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tv   News 5 Today Weekend  KOAA  January 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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good morng and welcome tnews fiveoday weekend. it's sunday-- jan. 24th. i'm greg dingrando- and i'm jessa van meter.... thanks for joining us. wel t jsi and aook ateaer in a minute.. but rst we we have two developitoes to te you about. around 7:30 last nht... pederian was killein a hit d ruaccident in th400 block of north circle drive... that's near platte avenue. colodo sings police are stl looking for the suect.... but e only descriptioniven was a light colored vehicle. e viim's intitis not being releas unt his family is nifie on the southeast part of town..... the crimes against children unit is investigating wh they call theuspicious death a child. itappenenear aport a murray involving a 3 month old ba. at ts time... it's clear how the chi died or if fl ay was involved. as sooas we learn more informion on this case.... we'lbrg it to you.
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a oueray overa forour sunday. we may see some early afternoon sunshi, but clou will be abundant for the majority othe day. winds will pick up by this afternoon and be in the 10-20 mph nge with se gus bend that. models have en swinghe passinof ourolfron so temperaturesill ill ave ere ahead of it th hhs geing to the0's. than f rn/ow ineas is afterno eving. wel ve rain/snow itll cngg ero l s our temperatures cool ickly the losof daytime ing and passage of a cold front. y accumulaons should be on the light si, ly a trace to ih, but we could have som slick roways w snow accumulateaneratures
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ni her....t the eas coast...not to so much taking a live lookt thwhite
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of course d.c. wasn't only place affected.... miions opeople along the eastoa wilstt digging thr wat isorng after thiske's historic blizrd. record snowfalls were reported in many areas. the storm killed several people.....and thousands of travelers were left stranded. nbc's jennif johnson has our story fr wasngton. --pkg - the t blzard o2016 h slowly died down.....after burying major east coa cit as mu as ree of sn storm ut down air...rail...andighway travel. now comes e recovery pa..getting ads ssle agai 's keith howd's job. s/ kth hard / montgomery county, md snow pdrer :18 -28 "anybo stu...anybodyryg to get out...some ople have tien.. some people don't ha patience...but when u go through a neighborod...pople w yorky we buried....enyable fo pandas.. ildrenled down the u.s.itawn.... natssnders d these snowboarders who coul'tet to a mountain. id "was tlega pretty sure that wasn't legal...pretty sure."
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llion people ..hunedths lost power there's wide-soong in nejersey aatlantic sta s/ /gornor chris christi/ r-nejersey :53 - :59 "we have shelters in everyco o re ready to take people in kem warm and get them." many airport rwand roads will remain osed while plows y to move the snow. officials are begging people to stayome. s/ governor drew cuomo / d yo 1:08 - 20 "all it takes one car to t stuck antuation qu descdsnto chaos." aoc...histrd-breakinizzard....whh re now happy toee go. jennifer johnson. nbc ne. wagton. one personas been killedfter a shooting at a bustop in denver.
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before sixast night nearhe park and ride inhe montebeo neighborod we've learned someone shot the n aftemultiple people got into an argument. policere queioning several peop but he not released anhing on a suspecorhe vict. the dy of anothemissing hikehas been recer here in colorado.this time at st. ry's gcier search crews fou t body of todd musselman covered in snow and che debris. musselman is from denver... and was rerted missing a week ago. initial search efforts were hampered by fears of another avalane. nearly a hundred pro-choice supporters gathered in colorainterday to commemorate the anniy of rov. wade... the preme court ruli tt legalized abortions. news 5's lena hoand has both des ofhis on going to dete. nats cheers :0 e ha theht for aboion thanks to roe v wade 43 years
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a sueme court sion -- still celeated 43 years later. :11 "we're outere toto celebrate women'rights recognize w far we've come in 43 yrs, d see where else we need to go to go further" t just how fary've come thti he ahead. :06 "we're nhere we need en rights. ul abl do ate want to with our bodies" about 100 supporters of the pro-choice movement l the sidewks just down the street from parenthood the same building that w under attack by robert two mo earlier. :13 "it means lot, it an prevalthe tohas been grow i like n gettin l pa betwehehoing at the pland parentod, ople finally realizing that women are marginalized." and this rally of supporters wasn't jt made of women... :09 "i've had myife and my daughter he bothsed planned parentod, it's been important in our les and it needs remain a viae onor people thrghout amera" of course there is anotr
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ther bill carmody lined his urch isecurity with ousands of pinand blue osses... :04 veday over 3000 lives are lost by abortion" and he says -- ptestlike these are promotg abortion. :16 "ty aboron as a sacramen and they see th as the greate liberat for wen and i think the's thing further from the truth. thtrue war on women is aboron" but year after year -- pro-chce supports ntinue toisagrewi tt line of thinking. :08 "i thinkhey are rrow mded tohink tt if y prey at abortion wou never happen again, it wod never happen again" pro-life suppoers al held a mass at father comody's church elier this we i order to remember the roe v. wade anniversary.
