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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 26, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ cheers and applause ],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ eersnd app eers anduse ] >>imnk bliate mcnnon, billocean cegain [ chee a appuse and e roots ritherfrom philelph stay tuned for nht wit se mers."
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[ ch a app [ eers and applause 30 rockefeller pza in new york, it's "late night with th meyers." tonight -- kate hudson -- from "e go wife"ctor jeffrean morgan.from "billioscreenit brian ppelman. featuring the 8g band with fr armisen aanet wei. [ cheers and applause ] esndtl seths! cheersnd applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. is is "late nit." is everybody dng tonht [ rs andppuse that igood to hear. let's get to t news. democrats held a presidential fom last night on n where candidates we inteied individuly. ndidates were asked questions like "whatould you dabout the wage gap?" "do you plan to raise taxes?" and "how did you get in he?"
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duringast ni during last night's presidenal forum on cnn, bernie sanders had to corre moderorhris cuo who said that sanders was 75 when 's actlly . cuomo apologed both for himself d behalf of cmm. [ light lahter cmm. it's supposed to be 'n.' [ light lauger ] doldrump said this morning during an interview that [ laughter ] andclaimed that uz haso frndin congress and is ually standingll by msel laughter ] so is heunning for predent or leader of the plastics? [ lahter and applause ] yeah. yeah. that's right. donaldrump said at tedruz is a liar thatooks le a jerk. noto be confusedith trump, who is a jerk o looks like a li
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dold trump saion sundathat hirecent aacks on hiary clinton ve csed bernie sanders to rise in the lls. ding thahes "the best thg to happen to beie sanrs." to bernie sanders is still static. [ laughter ] "we can't have bloons at the campgn event. it's a terble idea. no balloons!" group of ubeivers gathered at company headquart yestday and drove nd the building while hkingn der to protest the proposed ge cuts. i lie we he foag the even [ laht ] erthey. are ey arriving now? theye he? [ ughter ] a matar in spain is under investigatn after a video surfaced of him bullfighting whillding his month-d baby girl in his arms. but to be ir was take your daughter to wo day.
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undeinvestigation. how long is that going to take? [ lit laughter ] did you ve her "i did." -- you'rilty. [ laught ] jennifer lopez start her las vegas residency at plat hollywood lasteek and this weend accidently spliter nts during a performance. and the irdest part was when she split her pants, lenny avitz popped out. [ laughter ] and finally, the and finally, the "adt video ws" ards were ld in las vegas, which are oftenalled the oscars of porn except unlike thoscars, a stanng-o i just whatou give t winne, it's also a ry. [ laughter andpplause ] ladies and gentlemen, we have what i like to call a greashow r you tonight. from "-fu pa3," the always delightful te hson is back on the this evenin
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he ia fantastic actor, you can currently see him on cbs's "the good wif jeffr dean rgan is in thhoe. [ chee and applause ] and he is the co-creor of showtime's "billions" which, just got picked up f it's second season. brn koppeln is back on the show with us this evening. it's a great show. t, befe we geto th, a month-long grand jury investigation to alleg wrongdoing by planned parenthood has prod surprising inctment thacould have implications for the presidenti campaign. for on th, it te fo "a clor look." [ applause ] >> sh: now as you may recall, last julan anti-abortion group released series of secretly rded, heavily edited tapes of planned parenthood offials algedly discussing t sale of fetal tissue. repuicans got more excited about these tapes than your i. guy was for "foe akens." light lahter ] and the tapes quickly became a huge issuethe republican primary. >> planned parenood is an orgazation that's en caught
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traffiing inetal tissu >> planned penthood also esntially confesses to multiple fels. we suldn't be sending $500 millio taxpayer money to fug an on going criminal terprise. >> i dare hillary clinton, rack obama to watch ese tapes. >> seth: you dare them? [ laughter is ts a presidential campaign or a middle school sleepover? [ lauger ] r. president, we have so bad news. you have been dared." [ laughter ] so the repubcan candidates made this into national political scandal. thtapes prompt series of investigations, even as planned fact-checks insisted the tapes were depti. buyeerday and jury finish its inveson which means the day is here when plned parentod hers can finally say they were proven right. >> just w in texas, a grand jury said itill t, rept charges the organizaon broke the law. seth:ha but d ust call them a iminal enterise.
