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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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problem s last night. take aook at this vio. westbound stin bffs was shut down at thwest entrance u-c- c-s after a ash and icy conditions on the aust bffs hillade it too treacheroo get through. and on theilly section of union between woodmen an dublincars had a hard time stoppingnd starting, leading this cide. as of this morning, a cole areas are still on accident alert status-- iluding coloradoprings and fountain. we'lstayn top ofll t test road nditns and bring you the updateon air and online at koaa dot com.
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live to i- at the eisenher tunnels. crews workedhrough t night to clear icendfrom the eeway. here's aook hat they were upgainst. in ts photo that the state patrol tweeted overnight you n e -- a thick layer of ice and ow broughtraffic ta standstill -- while thplows did theirk thanks joanna.. today... colorado sgs city council will vote whetr to approve a jor rate decree for coloradoprings utiliti customers. thutility has er-collected more than 28-million dollars fr elec d natural gas customers since oil prices arted dropping. and as a not-frofit utilit
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case, in the form of more th 9-dollars off your bilfor th avage redentiacustomer for at least next month and possly beyond. "wheit goes downike it has the last 6 months to a year, all of thatings d ono our customers." commercial and industrial custers would also see big rate decreases. city council will vote on e propal this afternoon -- we'll let you know what they decide. loing ahd for yo.. at the ste captiol tomorrow, a coittee wi hr about a bill th wou put new limits -- on wherheroin addicts could purrchase methadone. the bill was p forward by monument republican paul ndeen anbuwas assied to the "state, vete, and mitaryffairs" committee. some lawmakers cl that the "kill committeere bills go to die. lundeen's bill came in part after last year's heedebate in monument over the prosed opening of methadone clic
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thbill would ban methadone dispensing witn one-thousandfe of a school pk or daycare center. as for the "kill committee" -- representive "lundeen" is hopeful things will go hisay. "i'm a little concerned that it's beese there but at the same time, i've been assure that we're going to have a policy conversation, d a thorough one at that. and that's what i'm asking for, that this gea fair honest heing fothe peop of colodo." the bill is co snsored by atsenar "kent lambt" it fails -- in commite e hoe, "lundn"opes the bill will get a second chae the nate. netoday.. dozens of mates here i colorado serving life sentences for crimes they mmitd as teenagers may be released so.. this after yesterday's supreme court ruling that pave the way for 48-inmates setenced betwn 1991 and 2006 to have thei sentences reviewed. fore t.. lora wasnesevestates that had refused to apply a previous ruling to those convicted before 2012...
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sentence juveniles - convicted of murr -- to tomatic lifeerms -- witht the possibility of par weather and traffic on thes. chief morning meteorolist epn bowers is here now with first alert 5. we have had me swy sts early th morng. the most recent sn has fallen around pueblo and pueblo wt. any ngering snows on its way ou and clearing will be the rule of the day. aside from se slipry secondy ads, our mning drive does not ce with any big weher-related issues. accumulation has ranged om 1 3 incheacrossl paso county, based on rorts from colorado springs a fountn. as much as 10 inches fell the top of cheyenne mountain with just a tra around pueblo. temperatures are in the s. wind chills occasially dip into the teens. snow is gone and clouds are breaking at 7 am with temperatures ihi teens d low 20s. the sun brigens the sky through 10 am th temperatures warming toward freezinarou colorado springs and pueblo. noon will be sny with upper 30s around colorado springs and lower 40s around pueblo d caon. lower and le 40s wl take tough 2-3 pm, b then we will be heading back towarthe
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expect 20sy 10 pm th overnight lows in the teens.
