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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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alough we are shiverg a t this morni, weill be warng into the 50shis afternoon! we will be able to ed the lers. i' have details sw ming in thiweend ming up in weat& affic on the 5's. goodorng, thanksor joini usn thisdaanua 22. i'm joanna wise or shelle cockrell. and i'm ira cronin. we begin... looking ahead for you: marijuana la -- in colorado springs are on the agendthis morng ashe city council's "marijuana tasforce"ill hold its seco meeting. today --he group will talk about medical marijuana dispensaries, advertising,ours ofpera and outdoor grows. they'll also he their quesons answeredbout medic cannis patie and caregiver rules. toy'meeting is open to the public. it stas at ten ts moing on th2nd floor ofity hall. there'a bill in e works at
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aiming to address "teenexting" d thconsuencesids face if th te rt. this comesfter a b sndal canon cy highchool last year. thbill has biptisan support. if passed, it ulcreate a new crime called "misuse of electron images by a juvene" -- aisdemeanor, as opposed to the felony of child pornography. in canony, the high schoolers investigated for inin november weren't charged with arimes. but locals say theme for ese kids' actions becauseof their upbringing. they havto have it, the control of the ks. th don't havthat no more and that's why there's so much violee. the bill w just introduced in the use, so it has ways to go before beng law ifsed, it go into efctjuly. right no 1states hav similar lawslready on the
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some lawmakers today wilhear about a different situation that played out at a coraod high school. members of theinterim commite onool safety a youth in cris" will be prested with the studyhat looked intthe dead 2013 ooting at arahoe high school. that rept-- hily critical ofstintrors. it says the school ignored rninsis by thetudent w kied 17-year-oldlaire das. lastightittlonchool district board members broke their silence. the superintde admits e strict went into an "information shutdown"ode-- fearing wstsnd oer leg nsequenc. the scho'srincipal-- had a tearl message fothe ly of claire davis l t for you coming up at 6:. we've learned criminal cha will not be filed against six denver sheriff's deputiesn ath a jail inmate. district attorney "mitch morrissey" saythe deputies used "necessy force" to restrain 5yeol"michael marshall" during
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the family of marshall -who just yesterday were able to look atideo of what happened, the decision an outragand are demandina feinvestigatn. he didn't do anythg to har ybody. the was confrontation involved. and they killed m anyway. investigors say marshall was ffering a pshotic episode, was agsive toward another inte andgnor comnds. he w taken to the hospal,... where his familyook hioff life support elevedays later. his death was rud a homicide. rado couies are tting nearlylion dollars - to buyewoting equipmen- not everyone ihay. the 850-thousand dol is coming from the "hp america vote act"-- and will help counties date the voting equipmen but thera cah-- the money wiy par equipment fr one vendor -- part of a dealegotiated by
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ill enair elect so countclks arese- saying they felt t ak awarom their ability to negotiate directly with equipment manufacturers. weather and traffic on the 5s. chief morning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with rsalert 5. our iday is off to a cold stt, but this afrnoon will be much warmer. dress in lays, and you will be able to take o those layers as warm thugh the y. moing tempatures are in the ens. when theind picks up, wind chills can drop into t se digits. the nd a6-12 mphnot huge. it is ju enough aome chill to their. toy will be mostly sunny, an the warming ll happen quickly. at 1am, mpatur will be in the ler 4 around colora springs anmonument wh 30s holding on around eblond la junt tharkans vy fr puebl to on ci will likely warm lite fastith s by am. near everyone ll be in the 40by noon, including monument and woodnd park.
