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tv   Today  NBC  January 26, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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with that iver under arrest. >>then and now. the first photo of the cast of "frien" reunited, as the one memb who wasn'theropupt s me othe t, a doest rule o an even bger reion. todajanuary 26th, 20 >> aounc: from new thiss "tay" wi matt uer d savann guthrie, live from studioa in rockeer plaza. >>morng, everybody welcome totodan a esday morning. i'm exciteabout "friends" reunn. i orred a tte om gunther thorning. >> central pk. it'll be funo vehem back together. they gogetheart of a tribtoheegry dire, mes rrow more othat cing up > now, s daw from the votes in this presidenti elec. the cratic cdidatemaking theipihes vers in iowa
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hall before the caucuses. we have we have the presidential covered from all covered from all angles. les start with nbc's area mitchell. good morng. >> good morning, savannah. it wasn't a deba. t separate appearance the democrats run into tough questions when they tried to win over the undecided voters. >> reporter: within minutes, hilly clintofad blunt queson fm younvote ning tard rnie sanrs. >> iard from a feweople my age theink yore shonest, i'd like to hear from you on why you feel the enthusiasm isn there. >> i've been aund a long time. people have wn all kind of things at me if you're new to polics, the first time you pd attention, you go, oh, my gosh, look atllof ts. you have to say to yourself, w are they throwing all of that? i'llyou why, because i've been othe front lines change androgress since i wa yo age. >> reporter: sanrs was ask how he defin being demoat siast. >> creg a vernmenthat
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handful of peoe on the top. that's my definition of democratic socialism. >> reporter: eh s asked to react to the other's tv ads. >> the one leader who what it tes to get every part the job done. >> reporter: sanders said e has voted r e iraq war. >> i was not sretary oste, but expeence is imrtant, but ment is also important. >> reporter: she had nothing but praise for his son a garfunkel em ads. ook for america >> i think tt's great. i think that's fulous. i loveit. >> repter: in the final days, nders' economic message is resonating with voters w a hurting. >> it's ard do anything to pay your bills. you're ashamed all the time. >>o mins of people who are experiencing exactly whayou
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that. we don make change. >> reporter: president oma with politicemed to be tipping the scal tipping the scales tard clinton. an sta d, morexpere than any non-vice presint has ever beenin who aspir t in who aspiro this off our new surveymonkey out today, clinton maintaineher double dig leaover sanders among women. sanders istill 68% over clinton's 21%. gale of their gender.the trend uld have an impact in iowa if the voterow up to vote. >> thank you very much. on to the republican side, the rivalry tween donald trump and ted cr is intensifng again, as the wa ccuses get closer. s nationalorrespondent peter alexander is covering the gop. go morning to you. >> good mornin on the republin de, nethis morning, anoer growi
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the nbc news surveymonkey online tracking poll has trump at 3, creasing his lead over cruz. he'sp 22 points as cruz falls 4 points rubio a distant third. the candidat kicking off final sprint to final sprint to thstarting line >> reporter: donald trum coinceif iain't broke, don't fix it cking up the pressure onruz. >> he could run rit now for prime nier ocada. 'd havno pblem. >> repter: trumps so calling cruz a liar for his val's ad that accuses the billionaire reatening to bulldoze an el bulldoze aelderly woman's home.trsaid that lies never work and cruz is a nasty gu >> we can't have himthere, whenveryther senator thinks
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not going to respond in nd. >> reporter: cru >> reporter: cruz is releasing this newd. using personality, not policy. using the ont runner's words. cruz imockg trump, too. two corinthians 3:17. >> t corinthians walk into a bar. >> reporter: while the rest of thfield is running out otime for a rge, chris christie raised ebrows for is exchange with a ung woman, who ked why left nersey to mpai in the midst of blizzard >> because it's already done. >> i have friends and family calling,ending me vios, pictes allver thstate of ood. >> all over the ste? there'been one county that floodein the sta. one county. don'kn whayou pect me do. want me too down with a mop? >> christie noted 500 people statewide were sll without power.
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new th morning nethisorningmore drama ahead of th week's republin debate. donald trump thrtening to pull out of the debe because he don't think megyn kelly can treahim fairly. fox said trump is sced to fa the qutions, a he'll learn if he's president, he doesn't get toick the jourlist tha youy much. > chk dd inbc's political direct polical director and moderator of "meet the press." >> good rning. >> let's go back tohe democrats for a send and start there. bernieanders ia candid that appealshearts of democratic voters, and hillary inton appeals to their head. did you see or hear anything lastight in the town hall that changed that? >> i don't kw if i saw anythinghat changed itbui ghhillary clinton was sort ofcknoedging thelacehat she is in this race a bit. trying to fix it ae bit. i thought at she was ting
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stay nimbla litt bit. she dn't come ss as bier. i was surprised with bernie nders. was a little t defensive. he got a couple questions th weren't necessarily intended to force corastith hillary clinton, and he decided to take it. one was onuns and onwhen he tched her ad, he went at foreign policy. it was interesting. you saw sort of a -- i felt you saw bernie sanders tensend a relaxed clinton. >> and one >> and onef the other things on the hillary clinton campai.hillary inton is saying i'm the experiencecandidate. sanders had a good comeback. experience mters, sos judgment. do you think she handledhat, when it was her an to respond? >>o. i thought that wasis stronge mont, as far as an iue, ying to beat bacthe idea that he's not ready for the job. you kn, she don'have a nsweand it doe'telp that the current national secuty stion in the ddle easts a mess i think only helps inforce thsanders ge, cially
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>> i want to play th sound bite one more time from the president, doing an interview wi "politico," and ask you about it on the otr de. is is taing abhillar clinn. list listen >> she can start here day e, mo expered than an novice psideas ever been in, who pireto t oice. >>f u're runng thelinton mpai, you have tthink it's endorsent and play at tape any time you can. >> tt's right. how about thway she reacted last night? i mean, e goes, m touched. i thinshe was not st excited but relieved. remember, sanders isrying really hard to play the rolef obama here again. to create this sense of deja vu ain. i think hilly clinton, their strategy and it has been this way for three weeks, don't just stand next to the esident. hug him, do ater it tas. this is a se of e presidt to reciprocate. >> it'thmost engag he's been on this race.
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back after she did him the same favors. nooincidencein politis this mething they wked out ahead of time? >> i feeis is something where e presidenwas trying too her a solid. he saihe's not gngo endorse until the, quote, primary seasons over, but he knows thers ndemonm in his party if she loses iowa and ne hampshire. there's calls to joe biden, the michael blooerg thing. you kn, shean win iowa, she can lm a lot of nerves. i think the president knew that. >> t seconds, chuck, donald ump threateng to pull out of e republican date overegyn kelly. do he do athg with tt strategy, otr than me r a bigger superstar? >> i think it does. ok, i think he wking the ref a little bit. heng that. already, ihe gets a question he doesn't like, he can ju chalk it uto that. i ink he's setting the expeation. >> chuck td, thanks very much. talk about the weather.
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is morning over all that snow from t east as stic blizzar orts struginto get back wi neighborhoods not plowed da peoe star to anger and at nationalspondent ellmagis in washinon, erthe fedel gornnt and theoo a clos ainoday. miel, od mni. >> savannah,ood rnin it'll be another tough day in cies like washingt, d.c. th is what many neighbhos look likstilbu ey'rstl buedn ow. carsretillacrnth it it's bee hours sce the storm, and some are still struggli to mat arnd to. reporr: first one. >> one plow, ahat wait. >> reporte really pili on. t appears th've oppe workin >> rorte amithe rst lt a val mtdown. >> allur drive, we'r ready to go, but the roads are t cleared. reporter: travel on ice. subway rails stuck.
