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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  KOAA  January 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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countr.. bulast night'same was a close one.. inl the fans on the edge of their seats! it came down to the final seco with only 17 left in the game... the patriots score a touchn putting them twoois behind the br new england goes for the two-point conversion. but it's a no go! the broncos pull out a 20-18 win! coh garyubiak sayse's proud of the bronc defense! we played trendous today a making the playst the ght times. i'st so proud of our foballeam. i got great respecfor the patriots. great victory, just very proud of our team. quarterback yt mning is headed to his urth ser bowl of his career... d e oncos e now tied with t steels and the cowboys wi eight super bowl bids - the most innfl history! fans aosour area have already hiour local sporting goods stores tget thr champiship gear. anlocal scre priing shops
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mercndise to those stores by early this mning. news 5's joanna wise joins us live from dick's sporting good... where, joanna, they'll b opening itdos in jusa w hours... good morning... many local shopsre going tbe opening their doors early so fans can get their championship gear bright and early this morning. ret ck sporting goods, the doors willpen in jusa few hours ateven a-m. the minus afr the broncos won-- the a-f-c champiship shirts immediately went flyi off the shelve news5 stopped couple stos st night. take a looat this video. a lot of excited fans rushed over to getheir gear. many dhard fans say these shir ton a much rger meaning. "it means we're going to the fun, it's greaet behind the teit'sood ave something everybods proud and i think everybody played really hard for us" "i went and tued off the heater in my shed, jumped in my
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thing we did two years ago en we n" "i totly jazzed, i'm inng of all e peop i want to get th for, so we're all broncos so it will be exciting!" local screen pinters have en working roughout the night to keep up with the demand. by this morning, "av screenprinting" will have up to 10-thousand shirts printed and shipped f to local retaile. and they say thell be stand-by to work throu-out night once againthe broncos become t serbowlchamps. reporting live in corado springs, joanna wisenews 5. ifou wt to cheer on e broncos in pson at the super bowl... th morning we have a realistic look at how much iwill cost you. we can tell this much, it's not going tbe cheap first-- airfare: leaving denver on friday,
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nday the 8th... tickets are betwn 3 and 500 llars a piece to get to and om one of theay aa's 3 airports. we checked with l of the major airlines, including southwes and didn't find any cheap tickets. plus-- hotels: plan on spending at least $400 dollars a niin san francisco... whe the per bowl pties a happing. clero the stadm sta clar 50 mis to the south, u'll stillpaying aleast $300 dollars aight. last-- game tickets. on stub huovernight -- the cheapest tickets we und we going for out $4-thousand dollars a piece. ose e for the nosebleeds. lower bowl... pecto patwice th ount. adding iall up- r 2 peop to f to the bay area, spend 2 nightsherend s in the "cheap seats"-- will set you back ny 10-thousand dollars. and th doesn't include food,
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that all sounds like a hard t thatounds like a harhit for u wallet! buhere in southern colorad.. all the broncos pe is helping the local econom pizza places were slammeall day yesterday-- and they'll only get busier now thadenver is inthe super bowl. downtown at louie'pizza they had a boxepopped up and adto go fore the game! and at wing stop on the south side othe springs theyold thousand wings-- an ur before kickoff yesterda lines were out the door for pick-up -- many alreaddecked out in brons gear. the mager says theupbo is always their busiest day no matter who'slayi... th t broos ithe g game, expect an ev craer sales here!
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at coaltra liquor on unitah... th saw a steady stream of cuomers before yesterday's game. last year -- it's estimated that ericans consum 325 million gallons of beer on per bo sunda weatheantraffic on the 5 meteorolist epn wers is here now with first alert 5. this morning'srive to wo or hool will not n issu teeratures wl be in the 20s, and humidity is . at canake the aifeel i ancolder than pical 20do colorado. l deloping this aften and can be arod for the evendrive. ready to sl thadrive and take it easyo get homeafely. ow ts morning will likely be limiteto ntherel paso county fromonument tcalhan. a snowy spot can develop up in the s st of i-too. this morning willike sta iet overl aside from that stray spot of snow temperures a ithe 20s mostly. midity is up, making tse0s feel a ltle more i than noal. winds another issue.
