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tv   Mad Money  NBC  January 28, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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sounthe all-clea the one at the one that d't allowor mistes like the feds wiy-washy stement on interest rates tod. it left stocks sinking bacinto oblivion after aally yesterday. s&p sinking. the nasdaq plummetg 18%. [ house of pain >> i hoften >> i have ofn coented the bear markeneeds to r the urse before can on terra firm leme go er whanes to happen bstocks canto g down. first,e wanted aetr narrative out of t feral reserve. somee on twitter saiwhy do you use the word narrative stead of story? alright. we wanted a better story out of thfed reserv we wanted them off the nion of raing tes gradual pace cause we are wried aut inflatn. you can parse the d atemen all you nt. it's exactly that.
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hike. shame on them. if jobless claimspike again tomoow wto know if the analog fed members are rlly ady to tighten aga despite digitadeflation erre in fact, i thought t whole statement was wnright haish and bad foworkers. the d still thinks inflation could be a problem despi the decline in o which doesn't seem ttake serusly and don't see a ceatn in hing good luck. box ma worsedare i say -- they know nothing. second. i wa to see an e to tical rtainty. tohat all i can say is it's lot worse out there. we have no idea who wi winn the iowa caucuses. the twdemocrats are running ainst ll street with capal as is the gop front-runner donald trump who castigates hedge fuagers for not heir fai
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bernie sanders want medica to cram down big phma b negotiating withhe comnies. ho cow.who wonder the biotech stos are crusd. from the stockarket persctive alndates agree on policiethat are b for the financials terrible for the ugompaes. the beer sders does in the lls, the harder inton s to run againsthe althy. she'veering head on into the capital bashinlane. the uncertainty has on gten worse since create ed th chklt three wes o. ed china to tter. weere wrong. the data a weak and the china stock market is down belowhe 3,000 floor which now looks like distant memory. we hrd from apple that greater china cellne growth is slowing. last smer was still going. fourth.
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the forecasts i'seeing for macommitieseesne more do legoming pecially for oil and and coal. wondful. fifth, we saw iron go up today. weoulde out ofhe woods en it cos to a decline to the teenjudgg comments from halibn an scumrg. we could see a cut back in supply. what do thudis hing? i wi ask the ceo of core labs r but he been bullish about the pid recory t's see whher he sticks by that. i thk we'll see the mi20s level ain. a li bit abo 30 before a al buy. we wante see gz political tensns d down down. remember i came t wi the listhen itmed nortkorea juetatn h-bomb you what? b, all right. i feel better about thatne. i don't want to get out a pen and mess iup. i'll get yled at. but i ll check it out.
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it if it com back. ven, i wted zomb compani to be euthanized and reornized. now with the stressed-out list of stocks, it's funny. all e coanies onhe list get new li support from a teorary li in fortes how abt the chinese mbie companies? thosatowned enrprises are a buzz kill. so are val and petrobras. ev spring free pt was given life the zoies live the zombies live. eith item, i was coping the super stng dlawould run its ur. when you listen to 3m, j and j it's only goen much woe since thfed tited in septr. who uld have thought a qrter poinwoulbehat ba we did. you hathink pl procter could rideouble digit
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the emerging mart currencies have gone from 10 to 4. the fed seems indifferent to the ajecries even though it ultimately mea layoffs here to keep sales and earningupver there after the hit from currency tnslaon. nine, we need to see m & acvi. we have hnson we have johnn controls merng with tyco and a cranmar y not have gotten e chinese bid but that's a ce down from the severatrillionollar m & market this time last year. ten, the ipo market. ere is ne. althstarving unicoing, companthat were supposed to be eagerly awa, forget it. nobody wants them the brokers with fees, good luck making the numbers partners wi no m & a, no ipo, ere will the feesomfrom to make the quarters? no wonder the financls can't get out of the way. rate hes, m & a, something. righnow the nothin 11, the peaks.
