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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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our joanna wise joins uli -- from colorado springs near austin bluffs and nevadait live update on wyou n expect out the for your morng commute.. joanna... austin bluffs waone the oblem areas last night. take a look at ts video. westbound austin bluffs was shut down at the west erance to u-c- c-s after a cra and icy coitions on the auin bluffs hill me it totreacherous to g through. and on the hilly sectionf ion between woodn d dublin, cars had a hard time stopping and
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than joaa.. today... colorado springs city council will vote whether to approve a major rate decrease r colorado sprgs utilities customers. the utility has over-collected morehan 28-milon dollars from electric and natural gas stomers since oil prices stard drping. d as a not-for-prot utility, th excess renue must be retued to customers -- in this case, in the form of more an 9-dla offr f the erage residential cuomer for at least next month and
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"when it goes down like it has over t last 6 months to ar, allf thatavings gets passed ono r customers." coeral and indusia customers wod so see b rate drees city council will vo oth proposal ts teoon we'll let you know what they decide. looking aheafor you. at thetate capti tomorrow, a coittewill hearbout a bill that would p new limitsn where heroin addis could purrchase thadone. the bill was put forward by monunt republican "paul lundeen" and but was aigned to th"state, vetens, and military affairs" committee. some lawmars call that the "kill committee" -- where bills go to die. lundeen's bill -- came in part -- aer last year'sead baten moment -- over t proposed openg oa methadone inicn the dotown are the bill wou ban methado dispensing witn one-thsand feet of school park or dayca center as for t "kill committee" -- representative "lundeen" is hoful things will his way.
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it's been sent there but at the same time, i've beenssure that we're going have a poli conversationand a orough one at that. and at's what i'm asking for, that this get a fair hont hearing for the people colorado." the bill is co sponsored by state senator t er if it failin committ in e e, "lundn" hopes the bill will get a second chance ithe senate. w toda. zens oinmates heren colodo -- serving life sentences focrimeshey committed as teenagers -- may be releed soon.. this after yterday's u-s supreme court ruling- that paves the way for 48-inmates -- seteed between 11 and 2006 to have the stences reviewed. before this... colorado was onef ven states at had refus to apply a previous ruling tohose convted befo 2012... that it's unconsitutionato sentence jiles convicted of murde--o
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weather antraffic on thes. meteorologist stephen bowers is here nowith rst alert 5. we have had some snowy spots early this morning. the st recent snow has flen around pblo and pueblo wes y lingering snow ionts way out, a clearing wille the le of the day. aside from se ippery secondary road our morning drive es not come with anyig weather-lated su. accumulaon hasanged from 1 to 3 inches across el so county, based on reports from colora springs and fountain. asucas0 inch fell on the top of chenne motain with ju a trace around pueblo. tempatures a in the 20s. nd chills occasially intohe teens. snow is gone and clouds are breaking at 7 am with mperatures in the high teens and low 20s. the sun brightens e sky through 10 am with tempetures waintoward freinaround codo springs a pueblo. noon will be sunny with upper 30s around colorado springs and lower 40s arou pblo and on. lower and middle 4ill take us through 2-3 pm, but then we will be heading ck towarthe 30s by 5 pm. exct 20s by 10 pwith
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,,,,,,,, toy the city of colorado springs will unveil its referred design" for a new summit house on pikes peak. for months now we've swn you different ideaof what that summit hou couldoolike. the city is workg with a number opartrs to replace the -yeaold mmit complex -- atop amica' mounin. if you want to take part--nd give yr feedback-- thers blic meeting tonig at 5:30 at penrose hse on mesa avenuen colorado springs. toisim is a mutli-billion dollar indtry that employs thousands of people here in colorado.
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totateawkers today as leaders of t trism industry -- go to the capitol on "tourm day." in 2014, the colado tourism office says visitors snt nely 19 biion dollars in our stat- generating more than a llion dollars in t revenue the office will ta to lawmakers about th2016 tourism tlook, trendand budget sues. stilahead... an arican woman usinher talent overss... to help osin nd prthetics.
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,,,,,, our er t our tender turkey breast sandwich... with white breast meat and no artificiapreservatives, it's hard to resis even f us. you ate l the turkey for r rhode is mke how am i supposed to do quality control ifan't eat t product? you workn accounng.
