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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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legend abe vigoda honored for s res in e "godfathend "barney ll," dice at the age of 94. a man wholwaysade us heooksikey grandson. >> we wi s gd-bye to afrndtoday, wednesday, juary27th, 16.ouer: fr >> annncerfrom nbc news, th is "today," with matt uer d vannah guthrie. live fm sdio 1an roefler plaza >> good rng, eveone. lcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. abe. abe. abe. e vigoda has died, 94 years old. amazg aor in mies like thatone, tod naer a of cosen tevisn shows like "bary miller th fe. o uld forget that face and sense of humor. >> wha about that big het. so mantimes he came to studio 1a, one of our mt forite gues, beloved. you d't kiss just anyone on
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>>les getouropry th mning one me o tse ti-governmt proern eg shot dead,ight oths arrested as the fbi and lal police mov to e t wes' ng sge at a feralilife rege. jofryer has the bakin sty. >>eporr: 2daysntohi cupati authoriti dided it was tiek to mak some arrests buthings turnedviolent, the confrontation played out on a high 50 miles ay a som members of the anti-goverent group were driving to a communy meing. ong ralhw tbi and oren state policetopp e oober fes vehicleso re members othe group when auorits sayhots were fid, tug tyou notaborate ho fid.on protesters was kill, identified as fily as lavoy finicum. >> htl tre arehings morempornt tn youife d freom i
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>> reporter: nbc news ske by phon with finicum's daughter. >> i want to kwwhy, because i know my dad. he wouldever psomeone's life i je he wy defend he. >> reportenother man was injured, treathe hosp and turne over to e fbi. in all e anti-govnment occupis are behind bars, clugt grp's leader amn bundy and his brothe na cas a rest. we saw hakin sp srtly ter began. >> set ourlves u to helphose clai the lands back. >> reporte anoth arrest happen in arizona whe occupi john hadeturne home. he posd a video on facebook, hugging h kidsor turni himselfin theyoo occupation onry nd. they'reng foroc
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dending freedom for two o rancher convicted of lighting res government land. while many resents wte the grou t leave, authorities made no forceful attempt to sto t occupation until no someed milants still remain a refuge. the oatn is n over, although a did cose to thimorning. those wh ad ral felony ces o nspiracyo impede u. office >> joe yer, thank you. >> another major story we're covering this morning. donald trump's decision to pull out of tomorronight' republican presiial debate, whichomes just days before the iowa caucuses. we have complete coverage beginning with peter alexder. good mornin >> reporte gd rning to you. we're lives morning from iowa. ba100 hours outowrom caucus y. this is rmcountr wch is fitting given the fact that donald trump is locked in high-stake's gam chicken with fox ns and cruz.
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plbook, donald trump is walking a from the table. abruptly announcing he'llkiptomorrow ght's republican >> let's seeowuch money fox is gng t make on the debate without me okay? alrit, let's see. >> reporter: arump aide telling nbc ws, it's notnder consideration an his word is nd. rival ted cruz immediately challenged trump to a one-on-o e duel and t biire backi. >> donald a fragile sl. if someone did th, dn' show up at the interview, you know what you'd say? you're fired. ror trp's latt fox news feu after the network criticized trump ande slammed moderato megynelly for being unfair. it dates bac to fir te. keyponded last nit. >>r. trump reatedly bught tthangef alleged bias on m pa.
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fa question and waged to disagree. >>eporter: the netrk fired back overnight with a statement charging trump's campaign manager with threateninglly, saying, we can't give into terrorizations towards any of our employees. re in iowa, trump, highlighti his anti-immigration snceit the reportf ctroversialheff joe arpaio, and touting jry falwell jr., with tony bking cruz. arguin trump cannot be trusted onopic oortion. echoingttack adsy c and s allying on "meet th pres" >> i 1999 you said you were o-choi in allrespects. >> whatdy say you? didn't readt. ad the full statement of what i said. >> are you a trtworthy -- >> excuse me
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i'm pro-choice. i hatehe concept of abortion. >> why dn't you say that i hate the ccept of abortion. do youapole? >> -- >> do yoapologize? >> do i apoze for rng your words? for n readi my word no, no,o you apogize forot reading my wor? >> reporter: of course,e ner apogized. as forpping thursday night's dete, u decide if it's a bluff or mistake, but donald trp isot lettingup. on twitter t morning cling gyn lly aightight reporter. he ss he plans tod a siltanus ent trs night theebe that wil support vetans and wounded warriors. >> out in iowa, peter alexander for us. thank you. we'll turn to mk in des moines in des moines thi morning. od morning to you. >> good moing, vannah. >> is always bee anrticle ofai republican camignsth you kindf ttoe around fo news d't antagonize fox
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republican electoratate so i dona trump o donald trump otrack? we've moved fro silly city tonsn. fo news put o a very provocate confrontaonal statement. they showe donald trump one nger donald trp showed them on finger and punchedhem in e face. he tew the debate into chaos. he is swing streng, thgh, whh is his brand. he's also got some eorsements and other tris up his sleeves d whate' don tnte campai, mite. l's talk about th. youalked about t punch and counnch. iss seemsohahave set donald trump off. aox news sposperson gave this statement, we learn from a sect back channel that the ayatollah and putin both intend to treat donald trump unfairly when they meet with him. a nefarious source tells us that
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reacth cinet wh s itter followers to s if he should eve go to the meetings what w strategy? wa that smart of fox tpo the bear? >> ihinkournalisticay and tactically it was not smar a news organization snsoring a debate should let their journasm speak f themsees. fox for some reason decided to go aer donaltrump. they have a right toave megyn kellbe a moderator, thas their chce trump can decide to paicat by putting out that provocative statement, they gave him not only an excuse but a general rationale to say, i'mot going to show up athe debat sponsored by a news oanization th's tauing me that's n donald trum way. >> ssing an opportunity, ted cr wasted no time, mar heumped in and said, ok, i'll chaenge you, dold, t a e-onne debe with n moderator, seeminglyakinway the obstacles. how can trump duck tha >> well, it's going toe a interestg questio see
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whethe that date begins an issue. ted cruz must win ia more than dold trump. it's notbsolelessential he finish firstut he needs toin there. trp i don't thinkill d a one-on-oneebate withcruz. cruz will have to dide if he wants to keep on that meage. trump has a l of momentu going on in iowa, a lot of organizations, andruz ho find a way to stop him. m not sur fighting about bates is the way to stop m. >> thank u. as for deats, bernie sanders headsed to whe house toy for sitdown with presidt obama. the president hasreined official neutral month but this week an ierview wi litico, he head prais on hillarynton sg, quote, she was moreerieed an anynonvice predent has office minder,e'll be live in wa next monday withomplete vera of the caucuses. > noto a dangerous situaon out in lifornia. we shod you th veo o tuesday.
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artmen buildings teering on edg of aiff. incredlysome residents are now fighng to stay itheir homes. c'sabe gutierrez there. good rning. >> reporter:oomoin ci officls shepl to be out here twice a day to inspect ts land. there 20partmes here and a few of the rests are refusing to budg it's theclger drawi worlide tention. rt oe bluff ben this aparent builng crumbling. some ridents insisting it' safe >> wre elsn youive ang th coast for,ike, $so1500 this is like a poor man' malibu. >> repter:e's filed an appeal, cllginghe ci's acuaonorr. >> you kn, there's an old saying if y'rnot livingn the edge,ou'r taking up too mh ac >> reporter:ichelle h led in pacifica for five years. >> lovet here. i' n wling t lee. >> reporter: she's among the few
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>> tsay, o we have to get t. y? if ifallt'sot goi lln teseconds. we'lhavelentof te get t fro door. >> reporr:he sere esion blamed on aerociousl nino rong storms pificaas battled bere. th cit council fil an emergency declation, aowing them toightor feder money. redents e allowed i the units to p during th day, but officials say there's no official deadline for them to move ou do you feel safe here? >> at this pointn time, yes, i do. >> rorte jf says he's mplying with t evacuation order, packing up hislosetnd trying toige out wt'sext fo him and h dog. >> things happen for a reason. i jushi they're ming more out that than they ne to be. reporter:his area h dealt with this before two other apame buildgs nearby were evacuated in 20.