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inhe lower and middle 50s. high spots will be ithe s. expect 40s a 50s to hold on through about 4 then we will crough the 40s fr pm through ab8 pm wh 3 return. a storm systeming rain frashington to califnia wi play a big role iou weekend weather. ead of it, the warmth will build fr tay into saturday. colder air wh increasi snow
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new this morning: manitou city leaders are worki on changing the city's parks, open space and trails master an. last night was citens last opportity tore their commts before plans move forward. nitou values highly it's parks open spaceand trails, they are very possessive of them, they value them grely we have never had an issue gting the open space ails pks tax extended. a aft the updated masr
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enouse setor april 14th. today is orae frid--ecse nd-- theroncos will take onhe pris for the a-c own a t chae play in super bl 50! you want to go the game le-high, geadyo pay some big bucks. we checked stubh oveht and found tiets available in neaevery seion. thcheapest tickets-- in the upper bowl-- are running about $200ucks aiece. if you want toit in the lower wl, expecto pay between 400 d 500 dolls. tackn $200 oso dollars if you nt tbe othe 50 yard line. we did find tickets upwards of 10-thousand ars-- of cose ticket ners canname
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mostegas odds makers have gged new engnd as 3 int favorites -- for sday's game. that could be od news for broncos fans. according bacher report-- denver has gone 5 and oh in their st 5 games when they're "underdog" by 3 points or less. many players saith label n'accurate-- and the "noise" surroug the game only motivates them coming up next in your hlth tch: t mystery researcrs are tryi to ravel r a spike inirth dects. and: a bicallo tell you abo-- when it comes car sea.
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emselv! firsa live look very chilly morning in colodo springs. stay with as news5 today
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family... rearchers are rking a new devi for heart surgeri... th could mean fewer procedures for young patien with heart issues. it a new heart valve made of ue tt "g" t dy. "anne oaddusexns. --- pkg - 7 yes ... anders json has hafour surgers onis heart. that's himecovering in 2008. s father - mark - hopes no child has to hurt like his s. voe of marje "ouronas ge throh four open hea sgees ohis vae. to lesson any one ofhose would be a terric thing for parents in theute to he. but an to resear athe university omiesota... thisiny deviceould hava big impact on children born with ardects kender t: b tnquillo,esrche uroal is tea an tion that ruires only one sge." profsor b tranquloleadg reseakg e hilab ti ener
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growing bes of tsues that capotentially replace ctive hearvalve in a young ild. t:ob tnquill researcher "our material n be a living tissue that can heal itself, if and for pediatric paentsw with the patients." if the dev appved by the f-d-a .. ould reduce the number sus ildren face. the nson familto see ashift in t doctoat pepatientse eison fo hope inhiaine voic mark on nderfuthinfor pele around t wor" something like this cod ben thmarket versoon. searers plan to bring clinical tri plato t f-d-a the coming weeks. in this morning's health watch: healxpertsre desrate trng tfigure o whas hindn incr in severe bih defes. e c-d-reports ses of gastroschi "gahtraw-skih-" haore thanoued over th past 18 ar babies with the condioe born with their inines
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-- outside the body. researcherfound the defect was mostrevalentng teen mothers.... with ces increasing most pidly infrican americ teen moth 's unclehy certain women may beore at risfor having babies wit birth defect. w this morning publ health leaderin el salvador are tling women to delay pregnancies fo two years-- to ang ocolitions from the "zika vis.that virus is being blamed forthefects. the 96 suspected cases thuito-borne virus salvad. seveses of it have a been rep united stat a warning for pregnant women. about e dangof melanoma. resechs found at under 50 weragnosed th melanoma during or soon after a pregnancy ... have a much gh risk of their cancer spr or coming back. theyo found that these women were five times mo likely to die from the disea than women who weren'pregnant. experts believe hoes proded during pregnancmay
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weather d c thes. iemoinmeteologt stephebors is re now with first er5. our frid is off aold start, but this ternooll be much wmer. dress inayers, andouill ab to take offthose yers as we warthroug the day. morning tempes are ie teens. when t wind picknd ills can drop into tingle gits. the nd at 6-12 mph is not ge. it is junough to addome chill to the air. today be mo sunnyand the warming willappequickl at0 am, teeratures will be in the lower 40s around lorado springs a monument th0solding on arnd pueblo and la junta. the arkansas valley fr pueblo west to caon city will
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ly erywie the s oo incng monument d woodland park. 2 p neay evyoneill be the low and mide 50s. high spotwi b t 4. pe 40s and 5o ldn roh ou4 . thene will cool rough e 40s from 5 pm through about 8 when rern. a orst bnging rain fr wasngn toalifnia wi pl a bolin our weekend weher. ea it, thearmt willuirotoday in saturday colderirith increasi sw willovin by late sundaan
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,,, nats of bell w futures are pointing to anher positive dhead on wall street.that tops our consumer wat this morning. overnight-- heavily battered markets in asia posted big gains... with japan's nkei index -- closin6 percent gher. surginoil pric helped sh asian mahigheroday. americankets oat 7:30 our ti this morng.