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,,,,,,,,,, today's your healthy family... womafrom the mid-west is heading to haiti where she'll be using her passion and tales to help change people's lives. she's doing it -by making prosthet lim for people in
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-- pkg -- nats "shwas born without part of her arm so that's just ways been the way of life for her...and i kigot to see what it allowed her to d..and i realized i wanted to be able to do that for other peopl" megan fortelka's desire to help othersy making prosthetic mbstarted with her friend amanda. now she's a ified prosthetist working with patients. sot megan fortelka / certified prosthetis "i get tbe in e lab and maki the device and then fitting it to the person and helping them get back to walking or eir daily life." d soon, she'll be ading to haiti to do e same. she's one of around 20 volunteers makinthe 2-week triphrou group called stand...the haiti project sot megan fortelka / certified prosthist "i will beorking with amputees there that m havlost their limb d to the earthquake that was veral years o...or caraccidents or work accidents however they may have had the putation...and trying to me a device that's futional for them while in a cotry that doesn't have the mern
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using." she'll be taking many ofr tools with her and oer nessary supplies. the group won't just be priding e care... sot megan fortelka / cerfied prosthetist "we aralso going to be trying to tra theocals so that one day they can be self sufficientnd pvide care ea other."egan sayshe's a littleervous. but that's not stopping her, because while she's given up a lot make this trip, she says it's well worth it. t megan fortka / cerfi osthetist "here you ve someboda prosthesis and yh it really helps themet back to tir life and hopefully back to work. there you give someby a prosthes tt may not have access to one and you're allowinghem to go back to work, supportheir families, be active in thr communy. so you're ve tm back so much with the simple act of giving them pros weher d traffic on the 5s.
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we have had some swy spo rly is mni. e mo nt snow hafallenroun pulo a pueo we. any ngersnowon iay out, and caring will be th f thday. asidfrom somippery secoary road our morning drive does notome withnyig weather-relatesues. accumulation has ranged from 1 to 3 incs across el paso un, based on reports from colorado springs and fountain. as much as 10 inches fell on the top of cheyenne mouain with just a trace arounpueblo. temperatures are ithe 20s. wind chills occasionallyip into the teens. snow is gone a clouds are brki at 7 am with temperatures in the higheens and low 20s. the sun brightens the sky through 10 am with temperatures warmintoward freezing around colorado springs aueblo. no will be sun wh upper 30s arnd colorado springs d lower 40s around pueblo and con. lower and ddle 40s will ta
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will be headinck toward th 30s by 5 p expect 20s by 10 pwi
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in this morning'health watch... a reminder to read lels on mecations! new research shs many people t themselves at riskorn overdose.. mply becau they ignore the recommended dosage othe label! searchers found that 43- percent of conic pain sufferers reporthey've taken re than threcommendeount of ovee-counteinkillers. doctors sae majority of their ronic painatients ar usmedicineat a higher dose and foa longer amount of time than recommended. some breascanc treatments may ave patits vulnerable to viral and cterial infections.
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the u-k... searchermeasured women's levels of whitbld cells that are involved in the immune system. they fou some cells were lower for at least 9 months after chemotherapy and ve of antidies tha precagainst tetanuand the bacteria that can lead to eumonia stayedow even longer. this mni... new evence thateens who try cigarees may also be more likely to start inregur gaes. the studincled 2thousand 9th and 10th gra... secherfod those whd "vape" were nearly three times as likelto start smoking a year later... compared to those who had never tried e- cigarte more tn two-thirds of the kids considered e-cigarettes healthier than reg cittes. still ahead wheeling your babi around town... justot a whole lot easier! b these new high tech stllers are gonna cost you! that's
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tc welcomba... right now u're taking a live look at the brooklyn bridge in new york cy... we'll start th morng's consumeratch with look at york city... we'll staris m consumer watch with a look at at's going on at wall street. nats of bell we're tracking your money in the markets this morni. anothebig dropn oil ices isueling another world-wide sell- off intocks. china's stock market fel6 percent today... on news oil in the u-s fl below 30 dollars a brel. while the drop in oiprices is making for cheaper gas, your 4-o-k -- is taking a hit the dow dropped 200 in yeerday and dow futures are pointing to other big drop when the mketspeat 7:30 our time this morning. in a f hours we' g an
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tuatioin corado. the last report came out in december. it showed lorado lost abou 21-hundred jobs in between october and vember. but there were more than 2 point 5 million jo on the oks. november's unemployment rate was 3 point 6 perct. the december jobs reportomes t at 8 o'clocks morning. all yoparents watching... you're going to want to take a look at this a new stller could me your hectic life -- a littleasier! it's a self-propelling stroller called the "smart-be"! it keeps up with the pace of the person behind it! it has an electric engine to make going uphileasier. and it also features a bottle warmer, built-in mic -- a rock, camera as lls -- the dient actae nopi! whenhe hh-techollehits oresext year... 'll