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>> we'reelting snow an probably will behe next ten days. repor at wagton's agan airportrunwaywere clear, buthere'shere for cars to rk. >> wwanted to ke sure everhing was okay so we came last night. >> reporr: trale trapped the airport along wit clnucrews. e sleep ourps, spa ros, bunkers. me guys sleep in tir trus. >>eporter: the lucky few who got oucaptured wter ndnd b. pretm ai a fferent story on the ground. back roads buried. en snow plows stuck. >> i shovellllhis stuff. >> reporter: iwaington, the naon seconbusiest subway syst, sumeoperation toy. ak is not entirely back on track. >> the train isn't coming. posite ogood.epr: even >> reporr: even with exhau crews stilon t problem job. ay a cple re d
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york to d.c., someaven't a plow f days. >> ts isnly wain a ou huh? >>eporter:itighborods buri in snow, lols are brimmi with atn. >> you c't andoneopl can'leave them he. >> well it's well it's goi to gh day folks o n torclends kehis hethis gnews e city ss they'rg to ide streets at som t. the airlinesre back on tra. mu of e snowhoulmelt. thproblle xt pontl k e.yo >> miguealmaerthanyou. carete outo whpeople arefrtrated they're stl loing at t snow >> it's not goto go soere fast. if it did, we'd be talking about flooding. gosomenteresti vid. weavisat satelte image fr eth day to nasa. this w before weadur storm. w look aafte this is nd. the one was tuesdaand now nday
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we'ralso traing that poteianor'east 'she good it is going totato our south thbad nes,s bringingloof rain lisnall the wainto ala, then into flora. severe thund. thenergys tranerred enp anaway. that'sood ne becse wdo not needny more snow. moste modeee, it eps all the moisture offshore. fantasti no problems. everyby ns. now,his aor'easter that was caused bel nino. ta a look whatl ni h en doingn northern califoia. this is pacificacalifornia. all these homes have been red tagged. you can sewhy. the beac t cliffs, all eroded. is unbelievable. they don't know when these homes are going to or if they're gng to fall into the ocean. buyou can e of that
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>> huch shoreline was th they built thosthings about 200 more feet of operty. >> oh, man. c you imagi? wo >> as you caimine, those are not inpensive homes th are reto go to the oce. that south of safrancisco. that what'going on around the countr
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forecastthe next 30 seconds. >> that's your >> that's your latest weathe matt?>> al, tser ch > pde obamannouncing mar changes monda on t use of solitary confinement i priss. includg a ban of that practice forew niluvenil and lovel offenders. e presidentwrot sitar coinement foruvil has en lind t depssion, alienation zptand the potential f violt behavior. also the longest a priner coul spend in solity would be 60 day for a firstoffense,
7:16 am
e forms would affect a ,000 fed prisons. >> now to th grongoncern over ts zika vis. thorldealtanization s the mosquito virus is o s to all the countrie around america except chili. there haveeen no caset of ctionthe ud states wever, in loses ty, severa doctors have ctaed public hea deptmen official askor blood tests for patients eibiting symptoms pregnantomanas among those patients now mor about the wd sce we showed eaier. lando police rea veo out wt sta out as a routine traffic sto and end with an oer opening fire on a young driv. natalie has more. >> this incident happened last week. its still under investigation. orlando police say it a starhen they pulled over a -yr-dor seat bt olation.
7:17 am
time, the he s drivi was stolen. >>eporte the footage is striking. [ gunsts ]. >> sts fired! >> repr: police officer shoots at a car in an orland flida, shoingcenter. >> stop! orlandopolice stop! >>eporter: pice sayhe january 16th incident started when officer spotted the driver not wearing hiseat belt. >> stophe car! >> reporter:s is newly age. >> put your hands up now! >> reporte when e sut didn't stop cop used baton to ash ther's windows. il the suspect then backs up to aarked ca before trying to me another escape. that's when the cares right toward one of theofficers, who says he was fordo fir four shots to protect himsf. anotr angle from store surveillance sho the driver of
7:18 am
cartinghotat, but mang to get away. a witnesdescribed the teifying incident t our filiate but did n want to be identified on camera. >> erythin happene so fast. i just oze. when inte of shose i wasn'tng t to pul outs and on fi. >> thear eventually crhed. the17ear-old driveas st aer fleeing on fo. he was treated f a bullet wod to h shoulnd is charged wh assaultinlice. e ofcer, while, invved is o paiinistrative lee. i guess a good instance is a thing they hthe bod cam foage. th actually back up t instation w.>>natalie, tnk you very ch. now t another dramatic ene, this inflorida. 13 peopl saved from a sinking ch lastght. e 106 footrena iii downff the coast of ard unty appears t vessel took on water afterunning und.
7:19 am
water and is unrecoverable. reporter:he m ht for the escapedinmates in california entering a fourt day. didrisoenside lp we're live with new information on the srch and investatio and the batef the llioires. how michael bloomberg's possie late run for the white house could shake up the campaign
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we're coming up on tottom ofthur. i'm ira cron with this today show update... 68-year-old "manuerascon"... is facg arson charges an accused of starting four grass res in colado springs. poce s the fires were started between last friday night anearly sunday morni in wooded areaear the 3-thsand block owest colorado avenue. the flames threatened empty buildings. poce tell us-- though-rasc isot connected to other grass fires last wee one of which was intetilyet. he anher reminder about the dangers of ice covered ponds... the second teenage boy, who fell throh th ice on a pond in parker, earlier this monthas died. first responders were able to pull "max gantier"ut of the water and ruim tthe spital. but ied yesterday afternoon. the night of the accident, "patc lant, who was in t water r more than a halfr, also d chrninteorologt -- stephen bowers joins us now with a lo aour cal forecast... stephen... snow igo and leftover clouds are brki up.
7:25 am
the sky thugh 10 ath teeratures warming toward eeng arod colorado springs and pueblo noon will be sun with upper 30s arou coloradspriand lor s around pueblo an caon. loweand ddle will taus throu 2-3 pm,ut then we will be headg back toward e 30s by 5 pm. pect0s by 10 pwith
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there are some people out ther on the pza on ahilly morningere in the northeas it's actually not so ba we'll go out ia couple minus. its tuesday morning, the6th day of january,2016 an let's teook some of thehenes. >> t aftermath of the blizzard, still t b story. hundreds of n flights caeltoday. schools and federffic cl in waington, c. agn. up ande east coast, frtratio i owin cludg eens, nrk where si roads are still coverein snow. >> it's badut here man. it bad. bryn got plowed. th city plowed. i don't know. a plow i not effective. the sw is too deep, and thers notnoh roo we arital gngnnd aggitou pe gting frtrated quns wasit hard the way. 30 inc of ow in some neighborhos.
7:27 am
fielas in des moines, iowa, st nig for ainal townall forum before next monday's ucuses bernie sandersouted his call to shake up washington, wle llary clinton phed her experience. establishnt politics is just notd enough. we need bold changes. we need a polical reon. >> obvi i rpe senator sanders greatly and areciate what he hone in this campaign. but i believe that'm the better person to be the democratic nominee and to be the president andommander in chief of the country. >> polls show cnton and sander areocked in a tight i iowa. a ste oemergency is in ple along the shoreli of pacifi, cafornia. cliff erosion is threatening to unge these apaments into the paficocean. thepey owns he been told those buildings are no longer safe to inhabit. also this morning,he sech for thr dangerous gis w escap from maximum surity jailn sohern california is entering a foth day w.
7:28 am
instigators arerying t figure out if those men had help. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in santa an with more on that. good morning to you. >> matt, good moing. county leaders are set to discuss later tod wther to raise the reward for information by $150,000. so fa no solid ads. >> reporte this rning, investigators say they're ting dermitherhehree fugitivesad any help inir escape ma nsk how the broke t of thiurity facili with suc w-te mes. >> i don't know abo any help, bu we d belie ts was we-plann, wehought out escape attemp >>eporte so far, no corrections officere been implicated. officials say theugitiv cut throug steel screen in their cell, then entered t jail's plumbing tunnelsefe makg thei way to the roof. from th t sd down five stories usi res made out of ja line. >> everye psume the dividuals are going to be
7:29 am
reporter: all three suscts e accused of violentcrimes. nayeri seen h nayeri seen her is charged with kidnapping and rture. duong with attempted murder and tieu wit murder. tw are beliedo he ties with vietnamese gangs in the area. >>e're telling the community, it's anbligion for you to come out and let us know. we ceep you anonymous but we need the information to forward ind these ople. >>ter: reward for information could be increased to $200,000today, but some residents of orange county's little saigon say tipsters may beard to find. >> fear retaliation. >> rep they h been in a cell with60 other men. they wereast seen friday. investators believe they escaped shortly after, pointing to this grainy veo which shows movementn the of. it wasn' unt the nt hd count a 00 p.m. that
7:30 am
gone.givi the mas a roughly 16our hd start. >> w,uthorities aren't sur what the inmateid afterhey landed tside of this facility, and wheer they m have h a get away driver. thities say anything is possible right now. they sayt'possible the eing hre byne el it's uncleawhethe they're still to gabeieez this for us, thank y ver much. > bacto politics and the man who might shake up the presidential race. form new york city mor michael bloomberg is drawing up plans for a poible trd party run if conditions are rit. willie h the latest on that. >> goodmorning, guys. miael bloomberg is the 14th wealthie person in the wld and one of three peopleo serve three terms ashe mayor of new york city. if he runs for president, it would add anoth layer of drama to this campaign. >> reporr: evef you don't know his stor y kw his
7:31 am
>>eporr: with the reported ne worth of $36.5 billio 73-year-old mel bloombes eight times weahierha dona trump. ter attendi jones hopkins an harrd busess ol, he headed to wall street t work at solon brothers in 1981,e left the investment firm to start his own compan empire that began w a couter that revolutionized financial data, and grew to encompasshree mass sooengazis. cab nwork and financial service reporting on the fiial world. he was a lifong democrat. in 2001, he switched to the republican ptyo run as mayor of nework city. he was elected weeks after 11. >> this is our victory. a victory for a vn and our faithth future o the greatest city in thworld. >> reporte as mayor, bloomberg
7:32 am
rents, andaw nd zbn gendrifion. gendrification. he w eleed for a third ti, thisime as anindependent. the final teras marked by controvers with risg income inuality and police techniquesike stop and frisk. >> is not because of race, it isecausef crime. reporter: in aighly publiced criticized move, oombg trind failed to limit sugary sodas. >> if we're serious about fiting esit wha tbe hostbo wt causes it a ve t couge t tackle . eporter: bloomberg is prive about hisersonal life.he's divorced but had a long-term girlfrienor than a decade. he has two daughters. oneith olympic aspirations. also aoted edd edd fi lan edd anthpist.
