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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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as the team is hding to superbowl-50 it great news broncos y... but last's game s a cle one.. putting althe fan e edge of their seats! it camdown to the final ses! th only secds left in the game... the patriots score a touch-dow ttinthem t points behind the broncos! new england goes e two-point conversion... but 's a no go! the broncos pull out a 20-18 win! deer is w tied with the steers and the cowboys with eight supebowl bids the most in nfl history y need to pick upom a-f-c championshipear fore youeed to pick up se a-c chamonsh gear befo work this moing-- you're in luck! news 5's joanna wi is live at e chapel hills mall in colodo springs-- joanna? good morning... many lal shops are going to beening thr doors eay so fans can g their championship gear bright and eathis morning.
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the doors will open inust a w hours at seven a-m. the minus after e broncos won-- the a-f-c championship shirts immediately went flying off the shelves. news5 stopped a upleres last night. take a look at this video. a t of excited fans rushed over to get their gear. d many diehards say shirake a much laer meaning. "it means we're ing to the surbowl! you kit'sun, it's gre to gebehind t team, 's gooto have somethg everybodproud of and i think everyby ayed really harfor us" "iand tued off theeatey ed, mped in my car and came down here, same thing we d two years ago when we n" totallyazzed, i'm inking of all the pe i wa to get them for, so we' aloncos fanso it wl be exciting!" local screen pinters he be woing rohohe nit to keep with dema. by ts morning, "avo screenprinting" wi have up to
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shipped off to local raile. and th say they'll be on stand-by to work through-out night once again if the oncos become the superbowl champs. reporting live in colorado springs, ja se, news 5. if you want toheer on e broncos in pson he s bowlhis moing weave a realistic look at how it wi cosyou. runchesome numrs and bottom line: it's not going to be che rs- aiare: avindenv ofriday february 5th and returning monday the 8th. tickets are between 3 and 500 dollars a piece to get to d from onof the bay area's 3 airports. hecked with all of the major airlines, cludg sohwt, d didn't find any cheap tickets. xt-- hotels: plan on spending at least $400 dolls a night in san francisco...
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oser tthe stadium in santa clara, 5miles to the south, you'll stilbe ping ateast $300 dollars a night. lastly-- game tiet on stub hub overnight-- the cheapest tickets we found were going for about $4-thousan doars a piece. ose are for the nosebleeds. lower bo. expetwice th ount. add it all up-- for 2 people to fly tohe bay area, spend 2 nights there and sit in the "cheap seats"-- will set you ba nearly 10- thousand dollars. and that doesn include food, soeniers or a rental car. the bronco's playoff run is great fothe l ecomy. pizza places were slammed l great for the locaeconomy. pizza places were ammed al day yesterday-- and they'lonly get busier n tt nver is in
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we spped in to see how louie's pizza wataking the rush downtown. theyad extraoxes poppeup d readto go fore the game. at wing stopn the south side the sprgs they sold 2-thousand wings-- an houbefore kickoff yestery! lines were out th door for pick-up -- many already cked out in broncos gear. e manager the superbowl is always theibusiest day no matter who's playing... with the broncos in the big gameexpect aevenrazier sas he. beer-- the bt compliment t pizza and wis. coaltrain liquor on unitah saw a steady stream of customers beforeesterday's ge. last year -- it's estited that americans consumed 325 million gallonof beer super bowl sunday. weher antrfic on thes. chief morning meteorologist
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fit alert 5. this morning's drive to work or school will nobe aissue. temperatur will be in the 20s, and humity is up. that can make the air feel icy and colder than pil s do in corado. snow will developing this afternoon and n be aund for the eveng drive. be ready tsl that ive and take it easy to get home safely. snowhis morning will likely be limiteto northerel paso untyrom monument to calhan a snowy spot c devopp in e hillwest of i-25, too. thisorng will likely stay quiet overall aside from that stray spot of ow. temperatures aren the s mostly. humidity is up, mang tse 20s feel aittle more icy than normal. wind is another issue. when it pickup, it dps wind chills to the teens. a spot of snow in the hills or up on the palmer divide in northern el paso county cann
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temperatures at 10 am will be the middlend upper 30s aroun colora sprgs aueblo. the rth side of colorado springs and areas near monumen will be closer t30 degrees. temperatures warm rough the 30s and 40s between onnd 2 pm witsnow lited to the gh spots. snow wl begin devepi more up and dowi-25 beten pm and 5 pm it will beco morabundant after 5 pm. ow aunts will on the ordeof 1 to 3 inches acrosel paso andellecounties wh
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now to a traffic alert: sewerk on elizabeth street shld wrap up today. the road was closed over the weend betwee13 and 14th streets. we droveast ornight-- the rit lane remns closed and there's still so cstruction going on there the replacemt arof a ojechaeninoverhe next seral wes.
