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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  January 24, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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can the broncos defense and strong? can m brady do what he has done h entire career? we will have all those answers foyou tonight onews-5 at 530. y what an opportunity for denverafter the sappointin blowout in super bowl 48 back in 2014 to thseahawks. a live look in both corado springs and pueblo.... 's been a betiful day. so far, no rain ornow -- but that's about tchange! news 5 meteorogist rlee hoffman joins us now with first ok ayour fast. what a we for, carlee clou day overa for your sunday. windwillk upthis afternoon and be in e 10-2 range th somgusts yond that models have beenlowi the passing of our cold front, so temperaturesill stilbe above average d of it withhs getting he 50's. thchance fain/snow ses this ternoon/eveninfore changing over to all sw as our temperatures cool quickly with the loss of imheating and ssage of a cold ont.y accumulations shlde the light side, only a t an inch two, but weld ha some ys where snow accumulatesnd
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ch differentn the east coast tot--- where at least 25 much difrent on the st coa tonight---here at least 25 peop are dead after the massive blizzard. among the dead... a new jersey mother and ild who died of carbon monoxide
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car with a blocked tailpip millions are nowging out....highway crewsre plowing..butome air traverare stl stuck wi thousand flightsancelled. nnifer johnson has our sry na of eling super: yonkers, ny :00-:05 e sounds of the dioufrom the monster izzard begins. blue skies and quiet winds -a welcome change fm the white- out that paralyz millis. soed walsh / yonkers, resident :10-:14 "it'not that reay avy is t that bad cleaning up." it wl beays before life ge back to normal....tracr aitrks a hundreds of ca need e moved from highwarom pennlvania to kentucky....hundre of thousands of pple are ill without power. sot governor larry hogan / r nd :26-: "there's a great amount of wk todo...conduct damage assessments...and cory from an event of th severity." york's airports are open butthtwo washington-area rportsmain clovice alo tt coast isim. coastal flooding is improving. governs are still urging people to st the roads. sot governor andrew cu/ d new rk :47-:53
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lifted...that es not mean people should go out andake ride and see the sights." in virnia...a buried fe hydranhampered efforts to save this house. heavy snow is coapsing roof-ts urch i pennsyania..nd the washington redskin'sraing facity. nats of snowll f per: washington, dc 1:-1:1 but sunshine hased to celebration.....a friendly owball fight in washington's pont circle.slng arou the u.scatal. a palyzed ea coast i filly vinggain twcondause o tcuejenn johon, nbc news, washgton. hundreds oschohave alrdy ncelled asses tomoow ress has canelled votes tuesday and weesday... postponing any action til februa first. we are working to learn more about the death of a three month old by here inolroado rings. springpolice are calling it suspicus. itappened near airrt and muay. the crimes against children unit is lookingnto the baby death... although it's noclear how the
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e instigion also continues in a deadly hit d run crash in coloradoprgsast night. it happened around 7:30... onircle ar platt the victim was a pedestrian. poce a still looking for the suspect.... buthe ly descripon given was a light colored hicle. e victim's identity is not being released until hisamil isotifd. sps police also loing for suspectsfter a manas stabbed inhe che durg a roer the victimays he was in e area of nevada andount vie lane. when he was apprched by tw me he sayey demandey and abbed him ice in the .. taking his wt fore running f. thvictim cheked elf into the hospital and is ffereing nolife threatening iies. a smalsconsin towns mourning the loss of a 5-year-old boy after adly shooting last nigh hpened ouida piggly wily groce store. police say the w rg in the car with hisather wh someonpued up besidehem and opened fe. on news of the sing re around tn, the rctions went