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st ask his mom. >> not a doesn'to by that my moms not ing up in prayer -- for hours at a time. [ laughter ] >> sh: hou >> seth: hours? can we see aif of that real quick? i n't know iit's hours. [ laughter ] e reblicans have been claiming there was a crime committed here for months. but if plannedarenthd wasn't indicted, who was? >> in stunning twi the grand says it did find wrgdoing by the people who made the videos and indicted two people behind the recordings. seth: d you get that? not only did they clear planned panthood of any wrongdoing, they even went so faas to dict the two anti-abortion activists who made theideos. th indicted them for using fake identification foe purposes of fraud.d t only tt, because he sent an mail tplanned parentod attptin purchase fet tissu an e-mail th plann pthood never
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vis was so ited asdemeanor charge related to hang human organs. [ audien ohs ] [ laughter ] first ofll, the'a sdeanor charge for purchasing orgs? [ laughter ] and second of all, en if he doesn't do any jail time, that's a crappy thi to have on your resume. [ laught ] sten, you are our top choice for the job but we have to ask you, weryou arrested for purchang human organ [ lauger ] "yeah, but i'm also pricnt in excel so. [ light laughter ] so republicans trumpeted these videosor months. chris christie called for shutting down the government over planned parenthood funding. ted uz said he would intervene personally to rce the justice dertment to vestigate. but the caidate who arguably stretched e truth the most when it came to the videos is cay fiorina. e was chalnged repeatedly by journast fact chking her claims, anfomonths she refused to back down. ithis interview lt month on c >> the videos were edited. you know that. the scenes that were depicted -- >> actually, i don't know at. >>- of course theyere edited.
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hang this conversation. >> no, no, no. let's bearul about what we're saying. of coue theyere edited. what you'rsaying is -- >> oh,et be ry ceful abouwhate'reaying, chris. let's very refuabouwhat we're sayi you we sang that e -- >>eth: s's got real glenn close in "fata ataction" vibe there lahter ] "l be ry cef about wh we're saying!" carly fiorinaade theslies a huge part of her campaign. and afr they were repeatedly oven false, e ubd-do on them. buhe toothat gamble an paioff. if she hadn't, sheig not be polling as high asinth place. [ laughter ] look, thabortion debate is an emotional one. and it's always gog to te everyone's best effort on both sides to have an adult nversation about it. which is why instead of defundg planned parenthood, i proposwe defunplanned [ bleep ]. [ uger ] u knowthbull[ bleep ] ere you itapes andou ma fake ids and set up a make-belve companyndena phony e-mail tryg to buy fetal tissue [ applau ] just the bull[ bleep ] you put work into, all for the purpose
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night." ease givit ufo ba.soonderful to ha them with us tonight. [ cheers andlause ] also, she'back sting in with the 8gand on drums from sleater-kinneyjaweiss, erybody. [ chrs andlause be sure to cheut sleater-kinn'satest record the critical accimed "no citi to love" avaible now. and thank you so mucfobeing here, net. >> thank y for having me. [ applause ] >> seth: and, fred, i neglected to mention this yesterday. fredng bass in t 8g band for the fit time thiweek veryxciting. apause >> fred:ha you. sh: now, not the fit time you playedass. i wa to clarify at. you've played bass before. >> fre y, i havelayed before >>eth: oka great. thank you. 'cause y sound way too good for someone who it's thr onecond day. >> fred: tnk you! >> seth: you're welcome. [ laughter ] also i want to givit up "portlandia" season six premiereisk r fred -- last wk. >> fred: last week, ye. [ cheers and appuse ] seth: and -- a show iove, a show i never miss. but one of the biggest problems with tv right now, and i d't know if i'm ale in fling this is, tre are so many good shows. 's so rd to keep on
11:52 pm
