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tv   News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  January 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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to sp e ow of drs. d the police uon in pueb says they're ready for the chief to retire. why ey sayhere disappointed with what he's done. goodorning and welcome to news five today weekend. it's saturday -- jan 23rd. m greg dingrando and i'm jessica van meter... -- thanks for joining us. what a way to end our week...50's yesterday and 50's again today. we're heading into anoer well above average dahs this ternoowill cli into 50's andven 60's for our warmest location gh thin clds wl lier throughout t day, it will still be a wondeul day to be outside. tonight stays drand quiet wi lows mainly inhe 20's. sundayill be a cler day with ghs in the 40's d 50's a y ar the day, bu chances for rand snow showers will return by the afternoon urs and linger
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taking a live look at baltimore thisning..... ere the massive snow m has begun. the ea coast is expecting to get hammer with two to three et of snow this weekend... road crews are scrambling to clear the roads and airpts have already sta seeing multiple delays. we'll have more onhis story
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a drug traicnging in woodland parhas been connected the mexican cartel. investigators say hein brought into teller county hasiky spread all acroscorado 10 arrts he already been ma... many of them suspected dealers....including the most recent arrest thursday - 2year d ian forbes. woodland park lice s its one of t biggest rings they' ever delt th. news 5 maddie gaett is eaking it all down. nats of rs any police depart wiell you... no city cacape the grips of heroin. sot commander jim "from what i gatr from t metro vni unit is it's a growing problem everywhere." not evenictusque woodland park. sot pepper drummond
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having those kind of pblems, you don't,ou tnk of chicago or sething." b woodland park isn'so little anymore... soandra cummin ot opeop moving up he, the town's reallgrown, 's not a smallown any more like it used tbe."n september, pole here started ticing a spike in heroin use. sot comman "fary heinlers the wola park ea havbe linked to major suppliers." thosmajoppliers... mexin cael.... tse foubelied tbe thmainle outwoodland .. thollith dozens of her suspects. socommander "ts is probably the most
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woodland park police a also ttli the heroin problem in another y. officers there are carrying "narcan..." a li saving drug erdo eck out this violent video out of pueblo. police s man attked an robbed another man yesterd morning on university circle. in the video... a truck drives uas a man i being drped off by a honda. after the car drove off... that's when police say the other man... leaving him concious. at last check the victim was ill hoizedith ris injuries if you recognize thean in this video you're asked tcall eblo police. the pueblo police unn's executivcommittee ispset with the chief and hesponse to a union survey onorale and leadership in the department. they admit chief lou velezas done a few positive things ov the past five yrs. but they say crimes stil, and morale down. ey sayhe successf the "safe streets program" wite
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ng problem has gten worse, policeipnt has been deteriing r the hing of seven nelice office, is "just a drop the cket." regainvez's upcoming rerement they said que "god speed and the sooner the better". a hiker om florida has been fod dead in rocky mota national park. a okesman fothe says it ars 58-yr d ronald webber... fell about 2-hundred fee his body wasoundt the ttom of aliff... in the area lon peak. he was rortemig last tuesday after he didn't check in om a hiking tr. a beefduceaccused of scam dozens in el paso county is facing a new c thisorning news five investigates first told you about naomi huckins last mon. one victim told news 5 she paid more than 5-hundred dollars fo300 pounds of beef that was never delivered. ckins was chard th fraud backn octo...and was scheduled for an arraignment this past monday. e never show up another
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issued.....and she was arrested agaihuckins has already been released on nd. we'll contin to foow this ses it develops. two years ago at a hh school in littleon..... 17 year old claire davis was shotnd killed. noher fathers telling ate lawmakers what he in needs to happen to prevent another his daughters life. claire davis' father... michael davis... went bore the legislive mmittee assigned to look a school sy. they shad e newly released reports thatocused on what wentng leang up the shti... including repos that the school msed warninsignan d flags, ccerning the gunman's behavr. == "to berank this process is no longerbout ourrecious erire.nor is it t rl prsonho is teenager in cris who we believe would have made very diffenchces if a helping hand hadched out from a system that wadesigned to not miss the portunities to