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the city of colorado sprill unveil its "preferred design" for a new summit house -- opikes pe. for moow we've shown you fferent idea what at suould look like. e city is working with a number of part to place the 50-yeaold summit cox atop ameri's mountain. if you want to take part-- and ve youfeedback-- there'a public meeting tonight at 5:30 at penrose house on mesa enuen colorado springs. toisim is a mutli-billion dollar industry that employs thsands of pplhere in colodo. that messageill be delivered to state lmakers todays leaders of the tousm iustr go to the pitol on "tourm day. in 2014, theolorado tourism office says visirs snt nely 19 biion dollars in ate-generating more than llion dollars in tax revenue. the office will lk to lawmers about the 20 tousm
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stilahead: a new warning about the dangers of electronic cigarettes. thnew evidence that it cou ado the usof traditional eens. and: ever wh your stoller had a little more ummph? we'll show you thnew tenolohat's
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in today's your healthy family... woman from the mid-west is heading to haiti -- where shll be using her passioand talents to help changpe's lives. she's dog it by king osthetic limbsor peoe need who live there... "meghan morei" reports. -- pkg - natsshe s bornithout part of h arm so that'sust alwayseen the y of life fo her...and i kia got to see what it allowed her to do...and i alized i wanteto be le to do that for othereople." megan fortelka desirto help others by king psthec limbs started wi her frien amanda. now she's a certified prosthetist working with paen. sot megan fortelka / certified prosthetist "i get tbe in the laand makingheevice and then fitting it to the person and helping them get back to walking their dly life." and so, she'll be heading to haiti to do the . s onof around lunteers making the 2-week trip thrgh a group cald stand.the haiti oject sot megan fortelka / certified
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"i will be wking with amtees the that may have lost their limb due to the earthqke that s several years ago...or car accident work accidents however theyay havhad the amputation...and trying to make a dece that's nctionalorthem whilen a country that doesn't have the modern convennchai'm us to using." she'll be taking many of heown tools wier andther necessy supplies the group won't st be providing the re... sot megan fortelka / cerfi prosetist "we are also goi to be trying to train the locals so that one day they can be self sufficient and provide careo ch other." megan says she's a little neous. but at's not stoppinher, because ile shs give a t toake this tri she says it's well woh it. sot men foelka / certified prosetist ere u give someby a prosthesis and yeah it really helps them get back toheir fendopefully bacto work. there you give somebody a prosthis that manot have acceo e and you're allowinghem go back to work, go sport tir families, toe acti in eir community. soou're give them back so ch
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"megan morelli" reporting... in ts morning'health watch... a reminder to read lels on medications! new search shows many people put themselvest risk foroverdo.. sily because theignore the commended dosage on the lal! researcherfound that 43- perct of chronic pain erers report they've taken mo thathe remmended amou of ovee-counter inkiller doctsay the jority of eir chronic pain pats are using nes a higdose and r a loer aunt ofime an romme. is morning... new evidence that teens o try e-cigarettes may also be more likely to start smoking regular cigattes. e study includ 2- ousand 9th and 10th gders... researchers found those who'd
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compared to those who had ner triee- cigarettes. mo than o-ir of the ki considered eigarets healthiethan regular garees. weathed traffion t 5s. chierning meteologt stephen bowers is here nowith first alert 5. we have had some snowy spots early this morni. the most rent snow has fallen around pueblo d puebloest. anlingering on iay out,ndlearing will be e oy. aside from some slippery secondary roads, our morning drive does not come wi any big weather-related sues. accumulation has ranged from 1 to 3 inches across el paso county, based on reports from colorado springsnd fount much as 10 inchesell on the top cyenne mouninith just a trace around pueblo. temperaturesre in the 20s. windhills occasially d into the teens. ow is gone and clouds are breaking at 7 am w temperatures in the high teens
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e tracking your money in the maetthis morng. another bidrop in oil prices is fueli another world-wide selloff stocks. china's stock rket fell
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on news oil in the u-s fell below 30 dollars a barrel. while thdropn oil pricess making for cheaperasyour 4-o-1 - k isaking a hit. the dow dropped 200 points sterday andow futures are pointing to another big drop when the markets open 7:30 our timehis morning. in a few hours we'll g an update othe unmployment situation inoloro. th report came out in december. it showed colorado lost about 21-hundred jobs -- between octor and november. but the we more than 2 point 5 million jobs on the book noveer's un-employment rate -- was 3 point 6 peent. e december jobrepo comes out at 8 o'clock this morning. all the parents watching... you're goi to want to take a look athis! a nestroll is mang your hectic life a ttle easier! 's a self-propellingtroller called t "smart-be"!