d often i'll be backstage colaining about this. and fred claims doe not have that problemecau he se evepisode eve tv there . [ light lahter ] and if ye king that up, if you're just lyg to impress people, u need tcome clean rit w. >> f no, i watch everythg. laughter ] >> seth: okay, that mes it is time once again ed armisen'sxtremely cute tv cap. [ cheersnd applause ] >> seth: all right so i'm going to give you the title of the show,nd you're goa tell me what happened iseeepod ok >> f okay. [ laht ] >> seth: okay,t's show on v, "the shan chronicles. >> freh, "thannara chronicles?">> seth: yh. >> fd:o u it? >> set no, i don't knoit. >> f you haven'teen it et n >>red:h, havto s it! seth:kay. [ la here a printg ig. ite the tf this . seth: okay. red: there's ts prinng press. d enheprale newspapers, rit? antheyprin. there iso ple to p t e sh is abt th tck
11:53 pm
and the iver is like"you guys, i'm going put the newspers somewhe. i dot want to, throw them out. i ink theyd to be pusome plspone. >> seth: and ts a show on mtv? >>red: yeah. laug he people o ru prtire a le, "oh okay. weidt thk s a oblem. we didthink e was a problem. but you insist, wanto takehem , ock your out." he's like, "i neomgas mone th'rlike"oh, yeed gas mone i see." this scam. he's like, "gacostmoney. what do you want frome?" they're like, "we waou t e." heikl ri so as he dves away, th ke, "i love at guy laht ] ve him. whdi tn m ay?" seth: can i a you a quon, whis shannar >>red: shaara is justh name of the town >> seth: oh, got you. [ laughter can i read you the description of what the tv guide sd the
11:54 pm
>> fred: okay. >> seth: while amber-lee embarks on a deadltask to prove he worth -- >> fred: no, no, n >> seth:ka [ laughter ] trust you. i trust you. give iuporarmin, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] asou know, the 2016 presidentl debate season is in full swi a this -- i'm going to be honestthis is very exciting. we here at "late night" we're invito host one of the debates right now. and with the iowa caucuses less than a week away, to save time, we invited both the republicans and democric presidentia ndidates. the candidatesre here. they're ready to go. so, without further ado here is the ate ni do-publican presidenal date. [ cheers and ause ] >> seth: welco set wcometh night"empuan presidenal debate. i amour moderator seth meyert'get stted. rnor o'malleet's beg
11:55 pm
there are people waonight. tell us one ing at the americaneople don't know about you. >> my name imartin oalley. [ laughter ] >> seth: dson, the iowa caucuses are less than a week ay. are you ready? >> i was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came. [ ughter ] seth:retary clinton, yo look fantast. what's your secret? >> drinking and baing in lead contaminated. [ lahterndpplause ] >> seth: lead contaminat water? mr. trump, what do you think pele will do if you t elted. >> thousands are thinking of avinr country. [ laughter a applause h:at >> senatoranders, you've in polics for a long time. why do you feel yore qlified to defenand uphold the constitution? >> i helpewrite it.
11:56 pm
senator rubihy have you been vocatihapeopive masturbatingith eir other hand a try? >>t feeldiffert. >> seth: oh. lauger ] governor bush, can you me a se for w we as a nation should be eating more cottage cheese? >> kurds are our strongest allies. [ laughterpplause ] >> seth: senat >> setenat cz,u ink that only host reasonable people should be loud to run for president? under that theory, not on wod i be disified, rco rubio would be disqualified, bobby jind wou be disqualified. and, intestingly enoh, donald jtrump uld be disquafied. [ hter ] >> seth: govnokasich, aryou going to make love to yo wife tonight? >> right n? >> seth: no, of course not. after thdebate. wwi, you count on it. [ lauger ] >> seth: senatubio, did you hearow bernie sanders described the band mumford and sons. >> he descbed them as a bunch
11:57 pm
backf a pick up k. >> seth: sounds like you disaee. how woulyou describe mumford d ns? >> this say group ofeople th ensl women and sel them. sells them as brid. sh: i don't thi that' righ [ light laughter ] nator cruz, whato you hope to gain from running f esidt? undreds ofons of llars. laer ] eth:err bush, how wod you describe donald trump? >> spiraling out of control because of mental health challenges. [ laughter and applause ]>>eth: gernor chst, would let marco bio have a turn playi with your kaz? >> no, youea had your chance, rco, you blew it [ laughternd applause ] >> seth: goverr bu, have you hearabout the new hygiene wipethey're making for m? what would a man need those for? for refreshing the equipment. laughter and appuse ] >> seth: senor rubio, mr. trump and nator cr seem hav insurmountable lead over you. w will y overcome this?