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all three of the new repor were released monday... d makextensive suggestio to thechools on how to move forward. marijuana careivers in corado springs are cautioning the city's task force about ttg firm plantount limits. the ci council appointed this panel toiew isting city coand make recommendations for updates. drug investigators told the panenumerous grow houses wh hureds of indoor plas are showing up in the city... creating health and safety rds. in repsponce. the panel discusd a plan unt limit.buthe cannis council told theroup yesterday su restis would t me with the state cstitution. "is constituonal rthathe only peon allowed to detee plancount a patiens phician. soi think to any further then that is real dangerous territory to
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the group also discussedhether chae the distce requirement for marijuana grower schos, daycares and rehab facilities a new "year round shtl is comingo manitou springs... in order to make the commute to and from coloradoprings me convienient. righnothe free shuttle on e manitou businessoop "oy"s ring the summer tourison. eir "new plan" is to turn bus on that route "around" at maniu city hall... where riders can meea shuttle that will run the loop to the inclin from cog raway and back. many riders say e bus is hard to depend on... and complain that it's often te. === "usually no more than 20 nutes, but mean that's kind of a big deal when you're waiting he cold to get t work "they need way me freque amounts of buses cause he miss his bus e otr day we d to wait for like an ho." the w bus will run eve day from seven to five in additi to the free summer shule. mountainetro is taking
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the changes are implemented. you can find a link on our websit.. along with the routes in your area that will be affected. beach goers chile are being asked to stay away.....bause of these massive waves... but noeveryone ilistening to thrnin a beautiful saturday but we are lookg aheato rain/ow chances and colder air coming up in your first alt 5
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ve tay wkend. four pple are dead and two others icritl conditn after a school shooting in a remote part of cada yestery. police do have o suspectn stody. this cellphone video shows stentsalki ay from the hool through thenow-ved grndemergey personnel move in. the ho is pre-through gre 12... and has about 900 students in two buildings. mass shootings are relately ra in canada, h ha stricter gun laws the u-s. hundreds of ad tcks in india weretrandefor more than three days a busy highway after torrential rains. ivers d ssenge say i was because of aack of maintenance on the roads. the truckers s arod 12-
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thhiway without any he. al in india... many peoe woke up to a thick blanket ofog today... roads. you can see this video how thick it is... t it isn't just low visibilityhat's a problem. in norern india... people wrapped themselves in heavy lars of clothes as a shield against the cold... thsees wm. towering 16-foot high waves ve been pounding chile's coastline... anthe navy is warning tourists to stay away from the beaches. far... ateastbeaches ha cted... and alwater spts are bned. wever... some surfers tadvaage the strong tides anyway, ignoring t wnings by auorities. we're headg into anoth w
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afternoon will cli into the 50's and eve60's for our warmest lotions. high thin clouds will nger throughout the day, but it will still be aonderful day to be outside. tonight stays dry anqut with ws mainlin the 20's. nday will be a coor y wi highs in the 40's d 50. a drstartohe day, but chances r rain and snow ows will return by the afrnoon hours and linger overnight into mony. the heaviest accumulations will be in the mountains, but some areas along and westf i-25 cod see arnd 1". winds will be breezy as this
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lovisibility and blowing snow will also beossible. the chance for lingering snow shers continues to monday. 'll be a colder day with highs ly in the 30's and 40's. sunshine returns for the rest of the ek with dry nditions and ce warming trend. ove averagghs return by
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the broncos are playing morrow for a ot at playinin superbowl 50. matt has a preview in orts.....
