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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 25, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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day, news 5 is always on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ cheers and app [ cheersnd appus] >> svefrom so 6b in ckeller ceer in e t of new york ty, it "th
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jimmy fall night, jjid his guests- kate hson, dan trick, sies-ey, d aturing legendy ots crew. >> questlo: 40 orlando. sw,he is, fa [ eersndlae >> jimmy: hey. >>immy: heth what u waig wu .
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it may be cold outside, but it'sot ireht cheers a alause ]lcome to "the nighshow" everybody. m your host, jimmy fallon. i want tsay thank you to everyone who is here bause you'reanf the sh, wes erne who's jus killing ecause your flight was canceled. i undetand [ light laughter ] really, i understa. oh, gosh. it was a crazy weeke. we gotr two et of snow here in new city, a more than 11,0 fligwere canceled because of the blzard. ye, in ft, there so ny people waitinground at the rport, they had to on a chili's three. [ laughter ] >>teve: >> j: i cod've a a dr - >> stevecon.rim ot ] >> jmy: at's the -- >> steve: chi's th i want my by back ba bac [ ughter jimmy: the blzard a used powutesll ove the place. inact, they d blacs in new ey, noh rolina and the oscars. it wasust very ieresting. laughter and applause ]
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>> ste: didn see it mi. j: ye, di't see that one cong. that was a good one. that was aooone. gu, i saw that chris cisti left tpaign trail in new hampshto rurme t new ey to de wh th snowstorm. of course, wt do y eect happewhen you tell s christie the's aarge blrdaiting for h?[ laught ] 's l flavor? what fvois it, m&m?" [ apause make sure there's ree's pies, too. i knowomwhworks there, he can get me reese's pieces." [ lauger ] it's legal. yocan haveoth ndie >> steve: yeah, heets both. im: yeahhe doesn't charge me it. nice. yohave to thrgh the drive-thru to t . there'no other waygo. op, op. we're co. [ lit laughter ] >> ste: we'll brg ito yo you're theover >> jimmy: op admitting that. big elections, guys. it's been report that former new york cy yo michaebloomberg coiding running for esent asinpendt candate this yr. cheers appuse in adon to sh, rubio and cruzthat'll ke fr ndidates who c speak
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[ laughter ] >> jimmy: >>imen immrante like, "spe english. we're fi. th's not hel uout." [ speaking spanish bloombg speaks spaniike moing tmeca restaura. "il have dahs se-dill-as huh? and have a fajita." lahter fajita, fajita. i'll have a jita. meanwhil j bs caaign recently releasean ad that atured his mothe barbara bush andona trump cticizehim foedins mommy h him. likeonald trump, who has never ed helfrom a a parent. >> my father gave me a sll loan of a million dollar [ lauger ] >> jmy: big al
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a lldollars. whres? 's a sll ln. okay? smalloan. big , i'll give you a million dollars. big deal tiny loan. >> steve: all. >> jdad, c i borrow a million doll t's get to some spts h afwiinst night, the carolina pantherand denverroncosance to subowl 5 [ cheersndpplause ]ah was excg yeday. peon mning became the oluarterck to adis team to a per wl. yeah. fact, peyn iso old th e wins, whenhey ask what he's going to do n, 's gog to say, "i'm goi to ft. lauderdale [ laughter ] it's warmer ther" at's rht, e broncos beat thpaioo win the c champiship lt nigh [ cheers and applause ] and tom ady was sacked fou mes. [ chrs a appuse ]
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thstan actually caug one ofggs. er ]did u sethat? >> svethat's a harhit. >>my: yeah. here's some n shda rmes is set to executive produce a sh oabc that picks uathe end of shespeare's "romeo a ju." so i guessonat abc rd e d of "romeo and juliet." [ hter ] >>teve: th're dead >> jimname of the sh is obody left [ ughter ] no o her ita sile halur sh. >> steve: what happened. >> jimmyit's giant feral? i don't know wit finally, you guy d you hearbout this,iggs? an australian company has developed a nepairf smart yoga pants that vibratwhen you ho a yoga se corctly. [ laughter ] e man goa pa one got a pairor his wife, anheasn't seen h
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weeat shu . uporheoolaesnd gtl eend appus] jmyoh, >>immy: ohit's the best crowd. lcome, everybody thk you so mh for watching. thk you for being here. ppy to be back we'vgot a big week oows coming up. tomorr night, josh blin, kate mckinnon, and bil will all be here. [ cheers andpplause >> stevewhoa, ve all three of the >> jimmy: billy ocean! yeah. ter this wk, natalie rtman and john oliver will be joing us. [ chee a ause ] and we'll ha a scial mucal peornce om sia. >> steve: ooh. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sia. dot mess around with her. she's great. fihave a fantaic show nigh we love it wn she ops . fr the n mie "ng fu panda 3", r pal kate hson is hertonigh [ eers andpplause ] >> ste: a delight. >>immythmo fun.
