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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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what's that looki like there, bill? >> reporter: yeah, this fir ard as that fire got going wnhere. we had to take peopl off this fire and send tm down there. a big day f fefighters here in colorado springs. this hpe beten 10:30 and 11:0 talkedohee lanwh said s a badsiation, but it c hav been wse eyamere to find black oke out of upper sto it's a window. it's complex of this siz they haveo make sure everybody is out of the way while trying to get a fire out athsametime. they did find flames. there was no inside the aparent, but smoke was goi
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fire is out. they say no one was hurt. there was a dog taken out. itkst's going to be l right. the worst cas scenario, there are fourpartment where peopleare not going to be able to go back into them tonight. fire cws did have this fire knocke out in 20 mutes. they had than 20 f apparatus show up a all t crewsto with them to make sure that ebody i safe. they will leave somef those crewsn sne overnig fring an ember could fir up and start anpartment on fir very busy d >> whilehe fireepartment is ving a busy day, law enforcement is busy, we are llowing binin nshis following breing news, agencies are on scene at the lazy lion in colorad sprin.
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we aren sce working to get formation. as we reported in the past in a news five investigation this business has been used as a smoke clu as a front to sell recreational pot.we'll have mh more on this developing story onir and -line at koaa.m.were als keepingn eye on thisreakg ns out of san diegohere t naval medal center hasn active shoot has been reported. th have urged ppl to run hide or fht. reports of three gunshots heard hat center came from asingle wness. the nav hospital posted theupte saying thathe shooterwa reported inlding 26 on the campuhere. the building houses offices and baacks f wounded sailers andmanes as well as a gym.spokesman would not conrm
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authorities are responding toreports of gunshots. there are some reports, ashe na says aern initial found. but this still remain a fidsituation. we'll also ctinue monitor. meanwhe, l's get to the weather that h calmed down blast. nditions. >> definit better than yesterday. snow has mov out. so has cud c. we got a lot of sunshinncolorado springs and pueblo. temperatur are chilly, but we e warming up. st a degree shy of freing. pueb, west wind, 39. almo to 40 a t noon hour. most of us 20s,0s, oe u get o to thelains, 4 foramar teerature is going to fee
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similar highs to yesterday. that sunshine is goin to hp us out for todayalso our winds aren't nely as breezy a yesrday. the west wind, nice downflow out towards tlains as well. we going to hav thacontinuehroughout the day things looking s much bter than they were forast night. snowas moved out.sune goi toe caseforay.and that's going t help warm th temperares we'lkeep clear skies, gtingdo io t 20s, public low, pueblo, lots of sunshine.wereooking ahe t warmer temperatures forheest of t week. >> thank y. you mentioned ltight'snditions thayo were portingn vy accurately.
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look at this video, it wasshutdown at the westntrance t uccs. e icy conditions made it too treacherous. and the hil section o woodland. cars had a hard time starting and stopping leang to this accide. today in colorado sprin city council will vote whether to vote for a decreaseor utilities. ey have over-collectedm tric and natal g as a not for profit utility, the exce profit must be retned customers. youill g $9 o your bill forhe next month andosbly beyond.>> it goe down like it has over the l six months to a year, all of thatings gets passeon to ourustomers >>ommercia industrcust would also s b rate decreases.
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we'll have a crew there and let you knowhat theyecide. also at the state capitol, a bill could p new limits on wheoinddicts could purchase mhedone. me lawmakeefer to it as the killommittee whereillsgo to d. lue's bill comes after proposed clinic downtown. it wou kee itway from a >> i'm school. >> i'm concerned that it's been sent the. at the same time, have been sured we are going to have a policy conveation and a thorough one at that.that's what i asking for, this get a fair, honest hearing for
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>> bill is cosnsored b statsetoambert. if it fails, he hopes it will t a second chancen the sta sena new todayozens of inmates near coloroerving le sentences for crimes ty mmitted as tnars may soon released. this comes after the ruling that ves the way for 48 inmates tohave their sentences reviewed. beforehis, corado was one of seve stes that had refused to apply a previous ruling to those convicted befe 2012. it's unconstitutional to sentenceuvenes convicted of murder to life senten a strgfobberies w have been telling youut tgetingliquortores. police believe the samroup of peoplere responsle for robbers at businesses on thismap. ey happened within two weeks ofach other.
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forc to the ground with guns pressed againstheir heads. today, a least four other suspec are ao under investigation inonnectionith ese crimes. a live look outside. coming up,e are back witfull look a our forect. >> things clearing out nicely
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thinooki>> innings looifferent as hd into this afterno. yestery we had swping up er the mountains. hard cee pike's peak. outside. lots of sunine going to behe case for today. really, t next several days.high pressure goingo ben control, gng to give us those ight contions. today temperares still on t cooler side. mainlyetting int the 40s, we are going to feel better than yesterday with that sunine and some calr wds.tomorrow, much warr. abovevege temperatures for us forhe rest of the week.nogoin to feeloo muchike january as we finish the month. here's your forecast for today. themperatures, upp 30s an 40sor most of us, lsof sunshe. goin t feel very nice until that sun goe down.
