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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  January 23, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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condtions completelylotted it.. that citalso uer a blizzard warning. in a-- 12 people have been killed in thistorm. ow is falling at rate of one to three inches an hour in some spots. hundds of driverapped in their cars in pelvannia. mi truck drivers werunable toake itp a hill ang i-76 near pittsburgh... backing up all the cars behind them. enally all of the vechiles we left at a standstill... preventing emergcyrews and plows from geto them. the national guard i pennsylvannia this evening to help evacuate the area. flooding and snow along e w jerseyhore line. hema ellis is therwith a closer look.. re along the jery cot .. i am in point pleasa, new jersey. and the problem here .. more than anytng .. ishe win wind gusts have been up to fifty miles hour and sometimes i think it's hher than that. goveor says along thcoast
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they'll get the highest snfall s/ rehema lis / point eant beach, new jsey maybe 8 12 incheslong the coast.. buland . governor christisa their excting up to two that's one of the reasons he's declar a state of gency in the ste. the new rsey transit lines have been shut down in ord to providoprtunities tolear the ils and to make ceain ople stay home ach as they can .. to stay off of thesetreets because it's vda in addition, the governosa they hope theyon't have as ch b esion as th llowing sandy. but out he, mustell you e nd tt blowing. and from the looks of . it's goingbe blong a lot befthtorm is ov. e story here ieveryone ou sy inside as ch th c andidt isto in the safetand fullthe comfort of theirwn homes. back to you. this storm has left many travelers stranded.
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this morning.. terminals were gho towns in the usually bustling travel hub. more than 8 thousand flights around the country have been canceled ... including more than thousand today. there are already more than a ousand canceled flight for tomorr. aiorts ic. and new yo are seeg 70 to nearly 100 pernt cancellations. airports across thcountry are experiencing cancellations and delays because othe storm.. the weather not affeing us heren colorado but if you' aving from colorado springs or denver your flight could be destination. check your flight status onlin beforeou head to the airport if y are travelling.. not to bra- mu differe story here... where the sun outnd temperatures are in the 50s!!!!! this is a li look in bh corado sprinndueblo.let's get a first eck of your weather with nfive meterologist carlee hoffman. highs this aernoon have be well into the 50's andven 60's
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highhin ouds will nger throughout the d, t will stilbe wonrf day to be oside. night staydry d quiet with lows mainly in the 20's. if you are headingthe brons game tomorrow here i your taiforecast a kick off forecast you are goi to have to be prepared foa litt
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gard of the gods was packed today witheople out enjong the warm weather. everyo from young to o....and locals to coue toists. we caught up with a group from e east coast.....who say they got out of towjun time... they can't believe what it's like here inolorad nichas luber/from maryla sot: 18:35 back home they've got 2 of ow a out here it is0 and sunny and it is betiful. its aweso. it's snice tay. spotted se op o i shorts and tank to. new tonight--- michael oomberg. the billionaire rmer may of new york city... is repordly considing third-party bid for e presidency.
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bloomberg has told his advisors to draup plans for a potential indendent campaign in this year'sace. he is portedly willing to spend at least one billion dollars onis campaign. the source says look for bloomberg un if reblicans nominate dald trump or senator ted cruz... and the democratnominate senator bernie sanders. a spial dinn in the works... to help the family of mane sergea jeffrey sempler sergeant sempler was a crew chief on board one of helipts that crashed during a training mis off t coa of hawaii la w in all... 11 marines are bto have lost their lives that day. e cause till under investigation and their bodies have n been recored. sergeant semer's mother is fromountain. a spaghettdinner will held he american legion pos38 in fountian next surday. dinner will be held from 5 p.m. unti8. family with penses. the dy of a missg denver area hiker has been recoved
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searchers found the body of todd musselman covered in snow near avalanche debris. he was reported missing a week ago. search eorts were hampered by ars of another avalanche. a hiker visiting from florida has died aer falli off a cliff at rocky mountain tional park. a spokesman for the park says it appears 58-year d ronald webber felabout two-hured feet to his deh. heas reportemiing afte went on a hike tue and didnckack in. a rally today in coloro springs... sw support foplanned parenthood. about people gathed ong centiennal and garden of the gods... with signs supporting the organization. this comes a day aft the annual march for life in washington dc... heldn the anniversary of roe v wa. news five's lena howland will have much more on e rally tonight on news five at 5:30 students from all er the world gathered in colora sprgs this morning for aodelnited naons conf.. duri theock meeting..
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u-n from difrent countri.. they form coalitions and learn diplomacy by debating re world probms.. even passing rolutns.. many of the students go on to use what ty len in their career. "kids o do model u aot of them get rllpassionate about international lations, foreign affair ie heard ck from our form clumembers at a doing jobs with the state depamentr working with the peace corp" todays groupe many states.. even as far as tury participe.. this is the fifth the colorado spring school has hosted.. a lot of plans changing th weekend thanks to the blizzard sweeping acrs e naon... still aheaon newfive.. we'll show youow it altere the pls of one couple. on one of the iortant days of their lives. t first--- your firsalert ve forecast next with meterologist carlehoffman..