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isiving a big ost to loc throughout the state, throhout t state, fans are getting amped for yet another rematch with tom brady andhe patrio. but the bronco they're keeping it irsctive, focing on what has to be donto come out th the win. practi ssions is week focuseon getting theunning game going against the pats and putting tom bry on his back much as ible. the other y? plaa full game. thbroncos have suggled with all year long, but they say their game plan is to ring together 60 minutes with all three units dointheir part. ife have a struggle here or ere we're going toind a way to overcome that strgland move forward. i think our team haseen a little bit about that thisear, never letting things g us down, hanging in there, keep battling, keeputting yourself in a position to win. that's kind of what has goen us to this point andhat's what u have tha in the postason. any chan for uto py agnst thesguys, l ree a whileo t the orinstar blues, alexander thfeed....go. avs trying to score....tyson barrie twice, john
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nathan overme!!! 1-1.we'd go he shtout....varly, wh the ve! avs win it final from pepsi center....2-1 in the shootout. that ds itor mningports,
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e w end paiotsav arved in denver. their plane touched doast nighin the mile high city. sunday's game will be the 17th time quarterbacks tom brady anpayton manningill ha gone ad to head. this time...ere's a to the superbowl on the line.
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getting fired up for t bigame. hundreds pd larimer square yestery foa huge pep rally ahdays b game. lots of orange and the community came togher support of the home am. c and fans get ready pack sports authori field... many of , will be watching from our lg ros. and at means a "biboost" for area binesses!!! pizza shops e preparing for busy wkend. at ts storin ment ey already have cse to 50boxes folded and rdy to go. and ocery stores arere- maki thousands of sub sandwiches and party trays. fos are also buyg lots o dip to go with their football sunday snacks. "colorado football fans they love guacamole. we'll sell more guacamole- 32-tand pounds this weekend. it's one of biggessellers. so colorado springs fans they're
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and to go with all that food... something to drink.. from st drinks... to alcohol... it's all on the menu. coaltrian wine and beer says their mostopul sleahead of t game... beer. they en put in extra orders with their distributors, just for this weekend. i-25ndnteres
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weheght here when ne goog inow offeng googles now offering free fi toumbai train passengers in the pe of boosting its role in the indi marke most of the untry's 0 million intern usersayor personal access and often rely on slow-loading smartphone nnectivity with me than3 million peop riding indian railways every day, google said the free internet will give high-spee access tmany that can't afford it. line retailers amazon and ay ve alslaunched svices in the country.
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15 minute ride is e big draw for uber's hicopter service "blade." buafr sheriff'ofce in ah received hundds of complaints froresidents... the county's attorney filed for a restraing order against the servprover. er began offerinthe 40 mile helipter resn thursday... charng $200 one-way during the day and at nit. but they were landing onrivate property.. whiccounty officials is a olation of t land use la. a okesperson fr says they then worked wite county tollow them ld at t sheriff's helipad instd. but just a few hours later... the sherf's office came ou with ase aest order... warning that if they didn't stop the service all together... the choppers could be impoded. uber responded... sang ty dot know what used the sheriff's officto sudden change s mind.