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the corado springs city council is expected to vote torrow on proposal to cu gas and ility tes for radoprgs ulities custers. coercial crs would see e biggest ra reducon-- arly 11 percent. sidential customs would e about a 4 and a lfercent reduction in rates. c-u says the cuts e an to a drop in fuel prices. we'llet u kn whathe council decides. colorado springs mayor jn suths will jn her city ficials in a briefg with pueb county commoners today. they will be talking about storm water. st year suthmet with pueblo leaders ttalk about the "stormwater deliry system" shory aftebeing ted. y's etinis s for 1:30 this afternoon at th commtee's chambers at e cnty cothse gas ices-- hit a 7 year low! ming up in your consumer tch,owong e low ices are expectedo last. and: a big recall to tell you about-- involving bagged sal
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one death. ins morns ur healthy family... there haveeen plen of sties about support for mothers during and after child birth. now-- first of its kd research is being conducted on th
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"liney s-ver rorts. --- pkg --- ts "this is going be where you are having yr baby at, the space whyou are having your baby." aslaire littton nears the end of her third pregnancy, a doulhas made the difference. nats "i'm feeling good. you're feeling good? yeah. you feeleady? does hmove a lot!" since claire and her husband h their first child, micai expaed ceragof doula rvices, brinng h to cla sharp,f ah bir works sot clara shar/ doul"and so what a doula does is provide otional suppt for momsing her ncy and ter pregna" sot cl littleexpectaner "there is a lot of things i think a lot of womencolor in the community want but we can't af it." sot ty kozhimannil / ofessor, uversity of minnesota "i wonded why it wasn't more cessible for women more oadl" y ka kozhinnilesr moerlfauor a brktoughdy.swi l co o ree idannd atn omoula.. less lely to have a e termirthr cost-section. sot katy kozhimannil / professor, uversity of miesota
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to be at the highestisk of poor birth outcomes. they also tend to be womenhose rths are covered by medica. and as taxpayers, we all finance our state medicaidrogram, d for our own sake looking for verage of servic that providvalue, is really important." katy hopes the findings wi bring more outcomes close to clara arp'heart. sot clara sharp doula "but for se to say tt th works importanhese women caget e helphey deserve and they nd, it meant a lot. livering rssurance...a clai approachea hethy 37 s. sot claire littleton / expecnt moth hope i ve a sedy birt in minnesota... medi-caid reimburses for doula care... but searers hope this sty also makes a strong case for the co-eectivessf doula care as a covered benefit. ts mornins alth watch... "dol irecalling some packaged saladafter one personied fr a lister outbreak liedo the sad.
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says the psodied imichigan and at least 12 ople acr six other states havbeen hospitalized with listeria mptoms. rit now colorado is not on that list. the salads in question were producedn io cried veral different nas. we've post the fulli of recaedrodcuts the fronpage of koaa dot com. wer d afonhe 5s. chief morning meteorolist stephen bowers is here now with first alt 5. is mning's drive to rk or schoolill t an issue. temperatures will be ithe 20s, and humidity is up that can make the air feel icyand coerhan typical 20s do in colorado. sn will developing this afternoon and can be arod for the evenindrive. be rea to slow tt drive and ke it sy tt home safely. snow this morning will likely limito nthern el paso county from monument to caan.
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up in the his west of i-25, to this morningill likely sy quiet overall aside from that stray spot of snow. tempatures are in the 20 mostly humidity is up, making those 20s feel aittlmore icy than normal. wind is another issue. wh it picks up, it drops wind chills to the teens. a spot of snown the hills or up on the paerivide in nohern el paso county cannot bruled t, but snow this morning will ar. tempatures at 10 am will be in the middle and upper 30s aund colorado sprin andueblo. the north side ocolorado springs d areas monument wi be closer to 30 degree temperatures wm through the 30s and 40s betweenoon and 2 pm th sw lited to the high spot snow will begin delopingore up a down i-25 bween 2 and pm. it will become morabundant after pm. snowmountsill be on the order of 1 to 3 ches aoss paso andler unties with totals of less than an inch om
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natsclosing bell ts of closing bell in tod'sonsumer watch... dow futures at right now-- ahof this morning'opening be. but-- another surge in oil prices helpepush higher overseas in monday trading. oil prices jumped rcent in u-s tring idayo 32 dollars a barrel.