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welening more about that magazine scam in southern colorado we told you about yesterday... the better business au says thisht be highest number of complaintthey've received against an organization in a year! the colorado springs based company--- "young people working llc" goedoor-to-door selling mazines ... and in 201they had more thancolaintsedgast em st ocompin aro leho tpa anywhere from 50 to 0 dollar for books or magazines. and ver got the products. a scam thauss johnn" victimo. sot russ johnson, scammed by door-to-doorales "swaed and i waited i waited and books neverrrived, so you know, a hard sson learned i guess." the policend the b sayo nodousiness with "ung op wor l"... and if you are a victim, file a mplaorolice port a big recall to tell you about
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thousands of "britax infant car seats." the carry handle otwo models can break, allowing the seat to fall and use injuo an fant. it affects theb-safe 35" and "b- sa 35 elete" car sea made bween octer 1st014 and july 1st 2015. the coy has veral ci repo t serious injuries. those who've regisd their product with "britax" wi automatically receiva fr repair kit. an end -could be in sight r the nearly 3-wk longtandoff in oren. we'll breadown the meeting -- that scheduled for lda and silly string brilliance.... athe ngets ge...
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a live look at sports authority field at mhigh... we're ss than 55ours awa fromickoff ithe a-f-c ampiship an update about how the broncos are gettg ready for sunday's big me, coming up 60. ght now atocky mouain tion park: search and rescue teams artting ready to head back out ttry and find a hir-- missing near lgs pk.
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florida started his hike on tuesday morning and ha't bee heard from sense. searchs say -- he s no preparedo spthe night onthe mountain. crews on the ground in t air spt all day yesterday loing for him-- but, so far-- noign of webber. day the f-b-i will meet again with leader of group th's ten over a national wildfe refuge officen oregon. on bundy" spokwith an f-b-i negotiator yesterday-- and will againoday. he says his grouis not going to ealate e situatn... but oregon's governor is getting impatient. gorn kate brown says she's gry he situation because fedeauthorities segl ven't done mucto end e ly 3doff inlint michigan-- the national guard pled more oops to help deal with tt city's water crisis. now there are 300 guardsn going or to door delerng water and lters toesidents.
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resigned yterday innection with therisis. highead have been ater since leaders ched from detroit's mucipal system and started drawing from the flint river. the itch tsaveoney the iowa caucuses are st0 days ay-and thisor esentialandidates ar rali for somla-mute suort. here's n-b-c'sdwd lawrce. trump t sot, "we know how to close deals, even inports i'm a clos. las vegas, nevada dold trump fir up the crowd in las vegas. heis main ints and turned his shton senator ted uz'satckt:ontrump/ r pridential candidate you know his new lofttack is that i've become "establint," oh give me a break. trump hit cruz back saying he's nervous becaushipoll numbers ina are drping. a cnn/orc shows t gaining momentum in iowa asruz tries torow the gap in new hampshire. sot: ted cz/ r presidential candidate