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,, a massive sn storm hitting the east coast isn't enough stop these soiers from dog their duty. that story....and the latest on
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welcome back and thanks for waking up with newtoday weekend. i'm gregingrando. it's saturday januy 23rd. first this half hour -- quick look at aking headlines this morning. a drug ring pushg heroin in woodland park has been linked withexic drug carts. soar.. ten pele have been arrested. investigators say the heroin has lily made its way all across the ate. however... police say the recent arsts shdown. pueblo pole are looking for the suspect in this vide.. seen attaing someone. the victim was beaten so badl.. he has been hospitalized with serious injuries. you recognize the man in is video you're asked to call pueblo police. hiker sing from florida has died after fli off clifat rocky mountain naonal park. a spesman for the park says it appears 58-year old ronald webber fell about 2-ndred feet to his death. he was reportemissing after he
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didn'theck back ss to wx we're heading into another wel aboverage day! highs this ternoowill cmb into the 50's and eve60's for our warmest locations. gh thin clouds willinger throughout the d, but it will still be a wonderful day to be outse. night stays dry and t with lowsainly in the 2 ay will be a coor dath highs inhe 40's d 50's. a dry start he day, but chances for rain and snow showers will return by the
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here's a le look "right now" in washingn d-c... where the heavy snow is predted to get even worse. eathere and ma other parts of theast coast could e 2 to 3 et onew ow bthe me the storm isver. heres'bc's brian mooarit the last. a virtl white ouat the whi house .. and u.s. capitol was shrouded in a cloud of snow. the tion'sapital ... under siege - anin the buseye of a blizza of ep proptioncal cialy a potent perfect stor s/ay muriel bowser / washington, d.c.:15 - :32 "wexpect 2 feet at least of snow in washington and the sw coming wn wet and heavy which means th wuld see trs, power lines down and a loss of
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as the snow gan pile up ... virgia nionagutroo reald intoctio... s/andolph hawes / virginia nation grd:37 - 0 "we've put chai on all of our hvee re" cvo of power crews fr the sthepye for the inevitable clean. but that w't bin until the orm has blowover - late sund nht. with tusands of flights canceled - aone who hasn't gotten out isn't. "ts is our third flight change since we started." and the ripple effectsre reaching airports far froe blizzard zone. this smarked t beginning of a day-andf onslaught ould bring more than two-and-a- hetf ownd fift winds - ating to become washington's worst snow storm ever. twsecond pau news, washgton thounds of flights have already beenanled because of the srm.. so if you are flying somewhere, you might wa to call aheado chk on the stus. the snow's expected contie througsunday night.. an it "could" be onr the record
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take aook tvideo of the nter storm ait moved in to charlotte, nth carola. thinial ncern s freezing rain...but as yocan see, a anket of snow covered streets anbuils. anit may take some seriousshoveling to clear the field at the carolina panthers stium. e panthersost e izona cardinals the n-f-c championsh ge tomorrow. the storm is expected to pass then and t team says everything including the field will be ready to go for e game. the snow may bkeepg peop inside..... but its nokeeping our dedicated men and women in arms fromng their duty. check out these pictures from thtomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national ceme irginia. thwere posted to the u-s infantry reient's facebo page yesterday the tomb guards are nstantly on duty no matter the atr... defending the restinplace of the ldrs who gave everything... includintheir identities a local mother frountain i
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where yesterday her son.. alg with 11 other marines... were honored at a special ceny ===== na from memori military mbers and familes thered to pay tribute to the marines... w consided dead aftelast week's helicopter crash off the coast of oahu. laurie allen of fountain, lost her son-- sgt. ffrey sempler. he was crew chieon board one ofhe hicopters. the cause is still under investigion and theibodies have n been recored. if you'd like elp sgt. mpler's fami with expenses... e "amerin le pt, 38 in fotain is sting a agetti dinnerunaiser next satury night at 7. investigation tt manae errsy three airment a miss in remote northeastern colodo maged a nuclear armed missile. it hapned back in 2014..but details of the incident are just now coming to libecause of questions from the associated press.
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operated by the 320th misse squadron out of wyoming... and th t damage did not put the public at risk. yond that, they say it classified information. the c-c is expanding aravel alert to nearltwo dozen countries because of the zika vis anits sk tpregnant men. the w locatis add to the travel alert include barbos, livia and ecuador. and may cause serious birth defects. doctors say it cld also be lied to a rare condition that leaves patients temporarily paralyzed. more trouble for chipotle this morning... as they are now accused of trng to cover-up the norovir outbreak when it first happened. a class action lawsuit filed in federal courrlier is week claims a kitchen manager came to work sicfrom augus th-20th... until he was diagned with the virus. that same day... chipotle closed the affected restaurant in california dueo illness concerns...