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seng just a litey l where wehoulde i ter o those temperatures for tay. we'll f tha by tomorw. e rar, not a acteas wasteay. ce and cle andright outse for today. we doave ghressure in ntrol of the rocky mountains st o to the west. that'soing t stay in controlthroughout the wt of the week. a lot of sunshinend wmconditio stainomro andthen lasti clearnto saturday. here's a loo a that hr b hour forect. later this afternooneratur gting up int the40s for t highs. feeling better, justhy of wheree should beor this time of year. overnight, we'll keep clearskies, tperatus fli back into the teens and 20s. anotr cold start foromorrow. teerature is going to wm u quickly with that sunshine, gettingnto the 50s, even flirting wit60or som are by wednesday afternoon. clr skies continueo be the case a we head into thursday, maybe aouple of passing
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20s and 3. mpates on trsy vy nice again. 50s and 60s the' a loot tt ven-y forest, staying coout nice sunshinecold f tonight, dow into the tesnd 20s. we get to tomorw, tha warr air kic in. weeep sunshine, tperatus, 50nd0s, a goo10o 20 whee should be f this time ofear. we get int the wee, cs returnn suny. xt chance fornow will be nd night into mday. with some cler air hng our way. nyon citoodland pk,autiful tod. still tle cool, beautifuland warm forhe ntever days. ear into the weeken more cloudsrrive by sunday. sund nig into mony, nex chance fornownd colder tempatures. a? up and down much of the eas ast peoplere digging out after the massive wkend winter
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weher caused federal government offices to close,rlines t canl thousands of flsnd coast floodin in new jersey. stopped,he cleans far from >> paralyzed by this storm. >>n new yorit second snowiestto in the city's history. many streets a impble. >> i was supposedk today. i couldn't go to work b i was afrai of falling. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, the govern was clos mlong withchoolsand many businesses. residents tried to dig out. >> tre isy so much you can do when y get 20 plus inches of s >> reporter: along the jersey beach e. lt a number of homes in daer. t ainng oth edg of falli looks like.
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nation's busiest airports w but ha but r andunways are busy again. a cllen getting the planes
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>> welcome back. tod'sour healthy family a won from the midwests heading to haitihere s will help to change peoe's lives. e'saking prosthetic limbs for people. >> born witut her arm. i got to see what i allowed her people. >> reporter: her desire to help others started wit her friend,an. now s's a ctied>> i
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>> helphem get back t walkg or their dly life. >> rorter: soon she wil b heing to haiti to do the same. she'sne of 20 volteers maki the two weeri >> i wille working with am amputees tt may have lost a li, from the ethquake,r accident. ey don't have t modern conviences. >> reporter: she willakeany much her own tools wh her >> we areoing to be trying to train the lal so they c be lf-suffient and provide care eh other. >> reporr: she a little her. while she's given u a lot t ma this tp, she says it's
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>> here you give somebody aocter & mble thesis, itprosesis it, helpshem. there you a helpinghem go back to work to support emselves and their family. >> in today's healt watch,re labels. many people put themsels a risk bausehey ignore the recommended dosage onhe lab. 43% o chronic pai sufrers repo theyaveakenore than e rommeed amount opain llers.
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at a higherose and for alonger amount of t >> welcome back. we continue toollow breaking news aire crews connue to
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18 street near oldolado city. we are updating the press right now. >> it's dependent on theeasonthey couldn't make aess is unknown at ts time. there cou have beenumerous obstacles to get inr too much fire for themo get i so i guessinghat'shat the sueas, there was a large volume of fire. they had to pullack out, then they set up defsive msures. >> reporte has ae els been evacuated? >> the whole apartment complexhas been evacuated. we'llave red css en ute if anybody needs to be, if have bn displaced and need some pce to go. >> reporter: at thi poi how evacuated? >> didn'tet that information from comma. i' not se. >> reporter: this the second
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in the past few hours. can youl m how you are aling with tt? >> we don'tave this happen that often, but it does happen. we have aot of resourc throughout the city. but you always have to remember we don't jt rpo on fes,till have mical emergencies, traffic accidents, hazaous materials, all sorts of ts going on in t city at all times. we have mutual agreements ifweun out of fire eines and fire trucks, we can call in other agencie fromside the city. >> reporr: people wh live and drive t area, what do they need tonowbout the street closures? >> stree is closed here. we ask for you t beatient, >> reporter: do yo know how many firefighters are worki th right now?>> right now we got 40 firefighters oncene working the structure fire. viously, the smokelway ca problem witeople,especiallyf eyre sensive
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people with copd, any kind of mecal condit we ask them to stay inside, shut the doors and windows, d't g outsideand cause a proem for yourself.we have a hard time getng ambulaes in he rig now. >> that's an updaton the struure fire. that was just on the heels of the twolarm fire aut five minute from there a the tanglewood fire. 'll h much more on thefires. l ke anye on thi onensouth8th street. one last check of the forast.>> things looking nic for us. tiful view fm pike's peak.
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