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tv   News 5 at 530 PM  NBC  January 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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20's. if you are heading to the broncos game tomrow here is your tailgate forecast and kk off forecast areoingo have to be prepared for a litt biofveryg. tonight lows drop tohe 20s
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the death to continues to rise as a monsterr storm batters over 70-million ople along the east coast. the blizzard has st down road, rail and airral and high winds have caused massive power outage thousands otoristsave been stranded on ghways in severa ates. om washiton. nats: snowtorm lifehreateng blizzard condns a slag the east coas...wind gusts er 50- les pehour he maderavel virtlly imssib. air...s and ra service halt. motosts can't move....thousands we strand on i-75 in kentucky. drew jago / nded driver :31 "ie been runni my gine on a ten minutes ....for ten minutes long...ery 4minutes.
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a similar sty inpennsylvania... wherthe duquesne university mens basketball team was among thosstucna: snowboarders while the white stuff entertd these snboarde.. s/ no id "pretty sure that's not legal ....pretty sure it's n legal..." d delighted panda at the national zo.... nat: sledding it ao offered a re opportunity led down the us pitolawn s/ jon townsd, dresint :53 - 4 quk wtewonderland.swe're havi good ." but unless you're on sk....officials are ging eryone to staf the ros. s/rnor arew cuomo / d-new yo 1:00 1:07 "i't carhoperb a driver, how bia fo wheel drive you have, the roads are barely pase." thousas of flights have been cancelled....hundreds of thousands are without power....and severe coastal flooding ithreatening vera mid-atlantic states. the blizza has shut down the nation's of its biggest stor in history. jenniferohnson. nbnews. washington. -- optional and up tag - ennifer johnson / nbc ws / washington, c. "the weath is supposed to get considerably bter sunday.then the dig-out begiitill seval days before many businesses and schos open. if johnson, nbc news."
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columbia are undertes of emergency is weekend. dozens of pro-choice suprters gathered nr the lora sings planned panthood today to rally gether for the annivsary of roe vs. wade. itappened near the intersection of gard of the gods centennial. news five's leowland joins us live there nowith both sides -- lena? kelsey, it may be quiet where we're standing right now but that was quite a diffent sry eaier daasbout 100 su ralliogher and walked these sidewalks for the 43rdnniversary of roe vs. we. roe v. wade was passed by theupreme court 43 yea ago which ultimately gavwon the right to chose beten life and abortion. supporters that lined the sidewalks day say they came out to celeb women's rights and hofar they've come in the past few decades.... also, how long of joney they still have aad. this rally wasn't just made of women thgh, we saw pley men t there asel-- jning in
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"i've had my wife and my daht have both used plan panthood, it's been important inur lives and it needto remain vble option for people throughout america" of coue gh -- there is anotside to this heated movent. lanight -- we' aar from a catholic priest who has lined his church with thounds of pink and blue crosses on his est to e abortn. we'll hearrom bothides comi utoni ten. for -- liv colorado springs, la howland,ews five. a special nner ithe works... toelp thfamily of mari sergnteffrey sempler sergntpler w a crew chf board one of e licoers at crashed during a training mission off the coast of hawaii la week. in all... 11 marines are believeto have lost their lives thaday. the cause till uer investation and their bodies ve noteen recored. sergeant spler's mother from fountain.
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in fountiane saturday. dinner will be served from 5 until 8. the proceeds will go to lp the family with expenses. reblicandentia candidate donald trump pised his supporters today. saying they would stick with him even if he shot some trump made the cnts while caaigning day at a christian school in iowa.. "my people are so art. and know what else they say about my people. thlls. they say he the most loyal people. did you ever see that?here i cod stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay. it's likincredible. lauger the iowaaucuses will bheld fruary first. the latest pollingn iowaives trump a slimwo-point ld over senor ted cruz. new tonight--- michael bloombg... e llionairformer mayor of new york cy. is repdly consering a thd-party bid r e presidency. the new york times is reporting bloomberg has told his advisors
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independent campaign in this year race.he is reportedly willing to spend at least one bilon dollars on his campan. the source says look for bloomberg toun if reblans nominate donald trp or senat d cruz anthe ats nominate senator bernieanders. the body of a missing denver area her has been recovered from st. mary's glacier. searchers found the body of todd sselman cored in snow near avane deis. he was reported missing a week ago. search efforts were hampered by fears of another avalanche. a hiker visiting from florid s di aer falling off cliff at roy untainatiopark a spesman r the parkays appears 58-year d ronald webber fout two-hundred feet to s death. he was repord missing afr nt on a hike tuesday and didn't check back in. students from all over the wld thered icoloradoprings this morning for model united nations conference.. duringhe mock meeting.. students are delegates to the
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th forcoalitions andearn diplomacy by debatinreal world problems.. even passing resolutions.. manyf the students go on e whathey len in the careers. ids who do model un, a lot of them get really ssiona about internatiol relations, foreign fairs, i've heard ck from our former club members that aredoing jobs with the state department or working with the ace corps." todays group came many states.. ev as far as turkey to participate.. this is the fifth year the radopring school h hosted.. your first alert five forecast nt th meterologist carlee hfman..
