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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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-to-! let's take a look at how it happened... fans pumd for this oneurning mile high into a sea of orange! 1. peyton manningo owen danie, wide open, touchdo... 7-0. 2. tom brady has off to steven jackson, plo in fothe t-d. 7-6. 3. mannto daniels again... drags a toe.. t-. 14-6 brady looking for a man... cked o! solid defensends half. 5. 2 half... vonille.. tas brady down 6. brady wouldn't go down without fighting....toob gronkowski....
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18. 7. they wld misthe 2-int conversion... side kick... nothing doing. broncos are headedack to t super bowl, 20-18 thfinaat mile high broncos quarterbac"peyton manning" saythis nail- biting game was unlike any other! "it's been a unique season, there's no question about it. this game today was a unique football gam everybody did their partit truly was a team win." withhe chanpionship win,ans across our area have alrdy hit our local spting gds stores to get their chpionship gear. and local screen printing shops have beeworking through the night to bngven more merchandise to tse sres by early this morning. news 5's joannwise joinss live fm dick's sporting good.
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goodorni... many loc sho are goi to be opg their doors early fans can get their championshi ge brit and early is morning. he adick's sporting go e ors wi open in just a few hours at seven a-m. the minuafter the broncos won-e a-f-c championship shirtsmmiate went flying off the shelves. news5 stopped a cole stos last night. take a look athis video. a lot of excited fans rushed over to get theige. anmany die- hard fs sa these shirts take on auch larger meaning. "it means we'rgoing to the superbowl!!! you know it's fun, it's greo get behind the team, it's good to have something everybody's proud of ani think everybody played really hard r us" "ient and turnedff the hear m shedmp in my car and came downere, same ing weid two years ago when we won"
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thking of all the people i want to get them for, so we're all broncofans so it will be exciting!" local reen pters have be rking throughout t nighto keep up wiheemand. by this rning,bravo reprinti" wille up to 10-thousand irts printed and shipped off to loc retailers. and they shey'll be stand-byo work thrgh-out night once again if the brons becomehe sbo champs. reportinlin colodo springoanna se, ws 5. w is morni: a denver t-shirt cpanyorked througthe night-- nt thous -f-champiohi shts. "out of the ue" stard prting 360 shirts an hour thbroncos secured their victory ov the patrts. the owner says-- eone ere e bibroncos fansndhey
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print these irts. colodo isn t onlple getting pumpedp for the superbowl! take a look at this... after "champnship sunday" -- the empire ste buildg in new york-- showed off e colorsf both conferee champions! in thiphoto post on the building's twitt account-- you can see the new rk icon lit up in the cols of t broncos and the carolina panthers last night. denv will ve their hands ll in superbowl-50! with mvpandidate "cam newt" leading the nthers... the broncos definitely have their work c out for them!he top seeded panerdelivered a smack down to the arizona cardinals last night! at one point... lding 17-0 lead ov arona! rdinals trto come back... but that little up-risins put down forcefully... anit turns into a beat dn... panthers over the cardinals 49-
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to the super bowl for the second ti this is the second time team histor.. time now foreather and traffon the 5s. meteorologist stephen borss here nowith fit ert 5. this mor's dve trk o school will not be an issuteerates wbeth humi is up that canake the air el icy and co ttypical 20s do in colorado. ow will developinghis afrnooand can be aroun theveninive. be rea to sl thaivan take it easy to t home safely. snow this morning will likely be limited toorthern pas county from monument to calhan a snowy ot can delop up in the hills west o25, too. is morning willikely stay quiet overall ide from that ray spot of snow. temperatures aren the 20s mostly. humidity is up, making those 20s
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wind is another ise. when it picks up, it dropsind ills to the tes. a spot of snow in the hills or up othe palmer divide in nortrn el paso county cannot ruled out, but snow this morning wi scarc temperes at 10 am will be in the middle a upper 30s arod colorado sings andueblo. the north side of colodo springs and areas near monumt wille oser30 deg. temperatur wm through the 30s and 40s between noon and pm with snow limited to the high spots. snow will begin developi more up and down i-25 between 2 pm d 5 pm. it will become more abundant ter 5 pm snow amountsill ben the order of 1 to 3 inchescross el so and teller counties with tota of less than an inch from pueblo to caon city. right now... colorado springs pole are looking for the driver who fledhe scene of a deadly hit and run crash. it happened saturday night on circle drive near platte police say the vicm was a pedestrian .. an identity has not yet been released.