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they're still at levels not seen in years. that means-- g prices-- are alsoow acrding to the "lundberg rvey" -- gas prices are at 7-year low faing 14 cts natnwide ov the last t weeks. we checked triple-a for you overnight anfound gas pric have falleout 5 cents in the lastee in colorado springs, a gallon of regulaiselling for an avage of $1-70 a gallo pueblo-- gas is gog for about 1-68 a galn. iple-aredicts gas prices ll stay low this year-- shouldn't rise above 3-dollars a gall. it'sanuary 25tbut it's not too early to talk about your xes. and me b changes are in store for you this year. as we' reported-- your tax return or exnsion is due monday, april 18th. at's bau is a leapear, d friday, april 15th is a holiday in washington, d-c-. also new this year-- the 1095 form. where you detail where you
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there's a stiffer penalty this year for those without insurance-- it's now $5 dollars or 2 per of taxable in, whichever great. the i-r-s also says to file early-- so you sy ahead of cybercrookwho are stealing sial serity nus and cl ref. turf trouble? at the n-f sayit'soing to try and calconcerns about bad ass at t super bow stadium. and: rning the midnight oil. new this mor-- the credible rate a deer cpa is churng at... turninout a-c chpionship
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a liveook atenve- still basking in last ght'big win by the denver bronc in the a- f-c championship ge. we're just 13 days away -- from super wl 50-- when the denver brcos will take on the carolina panthers. everbodys gettg into t super bowl spirit. after "championship sunday" -- the empire state building in new york-- shod ofthe colors of the conference champions. in this photo poed on the builng's twierccnt-- you can see the new york in lit up in the colors of the broncos and panthers last ni levi'stadium, the te of super bowl 50, has only open since
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since it's openi-- the stadium haenguedith problems with its turf. but the n-f-l sayshat won't be an iss in twweeks the broncos and pahers face off in the bigame. the league has a policto replace the turf before th subowl. is is videof crewsoing just that-- earlier this month. while california is in a drought, it's been a very we winter so far, thanks to el nino. thn-f-says it's ready fo anything mother nature tows its way. "we'll deal th mother nature as she comes. an py with it al little bit. we can cheater her little bit, but e'll never defy it. if it's going toain, is going to rain. 'll prepare for it. we've got tarps at wilcover the field fora and we've got tarps to cover the field for freezing tempetures. all that's left to finish prping the field-- painting thlogos of the brcos and panthers! if y're planning on cheering on the broncos at super bowl
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to get you to and from levi's stadium. e "ride-hailing" company inked an excluve deawith the n-f-l st week to pick up and drop off football fans super bowl stadium. in the past the n-f-l baed companies like uber and lyft lift om transportinfanso the big game. a majority of betts-- pu their moy on new engnd winning e a-f-ampionship. according tonews-- at ceas'spalace-- nearly 70 percent of the 1 point 4 million wagers made -- were oe triots dismantling the broncos. so-- if you're looki to war on the super bowl-- do you dare befor the "favorite?" we checked with egasider dot m. most odds makeput thpanthers -- at aboua invorite over the broncos. some histo: e broncos haven't playedhe nthersince 2012-- wh de steamrolled carolina 36 to 14 in charlotte.
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at levs adm. all morning we've shown you some cool mchandi celebranghe on's bigin itha-f-c amonip game. but oncolorado company is king it a st f. nethis morni-- a denver-shirt shop spent the night printing tusands championship shis. "outf e blue" red up the machin once denver secured the win last night. they're cranking out shirts at a rate of 360 anour! if you want get your hands on some a-f-c championship merchandisearly thg this morning-- ay with for a live report, coming up at 6:30. weher d trfic on t 5s. f rning orogt stephebowers ihe n wh first er5. this morng's dri to workr school will not be an issue. temperatures will be in the 20s,
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that c make the air feelcy a colder than pical 20s do in colorado. sn will developing is aerno and can be arounfor e evening dr be ready to slow that dre d ket sy tget home safely. ow this moing will likelbe limited to northern el paso cotyrom monument to calhan. a sny spot can develop up in e hills westf i-25, too. this morni will likely stay qut overall aside from that st spot of snow. temperatures a in the 20s stly. humiditys up, making tse 20s feel a little more icy than normal. winds anotheissue. en it
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to t teens. a spot of snow in the lls or up othe palmer divide in northern el so county cannot be ruled out, but ow this morning wi scarce temperatures at 10m will the midd and upper 30s around colorado springs and pueblo. e nortside of lorado spr and areas near monument wl beser to 30 degrees.