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how long will it last.. we're heading into anoth we're heading into another well abovaverage day! highis afternoon will climb into the 50's and even 60's for our warmest
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throughout the day, but i still be a wonderful y to be outside. t stays drd quiet wi lo mnly in the 20' ay will be a cooler y highs in the 40'd 50's. a dry start to the day, but chances for rain and snow showerwill return by the afternoon hours monday. the heav accumulations will be in e mountains, but some eas along anwest oi-25 could see arnd 1-3". windwill be breezy athis system mes through so areas of low visility and blowing snow will ao beossible. e chce f lingering snow showers continues to monday it'll be a coldeday with highs only in the 30's and 40's. sunshine returnsor theest of the weekith dry conditions and nice warming trend above averaghighreturn by
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a road closure in pulo to warn you about... elizabeth street, between 13th and 14th strts st down this weekend. city crews are working to remove a sewer line. traffic will be rerouted whi thmain is duup, replaced, and then coved. the replacemenisart of a project tang place or the ne several weeks. that stretch expected to be back open by monday. the colorado department oftransportation says a 13-mile toll lane along the left shoulder o
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been a success. its only been used a few times since it opened last month... traffic jams. tolls have syebelow 10 dollar even though there could be a0 imum mingp. thstorm slammi t east coast ruingots of pla.. but one couple planned their
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how they madit to the altar. tle for chipo more troub forhipotle.. they're now accused of trying tocove
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it first happened. a clasaction lawsuit filed in federal courearlr this week claims kitchen manager came to work sick om at 18th0th. unl he w dgnosed with the virus. that samday. chipotle closed the affected restrantn lifornia d to illnesconcerns.. but did not repo to health ficials or customers abo the riskf norovirus. the lawsaims they tried to cover up the seriousness of th outbreak bsposing of fd... cleaning the kitchennd equient. d reacinsick employees before contacting county health official hundreds gathered in montreal yestday for the funeral of celine dion's l husband and longtime mager rene ail ahn-h-leel . the furawas held at the notre-dame basilica, the same church where angelil and dion got rried 21 years ago. he died of toacancer in his las vegas home lt week at e age of 7 bono, the frontman othe irish rock group u-2, made his
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economic fum in swzerl yeerday. participated in a pan o e 10th anniversary celebraon of t redampaig bo beebbng for a vaet causeinuding debt relief, world verty and aids. around 25-hundred participants from more than 1 untries, incding 15-undred business leaders and me than 40ds of statand govement.. are meeting 4annual rld ecomic forum. the jailed fmer president of the maivesnd hisawyer, amal clooney, visid itish prime minister david cameron in london today.. mohamed naeed was temporarily released from pron and given pesion ttrav for spinal surgery, jt days after amal clooy made the case for sanctions to win his freed. nasheed is serving 13-year sentence on terrorism charges for the alleged abduction of a judge after a rapid trl last march that drew international criticism. the decision trease him comes after pressure by rits oupsnd the it natns.
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are being disrupted by winte weather... but ine if this was the most imrtant ekend of your li ... youredding. jue carey is in haymarket virginia witthstory of one cole'sush to the alter. life changinmoment was supposed to take place at 4:30 torrow. that's wn brian cough and jessica candilario planned to get married. and along came thelizzard of 20. ve clough is the father of the groom s/dave clough arted all over. we hado fireutow to move everythi from 4:30 tomroto 1 clock today. required moving eveody incling anging all the flhts" it met scrambling too for ddinplannewhitne frost. yes, her last name is fros juinutes before the uple walkedown the isle she was still attering the pedals. the snow w already falling by the time shivieringm
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jersey a massachusetts stepped through the doors. undersndab quite a few didn't make it but jessica and brian did ma down the is, determined not to l a blizzard ep them om getting married. jeica clough/bride soany tes, i cried a of wednesday, but we have wedding, we got married, that's what mters, we're he. and they will have quite a story to tell anniversaries to come s/brian clough/groom 1:09 after all the stressful events are done it oks amazing. d all the ories of uh the ress are gng to fallwa d we're gonna have only good ories to tell" once again the phidelphia museumf art has become a popular spot during the snowstorm. sledding enthusits took rns sledding down the 72 steps at the entrance made famous by syester allone ithe movie "rocky". in the mie the fictionalocky lboa runs up the steps tthe song, "gonnaly n". philadelphia has received mo an 17 inches of snow sfa
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tonight staydry with increasing clouds lows the 's and 30's.ay will be cooler day with highs in the 4s and 50's. a dry start to thet chances for rain and snow showers will return by the afrnoon hourand lier ovt into monday.the heaviest accumulations will be in the mounin but some areas ong and west of i-25 could see around 1-3". while whoe washington, d-c were staying
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one of t cits most celeated resents wasut in the snow. the national zoo's giant panda.. tian tn t-yen t-yen is 19-ars old, and is a faer, but he's still as playful as er.. cames ught himod sding wnillsndrolickinarou in enclosure. me en sae ma now lse zoisaclysed visit bee he mve sal hiton, so aven hearhe you pand have joheir father oor a bigow fight thanks for watching news five on your weeke. wee back at 5:30..
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>> o this sury nit, statesf ernc a msi blzard roa thrghthe eternar of the country. more than tee feet of snow in sereas as the na's rgest city a by shut down. we he it all covered tonit u and down the ea coast. ready to run? inhe higy predicble re for esident a new potentia factor. > lisria outbre. the bacteria found in packaged salads lin to den cases in six stes, inclung one death. gdenmome.
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