11:58 pm
>> sh: wt, you think if yo y ronaldn's name three times l actual appear? >>onalreagan.>> hlo.[ lahter a appuse >> seth: what just happened? >> he invoked ronald reaga >> welcome president rgan. glad you can make it tonight. it's been quite a journey. >> seth: president reagan, what would you say to predent obama after his lastay in office? >> hello, frdom man. [ laughter ] seth: sreta clion, what do you do to relax in your free time? >> i spend a lotf time last week being outraged. >> seth: governor kasich, complete this lyric,irds do it, bees dit - >> didt as the chairman the budget commiee working wi senat domici and i did it in the state of ohio as the chf ecutive. >> seth: no,has toll wrg. i dose paul here tonight. does anyone know why hcodn't ke it. >> he was gettg a birthday hair cut.
11:59 pm
need a little trim? >> southf the man-xon li. >>eth: mr. tmp, let'do rd association, syri iraq, ircada -- >> bom bom bomb, bom [ laughter ] >> seth:overnor bush, is there anywreou're ing well in the polls? an alternative iverse >> seth: senator rubio, tell us, what does a senator actually do? >> you blindfold the american people so they cannot see the truet of governmt. >> seth: senatoranders, what do you think aut the ftunes inside of sorry, wh do you ink of the fortunes insidef fortuncookies? >> hoax invited by t chinese. laughter >> sh: looks le we're about out time. mr. trump, your closing statement? >>in. >> seth: predenteagan? >>ime for me to go. >> seth: well, obelf of mylf andhe cdite hav a good night. we'll be right bacwith
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then check youpuls.. ,,,,,, [ cheers and applause ]
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sh, everybody. our first guest tonighis a golden gbe winner and academy award nominee, who you know from films such as "almost faus" and "how to lo a guy in ten days." up next, she's lending her voice to the newnimated film "kung-fu panda 3." which opens in theatres this friday. let's ke a loo >> huh? >> i am mei mei. "wow she's amazin e's so beautiful that's sweet po, but please try to save l otcompliments until after the performance. >>as it started yet? >> look away. look away. no. you can't can you? >> does she keep sring at me like -- >> try to keep up. >> seth:lease bao e show, kateudn.[ cheers andpplae ]
12:05 am
yeah! >> set you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> seth: so lovely to you have re >> iecided to get like, arkly night. >> seth: a fulspar this ifantastic. thanks.>> sh: know thiss ird. sultollgo outfter this and jt hit the ubs! woo! [ laught ] >>eth: so welcome to theorld of "kung-fu paa." [ ughter ] >> up in the club "ng fu panda 3." >>eth: there youo. so you obvusly a joini the franch i to ask. bee you have t kids, 12 and. i do. eth: were eyited that you werenter >> super excited. ryder, especially. being 4, but he's seen the "kung-fu panda's" he's still trying to figure it all out. >> sur really, mom? you're gng to in next "kunfu panda?" and then it was the first me i got to takhim to aremier. beuse felt appropriate. >> sh: sure. because i'm kinda weird about taki my kids out like that. >> seth: yeah, yeah. >> you know a carpetr mething. feels a little weird. but en i hadhis ole moment whe i was like, okwell maybe is is tual good thing. because i sort of alieted them from that pa of my life. li they don't know anything
12:06 am
and, this movie kind of brought that to my attention. i never take them anywhere like that. they don't know that part ofe. >> setheshoulde that tyottention yeah. [ laughter hey,hy we're . >>ndo, younow, wwent t the premie ryder was super excited. d i s, like oh, wow, they're going to see the attention f thrst time. >> sh: did you walk do the red carpetith you? theyo that >> bing waoing to do it. he was just going go and see pandas andll tha that ryder was lik-- treas noay w g to get through it without wki down the carpet with ryder. like, w my date. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >>e want to doll the interviews a stu. >> set fantaic. >> i guess. [ laughter ] >> seth: and he was li, "i'd actually like do mine alone without kate." [ laughter ] you're like, "m your mom, stop calling me kate." he's like, "not now, kate." >> basically. althgh, he did do something really cut we werup there and he was like --hey ask him questions. like, "yeah, i'm proud of mom.