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the higheak regi. there artoo ma. i lieve we have en auto pe, cell pho, housing peak. wel hear fropbg later and maybe they can argue. apple didn't chamy mon cell phones. i only feea little bit worse but i have somethingo say later. ter the numberfromoeing today it a reasonable question to ask if aerospace or boeing has peaked but ty were synomous wh aespac e of the strongest cles t there. e-gads. what is that 12, wanted to see tech leaderip outside of facebo, google, amazon. u have to get that spy sales reference. facebookrushed cebo crushed it after the ose. the leaderip remains narrow and the decline after hours in the stock of service nowhich
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safe in isoing to help the clcohort tomorrow, not at l. they will all get hit offir visnow. 13, i nted sentime tbe horrendous. theyere up and dn anthat brought out the bulls and timists. we are barely over sold. a wegoe weramatically overd. no cushion from that. there isn't the revulsion and disgust we felt this time last week. that's tooad. i guess it has to get ugh ily again beforeget to se er place. finalli was praying to see something, anything to sig any anay leadep than kroger or home depot. before t fed spoke we had a shot. kroger wast least higher. boomine is that we still have way too many ecked boxes,ay too man justhen we tught the fed could theob they let us down again. rch isn't ofthtable. we are back in a world of hu here in stocks until we can
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sidelines, don't g too excited when the market rallies. the cavalry hasn't left the fort yet lealonbeinov t ridge ready to help osof us who circled the wagons arouna few remaing good compaes. let's see. dollar stops going higher, no, no. oil stabilized. potical certain -- no. oh, oh, oh. i feel better already. johntexa john. >> caller: hello, jim. a san antonio boh to you. >> i like n antonio. it'sike vece. >> caller: you have be potive otupperwa brands e past. todaey aounced they missed thfour quarter earngse mauts by tee cents a sha that guided wnhe 26 earningsstatesnd the sto closed down almost 15% is now the time to start buying? than. now is the tio start hanging myself.
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story when rick was on last. here my advice. come othe tomorrow. i'll the d. th was a bad q. how do i kw? the fistine in your quote s itas disappong. i want to knowow it cod get disappnting so quickly because it was pretty od we neemore information. at'shas need ri, i will seeomorrow, i hope. joyce in mnesota. yce. aller: hi, jim. you'reweso and so is your staff and thank you r keeping us educad so we n ve better life. >> mstf so eat. boes close your rs. when i com i like seeing my stf, our sta. it's horizontahere how n i ? cle you're ndl. hormeljim. okay hormel announced their split, i
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jim, dwe buy that additional for our -- do buy that? >> there is smucke, horm, snap-on, cpbell' thesare the stocks -- eeus are all working. here's whawe a going to do joyce in minnesota who probably knows the najaris. they hail from mnesota. we are going to it forgly days w oil goes down. they kno the stos do and lyhen [ shotgun ] -- wiltheyo higher richard in new york.richard! >>aller: hello >>i. >> caller: jim? this is richard from n yor i'm 66. i'm tire i got rid of most my oil holdgs before they went flng do. however, i did keep c.o.p.nd e.p.e. for dividends that'shat live off of are dividendstres i cread. wh's the fure? >>pd is the best in show. they can preserve it. they have good things cooking. they were alwa a growth stock that hado have a high dividend
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ovng distributn. conoco pllips, conoco phillips, they will do evythinghey can to defend the dividend. that not what we wt toear. we want to hear a company ha problem pang theividend.there are nyoxes unchecked buit's ne to see thione. are back in the wor of pain so you can keep cash on deck and n't be complacent. stay september call. on "mad money" tonht, i don't think l is going back to 45 any time soon. i'm talkinto someoneho could be taking the other side of e trade. don't miss my exclusive with the ce o ocore lab and what does a llette razor have to with apple? everything. and don'miss my explanation. ppg is in a worlof pn does it serve to be? i have t ceoffarnings so stk cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a secondf "mad mey." folljimcramer on twitter.
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anyone w's yo who's wated the laty knows we arehostagto the prif oil. even as the aver evens the averages went down today when the price of crude went up. th's the exction not the rule. givethat oil seems to be punchingbove its weight in stock market. it is imperativeo get the bestdetanding of the space we can get. we have heard from schlumberger and halibu. that could mean a crude ice mit be bottong, maybe this ye. day we heafrom corlabs knn as t senstof the oil patch because th use the technology to analyst rock a flds ioil reservoirs so clients n find t besys drill. even though the stock has fallen nearly 60%m the hi two years ago the company has reined profitabl core ls reported today a coany delived line earn ings higher venues and
3:16 am
it is in the oil busins. mage's guidance for the next quarr camen belowhat analystsring looking for but ithrunk to share to a low and is doing better than new mexico every othecompany i follow in this area. let's go to davi let's goo david demshur, the ceo of core labs. welcome back to "mad money." . >> hey, jim, thanks for having back on "d money." >> when i read through the things you are doing i reaze that the reasowhy drilling budgets have been able to producfar more oil than they used tishey have hired you to find out where the sweet ots e and you are the optizationhey need to t e illi budts tproduce the most oil >> absoly correct,im. remember , our mison is to help our clien produ mor oil and s every day. more importantly to produce more oil and gafrom the assets they have.