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you about in pueblo this mornin elabeth street, between 13th and 14th stree is shut down this weekend. city cre are workingo remove a sewer line... and trafwill brerouted whe it is dug upreplaced, and oved. the replacement is parof a projt kinglace or the several weeks. that stretch of roads expected to be back open tomorrow. its only been there for out a month.....but the colora partment of ansportion says the 13-mile toll lane along thleft shoulder of eastbnd inrstate 70 has been a success. the lane through clear creek county has only been used a few times since it opened last moh... t otays the ll lanes have already helped ease traff jams. tolls have stayed low 10 dollars so far, even thougthe maximum mit is 30 dollars. pele in polandre taking thstres. protesting increas surveillance by thei gove y the european unions now instating. rain sw ces return. 'll have a looat wrend when comg up right here on
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thousands of hais tued out to ptest yterday in their untry'capital.... demandg the imdie reval of president michel martelly, who is d to leavoffice on brry 7th. the demonstratns came one day ter thelectoral uncil said was forced to delay a presidentiallection runoff... blaming a "deteriorating security envirment." thnoff had been reschedud
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if martelly is remed... it is unclear if an inrim government will take powerr if sotherution can be negoti. people in land ao turned o pst yesterd in re th 30 cities a tow a over the count arnd 10-thousa march through warsaw t otest eir new conservave gornment pn to increase its surveillce powers. critics say those expanded powersill undermine privacy rights. chans li thiha cse alarm in turopn unio h has inveating etr aw iundeing mocratic ples. a small group of migrants who boarded a ferry in nthern france were escorted back to their ca by riot police yeday. the fice of thcuh-lay yor reported tabout 50 people had okenhrgh security the port and climbed onboard. this came after a rally in the city babou2,migran their pporters. we told you yesterday about some
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and this morninguba is getting hit with similarly choppy seas. havatinuedo slamm sive wt floode pa the sea cy yesty.the rough su also came wit nds measuring betwn 21 to 31les per hour. large waves li this have been washing up onto havana's s for the st week... and the weather event has captur the attention touristsnd locals. ecout this photo of weendslizzard out east.....taken from space. nasa released the photo yesterday... taken by astronaut sco kelly fr the international space station. the ghts y can seen the picture are from washington c, ltimore,lahia, a n yorkal which we covered in heavy snow yesterday. a cloudier dayverallor your suay. wis willick up by this rnoon and be in the 10-20 mph range with some gusts beyo th. mode havbeen slowing the passing ourold ont,o
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average ahead of it with highs getting into the 50's. the an for rain/snow increases thisafternoon/evening before changing over to all sw as our tempatesool qukly with the loss of daytime heating an passage of a cold front. any accumulaons should be on the light side, only a trace to an inch or two, but we could have some slick roadways where snow accumulates and temperatures drop belreezing. a colderay for monday th highs ly in th30's and 40's. a quiet art to the d, t snow will develop agaifor the afrnoon and evening hours with few inchesf cumulation possibleespecially for areas westf i-25. snow will taper off overght but clouds will linger for most on tuesday. highs stay clly in the 30's d 40's high pressurd warmer mperatures b in for th restf the week with highs back
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well we know a lot of fans are ready for today's game..... because you've been sending you pictures. check these out.... upper left....that's dustin haeffer reesenting at lovela