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and each day he's engaging in more and re personal attas." former president bill cltoalso campaigneinegas r his wi..akg a slight jab at trump's call ban muslims fromnting the uny so fmr. present bill clinton/ super "we'veot tdo it tother. need inclusive social policies. to get the we need inclusive politics." hillary clinton urged iowa vote to ucus for herext montmeanile her democratic rival told aew hampshire crowd we have enough establishment politics and cntedlinton char that he's unelectable. sot: bernie sander d presidentialandidate"it gives me somplea to give you some facts that tt might not the case..." just 10 ys to the iowa caucus and each frontrunner wants a strong showing to get momentumoing into the new hampshire primary. reporting ve in washington.. edward lawrence nbc news. weather d c s. chief morning meteologist stepn bowers is re now with first alert 5. our friday is off to a cold star but this afternn will
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ess in layers, and you will be ab to take tse lers as we warm through the da morning temperatures are in the teens. when the wind picks up, wind cs can drop into the single digits. the wind at 6-12 mph is not huge. it is just enougto add some chill to their. day will be stly sunnyand the warminwill happen quickly. 10 a tperares will be in e lower s ar colorado springs and monument with 30s holding on arou eblo and ljunta. the arkansas valley from pueo west to caon city will kely wm little faswith 40s by 10 nearly eveone wi be in t s by n inclung monumt and woodland park. at 2 pm,early eryone wilbe in theower and mide s. gh spots will be in the 40s. exct 4 and 5 to hold on
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then we will cl through th 40s from 5 pm through about 8 pm when s return a storm systemringg omton toifornia wi play a big role in our weekend weather. eat, builodayo rday. colder aireang snow will move inlate sunday and especially into
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th got really sillatast night's denver nuggetse at the pepsi center. nuggets mascot rocky was havg some silly string fun with fans-- when a memphis grizzlies fan threw a cup of water othe mascot. well, rocky was t happy. everyone laid intohe water- throwing fan witsill string lesson for everyone: don't cross a mounta lion. a nht to t th nuggets game if the silly strg madns wasn't enough. checout th!!
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ackmon-- showingff his skills on the hardwood. the no-loo over-the-head heave---es!! from downtown! who needcoors field?? here's another lk-- of this "filthy flin -from none other th chu nazty. by the way-- the nuggets fell the grizzlies 101 to 102. coming up at 6:30: o corado menn this morning. at led troopers in oto assiveust. and: the search for 12 missg marines in hawaii... takes a tragic turn. we'll eak down the last decision from the marine cp
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dawn beginni to break overfit at:30. first at 6:30. tragedy at sea-- the pentagon has w declared the 12 marines lost in thpacific -- decsed. this is tric news for local mother--se son--ong the miing rines. on wednesday, a vigil was ld for rgeant jfrey sempler. his mom,aurie allen, livesn
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peopn the commity came together to suort their family. sempr waaboa two marine choppers thacollid in the air ne oahu last week. after extensive searches-- nothing but debris and empty life rafts have been found. wreckage of the aircraft has been fou on the ocean flr-- buthboes of the missing marines,ave not been recovered. latetoday state laers will learn more about the rently leased study -- that looked into the deadly 13 shooting at arapahoe high hool. it was highly criticf district administrators. e "interim comttee oschool safetynd youn criswill hear me from t study's ors at 1:30 this afton athe state capitol. that report claims the school dismissed obvious warning signs by the student who killed 17-year-old clre davis. it also said had they payed close attention-- the tragedy could have been avoided. last night, littleton scol district board members tal about ths detail for the rst time.