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next at 6:: our coverage of the broncos continues -- with how you can show of some a-c champion pridbere you head to work! and: wel breadown what the uned wais doingoday-- to bring
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now at 6:3 the broncos are gog the superbow the team manago pull out a win last nigakindown the new glanpatriots... 2018! let's take a look at how it happen... e fans turned out it was a sea of oragne... that was ld and... peyt manni needed to have a good ga. so it was a great sign when he found daniels for the touchdown. putting the broncos up 7-0... but the patriots wld not go quiey... as tom brands has off to steven jackson, plows in for t d... buthe pat's mied the point after.nd trailed 7-6. and if it's not broken... stay with it... maing airs iout... for niels again... anlo athe foot work... ge bh fe and it's a 14-6 oncos .. the defense betossert emselves... 4.
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but it's the broncos dense coming away with one of 2 cks on the day... 2nd half now... and the defense keeping the pressure o.. vo miller... with o of 4 sacks brady on the day... but this one had a nl bitter of a finish... final nute... 4th angoal... and tom brady s rob gronkows tpull the pariots with-in 2 points... 20-18. but they couldn't convert 2 int attempt to tie t game... so they tried the onside kic.. r one final shot at the endzone... but the broncos recover it. and are headed back to the super bowl, 20-18 the final at mile gh broncos arterbk "pto manning" says this nail- biting game was unlike any othe "it's been a unique season, the's no qstion abou this game today was a unique footll ge. everybody did eir part, it truly was a am win." everybody did thr part, it truly was a team w."
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have some options th morning you want to show off the brco big win ithe a-f- chamonship game. news 5's joanna se ilive at the chapel hil malin lorado springs-- joan? good morni... many local shopsre going tbe opening their doors early so fans can get theirmpiohip gear bright d early this moing. here at ck sporting goods, the doors ll open in just a few hos at sev a-m. the minutes aftee bronco won-- the a-f-chpionship shirts iiately wenflng off thshs. stoppea coupleto last night ta look at this video. a t xced fans rushed over to get thar. and ma die- hard fans sa
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larg meaning. "it mes we're gog to surbowl!!! you know it'sun, it great to get behind the team, it good to have sothing erybody's proud of ani think everybodplayed really hard fous" "i went and turned off t heater in m shed, jumped in my c and came down here, same inwe did two years ago when we won" "i'motally jazzed, i'm thinking of l the people i nt to gethem for, e're all brcos so itill exciting!" local screen pintersave en working througho the night to ke up with the demand. by this mornin "bravo screenprng" will have up to 10-thousand shts printed and shipped of local retailers. and they say ty' be on stand-by twork throu-out night once again if e broncos co the superbowl amps. reportinlive in lorado rings, joannnews 5. denver police having se fun-- he patriots' expse. ng thest half of yestday's game, the dement tweed this missinpeons uniteading orts autri field t and te patrinse. go broncos.