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ka i are going to play our mash game later on in the show. 'll see who -- if we're od att, i don kno yeaplus he' emmawd winnin sportsst. , he'sikone of the bt out ere. ostsbc's "otll night in aricaan"t n patrick show." datrick himself is dropping by tonight. cheers a applae ] 'll talk ftball. he's another fnyude. this guy'szing her he's performinhis ne song "me, myself, and i," we ha mus from g- eaz [ cheers and applause ] he's good. love ts y. g-eazy. u want to hear a little taste of thare quick? it'just m t'juste mylf a i so riduntii die >>immy: th's not him but -- 'cause i go me som >> steve: he'sot a high voice. jimmy: no, doesn't have high voice. that's not him. [ ght laughter ]
10:43 pm
that's t vocalist. that's t valist. >> steve: he soued high. he sounded pretty -- jimmy: u'll see who it is later.t g-zy entuallgetsn there. >> steveokay. but that was not-eazy.>> jimmy: thatasotis voe, no. i me he had helium.[ laughter >> steve: he could be on helium. >>my: he's going to do -- that big song, there. g-eazy is here tonight. >> steve: ye! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i love good music. i lo good music. pret egoing gu don't you think? >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: there's one thin that reallts my goat. [ ght laughter ] >> ste: what's that? what gets youroat? >> jmyit's bad mic. teve: yeah. >> jmy: no should have to sten to bad tune so as rve to y guys, i'm about to play you al songs om real bands that think you should avoid in a segment called "do notlay li." here we go. [ ee a alause ] dnot play do not play do not play these songs these songs >> jimmy: now before we start, i wa you a to know that every st andong i'm tolay r yois% real
10:44 pm
these are tual bands and tualongs. you can downadhem on itunes amazon or see if your local music store hathem.they arel. >> steve: 100%l. >> jim: ah. nyways, this is ony do not play lt. you can see it. fit -- ve: ot play these. >> jimmy: . this first song is cover song ofeyonce'ssingadies." >> steve: i love "single dies." >>immy: me, to it's by a singer nam wing. okay. that's wg. [ laughter she's likeaving to someone or to catch aaseball. i don't hat's ppin hard to tehat shs doing. but en it says right he, e sings for all the ngle ladies ands r l th sa parti. light laughter >> steve: oh. well that'good. jimmy: don't kn wha that mns. but i amntrigued. les listen to all the single laes. all t singlladies all e single lies all e single ladie
10:45 pm
now put your hands up up in e club we ju bre up ioing my ownite thing >> jimmy: all right. st, stop, stop, stop. [ lauger ] [ cheers and applaus >>uelove: this is guys, n'? >> j: no, no, thiss a a real thing. that was aeaing right ere. >>teve: that's taped. >> jimmy: i dot know. like it, but i wouldt put a a wing on it. [ laughter ] >> steve: hey, oh. f you like it th y put a ring on it >> jimmy: our next albums om an '80s r&b artist i've never hear called paul laurence. [ laughter ] thhe ithere. there's paul. he's in his gold paisley cket, no shirt. classic look. no shirt. if you've got a gold paisley jacket -- >> questlove: why would wearhirt? >> jimmy: you n'ed to wear one[ laughter ] here he is oe he's butneup h he has shi o it's up to him. >>teve: it's up to him. >> jimmy: heff. yean take it off or
10:46 pm
ays, iys over he. re it says"paul laurs quiet ung n. full room, heally stds othe de, ying ttle. you mit sahe shy." maybe he's just a eet, sensitivguy. [ light lauger ] let's listen to a song by his ca "she'not sleaze." >> ste: oh, theryou go. [ laughter ] weli can'go forhat theyay that she's a slea no can't gthat s's dving me crazy bum sure that e's not sleaze jimmy: that's good. see? isn't at swe? he'sefending h. [ apause ] >> steve: he's defding the honor of that lady by not wearing a shir >> jimmy: do youthat du? >> questlove: yes, i kw paul launce. >>immy: you know paul launce ll? >> questlove: he'segen >> ste: i know lawrence welk >> jimmy: was that freddy jackson? >> questlove: no, he produced fred jackson >> jimmyfreddy's on that tr >> sve: ed's on th bum. >> questlo: yeah, he's - >> jimmy: yeanyway >> ste: shs not a slze. >> questlo: she's t a a eaze.