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ght now... colora sprin pole are looking for the driver whfled t scenef a adly hit and ruash. it happened satuayht on circle drive nr plat. poce sayhe victim was a pedestan .... an identity has not yet been leased. police say the suspect was iving a light colored vehicl younow ytng youe ked to call the police. today e instigatio inues into the dthf infant in lora sgs. police are calli it suspicious... it happeneover thend near airpond murray. the baby was only the months old.
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is handling the investigation... though it's not ear how e child died or if fo play was inlved. members of theueblo police union will awer qutions today about a survey the conducted in the community. as we've reported, that surv showed more thanalf of officers questioned strong disagree the citof pueo is safe, and two-thirds strongly disagreed that theare safe under the current management. city manager sam azad told news5, based on the number of complain hisfficreceived, somewhat expectedhat reonse. loradopr police are looking for e ects who stabbed a ma the chest during rry. it hapd on satday nit near na and mount view lane... the victim says heas walking when he waapproached by two men whdended mey from hi.. stabb h twicen his ches the victimt to t hosl ere heas treated foron- life teaning iuries. . th suscts d their ces co if you athing. you're asked to contact poce.
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with pikes peak united way and catholic charities will mee to conduct the 2016ointn-time survey. this is something that's done every year to he the comminuty t e number of holess in ed of services on a ngle night. it also brgs in rehan 7- million dollars in grants for our mmunity ch year. the funding that comes in is a major portion ofhat helps us e 4,0 people have exrienced homelessness. yr, pes peauned wlso launching it'sew campaign today called "31 ys on homlessness." the goal is to bring attenon to the iue in our communy. as part of the campaign, facility tou wbe offered at places that serve the homeless-- like the springs ueission, marion house a homees peak. stilahead.. the east coast tries to recover afr deadly wintestorms slam the region! why people are still having difficulty leaving their houses
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mocricresideia ndes face f on imptantissu... how th'rprarg just day
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e back. today... e democratic presidential ndidates are king the sge in iowa for a forum discussion.
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and rnie sanrs will all be in the hot seat... answering questiindividually at t town hall event adrake univsity. this jusa weekefore the io caucuses beg. which e e rst in the nation. also today... the man accused of shoing a iladelphia pole officer whe he was inse hipatrol r ll appear in urt. dward arch" will have preliminary hearg... he's charged witshooting officer "hartnett" threeimes earlier this nth.. investigators say during the ambush... the nman said he was doingt "ithe namef islam" officer hartnett survived the shooting. "archer" is currently being held without bond. ke lat ts...ceho videof rthquakehat rocked yesterday. you see the rs shaking inde gare! officis y the magnite seve poineuake destroy fouromes and knocked outower for thsaofpeop. lucky nonjuriewere po.
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e "stron quas"the ats utceraregion in decas! ethoughs ov... afrshocks could be felfor the next sevaleeks over on the east coast. frzing temperatures are slowing the removal of record snowfall from this weekends winter storms. today thousands of people still diing out from the suburbs of washingto to the outskts of new york city! nbc's edward lawnce has the latest... --- insert pkg --- nats w the sty turns srm clean up! cities dig out while dealing wi below freezing tempatures. so daniel whiting/ uber drer :05 "the roads uh... they'rok. the main roads a great. they're open; they're flowing, anthere's a lot of spots they haven't tohed yet, and there's a lot of mess out there." at least 30 aths are blad on stm. nyf em came from tffic accidents.. rs came om hrt attac reted to shoveng sw after it fl. several roofs so clapsed om the srm t: governor lay hon/ r rynd :28-:31 "getting back to business as usual is goi to take a coidable amount time." some neighborhoodsti burie because plows can't get there yet. chris gephart can't even see out of his window. natsot, "our second oor window
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covered inw..." :37-:41 rescue crews still resnding to emeries on streets with tw feet of snow. they lose minutes when every send counts. the mayor of baltimore could not give a timeline for clringhe stets. so mayor stephanie rawlingslaked baltimore,d :52-:58 "given the conditi of many of our strei ink it's safest for our citizens to mimize trel on r ads.on theeastern shore of new jersey it's flding not snow causg problems. t in d.c. residents made the best of a cold, uncomfortablsituation... inrt ends two second pause audio outcue: i'm edwa lawrence, nbc news, washington. ofcials say over eight-thousand flights were canceled up and down the east ast since the winter blastit on friday. evenoday... several flights are already cancelled in bostoand new york. flhts in both colorado sprin and nver have also been afcted. both airports are ging paengers to check with their airlinf you're heading to ars at got h by the storm. time now foreather andraic the 5s. meteolist stephen wers is