3:17 am
recovery factors are around 9 to 10%. we believele over timee get it up 12, 13, 15%.ugh we'l so althoh we'll see lower drilling activity, wmight see gher productivity from the client that is use core laratori. >> i felt it weally the was a line in yo -- thesguys arso transparent. love said in spite of the volatity in thrst quarr of015 u matained ateady line of les fothe studies whh were from private equity-backed companies. so there istill money waiting in the wingsn es companies th are currently tradget challeed >> tt'right, jim. actually priva equity is pling a rge ro now ithe unconvenon playsn north amer have large datases avaible to them for a million or $2 millio they cet a plethora of da, understand the acrge quickly and findhewe spot to collt acreage theyan acla now some compiethatight have struggng balance set
3:18 am
that important. a lot of people are sayi when we don't k david, you werot on in decline. viously you don't control gulf of mexico. a lot of projects came on stream and de it so woduced more thane thought. whenou were on last you thought maybthe saudis would stopverpumpi, so to speak. itooks to me le we have en falling more because the saudis have been acting- mathey have a lotore oil than realized or they can pump faster than we thout. >>hey e down about 30000 baels. but the old pumping pretty much maxim rates. wh we okt e cle curvorldwide at re laboraries wincreasethat om about.5net last yeaat th time. we incre it to 1 ne on an 85 million dollar worldwide prodtion base, next year at this time we have to produce 2.6 milln mu barrels
3:19 am
decline cue llake away om us. find e globe havi a very difficult time to do thahaand that's why we secrude oil markets balancing in the second half of 2016. continued falls heren the u. anth also ternationall 'le deeas in production as well. >> absolutelile jay did it, but you id iou we know ey're falous you said oil is yosaid o is going down because demand is weaker. tell oudience how specifically y feel that way. it laid out welln your rease . >>f you look at itloof the ne fshes coming out of chare all suggesting that theconomy is slowing andheir ability to incase the crude oiconsption is gng dow that's not cre. if youook at numbe in thfour quarter, you will see strong demand crses in china.
3:20 am
so on the demand side we feel pretty good about a $1.2 mlion bael a day rise in demand. over the demand had last yearll 20 o1.7 milln. so you putn e demand of million, a decne curve of 6 millioworld wide a you can quickly get crude oil rkets balance the secd half of this year. >> if i listen to that, at i wa to do is ke o the table the january to march 1986 scenario wherele oil was at and itendown to you were in the business. cod itappen agaisomehow? >> it t happ >> it can't pp. back then if wlook at e over paty around the gle it w to 12 milli barrels. toy the spare cacity ithe worlis probably nearer to on ess than that. withouspare capacity whe demand bump agnst supply
3:21 am
price. up pces gond up go worldwide tivity for companies like core laboraries. >> lotf companies are termininhow to preserve if not cuthe dividend and have gotten away om the buyba. that not your style. >> no, it's not. good compani ireas vidends. stay tuned later this ye to see what we can do abo that. >> you are a gd company. have kept us straighon this issue. d demshur from corlabs great toee you, si >> thanks for having us back on "mad money." >> look, it's a tough group. there are certain mpy is know whathey ardoing and coreabs onef th. stayith cramer. announcer: coming up, low hanginfruit? sharesf apple stock dropped afr the compreported disaointing s ofhe flagship device. is now the time to b intthis te titan or has the apple finally fallen farrom th tree? don't missramer'ta nt.i asked my dentist i electric tthbrush wa ing to clean better th manual.