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tt? >> gabe gutirez, thank you very much. newelopmenton that michigan. e mor ss it could cost a much as$1.5lion toix the ad-ctaminad water ste ther c ne hasearned from cit ter oials that the a currentlno ld pes being replaced. plbers say they hen't done any worince thectober annocement that the war wasn't fe. so on tuesday,ealth ce woer conducted hdredsf checks on children f lead exposeure exsure. the test is offereto children 6 years of age and younger. chel maddow will ho a town hallith fli residents tonight at8:00. >> two major airnes said theylfferrefund to sters coerned t e zika vus if tyave tke he effected reon. united alis include travel to all areasention inhe cd aler
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ttle morrestcted it says the aline will ofr refund tregnan wom i they hav a doctor'sote saying they'renae to tve to five specific cies in ctral and south americ the zika virus has bn linked to bth defectsn brazil and ought to be spreadingo other regionof t worl he ska ofheo-ll aflea affluenza teen isac ith it ates ethan couch could b sent bk to texas in the next 4 hours. couch a his mother fleo mexico latast year after a o surced which aredo sh hroun alcoh at party. thatouldaven viotion ofisprion. th werlaterresd int puerto vallaa, puer vlart xico. > bi nsrom the tech wld thisorning apple bracing forts bigst sas decnen 13 years. the tech giant say revenue could fallore th 8% ts arrompareto yr earlier.
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dels aren't providing the botpple nee to matchhe massive salesro itnjoyed la year. ape's ceo timookois t glal economic unceaiy saying, quote, we're seeing extre cditis unle anything wve experienced before. we rn to whooins us. what's goi on in the ather? >> our friends, notsst busy as we'vebeen, bute are watchiflorida,hich haseen a lot o in, thanks t thil neen yoe neen nino sopicalt. morewe a hea underss. there's alightiskf stron stor fm tampa downo the keys coulde lookingt couple ofornadoes, dagininds and spotty hail as thi frontdes sohw wee looking for -- anywhere from about an ih to 3 to 4 ches ofrain, especiall in ntl florida today. the rest of the count wre lookingtore showers movin into the pacificorwest.
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>> that's your >> that's your that's your latest weather. sad news for us. >> ah, sad news forision ns, movie fans, and eveone heret "toda torbe vigoda has he was bestor hisol godfather" and "barney mier." he was very special to all o us, lighting up the studio whenever he dropped by. he w the character actor with the unforgetably face. the look thatade himook weary and ris tough carr atpanned almost 70 years on stage, screen and television. >> y can't do that. >> repor when you saw that face in "the dfathe" he just knew he was t get whd.
7:17 am
know, you love me. you kn meing, i rather be young. >> reporte and it was the face at hped define the cract of phil fish, the shop-worn dective with the dryensef hur on the '7 hit tv sho arney mier". >> in a emergency, i woulde the firstne iould call. >> you shouldl me first. i need te to putteeth in >> reporter: abe was a good friend to "today." lping us say good-bye to meredith. when they projected w might look like in the future -- >>t's stking. the similies are striking. >> reporter: there was that face ain. >> abe vigod. >> e! >> reporter: a he would always play along. what d you think when yo thg. >> i was eited >> oh, there you go. >>re's the excitedce. >> repter: heven laughed a the repts that he had died, starte by a "people" magazine
7:18 am
sorry about the late abe vigo is not here. in fact -heust be dead. how that's how that came about. >> oh, look a this. you do look like -- he looks likey andson. >> wow. >> reporr: we adored him. >> thank you, abe. >> thanks for comin in >> reportet face.>> you know, one of the things i always remember aut"barney miller," the televisn show, is sometimes they would he tire ke whe punch line s ju look. by abe vida. they w co him and he d -- marvelled at him.i really d. we loved him >> what a great sense mor. acious. adorable. i can s whyveryill mis m so much. 94 yeayoun ouondonces t h family. >> cin , peyton nning facing anflnvesgation over human gwth hornelaimev
7:19 am
wh the le iinboutat tsrnin>>ndhe effect. sewe ain we o wgh wch tt
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rs ts "da o c. >> > jtea w a tt me ooumaon i dng yourain. >>opno star mie-lynn
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fires that spa in ju amatterhours erday! one at the tanglewooapartmts atin uffs and academy.. anotr...on 1h stet... near o colorado city. and third... at a self storage facility.. near the citadel. crews spent la nht mping hotpots at the storag facility... trying to figu out a c. "treasoppingoises and i was watching, i thought mayb something would explode, so i was kindf scared." neighbs say they'vseen pele illegal living inside so of thunits, many ckedfl clingith life people's belonngs. the fne atin uf.. tentwed e aparen ithr ja we know the red cross is helping onfaly that disaced. an old colado city... 8 people are displaced from 5 hos... and one person was taken to a denver bn unit. l continueo upte yous we lrn me... chief rninteorologt --stephen bowers joi us w with
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ate ildi. aseay gd mog hem happ biro my mom nancy. >>appy birthday. >> you toee her? >> ot g to tell you what i'm gointo hen e'llatch and know. >> hapirthday, nan > backnside st 1-aa shng on anrego hay during a cfronon bween thosti-gnmen prosters cupy aederuild and po has endn teathmembf thro eihers idi t rseading tccupation behindsnow. anotr member t group sponded to the incident erght. >> when younk pea resolution a then y kill one much m frnds, and say y nelyeave andet you've arrest somne who is not even here what do yo belve anyme? as f theoccution, it isn't ov. seral armroteer still rema a tt refuge ismorning.>>onald trp sse will sk morrow republin
7:28 am
mplats ttoxs ahor megyn kewoule oe modera >> how m mox is going toom the deb me, okay? all right?see. >> meanwhile, cruz, was quick pounc>> he's lling to stand on the debge with eer caen i we toinvite donal gage in a one-onate any time betwe the iowasns to hol nt in iowin deb raiseon terans. > somdne e tion'sapital swly returning toormalfterhis weekd's blizzard. schos and govement offic reoping day foe rsti iarly a week. also this morning, with hi nv broos pparingor t pe wl, pton manngs fangorueionsbout a claimhat h was sent to his home seral y ag dayational cspondent
7:29 am
ys to go unt footba's biggestgame. this mor that nfl gangmanning.'s investigation will consist o ews of rdntervi an coordinwith oth ages. eporter:k ieuper bowl under vestigation. the n annougateay re conin going and cprehensi reew bronco's quarterba peyton mannin this,ollong allions he reedhipmen of hgh, human growthormone.theeague says t reew h been gng on for eks. and the wl n he rests foanng tes the field againn11 days for ser bowl50. th mes anyotti punishment ule sce t instation uld sttch yo mag'sareerse. inreasesday,he qbmed t conrm scula helang up h cleats after the super bowl.
7:30 am
captured him tal to bill beicr su's afc championship. t might be my las rodeo. reporter: the broncos would not coent on the 's instion. last month al jazeera named bronco aeing lijed to the r institin apolis, where one phay intern claime ty mailed the drugs t manning's fe. all the times we' sending ashley manning drs, like growthhormone, all the me erywhe. floridat ul nevere undepeon name >> repte tha inter ner sa decthatanning dongndateranted h staten a shipnt maing sglend a jazeer rts or eng hn to esp last >>s comple fab r agegarbage. more aves i'd lio use,
7:31 am
>> manningspokesman a forme white housokesman ari eir saysanningcomes th league iestiga is markshe second strght ye there has been se sort of ntrovers as t super bow apoach. la yeathisime re taing oudeflated otlls. >> thas rit. crg,hank you. >>now aignnncent from oah winfrey, theeight watchers invesr tetedbout her new weight ls ccess. guess what the company' sck soed. tae is her with mor onheoph fe. f weightwatchers, opras endorsement appears to the sthing sinliced ea whh ishat s proud aits to eingve d on he latestisonseeit. >>hi isheoy te oah nf onss
7:32 am
th 10% s, oprah's instmentnd partnership with ight watersnnoued back inocr,auseresn th compy to rmo tn 20%. >> i lost 26 pounds and iave eatebread eversingle d. rte t sine twecain tmpy' vaeoisey nrl $1 millio>> srtg tayoff. me that's thy,exy breaast. th's a sevenute egg o a d oeens. >> rter: h own suggle wieight ll docted years. hi is 67 pous fat looked li repr: pront and nterhis video rele last mon forhempan >> so, eve time i tri and faed, eve time i tried again,ndveim i tried ai hasrouge to this.