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denver will have their hands full in surbowl-50! withvpandidate "cam neon" leading the panthers... the top seeded panthers in the n-f-c... delivered a smack down to the arona cardals last night arizona was on the cusof making it a contest a couple of tes... buthose efforts wereuickly acked down.. and thpanthers keptheir foot on theas in e secoalf... turning it into a beat down... arizona had 7 turn or... and thpanthers win it .. 49-to-15! advanc the super bowl -- for the cond time is is the second time ineam history. members the pueblo poli union will answer question toy out a rvey they condted the community. as wve rorted, tt rvey showed more an half of officers queioned stly diee theity of pueblo isafe, and two-thtrongly disagr that they are under the cuenmanagement. cianager sam azad told
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complats his officived, he somewhat expeed that reonse. ather and trafc on t 5s. chief morng meteorologist stephen bors is heow wit rst alert 5. this morning's drive to work or school wl not be aissu mperatures will be ithe 20s, anhumidity is up. that can make the air el icy and colder than typical 20s do in colorado. snow will delong this afrnn and can be around for e evening drive. be r to ow that dre and take it easy to get home safely. snow this morning will likely be limited to nern el paso unty fm monunt to calhan. a snowy ot c develop up in the hills we of i-25, too. this morni will likely stay quiet overalaside fr tha stray spot of snow. temperaturren the 20s mostly. humitys up, mang those 20s fe a little re icy than normal wind is another issue. when it picks up, it dro wind chills to the teens. a spot of sn in e hills or up on the er divin northe el paso county cannot beuled out, but snow this morning will scarce. temperatures at 10 am will be in
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colorado springs and pueblo.e north side of colorado springs and ars near mont will be closer to 30 degrees. temperes wm rougthe 30s and 40s between noon and pm with snow lited to thhigh spots. snow will begin developing more nd dowi-25 between 2 pm and 5 pm. will become morabundant afr 5 pm. snow amounts will be othe orr 1o 3 inches acrosel paso and teller counties wit totals of lessn incom
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ppenintoday-- volunteers withik peak united way and catholic charities will meet up to conduct the 2016 point in time surv. this is something that's done evy year to help the comminuty count the number ohomeless i ne of services oa single night. it also brings in more than million doarinrants r our communy eachear. the fundg that ces in is major portion of what lps us rve 4,200 peop who hav experienced
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th year,ikes peak uned way is also launching it's new campaign today cal1 days on homlessness tl is to inattention tohe issue in oucommunity. part of t campaign, facility tours wil offered at places that serhe homeless-- like e springs resc mission, rion house aomeward pis peak. as theast coast digs out from its historic snowstorm-- we'll break down the lingering flight ys here inolorado. d: myerious metal washes ashore in thailand-- sparking speculation that it could be a piece of a misng jetliner. the stery-- that some sas
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nats of ow beep thsnow's stopped by the big diuts just beginning for millions on the east coast. this is new video thisorng of a plow working to clear rds asngton, d.c there record snow p and down the northeast this week travel still mess this morning. at lst 20 people diein the storm.
6:34 am
us up to speed from our nation's capitol. --- insert p --- nats w the story rns to storm ean up! cities d outhile dealing th below freezin tempur. sot: daniewhiting/ uber driver :08-:15 "the roads uh... they're ok. e mainoads are great. they're open; they're flowing, and there's a lot of spots they haven't uched yet, and there's a of mess out there." at least 30eathe blamed on thorm. many of them came from t accidents.. rs came heart att lated to sveling sw after it fell. several roofs also collapsed from the stormot: or larry hogan/ r maryland :28-: "gettingack to businesas usual isng to take a coidable amounof time." some neighbooodstill buried beuse ows n't get there yet. ris gephart can't en see out of his window. naot, "our sond floor wind is completely covered in snow..." :37-:41 rescue crews still responding to emergencies streets wh two feet of ow they lose minutes when every send counts. the yor of baltimore could not give a timele for cleang the streets. sot: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake/ d baltimore, md :52-:58 "given the condition of many of
6:35 am
for oucitizens to minize travel on our roads." on the stern shore of new jersey it's flooding not snow ing proble. buin.c. residentmade the besof a cold, uncomfortablsituation. insert ends o second pause audio tcue: i'm ward laence, nbc news, washingt. re than eighthousandlights re canceled up and down the st coasnce the winter blastit on friday. even today... seral flights are rey cancelled in boston d w york. there have also been flights in both colorado springs an denverffected by this storm. both airports are urging passengeo eck wi airlinesf yore hding to eaaffeed by s. in our election watch coverage thisorning: we're 1 week away from the iowa caucuses and tonight the leading demoatic presidel candidates will take part in a televised "fum" at a cge in des mne hiary clin martin o'malley and beie sande will all inheot.. swerg quess dividually univty. it'll r from 7 until 9'clo
6:36 am
