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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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>> s youe prepared di >>absolutely. would youike toso b in a cell? nobo wantso live their life in a cell. >> nbs dan shanman h more rorr:heear othe armed occupation o wildlife fugen oregon has been st. e fbconfirmed that o esdandhe oren state licetaed wha the statement cal toring i stody a in induals sociedidithe a octi.shs wecu fir a oerso s kill the other rson suffere n-feeani juriesmen enen enenundythers sta protting the
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then over ok a wildlife refuge. and residents demanded it come to an en it'sime forou to home. [ apause ] >> reporter:undy is the son of coroveial bundy who w involved in a 14 stand off with the government over gng rights. >>in sttle two people are dead aft ae shooting at le eampment nicknamed ekn jungle. one persoas pnound dead at the shile ather died that spital. one isntical condition and two others areserious. this happened ashe mor was delivering a speech addressing thess city's homeless prlem. and he spoke again fro the scene. >> can't helbu wonder, i can't lp but wonr did i act too te? maybe i sd have issued the
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e d to th rcstances we . but obvly goi totion was i good enough at m own job? u know, it's o me in end. >> n arrests have been madeut police say there are at least twoea persons of interest a t believe ts a targeted shootingnd not because the victims a homeless. > the gop frontrunner is thdrawing from the fox ns deba. trump, who had threatened to boycott the debate was put over the edger by what helea utby t the neor tt sd unfaly. the canet with
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and mr. trump doesn't play gam and instead, hll host a fund raing event foreterans a wounded warriors. cruzaid if megyn kelly is so ary, wha doe hhink hdoith vr pun a t d upche. >> i would lik teim on yourhow toe o debat m na i' ho g a1/2, mono a monoitho moderators ny time. meanwhile, bothreceed dualg indorsements yestery. tonyperkins, the head of the christian lobbying group indorsed cruz. and bere sanders is taking time off f at-down meeti withrede obaman e oval
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more. youou talked about t big storof the day whi is donald trump refusing to do this fox debate. he's had this on again, off again iss with megyn key. fosays they're nothangg the estions, nor will they change t moderator because of donald trump, although said he' weomsae to pticitend this drop out is near unprecedented. they refeed to tears arations their host, megyn kelly. this. and cruz is hing to gain ground by challenging trump to this one on one. rember, cruz is a college debart. th in are he feels and tendso do very well. he feels strongly and tends to perfm ry wel in ebate siation.
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him gain groundn ia where it looksikee was running very strong but now trump has been gaining ground even picking up, y say, keyindorsements from peoe like jerry fallwell. and hillary clinton is touting her experience and will be following ber sanders today as he sits down with president obam thwhite hoe sa ts was a ing meetg firstcussedk in nomber. justverite meeting with no agenda. >>ag tracie,you. > some incredible footage from northeastern bl shows explosion deroying a pson wall and denf inmates ar seeing a going orhece to espe 36 of thees0 escapeesere pturithin hours. two we killed.
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what appears to be a man wng up to the wall min btsfout before e explosion occurred. >>nd officered were removed for a high-speed cse in which well over 100 bullets were fired in just a few seconds. it tootheec city mor than three years to fire the offi >> repte a car riddled with bullets, two dead inside llowing a 2012igh speed chase throughe strf cleveland. ofcers tried t pull ovehe car a mistook an engine back friar gun shots. neot audioevea theent the unarmed pair was cornered. 12 rounds fired just 10 s.e invtigars diaam thoting sho how chaotic and danrous all that cross
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this photohowi theind shld afterne offic sod on the hd of the car, even afr the couple w subdd and fired at close nge. at officer was the only one criminally arge was later acacitted. he has been fired along with otherofficers. si fac suspensi, 13th officeretired lt year. > it w ver difficult, very diict r allf us. >> reporter:he police uni came out u swinging, calling the discipliryction pitically motivated. >> this is politics 1. >> reporhe justice clend police toe frequently use exssive force, a move meanto ovideloo a c and families. > all right, much of the northeasstilig out from
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nbc meteorologist bill karins here >> and the onl pblem spos in florida of all places. we're gting ske and even thundersrmsopping up south ofampa andort meyers i getting drenched too. d a few owers stos tryg to workheir way through pana city. and maybeeven ahance at severe stms. marginal rkt severestorms. back tow day beh, and l theay back to fortmeyers. and wind damage is the primary threat. forecast for the rest of th country, very md ai wee in montana,9 in denver. and thas the cool spot, 32 in chicago. bu en on thursday a very mildeather patrn. no signsatf a big cmasses. at's your national weather, now a closer look athe day
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complaintsn oklahoma city today at 57degree areas oof thecarolinas, se showersssible. and back up to plalpa a new york cy. they'l b exiting as we go through e morning p. nono signs of any big stormsntil xt we. som frightening revelions surrounding thlead pes and thflt, miigan, wat isis. and th itt erong califoia coa lin e my son and used wchhe red carpet sws on tv now, i walking them. life is unpredictae one thing i need to be edtable is to fkee. because i have usehe a ouers fo20ears.used regarlyitemov u 0%fles keeping you otecd everery month, every year u re always life is unpredictable,o e it!