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making eve more dou for the een of lk. notnlyidhe le 26 undsguys b thaetal netteder9 million dion drsecsef th sck goi up %. >>win-win. >>s you uld say,f do >>otf doug a lot of brd crum in the. lotclics. >>let's t a k weatheom ro. >> you can m state d make mlion peround - ot thahe needed it no, no, still nice in a event,t would also be nice is a warm-up.we are loong today at temper aer f 5 to 20 deges abovel in e centl plainrom brck t llor rrowhat stres ev further south. housn, . 56 igham indianapolis, 40 degrees. at's 4 dre ab
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lanta, north platte, > anthat'sou weather. ust ahead on rending, the matador bulightwhil lding his bab he says, erybody needs to rex. >>anhein rt lht sangtechnogy wkpcehoinadn thws so, what haens if y're sittg in youoffice andouhear gshot uon't knowhe the guan is ohe ttunfire cam from,utow t n hi-tech
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,,,, > 42 on a wedneay moing. is morningn rossen rerts, 'ricki o aeries o workplac emergencs. >>ntuesy,e saw ancte shr sca i sandiego. exrts st d beenhe real thing, newecoly could haveaved ves. jeff rsen is he to show us how it rks. >> good morning. anmportant story for all of us. the latest caseappening at nal medical cte i s o. reposf an active soter read le wildfi u canee the dramac video here emoyees walngutithands
7:40 am
described cos inside. this w a false alarm. mebody heard gunsts cled ioolicbu thanully, everythingasfine is ce swing us how sry itan be.we'ren ee a wo. atld you i soter cameo yourofce? th morning, new thnology at can spot a shooter alt pole before you're in daer. >> i need the c here right away. somebody got ot. i got shot. >> reporter: when the callom in -- >> male with a shgun. >> reporter:oooften,t is al.>> mtiple shotsfid. muip pple down. >> repter:orkplace soters caht o mera. this one iide for a hour befo police finally locate him. what if you and police cou know ectly where the shooter the momen theirst shots fired? these new,high-tech sensorsan do it. called the acte shooter detectionyste >> this is t sensor here normally, it'd be installed up and down the hallways. how does i work?
7:41 am
there's a flash o light, followed by t bang of e llet being fired. what the sensor doess loo fothe flash with these infrar sensors in the bott. we have highly sensitive, ted detection miopnes on top at listen for the ban ithegun. reporr: the syste c pinpointhe shter's locatn within ines. >> l's check it out. now, i inse anffe buildingherehe sensorsave be inslled and s up. we have wpo pert downstairshos going toose as o aive shoerday. he's going to walk around with the big gun and fire blas and see if theensorset that. anwhile, il be iide ts ofce, likeo many of us are, sitting my bicl going te iftwork willhealerts? will il me ere the shooter. shooter. >> shot detected. >> iopped up on my cputer. itas in the bby. >> reporter: theoter g upstairsngnsides
7:42 am
fing i'm getti a text alert. shots fired. execive office,or o. the wastherhotht here i know he's clos >> reporteut thetem don't onlyrt employee it automatically triggersn emerncy call t loc ce tht theirst sho i d. >> fir shot dected. lobby shot detect. reporter: police would ben their y. keeps firing. wal dow this hallway. or t stem tracking every mo. >> another er >> repor as the police are watching i inl ndr. >> aer e. he ove re this i when we can rut and wa now that iw where t shot comeon. >> rter: it cou b my only chance to getaway
7:43 am
>> wble to gide saly because knewxactly the shooter was, where the shots wer being fed andhe bestscapeoute o away fro theshoo t's a game changer it's going live >> reporter: that's edvis, boston's legendary police issioner. at helm dur t bn bogs andntlessshootingking for the compan >> wn aituati like ts folds, it's aotic. no one knows whe to go or wha todo. deviceill give ushe information we nee to go direly tthe that. >> the cpany ss thi telogy is alrea inslled ozens of bldings from cot to coas th d't like broadst actly e,ut ty wil ll us it's just offices. also in ho what is the st anyweten $500 a a few hundred thousand dollars. r a big company,ould be worth . >> fesaver. je thank you. > coming up on pop star the belove class about to get a longaited reboot.
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and oking good, and sandwich andoup and inside jokes, and dan back! good, cleafood pairs wl with anything. thclean pairings menu. 500 calories oless. at pana. food as it should be. good wednesday morni go wednesday morning... we're coming up on the top of e hour... show update. tonight you have cnce to g me answers froel pascounty ofcals... the "citizens outreach group" hosting a town-hall style meeting.... atg paso county commisoners, colorsprings city counc, and the mayos office. it's tight from 6 8:00... at the pikeseak regionlopment center. the "lazy lion" marijuana smoke
7:52 am
closed definey... after itasaid tuday the i and the i- r-s. more than a year ago, five investigates show you how this busins operates under a unique membership and imbursement busine model, since creational marijuana sales are legal in t city.... theylaim no bung or llg is involved. wee told taxes were the focus of yesterday's search warrant. chief rning meteorogist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a ok at our locarecast... stephen... day ll be sunny. temperatures will rm rough the 20s and s and into the loweand middle 40s by 10
7:53 am
if y're stepping out for lunch arndoon, expeclowe50 thafternoon warms into the 50s with 4 ithe high sts and almosto 60 along the arkansas river valley.
7:54 am
teeratase back > >t's 8:00 on "today." coming up, jamey lin sig her speaks out, opening up in first live levision rview.
7:55 am
story after keepingr btle a secret f5 years. ech ovload. the tollll of the concting can taken our brains. nd it' a family affair. pers ang jie jack black tk about worng with tiridsnheir latt movie ung anda >> >> gutherend do your job. earn some mey for ts fami> today wednesday, janry 272016. >>ewlydsrom oklama.
7:56 am
back itexas. >> gd >> good rning, xas. >> weoveou and ms you ds. ll t way fm jacksonvil, flor > we are back now 8:00 on a wednesday morn the 27th of nuary.his monent fast. >> it did. 20, peoe out o a damp morning h in the noheas >> it i a little wet. you ntionedhe mthlmos over over over jill i here with me steals and deals. she's got gre makeover edion. >> let' srt by heading side natalie has a check on the t stories. >> officials are sortsg out tailsf a deay
7:57 am
armed protters.nire brout afthe fibinm sto totester's car on aulehighway.a spokean for the group was killednd anoeremberas wounded. tusct areow und st, including protest leader amon bundy. some protesters remain at the refug so the nearly month long occupation is not over yet. ted cru is criticizi donal trumpor pulling out of thursday night's foxate. trump complained that megan kelly is biaed again him. he chaled h to one on one debate vij sl having hel today for an indiana school principal who di on tuesy. priipal susan jordan pushe studentsut of harm's way when a school bus jumped
7:58 am
she often cooked breakfa and handed out studentirthday rds. there is no edence that drugs or alcoholere volv. the u.s. preventivserves task force says all primary care doctors shou scrn nantmen d w thers for sign of depressi. medal bur ss now. we talkeabout postpartum depression depression this is a bimove. >>t's a g move. andlso cording the american psychological association, one in seven women experiences postpartum depression. for 50% ofthose, it's tir first epise of depression ever. it's not just in the postpartum ri. >> this wn theomen expeenceheormoal chges.
7:59 am
th by blues and ptptu depression. depression. >> the baby blues shod last up to two weeks but it's not a definite. the symptoms wld be the same sympto that youan experience ngegar depreion, sadness, crying,depressed mood, there arsome unique symptom to ptptum sh as fea of being left alo with screendoesn't ke long. iten question takes couple of min to answer. if you screen positive you should b referd rther care. >> a frightening scene on mera tuesday after aashville gas peredarbage truck ban smolnga n ng. a neighas record jusas the tck es exodes. o houhad to bacted an insctedor dagefore
8:00 am
a littl boy's action was pricels when the montreal canadians fpped the pk to him him. simply adorable. he's hugging the puck he' probly putha o und the pill las nigh eph it. >> comingup, the matador sparking trag foris wle fightin bull. what he's saying. >> the choice to playichael jackn in a n movie is ing eyebrows. >>but first, jamie lynn sig is here for ourteieter reang she
8:01 am
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8:03 am
wre ackow at w at8:08it tresamie she'st revealedn"people" gazinet she been ling with mule sclosisor
8:04 am
i feel relief. i lived with this secret that caused meo have so many feelings of shame and glty and fearor so my year and s think to fal st of f le i claing wer bknd being confint wi the pern that i am. i fee are wght off miff shlders. >> you told me when you immediately made the annocementou feel >> yes. >> i was surprised to hea you say you felt shamend guilty. shame? would youee sham>> sounds crazy bhen you hold a secret, the feelings come g hold a secret as long as i did. with something like , you lose control overs that you once had. and it's slowlyaken away from you. and that cod, you know, chip away at your selfworth. you caneel lesshan a aot ofegativefeelgs.