10:47 pm
>> questlove: super romantic. >> steve: i can't think of a a better -- jimmy: just in time for valente's day. this next bum is by bernie sanders. [ laughter ] i'm not joking. is is real. it's an bum that he made in 1987 cald "bernie nds 30ermont artists: we shall overcome." si "a" has fivsongde "b" is onversatiowiernie saers. so - [ ughter ] >>teve: listen to si "b." >> jmy: he talks -- >> ste: what are you going to do? which one? >> jimmy: it's not a song. i'm going withide "a." let's take a liste >> steve: e you re? >> jimmy: i'm at the party righ >>te: u're athe rt >> jimmy: let's ju not do e nversationyeah. let's do "th land is you land." woody guthri here you g ai alki that rbo highw
10:48 pm
that golden valley this land was made for you and me >> jim: e you go. that'sd. [ eers and alaus] he's got the voice. he's got the voice of an angel. the voice aangel -- an angethat grew up ibrookl. 's got the voice of an angel. >> s: yeahit's butul. >> jmy: i saw -- i saw ave me, a golden valley. i saw that. don't ask me. don't ask -- don't ask me if i saw it [ laughter ] >> steve: i need ska beat under the. i nt something ppy >>immy: no, he didt it. i saw arounde. i saw lauger ] n't ask mehat i i saw the golden valle i w -- saw that this land wamade for u sorry. thisan i saw this. okay, go ahead, go [ cheers and alause ] he sawt. get it. not bad remix. we've got a --
10:49 pm
>>tevei lo eas listening. liening. jimmy: 's frothe ea '80s th is chael frks' "one d habit." >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: he'sot one bad bit. ist baseball? no. he got a basebl glove in there. is that it? >> steveoh >> jimmy: you know what that is? is that a can of tserispy odles you put on -- >> steve: durkee's. th youut on stringean casserol >> jimmyit's tkey -- >> jimmy: he might be addicted to durkee's onions. >> jimmy: yeah man, 's got one bad hat. i don't know what it is. he's a dssed up and y for the big game. >> steve: he wears jeans and a a purple -- immyready g prably l intramura . eitheray. he's all ready to go. >> steve: probably playing j alai. [ lit laughter ] >> jimmy: check out thback. w outfit. >> steve: ooh. >> jimmy: fresh new outfit. [ ughter ] done playing the game. myery hand coming ouof the lock. [ lahter ] >> s: yeah.
10:50 pm
ems toe happy about it. let's listen to a so called "baseball." >> steve: sure. jimmy: first song. is is "baseball." how can i keep control of mnerves the way you windp when you throw me tho cves i hr him yell strike and it's a good ll it'so hard to keep my eyes on t ball on the baseball loves like basal los st like basebal >> jimmy: all ght, stop, stop, stop. who is yelling sike? [ laught ] >> steve: i thk he struck out. >> jimmy: someone's llg strike when he's- i don't know. it's lov i've always had that -- no, no pleasethat's enough. [ laughter ] i've always said if you want to get in the mood, just ink oubaseba. steve: yeahtly. >> jimmyat'shat i'm talking about. guwe're wn to our last alm. 'srom icjjish. younow is? >> questlove: s. >> steve: you know ice jj fish.