12:07 am
i'm like, wait a mute, wt? it was scute. and then bing saw ryder and i tang a picture. he just ran out d he smile like he was like, u know- it wapretty cute. it wasute. >> seth: when he ranut, did miss an oppounity to say fro of l the press, who's kid is this? [ laughter ] i mean, we're tryi to a piure wiy son. whs kiishis? he rning -- ve him compl >> d. i totally missed that on but it was cool. i was nervous about it had a great time. >> seth: y obviouslyrew up th showbiz parents whoere movies. doou remember the first time you did that? >> well that's why i thought it waokay. beuse i realized, i n't remember any of them. >> seth: okay. >> b went to all of them i don'really remember you don't remember stu as kid. do you remember much? >> set i have chilood meri laught ] >> yeah, but for m they weren't at the premier which is a sign. you know?>> seth: that's better as a good sign >> for me, it wasn't le -->> seth bt ments of my parents herat the mie. this mie had great first ekend. [ laught ]
12:08 am
no, my childhood memories are actually qui visl. li my mom's skin. like one of my first memories was in ibiza. [ laughter likeup ithe club. >> sh:o you n'memberpremrs becau they' like bori acompar to the st youlife. was 2rs old at a foam party. i s 2 years ol no [ laughter ] >> setou a pacifr but so did every adult. [ laught ] >>eah. but, no, i remember my mom's warmthf her sk. >> seth: wow >> i remembelying. and it was one of my very first memories. was lyon my m's in. and she was holding me. i remember t feengf warmth d nseeand the elof sunscreen. >> seth: i will say th, i don't think i have a sine visc memory. >> really? >> seth: as say that i pretty much ly remember things my parents said. [ laughter ] >> sh: so you -- you got to do u got to go to shanghai fo
12:09 am
>>eah, we we to china with jacklack.>>h: with jack black. >> which we've never -- when you do these animated thin you don't work tother, you knowwe d't have any interaction. tually actg. we'ret in a booth. not acallycting at all. >>h: at the same time. >> no, we ar't but we are, but we're not and we're not together. but we go and meet each other on these press tours. eth: right. ye, ree, "he i was the otr panda." he's like,oh, co i was a nda too. cl. [ lauger ] basically, yeah. and everybodisike, d you guys have fuworking together? we're li, eah." >> seth: so that's where you do >>nd then start acting. laughter ] et oh my godwe had so chun togher. >> the cmist was immediate! [ ughter ] but, no, jack and i -- first of all, he is everyg that you would think he is anmore. he's a great g and then going to cha jacklacks like a whole other thing. >> seth: yeah. >> y kw?