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il to the teens. a spot of snow in thhills or up on the palmer dive in northern el pasoounty cannot beuled out, but sn this rning will scarce. temperatures a10 am ll be in e middlendpper 30sund colorado springs and pueblo. the north side of colorado spngs and areas near monument wille closero 30 degrees mperures warm throh 30and 40s beeenoonnd 2 pm with snow limedo the high ots. snow will begin developi more and dowi-25 between 2 pm and 5 . it wl beco more abunda after 5 pm. snow amounts will be on the order of 1 to 3 ches across el paso and teller counti w totals of less tn an inch from
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.. sewer in eblo on elabeth street is wrapping up. e road was closed over the weekend betweeth and 14th streets. werove past it overnight-- theright ains closed and there's still some construction going on there. the replacement is part a
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looking ahead for you: e colorado springs cy uncil is eected to vote tomorrow on a proposal to cut and utility rafo colorado sprin utilities customers. commcial cusmersould see the biggest ra reducti -- nearly 11 peent. residential custers would see oua 4 and a half percent reduction in rates. c-s-u says the carthanks a drop fuel prices. we'll let you know what the cocil des. colorado sprgs may john suthers will join other city ficialin a briefg with pueblo county commissioners today. theyill talki about storm war. st year suthers mewith pueb leaders ttalkbo the "stormter liveys ortlter being elecd. today's meing set for 1:30 this afternoon at th committee's chbers at the eblo county courthou still ahead.. the salad linked to a deadly outbrelisteria... we'll ll you what to look out
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watc in today's your health family... there have been plenty of studies about support for mothers during and after chi birth. and now -- first of its kind research is done on the nefits of "doulas"... especially for low-income mothers. "lindsey seavert" reports. --- g --- nats "this is gointo be where you are ving youbaby at, t baby." as claire littleton nears the end of her third pregnancy, a doula has made the difference. nats "i'm eling good. you're feeli good? yh. you feel rdy? do he move a lot!" since clre and herusband had their first child, medicai expaed coveragof doula services, bringing her to clara sharp, of ah birth wks sot ara shp / doula "and so what a doula does is provide emotional suort for moms during heegnay and after prnancy." sot claire
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"there is a lot of ts i ink a lot ofom of color in the mmunity want but we n't ford it." sot katy kozhimannil / profsor, univeity of miesot "ionred why it wn't more accessible for women more broadly?" why ka kozil, ofessoand ther hlf, thor a brethrough st..showing low inme wom whceive ance ucation doula.. are ss ly to ha pre te birth ocostly-section. sot katy kozhimannil / profesr, university of miesota "those arehe women that nd to be at the highest risk of poor birthcos. theylstend to be womenho births a coved by medicaid. and taxpayers, we all financoustate meca program, and for our own sakes, looking for verage of services that provide valueis really important." katy hopes the findings will bring more outcomes close to clara sharp's heart. sot cla sharp / doul "but for somtoay that this work is important, these women can get the help they desee ey need, it meant a lot." delivering claire approaches a healthy 37 weeks. sot claire littleton / expectant mother
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." ininnesota. di-caireimrs foroula care... but researchers hope this study also makes strong case f the cost-effectiveness odoa cares a cod benefit. weher and afc on t 5s. teorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. this morning'srive to work or school will not be an issu temperatures will be in the 20s, d humidity iup. th c make thaifeel i and cold than typical 20s do in colorado. snowill developing this afternooand n be around for the evening drive. beeadyslow thadrive and taket easy to get home safely. sn this morning will lely belited to northern el paso county fromonument to caan a sny spot canevel up in the hills west of i-25, to this morning will like stay quiet overall ide fromhat stray ot of sn. temperates are in th20s st. midity is up, making those0s feel little more icy than rmal. wind is another issue.