10:51 pm
>>immy: w ok, th is a a real dude. questloveyes. jimmy a singer, right? would u classify him as a a singer? >>uestve: ye. >> jimmy: he's a sinr. >> questlove: yeah. >> jimmy: he is from chicago. this ihis album here. [ lilaughter ] it's a great album cover. >> steve: fantastic. >>immy: he was probably thinking about not releasing is. [ laughter >> steveyeah. he tht about -- thought abouthrowing this albuout. >>teve: he crumbleit up, thw it away. thensmoothed iout. jimmy: so iuess, maybe found it on the r. that's right. [ laughter ] that's where he got the cover ea anyways. w before i play this, again, this ireal. here you go. let's take a listen to "on the floor." ice jj fish. there's something about the girl that just makes my head wanto sw oh you go wanng to tl all them other gi s ing et
10:52 pm
jimmy: how the ck dyo this stf? theoment th i seeher i was in shock >> jimmy: all rit, all right, i can't believe thatou know this song. >> questve: i love this song. i can't stop listening tit. [ nd applause ] steve: 's on the song >> jimmy: i' never heard anything like that ever in my lifetime. questlove: it's a viralit. ye >> jimmy: dude, ice jj fish. right e, that'the ja "on r," ah that's what m talking about. guys, that's all the timwe have for our "do not pla" you have an alb or song yothink hould use on our next do not play, i want to see it. nd your ggestito our blog a stick around, we'll be rht back with kate hudson. cheersnd applause ] that's a big bull. i think that old cyrus. 1800 pounds of dwhatever the heck i want.
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asou move, fraance csules burst
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, chrsnd applaus immy: r fit guest night is an academy award nomitetress whlends her voice the new animatedilm "kung fu panda 3" in theaters that friy. plse welcomehe beautiful
10:56 pm
ch and appuse >> jim: that's >> jimmy: that's wt i'm talking about, h talking about, h. >> so fun. let's go dance allig. >>immy: t's dance l night. come on. we lovu. good to see you. >> helloimmy fallon. >> jimmy: you know, we've known each other for a long, lg time>> because we haour 15-year versarof "almo famous." >> jimmy: yeah. 15 yes. >> jimmy: 15 yea ago that i t you. isn'at cra? i a photo oth >> which was so fun. >> jmy: how much fun iis. >> nowe' pents. >> jimmy: lot how much fun. [ lit ughter ] look how much fun you're n having. we're not having fun aall. >> i like what is jimmy doing? >> jimmy: what am i doing? >>o you remember that scene? do y remember what that scene was? >> jimmy: was that the - >>t was --ou don't remember [ t uger ] it washe cut the caksce. immy: ye
10:57 pm
remember? we we in the valley. jimmy: weeren't allowed to ng happyirthday because it cost too much money. >> that's right. we coun't. that's tru >> jim: right. >> so we did cut t cake. >> jimmy: because we were tryio fa out cameron crow caught the camerr something? >> i don't know what -- >> jimmy: we thought it was funny. >> i think they cut the ene. [ laught ] >> jimmy: they cut the scene. most of e sces i was in got cut. [ light laughter ] that was a smart move cameron crow's part. he you are. weave "kung fu panda 3." corats on that. >> y >> jmy: you knowe lo jack black and all those gs. he's so fun. hadmuch f in china. so we do togher e kung fu animatedhings. >> jimmyu do it by yoself we dot by osees. and jack and i hanever really met. and thene gethrown into it together in pro. nextng you know jack black and are hina. >> jimmy: how fun is tha it should bvideotaped. >> jmy: i know.i would pay tog t with you guys. >>hat in itself is a a comedy. >> jimmy: where did you go in china?
10:58 pm
place calledhengdu. which is literally in the mile of ina. if sne sd to me, kate one day you'll be he, yeah, right. it like terally in the middle of china. >> jimmy: its giant, giant, giant. i mean, its git, h? >> yeah, it'huge and its like a really small place. it's really small. d your like, how manpeople. they're li 12 million. >> jimmy: ye lighlaughter ] 12. >> that's small for china. >> jimmy: i wod almt of something ke that. because you walk in ere's too many people. >> it was awesome. >> jimmy: it was >> it was really cool. i got to see pandas. chenis the home he pandas. >> jimmy: , really? >> i got to go a hold a a panda. >> jimmy: ba panda? >> a little babyanda >> jimmy: no >> it wa insely cu. >> jim: so cute. becauswe have a teenaged panda thatives herin t studio. [ light laught ] hashtag, y he? where's shtag? [ cheers and applause ] hter ] [ laughter ]
10:59 pm
oh, good to see you, hashtag. u want to hold want to hold >>'lhold you. >> jimmythat's good. you can'even seeate. it's beautiful. so cute. >> jmy: very nice. hashta get outf here. good tsee you. back in. [ laughter ] >> the craziest >> the craziest -- that's the craziest thing i've ever sn in my life. jimmy: a te pda. he still t there? [ laughter >>se moves. jimmy: 'sired. 'sxhausted. he tired he depressed. no, , no. he'stired. h, g i wahis panda in my me >> jimmy: no, you n't ve
11:00 pm
kate, who doou plain the movie, in "kg fu panda 3?" >> who do i play? [ laughter >>im: no! he gngrt himself. he's tired he's exhst.he'sxhaust. st letim rest. he doesn't want to do it any more. >> i could dthis forever. jimmy: no, can't dohi forer. [ laughter stop, stop. you can't dohis foreve he's exhausted. get the nurse. t e nurse to get him outf there. [ lahter ] get him a war. so sorry about that. u pl a love interest to jack bck. >> i d >> jimmy: the nda. so cute. >> i do. i play mei-mei and she loves herself very much. she's like really into herlf. and. >> jimmyvery talented. she's a ribbon dancer. >> yes, e's e best rbon dancer.