7:14 am d-rodz auto botm left....that's the sancheznd quintanaamily. then of course yreever too young to be a bronco's fan.... the blanket saysnited in orange....time to ride. then my favorite is this super fan.....rockg the furry boots...ndt looks like a homemade knitted b. , speaking of the big game........ matt pritchard has preview congp inng spts..inuding more o what's become one heck oa
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d m y. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the countdown is obrcos ns. the patrts are mile highound for the a-f-c championship
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ance tplay in super bowl 50. the ages don come y bigger..but the broncos ve been taking a subdued approach tohe bigame. for denv, e key is to go out and play tir game witht getting caught up in theype of thday. no doubt therexcited, as all coro is f t big ge. but a win isn't aranteed, especially against a familiar foe in new england..with tom brady behind the snap. u ha a littlfamiliary with the persoel, but i think we took a lot of condence out of that me wn we beat th d i'm sure they'll be looking for revenge. t the be team goi to win on sunday and we believe it will be the team that executes the best. i'excited abt it, at t end theay your taing about two ofhe best arterbac in nfl historgog againseach other and guab onee best denses gog agait othegreanse. so ihink is ing to be a g mewdown on sy, i'm cited . kickoff from mile high iat 1:05, grt meech will be there and have a live recap ght here on news-5 weekd. onto the ice now, the avare stirring up their own playof talks these days. they've strung togher three in a row and wereooking forour
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to-back. blues on fday, stars on saturday....two of the west's best. 1. shorthanded....c arl k...some backhanded fla....1-0. 3. jason demers cans gs up.gete sts on ard orthand brkawa.gab l landeskog.nip ! 2- for good meare..mikhail grigorenko....3-1. avanche roll in dallasy score, thesweep e back-to-back and are back at it tuesday in s jose. to the colle ice, aifoe d niagara....falco looking for thweekend swee 1. rit ac te..o a ske to ek skin w ps home....up 1-0 2. g reun..-jarcona lts it uover the pad..noed at lcs syoodlis w tthe empt tter.. aifoe up tir016 wiing ways....theyet the swee 3-1home. tohe hardwood now, the nuggetshointrt pion ghat psi cte thte is in tidofn ght hesta, 3-thus far ing ush at recd into the win column. specl gut there tonight, eay! gog importgoin. but on to baball.. 1.
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pistons. 2. harris finds drell o....knotted at 15 3. jacks..takee reen an for layup....up 198 at tpoint....nuggets come away withhe win 104 to 101. c-s-u lo in action ast colo sool min. c-s-u eblo wil nean.....tee..go, -19 2. waininsends,hr goen....thws iupgo. 3. but mine gok natan..half the . undeves on to win.. to 8that ds it f morning
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that does it for morni sports,
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denver stadium we've got much more news and
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ve t ifou're a netflix customer....wegot some bad news for y this morning... you're about to get hit with a e hi the deo streaming service says itabout to raise the monthly
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peopleho are now paying $7.99 for the h-plan will ve a choice. they can either pay the sameor standard definition service or $2 more for high nition. the ne comes as netflix annound itow has 79-million subscribers. the fi academy is pledging moreiversity in its membership and leadership afterecent criticism over this year's osrs awards. the academy presidt annound changes ony. they include doubling thnumber eme anminori mbs by 2020 anaddingee new seats to t boa of rnors. other changes include limi eachembers' voting status a peod of ears. the reform comes calls foran o boycott aftercademy members nonad anll-white slof actors r the cond year in a ro despite our warm weather.....brk enridge is gearing for the
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wel show you all the wor
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next welcome back and thanks for wang uwith news 5 today weekend. i'm gregingrando. it's sunday jan 24th.