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spike inun violence with someeighbo thiing about moving policeay they don'ha anysuspectsr a motive. toy-- a u-s-led coalition and iraqi security troops took part in a int miliry training exercise a team oamerican and spanish trainers led the exercise near bhdad -- to help the iraqi army with strategic planning in the fight ainst is. iraq's prime minister has asd the coaliofor more police training, particularly for sunnis who will haveo secure rama and other towns once isis militas are oued. in your eltion watch--- democric presidentl republican pdentia candidate donald trump aeared onmeet the press" this moing, talking abohe presidenale. "a bloomberg, your tion this potential candacy? hillary cnton he aood friend of mi. i'm ing to do the best i cato make sure that i get the nomination and we'll go om ther chk todd y're t worried abt him tting in hilly clton: ll, the way i read what he
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nonaon, he might conder it. well, gointo relieve of that and get the nomination so doesn'tave to." butted t "i would very much look forward a loof people change positions on things over years. the iowa caucus is jusover a
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dole is recalling baggedalads 23 stes aftn tbreak of listea, that's linked to one ath and the italizatn of 11ers. e illnses occued in six enstatesbut dole s it'secalng salad on a wider scale inn "abuan o can." invtigaono e outbreevealed ittarted a a plt in ohio. the salads in question are sol at wal-mart, aldi and krog- the pant comny of king soers. if you have any do sals with a package de starting wi the letter "a" in the upr righhand corner of the packe, you're advised tohrow it ay. a remind -izeth street in pueo expeed to reopen tomorrow betwn 13th and 14 streets aftewer le pas. cirews are wor to reve a sewer line, and affic is being reuted while thedig it up, replace and re-cover it. the replacement is part of a oject taking place over the next seral weeks. it'sicial... the denver bronocs are heading
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tebeating the paio just mites o at mile high. the a-f-c championship is also giving a bst to our local businesses. no surprise --ootball fa kept pizza shops across the area slammed with business all day today. we stoppedto s how louie's pia s taki t rush wnwn. th had extra boxes popped up and ready to gfore the game. but manars say the orders dung football seas aren't st limited to pizzas, they can ways tell when someone is throwing a watch par. "wings peoe ask for more wings,nd peoe ask for more plates, i know that'a weird thing but theylwaywant me ples when it'sootball season, assume it's because they'vgot a bunch of people who don't ven their housat their hoe an theyon't want to do all ose dishes" louie's pizza ll stay en afr the bigame tonight unt 11. and dot forget the wgs! at wing stop on the south side ey sol2-thousand wings before noon day. lines we o the door for pick-up -- many alreaddecked out inroncos gear. 9:16 there's nothing bte
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e game. the manager says the superbowl is always their siest day no matt who's pyi -- but with a ons victortohat means perbowl 50 is going to even busi. wi all that greafood, yo have to have something to wash it dn th -- and for mo foball fans, thameans col. coaln lior had a busy rning with a steady flow of bronco fans comingn to get their favoriteee wine, and fosome -a little tequila. andrea aiello/ons n sot:so yea i think drinking is essential part of football. helps get you excited and ke you up f the gam even if something bad happens you can stl ta a shot of tequila and call it all good. a loof people stopped in atoalt shey were stocng up for aftethe game, too. because after today's wi you cabet there will be plen o brating tonight. interesting twist for the nation'sop figure skating competition. 'll share the story of twin sisters competing agnst each
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but fit a live look outside... news five meterologist carlee
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she's xt on news five 4:3 a ouer d overall a oudi day ovellor your nday. ndwill pick up by this afternoon and be ithe 10-20
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that. modelsave been slowing passing of our colfront, so tempatures will still be above average ahead of it with highs getting into 50' thchance f rain/snow increases is afternoon/evening before chging over to all snow as our mpatures cooquickly wi thloss of daytime heatinand passage of cold front. any accumulatis should be on the lighside, only a trace to an inch or two, but we could haveome slicroadways where snow accumulated teeratures drop below freing. a colder day for monday with highs only in the 30 and 40's. a quiet start to the day, but snow wdevelop again for the afternoon anevening hours with few inches of accumulation possible, especially for areas west of i-25. snow will taper off overnight buclouds will linger for mt onueay. highs stay chilly t 30's and 's. high pressure d warmer temperatur build in for the restf the we with his back