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chil to thteens. a spot of snow in the hills or up on the palmer divide in northern el paso county ot be ruled outbut snow ts morning will scarce. temperatures at 10 all be in the middle and upper 30s around colorado springs and pueblo. thnorth sidef colorado springs anareas near monument will be clos to 30egre. temperes warm through the 30s and 40tween noon and 2 pm with snow limed to the high spots. snow will begin develong more up and down i-25 between 2 pm and 5 pm. it will become more abundant after 5 pm. snowmounts will be on the i-25 bweenm d 5 . it wl become morabundant afr pm. sn amounts will othe ordeof 1 t3 inches across el pasond teller counti with tals of ss than an inch from
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inhis morning's health watch. "dole" is recalling packag saladsroduced out of ohio... after one person died from a listeria outbreak linked to the s. the center for disease control says the person died in michigan
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six otr states havbeen hospitalized with listeria symptoms. at this meolorado is notn that list. the salads in quon were produced in ohio and carried several dierent mes. we've posted the fl list of recaed prodcuts the front pagef koaa dot com. there'a pusho mit the amountf in your ba experiences at the docrs office. thamerican acade of pediatrics is callinfor doctors to do whatev they can to ruce the ount of pain newborn d premature infants experience during routine procedures. gingabsugary solutions like sucrose and gluco has be shown to be effective. but peatexrts say he fe interveions like in-to-skin contact and stfeing are efivbut remain under-utilized. still ahead. if you me it outo the superbowl... we'll how you can get to the stadium for a cheap pr..
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, weome back..
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while oil prespiked friday-- ey're still at levels not seen in years. thateans-- gas pces-- are also l. according tohe "lundrg survey-- gas prices are at 7-year low, fain14 cts nationwidever the last two weeks. we checked triple-a for you overnight and found gas prices haveallen about 5 cents the last week. in colorspngs, a gallon of regula selling for an average of1-70 a gallon. pueblo-- gas is going for about 1-68 a gallon. triple-a predicts gas es will stay low this yr-- an shouldn't risebove 3-dollars a gaon. it's january 25tbut it's not too early talk abt your taxes. and some big changesre i store for you this yr. ase'veorte- your tax return or exteiois due mondap18. at's because it's a leap year, and friday, ril 15th is lidain washing-c-. also newhis -- the 1095 form... where u detail where you
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there's a stiffer penalty th ar forhose without innc- it now325 dollars or 2 percentf taxae income, ver isreater. thi-r-also says to file eay-- so you sy ahd of cyrcrooks who are ng social secu numberd clming refunds. if you're planning on cheering on the broncos at super bowl -- uber wilw be an opti to get you to and from levi's stadium. "ride-hailing" cpany inked an excluve deal with the n-f-l last ek tpi up and drop off football fanatuper bl ad in the past the n-f-l banned companies like uber and lyft lift from traporting fans to th big ga. weher d trfic the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first er5. this morng's drive to wo or school will not be an issue. teeratures will be in the 20s, and humidi is up.
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and colder than typical 20s in col snow will developing this afternoon and can be around fo the evening dr be ready to slow that drive d ta it easy tgeme sely. ow this rninwillikely be limited to northn elaso unty fromonument to calhan. a snowy sp can delop up in ths westf i-, too. is morningl likelyta t ovalaside from that stray ot osnow temperatures are in e 20s mostly. humidity iup, making those 20s fe a littlmo tha normal wind is another issue. when it picks up, it drops wd chills to the teens. spot of snow ithe hills the divide in northernl soountcann beuled out, but snow this morning will scarce. temperatt 10 am will be in the middle and upper 30s around colorado springs and pueblo. the north side of colorado springs and areas near monument wille closer to 30 degrees. tempates warm through the 30s and 40s betwn noon and 2 pm with ow limited to the high spots. snow will begin developing more up and down i-25 bween 2 pm and 5 pm. it will become more abun after 5 pm. snow amotsill be on the order of 1 to 3 inchcross el paso and teller counties wh
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limiteto the high spots.
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first up at 5-30... the broncos are going to superbowl!t was a nail bitter at the e, but they did i the team managed tpull a wilast night takindown the new engld paiots. 20-to-! let's take a looat how it happened... fans pumped upor
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a sea of orange! 1. peyton manng to owen daniels, wide touchwn... 7-0. 2. tom bry nds off steven 2. tom ady hands f toteve ckson, plows in for the t-d... 7-6. 3. manning to daniels again.. drags a toe.. d. 14-6 4. brady looking for aan... picked off! solid defee ends ha. 5. 2nd half... von miller... takes brady wn. brady wouldn't go down without addown. 6. ady woul't go down witut r kowski.... 20- 18. 7. they would misthe 2-point conversion... onside kick...