7:33 am
heay be gting back in th spotlight. >> a lot of his frien and alli s this isn't auy who will get in as a spoiler. if h belve he can win, he'll ente t race. >> is $ilon din a shortenederiod of time t spend. >>an wait until march and then his decision bn who wins. >>, thankyo > let's g chethe r mr. roke ys, wve g changin in goi thrgh eeciay e noreast areatlas. we're wching onearea, p of frontaltem briing freezingrain, alslier ming across the gat bringiow. as thatm movpast, it's g tori lake-ct snow icy tr, freing rain visories froyruse toald mother --timore and virginia winter weathisories in gr lakestorr
7:34 am
near the gatla 6 ihes near wto 6o 12 >> andhat >>nd that r les atr. > just ahead, cangu cloose c tis? pl aningthe of the blizrd. >>'m jeff rossen. with thewing down, you' seeg m andor o is.
7:35 am
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don't drive or use machinery untiyou know how lyca affects you. those who have had a drug or alcoh problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i ha less diabetic nerve pain. anmy biggest reason to wk calls me grandpa. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> we're back at 7:43. timeor a new rsenepts warng. >>ired of theno from t blizzard 20? it's ldingo har onhe adff rsen h tt. good morng. >> good morng. nowhate're digging o car t and gettingack on th road,our car may loo like mi. he's a photo snapped onhe wa to work. yeah,t'ompletely cov in snow. the tis, when y're in a ru to to work, you may wipe s o thendshie so y canse leg the rt ofit. believe itrnot, t snow on yo car roof can inedly dangerous. thismorning, dramatic cases
7:40 am
turningnt sol icchunkslying into e beu, eve iurin people. >> repter: ouream dpeloyed in the snow zone,poing pes of snow on car s. ywhere youlook. >> why didn'toulean the top off? everhoug of it. >> reporte seemrd less ss harmle, rit? chk this out. teifying moments wn a sheet of i flies off a car, smashin that wishield. this car swerving out of th w as a block o ice rockets rothe air. and watch thitruck. snow ghlamming into the overss. thwintry explosion blinding theriver hi. bau so many of us don't wipe t snow off ourcars. poli seet all thtime >> is ju thelyin ice. ice doe't have to hit your hicle. it's you avoidg the pie o ice. >> even if the ice doesn't h
7:41 am
you're goingovoit. he roads are slpery. if try move icy, iulse anotherccident. >>ter: dri just cln eir wiieldss but not the of.i ot ts trucquick. >> jeff rossen from nbne 'reng a stout how erou it iso havw a ic onrroof yes, it is. >> yout cantof >> i put e. >> our tea armedit stepladds and ice scrape. if dvers won'tlean i of we will. >> i haveoodws. i broht my rossen repoream out with shovelsnd wre goi to d it foru. >>ou'rech of ce guys. >>hat'shat i think. t to work . >> reporter:t takes minutes. get theas bit o ice off there. >> reporter: this man's truck isgood to go >>romise me, u'll wipit off. >> i will unless i canind you to. eporter:ar r.
7:42 am
>> reporr: we clean off pil of . >> h much snos on your roof. >> soluly. >> reporter: e a thioating n d damag when itreezes er. huge chunks of ice already. imagine this at highway speeds. y di't you wipe the snow off? >> i cldn't reach . ush 't lon ough. eporter: we swoop . by the end of da we helped tsf dveut wan be everywhere. soore you leave thi rnin clean the roof to avo this. >> we'll sewe you. thank you. >> thankyou,ys. thank yy much. >> we love that guy, rit? >> yeah >> iidn' put tnowth y do i have to clean it? >> besever. >> what d you ne?>> leavinow on the roof isn' justanrous, it legal in as my a 12 ates have a lt onhe websi rit now.
7:43 am
figu if your state,t' lel,nd you caneharged 500 in some places. t do you , eve time? >> the ual, yeah. w a you? you, je. comingup aook at thatnticipated"friends" reunion. y matthew perry,ho wasn' the, says hs not ast an evigger one. >> you won't bel wtimmy fall bris u fro bere sanders'past. weig watchers s changed.weight wchers alw bendhe scale pgram pu t focus on you and not just the number on the scale lose weight while eating healthier, with all new smapoints. and move more by including fitness in ways that worfor you. e how good you'll feel with the new weight wahe yo the sca progr!
7:44 am
give extra. get extra. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no onepeed... no one way of iving each d evroad. but there one car that can conquer them all. the meedes-benz c-class. veriving modes let u custome the stee, if, and spsi fyou'ren. and the road you'r the 16 css. lease the c3 for $399 a month atour local
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7:47 am
welcome back. sanders saersas mical cameo on jimmy fallon. tamron. this is a good one. jimmy fallon shared his, do t play lison the "tonit sh" monday and featurebernie sands, his album. it was recorded in 1987. hard to get throh . jimmy to time toame one nator sanders' songs. take a listen. if i went walking that ribbon of highway i saw above me thatndless yw i saw below me at golden valley hilandas made r u an me >> he's got the voice. the voic an angel. before the tow beforeown ha, he w trding otwitter. n jerry's haa limite
7:48 am
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it cash ck d\j v the ci double sh card. the only card that lets you rn casback twice on every rchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ws to earn, it makes a l oother cards seem one sided. hell hello, nice meet you.melda. i'm john. we invited y here today to get your honest opinion about th new car keep things unbsed, removed all the badging and los. so, what do yothinit is? d y lexus. maybe feels like a bmw. let's look at the interior reminds me of the inside of my friend's lexus. so, this car suppos apple cay siri, open maps. ni. wow. she gets me.
7:51 am
yeahthis car also has teen driver technology. en mutes e radiun the seatbes are buckled. wow. my husband could use that. i'm very curious wt it is. what price ran wld you put th c fifty to sixty-five. the eity-thousand dollar bracket we, at if i told y this is the 20 che malibu? this is a malibu? yeah, let's gohet. no way avy! oh, wow. and it sells for? it startat twenwo five. gawhat? oh wow. i'm ry pressed. yeah. i meanith all this technog that's a game anger,eally. i want one.llthus good tuesday morning.. good tuesdayorning... wecoon the top of the ... i'm ira cronin with this today show update. day... colorado springs city cil will vote whether to approve a jor rate decase for colorado sings utilities customers.
7:52 am
more than 28-million dollars from electric and naragas customers nce oil prices started dropping. and a not-for-profit utility, that excess revenue must be to customers -- ithis case, form e than 9-dollars ofur bill for the avere sidentl cuomer for at least next month and poibly beyond. heit gs down like has over the last 6 months to a year, all of th savings gets pason to our customers." commercial and industrial custerwoalso see big rate decrease cityil will vote on th proposal this oon. chief morning meteorologist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a t our local forecast... stephen... snow is gone and leftover clds are breaking up.
7:53 am
the sky through 10 am with temperatures warming toward freezinground colorado springs and pueb. noon will be sunny with per 30s around colorado springs and lower 40s around pueblo an caon. lower and middle 40s will take us through 2-3 pm, b then we wi be heading back toward the 30s by 5 pm. expect 20s by pm th
7:54 am
7:55 am
comi up, dosg daers. the new warning for mlions of americans who take too muchf the most poparain relief medications othe maet what you need to know us wald' is abouto introduce waiters at hundre ofestaurts across the country. then st, present and panda. you must te the n step on your journey. >> dustin hoffman ope up about s n kung fu claicnd hislegendy career. >> cee wise, do you have regrets? >> i tned down maybe mor brilant thingnd more great dictors probly tha any acto i ow. todaesday, jry 26th, 2016. >> from st. los, hi, everybody. >> good mog,michigan >> goo mornin xas. >>ood morning, arntina. >>o ourgrdkidin n carolina, we love you.
7:56 am
look, we're on tv! an you dos yeah, i cano this >> good morning,'s esy, january 26th, 2016. great d out on plaza. ki of feels warm mo. me i donant g carried away. >> comparatively speaking. >> it' nice. >> no question about it. >> peoplere ditchgheir gloves behind us. >> heatwave. >>ood dog. >> i have a treat in mylove the. >> tomrown "tay,"e ha an excluve telision interview. former sopno sr will be here live it's her first television interview since she announced that she has mulple lerosis. wel talk about how she's feeling and why she deced to go publinow,5rser
7:57 am
's jamie-liy, tomorrow on tomorrow on "today." >> wrangler was jumpi up on you. >> he knows i have a treat. >> breakst serv. >> let head to natalie a checkf the top stories. >> gd morningagain. into politics and new urgency o the campai traith eowa caucuses six days ay. peter alexaer is in washington. good morning. >> natalie, good rning. da ago, the leading docratic candidates a fhting to explainhatre see to be weak ot in the hillary clinton hillary clinton dealt wi laggin support from young ters and sanders about bng a socialist. fact, i've heard from quite aew peoply that ey think you're dishonest. >> i've beenround a long time.