just a few hours ago... an american airlines flit was forced tland in canada after vepeople werinjured during severe turbulence! the flight took off from miami and was headed to italy when the turbulence struck overhe atlantic ocean e plane was en diverd eastern canada. where the injured were taken to the hospital. the injured include threflight atteants and four paenge. weather and trafon the 5s. chierning meteorologist stepn bowershere now wit first alert 5. is morning's drive twork or school will not be an issue. temperatures wilbe in the 20s, d hudity is up. that can make air feel icy and colder typical 20s do in colorado. snow will developing this afternoon d can be ad for the
6:37 am
be ready to slow that drive and take it easy to get home safely. snows morng willikely be limited toorthern el paso countyrom monunt to calhan a snowy spot can delop n the hills westf i-25, too. this morningill kely sta quiet overall ase from that stray ot of snow temperatures are ithe 20s mostly. humity is makinghose 2 feel a littlmore icy tha rmal. winds another issue. when it picks , it drops wind chills to thens. a spot of ow in the lls or up on the palmer divide in northe el panty canne ruled t, t snow thirning will
6:38 am
temperatures am will be inmiddle and upp vepi ts morng: a japa company said overght that a large piece of metathat washeup on beach in thailanover theeekend-- is likely a piece of aocket-- jetler. the discovy sparked speculation that the piece might
6:39 am
from mala airlines flight 370 which disappeared 2 years ago in march. the only piece othe t found so far -- was found on rnion island o the east coast of africa new at 6:3 an earthquakin the diterranian sea-- sent people running into the streets in mocco and southern spain overnight. the u-s geological survey reports the magnitude 6 in1 earthquake hit just before 5:30 local time monday... or 9:30 our me last night. no major injuries reported-- but the quake did usso m . ce pneideo you to magnitud7 poineauake thshook yesterday dozens of aftes have been re the quake derod 4 homed knocked powe tus in ahoge thlighre back on ts mornin no serus injuries reported here. we will be right back with t
6:40 am
plus... here's savannah guthriwith a ick look at wh'somg ts rnon t tay
6:41 am
anher live look atheil hi city-- ho of e a-f-c champion denver broncos! if you want go to t super bowl and see the broncos take on the caroli panthers in person-- it won'be cheap. we'll break down the bigri ta coming . 's aos7:00. here are the fe thin to ow before y go. volunteers with pikepeak ited way and choli charities will meet upo conduct th2016 poi in time survey. this is somethinthat's don ery ye to help the comminuty count thnumber of homess i needf services on single nit. it also brings imo than 7- llioars innts fo our communiteach year. members of the pblo poli union will answer estions today aba surveyhey conducted in thcommunity...
6:42 am
ficere n happy with how the departments beinrun. cityanager sam azaldnews5, basedn the mber o compts hffce, he somewhat excted that response. corado springsayor john suthers will join othecity cials in ariefing th pueblo cnty commissioners to they will be talkingut storm water. todas meeting is set for 1:30 is afternoonthe commtee's amberst the eblo county courthouse. sinesses across colorado-- busy ornight-- pnting mehandise celeating the con in la nht a-f-c chaiop! so stores-- opening rlth morning-- to sell you gear before you heainto work. the be theatriot20 to 18. if you wt too to sup bowl 50 in pers. it's not gonna be eap. we crunched the numbers-- looking at airfare, hotel and game tic. for two people-- expect to pay about 10-thousand dollar
6:43 am
souveniers or real car. weather and traffic on the 5 chief morning meteorologist stephen bowe is here now with first alt 5. this mning's drive to work or schoolill not be an is temperatures will be in the 20s, and humidity iup. that can make the air feel icy and coldean typical s do in colorado. snow will developing this afternoon and can be arod for the evening drive. be ready to slow that drand take it easy to get home safe. snow this morng will likely be mited to northern paso county from monument to calhan a snowy ot can develop up in the hillwest of i-25, too.
6:44 am
quiet overall aside from that stray spot of snow. temperuresre in the 20s stly. humidity is up, making those 20s feel a ltle mocy than norm. winds another issue. when it pickup, it drops wind chills to the teens. a spotf snow in the hills or up on the palmer dide in northe el paso county nnot be ruled out, busnow this morning will arce. temperatures at 10 awill be in the middle and upp 30s ound colado springs and pueblo. thnorth side of colorado springs and areas near monent degrees. teeratures warm through the 30s an40s betweenoon and pm with snow limited to the high spots. snow will ben deveping more upnd down i5 between 2 pm and 5 pm. itilcoe abda after 5 . owmounts will be on the
6:45 am
pasond teller counti with tota oless than inch fr pueblo to on city. stay connectedith k-a-dot com all day.
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goo>drng.eig ou tensfillisraling the snow and ice thi morningft the east coas gting back touses as usual is going to tak a considable amotf time >> ttion's cital still shut down. airports clogged with hundrs of new flights ccetoday. guess at? al ss thereay be another storm coming this week. > breakingovernight. >> everyg went f and people anyeah, pretty intee. >> severe turbulence injuries at least seven passengers arew members aboard a flight bou for milan. the plane forced to land in cada. will he run? former nework city major mi bloomberg wghg a pridentialbid. at would it take for him to jump in? is t late in. >> i'd love him to come in
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descenn ia with the
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