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msnbc rachel madw will ld a toalln t water crisi tonight at 9:00 p.m. stern. and a woman isei touted as aery sing children b pushing them out of the way of an oncoming school bus >> we alo a greatducator today. in pacifica, california, five of t residts living on th teetering ee othe sre line cliff sll haven't left. >> the ocean, i it wants , it's going to com take us. don'tave the power to slow it dow or stop it. >> the residentsave to move out i a few days. let's g dow tos w. apple reports its firstenue drop in 13ears and the slowest ever increase iphone
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this morni oea toda- "toda" matt sit down withaime linn-seeingler and peyn manning gets rey for what mighte his last rodeo. nfl is investigating allegation that he had human growth hormones delivered tois home. and an allegationshat h wif ed received deliveries while he was recoveringrom neck surgery.
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blake griffon willis lst o six weeks for a broken mandfter hitting ent manager. no worn if them wille action. former iowa hawk eye and n york gnts tylerho died at the age of 27. researchers the boston o university tsds hise was at a two. sufd multiple hd in injuries dating back to hig hool. and dirk nowitzkiuvitsowitzk pushedallas over the lakers 92-90. and jry richardson is telling
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actorsmily bnt a krasinski are expecting by number two. joseph feine is has been signed forlaying micel jackson in an upcoming movie. this has stirredp conoversy being as he' of engsh descent. actor abe false reports of report his death. dly, has passed awayt the age. reporter: he justad one o the face kind of dr and warn. and the were the sts of aracters abe vigodalayed best. on t sitcom, barnymiller.
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godfather." until heasumpedf. he also gaid notorie for not being de. it was in19hat a magaze declcled he was nomore. vigoda played it for all it was worth on late night televi. he was als was also a favguest of day"show and abe vigoda twitt fee evened with purpose of repoing if heas dead or alive. it garnered 10,000 followers and later revealed in a super bow ad with bettyhite andwe b bh t sameag in bly newor his career spand the e, the screennd television
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was 94. nbc news, chago. >> head a good sense of humor out so-trudemise. >> and they're missing him. >> many,y times. i'm son mulaire as is ly tay." hi, m here witsome , i'm re with soadvicerom the tu n't buy up thattlesto lines ages u. get si a mak frergind o with b vitams, and spf. itloats over lines d you look beautiful!and w e's simply ageless liquid makeup it helps you look younger in three ways. so ithe futu when you're der u yer. silygess from olay. anea, breezy autiful coveir
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a bill twod crea a billhat uld create restrictions on where methadone spenries and cli can be loted is facg some uphl alleng ie e legislure. taking a closer ok ia rort comi on ne today.
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fi fighters olorado springs -- battlthree fires... just hours apart... we hthe latest on e investigation and the damage... our wednesday is offo a cold start with temperatures the teens and 20s. today ll bnny and warm with hhs in e 50 the warm up will continue, but for how longi'm ahead to a sharp cool down and se ow coming up in weather & trfic on the 5's. good morning, thks for joining usn is wednesday morning.. it's juary 27th. i'm a onin. and i'm annie snead... in for shellene this week. en oig i the weeks-long standoff at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon... it a pd out during a afc stop... as gunfire eruptetwe members of the armed group law enfoement... one rson died... rsere arrested... oups leader... "ammon bundy" his brother ryan, anthreother people... the others were also arreste -- in separate incidentsthe
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according to his family-- kill
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