7:58 am
things at me. if y're n to politics, this is t first time you paid attention, you go, my gosh, ok at all of th. you have to say to yourself, are they t are they throwing all of that? haif i've bn on the fnt lines o chan since i was your age. i hope you'll reconsider. >> helping everybody, not just those on the top. that's my definition of democratsocialist. >> ted cruz warningf t winsiowa he could be, in cruz's word unststble. cruz insists he's the only caidate w can stop the biionaire. also this morning, trump has new pos t brag abou dening h natnal ld or cruz, now 22points argug the gop establishment doesn't like him. it justatescr. natalie, back tou. >> p alexanr,hank you.
7:59 am
investating pnnedenthood hanste ited two antibortion acsts. david, a leade forhe center of medical progress, is charged wi t with aovnm record, along withmisdemnor. an employee of hisroup iso charged with rec tamper th're accused of usingake ids t s undercover video of pla parenthoodofficial. no one from planned parenthood was inindicted. ortheast is sll feingffects of the bliz. school and goverent builngs areanceed ainn washinon, d.c. driversave complnts about snow removal. ndreds o flights canceed again in new jersey. operty owners along e jersey shore are repairing damage caused by beach esion and floong. video shows danro cliff erosion along a stret of
8:00 am
storms caud byl nino have eaten away athis beach front property in pacifica, calirnia. that has left that row of buildingsn danger of collapse. local officials declared ate of emergencynded tagged severa buildings as unbitable. >> a dog descri byer owner asazy put the lie to rest. she went out for aalk and sniffed heray to the starting line of a half marat in alabama. she ran with theaders f seileforen settng , actually finhed in seventh place. there's talk of namin next year's race, the hou dog half. she just need a half marhon to run. let's spendend itend i bac tosavann. > aew sveyin tooany ameransre ignoring theinstructions on or thounter pain ditions, a it's adingo serio health oblems. dr. talie azar is a news
8:01 am
ilty as ged, i'm a big seoser. >> you ar i . i know it's ba the survey finds i'm n alone. >> 43% of thoseveyed say they knowingly e the recommended auntn the bottle. >> d it. >> the same percentage say the tht's jus a guideline and not having that they shod stctly follow. parently, there are real health effects if y oveose. >> absolutely. on the panelou c see, the ner recommendation for a the cerenol changed. 3,000 lligrams. pirin, 4,000. why are we making a big deal about this? taking any of these medicines tooongr t hhf a remmendedose can lead to rious stoch proble.ulcers, eeding, gastritis, as
8:02 am
>> ovee or us i can be dangou hetylenol, it's liver ge. th kys he to d with me longerm duration. we don't see kidney failure in the acute setting,ut stomach sue,e can. >>hyplake these medines. wee doing i for fu they'r in pa andant li. >>exacy. >> if y havemigrne what youecommend for the headache, iibuprofen is aropriate f isppropriate for a short while. on thing tha pn managem int o ise aware oe red headac ou're ting thisarly, thre fr daysr 15s f the nth, y can experience a rebound headache. when those medicines get out of your system, you g a rebnd headache i addition tthe migraine. also, not all s ar miai migrais. youhodeeheadac over orpecialist to deteinehaindou have and what micine i best for you. escriptions a given a lot.
8:03 am
that why i dignto thdvil or ale. >>ack pn is t second most mmon reason peopleome to th doctor. yo can don ibuprofen athome. so,'l also,'llution, you have wess or tgling or numbness extremities, see a doctor. but warm compresses can work ll if your pn lasts more than ten days,hould see actor. 's do some of th joint s a recod ibupfe a kid with thfer. >> ty're recomnding acetamof acetinof acetinopn. fer lastioranee days, s heah care provider. >> i i takeaby air f
8:04 am
that >> it'sot dgerousor yr kidney fution b itan incrse your rk for gastroinstinal bleeding. >> good information. thank u. > up next, look at those moves. e wildest dce competition you'ver see. > plus, d't you wis getting essed whis easy? if youanuess who owns at closet do yove a fitness friend? nna bush hagrnd natal o what could be theo gre i apeciate y cing by. absolu the market's been prty volatile tely. there is a lot atstake here, you know? look jimwe've been planng for is a lo te.and we'll keep evolvi thing soon't worry knowg what'sn your mind antingccng multipliedy 1300 fiial advi. it'sigea an's h edwd jone makesensof invting st te testes test testes test
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> 14 let's doome trenng. savaah? mony was the first d mark zuckerrgeade back to work. two mohs oernity leave afterheirth of his son. ehing he wastorried abou whatowe. this wasis et. ,fter patnity leave, what should i wear? >>akife more mple. is notnly t secolor, it's the exa sam irt. >> love remember charlie brown wn th would shoha brn's oset >> yeah >>hao yoha inour osorha ather thing? >>stf all, t col navy blue ny blue ties. haveore navy blue ties than anytng. what about yogs? >> iave a lot o whit i don't owwhy. beig >> black. >> black and black.
8:10 am
>> they don't wan the whole nel director look. >> gooto know. mo of usil aee atms relutionedhiinerms of the way get money. you thi theatm couldse an update?ase thinks so. the national ban is sayin gd buy to atmards and introducing an app. it wldorkloside n chines tt quire you to use the app to methdrawal b better yet when you witraw the ney u capick if you wt $1 bills, $5bills, $10 lls. cool. >> and soon. the maines have beenested i shingttate, b tusands of these atms will roll out this year. >> great id. >>hen you're out - >> probably the same 3ucks or mething. >> $3.50. >> oneess t lose by way,ha't onuss tow chag ingsup by the e of this year
8:11 am
using waiters at their restaurants. can you imagine? don't get exted, the servi n't going to be fancy. >>ould you like ca-cola witth bac? >> y go to e unte order and and and wait. yowillay at the ksknd then the serr wil bri your foodo u. peon? i think youuld ifhey're your table. >> do you pmiumn the item y dthatway? i ow. >> same price?i'all for it. like that. >> egg mcmuffin, right? >> no question. >> we called it. >> we want it when we want it. f video that had
8:12 am
>> wow. >>t is mesmizing. [ apse ] [ applause ] i c watch ts all y. the athlete in this video iseo voaz competing ithe win gameshich is a comtition dedicad -- >> al, that' a little differe than the win games you might be aware of. >> he is s happy right now. >> he is in a windnelype de. >> amazing. >> the anghing is, no, not those wind games but the way he can float to the top wut hitting the topnd thenome gh back down. >> h walk >> iscrazy. >> it'ry, vercool. now to the picture that's be2earsn th m and w stu from "the revenant" really feels. first up the rnion we've been wting for, we've been talking about, aew weeksgoit was announced that the cast of friends would be coming together to honor director jamesbuow the gala was pre o sunday night aie cuocco
8:13 am
r and herast s t g bang theory hundred ld around their t gang there, everyoneepfor matthew perryere attendce, we knew that he would not be there. in a recentnterview matthew openedpnd g personal he revealed the can't remember some ofis time onhe setf friends causeo bstance he says much of his memory w ered during the filming of asee and six. he als said held be open to full reuni but it would have to be done well aso not rui theemor of th show. matthew is current preparing foa play in lonn and recorded a preaped appearance for the l. th program will air february 21st on nbc. rk yourcalend. >>up xt, las w we annoced tt mariah carri is engaged to a billionaire. herx-sband nick c has remained st uil
8:14 am
sbands of hollywoo it s kevin heart leaning over ni it's just aring, nick. it is a not a mere mortal ring 's 35ats estimat and 8 to $10 million nick found the meme funny loud. congrats toariah carrie and me mayod ble you futureunio e of the mies thas getting the buzzround t awdsw "the revenant." people cnot stop talking about thene between leo dee tap pre owe and thebear. the stunt man tlayed the bear is speaking out. >>t was a stunt man? >> the movie -- some peopleught it was real bear. glen ens s one of two stunt men who stoodn for t bear.
8:15 am
glous orou saiwas suosedo gb my jt wiy hao make look likehe bear'saws pullg it in order to have t ar's in the smallf the ba. facwas in his tt. >> tt's not glous? >> he said my face w i s f a fai bfime. n how 's soone's fanty but it wasn't mine. trngo>> >> drop the mike. >> due vsione wind gas. >>wo i dt say that coming >> gi >> >>scar interview. wow. >> i have to seehese people o the red carpet. >> mr. roker, how aut a che the wehe okeyok. s show y wha have haenin weave is froal smhat wiwie briing t wth
8:16 am
florida yb t 3 ihe orthnext seval days. another g storm around the pacific not. today nice and warm inbillings, miealis, chicago, nework city. acalegrees above normal byhe te we get int wednesday mieali you a u to 36, denr is at 55, n york ty up 3egre a thenn idaye llee ttar u continue. iteally stays mildhrououmuch i say about %f e country justbout abovenorm. >> that'sou
8:17 am
>>al thank y verych. he rd bacm unimagable lossan often take a wide a variepath do br knows it too well. christma morning houseire in 11 cimedhe les her the daughter lygracd sarah. and her rents. but timnd a newur have help her find a wayo honor he family. it gd to see yo weombackwreou doing? >>odank yoin a l better. >> inow therere times of saess,ut theave enmont of ar rerried? yes, i was marri in july 14 to bl duke, whos the mostlonginstan ev t. that h madeuge dference iny life. inowou snt l o me a far awa fm ts a as you could get. you out t kans.