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but are now finaeaking "i am de sorry for the painful lo the davis famy ffered that agic day a through thr lessons ofe and assion forll, claire's spirit wl resona in the hallways of arapahoe high school new superiendent brian ewert -- admitthat littleton schools essentially went into an "informion shutdown" withhe media and blic after the shootin defend that decisiosaying the striad to silent use ofhe crimina investation anpossible lauits. two men from colorado are in an ohio jail this mning-- accused of trafficking this mariana through thattate. the ohio highway patrol released this pto of 123 pounds of rijuana they say they foun inside the car of two rbdale men. authorities arrested 47-
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year-old craig voigt earlier this mon. troopers said the n were acting strangly when pulled over-- and drug-sniffing dog found the t. it has a street value of me than 600-thoand dollars. weatheand affic onhe 5s. chief morninmeteorologist stephen bowers is here nowith first alert 5. our friday is off to a cold star but this afternoon will be much warr. dresin layers, a you will be le to ke off those layers we warm rough the day. morning temperatures are in the teens. wh the wind picks up, wind chills can drop into the single digits. e wind at 6-12 mph is not huge. it ijust enough to add some chill to their. today will be mostly sunny, and the warming wi happen quicy. at 10 am, temperatures will be in the lower 40sround colorado springsndonument
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eblo and la junta. the arkansasalley from puebl west to caon city will kely wm a ttle faster with 40s by 10 . nearly everyone ll be in the 40s by noon, including mument d woodland park. at 2 pm, nearly evyo will in the lower and middl50s. high spots will be in the 40s. expe 40s and 50so hold on through out 4 pm. thene wi cl througth s from 5m rough abt 8 pm when 30s return. a storm stem bringing rain from whingtoto california will pl aig role inur weeke wehe
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the's twoays tithe denver bncos' biggesgamef the seon. they'll take on the new england patriots in the a-f-c championship on suay! the team's spent t week getting ready to take he and tom brady... broncocoach garyubiak and are feeling confident... for brady vs. manning 17.. peyton " well, certainly we're glad to be playi at home, we get play in front of o great fan and there's question th we're gonna need them in a big
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and hofully disrupt who wee aying. kubiak "we're playing theorldhamps and theye been spectacular, we we have to play better than we did last week so 'll stay fosed on the task at hand." kick off forunday's game: 1:05 m. sere weather rs through the deep south... that same storm could dump feet of snow northeast. we'll take you there live-- ne. and: a toddle- found running in the middle of a busy highw. how this child-- ended up in
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whe come back. taki you live to wasngton dc-- this is the stt of what's prominto be a nasty winter stm. blizzard cditis are expected up and down the east coast..and thousands of airline flights have alrea been canceled. at same storm -- is responsible r this damage in mississippi. take a loo new videthis mning shows you how strong winds knocked down trees d cut off first- responders from getting to the
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there were en reports of a tornado touching down and roying mobe homes. this area-- will be getting a break-- the brunt of th storm moves north and st. ates of emergency ha already been decrein 5 stat ahead of the orm. jay gr is live in roanoke, virginia with a look at what's happening right now. good morni, jay. good morni. thsnow expected to start here at any moment and when it does forecasters say will continue through late sarday. a state ofmergency has beein effect in viinia sce stery. local ergencmanagement teams say are preparing for a record snofa in some areas as much 30 inches that of
6:35 am
adys and prettmuch everything that is going on in this area through the weekend. five hundred vicles, part of the road treatment team have been out sinceesterday. they are trying to kp things as clean as they can but of cose everywarnin off the roads unless you absolutel st be there once the snow starts here. the national weaer service is calling for blizzard and whiteout conons here. brutally high winds and again that record snowl is going to cause some problems here. we a the leading edge a stm that could affect as many as 80 million people across the east coast here. just theeginning of what is going to be a very rgh weeken
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how much snow are you expecting? jay grayeporting from roanoke, va, thank you. the weatr could put a damper on plans to rk the 43rd annirsary of supreme urs "roe vs wadecision-- legazing abortn. this ideo of last year's
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the plan tod-- is for thousands to rly at the washington monument. g-o-p idential candidate "carlyiorina" is expected to speak at the event. and here in colorado. to marthe anniversary... "naral nay-ral pro-choice colado" will host a legislative brieng for law makers today'sessi. the orzation plans to let votersnow --ho supports pro-choice values -- a whi candidates don't... ahead of the upcin election.. it srts at noon at the fst bat ur of deer. take a clo look at thidash cavideo... from a deputy in oregon. yup... that's a small child in the middle of the road... you can barely see the small child in the middlof the lane... luckily e alert deputy spotted the toddler. anquicy sld on his breaks... and was able to grab the boy... authorities y the 2 year o ran t of an open door at a commity center whileis parents were cleaning.
