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tv   Today  NBC  January 28, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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it's a thuday morning. do we need an int play. >> this gary f think th accident mighearn him a couple of days off. >> we will have more on that in just a ment. oup story a thursy morning, the donald trumpless republican debate hours away. so far trump isn't budng. is addi aew wrinkleo the ready wild race. we have it coved with peter alexander. >> rorter:his will be th nue for tonight's dete with orhout donald trump. a source familiar withhe situatn tes nbc news that fox news ceo reach out to trump through the womemein his life ting toee wther his
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done dl. donald trump betng he is bigger than x news the publ frontrunner will be in s moines tonight but n at the final gop debate, instead touting a special event veterans. te wednesday trump defende his boycoton fox news. diculous pr stement like drawn up by a child. i id how muc i sa how much of thido y ke. >> host bi o'rlly all t ggedhe billionaire to conser, appealing to his appeti and christianaith >> forgive, go for >> forvego forwa, answer e questions, look oufor the folks. just want you to csideit. >> trump refusing to back down. even though a iad an
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me that, wch we did, i will therefe foet that you asked me that. >> here in iowa -- >> igent donald cannot handle megyn kelly -- >> reporter: t cruz hasn't given up on his al even naming a ti and place. t >> theen a women deserve to look the candidates i the eye and he us awer questions. whether we are in fact conservativesr sayi what is expedient to get laegted. >> reporter:hr christie lling trump's move a mistake. >> i think anyti you get a podium and a microphone an15 to 20 million people watching in an election caaign you should take it. >> reporter: j >> reporter: jeb bush tellin reporters i have $20 bet he
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limbaugh. >> he knows he is owninghe entire eve by noshowinup rorr:e praised megyn kelly in 21 discsing a debate trump was trying to host now going viral. now going viral. >> do you thinyou are a beer moderator th i am? >> iould never beat you. thatld not be close. you have done a great job, by e way, and i mean it. >>eporter: obvioly that relationsh has gone uth e. our new poll sho our new poll shows trump in t place ahea firsplacahead of ted cruin iowa by seven points. hilead in new hampshire closer to 20 points. remember no non-incumben republicanresident has ever won iowa and new hpshire. sident has ever wo iowa and new hashire.
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who served a an advisero the main/pali campaign tonight? >> i would say maybe before the reilly interview. >> if he is n there physically, will he be there as a presence in some sense? >> when you arep as far a he is in the p you are always goin toe th they all stillunni agait him. >> isn the lunyf this- donaldrump sayse is ang er tha statement that fox news p o a couplef days agoing it soued ast was writtey a c and mocke him. is is donaltrump, runningn entire campaignn mng peoplend using childish words like "loser." >> megyn kells iginal sin in e mind o dontrumps s asked him ie was a war
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what is interesng toe that dald trp is eaged in aot war againstox the universal consensus is it is show of strength but i think it can a weakneswh women start evaluating him as commanin chief. >> on e fox side, she has be victimizedy the words of donald tru or the last six months. how do you t how do you think she must feel watching bill o'reilly trying to get donaldmpo give them rgiveness? >> probably twil zone point in her carr. she is tgh. i think the fact that fox news stood by her is anmptant one. i thinl wome think all mein the work pluld hope tork place would stand by them. this is e highest stakes war he has started and i'moture if he will winn the end. >> iyou love t >> if you love trump you love --
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petulant and icky. svege tver gets bigger shou he emerge as the republica appeal to a general electorate ill have to ch the way he combats people he dsn't agree with. emy combatant because she dared to ask him aion he didn't like. this is a vulnerability, not strength. >> you said dona y said donald trump wilthere whether ysicr no doesn't this chae to ted cr? aren't thether aren't theer candidates on that sge going to levethr attacks on him >> themight but other campgns, i checked in withll
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barelycealintheir enthusiasm for a debatnot minated by questions for trum trump had the best momenof h campaign when he stood i defense of new york values at the lastampaig it is a missed oornity for trump and e the otr campaignarlooking ar to. >> thankvery o see you. >> tbit of debate ama on the demc de, as ll. shoube added. hillary clinton and bern sanders are weighing in as their race in iowaoser. drea mitchell n s ines this mning. reporter: right you are, there is a date over debat from a demratic side. we'll get that in at. with just days too our new po showsery tight race on the demratic side here in iowa. noit all depends on whose suppters come out toote. >> i wworky het out r
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>> rorte our newbc news ll hlarylint and bernie sanders virtually tiein iowa. >> you a goi to have t fight and at is what this campaign is abt. reporter:linton has a small le ovender 48% t45%. inow iave b a better esidt becae of w ie learned he in iowa. >>eporte during an inrview, president obama praised clinton. onednesday sanders got his own meeting with theresident afrwards telling lester holt obama promis to stayeutral. >> indicated it isp to t voters. >> reporte san >> rorter: sanders has crushing 19 point lead over clinton in new hampshire. the w haire ioad d nbc oposed one mor dete, t nctioned by th decratic pty. inn lls ch
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the re debates sinif the clton campaign would cmit tothischedule we wouldskhe dnc to arrge a debate. s is raisin >> s iraising ney from philadelphia iest firm. >> repter: the >> reporr: the clinton campgn released is pto showing e candidatmeeting th faith leaders before attending the investnt house fundiser and today clin and today clinton is headed back to iowa for thfil pu fo the caucuses. toy the "whi toy the "whington st" editial board has ammed bernie sders picy propal sanghee s n brof ctio tnk y smuch the way, are taking th othe road for t iow caucuses. we w live in d mois
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weave new devepments on the occupation of fedel wild lifeefe in oren. three nearrests ernight. w e group's lead who w arst a couple ds ago is llg s followertota down and go ho. nbc's joe fryer s re. rorr:hebiasetp checnt eight lints have lef the rest weral e rest were allowed leave freely which mns the armed cution is quickly shrinking. the anti-government activists are gettina mee fr their ed lear mobund >>o thosat t to the at theug loou. let usake the ght from her reporter: the >>epr: tumof litas iswindling as w enrcement sets uroadcks aneck ints.