12:10 am
tting -- you know, like jack bla and chinas in itself, like -- ah. [ ught ] it shon animatedovie >> we had so much fun. think wee ndspits. because we both are justrazy. and we sing and we dance ande get st. >> sh: nowre you reprentingmericansn a way when youe there thate' back on us? [ laughter ] >> proy. >> seth: ty're all like nging dummie >>robly. >> set how a theans in shanai? was diffent tn an othe-- >> it's dien it's a ltle t differt. they're grt. they'rsuper -- actually, it really intesting with shanghai versus chengdu. was tually really difft. >>eth: i noticed tt, yep. ent toheng, in i in a million years -- s didouo premier in bo yeah, we did, in chgdu they did this amazing display at a ll. >> seth: okay. >>f, kw, the panda
12:11 am
this wleort of "kung-fu nda" set. itas wild. i mean it waout there. they don't do that kind of stuff in the stas. >> seth:o. >> n it wasretty -- you know, all the peopleame. d they hall these emcees i dounderstand aingle word they're sang. and then you have a translator behind youho is trslating. so you're so of like leaning ba and you can't reay ar thtranslator. >> seth: whae th tratin thpanda show or are they trslating someg el? >>ike everhing that g on. >> set oh d, this person says they loveou thissoissking r frnd who you are. laughter ] this pson has not se the cond "ku fu panda"nd rried they won't be able to follow t plot. [ laht ] >> bically. bacall's exact what' going on. >> sh:hank y for being back on the ow. ways a pleasure. >> i le it. >> seth:athudson, everybody. checout "kg-fu panda 3" theatres friday. we'lbe right back with jeffrean mga
12:12 am
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mmmmm mmm mm mmmmm [ chrs and app] >> set welcome >> set welcome bacto "late night," everybody. our next guests a very talented actor you know from shows like "grey's anatomyand movies like "watchn." he is currently starng as a wyer-turned investigator in the hit cbshow "the good wife t'ke aoo >> we you oa case. >> are y sure? think alicia'soredbo e money. >> ws the mo >> $aise. e s going toheh you
12:16 am
>>hadiyou to her? o. uh-uh, i wasn california. >> come on you screwed with her he >>o, didn' >> you d ysmile ing your bedroom eye e ohi' a guyuy.don't kn whai do to women. l?>>? look a. i didn't do a thin >> seth: please welcome to the showjeffrey dean morgan. [ applause >> seth: i'm so >> sh: i so hay toav you here >> tnk you for having . >> seth: and i this is very nice. because a lot ofimes yoin d wife" seventason.a loofimesple wouldo at and say that ansa oh, abbing watchg fr the very beginning.
12:17 am
not the case. >> i had nev sn the show. heard out it. thking's cd cread , i juan. but again, i hader seen the sh. and so i known years that my mom s a hugean. u know? [ ght ughter ] mom saying sometng could be great. uld be rlly greaor it could be, mom -- >>et thehole timyore doing , you're thinking,hy i st to m? >> oh, m! [ lahter ] but it turned out, you know, she said, you , she had this great respse to why i shou do it. meing about arte developmt anese female char. an be damned, shwas righ >> seth: fanstic. i watched thwhole seasonnd saidye and i'm ad'm doing the show. seth: now he's the most important thg,s your m happy withouperformance? she eoying it? >> no. [ laughter ] no. she wants -- well, i think she
12:18 am
and she wants myharacter a juna thook up in the ggt wa >> set gotcha. soou're geing a lot of mom callabt th? ke mom notes. >> yeah, mom notes. then i'm like, well mom, if we do hk up, it's not i reallyanwatching. you know what i mean?rit.>> seth: wt hooup o e ows you don't watch. >>hat's a really uncomfortle christmanner, you know what i an? "i rllli thalovecene ." ught ] >>eth: really eved >> yeah, believed , bought it. [ laer ] >>eth:ou arelso as far away as you cod get from "the wifyou're also on "the walking de" now. >> yea sh: a huge ow. [ chrs ] i owis aats shroudedcry. what c you tell us aut you aracter? >>an tell you sortf what i'm joining the show. [ ughter et ze or not abie? be honest. 'm n ae. t a mbie i play aharacter named ngan. d you'rfaof tomic bos, ynow neegan is. >> set am, im. that'she readeal right thert's the deal.