8:18 am
know at? i have a business bk in new york. it's an adversingompany and i want to go back the. when you got back towoin me ways, there was epipha can expit? itllctuall start i 2007,20 wn weid a beauty it wealke aut what iovion d markengeall an at it really mnss innovation and marketing is really getng iid of th shoes of'soonrhis old padigmof fling the consur wh shnd anet u' n goo engh. hairsn't right ou. then svinghe oblem. >> more specifically, you took a ry cse loo at the way a lot of advertisingectifies yes. or their loond en th part you decided that can no . >> exactly.
8:19 am
mens prop, wre sheas cice, n we'lleruc to the point it'sunatle, and we're noing to her body >> y relea a veo anonymy onyout i wis could play t wle vide here. it's edibly weul. anto give pple a ltle idea of what it's like i will sa tre's much more to this. >> great. >> it >> it really is amaz what theion been like on now,'re claingresponbity for what the reactn been? huge. beennn over 1 cotries aro the world. we have over 7 milli impressionyou know, theomments are
8:20 am
peop are ry seeing tha obifyi wom isyp there withuality. but in a worldhere we hear over ar agn, sexs, can you make a dience n yet test of the industryo go along wh this >> i think tha we have see selling. of peoplectually pushiack d sayi, , this does not fit witn m value stem. you , wno daddy ran their heree huge ihink the sexsells, but t worst part the harm we're doin rme, tsmade we make the the deiscision. >> ur..
8:21 am
i'm ira croninthisodate... 68-year-old "manl raon.. farsoars and acsed of starting four gra fires inolorado spris. police say t fires were started between last friday night and early sunday morning in a wooded ar near the 3-thousand block of west colorado avenue. thflam threatened empty buildi police tell us-- though-- rascon is not connected to other gras res last week, one of whh was intententionally set we have another reminder about the dangerof i covered nds... the second teege boy, who fell ugh thince on a pd in parker, elier th month has died. first responders were able to pull "max gantier" out othe water and h tthe hospital... but he died sterday afternoon. the night ofident, "patc lant, whwas in t water fomore than ha hour, also died. chf moing meorologt -- stephen bowe joins us now with a look at r local recast... stephen... snow is gone andeftoveclouds are breaking u
8:22 am
the skrough 10 am wi temperatures wming toward freezing around colorado springs and pueblo. noon will be sunny with pes around colorad springs d lower 40s arou pueblo aaon. lower anmi 40s will ke us throu-3 pm, bhen we will be heading back toward the 30by 5 pm.
8:23 am
ie be'syearningn stos any time so. we didet aunny tweet. >> lastig flon had kate
8:24 am
dot miss tonight., >> 80 no on this tuesd morning. it i a mild morning in e nortast after some pretty wintryeather over the lt uplef days a iant t thk tse ppletickg arnd a saying . byhe way, coming up,nef our favotes. we wl s down dustin hoffman, one of e stars of the kung fu panda franchise. we will hear all about his chacter and some by the way of the big mses he feelse's h in his career. >>roles he' turned dohat kind ofthing? >> yes. >>ll rit. day jenna is hereo tells
8:25 am
your next workout. snow day survival gue, h toeep yr kid occupied and tertained when y and ty aretuckndoorsoroursn en >>s thwind picks up,ot th kind ofnd,r. rok says, back to the weher. >> tre i a theme developing there? >> yes. >> all right. let'sheck it out. for tomoow, a lotf wet weathe heavy rai through florida, the southeastern lake effect snow around the gre lakes. we see those winds comeacss the, pific northwestooking at wet weather as we. plenty of sunine throu the
8:26 am
also and >> and >> and that'souratest weather. ma a right, al, thank very 78 yearsung,ustin hoffman heencting for 5 years. >>e i returnin he's wurn one of the voicesn kung fu paa panda 3. weaught up with him to ask him abouthat a so much more w t g bac toe prably 20-200 whenitr an actr aageralls you d says, dustin, they want you to do the voiceor aharacter call master in m aut
8:27 am
no. >> what did you thi in. >> thought it was the stupest tl kung fu panda? >>re you surprisy it, i become a billionolla fr >> it's t only franchise i thin ie in iant it to keep going unt i e. >> it'sen annuity? >> the u.s. your urney. >>yes. >> i'm amazed. >> i k where you are goin therenot a lot youan rearch abo master ifu? >> i'm nure wha is i is it araoon? >> is eht itccoo a >> panda. i'm a red panda in. wt people to know dustin hoffmane$900 millionff a chac he's not sure what it is. >> s aeda.
8:28 am
>> a red panda. i thought he was araccoo >> it's all about inn peace. themovies g aroundturbing of the inner peace valley o inner peace. what happens in this on i do think it's possible. this is the best of the three. bout she and chi. i your ese. it's who youare. chi and it' abo the bad guy who itrying to te everyone's ch away >> i have returned. >>aster chi fu,e regrets thingse has done i past. are you guy that los to the past all in s yes. >> you do in. >> iave been shrinking it up r about 20 ars, if you want tono the truth. >> yeah? iant m therapist t thererever they bury toit there,aybe once a ek
8:29 am
>> do u, ceerwi, let's nooersonal here care wi, d havyou regr . >>h my god, ye >> like at? >> i turned down make i m more brillnt tngs and gat directors probably than any to ikn >> g m aple ofexples. >> thelo one? yeah. >> "close encounters ou didn't like it? read itnd said that's the best script i ever read, i'mot going to do it. >> why? >> i tnk i m,rned aown four times, schindler's list down bergman down. you had extraordinary career. there were a lot ofros y didn't turn down. >> i surprised myself. >> you made the most of. >> when i s t shod i study? i say, name i dustin hoffman, welcom to my masr s. >> you to psn your packso youngtors. at would78-year-old dustin ffmaell 28-yeaold dusn
8:30 am
talk to himsn actor? >> hg on ather twoears and you'll dohe -- mbinson,re you trying to seduceme. >> you said you turd dow a lot ofros,ou think you w afra of success. when you look back a 78 are you pud o yoself >> the original queion is you look back, do you wish you could? s,an i go bk and live t la0 years fferently?because i woul mean thed news, i feel h now. i fee reborn w, in a e, because i finally he a sense of myselfpriories. it doesn't ba are me too go this was a whole - i wasn't afra ofbeing a star. i did noteserve it. we're not special. there such ahing as a gift. u have a gift. i have a gift t the chae toring your gift intohe same aptuf at's t right word, mry th ioulife.
8:31 am
th. iryot t do terviews arguing with people im interviewing i think aryospecial. i reayo. i enjed talngoyou. >> tt, tha you, thanks very mu. >> that's amazing. >> he tned down the roles becae he didn'thinke deserved the successhat the would bring him at thtime >> is s rshing to seeim be so cand about tt andis roleshat he w he h taken. >> this iphany. >> h turned outll righ >> shrinkingt up. >> anywa by the wa "kg fu panda k3w4i9s the theats on iday. ronr red a? >> comingup, succe when
8:32 am
first,hiss "t" nbc.n welcome back, everyone. this is the fouh andal week of our caaign, kicking
8:33 am
>>enna bush hager is her wit f viewf getting into the gy >> one o my newyear's resolutions w to get to the gym. and aer was to spend time with friends. natalie is one of the fitte friends i ve. she let me crash h workout. >> hoboken hot mamas. >>ill you take a manhattan girl? >>ye. we will. you are my buddy. in life. she is. usually, they like to put me spandex for spandex nex to natalie. no, thank you. talie wins. do y feel thegiggle? >> pretty good. time to get ving. let'so it,gis. >> the girls and i participated in a partner workout that involved trust. >> trusting you. >> strength.
8:34 am
>> what if you canift me? >> i cant yo >> a a lots of fun. >> a lot of jenna i've never seen before. >> truing you. >> now lower it wn. there. tah-dah! >> natalie, the ltl spice girl girl girl. >> herces. >> you fine. you e like the strongest heul. this isun with friends. >> yeah. >> it also makesse. research sho that0% of people belie they're more likely t fitn workouts and stick to their utine if they partner up. >> hi, ellen. this is my sr barbara. iught her along. she'sripped.>> motivat by natalie her friends, i gbbed my best friend and workout partnerrom birth, my twin sister barbara, to try out orange theory fitns, one of the hottest new workouts. theounder and our instruor,
8:35 am
>> walking, jogging androwing. >> i not walking. why is i going faster? >> the one-hour class involves getting your heart rate in the orange zone, where you burn fat. that cbined with a healthyilyy dose o dosefcompetitn. i'm in th green zone. i'm jenna25. who is 6? i'm going down, m heart rate. >> it's ur pac >> this is fun. i' in the orae ne. i'm in the ongezone! i want . i wt it. i prefer dner dates. this is hard to ta. >> what a good sister. helping h twi get off t rowingmaine. >>end you kneesn fetal position to the de.