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broncos e head back tohe super bowl, 20-18 the final at mile high broncos quarterbac"peyton nning"ays thisail- biting game was like any ot "it's been a unique season, there's question abouit. this ge today was a unique football game. everody did their part, it y was a team win." with the chanpnship win, fan across our arehave already hit our local spting goods stores to getheichampionship gear. and local scre printing shops have been working throug the ght to bring even more merchandise to those ss by early thisorning. news'soannwise joins us ve from dick's sporting good... where, joanna, thell be opening its doors in just few hours... go morning..
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openinthr doors early so fans can get their championship gear bright and early this rning. he at dick's spoing good the doors will open in just a few hours even a-m. the minutes after the broncos wo- the a-f-c champiship irtsmmedtelyent flying off the shelves. news5 stopped a uple stos last night. take a look at thivide a lot of excited fans rued to get their gear. and ny die- ha fans say these shir take a much larg meaning. "it means we're going to the perbl!!! younow 's fun, it's great to get behindhe team, 's gooto hav someing everybody's proud and i thk everybody play really hd for us" went an turned off the heater in my shed, jumped in my car and came down here, se thing we didwo years ago when we n" "i'm totally jazzed, i'm thinking of all the people i want to get th for, so we're all broncos ns so will exti!" local reen pinte have been working throughout t night to
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by this morng, "bravo screenprinting" will have upo -thousand shir print and shipd ofto localetairs d they say thell be on anby twork through-out night once again ithe broncos become the superbowlchps. reporting live in colora spring joanna wi, news 5. new this morning denver t-shirt com wke through thnigh- to print thousands of a-f-c championship shirts "out of the blue" started printing 360 srtan hour ce the broncos secured their victory over the triots. e owr says-- everye ere are big oncos fans and they were honored to get the call to print these shirts. colorado isn thenly place gettinpumped up for the superbl! take a look at this... after "championshisunday" the empire state buiing in n york-- showed off the colo of both conference champions!
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building's ttter account-- you can see the new york icon lit up in the colors of the broos a e carolina panthers last night. deerill have their hands ll isuperbowl-50! with m-candidate "cam neon" leading the nthers... the broncos definite he eiwork cut out forhem! the top seeded panthers delivered a smack downo tharizon cardinals lastight! at one poi... lding a 17-0 lead over arizona! cardinals try to come back... but th little up-rising was t down forcefull.. and turns into a at down... panthers or the cardins - to-1 and t pantheradvance to t sup bowl for e cond time this ithe second time in team history... of course we know broncos fans are me of the most dedited... but panthers fans are also falling headver heels for their team!
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after a touchdn lt nit's game ainst the arizona cainals, a panther fan's celebration went a little t far! while trying to high-five line- backer "luke keuchly" keek-ly the fan flips over the end-zone wall and onto the field! keuchly and serity helped the fan up... and he eventually makes itack ov into his seat! surpsingly he was noinjured! timeow for weathernd tic onhe 5 meteorogist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. thorning's driveo wo or ho wilt an issue. temperaturesill be in the 20s, d humidity is up. thatan make the r feel icy
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will deloping this afrnoon ann around for evg drive. bedyo slow tt drive and ta it easyget home safel snow this morning likely be miteto nthern el paso county from monunt to calhan. a snowy spot can develop up in ths west of i-25too. is morningl likely stay quiet overall aside from that stray spf snow. temperatures a in the 20 moly. humidity iup, makingse 20s feel a littlmore icy t normal. wind is her issue. when it cks up, itrops wind chills to e teens. a spot of snowthe hills or up on the palmer divide in northern el so county cannot be ruled o, but snow thi morning wi scarce. temperatures a10 am will be in the middle and upper 30s around colorado sings a puebl the north side of colorado springs anareas ar monument will be oser to 30egrees. temperatures warm through the 30s and 40s between no and 2 pm with snow limited to thgh spot snow will begin developing more up and down i-25 betwe 2 pm and 5 pm. it will become mundant after 5 pm. snow amounts will be on e order of 1 to 3 inches across el so and telleunties with totals of less than an inch from
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righ codo sprin police are lookfoe who fled the sce of a ad hiand run crash. it hapned satuay night on circle drive near platte. police s the victim was pedestrian .... an identity has not yet been leased. police s the suspect was driving a light colored vehicle. if you know ythi you're asked toall the police. today thinvestigation continueinto the death of an fant in colorado springs. lice are calling it suspicious...