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weatr d traffion the 5s. chf morning meteolist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. our fridays off to a cold stt, but this afternoon will be much wmer. dress inayers, and you will be able to take off those yers as we warm rough the day. rning mperatures a in th tes. wh the wind picks up, wind chills can drop to the single digits. the wind at 6-12 mph is not huge. it is just enough to add some ill tohe air. today ll be stly sunny, d the warming will happen quickly. at 10 am, temperatures will be in
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colodoprgs and monument with0s holding on around pulo and la junta. the arkansas valley from pueblo west to caon city will likely warm a little faster with 40s by 10 am. nearly erye will be in the 40s by on, includg monument a woodland park. at pm, arly everyonwill be in the loweanmiddle 5. high spots will be the 40s. exct 40s and0s to hold on through about 4 pm. then we will coothroh the 40s om 5 pm thugh out 8
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we will be right bk wi the five this you needo kn before you go. and... here'savannah guthrie --ith a peek at what's coming up th morning onhe tod show. good morning. comip on tay.. o compte coveragof the monster storm.. bearing down othe east coa.
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we're live with everhing you also ahead v/o a new concern tied to the dangerous "zik virus, as heal officials in one countr uromen to put off pregncies.. then.. v/o willhey le to less stress.. and more success for your teens? we'll tell y about the major
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those stories d much more.when we see yoere today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a live look at a live lk atolorado springs-- anothebeatiul morning.wi america's mountain shining ightly. teorologist stepn bowers will have yondort, cong it's almos7:00. hererehe fe thin tkn re you go. the pentagon has decred 12 miing marines -- as deased... after last fridas training accide when 2 helicoers collided off the island of hu... the southern colorado community of fouain -- is rallying arnd "laie allen" and he family... her son, sgeant jeffrey ser, ion the 12 missing ris. laurie and her family will bin hawaiior a memorial rvice today. a scathing report into 2013's deadly shoing at arahoe high school will be pseedo lawmakers in denvereoday. that report saysdministartors dismissed obviwarning signs surrnding e student gunman. e newly-formed "marijuana task force" will have its second
6:43 am
hall this morng. the group will talk abou medical marijuana diensaries, advertising, hours of operatio d ouoor grows. two colorado menre in an ohio jail this morning-- accud of trafcking 12pods opot through that sta. this photo from the ohio highway patrol shows you what troope said they found in t car of kellhardg and craig voigt of carbondale. today is orange friday, bu we're already looking ahead sunday's a-f-c championship game between the brcos and patr. if you want to go to the game at mile high-- get ready to pay big bus. we checked on stubhub overnight: nosebld seats are 200 dolls a piece. tack on anher couple hundred dollars if you want sitn the lower bowl atr antrfic t 5s. chf moing teorologist stephen bowe is here now with first alert 5.
6:44 am
star but this afrnoon will be mucwarmer. dress inayers,nd y will be ab to take off the lars as we warm through thday. rnintemperatures are ithe teens. whenhe wind picks up, wind chillcan drop into the sing digit the wind at 6- mph is t hu it is just enough todd some chill to the air. y will be mostlyunny, and the warming will happen quickly. at 10 am, teeratures wl be in the ler 40s around colorado springs and monument with 3 holdingn around pueblo and la junta. tharkansas valley from pueblo west to caon ty will lily warm a little faster with 40s 10 . nely everyone will be in the 40s by noon, including monument and odland pk. at 2 pm, nearly everyoneill be in the lower and middle 50s. high spots will be in the 40s. pect 40s and 50s to hold on rougabout 4 pm. then we will cool through e 40s from 5 pthrough about 8 pm whe30return. a storm syst bringinrain from washington to cifnia
6:45 am
ahead of it, the warmth will build from today into saturday. colder air with incrsing snow
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stay connected with k-o-a-a dot
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we'll be back with your local ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, od goodorni kingisto a snowrm oic prortions set to bury our nation's capal in jt a urs. at least two feet expected in d.c. mo in otheplaces. impacted, anour team of all. breaking overnighta iversiinia sde arrested and detained in north korea acd of committing a ste act. at was he ing there, and
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