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new plumpify mca omy eezyful covel how do we how do we value a compan th's not like any her compan w do we put a ictag a business that currently haan active user base of more tha1 billion satisfied customers. that'she conun that's the conundr facing thoswho try to v the sto of apple, the greatesteah
3:25 am
[ bu bellowing ] they have ext they have to extrapolate fm the earn ings report to gi youadvice about what thstock shldrth and after today, don't know questi how m i question how much their advice is worth. r myoney thefor my money they' bwing it. re t alysthave pri mode thecan move and pnes ey can cnt. the riouputs yield conclusionthat are vy ch in keeping with other discusons, other decisions they might have made about any her hardware company they might ha followed in their career. maybe they folwed huld pakd, intel, compaq. what's theonclusion? goesike this. apple owns the celle phone markets it curntlypis. now that it is forecasti the rst down year that means the cell phousinesst be rated. apple sold 78 million iphos in the december quter, aall time high, by the y, signals
3:26 am
ascension. to tm the is no base camp on the summit of everest. wors pea worse, the peaks to the skeptics in this case occurred inhe middlef arter because why else would ceo tim cook say on the call we b on the cl we began to see signs of economic softness in greatechina this month, notay in hong kong, end quote. if any wit if company with a serious line of business is gng inta quter er quarter and perps year over year decline isales with thenalysts that allhe ote. traditnally product cyes pe produce declining earn ings estimates. pele pay a lower multipl lor multiples on lower earn ingss a stock fa of life. if apple had something else to make up for now viewed as the inident able dnturn
3:27 am
peaps 15o 20% un nose di asne analystostuted on "the call. theyren't llinlike they us to. macsven reacd macs even reached a peak i units. e watch isoing well and so ispple t but not enough to mask any iphone deceleration. that means the analysts have no cover. th don't want tongrade stock because it cheap on earnn ear ings even if earings aoing downnd apple is roughly $40 per share to slash the rk me edition. so we hear alysts keep a half hearted buy rati on it and keep slicing price targetsn order toinimize th fiation th the bull ca. the compancan re a ime amount of capita could be a trampoline or sin the share account nanciall enneering higher earn ings per share. erybody else does it.
3:28 am
in the end, the alyst who foll apple, they are traditionalis. theye bound by the four lls ofhat brought them there. they have en the pea mainframes that led to disasterserous yrsor the old ibm. they have seen the pk in mid range computers which meant the end of digitalqument. they saw mini computer companies destroyed by dell, compaq. dell went private. they have learned the lesson and after this q eworked hard to itself om t cupeinnsr. i heard it on thcall. i felt everynalyst did h besto be respectlle and acknowe apple's greatnes without saying it's aler but the crying. i could ly joithem and say, hey, it wasre while it lasted. ni to know you. i'm a generalist, not a technology anast i haeen on calls fm
3:29 am
view a likst aer hardware company. when i dn't likey de o saw a cheaper deal for a gateway or hewlett-pacrd i switcd. they're different othpastes. giveevery meou heard the word macro on pls ll y could ll t weakness an turml makes the analogile toothpte too gli pele are spending $691 a phe up from a ye ago despite thstrong dolla that's when hit me. everother international any i llow has found it almo iossie to raise prices in this environnt. mo every american compy had to deawi feign exchangeats th have lowered the average price whever they were selli including hpaste. apple didn' didn't have to. not? simple. brand loyalty.
3:30 am
it's hard to put a price multiple on that. r a moment ionder ifhat was a dead end. les has brane loyalt so does bmw. if theorld is rad with cars who ces? the prices are comg down. en i tught apple is like tobacco. brand diction. but cco isnterchanable even as e category the shinging like the analts think ple is. w about a dr company? mae it pfir's lipitor, greaterug ever yohad toake it. but the patent out oh and you had shares in mpany where earns peaked but pfizer was still getting a cher earing. ere nnsitivity in izer's products d the is to a then i had my reka moment. we had a met ricthe comp gave u it can quantifthe lue of brand loyalty. ple di'tlain it at way. i'm talking about the slide in
3:31 am
rev new ich owed that stalbase re ws, the ones we pay for itunes c, the app ste,cld, apple p. oh, ye courspaidhat anat. that's an inedible 23% cp year over yearust like that. huge.that's the number need to keep an eye on. th's the billi hap devic owners' nuer. not the t mbnew devices. that's not as importana meic anore. the deviceare the razor. but the serve rev w ishe lucrive zoblade stamor apple. unke gillette's zor ade system, the brand loyalty here sgreat you won't use rbasol sving cream or itch schick quat you your iphone mean
3:32 am
you ke the mac, ites, all the other asct ipad, whever. i have qioned e th of the apple eco-sy. raczar blade m. at a certain point you see resistance to the price of the ray czar. if we di't see it this quarter,e're not. e higherross margins, higher pricesaid for thphon tel mere i't aot of sistan. $93 k. can earn $9 are in rn in. some regarit as pe wh happens if people who switedo apple fromther brands or were tdingp in amica ortartg out china or india where there wer many young people ttg to the applne, what if they get as comfortables we are with the eco-stem and have that chist where keep paying ea mon without tnking about it? the razoblade rev new, the high grossarn stuff you buy from applergy t isn't geing enghdit ast shld.