11:01 pm
>> jmy: i apologiz>>efeyatzenberg missed the boat on that. >> jmy: he couldn't get the role. >> totally. jmyheas no ice. [ lauger ] cat do it anore. i want to show clip here of kate hson in "kungu nda 3." " check this out >> h? >> huh? >> i am mei-i. wow, she's aming. she's soeaiful. that's swepo. but please try to save all other commts until after the performance. >> has it started yet? >> look away. look away. no, you can't. you can't. >> why does ri a me?
11:02 pm
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nest. go food. good life when laquinta. ses craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know wh he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more ov gol great. how about over tennis?
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the readfor you alert, oy at , rs and appuse ] >> jmywee back, everybod we're hanging out with the lovely, the talented ka hudson right here. [ cheers and appus] go see "kung fu panda 3" i theaters tfriday. we're about to take lipsynching to a wle nevel it's time fo"tonighow dubssh." re we go! [ ee andpplae ] tonig shodubsmash yeah all right >> jimmy: there's fun ap called "dubsmash." they have thousands different sound bites, movies, shows, songs, pretty much anything. and you can even record yourself lipsyncing them. and then, we're gointo show them to you. so, kate and i a gng to
11:06 pm
>>e are. ah. >> jimmy: algh here we go. i'll go first. >> okay. >> jimmy: just so i can -- put thheadphones. >> yeah. jimmy: mm-h, mmmm. mm-hmm, mm-hmm. all right. and then here we go. all right. laughter ] ght. you know what it was? >> no. >> jimmy: i got it. is oprah. laughter ] [ laughter and re we go. get a >> you g a c! you get a car! [ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: u t a car! [ cheers and applause ] >> everybodyets a r! >> jimmy: you have your earrings on. >> that was so good! >> jimmy: you ok you're having earrings on! everybody gets a car! >> steve: "everybody gets a car!" >> whoo! >> jimmy: that will never happen in my show as long ase live. [ laughter ] kate, you can try that one,
11:07 pm
>>immy: yeah, i'm not laughing. >> i'm n. i'm justonna do it. okay >> jimmy: yup. >> okay, i got it. >> jimmy: okay, od is that a selfie fe? d yojust make selfie ce? no. laughter ] okay. all righ >> jimmy: i'm not looking, not loing, not looking, not looking. no, you're singing something, something, somethi [ laughter ] i walked around. i walked around. all right. let me see. okay, let'go. all right. can weeait? i must have called a thousand times >>immyall right. let'he iwith the sou. [ cheers alae hello from e other side [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. now u get e idea what we're doing. >> i g it. >> jimmy: all right. you get the idea? >> i got it. >> jimmy: i'm goa do this here. mm-hmm. all right. clears throat ] i don't wa to clear my throat laughter ] [ laughter ]
11:08 pm
>> jmy: all ght. [ wowoodck [ ody woodpeer laughing ] laughter and a [ hter andpplae ] >> jimmy: i dot even derstand why it's fun to d this, but it's fun. >> it'soun. >> jimmy: all righ this ia good o here.nueruatro. quatr >> jimmy: mm-hmm. all right, here go. oh, oh. oh, oh. have no idea i have no ea wt it is. okay, go. icola ricola rica [ laughter ] [ lauger [ cheers and applause ] >> you're timing's off. i'm a perfectionist. >> jimmy: that was great. he we go. this last on let's do this e togetherokay?