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ick look at what'saking lis this morng. we're waing to learn more about a deadly hit and r accident thappened in the 400 blk of ne ive last night. colorado springs say light colored vehicle hit a pedestrian... killing him. thvictim's intity is not has been notied. d another death beg side... old baby. it hpened near airportnd murray the crimes against chiren unit ath... although it's not ear how the ild dir if fay was involv rescue and clean-up crews ar fighting back against mother natu.....and all the snow dumped by this weend's blizzard on the east coast. the storm killed ser ople.... thousan of travels were lefstranded. many airpo runways andoads will remn osed until
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a cldier day ovell for your sunday. we may see some early afternoon sunshine, but clouds wl be abunda f the jori of the y. winds wi pick up by this afrnoon and ben the 100 mph rangth somgusts beyond that. models have been slowing tpassing of our cold frt, so temperatures will still bebove average ahead of iwi highs getting into the 50's the ch for rain/snow increases this aernoon/ evening. wehave aain/snow mix initiay, changing over to all snow as oumperures cool quickly with the loss of daytime heating and passag a cold fron anaccumulations should be on thlight side, only ara to an inch, but we could have some slick roadways wherenow accumulates and mperatures
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reme- youresweather available -- wr an er you need it on our bsite -- k-o-aot c just click on the wer despite unseasonably warm tempur.. ecnrge is stilgearing up for the intena snow scurepe matt renoux gives a sak how ey're prepar at the river-walk center parking lot in breckendge 05:49:36:00 i have to t these e firscarl oon ais rogue lighting crew 05:546:00 we're setting up our liging are in t-shirts 05:49:15:00 we likit wn warm settg up at e brecnrge international ow sculpting champishipnd taking advantagof temperatures in t 40's 05:51:14:00 it's a pretty ni day i would have toay it's in the upper 40'saybe perfect for installing the complex twork of more than 100 wireless lights 00:01::00 have three ws of lighting he that are all wireless 05:51:33:00 i have a
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as much for the st who will becarving e massive blocks of snow :52:50:00 a couple of ars ago they hadabergeggs into works of t 00:005:00 it's a rl sightosee luckily they're the bestnow rvs in theld and in recent yea 00:02:150 haveeen doing this for 4 years have gotten used to a late january warm up like this 05:016:00 and the la 4 years it's beenlubird day every ngle dayy taking adntage of all those lights rlnd his creare setting up 05:51:35:00 they tend to do a lot of slpting at gha t of timbeuse of the cder mperatures which when they fish will be as much an artistic dispy 05:52:12:00 it adds th extra fle as t snow sculptures they're liting up :52:10:00 itecomes more t e carvinstarts on tuesda d ne saturda... a lightingventor the
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while ma pple don't look forwd to shoveling the snow... one new jersey man found a fun and surpring ft way to get it done...sing aoverboard. you can see itere... he shoveled thdeck by letting the hoverboard dall the work. fr the loo of , he cleared thdeck in st a fewinutes. however... wean't recommend you try this home. well here's a postive story about police for a change.... when the blizzard hit..... a uple of officers in wainon d-c couldn't resist joining a pick-up game of football. you can only imane what these guys thought when the patrol car pulled up and the police asked to ay in the video... you can see an officer catch the ball... knk guy down and then run down the strfor what looked ke a touch. on the election watch.... the race for the white house may have just taken a very unexpeed turn. people are now talkingbout t possibitof a thi-party run by billionaire former new york ci mayor ael oomberg.
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it's yet athurpris- another billionaire may enter the campaign. today multipleourc tell nbc news forr new york mayor chael bloomberg riously consering throwingis hat into the ring as an independent - fed up with e state of the race. rendell i think he would really like to do it buhe's also the pe of guy whwouldn't get in it if there wasn't a good chance to win. blooerg set to decide by march. he'd likely enter onf do trum ted cruz or bernie sanders are sto be their party's nominees. . nats and montage of trump/cruz sanderand clinton and with the caucuses just 9 days away.....trump and cruzre on track, running neck and neck in iowa "nats" again raising eyebrows wh yet another ntrorsial comment. "i could sta in the middle of 5th avue andot somebody, and i wouldn't lose y's, lik incredible." this as his
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feating his ther, barbara: "when push comeso shove people are going to realize jeb has real solutions, rather than talking about how popular they are, hy are." trump mocksh on twter: "juswatched jeb's adhere he desperately needed mommy to heim jeb --- mom can't help you with is, inese or wh tin." jeb firing back: "i'd be careful donald " and posting a picturof his mom wearing eye-block anfootball shoulder pads... trump supporters today ....standing firmly by his side despite his jabs at thpopur first lady. "mos tmp sporter donald is a t shocking, brings him a lot ofport and controversy the democraticace also gtiincreasingly tight -- with hillary clton fightingo regain her ld over berni sanders, hitting sders on his medica f all healthcare pl hewants to start all over again." sanders sharning h attacks to..... in poll after e do tter ainst donald trump and other reicans than ds hillar
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that was kristen welker reportin michael bloomberg s elecd mar ofew york shortly after 9/... and remained in office until 13. w to some yog kids here in colorado springs....hat might just have a future in politics. stents fm all over the world gathered in the springs yesterday for del unit nationconferen duri the mocmeeting... stents preteo be delegates tohe u-n fm different coies. they formed coalitions and lened diplomacy by debating real world problems... even passing resolutions. ny of the udents g to use what they learn in their cas.. the kids came from a ovethe country... therre even a few students from turkey.... making this anernational event. this ithe fifth year t event s been hosted coloro spring.