12:19 am
anit a complete, you kw, 180 from what i'm doing on "the ife." >> set gotcha. >> you know, as an actor it's like a dreamom. >> sh: it must bally exciti. get tbe theiggestss in the world >>eth: wl yoom be ning forhat? you knoshe was- when i tk the show, en took "lking ad," s was li, what ds this meafor "t goowife"? [ laughter ] shwas keevted that it could be m li, mom, just keep your pants on. [ laughter ] >> set you talked about-- it's great for an tor tolay ltiple par. but u hat i'm real fasnad by, u have ur own farm inpstate. >> i do, i do. >> seth: w is fantastic. w long have you had ? like three year i bought a cabin iupste new yo. we livedl.a. d we had a knd had done a up movies in the hson vaey and fell in loved with it seth: beautiful place. >> we ught a little log cabin. as my son has started to g he's 5 now. we kind ofutgrew this le log cabin. ani grew up woing my grt andmother's pig rm,
12:20 am
>> seth: wow, whe wathat? that was tside of seatt. in the be mt.r. autiful. anwe deced, t's buy farm.i me what could go wrong? [ laughter ] and it's been -- >> seth: you have animalon the rm? >> yeah. >> set ie o ts. i want to ask so many questions abou >> that is alice. she ishland cattle, a scottish cowesntially. >> set got it. >> and aom, lady, woman -- [ laught >> seth:'s allan. and, i' tell you someing else, she'pregnant. so you can't tell, buthe's like the size of a volgen van, m. she is massive. sethee nds out u show aregnt picture er on t >> w to noce tt. she'll really be pissed off. >> seth: "vet ld any omy friends!" >> yh. way go. hter ] seth:nd you he as and alpacas well. >> llamas, aaschns, and then there's a dai farm up whe i live. uyamed ed haett.
12:21 am
dropped ed hackett. tt get a free h out of dea [ ughter ] but he has theoc dai farm in t every sg heives me nch of young c raise through thspng, suernd fall and then omes and gets them andy start producing milk sory spri get annfx ofewate thearm which is great s apologize asking quess hang ner been in thfarmg stry do you -- when ty ay, are you sad? do y close to th? >> do. 'shat ppened shame mr. hackett. but i bond -- >> seth: there goes your hay. [ uger ] >> yeah. he's a turkey. henows it, though. all he doeis me fun of me. >> sh:s not ct turk. >>o. ughter seth: again, i don't i'm no-- >> hwould probably answeat fferentl t, yh. wh happenss i al become friendthhese cow anwe ne th. my son and i andy wife, we name all tows. ani kind of tame them.
12:22 am
light lauger ] and make em these great co ande comes and swipes em from mend they become his are cowshat akes to the ty faires th are a like -- i'like, dude, doou ow how mworkut io that cow, how many mnings i hato get up anayit. >>eth:n you go to e fa, do the cows snub you they rt of snub like yeah. >> seth: we're wthe tuey no [ ug ] thank you so much r being here. >> thank you for having me. >>eth: really great to meet really nice to me y too. give it ufor jeffrede morgan everybod
12:23 am
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cheers and alaus]me >> seth: welcome back, everybody.