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the all-day breakfast menu at mcdonald's is provg to be quite the hit! the fast food chain is reporting a noceable bump in sales since they staed serving tho mc-mfins aall hours! here in thu-s... sas rose amost six-percent in justwo months! the chain says t introduion of its all-day breakfast bacin october, as well as unseasonab warm weather in the final thre months of e year, helped lift sales. globallymcdonald's says sales rose five peent. weatheantrafc t 5s. meteorogisstephen bowers is re now with first alert 5. we have had some snowy spots early this morning. the most recent snow has flen around pueblo d pueblo west. any lingering is on its way out, and cleing ll be the rule of the day. aside from some slippery secondy ros, morning drive does nome with any big weather-relad issues. accumulati has rged from 1 inches acss el paso county, bad oneports from colorado
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as much as 10 inches fl on the top of cnne untain wit just a trace aund pueb. tempates a in the 20s. wind chills occaonally d into the tns. snow is gone and clouds ar breang at 7 am with teeratures in the highee an20s. e sun brightens the sky throh 10 am with temperatures warming ward freezing around corado sprgs and pueblo. noon will be sunny with upr 30s around colorado springs and lower 40s around pueblo and can. lower and middle 40s will take us through 2-3 pm, but tn we wille heading back toward the 30s by 5m. expect 20s10 pm with
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first up at 5-30.. we'rtracking conditionfor you t on the road this morning. streets are slipry in some aces... after snow flurries fell on some parts of southern colorado last nigh our joanna wise joins us live right now fr colorado springs near austin bluffsnd nevada with a live update owhatou can expect out there for your
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auin blus was one of the problem areas st night. ke a lk at this video. westbound austin bluffs was shut down at e west entrae to u-c- c-s after a crash and y condions on the austin bluffs hill me it too treacherous to get through. and on the hilly sectionf union ben woodmen and dublin, cars had a hard time opping andtarting, leang tohis cident. as of thisorninga couple eas are still accident alt status-- including colorado sings and fntain. we'll ay on to all the latest road nditions a bring you the updates on air and online at ko dot com. reporting live in corado spris, joanna wise, news. thanks joanna... as thetorm blew in last night... this nine vehicle crash at5 and gard of the gods,... backed up southbound traffic for several hos. no word yet on any serious injuries,... or the official cause of the crash also... the snow made for treachous driving conditions in the fountain and widefld- security area last night... whe slide-offs were also
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anks joanna... as thetorm blew in last nigh.. this nine vehicle crash at-25 and garden of the gods,... backed up southbound traffic for several hours. word yeon anyerious injuri,... or the official cause of the crash so... the snow made r treachs iving conditionsn the untain and widefield- security ea last night. where slide-offs we also reported. shif gears n... the accolice to the murder of a woman in fouain be sentenced to four years in on "dakota daugherty" was charged with multiple crimes inuding i-d theft an acory to a crime. the body of "larissa tiffany schiess" shee-ess bruary.
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beaten, strangled and heroat cut. we reported... "thomas turley" plead guilty last month tmuerg larissa antting her ho on fire. he was sennced to 70 years in prison,... years for murr, 22 for arson. s ntencell consutively. this morning... two seventn- year-olds are behindar.. for their connection ithat string of bberies we've been telling yoabout... targetinliqu stores colorado springs. poce bievehe same ou people are responsible f robbers at these binses. ey all happenewith two during the robbees... liceay vicms were threatened and forced to the ground with guns pressed against r head today... also under investigation. 68-yr-old manu rascon... the man accused of starting fo grass fires in colorado springs is facing two untssecond deee arson charges.. one is a felony chge. police say the fires were
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ght ely sunday morning in a wooded area near the3-thousand blo of west colorado avenue. the flames threatened empty buildis and puttg the counitin danger. we checked wh colorado springs li who sayhis arre i not connected to other grass fis that broke out earlier last week,... one of wch is lieved to have be intentionally s we've learned that the second teenage boy, who fell through thin i on a pond in paer, has . following up for you.... thaccident happeneearlr this month,.. first sponde wable to pull "max gantier" out of the water and rush him to the hospital... but died yesterday afternoon.the night of the accident, "patrintz", who was the water more than a half hour,lso died tiow for weather andra he 5 teorologist stephen bowers is
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we have had so swy spots early this mor. the most recent sn hasalle around pueblo and pueblo west. any lingering snow is on its wayou and clearing wille the rule of the day. aside from some slippery secondary roads, our morning drive do not come with a big weherelated sues acculation has ranged from 1 to 3 inches across el paso coun, based on repts from coloradoprings andountain. as much as 10 inches fell on the p ofheyenne mountain wit just a traceround pueblo. temperates are in the 20s. wind clls occasionally dip into t teens snow is gone and cloude breaking at 7 am with temperatures in the high tns and lo20s. thsun brightens the sky through 10 am with temperatures wag towardreezing arnd lorado springs and pueblo.