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airport and murray. the baby was only the mont old. the imes against children unit is handling the investigation... alough it's not ear the child died or if foul play was involved. members of theueblo police union willnswer questions today about a survey they coucted inhe community. as we've reported, that survey showedorthan half of officersuestioned strongly digree the city pueblo is safe, d two-thir sgly disagreed that ty are safe under the current mana city manageramzad news5, based on the number of complaints his office reived he somewhapected t reon. lora springs police are lookg fothe spectsho stabbed a man in the chestduring a robbery. appened on satury night nearevada and mount ew ne.. thct says heas walking when he s proach by o men who demand money fm him... th stabbed h twice in his ches thvictim went t hostal
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fe teatening injurie . both spects had thr face covered. if y aing.. yoresked tcoact police. haening toda- volunteers with pes peaunited way and catholic charitiewill meet up to conduct the 16 point-in-time survey this is somethinthat's done every to lp the comminuty cot e numb of mess need of services on sing night. it also ings in more than 7- milln dollars in grants for our community each year. the fundg that ces iis a majoportion of what helps us serve 4,200 people who have experiend melessness. this year, pikes peak uned way islslaunching it's n campaign today called "31 days on homlessness. the goal is to bring attenon to the issue in our community. as part the cpaign, facility tours will be offered at places that serve the homeless-- like the ris rescue mission, marion house a homewardikes peak.
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e east cst tries to recover aftedeadly wr stms slam then! why le are sll h diffulty leaving their houses today! pl. decratsidential candidates face off on impornt issues... how theypraring just days
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outeer t outender turwithllhite bast meat and no artificiapreservatives, it'sarto rist. evenor us. atale turkey fr rhode island mart! how am i supposeto do quality controlif can't eat the product? you workn accounting. the tender turkey breast ndwich,
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,,,,,,weba.. day... thdemocratic predential candidatesre taking t stage in io for a forudiscussion. hillary clinton, martin o'mall d rnieandersl all be ie hot seat. answing questions invidual the town ll e adrake ersi. this just a week before thio causes beg... icare the first in the nati al tod... the man cused of soting a phadphia li officer while he wa inside his patrol cawill
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"eard archerwi have a preliny hearing. he's chaed with shooting officer "hartnt"hree times eaier this month.. investigators say during the bush.. the gunm sd he was doing it "in the name of islam" ofr hartnett survived shooting. "archer" is currently being held withoubond. take ak at cell phone video of an rthqkehat rocked alaska yesterday. you n e these rs shang inside a garage! cials y the magnite seven-oint-one qke destr uromes and knock out for thounds of ople. luckily no injs were poed officis arlling ne"sgest qken the e's h-central re in dedes! even though it' er... aftershocks could be felt for the next several weeks! er on the eastoast... freezi temperares are slowing the remol of recordnowfalfrom this weekends winter stor. todathousands of people are still diing out from the suburbs of washington... t outskirts of new york city! nbc's edward lawrence has
5:35 am
--- insert pkg --- nats now e storturns to storm clean up! cities d o whi deg wi bel freing temperates. sot:iel ing/ber driver :08-:15 "the roads uh... they'r. thin roads are great. they're open; they're flowing, and there's a lot of spots they haven't touched yet, and there's a lo mess out there." at least 30eaths arblamed on e storm. many of th came om traffic accident. hers camfrom heart attacks related tohovelingnow after it fell. several roofalso collapsed from the storm sot: governor larrhoga r maland :2831 "gting back to business as ual isoing to take a considerable amount of time." me neighborhoods still buried beuse plows can't get the t. chris gephart can't even s out of his window. natsot, "o second floor window is comety covered in snow..." 7-:41 scue crews still responding to emergencies streets with two feet of snow. they lose minutes when every cond cous. the mayor of balmore cld not give aimeline for cleang the stres. sot: mayor sphan rawlings-blake/ d baltimore, md :52-:58 "given the condition omany of
5:36 am
for our citins to minimize avel on our ad" on eastern shore of newsey it's floodingot snow causing obms. in.c residents made the best of a councomfortable situation... insert ends twsecond pause auo outcue: i'm edrd lawrence, nbc news, ington. officials say over eight-thousand flights were canceled up and downhe east coast since the wint blast hit on friday. even today... several flights are already cancelled in bn and ne york. flights in botcolodo sings and denver have also been affected. both airports are urging passengers to check with their airlines if you're heading areas that g hit by thstorm. time now f weather and traff ons. meorist stephen bowers is re now with first ert 5. this morning's dve to work o school will not aise. temperatures will be in the 20s, and humity is up. that can make the aiel icy and colder than typical 20s do in colorado. snow will developi this afternoon and can arod for the evening drive.