3:33 am
monsr growth rate the service revenues have. ybe apple dot need the wah to trump peakingho saleor the tv to really hi out of the park. maybe it nee to ep selli more devices and l the svice stream do thtalking or let m do the talking forhe service stream. i will do it. this time next year it wouldn't shk me if e service rev w number bece the key metr we foow. especial with the iphone 7 right arouhe corner in the fall. hat'thes case the bottom line iyou are getting -- justaybe wn we get the evident able downgrades an thanalysts take it even lower you will recognize that this zor ble revenue stream makes e stock worth owns just when hers are towing it away. ale moreeason that o
3:34 am
market i say ownn't tre apple. new york. tom. >> caller: jim.i'feelinthe pa, loing for the gainn fitbit. bought a thousand shares at 38. it dove 21. coverage is 26. it's at 16 and chang citibank gives it a buy rating. what do you think? >> i le citi piece. it was great but ware in a bear market and stocks like fitbit are viewed as gimmicks and can't get traction. it is a healthnd wellness play james pa is doing good wk. we all wear fitbits here othe family does. it doesn't matter now but will so day. i like thad ece. that was a good re men edition. apple doesn't needo trum iphone sales. it h brand loyalty. i n'y itnough. don't ade apple. ow yeah. with this you ulta this if it was made by apple. the is much more "mad money" ahead. g has fall more than 2
3:35 am
is it a buy opportunity or a red flag? painng by e numbs withhe o. and it safe to say th aeroace area peaked? d tonight's edition of t lightning und. ick cramer! the re youove the more you sweat gree's mot technology eps yofresh very move. hasnique miocapsuleth contain raes. friction bres thcaules... ...reasing burst freshness all da her reeeng a dead... ...grabbing a bite. ...oheading out for the nigh se pctioto keep you movi. ee, won't let youn. seems like we've h aoak. that rds me... anyone have occasional constipationdiarrhea ...gas, oa? yes! onphillips' colon healthprobiotic cap each day
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what do we d >>whatwe do with a high quality amer company tt do lot osiss over seas his vinmen a sup freaki strong dollar damagin the ternational mbers and the fed waunwilling le re out another llar boostg rate hike in rch. that's t issue that's the issue we are dealing with when it comes to ppg, the specially chem. el cl maker that makes paints and coat ings. when ppg reported on thursday the company beat wall street earn ings timas ashe ses came in below expectations declining .3%. woulhave been up 7% on an assistancurren bay inot r the doar butl et doesn't care a those numbers. the heli num the headlinebers were mixed if you listenehe conference call the w ceo michael mcgary ssi about the prospects going d d the overalheal of t global economno mention futureand for th products the stock has fallen 2 from highs last summer. got to wonder if this is
3:39 am
let's check with the new president and ceo of ppgo learn abouwhere the compy is headed. welcome back to "mad money." thank you, jim. preciate the inve. >> i he to ask youo do the mark hasecome gloomy and you are pretty much the king of the maets that ye in. i ll do a litninroun you can tell me whether i'm too negative. have autos peaked? no. i think they aren the later ages in e u. in eope. gle minirations ar tpacinsales. we have more upwarpotential there. ceainly brazil will down the whole yearwe think. china, t we still have an opportity r a po surprise given the facthattax on small engines has bn reduced and ll continue toe at t lower level016. >> people watching the sho should know you have a gat breadtof awesome incding most of thhigh end. this is not something that has dwith, yeah , we dealit the chpe cars and theye
3:40 am
>> no. wel withverybochin in ft, like ld youefe, were agnostic t who se e cars. we paihem l. >> had a jarri number today fromoeing. leavg people to feel aerpace peaked but you are atic ouaerospacand yodo a lot oang there. how do you feel about it? >> wwere disapind inhe ild rates given thbalog, but we deal with every. they have more pducts that come out in general on thatreell. e g generaiaon planes are doing well. the smler es overall we areor content r ple. so we are dookay in that market. we had a littlbit softn the fourth quarter butee a retur growth in the first. >> you dcoin f hes including g sissn mexico. i read yesterday a stirring analysis of forex for procter
