbery oklahoma.. thated to officer-involve shooting. authorits say a male suspect sed as a woman entered the bank and shot two emoyees.. killg e and injuring the other. on his way out t robr en took a customehostage. taki them on a police pursuit in a vehicle. ate oors were able tstop thcar... d kill the suspect during a shoot out. the hostage was injured. take a look athis... the afteath of deadly avalanche uta.. officis saone n di- and anothen injuin erday's disaer. itappened just 10 mileaway fr salt key. the -year-old viim wasble make outf the snow after being buried. t died later on.
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t rescued d airlifed ta hospit. fromhe southea to the northeast... several states are prering to get slammed bynow this weekend. the blizrd is expect to brg to fef owo somere! washington, d-c... baltore... and phelphia a forast to get t the hardt... and so say-c cld possiy get to - inches dumped on i ficials inhose cies and zens more arpreparing fo the worst. a ceremony has already bee canceled at e white house as a precuation... and coming up in our 6-o-clock hour w take you live to virgina. tohoyou at's happening there ahead ofhis nter blast! timeow for wther and tffic onhe 5 meorologisstepn borss here now wh fit ert oufridays ofto a cd stt,uthiteoowi beuch waer.
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able ttake o those layeras we warm thugh the day. morning temperatures are in the teens. wh the wind picks up, wind chills can dp into the singl digits. the wind at 6-12 mph is not huge. its just eugh addome chill to the. todawill be mostly sunnyand thwarming will happen quickly. at0 amteatures will be in t lower 40s aund colorado springs and monument with 30s holding on around pueblo and la junta. the arkansas valley from pueblo st to caon city will likely warm a little faster wh 40s by 10 am. nearly everyone will be in the 40byoon, including monument and woodland park. at 2 pm,eay everyone will be in the lower and middle 50s. high spots wl be in the 40s. expect 40s and 50s to hold o through about 4 pm. then we will cool through the s from 5 pthugh about 8 pm wh 30s retur a storm system bringing ra from washington to calora will play a big role in our weekend weather. ahead of it, thearmth will build from today io turd. colder air witincreasi sno
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today... a warning about the dangers of distracted of driving! a sheriff's officen oreg released this sh cam video... showg toddler ruing into the road straight r a puty prol r! you n baly s the sma child in theiddlof the la... but ckilthe puty was ying attention and spoed t toler. the dety quicklylammed on his breaks... anthen got out andrabb the boy taking him to fety. authorities say the 2 year old raout of an openoor a counitceer while his res re cleang. ecth o! a man inlorida has qte the surprise when he discovers a scaley, skinny dipper in his pool! the mawoke up to find this foot crocodile in his backyard going r a swim! healled wildlife authories t thcroc took off bere
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he crawled back onto t beach and intohe ocean whee belongs. still ah.. andinal hom amican returng bacto the country after yearin
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r our tender turkey breast sandwich... thll wte breasme and articl esvatives, 's hard to rest. even f us. you e all the turk for our rhode land market! how am iupposed to quaty ctrol if c eat the produ? you wo in accounting
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,,,,, gunfe rings out at a popular achside restaurant in malia this morng -- killing more tha20 people! local officials say islamist gunmen stormed the restaurant and also set of o car bombs in e attack. a militant gro aligned with "al- qaeda" is claiming responsibility. the investigation is still in its early stages... we'll contue to update y as
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th mning a los angelesoo employee is recovering in the hospital after falling io e gorilla enosure yestday! the imates were secure cages whe crews work to pullhe 61-year-old maout of a moat... 're ld he might haveroke his le it's uncle how he fell intthe enclose in the fir place. one of tcans relea fr airanian prison is filly home tg! amir hekmati, the rmer marine who spent nearly five yes in prison, arrived me in flt, mich last night. hekmati was seenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted ofpying an irn urt. eeendi is also headed back to t united statndill be united withis faly next week. toy... a washingt posrepoer ao releasedn the prisoner exchange istill geing eatment a u.s. hostain gmany after spending a day sck oa beach in japan.. a whale is finally back in the ocean thisorning!
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up oshorwednday. beacoes tried to get the injurewhale backnto the sea... buhe was too hvy! buyesterday fisherman tied a rope around the ive crture and were able to pull it back into t water using t boat. time n weath and traffic on the 5s. orogist stephen s heh first 5. our friday is of aold start, but this afternoon will be much warmer. dress in layers, and you will be able to take off those layers as warm rough the day. rning temperatures are in the teen when t wind picks up, wind ills canrop the single digits. e wind at 6- mph is not huge. it is just enough to add se ill tohe air. today will be mostly sunny, and the warminwill happen ickly. at0 am, temperatures will in the lower 40s around colodo springs and monument wit30 lding on around pulo a la junta. e arnsas vley from pueblo we to caon ci will likely warm aittle faster with 40s 10 am.
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40by noon, including monumt and woodla park. at 2 pm, nearly everyone will be inhe lower and middle 50s. high spots will be in the 40s. expect 40s and 50s to ho o through about pm then we will cool through the s from pm through about 8 pmwh 3 retn. a storm system bringing rain from washington to california wi play a big role in our weekend weather. ahead of it, the warmth will build from today into saturday. cold a with increasing snow will move in by late suny and especially into monday. a damning report exposing
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a damning report exposing problems before a deadly shngt a colorado high school will be presented to lawmers today. wh administratorat arapae highchool had to say--hen theyinally broke tir since. and: it's orae friday! as the broncos geteadyo decide theirate in the a-c championship ge -- we'll break down how much you'llave to pay-- if you want to see that battle go down iperson sun
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