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pripitation makes a return lar today. we'll have a look at your hour
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garden of the gods wasked yeerday with people out enjoying the warm weather. everyone from yoto old.. calstoists. a grou east coas th out of town just in time..and they can't bve what 's like here snice out yeer some peoe re even wearing shorts a tank toss to jessica a cldier day overall for your sunday. winds willick up by isafternoon anbe in e 10-20 mph range with some gustbeyond
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models have been swinghessg of our cold front, so temperatures will stilbe above average ahead of it with hig gettg tohe the chce for rain/snow increases this afternoon/ening befo changiver to all snow as o temperurl quickly with the loss of daytime heating and passage of a cold front. any accumulations should be on thlight side, only arace to an incor two, but we cou have some slicroadways where snow accumates and temperures drop below eezing. a coer day for monday with highs only in the 30's and 40's. a quiestart to the dbut snow wl develop agn for e afrnn aneveninhours with a feinchesf culation ssible, pecial for areas stf i-. snow wtaper off ergh but clds willinger for most on tuesday. ghs stayhiy the0's and 40's. gh pressurand rmer
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a wedding rush to at the blizzard! we'll tell you how this couple had to re-schedule everythg in
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nter srm hit. be coutast... but man's frozen proposal melted his glfriend's heart. in tidst ohistor zardson predhis rlnd l in ttenhoe uaren iladelph. he says ey've been ding for three ana halfears. and was timtoakthe ne ep. shsaid yes, and they we embraced by both othei famies, o treled down from scnton f theccasion. om aroposa.. ta weddg. th wkend's blizzar disrted lot oflans... cludg a virgin cous g day. but instead of just pushin thgs bk.... they rushed toie the kno before theorst of the stor hit. julie carey has the ory abt their sh tthalta the fehanging moment was pposed to take place at 4: tomorrow. that's when briacougd jessica ndio ned to getried.
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2016. davelough is theather of the groo s/dave clough arted all over. we ho fiut h tmove everythi from 4:30 tomorrow to 1 o'clock today. requing eve udg ch fligs" it ant rambling too r wedding plannewhitney fros yes, her last name is frost. just minut bore thcouple walked dowthisle she was still scattering the pedals. the ow was already falling by the time shiviingm hurried wedding guts from jers and massachusetts stepd through the door understandly qte a few didn't makit. but jeica and brdike itown the le, dermined not to let a blizzard keep them from getting maied. s/ica cl/bride so mantears, i cried allf wednday, but we have we we got ied, that' wh matterswe're re. and they will ve quite story to tell onnniversaries to me s/brian clough/groom 1:09 aftel thressfuts are done it looks am and all e stories of uh of the
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and we're gonna have only go stories to tell" congtulations to the hap cole... one nice thing about all this... it was certainly a wedding to rememb. times square new ywhere th're gging out from that massive izzard. that'sot aroblem here.
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wi a fin while most who live in washingt, d-were staying
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e of the city's st , while e wa, d-c were staying si becse of th ity's most celebr was out enjoying it. an tian is 19-yed er, but he is ill playful.meat the national zoo caugimliown lls aunin enclosure. ven said he was making now trcl
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> > gdmorng,he b th the he ors mend ge andowhet cstegni ning. dc ahiladehiaomglose to recd bakingowllsn satu nr tee feeterinheapple. arly two dozen storm reted at po. the naonigst aports onth ad. some stuor ne 2 hos. >>tebaroom on the jeryshore, severe floong.
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