11:09 pm
a little music so we don't hr what this is. >> okay. >> jimmyco. [ ngers snappi fings apping ] [ laughter ] i think you know what it was it's notar hold on, wai wai >> i love that one >> jim: all right. here wgo. are you ready? >>y kids are going to love this. let thes ou o who o o lethe do out whwho o who talking about. we maka great team out there. love yoy pal. we love you! kate hudson! "kung fu panda 3" is in theaters friday. stick around. be right bacwith dan patrick. "you get a c! you gea car! you get a car!
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[ pplaus] >>im: our next guest is the ho of nbs "football night inmerica." he ao hoste ge pular sportsadiorogram, "the dan patrickhow," whic rs fm 9:00 a. to noon, ve days a we. please welcome our pal, dan patrick. ch andpp [ cheers and ae jmy: welcom >> jimmy: welcome, welcome, welcome. >> iove quest's e over there. that's something ild wr on "otllht iamica." jimmy: you could get away with tt otball tie. >> i likthat. >> jim: let's talk abouthe football games last ght. , eventually, we suld, right? >> yeah. [ laughter >>immy: ah, i mean, e you surprised that i asked you a a sports question? wh do you want to talk about? >> le kate hudson. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no. we already talkeabout
11:14 pm
where's the panda? >> jimmy: no, no. the panda's a stretcher right now. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> don't you find it interestin thoh, that peytonanning namis now "39-year-old peyton manning"? his age is attacheto his name. so for the next two weeks it will be "39-year-old peyton manning." >> jimmythat's interesting. >> nobody sa, "26-year-old m newton." right? >> jimmy: ey don't menon at. that's true. that's a giant gap. >> it's thlargest gawe've everad for starting quarterbacks in the super bowl >>immy: this doesn't sm fair. >> it is, i me, yeah. lahter ] i don'kn what to say. >> jimmy: , at's the oldest, right? >> yes, it is. the previous oldest quarterback was peyton's bs, john ely. >> jimmy: were you surprised by e outcomes yesterday? >> i w a le t surprise wi denver. carolina great. it's justheylay in carona. for someeason,au they're arol we dot think they're fole. if they playedn iladelphia or new york, we would have a a different feeling about them. but that's a solid, you know,
11:15 pm
that's why there the ris in the super bow >> jim: and cam newton, how great is thaguy? >> love him. >> jim: he kd of a a sh-in, i thinkfor mvp, rit? >>eah. >> jmy has to be but you rind me of the newton of "late night." jimmywow. [ cheers and applae thank you. >> but, okay. now, heame o here.leno and letrman, mannbry. you're the next wave, energetic, different, new, exciting. [ chee ] right? [ cheers ] >>immyi like howdances. all righ i likthat. i'llake that all the way, man. i loved it, yeah. >> i lookethrough all your noted. >> jimmy: that's ally notes. ow. but i know who y are. we don'teed the notes. let's talk about kdson. i mean, she's just amazing, right? [ laughter ] she was vy nice. will say, a grt sser. [ laughter ] >> jimmyyou sathat every time you come on, no matter who ere. >> i know. josh blin was on last time. immy: annny devito before that. yeah, ye, yeah.
11:16 pm
the road, going to the supebowl you' just going to take the boys with you, take the rao show with you? >> yeah, the dettes are going out to san francisco. so wre out there, having a a little fun. >>immy: what do yodo a your show? yoend 12:00 noo right? >> it will be 9:00 pacific time. >> jimmy: oh, my god. so 9:00 in the morning, got the whole day. >>drink. ughter ] [ eers ] >> jimmy: there's no way. >> no. we start at 10:00, n at 9:00. >> jimmy: that's correct. gally that's as rly as you n ar >> but i got a chae to bring my kids to a super bowl, finay. and i brought them -- it w li against the patriots. i had to work, sgot them great seats. and then, i couldn't wait to catch up witthem aer. amaticinish, patriwin it. so see my daughtand i said, "how wast?" she said, "awesome." i said, "did you take ctures?" and she said, "yes i said, "well, what do you have?" shsaid"welt's jimmy. he had aot dog. it dn't stay dowlong." [ laughter ]
11:17 pm
he was drunk, too." shtook pictures of drunk people thehole super bowl. ught ] e did not -- she didn't one picte he ge. and i said, "did youatch the game?" shgoes, "halftime." laughter ] >>my: they d't care. dad hooked them up. ey don't care. >> but they knew the names of the drunk fans. >> jimmy: just sound like trading cards. yeah, sotely. "i'll trada louie for a a doug. "i alreaot 30 dougs." you know wt? we love you. and i want to -- o any adve to denr or to carolina abo the super bowl what does it take for th broncos to win? >> are we wrapping up re? >> jimmy: yeah, no, this is it. we're almost wrapping up. >> is there a jets question in here? >> jim: i alys try to sneak one in there, but it's almost too lateright? you're looki a. you st almost shk your head "no." >> well, no, i mn, i'll give you, like, a -- are you leading up to a jets question?