3:41 am
for the peso and argentinahow are you feeling abou co, paicularly for redel d i kn you also -- for big bui in light of e ct that the curren is st not goingour wa >>f u start in mexo,e haa al trends arr and fu yeawiurex acquisition. for the full eope it w up almo 7%. we added our,000th store i mexico and continue to grow. we are pleith what we see ther vernment spending is down a little bit in me.we all set that by brinng n ppg pducts that cox di't have cess to in mexico, central amica. we are doing well. obvisly in t u.s. an cada, in our stos were flat if combinu.s. and canada d to the akanadian siness. we are pleased that we've gottenew tractn with the brding in the u.s. so we think we are starting to see a little bit of positive
3:42 am
all right. now for the litng round. i got swers i ne from a t erican company. you cat be gloif tha goodnesss happening. in europe, last time we spoke europeas getting a little bit better. seems likitas only imoved since we last spoke. yeah, jim. if you rember e la timwe talked europwaup 1% in-1. sligly better in q. about the same in q-3. q-4 weere up 3% in eope. we see a lot of positive obviously 's coming off a low se. southern eure is getting beer geany, the u ireland havbeen steady. not all the it's not allhe doom angloom you seout there if you only the news the paper or listed to the t. >> let's finish up with another ththat's positive. yo costs havmade the gross mains bee sensl since you got in. 't youay >> ild tell you that o purchasing team has do a good
3:43 am
supplis. honestlyyou knowfalling oil is a positive and a negative we are a supplier into the mane business. are a suppliein the oil busiss. i would rather be talking to suers about innovation because innovation dris . so, you know, stea oils better than what we have. constant, u know, a rkg with supplie thahave a fairrice on ouproduc and obouy rkg with o stoms wl. i he to thank you forhe reality chec iforked in scks you would thinthe federal reserve is crazy. at lea understd why they mit k somebodys doin well. ppg is certainly doing well. president d ceo of ppg indust, thyou foming on show. >> thankou very ch. take e doom and gloom thtable. en the sck market gives you doom and gloom prices think of ppg.
3:44 am
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>>nnouncer: ligh >>nnouncerghtning round sponsored by td amerra. it is time it is me for the lightning round. cramer'sd ne. you y the name of the ll you to buy or sechlt when u hearhis sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then e lightning rod is over. aru ready, se-daddy? time for lightning round on
3:46 am
ul in new hampshire. paul. what's goingn? >> caller:immy >> calr: jimmy, what do you think aboulucent and nokea. >> it's okay not grt. my charible trt -- iis a rong cpany. fareed inew yo fare in neyork >> cler: booah >> boo-yah. calle sprint. >> i have been flowing it at about this. i'not feinthlove. i have to tell you. i think you can take toney and run. daven new jersey. dave >> c bill in cca. biomed. abmd. >> we kind of missed it. i'm lateo th i'late to the party. da in w jersey. ve.
3:47 am
donuts >> i don't like the stock. they missed a bunch of quarters.i inmcna'ss she from them.i think easteris taking it to dunkin. let's go to mona in colodo. mona. >> caller: thank y, jim. my sto is seaspan. buy, sell or hold? >> i will not recommeny the container ip thicing is b there. you could width now d avthe stock. ryan in new york. ryan. >> caller: hi, jim myto is uni cure. we thitect speculation. be careful. a lot of people hate the bio tes. people just don't re. and thatladies and gentlemen, is theonusion of the litning round. >>ouncerthe lightng
3:48 am
amerrade. holy cow. holy cow.did juslose the aerpa cyclor dide lose boeing? i have to tell yhat after the very jarring forecast boeing gave you thimorning itas a bruc, a really ntyne that led thomasve estime cuts. i can onlyoncludwe he se so sort of pause in aerospace. now that doesn'tean e company is involved in the industry are dead. noat all. we got a good quarr om united states technologies and the st outstanding portion of the quartewas no other than the gine business.i was astonished ahostrong the divion was.