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this morning's dri to work or school will not be an issue. teatures will in the 20s, and humidity is up. that can me the air feel icy and colder than typical 20s do in colorado. snow will veloping thi afteoon d can be around for the evening driv rea to slowt ive and take it easy to gehome safely. sn this ing lely mito nern el paso county from monu tcalhan. a snowy spot develop up thhills west of i-25, too. this morni will likely sta quieoverall aside from that ray spotf ow. temperatures are ithe 20s moly hudity is up, making tho 20s feel a little more icy than normal. wind is anher issue. when it pickup, it drops wind ch to the teens. a spot of snow in the hills or up on thpaer dide in northern el paounty caot be rul out, but ow this morning will scae. temperatures at 10m will be in the ddle and uer 3 aroun colorado springs and pueo. e north side of corado springand areas near mument will be cler t30 degrees. tempatures warm through the 30s and 40s between noon and with snow limited to thhigh spots. snow will begin developing more
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d 5 pm. it wilbecome more undant after 5 pm snow amounts will be on the der of 1 to 3 inchescross el pasond teller counties with totalsf less than an inch from
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thhistoric storm on the east coast wa't bad f everyone! the four-legged members ofhe rst faly - bo d sunny - enyed all the snow in wagton-c! th blk-d-itportuguese water dogs were spotted playinound and barking throh this weekd'blizzard that ought more than 30 inches throughout nation's capital! still ahead... terorr in the y... ho7 people ended up in the hospal aft a traumatic
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lcome ba.. take a looat thi... strange occurae on ach ngland... where ur whales died after gettg stranded in allo war. officials say the of the sperm whales are bied toe died at sea before washing ashore... the fourth was stranded alive... but wildlife medicwereot able to save him in time. the huge mammals are believed to be fm the me pod of six sperm whal spoedarliern the week... a few h a... american rlines fwas forced to land in canada after seven people were injured during seve rbulence! the flight took off from miami
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turbulence strucover the atlantic ocean. the plane was then diverteto eastern cana... wherthe injured were taken to the hospital they include three flight attendants and four passengers. hersn thplane y they're lucky to be alive! "it was a very strong bump. thpilot said he never to a bump like that - never ever." "we were just riding along and then turbulence,nd it just kind o.. jordan "the plane actually dropped." karen "it rolled on its side and everything went flying and people and, it was pretty intense." the rle is ping for hotel rooms for all passenrs wle a new flight iscled. and in florida... a highway turns into a runway for a small plane! engine trouble prompted the lot to make an emergency landing yesterday right on the highway! surprisingly the pilot s able tavoid hitting any traveling cars! and th after fixing the engine... the pilot used the highway
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d head to the oridkeys! time n for weather and traffic on the 5s. meologist stephen bors is here now with first alert 5. this morning's drive to work or hool will not be an issu mpatures will be in e 20 anhumidity iup. th can make the aifeel icy and coerhan typical 20s do inolorado. sn will veloping thi afternoon and can around fo the evening drive. be ready to sl that dre and take isy to t home sely. snow ts morninwi likely be limiteto northern el paso unty fmonumento lh. sny sp canevelop up inthhills we of , too. thorni s iet overalaside from that ray osnow temperatur aren the s moly humidity is up, making those 20s el a le more than normal wi iotr issue. when it pickup, itrops wind ills te teens. a spot of snow in the lls or othe palm dide in nort el pa cntcannot ruled o, but thi morning will srce.
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the midd and uer0s around colodo springs and pueblo. thnorth side of colorado springs and areas ne monument will be closer to 30 degrees. temperatures warm through the 30s d 40s between noon and 2 pm with snow limited to the high spots. snow will begin deloping more and down i-25 between 2 pm and 5 pm. will become more abundant after 5 pm. snow amounts will be on th order of 1 t3 inches across el paso and tler counties with totalsf lessn an ih from
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coming up onews-5-toda the denver broncos pull through yet ain... going to the superbowl for their ghthtime in franchise story!! highlight's from last ts game... plus we'll tell you how much will cost you to get out to cali for thbig game! plus... spading all across colodo... how local businessre booming broncos head to the superbl! temperatures are in the 20and 30s th a quiet rar this morning. snow will be developing, and it may en begin as cold rain with temperatures in the 30s d 40 i will break down the timing of ow hour-r and ahead to a warmi week ming up in weather & traffic on the 5's. good morning, than for joing us on thisonday morning... 's janry 25th... i'shellene cockrl. and i'm ira cronin. first up this morning... a big sigh of relief for bronc fa... and total excitement.. as the team is hding to superbowl-50!!!
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