5:37 am
taket o get home safely. snow thimorning ll likely be lited toorther p county fromonume to calhan. a owy span delop up in the hills west of i-25, o. this morning will likely stay iet overall aside from that stray spot of ow. temperatur are in the 20s mostly. humidity is up, making those 20s el a little more icy than noal. wind is another issue. when it picks up, it drops wind chills to the teens. a otf snow in the his or up on the palmer divide in northern el paso county cannot be red out, but ow this morning will sca temperatures at 10 am will be in the mile and uer 30s around colorado springs and pueblo. the north side of colorado springs and eas near monent will be closer to 30 degrees. temperatur warm through the 30s and 40s between on and 2
5:38 am
ill ahead... terorr in the y... how 7 people endedp in the hospital after a traumatic
5:39 am
weome back... just a few hours ago. anmecan airlines flight was forced to land in canada after seven peop were inred ring sere tuence thflig toooff from m d was headed to italy when the turbulence struck over the laic ocean. e plane was en divted to eastern canada... where the injured were ten to the hospital. they include three flight atndants and four ssengers. hers on the plane say they're luckto be alive! "it waa ve strong bump. the pit said he never took a bumpe that - never ever. "we were just di along and then turbulence, and it just kind of... joan
5:40 am
karen "it rolled on its side and everything went flying and peop and, so it was pretty intense." the aiine is paying for hotel rooms for all passengershile the aiine is paying for hotel rooms r all passengers whi a new flight is schedule and in florida... hiway turns in a runy r small plan engine troublerompted e pilot to make anency nding yesterday ght onhe highy! surprisingly e pit was able to avoid hitting any travelg cars! and then... after e. the pit used the higayake off back ith .. ad to thorkeys time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meteologist stephebowers is
5:41 am
this morning'srive to rk or school wilnot be an issue. temperatures wl be in the 20s, and humidity is up. th can make the air feel i and coldean pical 20s do in corado. snow will developing this afterno and can be around for the ening driv be ready tsl tt dre and taket sy to get homeel snow thimorning llikely be limito northern el pasunty from momentcalhan. a snowy spot c develop up in the hills west of i-25, too. this morning will likely stay quiet overall ide fromhat stray spot osnow. temperaturesre in th20 stly. miditys up, making those 20s feel a littlmore icy tn normal. wind is another issue. when it picks , it drops wind chills to the teens. a spot of snow in the hills or up on the palmer divide in northern el paso county cannot be ruled out, but snow this morninwill scarce. temperaturt 10 am wille in e middlend upper 30s around
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the north side of colodo springs and areas nearonent will be closer t30 degrees. temperatures warm through the 30s and 40s between noon and 2 pm with sn limited to the high spots. snow will ben developingore up and down i-25 beten 2 pm an5 pm. it will beme morundant af5 pm. snow amounts will be on the order of 1 to 3 inch across el paso and teller unties with tals oless than annch from
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super bowl bound! we'll walk you through yesterday's ic win by the broncos-- d new this morning-- much cash you'll have pony up if you want go super bowl 50. stormwater-- a topic of convtionn pueblo today. the trip- by colorado spring nd solutions. temperatures are in the 20s and 30th a quiet radar this moing. snowill be deloping, andt may en begin as coldain with temperatures in the 30s and s. will bak dowthe mi o thsnow hour-by-hr and look ahead to a warming week coming up in weather & traffic on the s. good morning, thanks for joining us on this monday, january5. i'm shellene cockrell. and m a cronin. first at 6 a big sigh of relief for broncos fans...
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