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pace of thperson behind itit has an electric engine to makeoing uphileaer. anitfeates a bottl ert- mic- ck, cara as wells -- redierenretractable canoeswh theigtechtrler ts thstest st around 3-thousand drs! next: the "mistake" that led some internatonal passengers to walk out of the airport-- and not clear s inew york! and: new thisorning. how the super bowl has driven a wedge of sorts -- between the ate's booming aft er indury.
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a live look at philadelphia- the birthplace of our eanation there is some ice-- flowing down e ware river--s that city-- a millions ac the east coatinue to-o from last weekens storm. we'll show you how thacln-up effortlong-- a li bit later in thow. new this mning letters from the unibomber... yahonews has poured over hundreds oletters written by "ted kaczynski" frohis ison cell -- at the federal super x isonn florence.
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attacks and wrothe preferred hillary clinton ov barac obama in the 2008 presidtial race. he also wrote to pls -- aski formation about osa bin laden -- and the origins of al-aida. a o reer spenteveral weeks going throh e letters -- wch fl re than 90 bes at theveity of michigan library. kaczynski was convicted in 1998 of plaing or mailing bombs -- thilled 3 people andnjed ns of others -ov several dedes. w orning: americannes -- as well a cus and borr protection say -- they're reveing their policies after a big snafu at j-f-k air in neyo. thnew rk post reports -- some psengers on a flight from mexico last week -- were guided througthe wrong door and were allod leave the airport without gog through sts! c-b-p ys its working with the airline to track wn the passengers who didn't clear customs.
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people didn't go through the screening. you likely know by n. thtable iset for serowl 50 with the deer broncos taking on the carolina panthers. e rolid lorado do ha a few things in comn - ong them -- a stng cft beer scene... and that's creating a confctor some brewers. reporter "steve staeger" from our paners at 9news in denver-- has thetory. :58 "there's surprisg amnt of parallels betweethe carolinas and colorado- foremost on our min is the brewing scene." it mak s why that would foremost on bryan simpon's mind. is afteall the blic face of n bgium - a brewery founded in fort coins - but with a newrewery about to op inorth carolina. you know - tt state whe the new enemy plays. 02:48 here was a little trash going ck and forth on the interns today. from that brewery to this one.
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this very brewero. 06:45 "i am fr charlot north carolina, heck yeah." adam mundy works in the tap room - is supporting the paners - but took the diplomatiroute talkg to us. 06:5"it's a woerful feeling to know that two o favorite states are getting together to play onethe best games in hiory." su "it makes for the perfect atmosphere for a ser bowl be - brewery vs brewery - fort collinrsusshville. but beer - that would be way the heck too easy the folks at new lgium had a different idea." 03neththings they can't em to get is spicy goo green chile down there so it was floated out ere that ithe panthers win then we have to nd green chile bacto carolina - and ithe oncos win, thehave tsend barbeque sauce out toort colls. another colorado c brewing giant - oskar bluehas a facility in north carolina as - they told us they're still deciding whasort of competion th'll have. got us woering - can a brery divided ainst itself still std? but en we remembered - this is beerfterall. 04:50 "is ing be really n for evybody to kick ck
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beers and rootor whichever team they're roong for." weather antraffic on ts. chiemoing meteogt ephen bowers is re now with first alert 5. we have had some snowy spots earlis morning. the mo recent snow has fallenround pueb and pueblo west. any ngering snow is i way out, and clearinwill be the le of the da asidfrom somslipry secondary roads, our morning drive does not comwi a big weather-related issues. accumulation has ranfrom 1 tonches ross el pa , based epor f colorado springs fouaias muc as 10 es felon the top of eyen mntn with just a arod pueblo mperuresre in the 20s. windhills occasionally dip in teens. ows go and clouds ar breaking at 7 am wh mperatur in the high teens d w 20 subrightens the sky through 10 am withemperatures warmintoward freezing around