11:18 pm
>> just tell me you're ading up to a jets queion. beusyou're going to go, "what's the advice for carolina and denv? and what abouthe jets next ar se i know whe you're going. >> jmy: what about the jet next year? laughter and applause ] >> come on. >>immy: ey're great with fipatrick,ht? he was great. the ts are. >> yeah. >>im: "yeah, yeah, yeah." that's t attitude, rht? [ laughter ] yeah, look how excited you a. your eyes up le christmas moing, lik-- the je. >> noby gives a [ bleep ] [ laughter andpplause ] >> jimmy: dan patrick, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] g-eazy performs for us next. love you, bdy thankou, buddy. >> jimmycome on by whenever. dan tric the microft cloud allows us to acss information from anywhere. the microfcloud allows us to ale up. microsoft cloud changeour world dramatically. it wasn't too long agot would takeeeks tse and analyze genomew, w can do a hundr p day.
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>> j: hise >> jimmy: s second album, heit's dark out" just debuted at number one on the raalbum chart. congratulations, buddy. [ cheers a applae re to perform "me, myself,
11:24 pm
giveup for g-eazy. [ chrs and app [ cheers a applause ] is just mmyself and soloide until i die cause i t me fife yeah woo i don't need a hand to hold even when the night is cold i got fe y soul as far as i can see i just need ivy plus a whole lot of tr f all thisodesty i jusneed space to do me give the worldhat they're trynse behteside of me a ferrari i'm buyin' three a f saint laurt gewh iant when i wan cause it's hunger wh's dring meeah ne to ane i justd to home undersnd wm spking on times monei ne a loa but rega i'll
11:25 pm
ta l's we ju make m's wle'all follow we just ma trends i'm right back to work when tt break ends oo-oo it's just me myself and i solo ride until i die cause i got meor life got meor le yeah woo-oo >> jimmy fallon! new york city. stup. [ cheers and applaus i d'teed and to hold even when the night is cold got thatin my soul ion't nd anything to get me rougnight except the bt that's in my heart yeah it keepi me alive keeps me alive i don't ne anythin to make me satised you know cause thmusic ye and i don't like talking to sangers so ghe heloff me i'm anxious i'm tryna bol but may justo e say eff y'all to af y'all faces it chs ou at'm famous everyone knows how this lifestylis dangerous love it tush is amazing celebrate nightly and everne rages iound how to cope th my angers i'm swimming in money
11:26 pm
mver mud buitll goo i'still sippin' this bb thi-- is lovely this -- ain ranm i get luc ma irit here cau i'm sick with it cuddy they alke the mon r granted but don't want to work for tell me now n't thisunny what's up woo-oo it's jt me myself and i solo ride until i die cause i got me for life got me for life yeah woo-oo i don't need a hand to hold even when the nit is cold i got at fire in my soul i don't neeanhing to get me through the night except the beat that's in mhet yeah that's keepi me alive eps me alive i don't need anything to make satised cause thmusifillmeoo and it getme every time the m cause the music fills meood
11:27 pm
yeah lonely nights i la awake i prayhe lord my soul to take my heart's become too cold to eak know i'm great but i'brokas hell havin' dreams that m holding cake all my fe ie been told to wait but'mma get it now it's no debate what's up woo-oo it jt me myself d i soloide untii die cause i got me for life got me for life yeah woo-oo don't ne a hand old even whethe ght is cd i got at fire in my soul i don'teed anytng get me through thnight except the beat th's y heart andt'keeping me alive keeps meve i d't need anything to me me satisfied cause thmusifills me good andt gets me
11:28 pm
cau t music fis me good anitme y ti ndpp [ eers andlae ] >> jimmythat's how you do it ght ere. th's how tdo it. you got a grt voice, pal g-eazy, bebe rexha. cheers and applause ] "when it's dk t" is avlable now. 'll be right back, evebody.
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