3:49 am
mouse trap called thgtf, the ge turbo fan and iis selling li hot cakes. aftethe forestrom boeing making it dramatically weake t just weaker we have to beeve airlines don't nd as many planes. perhaps the leasing companies have bn stped from puhasing for some reason. maybe e chinese who have been thbuyers of planes are rethinking it. maybe they are out of moneto buy aircra. peaps the per freaking strong dollar haslowed world trel, somethg goldman sachs signallewhen it lled a peak in travel with the dngrade of price line. boeing announced the 737 would be curtailed andt was a ge money maker and the drmler is still too costly to manufacturto rlace the lost re new and ty n't meet the demands of t smaller planes. perhthpr apthe problem is more about boeing thawe think. meer, boeing is uniquely amican b that doesn't mean thher aerospace compan
3:50 am
business with airbus in the running for monsteorde from irannd takinover leadership in plane wings from boeing. you ve to buy super expensive dollarbeforeou can pchase einglanes in the theyon't b in e os. face airbus inebased eos is a baaiversus anything boeing makes. the fepolies a makg it tougher. more layoffs coming. cae of the currency flucations it is as though the airbus is having a sale. at could be threasonnited technologiesaw stocko up on a des day. e new engine i the new engine is taking profits away from the competition. the profitin the back d really come fr the servicing of the engines that and that will be more gigantic. th where thee is as it wi be for ited technologies. th makes sse. we heard fgenel eltric last friday that aerospace orders were ific su it does business with boeing. what'seshe point osaying
3:51 am
aren't. n't it likge which supports every maker of air krfttoet as many orders as it was if tbus re d well boeing were weak or boeing was doing ll and abus s weak. how about co sure it s 20 l sure it was 20ong days ago but theyiglled aerospace has gottentronge that wou contradict boeing's outlook. my take? r eing negativforest we have to lebd crenceo th idea that we m have to facto in a possie aerospe peak. wget wngrades torrow. may i suggest you buy honeywell before it reports on friday mog? buy it intthe weakness tomorrow. i bet honeall ll be more like unid technologies than boeing given the les it has including climate controls, turbo chargers for cs and trucks. uess is you caget it at a discount tomorrow after boeing
3:52 am
downgrades i wod pounce b i would unce bng that honeywl's ceo dave cody has things more under corol than boeing does. ateast on this horrifiday for the goath of aerospace. stick with cramer. we we below the 88th southern parallel. had traled for over 850il. my men driven nearly mad fmar and frostbite. toweakhistor >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're do the elor, you explore. it's whayou do what took you so long? you want to se fteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do >>you diit, yay! i've got t rsons to take caref my heart. that's why i take meta. me is clinically p to help lower cholesterol. oday. d for a ta hehealthy snack, a me health ba u can ery inuse ick,
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introdg lyl clicl. ick it in clean f
3:54 am
>>when you buy when you buy one of these you buy these for life and they co a fortune. when you buy one of the, you get the littleharge always the time, them and you d
3:55 am
theyre adding up so i think this is a stocthat y want to own, notrade. we like the stock r $70. > i like to y there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise ind for you on "mad." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. it's thursd, january 28t and coming up o "early today," the exchges were hot and heavy een th donald and the factor. but do iowa voters care if trump ditches night's deba? newtails on the oregon shooting witholice and a message from bundy,occupiers,
3:56 am
walmart closi 150 stores, deating somcommunit creating foodests in others, without a to be found. > plus police pay the price of excessive force during an arrest. l les f 3 cents a ga>>an madd gets to thert of the water crisis i flint, michigan. "early today" starts right now. >>wi four days until the iowa caucuses and donald trump is still not participang in the fox news debe ght. host b'reilly pleaded with him reconsid. >> will you just consider, y want y to conser, all right, think abou it, say look, i might come back -- >>well, even tugh you and i had an agreement th you uldn't ask me that, which we did, iill trefore forget that you asked me .
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