8:05 am
help set wchs something i'm notoo at ing. but you have to beble to reaout. and whenou he aooppt st like i vei think helps a lot. it just toomehilong to be able to d is. your diagnosis came 15 yrs o. ur symptomst time w what what? >> at the ti was minimal, tingling in my legs. and th i wt sem tom free r quite some time. dhen durin stressfule mli,oing a a 24, 25, and symptoms for the last five yearshave been hard. weakness in my left side little bi of coordination. hieels are hd for . i cannot ru can't dce t way isedto. you know, things that aard sfl y got the diagnosis, i believe you were shooting the four year of"srano"
8:06 am
we you worried aut it woul afft y career? >> yes,y much. on of tirst people i told wa a indy professiol an i kn they wereooking out f me at the time but theaid i ing to eten you didt tel me that and i don't think you ou tell anyone. people will lim y and jge u ahey will nire you. i took tt advice. i wa20 years old and was scared. >> i read tha you didle of your cast mates on t opranos" yearslater. younow wt i like? they kept it a cret. >> they d. hey never leaked it, ny t once. >> tan my friends and family have frcely protected me. ey've wand me to comut andncraged me. i just wasn't ready. i w afra. but i not anymore. >> what was the reason toay now?
8:07 am
you wantedo ree when you made thisnnouncementndt had been your computer f aboutix months >> yea yeah. i feel likmoth hd rlly chand me. it changesevyone. and iidtant to bring my npn a home wre he ft li head to hold thiecre fo me too. i wanted tbe a example of rengthndw him tha ite wt i hey limitionthat eryons deeverybodyingfornity and le a respect. an you ow sometimes we he to wora ttlearder for it but may it wil be aood exe fo him. >> you released couplef tweets sg this a but ting day fornd i th ther we canp others andig on and you said, i'm overwhelmed willf you today. an you from thetom of my hear i don't el so alone.
8:08 am
i didn't aicipat lev of onsity that i fl of representing whole group of ople that sifr in silencgh suffer in silence. ms is different ineverne it's a hard thing tiagnose want aard piloalw. it's arustratisee. there aeopl ttrete of tn me peoplehat are worse anme. but i hope that can i change people's ias of what this disease is. >> the industry rson youd this to years agoho sd don't ever tel anyon el you feel diffently now? doou wante? yes. >> and do you thk you'll b received with open >> i'm exced about t future. i'm eited to go toor without fee i have sothing to hide. i feel likee better ess for it ti show up and be me. ve been working with this seas was rd but i'm relyocking forwardo e futu and i underand that
8:09 am
me and some peoe ma and i'm opeo it. but i haveverynttion of coinngyareer. ithere areeoe that n' w toir u, their loss >> thankou. jamie-ly it's great to see yo >>ha y. > t'lo ws going on right now. a big storm stem coming on ore in the pacif norwest overhe nextix days and another one behind. raufams, we're tking some places in norther california and southern oregon upwards of 6o 7hes on t slop theolympics
8:10 am
rockand mak its way io th snow qualm mypa. t a you lt weathe ah? > thank yo so much. now i i teor trending. >> he we go. bullfighting,xtremely controversial, extremely dangerou ll a a littleore controrsy. eresne matador out there taking a a lot o lead for ggling t tasks at once. his name is. >> fraisco rivera. >> one of theost famous tadors in spain. he's holdi his daughter carmen while fighting a bull. the instagm post gnered thousands of likes but also a
8:11 am
chiltective serviceis investigating the incide. he's fended himse by saying this is part of his culture and his daughter coun't b anywhe safer o than in his arms. he further claimed tt bullfightings a fily tradition. francisco posted this pture of him on his father's shoulde when his dad was a bullfighte what do w think? >> outrage. >> not a great idea. >>well, he was gored lasyear nearly di. hisather was gored to deat n exaly t famil hiory. >> iould think therere safer places. >> absolutely >> i think yant to be cultural sensitive but then there's common e. especiallyith annilhat's unpredictable. ever sd embarra o an exwheyou're drunk? ere's an a that will stop u.
8:12 am
ten c sne, thapp prpts you solve a mat lem. if y s tl you ca te if ydon't,ou'r t. it aoasreadru feur it trasyour. moment from the nightefe alwing you to retre yo steps if need be. >> so you bck out? >> that kes a ltl fa >> oh my gosh. >> if e a nobelure for app deloper, tt is i right there. >> i need a brehalyzer on t twitter count. ople sd you the nty tweet on saturday night. >> bac aw. all righ >> no tionyeah hobout is, b being propos in e whington state nateo rive an ant for
8:13 am
uak a cave a aarker- noive. ifas it ruire all kids enlled ihingn grade schools to learn to read and write in surs sieve. the snsor got behhe bil wh gson couldn't rd a not from onef her con nstitutsconstu nstituts. >> is a lostt. it leads to your signature. >> nothing nicer thanetting hawrtete >> you d't like itt ut cut oewspaper arties. >>ye. >> w dyou inyou have a beautifulursi hand. i have a combinationhand, i do scriptetters andlo letterinhe middlefwos. >> likohn haock. some arehinkin not to
8:14 am
well now scenes for a fr usa casting choice tt a lot of aoiuh? >> they say more thahu first up,av a little less th monthway fmhe mh anticipated reloes use." e." ey top a countd t the the scenes featu the scenes feares of the ct behind the s. >> it's czy tbe back h n. are family ande bn ee arted doing e ow 28 yearsgond he oy tt closer. fir tim we were a together as a cast again was at the table was kin o lik we had never left. >> circle the calendar, le house" comes oun febar 26. "little house onhe
8:15 am
thconic show is g to made as moe.that's resting. myount piures.seri basednhe lau wil popular childr's book. melia gilbert became famous for her ro. no wordetn who beast as the ingles ly. >>s bigha "fuller use. we wer all to watch "ltle use." >> i ud to bra mair jus ke ura. >> neveratedit. really? oh, you've missed, out. >>"fantasy land" i watche he's the controversial that we were talking aboujose fasn cast to
8:16 am
oins i white, bti a be known for his role in kespeare i hi c the king of p who is black hasdcontroversial . seen the aal thol challeng the premise it i guess michael n, mlo brando elizabeth tlorft 9/11 took out on a r trip geth. is is tsfthat e e cng has gotten on soal dia. >> ly? it's spose to be this is a ritioi? >> >> tank youery w lauhing a newerieswe'llalling "today dit
8:17 am
between computers and s, csttl connup work and personalives. >>ndccasiolldrk textinas wl. we decided t take a loo at the efct iing on us beginning with ourbrains. fromhe moment we wake up we coected. the dnf the ditalge has oughefficynd ene butigesngll o that infmaonan b overwhelng to see wt it'soing tour ains we kesome othe finest around. dr earller i a professor ofcience. aed himu the hanin is developing. the brain h a dficulty processing multiple bits of dat once. we'reer sine minded. >> to demstrate ourim paty we put aew voluntee thrououple o tests. something i difrent between tse two scenes. as sooou tice, y tell
8:18 am
>> with t ptu missi ywo seconds, k mses disappree a s didn't douchetter w t ving railin >> your brain has a limited capacity ftaneous sps. yo binov you eyeund thre o fou ses. y'r tak in b infoation fr t vual sce and your brainieceit tothernto illusion at ur md cano more thatactually n. next werehownow can stumble. >> whi the phraseo one can stbleer wl nowwitc back for ba andorth bet letrs and nuers. akes her twi andg plus miak. >>f yourain could ltitask, wou have no troubl swingk and h betwe les anhe number >>e can't help ouels.
8:19 am
information rewarding, toin wskfoatrerding. we' hard wir to che late-mai o tweet wle alryingo carry o convertion or read aook. but are all othe stractllyng t brain. we askhis docr and hi researches searchest mitt r thsuecis thsuecis outo focusn e faces or the hous as imag of both. >> wn you're cognizing fas u' usi apa processing gi. wh youhe the hoe, the s the house, the sigl for th ce proceing can be reced. there' n l as much knu signal there when youave t stracting inrmatn arou >> h did thatranslate with juggling y srtphe wle
8:20 am
that y sim c bes go at proceing the task at hand whe youave to a fier out the raction. pele are kidding themlves. >> for aus self proclme masters of multng, it loke the j is . >> iave tubleingle sking. >> right? it's true. . miller says the moder decesre gretools.we jus needo focus on a sing tk wn you use em limit yo disactiontoetmore done. but by finition, y'r dng e thing and then a text message ps up. >ngina jie and jack black openp about good wedsday morning... we're coming up on the bottom of the hour i'm ira cron with this today sh update... today... colorado springs firighters continue to investigate three fires that sparkn just a
8:21 am
one anglewood apar austin bluf a ademy.. another...on 18th street... near old coloradcity. and a third... at self storage fality.. the citadcrews spt last n mopping up h spotst the storage facility.. to figure o a cause. "there was pping noises and i was watc, thought maybe something woulexplode, so i s ki of scared." nehbors say they've seen peoplellegly living insi me of the units, many packed floor toeiling with a fetime of people's bongings. at the firnear austin bluffs.... tents re forceto fle aptmts ithpas. we know e recross iselping onfamily that isisplaced. and in old colorado city... 8 pele a displed from 5 homes... d one person was taken to a denver burn unit... we'll continueo update you as we learn more... ief morning meteorologist -- sthen bowers j us now with a look at our local forecast... stephen... today will be su temperatures will wa through the 20s and 30s and into t loweand middle 40s by 10 am.