8:36 am
>> sin befor wwere born. >> righto the cht. >> relaxion riod? >> here we go. >>usee, you poked my >> you're obliques. >> you poked my oneab. >> people know they're going t be more accountable if barbara call jenna and says, we're on jenna? she sa i was goingolo itftoday, but i guess iwon't. barbara is superior in fitns because, feel that musc. show it to her. show her it. show her tt gun. >> it's a shy scle. >> i want to give a sclaimer. if i beat you up a child, this is no the chance to throw th ball a my face. out? >> don't crush myeeth or you lose ts. taserut of the orange zone. >> what is it like to wk out with your sister? >> i loveorking out with my sister.
8:37 am
kill many birds with one stone. >> your trunk hasotten smaller and mine has gotten bier. >> y had bies. >> i feel ptty good. >> you look good too. >> you're a goodtivation. >> thanks, sissy. >> twin power. >> swt. >> bt part of thetory was listeng to her comment on it whe it was runn >> i'm ted of self. m tid. >> y said, good thing the staroday thing is almost over. >>inish toy. >> i'm finished today. hallelah. t it true,t working out with frids -- i mean, worki out with nalie, loo at this and i'mlike, is this my after? before and ter? i' intothat. eealthitness director says it's obvious. ncreesaccotability. yestery, savannah facet me d sd --rst,tede and prde to ignor it. >>hen i cald th
8:38 am
e, said, you comin to the gym? >> see y in th lby i t minutes. >> bause ser face, i had to. went, feegr also can lose more weight. there are seshat show i you worutit friend -- i don't know if is the competition or that you'r tre d want to wor outnd be in it ther,ou lose mor weight >> me untabl >>enna like, we'reng leg li a, it hurts theeam thing is grt. want to go drinking wit me? >>old on, third startoday ay, it ups the intensity. doou t i'd do the flying squirrelove without natalie, e flying squirrel morales? >> not my new nicam yes, it is. flatterg pose. >> tha you. >> replayingthat. it makese w to get to the gymht w. jenna, thank you. great job ontart today this month. w gng t carryt into next month. >> no, no,no. >>y popular dema. >> w eed today. >> moreipsn t webse,
8:39 am
creative ways top with your kids'abin fever whe a
8:40 am
first, this "today" onbc. ware >> we are back. it's8:48. weave a snow day survival guid in the wake of the blizzard hools a closed again today. inashingto d.c., baltimora nber of otherac.whatoou dohe your kids are bored? mega murphy i a mom of three kids and edito of "good housekping." you have your two boys there, anxious to play with this fst one. >> we were stuck in the house forwo days. this is a gre way to beat cabin feve it's plain fun. we cut out these cires on poer board. cut out circles. we traced our mixg bowls. vehe kid find different circles around thehouse, cut
8:41 am
we it by tensecause my daughter is learning to count by tens. ha a family competiti. show us how toly a plane. >> think i canake ? >> see if you can throw the plane. >> 5 ints. hat's about how easy as it can be. >> one more. >> just pla fun. u can improvise with anything around the use. >> yes. >> ok. this your ttle rl. >> this is my daught we likeo play with fo this is healthy snack. we'roing to do pretzels for the arms ke the pre sticks. charlie, we made these with yr class on frida ahey were a t. e chocolate chips forhe eyes and buttons. make a hat with a strawbry. >> they're owmen. it's healthy ac potassiu dk ccolate- don't tel --nd youan improvise wh athing aroun th house. this is how they turn out.
8:42 am
>> what's yr name? >> brian. >> w also have this eellent id for hard boiled eggs. theecipe forhi is on really fun and a gre way to get their if isk the toat a banana, no. a banana snowman kab, it makes it me fun. >> right. now, this is fun. whad a camp t. this is ouravorite tent from la ofnod. u can use couch cushions, do a box toake a fort. go in th sleepgbagsnd then we made campfire. >> cute. construction paper and rled logs, wdid a circlef rocks. l.e.d. lights left overrom our halloween jack lanterns. rolled constructn paper. >> you can tell sri like a campfire. >> weoasted marshmallows and told ghost stories. they've bee watching too much scooby doo. adorable.
8:43 am
pajamas and make it a camp out. you can do this with a sheet, make a fort. couch cushions. throw a sheet over it, no problem. hat do we have ove here >> do you wanto bld a snowman? >> always. >> sime. constructipaper, scissors and tape we did these o eveoor in e house. a plain white door or anyoo wi do. >> can youelps d the ttons?>>ehe on. tie a ribbonro for the scarf. little circles. tell the kids, they canearn sh when doing this. what wil make a good circle? hold my ha. okay. sir. >> you got yr hands full at home. >> tea tasks. teamurphy in the hous >> very cute. >>his is one more f idea. laser made, msionimpossib style. i taped this up whe the kids weresleepi.
8:44 am
you taperepe paper across the hally. you gu, you have to sne ugh it. you have too over it, under and to sneak through the ma. do you want to show how to do it, too? on your bellies under it. wow. >> a rol of paper. yo can it with stri. keep them busy b improvisin doing a good job. >> this is easy t do. >> get theimer gog. is could go on a ile. >> wead this set up the entire izzard. th run fro ts tohe campfire to banana bo. >>uh-oh! >> trouble, trouble. >> it's okay. you can tape it back. >> tha you so much great ideas forore snow day activitiesnd recipes to kp your family entertained.
8:45 am
> back in a moment. is "tay"n nb well >> well, what' com up next hour,erybody? we have lucy liu, -sta 3 "kung fu panda."ma, grab se couch. >> w sav you aspot. >> thank you very much. >> lucy liu? did i hear lucy liu? >> hello, y did. >> we know what she, a sne.
8:46 am
>> no dat ove raccoon or red panda. >> ,no, no. good to know. >> what areou talkingbout in e tape? >> weather. >> one of e rsons i was tardy, dou smell this i was stoppin by the kitchen to e wt was cooking. didn't get anns but it smells reall good. >> wt arhey making? >> maybe it's t fouh hour. >> casserole. it's casseroleweek. >> i haven't heard the word tardy.
8:47 am
go tuesday morni.. go tuesday mni... we're comi up on the top of the ... i'm ircron with this today show update. toy... colorado springs city council will vote whether to approve a major rate decrease fo colorado springs utilities customers. the utity has over-collected more than 28-million dollars from ectric and natural gas stomers since oil prices starte dropping. d as not-for-profit utility, that excess revenue must be returned to customers --n this ca, in the form more than 9-dollaroff yo bill for th average resintial customeror at lea nexmonth and possly beyo "when it goes down like it has ov the las6 mo to aear, all othat savings gets pasd on tour customers." commercial industrial stoms woalsoee b
8:48 am
city council will vote on e propalhis afteoo chief morning meteorologist -- stephen bowers jns us now with look at our local foreca... stephen... snow is gone and lefver clouds are breaking up. e sun brights the sky through 10 am withemperatures warming towardreezing around colora springs and pueblo. noon will be sunny with upper 30s around colorado spris and wer 40s around pand caon. lowed middle 40s will take us through 2-3 pm, but then we ll be heading ba toward the
8:49 am
is mor is mni on "t's takeucy is bacand ing ig fu pda 3.
8:50 am
se is knked off the ro anstraight inta sheriff's depu. pl, thtimeaving s that wl make your life easr. all that and more ming up now. >> annouerfr >> annouer: from nbc news, is is "tay's take" wh al ror, natalie mal, llie getamron hall, live from welcome. tuesdamorning. new york city. january 26th, 16. i'm willie with tamron, natali and al. the gang is all together. my morng jam, a favorite. need a wut song?panji mc and jay-z, ofourse. such a greatsong it h the night rideknight rider bass ne. li. heart? >> o yeah. weren't they planng a remake oknight rid?
8:51 am
>> think tre was a rt, bui they they'realking about a movi >> okay. interestin >> which we'd love to have that now, with all the snow, and go to the theater andg t there. folks e still diggin after the weekend's big blizzard we have video from queens. there are t of sll streets, le you oboken, where theyan get t plows down. they he to pull th out. it's crazy stuff. washgtonc., hools, deral vern, l sh do sls urs backn no >> nark isll o. any even o newsey cole getting suse wey to steide thme. h, mgosh! . >> >> wow. >> sw drift blksront door of isin kendal park. amazing >>owatappen? >> the plows?>>s ifting.