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sk of novirus. the lawsuit claims they tried to cor the seriousness of the outbreak by diosing of food... cleaning theitchen and equipment... and replacg sick employees before contacting the county hethicials. x one persas died from a steria outbrlinked to dolesala. at least 12 otr people in six states have been hostalized with lisa syms sce july after eing feed lads. the c-d-c says dole has stopped l production at an ohio plant wherthlister w discover. the companhas recled salads made at that plant. ifou bought a bag and the manufacturing code starts with the er "a", the c-d-c sa you should not eat it. pueblo skycam a few more clouds day, but temperatures will still be great. enjoy them while you can, we've t colder air and snow coming
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we're headinto another wel above erage day! hhs this ternoon willli into the and even 60's f our warmest locations. high thin clouds will ling roughout the day, but it will still be a nderful day to be outside. tonight stays dry and quieth lows mainly in thes. nday will be cooler day with highs in the 40's d 50's. a dry start to t day, bu chances for rain and snow shows ll returnthafternoon hours and linger ornhtnto monday. thheiest accumulations wl be in e mountain b some ars along and west of 25 could see around 1-3".wis will be breezy as this
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snow will also be possible the chance for lgering sw showers coues into monday it'll be a colday with highs only in the 30'snd 40's. sunshine retns for the rest of week with dry condnd a nice warming tre.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a ock of sep helped new zealand pocend aar chase th lasted nearly 2-hours. the p were blocking e road... forcinthiver of a stolen
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noheeperhu. you're loing to learn som se defensekills.there'a
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deta 5 aun welce bas weekn 5 oun if are lng improve the value of your home yocan get s and seice provided by hdreds of venrs today at the home andandscaping show at the colorado sprin event nt ticketsre 3 to 6 dollars the event gins at 10 am -- tonighwill be the primates and pamas family wild night at the
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pizza and s'mores, an after-hours tour of the zoo.. then put on your pj's d spend the night at the zoo with your familytickets range from 50 to 60 dollars -- and s alwaysetter to be fe than sor ...this up coming week you can geteal world survival tips at the u. taekwondo center stoed byesterda meet with master jay lee to find t at i abo im here wi master y leat the us taekwondcenter thanks so much for letting us come out today so firstan you tell me a expect from these training sessions we are really excitefor proving some reay credible training for our community to ke sure everyby stays safe so couple of course offerings we are going to have at our schos numr e hoto alith honvn mber o wanto t cren and milyow tbe sasaras aabduion nuer 3e e so going to teach ds abt non thre rmin ourgramans to teach kids how to be around gu safely and the last course we are going to offer is our
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non marshal arts course we aren goi to teach you how to kick and punch this is a course teach to law enforcent a t of teseoe ink .. th cldevappeto me but in reality it does happe re thapelehi why is th type of training important before setng like this happens i thinits really impoanto make sure we don' ink we livin bubble one of ththgs we talk about in r schooli s the average response timerom 911 is 9 14 minutes soe nt to teh our families toe thr t respdeanatpele b wthf ey sal d s?they't neeny spiaattireausef ings wh is wobased training so whatever u're wearing in a real world situatioweth thats a skirt and high heels or youre running in running in athlec othing we are gog to teach you tactics that are appropriaten a real li suation so well spaces are filling up quickly there are lot of options for times dates and locations to attend these clses... need to call ahead to resee your spot e number will be listed there on your screen as well as their website where u can find tull schedule .. prices range from $10 to $15..
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i-25 and glenele. jessica's ck right after this
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alert're watchinws f we're headininto another well ove average day! highs this afternoon will climb into the 50's and even 60's for our warmeslocations. high thin cloudsill ling throughout the day, it will still be a wonderful day boutside. toght stays dry and iet with lows mainly in the 20's. traffic close
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remember you can alwayget the latestocal news and weather all y long on k-o-a dot
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lone tonht at 5-30 and t suncomi o he s is cong out so legoind a w adventur youanom along th m and be ere wa byy si el! it's a brand new y (hey!) buenodias mundo! ce on, me along and pl! (hey!) ere in nina's world hello, hello, hellohey! gna bthst daever come , come along and play! ey!) e inina's world
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