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will be sunny with upper 30s arndoladsprings and lower 40s around puebland can. lor and mi 40s will take us tough 2-3 pm, but then we will be heading back toward the 30s by 5 pm. expe 20s by 10 pm with
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ice, sw and a numberf ashes-- that was lght. this mning--ou couace me problems as you head tork a sch weow you whayou can expect, coming up le report and -- county leaders pueblo takina stand. the agreent in t works with lorado springs -- whent comes to dling with storm water su
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welcome back-- r p sty at our weatr-- and an icy and owy mmute. one weathedey to tell u about-fo carson is oa 2- ho delay. wel pass along others, as they come in. let's give you now a look at t road news 5 joanna wise is live at auin bluffs and neda with ok at what you could face this morning. luffs was one of the probareas last night. ke a looat this video. westbounaustin bs was shut do at e wentranc u-c- c-s after a crash and icy conditionsn the auin bluff hill made it t treacherous to gethroh. and on theilly section of union beeen woodmen and dubl, cars had a hard me stpingnd starting, leadi to this accident. as of this morninga couple areas are still on aiden ert status including colorado springs and fountain. we'll ay otop ll the
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you the updas on air and onlinet koaa dot com. reportg live in corado jo wis news 5. thisorning... two seventee year-olds are behind bars... for their connection in that string of robberies we've been
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targeting liquor sres in corado springs. poce believe the same group of people areesponsibleor robberies at these binesses. all hpenewithin two weeks of each other. during the robberies... police say victims we threatened and forced to the ground wh guns press against thr hes. today... at least four othesuspts are also und investigation. city officials from corado springs anpueblo county are working to finize details about a nereement thatill make srm-water management priority for yea to co! yesterday... mar john suthers was in pueblo... speaking to countyomissioners about the new inr- governmental agreement to address stmwater concerns outdethe southernlivery system gotiations. colorado springs hopes to art puing water h from the arkansas rivern april, b pueblo cnty wants more input whichtormwater tigati projects come first, namelthe ones that dictly impactheir constituents.
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working together better now than ever before. hopefuy reasonableeople can find rsonabllutions withhaving to go to court, and likely thatill be an inter-governmental agreement with enforceability clauses that both parties can agree on. the colorapringsroupls ested to pueblo councilors aboutountain creek and the funds they've given to help dredge the sediment built up ovethe past year. weather and trfic on the 5 chiemorning meteorologist stephen bowerss here now with first alert 5. we havhad some snowy spots early this morning. the most recent snow has fallen arueblo and pueblo west. any lingering ows on its way out,nd clearing ll be the rule of thday. aside from some slippe secoary roads, our morning drivdoes not come withny big weatherelad issues. accumulation has ranged from 1 to 3 inches across el county, based on repts from
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as much as 10 ches fell on the top henne mountain with just a trace around pueblo. temperatures are in the 20s. wind chills occasionally dip into the teens. snow is gone and clouds ar breaking at am with temperures in the high teens and low 20s. the sun brightenthe sky through 10 am with tempetures waing towa freezing around coradoprings and pueblo. no will be sunny wh upper 30s around colorado springs and lower 40s arnd puebland caon. lor and middle 40s will take us through 2-3 pm,ut then we willheading back toward the 30s 5 pm. expect 20sy 10 pm with