8:52 am
then there wo thering to be flooding don southern gerchris chie takinat f resu his camign dule meht, quicafr e je sre wit hard with flooding. ke ak. t one countth foded, so d't kw e all t state, e avcotieswherat hpened. send, i t kn what u expee to wantto gwn theh mo >> theas astion,oung saidi'm heg from friendfamilyt ther are ms. thvernor toobrage with th ounty. i thien thathat one unty, d, ily b one ty, thfolks reelg from ser storm y, and n hith th. i think ere was litt -- tone might havbeen
8:53 am
per orndr . >> tre we gaeshat worse an i said, place tt's aladsuedevastati. thk it d ltlmore respt an, you want mto come down th mop >>e nt t lieent veor. he took a private plane ba to w hampire ter e ia stor bould tnkust e primitha'de to bk. has terestg ishe stms a being fled in a sense by el nino, becausthe soutrn strm is a lot moreowerl. ke aook hat in paci, fo, is i cliff plumting. >>uscraz notice, these homesr tmt mples have been deed uninhitab n. >> i think thas probably right. >> i would go with that. pplarbeg allowed in
8:54 am
y cee, it's outan i mean, ty'reon >> you wersaying earlii methe s t 200 fe. >>arng lot a some otr ndeyd th, d as beenrong t e erion has been reay acbateby these el no or. h long doest ke >> it's been goi on a il but isaseay ard sincth sme i meanthacleraf e erosio i'm surprishey only actepeople yesrday, puttinthe noceup >> i mn,nial i think theyoteoe bereha bui ineye ficially d tagg tseuildgs beautif pce. st nr n francisco, you wanthat prerty >> gre vw. >>oolohe. >> mn, it al is amin tnk the's ath apencompleonheth sidef at, of a sden, the ocean view becaus thother aparents may hav fallen intthocean. >> t ocean view you do hav fallen into e ocn. the ocean vwou don't want
8:55 am
next i frigenin >>etion c chrtiin t comentt of psideial potics. oplealkibout mhael blmberg, who sugsted he ghte getti io the race. he sd he' beilling to snd $1 blion his own moneacrdin to urut i coin oetheorot he kse cou win. he get ithraepends onhe nominees rnanrssoreiky th hinto na truasn ornijo a asked aut aicha oombergru >> i hope heruns. ok, like mil. i've aays likedael. i don thi we ha t relaon - thi the retiip i , w is neh t ie hs e i lo mpetitn. i think i wou be a vy dierent dlogue for t bates. rllyhink i woulde terestinf he ns. i h that micru
8:56 am
>> ok. the's a rea trd par candates usualon't work >>have nrelaonship >> let's n tkbouthe p tactic repting soinge t orour mes, if youhink to a o his rerks. reiciit. >>enforces me self-hp thg, to coinceeople ohatou'r saying. sarah palis speech,hen she enrsedhim,he was an cerpotedhas from tact ofse-heloning ople of ings tegi >> i really lov lisning to hi ayse ts, a tn boom. 'd really be nice, he'd be great to be in thegn, i think it'd a g alogue, he debateyou can't win, boom! >> we're friends, we g on well, not anymorit's like the banded compmen the south, dysays b yourhet. ou're an
8:57 am
thwas a tn hl yteay th the democrats. i like that at. was le a e-on-one, coersaonal. yohave t other adline of thopte. dona tru sayssoing to tentlly n show. he'soingo show up. >>e'soing t shoup. th only thing dondmp has done ise megyn kel biggerup starn whichhe pointedout. >> she ait it >> dash camideoutfoh. olic captain very y. u believe this. r bngun over by aseis happened inry -- look at that. dehewheel. >> wh>> this happened. the video j released. brptn i acoty outside of da ohio, inar there. he wasirti tra a car ciden thei was hity train. c out with aas to my head, a broke l hand. he neede5ch.
8:58 am
hetherwise ok. i knowt yeeen people pull ove o t that one of e strous role officer trooper play. thffic accidentbut i don't kn,t' az >> youan't see it in the video bu tthf the am there arailthe leftf th tail end of hisru ith track andsit in e band g o theoffir, who somehow, wasokay. >> isn't tt amazing? lucky to bealive. veo to brighten all uhis videoand loved it. member a h schln dall, theyreated the uptown nk video year ago? went val.theiteacherelped tm create it milli tieople shared th same schl bac at itai thr arts tcher tol his studen, i wan you to create somethinginspirional, some matnal tha peopl thinkin positively here is theynd up
8:59 am
i think i fnd my hallelujah e bn waing f moment all my all my ds are coming true i've been waiting f this is good to be aliveight about n gooo be alive right about w good, ,oodo ale, righboutow >> i wt sttsteacr. >> hs so cool. >>ant stt to bri bk "glee. t sde d thisll wi an ie mera l one ke. >> awome. o eat. crleooks l a eadycam. >> i le the shey're holdg. potive, inspiraonal ssag,s well. good b!>> yan join the 13on watched tast e. it b ge. , what'soing o outside? >> we had talk yesterday there
9:00 am
sic going re. th walkyou kn >>t is this wh wowa, can you p what the sons soknow in case people -- >> somebody going? >> caigo. i dot kn who that is who is ? hi cyiu the. yway, ion't care about me. lucy liu ishere coon. this w the cnt before th m,heas coast bore the or look at is, by boom. ows ba, and it is here but t goos is, we do have this systemhat's briin a t ofeavy rai and wlver th nex seval ds to the gulfst and flida. what wwere worribout w
9:01 am
moving up t t. gone it's not g to happen. los like the modelsaket all now o ithe atlantic u s the moisture stays offshore. th isfantastic. >> that is your >> thais your lest weatr. >>er w go. >> there it . "kung fu panda," viper, o of
9:02 am
of the five of the fiv here. of ourco-stars >> here toxplainverythin iher ceer that's l to the opportunity to sre the sve screen wh alnd me. >> it's wt i've bn waiting for, my julie ] [ julie the wrinkle cream graveyard. if idoesn'work fast... you're on to thnext thing ntren r hafaesno to siy redu fe a wnks jt e ek ntren .
9:03 am
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9:05 am
has to has to pay the pricehepo e panda is put in charge of her training. >> yes, i mean -- >> tigris, torna back . >> yes,master. >> m fat. an go . >> low! >>oh, my claws. >> do awarming insect fight with a yellow jacket, spicy tuna -- oh! >> good job, po. >> lucy,d rnin >> gd morning. >> c't wait thi w ds. theye eit autth. g fuda3, you sppg into theol oviper. geininto the mind of a snake, whatoe itke >>ne thi ty td m in
9:06 am
nds and feetecse ion't haveany. take not wn i go in theren th recorng . >> youe le th, ti? >>ou don't he t g e, but w y putffortsout, you m to make se, you ow, yohat in mind.>> interesting. d't thiize, because al and a v very, very small part in the film, but i think peopl g downthis, the youcty put n that rorng booth. diors, who are am were tng about h youork , jk issweati he ha toange. it's wk in ere. >>yeah so, i thi -- i mean jack has auge ro, obvisl and he's unlilen it. ihinkhat's why kids le i ch.touo gnhendork yr own. 'sor oli,ou w t veheirtor wt ty they've beenkingn an ea u try t gehem as my tion as y do he t go in a there ve i you all.
9:07 am
>> this is yourirst movie sie -- fir"k nda" ent since becomi m. we saw rockweshirt, athat dimsu >> besne see . it's more speci now doing this role, knong this thin thatourld iingo se >>is. ian, thi tor me, owing upatingisy viesrnition miesr y tse thin,rtns, bu nn allat,usea mh to. ihi w,ei a of th,asng tha is -- ianouid thiut i whenou weyounr. u were watching somhing with voes. they were real to y becse yomanati as a ch thoshing are three dimensionalu. bein aarof it -- i me, evndstdi whatoes hi a animatn, when uatch tovie, 's cal gil. it's ecl. i don'ow i feel really gtel that hs goin to he th.
9:08 am
ultimately.en he gs oer and he c watchhe and joy em i don't owe' kno it'sy voe. hopefuye wonndl fl toit. >> mom, wt'shis about? he'sle imore chky chunky bracele rollsn his arms and legs. it's the be. croissant hands. jtomout. >>betil. >> the g chubb when ty get der. op. >>luio. en enjoy. tha youo much. "kg fu panda 3" hits theaters this iday. up next, how to break in
9:09 am
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time timeavin tricks to make your life . let' go because these will bl your mind. here to sws the hacks, alison, a reporter for pop >> . me to cerli. d fothe liesreaking in shoe b could g usethese? yeah.her or cottoshoes. takeourhunkiest socks,here e areas are tipplyhe bl-dryer 10o 15 sends. it'ltretch tmaterial re twoo three times. >> grea being able t p on a bcelet e nded. >> the ls know this difficult. maybe you're intman welr i n'know >> no if you're a home on take thelet,ak somecotc ta, riut aossour
9:13 am
grhisuy here. simp as th. bo,one in a second, la. >>ing youreggs, esplly keeping tk in ta t io isarate t yolkhe eggwhe. ta the egg andt . enou'll s it slowlybeco a lite bit -- some transp to opaque. when it gets a little e, 'll pou thek innd it crtes t e yolk anke doe ctoquickl >> interest>>ant do? >> il try it. lo atead whe race >> oh, i got stuck. >>f i would haveon it i uld have been perft. >> wthe heck >> next on >>akg targe ou y haveomethiorus >> y'vnbay t person before. youpep t trash, t take i o tehehole trashan wit you.
9:14 am
>>nrd toprevt at, takerrash ca gb dril andrill hth ze. >> soherer. yeah. it alls yo te iout. i'lhow youeal fast. en itpvoil >>aming. >> tth g,is grt wato alsre in your shoe >> d't dat! no, oh m gosh t sh. >> , sorr thank you s ch let' go to tro at coming upnext we, m shoes d't have holes but im wrapped uor m tuesday trend. season we'll get all wraed up aft your loc news and weath.ol renis re olayegerist news from thin, plpi sface cells foa dramaticransformat without the need forillersyour cce tig show yr e... yo skin ver will.