8:22 am
aroundoon, expeclor 50s.e afternrms into the 50s th 40s in the high spots and alst to 60 along the aansas ver valley. thsun go low in the y and temperates easback through e 40s d 50s by 5 pm with 30s by 10 pm.
8:23 am
8:30 now on t wednesday morning. 27th of ary,2016 day out our a. smack we aremack dabthe me of wint, and we say hello to the folks who decided to come out. >> yes, we do. thank you. do you ever feel like you're in a style ru jill martin is about toakene luckyoupleel gat with a brand-ne lo the best part? u c get it, too, because their outfits are part of a special steals anddeals. >> fantastic. also, angelin jolie and jack black talk about theirew movie, "ng fuanda 3, their kids' parts it and they wantir kids t be in hollood. it's casserole tim coming up, a one-dish dinner from one new yor
8:24 am
casserole or ? >> what's the di >> what's the difference? >> one is french. >> check of the weatr, al? >> let's see what we have foryou. that's right. very nice. rip curres dn along the soheastern coast a the cold front bringshowers and thundetorms through florida. more high surf and heavy rain in the pacific northwest. lakeffect snowrod the great lakes. visoes alo t southern lirnia coast. torrow, me lake-fect snow around the greatlakes. the rn connues down i floridaith some showers along the carolina coastline. some sunine baks out in the northeastomorrow with chilly temperatures. slowly warming ithe plai.
8:25 am
do >> that is your thais your latest at now, let's hd bk iideo sava. llght,, thanks now tayseri jill martin has been veryusy this month, helping us cleanse our mis, fitne routines, to o t hribleoo iy hoe. yoveouone yoself >> thisaseennin mo af us. an o yskedme, hp me t outf my style t. this week, we decided to wp ur wardrobe io ape. earc f aderving co who wante to add spark
8:26 am
let'seet d and paul. >> i'mane. i' been marryied to my husband paul six years now. we have 10 mth old dauger lilian i' a sy at homm, so my days csist of chasi her ound t house, diaper changes,laundry. 's not alamorous life. >> my wifterally spends all of h te taking care of our daughter, especially when i not home. so she reaydeserv to he me time wheret'sll about her. >> every morng we up, i putn the sameom outfit, yoga s a shirt. i bru myr int aonytl andt'sy look. >> il spen lon hrs atork often,o when im off of work, m st anxiouso get heo my bul wife andhter. nd much opng for clothes doing my hair. i kind of run some mousse through it at the beginf e day andhat's >>s a n year tim f
8:27 am
she deseesit, and i'm really grateful tt i get to be part o . >> they are adorable. so thiis dne before. w, diane, come on out.let'see your stymaov. wow! u loo gorgeo. >> dsn't she loogrea >>owo y fee dia? >> woerful. c'telve ts . hen looked this way in obably over a year and a ha. >> y lkike a mli bucks. >> thank yo >> you excitedo se paul? you hav't seen each other yet rit? >>absolutely. can't wait. >>he's seen herseut n her husban you said. we have him hing right in ereen room. i think it'ong -- look at m. tre's paul. >> don't look at the motor. >> i'llover yr eyeshere. >> they just got back. we want to tnk louis and theyt they wenteparately thi moing, so they separed at 00 a.m.
8:28 am
each otherorhe first time. ady? >> i'm rey. on two, thre >> wow. come on in, paul. >> you loo beautiful. >> you look great, too. >> awe. >>id getipstick onyo , you'r go. howidou get ropo thislemakeover? you look grt. >> thank yo i'm gratul, and she looks beauful. >> thank you. you look good, too. i love the owers. th'regorgeous. >> you're adorable. the best thing, peoe can see this and do thisthemselves? >>his is eat. weot to spend t day yeday together. this is so nice bause weever geto do this forourselves, th lotf the items there wearing are sals deals items so you cetthem, o. >> all right. >> i'luse y as the model. come over here so we can sw you off. les start with the jeans. this was the first pair ofns
8:29 am
these are $7 to $207 retail. celebrity fans are kristen stewt, hle berry and taylor swif therot cut, skny. todacom, y can fin th retail7 to deal, $49.76 al, $49.99, f. all rs, right? ripped n rips, ah. al on great dl on designer jeans. next ,he jewelr aittle sparkle inour life. tail $275. it's a foie set. yo gethreetheeckles d tn youet earrgs. threngths. we layer them on diane. you can see how pre al 82off. they comen platinum or 18
8:30 am
>> . >> we ve the >>have the beautiful designer b retails $5. it is anestment pifourcolors, madn the. ns of the brand, sah jsica rker and demi moore. the deal is $7 86% off. >> y can put yr momtu in the,too, and it's cute. >> diapers. >>abs so gorgeous. >> absolute. >>et's talk aboutpaul. >> on to paul. had s muc f yeerdahe weaingwo o ourdes, to oxford shirts69 to $82. we putn the s andhe swear. you g a choice of allhe versions on theil2. deal is great to layer urn a suit you already have. you're a littl meormal
8:31 am
dapp ti, . u t the wbveties. the deals $39. 76% off. >> great. what's the next one? >> last o -- i'm going to stealhese and haveou model to embarrass y aittlmore i kno how much y'reoving is. t hat epooldacsss, reta re $2 to$2 you c gethee h andscset.i'llhis on you, too. i'lly doingtllere you, paul sohe retai is $225 to $2. deal is $65. up to 72 off. >> eat. weave great deals. toy.como g them yohavenother t goi on. >> i he t more things going . the fst one is we have
8:32 am
soexcing ifou wan to reva yrleor 20 sd us a pho oe ot most t of dehing inour . uh using your tart today ntest. u'll hav ce to win one of e of the de you have 2 hours starting now. i cant wa. yo proba havood ings. >> exactly. e oldest, most out of te, crazy thing in your closet. picture. youl pick winner. >> and aounce it,ye. >> tha y so much. big tnk you to both ofu. you look . ho y hadn. >> thas somu. 's rhrghhe prtsjean ja ans. jewelry om kenth jla. bel g.oxfordolfshts ltndperie and portoland acceorie thanks, guys. up next, anginaolie a
8:33 am
firs this is "today" on nb >>ve > we'ee wing up with the s oeung paa" anche. it'ange jol a jack blacs turn. sat down with themo talk about the movie and tspecial co-srs. >> dth! about to rved. we'll have t jusce platte. did want extra sauce? >>the side. on the side. hat is a these f that makesm soecia >> i think anythg that comes from such a good place is very special. the intention of thiso do something fildr u know, it' latabl for everybod really, is forhildren and it hasutiful mesges o embracingho you are,eing a ly, loyalt understandi
8:34 am
it a affa.four of thejolie-pi kids an black's son suel hadoles in the movie. >> how was it workiithou ki? >> it s s muc fun. >> ty took i seriouy. i'm not se can do is. yo , to talk them through it, sime things, but they really tookt serious as job. gettingt right and not doing a d job. who idea was it? di you have to cvince the t don't, or were ty excited t have a part? wece them. it'ske, get out there and do jo ea som mon f this family. my boyand to don' when i told him, we' doing ung panda3, he waske, n ie in ? i waslike, i'll see wha i c do. ry t get you a line. >>oha acting bugs o our hands? hope not. why? >> ifhey're going to be
8:35 am
heneactors. i encourage them, when the want to be in a thing, want to act, i say, what ar y going wre? you have to write it. i try to steer the towards writing anddirecting, thingsn e iphone. iphone video films. >> i betours a gr >>oodstuff. reporter: dustin hofan and lucy liu are back again. d few new voices you mht recogniz >> these are your cousins, d d sully. >>elme back. >> how you been, man? >> whose the nda? >>ou thepanda. >> you the pand >> it' le t best job ithe wod. if you can get a cool anima film -- >> that works. >> it's so fun. d is sort of lower stress an aeionm,re you haveo wake up at5:00 a. and go through the hair,up
8:36 am
yo s u in you an let go for a's a really fjob. bec he c only be stopped by a master of chi. again wh thechi. >> jack, suld we eect nuer 4? >> ihinkheng -- the nara pgreson ithree. the binning theide and the end. th big fish. that seems tbe t l of sequs. wh wtarted off, that s e ho, i my mi, is man, maybe this will be huge hit de' do another one. >> think tre a hunger for ndas. people want more nda,ndt' goodsign >> rorter: foroday," los angeles. >> m kid want more pand theye excited. >>ouron waschg -- >>it o w wating thst o last ttin ady. ght, we'll wch the second. . "kg fu panda 3" openingn friday >> ahea rec you n to
8:37 am
wel he awi on a classic,,,,,,,,,, > this is goi this isbe go. 8:48 back with "today" food. it's about casseroles this week.cheficel whites here with a one-po, i'mng to say th bat, a f o yours and yourreaurant is g to be for me. awesome. wre makin calet? >> oulet, casserole. cass is actlly t pot in whiche're goi tok it i ami vyuclike we hked por ham. weavdbacon, sause cen it'sier. youan w so eng a onal cooking
8:38 am
fiito. this is a >> this sauce, basill >>reoing to do is ai. aiit we're going to saute this, and this is the foundatio forhe sauce. >>oes it tak brown? f tnutes. ur p it.what i'm go n er. we haban. we erst third-degree-roasted this a bit and 'l fon bott this. >>unbelievab dee whhite
8:39 am
ofre.w, therelarge,reamy ans saute.the ha anaeuquet. >>y? >> i't wan t needles andthin inside thesauc >> makese. oe in, wnd braiset cook?>>wond a half very, very sl >> all righ f time i impor because it becomes veryea this is the thing that a lot of times -- >> i want to interrupt for a cond and check inith my tasters.>> sood. >> caset. >> ilways use great termology. we were poking an e andoing vtex tt me.reer that >> i do. >> wt i gng to do is iut brearusn top. >> can youw down in there? look how beautiful that oks. >> that is not finished. it cld go back in the ove a littlebit. you kno how we talk about casseroles the next day?