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memories in the making for a pairf twin sisters... as they comped in t national fire skating
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their story after the break. check out this photo o check out this pho of this weekend's blizza out east --taken from space! nasa released the photo inrnational space station. the lights y see in the picture are fr whingn d-c, baltimore, phidelphia, and new york, all of which were coved in hea snow yesterda while many peopldon'look forward to shoveling the sn, one jers m fnd a fuand surisily fasway to get it done -- using a hoverbrd you can e itere -- he shoveledheeck by letting the hoverbrd do all the work. from the looks of it, he cleared the de in just a f minutes. howeve-- we dot recommend you try this at home. when thelizzard hit, a couple of officers in washiton d-
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pi-ugame of foll. u can only imagi what these guys thought when the patr car pulledand the poli asked play. in the video, u can see an officer catch the ball, knock a guy downnd tn run down the stet f wt looked lika tohdown. u saw right here koaa--- gracieold winning gold at the national chaionspsn st. ul. ahead of the cpetition... ers annusal tch-n te making. th herwin sier makg the cufor competitn. janet amlian caught up with the siers ead t prefan tsamn rie ac gold, an olympiannd former national champion, is among skatins rrent crop of royalty. ts scott hamton "eve dayf training you dam somethinlikes might happ to you." but when she skates for thisar natiotle, she won behe only 'gd'en girl on the ice. sot "scid to be acie's twin st, carly gold, al qlified for tchampionships. t janet "have the nerves ramped up yet?" sot carly "i'm going in completely witno
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el lucky tbe he." carly ug thekang bug thracie. fothe pa fewears, th0- year-os have tined in lifoia uer fs coach frk rrol the rls have bn life-long ommates, best friends and now, for the rsti, competitors. sot johnny "gracie and carly really in this competition will bout r fferent things gracie's rlly chleing for the tie and carly sort of st happy to be here." nbc sports analysts johnny weir and tara lipini. sot tara "it's ju such a incidee for somethg like that to actually happe is real ol." cay'be at the mpetition for years, aher sister's biggest fa. ts music srt pgram but ating the short prram thursday was her first taste of e spotght. sot carly "i'm just trying to really take a lot of pictures just so i can remember every ment from is pece asarlyop f a str fini, grie'sd ac going intoon's fre at. while skers sometimes won't
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not tonight. t grie o get orvous an ped up but not enough where i woul't wat her the whole competitor eachuit of thedefinitild. janet amlian, nb. paul, nnesota carly didn't place in the coition. t asou jsa..
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sist. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, colder day for monday with ghs ly in the 30 and 4s. a quiestar to the day, t wl lop agaifor e tern aneveng urs with a fewines oacculati possibl peci f are west i-25. snow will per off overght but ouds will linger for most tuesday. highs sthilly in the 30's d 40's. high pressure and warmer temperates bui ifothe rest of the week with highs back t 50's by thursday.
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snowstorm thlanketed washington d-c. thfour-legged members of the rst fami bo annny - were stted plang in the snow d wasting no time getting their precious paws wet. the black-and-white portugue war dogs wwaggineir taild barking through the blizzard. sters say re than 30 inches fell througut the nation's capital this weekend. th for watching news fe on your weekend all heays last news an
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on thisunda nigh the big dig out. cleaning up after the massive, deadly storm that dumped record-baking ous of snow landed pe out thr homndeft ions nded.nit,ur-dthcoverage of the blizzard that paralyzed t et cot and left its rk on hiory. final push. the candidates rni hard in iowa, just eight day bore the first votes for present. as a rult o a new ll, tells u whi repuic i surging. iid iran. t nucareal and laxing of sanction sw a lira shift by iran? richard engelin ou or eakfast. rchg n hes. weo hiking with a man who can teach us all somethibout ercoming the odds. "nightly news" begins
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