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how longitit 'rheading into another well abovaverage da hs ten will climb into 50's a60's forur warmest lotions. highhin clouds wilnger throughout the day, but it will stbe a wonderful day to be outside. tonight stays dry and quiewith lowsainly the 20's. sund will be a coor day with highs in the0's an50's a dry start to the day, but ances for rain and snow shers ll return by the afteoon hours d lier ovnight in monday. the heaviest accumulations will be in e untains,ut som areas along d west of 25 cod e around 1-3". nds will be breezy as this system moves tough so areaof low vibilitynd blowing sno
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the chance for lingeringw shers continues into mony. it'll be a colder day with highs only in th30 and 40's. sunshine returns forhe rt of the week witdry condions and a nice warming trend. above average highs return by thursday. garden of thgo w packed today with people out enjoying warmeather. everyoneg to old.... anlocalso of course touris we caut up with group from the east coast...who say the got out of town just in time... theyan't believe what it like here in colad nicholaser/from maryland sot:8:35 back home they've t ft of snow a out here it is 60 and suy and it is beautiful. its awesome it'so niceoday.. we s some people out in shorts a tank ps. road closure in pueblo to warn you about... elizabetstreet, between 13th and th seets shut down this weekd. city crere wking to remove a sewer line. traffic will be rerouted while the ma is dug up, repled, and then covered. the placemenis part of project taki place othe next several weeks. that stret expected to be ba openy monday. the coloradoepartmt trsportation say13-mile tollane althle sh ostund interste 70 through car creek county
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s on bn used a few tes siit oned last month. but the les have ease traffic jams. tolls have stayed below 10 dollar evethough the could be a 30 doar maximum a-f-c championship eve for the broncos.
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denver is getting ready for the the countdowis on the counowis on brcos ns pats and broncos amile high in the a-c championship
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superowl 50. the stages d't come any bigger..bue brcohave been ting a subdued apoach to the bigame. for denver, the key is to go out and play their game wiout worrying about the stage t ing on. nooubthey're excited, as all coloro is abuzz f the b game. bua win isn't guaraned especily against a familiar e in theew engla paiots....with t bra stanng tall hindhe snap. you have a little familiary with the personnel, but i thk weook a lot of confidence out hat gamen beathem and i'sure they'll be look for revenge. buthe besteais gng to win on suny and we believe it will be the am that eces thbest. i'm excited about it, at the end of the d your talking about twof t best arterbacks in nfl hiory gog against each her and arguably one of the st defenses going against another great defee. so i think it's going to ba g ti showdowon sunday, i'm cited for it. kickoff fr mile high iat 1:05, ant meech wille there and have
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news-5 weekend amongst all the broncos exciment, the avalanchha started to make a na for themselveshis season. their win ait thbluela night ndinshockwavroughout the n-has the e ow but sely climbi the playoff anng atin snapped aougame reak for the blues and pushed the avs to three in theyetd e eqlir thjustdsef go. ito bumped them toixth in the stern nfence, just a point behind mnesota who sits ift head coach patckoy ss his te is owing some sio fight and hos continues during the second half of the year. we stuck to it, we kept pushing, kept phing and hey, we didn't talk too much about it. r guys kept their composure anremained focus and camup with a big one. ey'll lo to ma it ur i a row. second nig of backo-back,
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colorado colgerased 4-0 decit on friy toie #2 north dakota 5 on e ro. thtige split aerielast weekend with st. cloud state and ll lk to the winonhtanbuiloff sady momentum ty'veeegaing. rlieth weetham told mey el le th'rally hitting their stride and have solved some of the issues that held tm down ely in the year we'lget a look athat new attudeigt 6:00 fro north dakota, highlights back here a10. aiforchockey with another big win last nightgain niagara. e falcons ut out theurple eagle's 3-at t academy iday at nes yet aer win fforcas ts g justkeon rli thl fhetot ome againiar th one aeady undeay....'lkeepou updated on the sco. e nuggets ve managed to stir up some conversation the lastew wks. denv took down the #1 warriors just week o and ose s they he lo have been right down to the wire each nit.
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biggest probm however, a coup winhere and there and drping two or three right after. head coachichael malone said coming into eight game homestand they'd aimgo far they're 3-3. malone says that exactly what th need toix, but he still sees hope for the season nonethess. we are a work in progress. we've d some great momen, we've ha momen wheree haven't e gothe job ne. but do reallke the direion we'rheaded, ys are buyi in and workg really hard ey'll look to sway tt record to-3 for the hestand ght,osting the pions....toff at 7:30. c-s-ebloactiongainst colorado school of mes. 1. c-s-u pueb's wil newman.....thr....good, 26-19 thunderwolves. 2. waining ses, chris golden....throwsup....good
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court....buzzer beer! 53-38 thlf. thunrws on to win....90 to 80. air force basketball losing a close one toy at thecamy. the lconfao ste 56o . that makes six saight losses for aiforce,fter 2016 started with four wins. they'll get their nexthance at
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tonight stays dry and qut with lows mainly in the 20's. if you are heading to the broncos game
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recastnd kick off forecast yoare going to hav be preped for lite bit of everhi nilows drointohe an30th incing clou ile most who live washingtond-c were staying side today. one of t city's most celebrated ridents was outn thsnow. the national zoo's giant pda.. tian tian t-yen t-yen is9-yes ol anda fatherbuhe'still a playfu er.. cameracaug h tod sding down hills androliing around inisncsure. someven sa hwas mang "snow gels" e zoo is lylosed toitors beuse of t massive swf ashiton, so we hen't hear theoungerda b have joined their fatherutside for a big snowball fight. thanks f wating nee on
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you'n ur oce you're the lio , lieutena so we're clear, um, m nocommitting carr unrcover. hey, i know you, right? uh, i don't thk so. uh, yeahyeah, i do. noe nfino. orn. fr his ther and hisncle e captains in e vaere crime fami don'want what you can't ha. 's my sister bnc wellyou talk a bigame. makemeonder wht u ly got. amer: johnny tesla. he a made y heavazzey, and 's also a re badass. you ne to gea thumb drive into them and wnload any trsaction activity hey, rioan, wait i u gomethinaesn'longo u.
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