8:40 am
flavor.>> whens is done, the idea, the chicken w basically f of the bone >> literally fall f e bone. again, it coulbe, tra something but we'reoing chick re. your teamas of this downstairs that we made. >>n the line, taon? >> canust pr this bowl down my moh r now. it's aming. >>he's planng to bat i the bowllate >> iove ssout. my fstimeith icken, perfecti. >>'v not anything le ts in a long me sptacula >> so good. >> t vaah>> mth ll casselend caoulet,re theyhe me >>ye tirosconsin,ws everng about sseres, right?>> late a nit, i'malking down t st i y mich is sing out the, abs m , it tshou my new restaurant, . sn't oned yet. gave me a tour. 's kindfse toy use.
8:41 am
>>lunchroom. >> -- in yourbayard. fanttic. you platetup >> ltle bf the ice. again, the caramiz-ou seehis golde liquid. listen, this rfect. onhenowayhe othday, itould have been as gdtoday. an i will- tuda this tnu. xtim y'r walngow estreet, m frie,nd it's cold t, you kw where to go. canou feze th? ablutely. it a greateal ahead, d ahd, put itn thefrge back itheen slow cooker >> s t finish it' a faly timeonsumingin yohave toookt er. >> t rultsre wth i >> y. >> mic e,ice to e yo tnk you go t todacom/fo for the recipe.
8:42 am
this is oday" on nbc. hood >ow good was that? we have agl. so good.i nt to take a n now. >> what'soming up nex hour? >>e've got a b dea gng on.
8:43 am
25 days of es. oopr. >> visit facebook "today's kwats ta site.
8:44 am
>> supposedl jes gorein fod it. >>fter youlocal news. wsday morning odnesday mni... wee co up onhe top of hour... i'm ircronin with this today sh update. tonight u have a chance to get some answers from el paso coty officals.. the "citizens outreach group" is hostg a wn-hall style meeting.... featuring el paso county issioners, colorado springs city councanthe mayor's ofce. it's tonight from 6 to 80... at the pikes peak gional development cent. the "lazy lion" mariansmoke ub in colorado springs is osed indefinetly... afr it was raided tuesday by the f-b-and the i- r-s. more than a ye ago, five investigas showed y how this businesoperates undunue membership rebursement business model, since recreational marijna sales are illegal inhe .. they cla no buying oselling isnvved.
8:45 am
stephen bowers joins us now with at our local forecast.. stephen. todawill be temperatill warmough the 20s ans and to the lower and middle 40s by 10 am. if're stepping out for lunch around noon, expect lower 50s. the afternn s into the 50s with 40s in thhipots a mo tng the arkansas river ll. e sun es lown thy and teeruresckhrou the 40s and 50s by 5 pm with 30s
8:46 am
hi ts morning on"today's take," dond trumptrp bows out of torrow's debate. what is he doinginea sneak peektnef esuper wl ads erye will b talking ab it could get aittle wd
8:47 am
allhat and me coming up now. >> annncer fro news, this is oday's take," withl ke natal leile get a tamron hall, live from studio 1an rockefeller plaza. welco to"today." wednesdamoin weesday morning, is jaary 16. it's a balmy d, warm >> we don't like tt wo. >> wiie, al, tamron a natali we' all hear. e theme you hearhat's "the goathe" ributeo th gat abe vigoda. >> we love abe goda.he jus passed away at the age of 94. ofcour, he was in "the godfather."
8:48 am
prob so man mor people knew him arounthe worldls from the cedy series "barney mier." we loved him on tsh. head nerous peans. we joked withat ttelook le ab thugh th years, he'sd vi us - h visit us. sorific. car didn' arriven los angeles once, and ge him a riome. to stori about t "gfaer," "bary miller," vely gent someoneho dcoredame latern fe wasn h 5s.odse h rented hiel >> he aunning gag on "ltherman. i'm ndead. >> 82, the was a repte who posted that he -- in "people" magazin >> borstin
8:49 am
>>ctuallyrotetdown>>n th gazi. >>yes. i be ne, g kn him asheuy who wald to leheant letterman. i had realize he h aareer beforethat. barneymier's there w a spin off,right? ye. odd bridgesas othe ki. he myavorit character on "barney miller," sh. >> so jhfine r o ralph, they'rewhite, and josephs playi micel jackson. what? >> s. >> there i a huge ntrsy.i dot i is ntrorsy. hato youmean >> i mea the white guy is playinichaelckn, t blac y.
8:50 am
>> the premise of e movie is . >> bbc, right? >>e' out of bla aors michae jackson. >> the premise of e it' a true roadrip thalizath taylor,arlon and michael jackson took after -- >> amazing ride. >> w wil play eliza ylor? >> i didn' knowe were g to talk about >> i'm sorr off tittlebit. >>t's a h c. >> ier in lifichael ckn, is at he to pullt off? pt 9/11. >> lhter later inlife. will yelus more >>sdo. peop vy, ry,er very upset, asou canag it' ridiculous. >> it is ridilous you also hav tseef with itish actoho get all the nomination u.s. movies a tv shows, the crits and guyrolia to amer have not r out ameri actors who are pretty darn good. i'm sorry.
8:51 am
>>here a a lot of fin actors and they me gat manc bu we hameric acrs. >> w wouldyonald ump? ying to on topic. >>well, danielaig. >>aniel crg. b he's h. >>okay. thought we re going t other y. let's talk abouthy donald trump in thews t mornin he say he' gngo ski tomorrow nis debatnox over ccernhat he would not treat faiy by fox morator megyn kell ande's noteen treated fn general,articularlyeerday, fox ws he pted this vidn instagmyesty. megyn kelly is bias against me. she knows . ino that. evyby knowsthat. do you really thi she cane fair at a bate? >> thead blood, of course tweentr f news and n ys bac to the rsox dat in gu.
8:52 am
tough eson, askin abo h ssed commes on women and he took eepti toit xired wh a stament singp's cign manage withhreateng meg kell ng, que,e can'tive into terrozations toward any empls. trump i welcome at thursday night's be treated but can ate the modors on quons.what trump tooxcepon to wa not that part there s an ear statent about them being snark about him and megynlly, put how t handle iran. heugh isenough cht i i don't need yo ox stod the flam >> it's h t stoke t fla en the fla is on fire. have you er seen wnonal trump wentn wwe?>> re >> if yut tt cliof h yi, i notng -- ais aparce of therestngin is very similar.