9:15 am
olay. ageless. mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm m mmmmmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mm
9:16 am
9:17 am
fos rlingore than 0ger pickups bec the driver air inflaters ma b takata cande with to fcend cause injury the recallers all rangers from 200rough 20n the and canada, and it day after. regulators unced a n recall ofbout 5 million vehiclesit poteiall air b >> edenchis mning that coffeeay indeede good forour art. cordg to a new study publhedn th jrnal othe ameran heart asation, beet bes whi can leadoea dehs dehs. itashoht cafine would eed upour heart rate. >hase bank wou wk alongs nachis that ree y to make wraws and necesly usi a card.
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want $1 bill, $5,nd sofferentominations back in tu. the machines have been tested inwashington state, b thousands of the atms will o is you won't have to to olive garden to their pasta,ad andtick theompany rolng o delivery serce from all staurants in e.s. a cana. you'll nd a g pe or lots offriends. the minimum oers 25,us rit for b family gatheri to rki lunch at t offi ifnly all oacation photos could look like th. a couple was paddle brdinhen maui when aumpbk brehed in front ofhem. captured it it is illegalor pple to puosely approh them, but curiouseus whales often tryo g close tthe huma. >> l's get a check of the
9:19 am
th's a sele le n othe >> our meraman joh sidewhat was the porpoisef that? anyway,eavier shorsnd thderstorms down to the south through the gulf. urf advisories ithe pacific northwest wh heavyrain cing in the. morrow the weteather hangs around the southet. eoo newst lprsure sysm wil getff the coast, not causenoth nor'easter. lake-eect snow thrghout the
9:20 am
sunny and mild through the pacific >> that's your >> that' your latest weher. time for the tripl "t." >> new nickname, thank you, . >> tsday trend tamron. ose ar the three. celeities have been rocking the look, le kim kst. so, ts ifou haven't ced over co on i with us top ussmy goodm senior lifes edi at the wrap iis the sty the seseem t . it aeles classi very shiicat and chic. weike itecau it's easy to we. ve wmnd co. the wpoa i alsonown as eobeco.
9:21 am
t lon panels tha css softly in th fro and are tied wi aoft belt. relyasy touttogether. i thi we liket cae in ose col tim likew, illeps wa he's thede, fl disure bau yai tiless thiis tears this is a sty that kps coming ck. it'sotten trey la >> w ing, it's fashiotes. this e, can see,gigi w have the fau fur treatment here, it really has givent a modernupte thison$240. $2? ie that let' bng ourdeseet y'v gotor , am allgh rs up, we ha on nora a theebritire wng it not doihe belt. this one is reallyonderful from toho 50. how to dislook g f a norotilo inside.e s aromhite
9:22 am
the pants a ann taoruanavun wh eshoe. $399ye we. >>ho a hot. i loves partilarength of the coat. you canett in sever lengths. i lethis. people wondeardan s itver her ldkike countdracul it's mor slig whe y a c ov. yo might freeze to deh, b it's supposebe a me slimslming look. >> it ges alow tooulo, asouwe i a t, ming a gre exit. as you can e, you tie the bt tck anhe gre on f $3 lye reat price po and >> tnkou s . let's see what'sp next, est >>oest aal zuly,e le tiv someing unpeed andunueouhat o ts coarom blngdale
9:23 am
shell anled ofha bodype. en you have a overall print, moot out the mio area seamless >> youied it lite ofin the cent. >> offo e de if you have tie, tt t the si. it ges amm teide. >> she's pte.ete. >> fabricion, notoo thk. lot tim lapels e chick thidt do aot of action underneath. >> ic more look fs a homeo tryout. he we ha kris so my oeob cre veryin of ouch andsoft. this angl idhis with her hrglass gu. ularapelsnd the rdetaing. amazing from jessicasimpsoe $140, i
9:24 am
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9:29 am
rand rai zuckerbergiss an alt only dinr rty. yo s whe youalk into a rtyikehat, yhoul ysical menll give yourlf any message. >> fst of all, is ne to prt ithe mome. look how muchune're havi. al makingye coact. wh a novel expeen, we're hangconvti. rld. we're aays lookind texting. i think, first ofnto aty very esent. y, i'm goio ben the mome.the ar a lotf greats out ther i like otime do ndistb. dinn me. ere ar 40 of them. you caven auto respse, if aon mesge you, sang, i' a a dinnety for t xt fewrs. don't bo me. >>t doe do with ourell ones? guests have phones on e ff all, if tending a din party, phos are reay dirt they'redirty. juike you're not tckg
9:30 am
party, yan them next tthe bl if youehosting, give people wis. if they bri themo e table, what'll ask everyone to do is put them ithe mide of e table.we're going to pla a ltle ga becse wer fee compd toeach itst goingoh eryone's dies at thend of the dinner party. >> i lik th. >> you phardll,ndi. >> tha righ >> nevoi tndi's hoe. >> whoever flsik the nd toea f ifirst. >> what about e question we talk about ithe troducon. i ha bysittert me. i wanto me sure theids e ok. >> i real the aretain ti you he t and i thi 's to sit down and tell everyone at thebeginning, lien,everne,rand-n basitter, emergenc it ay with all of y if keep myhone he maybe u an ale watch or dece le that u'reot checkgou one. a gh
9:31 am
out? i gento e kids table, icis the cool bl >> wareelebting airthy partyre. i think it's reallymportant you're a a birthyarty to thi aut want to post photos of the ds. ey're hav so mhfun. >> shoul yousk peission? 's o thing to pt your ki' photos whatbo tther kids? ou y ask pa permission first? >>re in a if i tinphotos at m ild' bthyparty,t' impoant t tk to theth parents in e room asay, your k isn some of the . is it oyf i post them onne? st b mindful thaot er wan photos o the ildrenp oheet. isue forrting entss lik th,s we.what about when people showup, drir kidsf, youant to be enjoyi yr party. pictures. ifeoplre texng pares atexting, a t ds okay, bause weelicter bi howoou hdle it >>ightef thety
9:32 am
nder everyoneithll detailsow the be red. i ldea of pay, bringut a poid. re not jus takg ptos all the time. u can prihem and ge them outs party vors. >> can you pass meheellow cuake? appy birtay, evne. wo lookt tstial twin d. >> nhing says intacy like textin inbed, ght? otn oones,right? put this away, gh exactl pu the pne away mhs yo n. th is nice >> t bed nohonesthe m,f help it. defite n f fst 30 mis when you wake up. >> don't uset ashe arm cloc ei, right? >> if y urhone as your alarm, you'l beted imato intoour xts, il facebo. us an old schoo aclock. 'll gouut of bed about -- to g 3
9:33 am
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weeken your kids maythink, imbs. >> w ias fro the next timeou'r couped up. amy, go you. >> gd to se ot o famieund t untry wen through ts thi ek whactits gd for urrainndou bo. >> ol fst all,e g a snowgaand you wo bri t oo the?>>e ha i hert right. >> stitchi wiretrin throh p-poms aotn bas. y tke. le t kid decidehere to hang it. ha it over t nd on ntle. >> y can houh that. th withe bt t poms a tivyore.>> stained glassow>> we cor gloy photo paper with shpi.thissreat for adultsnd ki.
9:38 am
made a shoex,utut a hole, put in the sho box. this a flashgh in the backt ow uan tape it on to awind, or yr staed glasswiow. >> it's srpie a gssyhotopar. fantasc. >> l'salk about ea. evybyan tre o a day keod. >>ow daveryone w eats. the are par bear pretz rods. pheretz rod itedwhite ch or dar chocolat ayes with ocolat chips. an wve sastianin t trs. i saw that. hothocola irrso doesneotholate onowda gooidea >>hese a di themn peanu butt, dar chocolate, andou can get a jump on t leine' day treats even
9:39 am
>>diy fuseba. take a shoe box. >>oa >>sn't thi ser te? let the kid decorat it. ecorat i whrappin per. >>fun. >>finalle ve aup ti activity. >> ty're runningroun t hous in hey're d bal nn. it gs everybodyactive. adtsan io eme. >>aper es? >> wit woontick in yr hou d a balloosupe ey. look t ills verynice. >> w had the this past weekend. >> nou'll havthem. >> me greatdeas o
9:40 am
this is "today" on nbc. hi, >> hi, ladi. >> hi. >> guess who isoming up? >> who? >> kate hudsons here.
9:41 am
we he elvis' artis of the month. >> he's a great cntry singer from nashville. >> and cassoles. >>oh! nice one. >> tre he is. >> nice casserole. >> tater tot and ranch. >>ll right.
9:42 am
mbc nhis "tay"it "tay"itatif and hod kotivrom studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, booze day tuesday. weome. january 26, 2016 jennush hager filling f kathie lee. i adventure ofifetime by cold pl pe'reoing to see at the super bowl. >> i love cold play. we're going to recap the baelor. 's wt every day thatmanda avy shows up to rec "the bachelor,"ut wre going to lkbout wha went down if you misse it, don you rry. so, kate hudn ishe. o te. he's that iit fu pda >>es to ay she's a anited character. she's a lot of fun. >> then we havelvis duran's
9:43 am
can't wait to hear him.
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