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30s aroundorado springs and lower 40s around pueblo and caon. wer and ddle 40sill take us thrgh 2-3 pm, but then will be heading back toward the 30s by 5 pm. expect 20s by 10 pm with
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,,,,,,, city officls from colorado springs and pulo county are workg to falize tas about a new agreement that will make storm-water management a priority for years to come! yestery... yor john suthers was in pueblo... spking tcounty comissioners abouthe new inter- governmental aeement to address stormwater concerns outde of the southern delivery system gotiations. colorado springs hopes to start pumping waterth om the nsas r in ap but pueblonty more input in wch stormwater mitigation projects come fit, namy thones that direly impacthei
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but the governments y they're workintogether better now an ever before. hopefully reasonab people ca fi reasonable solutions without having to go to cot, and likely that will be an inter-gornmental agreement with enforabity clauses that bo pares c agree on. the colora sprgs gup ao presenteto pblo city councilors about fntain cr and the funds they've ven to helpredge the sedimentuilt up over thpast yr. still ahead... the death toll rises aft a winter storm blas the st coast... plus... the clean-up efforts to get ties back normal... and a woman gets the surprise of her life when she makes an unlikely connection with a homele man
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e back... with theowa caucuses just a week away, the democratic esiden hopefuls are making their final pitches to undecided voters. at last nit's town hall meeting in des moines.... "martin o'malley" askes pporters to holdtrong at their caucus... while "bernie sanders"efended s call f raising taxes in exchange folower health care "hla cnt" on the other hand.. focused on her experience on mestic and foreign issues. the iowa caucuruy 1st, and candidatust receive 15- percent voters gain any gates. a and ry in uston is indicting two an-abortion activists who shot undercor deof pnn parthd.... appearing show organization officials discussing theale fetal body parts. the center f medic congress founder,vid daiden" da-lie den
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tpering with a government recordnd a misdemeanorount related tourasing human organs. anotheactivist was iicted on a charge of tampering with a govermt rerd the gran jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoi. right now in california... poli a stepping up their manh ree escate.. more than 30 search warrants have been rved since last friday when the prisoners were discovered missing from a jail in santa ana. police say the three m likely cut through steebarsnd plbing ducts beforclimbi tohe roof and rapplingown severastorieusing ro. all three men were serving time for disturbinglyiolent crimes including mutilation and mde today... families in flt michigan concerned about thr expore to lead om the city's war supply... wi be able to get tested f ee. "mina hethcareis hosting e event. additial free lead testing has alreadbeen schedulor the
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as we've beereg... ng the last several e national guard has assistinth in flint by providing them wh led water. also today... ty oicials will meet for a emergency meeting in aantic city to discuss filinr kruptcy. mayor "don guardian"ays the atntic city cocil has to conser all options without help frothe state. thmar says the cy s to lo athe bankptcy option because govern a pridtial cdida cis ris veto a bl would ve pvidefincia assice atlantic city. take a look at t dame from this bus cra irhode island. several people were injured when the city bus crashed into a sh la nig. police sayhe driver suered serious injuriesnd two of the ssengers were so injured. two workers were inside the shop at the time... but luckily ey were not hurt. e crash caused damagto the
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a state ofrgency in northern lifornia.. where wet weatr is causing a cliff to bre off along the coast. this is drone video owing just how dangerous and close buildings are to the edge of the cliff now. the apartment builng youee erhas eneclared un- habitable the ty decred local ate ofmergen... since stormsave baered the tline causdestating . on the eascoast. people are still having trouble diggin out of snow from last weekend' historic winter storm. plowhave been working around- the-clock to clear the major roads in washington d-c.... as residentsre doing their best to free their viclefrom the snow. it's a similar scene in brooklyn new yo.. which was slammewith over 2-feet of snow. the massive stm is blamed for 42-dths along theast cot. time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephebowe is here now with first aler5.