12:27 am
"ocean 13" and "rounders." his new hit series "billions" airs sunday nights on showtime. please welcome back to the show our frie brianoppean [ cheers and applause ] >>eth: hi, buddy >>et buddy. >> hey, man. set now, th is very exting becausee sahishow t here this is the aleal sh. nolyo you prier he biest premr histo of showtim you alread today, you got pied up for seasonwo >> we did. picked up for season two. thank u. [ chee a alae thk yoryuch. >>eth:re y - i hao ask,ow qckly d yogom "oh, my god seas two to white-hot panicf, "oh, god i ve to write as two?" >>aid liuyhat runs hown televisionhow. >> seth:ctly.u're like, o mgod, wgo pi up --h, n >> i bicly fl out right away i oked at myo-crear an show runner david levi ande highived a then look at
12:28 am
way toet out of this at all? [ ughter >> seth: is a faasc show we'll get to it,ut also -- yohave a big social medi esen. you do lot ovi you do a lot otwitter. yooweveryodootant to live tweetow. what is cisi on li tweeting? >> that's a great on i want to know whayou thk. sothowmeeopl whoreeat, ssupportive, rened the showht away. >> seth: of, course. >> but, theyaid irely important atou livtweet e sh. it's going to on. you haveo get out there twteanveweet it. and,ou kw, dave and i spen months a mths figuri out what wreoing to writonhe reenevery line. it is cafully consered. d en fwi, m basically loing at m dauger.i'm ke, s atool to send?" and jemlike i distraing people from what i want them to watch. i'mn the room with the shtime people d say are yo
12:29 am
and thenhey said, "well, it uldn't hurt." and so i was talki to mielle wf, o of yo writerwhose myd. d a big twitter presence and welowed ea other for long time. and i was compining to micle and she es, "o ireal wos." i said, how doou know? "'cause you know, meone is not watching the show and they're ontwitr, then theyee y mention the show, then they go, bter watch.'" so thought, great that what happened to you? michelleaid, "i still t wah e show that jt happened. [ laughter ] >>eth: iet when yore watching arama andating paul giamatti and damian lewis, with all due respectour work ison i don't want talso be watching them a he u be like, wa. yoknowthat's yr ee it n. so g tha yea >>h:ou hav >> i'll be le tweeng sday night. >>eth: that's faasc. >> people should che in on twitter while the sh is on. >> seth: you should live
12:30 am
attorn. ha damian wis a billionaire hedge fund manager. talked paul s on the show and we talked about how it seems like the aience should owhis. gooduy and bad g. it seems a little gray. is that ntion? >> yeah. u know, we ft like right from the beginning andross sorkin, dad and i, as we started to thinkbout the chacters, you know, we're fascinated by why erics -- you lk autonald trum lot. like, u know, sort of onhe boer obsve way. >> set i ce deeply about him anhe ignores me. [ laughter ] >> we're so testn y pele like rk cuban i ow and likrk cuban a great guy. but why as a culture we decided at scessful billionaes are our heroes? cubais like thbiggest reitstar >>eth: yes. >> so we we intereed in wh that i u ok at united state attorneys, people inhat potionsimilapotion like chrishristie,
12:31 am
platform as wato advan to a gherositn. you know, they're all like tse ambitious, powful ople who, you know, in trying to do good, e acally liking go for themselves. 's mfun to look thi from all thoferent angle eth:ow y, i know wn u ite, you da t of research. did you spd a lot of timin this world of billnaires a was it ser fun? >>eah. [ hter ]'s amazing wn yoink abt billioir. ffert from just like, you know, rich talk show hos >> seth: thank y. [ laughter ] >> they are billnaires a like nation es. if you tnkbo it. theyave fllas of ships. they have fleets of aircraft they have people wking around with guns around them. they move like a little nation. and this o i was at isuy housin theamptons. is is years ago. one of the things that planted the idea for all this.
12:32 am
say his nameow spos teams on a couof continents. and i came over. and therwas an extra structure at his house. i said wt thar? and heai "i recently have gotten into the idea of ar" d dinow what that meant exactly. becae it washis empty structure. and ntack a month and a half later an wasn'only filled like the most incredib exive art s filled with artists. he h mn artist cy on to his pperty. >> seth: just work in a building? >> yeah, he was like, "t a aists."that's jt what you have. >> seth: o my god. i have a talshow, and like ery now and then go ebay and i'm going touy se comics. >> right. >> sh: fred sign and gives i toou. theay fred last time i was here, you promised you'd be on podcast, "theoment. >>red: let's do it right. eth: n n now not te. laught ] >> podsts e sperate people. yoare committi n? >> fred: absutely. yes.
12:33 am
>> seth: and fred do you want us to edit part out of the show? >> fred: pase. >>h: b koppelman, everody. "billions" airsunday night's on swtime. 'll rht back.
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