8:53 am
mcmahon's play book onsuccess. >> he's done evethg in his own way. >>rewritten the ru ted c -- debate. th trumpampaignsaid,no. e goingo do a parallel even onifferentworko be veter oups. said, i n going t sw up and bring my0 mlion viewers to you, fox. i'll show up with my0 million viewer and raise m for wounded warr. at netys, i'll ge y eat? >>he do >> thiomne wake him? here the thg,e doesn't ne a twor people willakt li, in >> you think cle new so fo is ohe debate andhen thernative wou be msnb cnn. >> they d't have to sanction it eyan tak ili as an
8:54 am
>> it'lle inrest >> not convince doesn't sh u they don't wort >> i don'tnk so. he's alreaidt's it his campaign man"mornijoe" when youked tom, he sd it's a done deal. >> welme to ow buness maybehey're it togher. >> no. >> ion't tnk it's nspicy, but i think they kn itefit both. >>t helpe myn key. heas a srnd i evedr. shs bllnthat esihit' reaecau he to on --t was allun a gameil y gofter someone who is one of the mos powerful people in vision. he's don that now. hed wor hisbond ramaa. ion't think hs goio sho up. >>eas theost tlo, perhs. rit now, he' writi his own
8:55 am
we get supowl ads. eetting sneak peek. amazon rease its first ever sow ad. i thought a before butss t. look at their campaig leading up to supersund. ta a look. cheerlders. chrleade marino, i thought you were the pert tsearties. okay. whatbout sck stiu>> wt' a snackstadium? >> a stadium bui entirely of snks. brilliant. rino, new li. m going to nd an architect, five-star chef >> snacks? that art. >>eeeader. >> cheeea. ay. geg r f theig gamealec ldn, dan mo. that's their ec, pernal sistane siri.
8:56 am
ihi ill a houthe game. >> something build attention al roker this morning, lost y walle andow sutars aro the wor are coming t youraid. whhapp? wn c yterday on theest de, and i d't kw i dro in th cab o outsef theabt dotav m cdi ca. te l wallet yeowabafteoon si mmer mes korcordensa iound al roker's wallet ican new rk. i'el ithighe dd i d'tnke rll h. >> n ? >> . >> somebod spent lavishly under theame al roker. >> exactly. >> there'snly one alroek >> did you wteownr -
8:57 am
i stingor a little bit eef seb turn it? when markloos h wa remember,rae girlsan heweeted out this picture of the girl the snow. i guess that's wt y do w, right? >>f you're famous. >> tug i'd dohe ffo. >> while wre he, mmom st he phone in the sw the other day walking thedogs. >> doe she haveer pho on it? >> passcode, you c check the contacts,ee many willie gei is on here. >> this is our muc. bieber.look at these tablesfag. pa of our n todas take tabl tamron wl behowi you ts a little ler on. meanme , we haveet weather thro flor we'reking over theext two days, anywhere fro inches ofrain. we're talking about aigwaoming into th ctral pl
8:58 am
from to 20 drees above average. tomorrow, indianapolis, moines, omaha, oklahom city, usn, all ave average. iday, mests w tth ea. a little warmer here in the northeas b noty much. man, everybody elseill be nice >> that is you >> that is your lest athe >> al, thank youery ch. coming , younow m
8:59 am
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9:02 am
okay.he survived a noble quest in the filmlord of the rings," and a plane crashn "los" now, dic monagha is a real li adventurer and he's takin us along. >> trave channes "wildhings with dominicmoan explores lasqcaan wild s wild s >> do y moreels?>> thehave a reputation f going after divers and in the war,hichsn necessarily true. they are a fantast looki imal. big creature, as well. if i w to swim over the
9:03 am
it would giv you .eiggest shark in wod,harmless eare, onlyat plankton. it's big enough to aidentally swlo andotknow jo yavo ar w putoursf in tt siat gur >> y teraoth chen. >> lov op >> afric rock pyth? it's the largest snake in all thefricanntinen th guy unfortunately had been stabbed by a local gn his chicn co. it was eating his chicns thchildrer sc.the snake is scared because he inks hll be stabbedagain. weo minorn this guy send him u a tree >> l bring in our f animal >> what's interesti this>>s hungry. >> this is a rod they're rete hams and
9:04 am
>> hs a prey anima th're sksh theyeateny ccodisnd uff. th can benown to a le th mak a adoblese whe yo stre em make the f good. veryong teethutot intested in biting humans. they live closeo the water's edge. can you image, this is a dent. it'she se filys - giv himke u brave. aodt. >> ade >>n his headhe. >> he's interested in eating h cord. >> let's bng out thenext. >> is that astro >>he le bringthe mur. >> so glamors. >> lems of dascar >> with nime classic, "madagascar, kids know about this creatu. they're offhe coa ofafca. arite tha evoed
9:05 am
imat. has little b of a dog-ke face. >> is that gumear? >> love candy. smartcreatures. theye in b socia groups he's looking forore to eat now.>> all hail king julius. >>ow beautiful. >> sorry. >> he's amorous creature. >> betiful. he has a ash. >> who is our last rson? >> last person? >> this guy, vy interestg. >> so cute. >> they're found all over cel amic t'see we cn came. arenic? wilhelp. >> is that a ferret >> raccoon-type creature. >> hear t claws? very, very sharp. feel how soft the ski is. you're okay. >> i jt want t aay kn. come onw.
9:06 am
love honey. >> he smells like honey. >> fantast climbers. loves my hair, f good reason. >> dic naan,hank you. iowittleou sc by harmls eatu >> "wild things with dominic monagh tonight on the travel chan could there be wedding bells for a "today" host? he's dating adiva
9:07 am
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9:10 am
ill beewach 9: entries end at 5:00.m. two big tps to win. first is new yorcity. you and guestill heang re forourys, three gh, overlookg t manhattan skylin four-course nner at the hotel's restrant. tamronlet's look at the oth priz. >> okay al da da, da, da >> >> is could be yours. a nordic k. snow blow. k smart smt kmar slo cooker. >> koofeecoffee. amazon ec. >>o many things. >> these pris are major. these an't throw away scarves youilregiftift next year.
9:11 am
>> go's take. >> 25 prizes, 25 days. coming up, "suits sta after ur popix. there's story there's a orbehindhesilver of pladelpa cream cheese it always ginsitfresh, cami blded withea whosomeea gog h frhermo oufridge in just x days whencomes fresh taste, nothelse tass like phelphia [ulie ] e wnkle cream gveyard. ift doesn't work fas..
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ntrograrinkepthstesetl muviy ce fe snkuse ek.eutrogena grillechicn and bu's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's aweso. >>boo-h. blow it up. bush's baked beans.slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a h setness. they're the vegetable kids lov 'rtally eating their getaes. >>blowt up. whaaat? bush bak beans. e veggieids love. y our nest flavor,
9:13 am
aible foalited time only. >in taking a loo athe adlis. twigirlis offering rends passengers worrd abo the zi vis. united airlines says people booked on flights t aas af by the viru
9:14 am
amre ooolyl salvador, honduras,with a doctor's doctor no can getfund thirus h been li to birtdefects. >> u.s. t force is recooutineni for allnts over the age of nd recomnds allmary ca drs snregnant n andse w hav rece giv rt currtstatre a man a 15 ofewothers sufrm stpaum deession. prahinfrey is wningy long. on tuesday, the weightatchers inveor and parer postedn twitter by followingheght watche prog she los6 poundsand, sheasaten br every day. afrha twt,he company's mum up 20% and hpe oprah earn more an $19lion in e y.
9:15 am
a new study fds thr popularhodsor quig smokin havame sss s.researcherm the uy nsin looke 1,00 people who wanted to give up cigarettes and cdotine tches and quittdr 1 in 5 smo three year lar. >> wt'she favorit cfo foodnameric th big winr is, y gssed it, pizza. according to a new poll, out of 200 adts, said pizza is thr favorite comfort od almost doubl than any oer fo chocolat a ice cream tie for second. a rar gir standin above the cwd a nat intanzania. th month old whitegiraffe. she was spotteth mon photographers from th wd nature institut
9:16 am
snthe parkthe last years. e was named after braf de dete letet a of wehe f al. >> w weath throulori ane southeast. 'vls gotighurf vies along the southern florida coast. florida coast. ast. atsha butt? is cnts ourlikes. les seere ne "tay ke" facebook page. 7,300. to "tay'stake on faok.comod take. hit iagain. let'ssee. thiss fantastic. i love this ing. mgosh. it's easy button. ly better.