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68-yeaold "manuel scon"... is facing arson charges and cud oftarting four gss fires in colorado springs. lice say the firesere started between last friy night and early suay mning in a wood area near the thousand blocof west colora avenue. the flames threatened empty buildings. police telus-- though-rascon is not connected to otheass fires last week, one of which was intententially set. we've learned that the second tee boy, who fell rough thin i on a pond in parker, s died. following up f you.. the accident happeneearlier is month,.. first responders were able to pullmax ntie out of water and rush himo the hoital... but he died yestery afrnoon. the nighof tccident, "patric lant, who was in the
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also died. teetering on the edge. the crisis in california that's forcedvacuatns and a e ofmergency! d: we're just 6 dayaway from the iowa caucuses. how candidates from both pties are working for last-minute support ahead of the first ce in the ad to the white
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live look at washington dc feral ofces ere-- clos again today-- after th last weekend'd blizzard. th mea-- all federal controlled sit are closed tomorrow-- as is the national o. however the smitonian is re-opening 4 of s re popular muums today. plows have been rking around the clocto clear roads in the d-c area it's the same scene arou the northeast. new york-- was slammed wh more than 2-feet snow. the ssive storm is now blamed for -ds along the east coast. now to california-where thera state of emergency in effect. take a looat this--
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this is drone video showing just hodangerouand close budings arto the edge of the cliff in pacifica. the apart building you see inhabitabl the ty has declad a local ate of emergency... nce stormsave batted the damage a grd jury in housn idicte two anti-artion activistwho tondercover video oflanned parenthood. the "center for dical da-lie den daleiden", wasndicted on a lony charge of tampering with a vernment record and a misdemeanor count related to purchasing human organs. another activist was indicted a charge of tamperg with a goveent rerd. the grandy jury cleared planned parenthood of y wrongdoing. videos appeared to show pland reho officials discussing the sale of fetal bodyarts. today... famies in flint michigan concerned abt their exposure
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supp. will be able to get tested f free. new at 6: walmart, coca-co, nestl and pepsico -- have committed to donating 6 and a half million bottof water thr thend of the year. as we've been rerting...ring the last several wes, the nationaluard has been assistinthe peop in flint byprovg thith bo water. ather and traffic on the 5s. chf morning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alt 5. we have had me sno spots earlthis morning. the most cent snohas fallen around pueblo andueblo west. any linging ow is on its way out, and clearing will be the rule of the day. aside from some ippery secondary roads, our morning drive does notome th any big weher-relad issues. acmulaon has rged fr 1
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coun, baseon reports from colorado springs and fountain. much as 10 inches fell on the top of cheyne mountain with just trace arounpulo. temperatures are ithe 20s. wind chis occasionally dip into t teens. snow is go and clouds e breakingt 7 am wh temperaturesthe high teensand low 20s. the sun brhtens the sky throug10 am th temrature warming towa freezing ound lorado springsnd pueblo. noon will be sunny with upper 30around colado spris and lowe40s nd puebl caon. lower and ddle0s wl ta thrgh 2-3 pm, but then we will be heading ba toward the 30s by 5 pm. exct 20s by 10m with overnight lows in the tes. senator beie sanders used humor trieto solify s position as an outsider who wants change thsystem. llary clinton defended why she should be the frtrunner on the moatic side fopresent.