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rly this morning. the most recent ow has fallen ound puebland pueb west. any ngering snow is on its w out, and clearing will bthe rule othe y. aside from some slipry secondary roads, our morning drive do not come withny big her-related ises. acmulation h ranged from 1to 3 inches across el paso county, d on reports from lora springs anfotain. as much asinches fl p of cheyennmountain with just a tce around pueblo. temperatures are in the 20s. wind chills occasionally dip into teens. ow is ne aloe brking at 7 am with temperatures in the hi teens and low 20s. the sun brightens the sky thugh 10 am withemperatures wag toward freing around colorado sings and pueblo. noon will beunny witupper 30s ound coloradsprings and wer 40aroundueblo an ca lower anmiddle 40s will take us through 2-3 pm, but then we will be heading backoward e 30s by 5 p expect 20sy 10 pm with
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a bloodhoundives racers run for their money during a marathon in alabama! "ludivine"scaped her backyard and to her placeth starting line the half marathon! the hound was even leading the pack for a while as she ra ong dons of compits. "ludivine"ssish in ventplace with a "ludivin cro t finh ne in nth ace wi a time of one ur-32 minutes-an 56 sonds! ludivine's owner ss she was surprised by theup's performance and that the hound is usually "laid bacand la." organizers say next year's race will be renamed "the hound-dog half" d a special prizwill be given to seveh place! and an amazi story out of idaho! listen to this... woman was in for quite the surprise wheshe ran to a homeless manho turned outo be herather... who she dn't seen in 20 years! e girl had seen the man
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but one day he handed her s food smpard... and that changed erything! shoshannah hensley/ daught "he asked me wt s balance s d i saw the name and my heardroppe and i said what's your middle name and he goes eugene. and i hit mynees and sd you're my biological father - i've been seching for you for over twenty years. "we both started shaking le oh my god hensley ys she plans to keep her dad in her life - and if all goes well she even will in him to le wi h! still ahead... a ach looks like the sky with thsasn of stars laid out! the mystery behind these sea
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welcomback we have mo video of that masse earthquake tt hit alaska on suay... you can sehere at is store... shveare shaking at first and then completely topple over... when the 7-point-1 magniute quake hit. storercameo work wit ite the mess to clean up! they s they're just lucky no one was working at the time! but in otherarts of the stat.. people were t so lucky... the quake triggerea gas line break that csea fire that destroyed sevel homes. take a look at this... a mysty for wildlifeerts
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washed ashore a florida beach! this is in pt saint joe... florida fish a wildlife officialsay the fo. researchs y enroental factors suchs tempere change or the recent case of red tide could have used the starfish twash ashe. even though it m not seem like evenugitayot seem like it was very hot here in southern colorado last year... especially with our wet mmer weather...experts say 2015 was the world's ttest year on record by a wide ma! laear s also full of extremweather en.... experts from the world meteorological organizatn say the naral el nino evts combined with human indu climate change created a m impa on heating up erat arod the globe. me n f weather and tffic on t 5s. teorologisstephen bowers is hereow wrst alert 5.
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e st recent ss llen around pueb and pblo west. anlinging ow is its way t, and clearing ll be the rule othe day. aside om some slippery condarroads,ur morning drive do n comwithny big weather-related issues. accumulation has ranged from 1 to 3 inches acro el paso county, based on rorts from colorado springsnd fountain. as much as0 inches fell on the top o cheyenneountain with just trace arounpueblo. temperatures are in the 20s. nd chills occasionally d into the teens. snow is gone and clouds are breaking at am wit tempat in e hi tee and low 20s. the sun brightens the y through am with temperatures waing tord freezing around
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noon will be sunny with upr 30around colorado spngs d lower 40arou pueb and cao lower and le 40s will take us through 2-3 pm, but then we will be heading baard the 30s by 5 pm.expect 20s by 10 pm wi
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big chges are comio the top of america's mountain. l tellou- how yocan get involved todaythe future
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i'joannaise. a sny and y commute. i'llhow you e trouble you uld faceinp in liv report. we've had some early-morning snowy spots. the snow is on its way out. new owill not an issue for the morning drive fomost us. temperatures are in the 20s this morning. our y will become nny with highs in the 40s. other round of wming will take over this week. i will have details coming up in weather & traffic the 5's. good morning, thanks for joining us othis tuesday morning... it's janry6th. i'm ira cron... shellene has t week off. onweather delay toelyou about-- fort carson is on a 2- ur day. we'll pass along others, as they me in. first at 6 -- our live team coverage conties of this test blast of winter weather. news 5's joanna wise is live in colorado springsh the joanna?
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