9:17 am
think i problembroke the box. that's ws going on aund the country. w,e spared no expenseor thebox. that's what's going >>on't >> don't forget, 25 days of prizes a prize every day. natalie is aeadynto the popcn. >> sorry, whoer. you're not winning the pcorn. >> ta. >>catc. >> ni! moneyhot. >> tamr?
9:18 am
>> you a a king. th's incrle. i'm sorry. y, it's pop fix time. i think i've gotayo upstage al. we'llee what haens. ryian --ihanna keeps teang fans about aupcong album. e tweeted this picture. liening to her new album. it'she insane hephones that haraed so mh teiotherown her head, thear byol &gaan bellished with embellished with crystals. $8,895. 's not inur facook give away. but we are gueing rihanna's new tras will sound justsgo onou rular ear bu. whil n relea date isset, st this morni, sheropped
9:19 am
it feares drak iove how we call him a canadian rapper. shs tming up with him. late last night, kan west anced he changhe name of scomi aromwish to was. thers ao an updangrack list. whe har to read, itludes scbbleromis wif kim and sister in law. in case you're wondering how b the n rord will beor eutnitr,his not albumf e yearthiss a of the life. gram voters takevote. he wan it for fe. kanye willnveiav," sevent studio alm,t madison square garden, during the major. >>s one "today's take"
9:20 am
ybe not ada but i looks hereou be wedding bells in store fne o our guysth world. jo ca and his girlfriend threears. look howhings turd out on totalivas on e. >>ha doou wt to tal ab marriagend kids. >> you want to know if min change snd. >> i mean, i hate saying it that way, but i guess. >> at this point, in our relationship, i ourlives, use of nights le th when we ve so much fun laugng wh eh other, because of moments like the ternoon when y fell asleep in my arms, the moments i spend your fami would i love toarryyou? absolutely. >> whahe hell? >> iovou. and i love you more than ie oved aone in my entire life. >> did he propose? what ppened?john, pleas call us and l us know.
9:21 am
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ncr:e thin are too delicious to sha. golden criy,arm and fluffy eggo waffle my eggo. > gabriel macht has kept us on th edge of our seats, literally on the edge of your seat, on "siets "suits." >> he plays harvey speck torreter, who res a law school dro out. how,arvey is trying to keep hi calm after secret is t. >> you'r i harrd tase. you have transcpt. you're in the bar. yore acticin attorney thosacts are real. just like every case you ever worked on and every person you helpedlo t way. harvey, the w >> harvey, the woman is t king. >>he womanas tohowoue a fraud. u're a lawye a that's the way it's goi tostay. dot forget, w don't need to prove y're lawyer.
9:26 am
>> gabri macht, goodmornin si od to e u. >> nic to see u. >> this fee like thi mom wasviblevere season likeomeone going to expose mike. who sol him out here? >> we i can't tell you that. itried. >> if you think tonight is a od episode,av to watch week, because i n we we find out. >> he arrested, rit?mi gets arreedng til>> g jl for nigh you just saw him. i get him t. but the next six edes is ally about, you know,his inctme. the stateas indicted him withpicy copiracy t commi fraud. it's a hou o cards that might crumble. we'll s if wan g him f. 'v gteverye o in e fi yes, bs t hiesttake rhtnow. you said t nex
9:27 am
yo been renewe f ath ason. >> thas right. >> what is it abos show that you thinkooks us all in? >> i think there'shi about the aspnal idea of w these peo arwe're not reapeople, . we don't speakeal. we try and ground the draman realy,ut these guys are per lawyers. peeroes of lawyn way.i think ahint thght haece more grounded wt makest m insting. >> i'm cn you tn a re like this py a lawyer seons, d you feel like you understand it where- do you ve tha swagger? i c wal i artro andepresent sobody? absolutely >> get wlie o on tt ce he's facin it' peing. >>sk wt he did new yr's eve. t'd you ? where we you t nightf >> no. . >> it was a lg night.
9:28 am
righ along the river. don tel anymor uld you get him off? >> i don'think . di you things i -- no, ird. it's eve going to happen. >> did your bras go in e gutter? gabriel. >> america's sweetheart ge macht. >> that wa a"today's take" rs a h to be worth li facebook. guys, have we e had spit take? i don't thinkso >> yes! >> that's worth at least 1,000 likes on facebook. thank you. >> good one. nice spray. back? >> no,ome on th is my job.>> he's not acting. i fal skatoard >> last time y werere, you ed about theet huge.
9:29 am
skateboa around. >> we do. i ha not fallen yet. >> t. >> ion't know h you recovered to ask at my mind is just - >> oh, man, you got my dna all over your table here. >> weanell that onur face page. we h gabrl's dna. >> gabriel macht, he wants to soe' let h >> he doesn't want to do. "suits terrificshow, turns tonight at 100/ central. go to see you. >> how many likes did we get? >> come on,low tion. >> mus lik. oh that was the afath. >> here we go. o >> o the'on o e th just tastesetter. soresh from the rm. liou peect.
9:30 am
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the feelinigates in th area... spreads throughout the body. here, ducing hilariously high levels of embrassment in s son. he kno it's working by that lo of abject miliion on his son'fa. you we made to dan, il dance. shows pred jointomfo in just 7 daytebi-fx. madeo move. re kicki wre kicking off three-yeries cald chill out. today, i about k the cold air from getting into your home. >> here to s yow to d it is the hostf diytwk' esperate landscapend good morning. >> good mornin let t removal on roofs. willway. g tout. ac don't get uere. you thinkant to get there.we were hit with all the snow this i one of th things that peop don't think abou inead ofetting uptay o e nd.
9:34 am
get u there? >> this is a good example. this is a snow roo rake. feelow le it is. >> vy, vy ligh >> sturdy youan g uoost 30 fe. it has whe o the boom youan s oe ound, this and rake the sno ofit preventsnow load, something that c d lotf damage. ice c do lot of dama if you don't let sun get to it. u can gethis on roof rake.c for $49. >> i didn't realize unt it wa toolateut the water followe themsnto ing room and creat dd. >>reezin pipes? >> anoblem, plbe comping they o go on after call. i've ill many, many of this. this is frost ng water pip heating cabl basill a cable.
9:35 am
u tape it six inches wi elerical pe. s contah the pip and u continueo tapeit. followedp by1/2 insulation anelastic o the to has light indor on it, whh telou there's per it. you to ugbietin a gfi ouet. >> expos pipes? is important. the wl free. anyime you c dohis andpreventh, teas gng kp the pe wm andeven it fm eezing. >>utde igots? >>his is grea feelow ey it i wat resistan ll it ove a you're do. wming up the indoors. some there are dfty ea thiss heater you can on the wall, right? >> i love this heater. this is 10 convectioheat. the o one on thearket that doesth
9:36 am
s. thold a worksthe om, comuthetop. convtion heatohere areo fa. put nit in a bedroom. we've had col and the rm ro. unsaoard heating. >> right. thiss aug-in. it mounts to the wall s tre no wrybo tippi i over. built- it. t's safe, grea >> 0% convection. safeid and c te uch. >>orimrtant. >> thin envi he. 40. >> dray winds. a lot of people, know, energy-eicient wdows don't have it. thiss3m window kit. >> sheet of plas >> the good old dryer. turns on. rt' do, youee the wrinkles disappear. mple to apply. any window, differentsizes. 0 t $30, depending o the size of the window. good for windo that are drafty. >> we'reut of time. buthe rest of your tip are o our websit
9:37 am
let s page is doing. >> here we . >> come . >> yeah >> 18,000. >> short period of time >> keep it ing, folks.
9:38 am
9:39 am
"tay"od"ith kathie lee gifford and hoeta kotb live fm roefeller plaza. win day wednesday. midweeanuary , 20. nna bush hager filling in while kath tes time of is isean mendez. it'sled "i knowhat you did last summer it'slso got camia. >> like . wait. i kn, kn, know >>nice. he great sh, y gu. were chockfulf celebs day. >> oh, gosh. >> jamie lynn siglers going to sit dnnd talk with us, and asou know ifou watched eaierday, s has reveale that she been battling ms and has en doi i for5 years. sh said it was aecret she clo to h heart. shdidn't wananody to know about it. she's sh a sweet, stron won. i c't it an then w ao veomedianelsea haler. >> , my god.
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