6:33 am
senator beie sandese humor and trieto solidify hi position as an osidewho nts to changthe system. hillary clton fended w she should be the frontrunneon the mocratic se r presen anile the top the republican candidates rallied suort in theirst two stes electing a gop nomie here's n-b-c's edward lawrence
6:34 am
in iowa e mperaturesay bcold.. t the ra to eac party's nominee for present is heatg up. thdemocrat candidas highlighted thr differces from one another as they made a final pitch to pple iowa. sot:ernie sanders/ d presidential candite "i led the effort against wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue sot: hillary clinton/ d presidential candidate "we tackled inco iquality d produced results, not talk, action. and that what i ll do as present." meanwhile e on the republican side the re etng nasty. especily beten donald tr and nator ted cruz. sot: ted cru r presiden candidate nd ie no ionf responding ikind. i think the people of io deservmorees than to see bunc candates throwi insultand mud atach ot" still, cruz released his second attack ad in iowa donald trums quote eworvalues." cruz campaign ad, "mviews e a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. they are different. like oabortion... trump is nowalng cruthe man om canad sot: donald trump/ presidential candidate
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canada, the bihpce of, ted cruz, he was born there and now he goes all e wato tas, maybe he has a conflict interest." the gop fronunnesa he will take aion as president and not ba down anyon audio outcue: ward lawrence, nbc news, washington. new this morning: a c-n-n po released a couple hourago shows 41ercent of reicans support donald trump. 2-thirds of ossurveyed belie he will capture the g-o-p nomination. we will beightack with the fi things you need to kn bereou go. and let's check in with matt lauer -- for a look at what they'rrking or t today show. go morni. straight ahead on today.. v/ unplowed roa fm the blizza of 2016.. leg to growing fstrations, up aown east coa. d mo snow possiy headed toegn. we'll have iall covered. out alsohe v/ a rning over-the pn cation you tang tany. d arzi youheth
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we'll o-oonwith oscar nn, dust hoffman. orng, e rpng thheoesn'tnot fu panda wn out en wstarted,e on
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you could see some icend snow on your comme th morning. austin bluff the springs-- is one of the worse spots. a roovrash last ght shut it dn. colo springs & fouain are dent alert" status. sad news from douglas coun. a cond teen-- whfell int icy pond has dd. rlier this mon-- when ic ve way... twteens ll into a po parker. the ght of theiden "patric lantz" died. first responders were able to pull "magantier" out of the water and rush h to the hospital... but he dd sterday afternoon. tourisim is a mutli-billion dollar industry that eys thsands of people here in colorado. that message wl be delivered to state lawmakers today as leaders of the trism industry goo the capitol on "tourism day.the director of the "colorado tourism office" will lk to lawmaks about th20ourism outlk, trends and budget es.
6:38 am
springs will unveil its "preferred design" for a new summit house -on pikeseak. the city is rking with a number of partners to ree the 50-year-old summitomplex at america's mountain. if you want to take part-- and give your feedback-- there's a public meeti tonight at 5:30 at penro hou on mesa avenue in colorado springs. the lorado springs city council today will vote on a meure that would cut ratesor corado sprin utiliti customer c-s-u is a non-profit utility -- and must return any profits to customers. commercial andndustrl customers -- wouldee the t ts ts. atheand affion the 5s. chief moing meteorog stephen bowers is he now with first alert 5. wee had some snowy spots early this morning. the most recent snow has fallen around pueblo d pueb west.
6:39 am
le of the y. ase om somslippery secondary roads, o morning drive doot come with any big weather-reted issues. accumulation has rangefrom 1 to 3 inches across el paso county, based on reports from colorado sprgs and fouain. ash as 10 inches felon the p of cheyenne mounin with just a tce aund pu. temperatures are in the 20s. wind chilloccasially dip into the tee. snow is gone andlouds are breang at 7 am with temperatures in thhigh teens anlow 20 e sun brightens the y through 10 am with temperatures warming toward freezing around colorado sings and pueblo. noon will be sun with upper 30s aroundolorado springs and lower 40s around pueblo and caon. lower and midd0s will take us tough 2-3 pm, but then we will be heading back toward the 30s by pm. expect 20sy pm with
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good mning od morning. right to the point. hillary clinton confrontedith a tough ques from g
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>> i d see theame sm from younge for you. ac i've hearfr quite a few people my agthathey thk you're dhone >> while chris christie gets defensive whensked w he turnedo the campaign trail so soon after the storm. you wt me t >> you want me to go dn with a mop? >> with six ysill e io caucuseswhdold trump is threateng to pull out ofhis week's debes. where are the plows? >> it's baouhere, man. >>ommunities from rginia new york, still buriedy the blizzard. d.c. shut down again today. out we, a ste of emergency. e erodi cliffhatave s teeting on thedg >>wildcene >> stop, orlando police. st! >> a driver in orlando ignores police, thenries to t away. [ guts ]
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with that iver under arrest.
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