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this illeg occupation to move on. >>eporter: 11 >> reporter:1 of the gro's aders arbehind bar sen tm appear in federal court each facina federal chge. they toocontro they toocorol of t rug mandg e releasof rahe convict otting fireoneder l week thmilints were a a arreed a a r highw duri a viont conontati of authoritieshat end in the death of occupr lavoy nicum. >> thed amplopportunto leave the rege. as the fbind o fbi and our partners edctions are not nsequences. >> repnvesgators offered few details but a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news one veh
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band finicummerged wita fim and was shot and killed.cconnell say mark monnell says heas a confctg acun are rculinsaying ficum's s we in e ai her ndlelight vigi this morning iis unclear how itants remain at the refuge. because of the checkpoints no new members can join and anyon who aves cannot return. hanks. >> thanks. thousands who co to rely on themart store will have to find osing more than 15or. going to hav . >> it wille very. a of ps where walmart hires hundds o hires hundreds of peop a often small local ores are put
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some ooslmar are closleavg pe employed aidents w to shop. >> rt is d foof peopl right now many are the only anphrod. d some places closing storulleave behind ad desert. when you don' >> when you don't have the transportation or the means to get to where you need to geto itl hurt >> reporr: the pain wille wispread. t shutt walmart ishutting down 154 stores i27tas and puerto corefood deserts in esa, aansas and kansas. packing a leine town high y. >> ree smi's family owd a all gry stor orienl. walmcameientalcing her to boa up heore. now walmart
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resiare bitter. >> theew twereeaving it has been within three month reporter: it is similar sty any town in ixawhthe wn's on pharmy inhe wmart is ostoda >> whyo to exp >> why go to expense of building a buding andhen all of a sudden- >> reporter: a spokesm from walmart said we ver want to lk away from opportunity toerve customers. we share the comnity diointnt. >>onike >> d l at all. mak it inconvenient. >> walmartayit to otores in the -called food desert ars and exceeded tt goalutn'doucle towns where th asing up shops and avg. >> t you. michigegislatu
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gettthlead oflint's drinking wer rachel mw sted a town hall. flinricorr the is ntime there is no me tle on when the pipes wi be replaced. >> our trust has bn broken in the city of flint. because th happened, if we don't get new pipepeople are not going torusthat. michis go michigan's goveor rick snyder admted has no s to repce theipesaying it n't is srt term agen >>a u. pan is reported coenngecrgble thm iottiebeand as cargo concern asar conrn ty n create fires
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byitum ionates theyre used toower evythingrom cellphones to hybrid car back to e deo th w showed yde showed you, defeeman f t amess apogfo kin ffial dung laste. nnidemas sng tords thbenc aid it was cet tentl. ai didsee e ofci unt lt second and coul'tvoid h heaid apo he said he apologid nderson and s not penalid during the game. e nhlle viing the incide. iuspicis.
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yesterdarepos an -1 ad h s iheofaiall and we he e meet day. a stalled ont to theou of pl bringg in thetrm moisre. iss fillgoing to be the veer tod. inhe mntime a an of re seve storms day. some could pduceg windgusts d rrenalownpours morr wwi sta tsesome impront. othetwtohrosbly urncs of rain is possible wiinofheeaer downpours escilyntth afrnn. we he la-eect ow starting tdep thugh chiganndestern new york and nnsyanioin so of th. northeast contuing with lo of meg and ddle of e country and q. your local fecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. nd wee the ttest young mpany around but if we nt to keep the soop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we e. wh about c out? no! m trying to build something re
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coitsuidbut ag i looli aurr. y his wife h jt turn herself in. >>nd man and many fes of dal
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so n fea >>me new fears that ka could become nebola. how well d how weo matt a i ally know ch other?waat happe tch >> we ow each other very well.
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faces ter the deadly planned parentod attacks... it's not known how long it will takeo get the ex d.. as tre is a log at the statital. dear due back in court february 2 w this morning: the state supreme court dered the jue in the ce -- to explain why he's sealed prable cause affidits in dear cou file. the "colorado freedom information coalion" says the ste's tocourt gave judge ermartinez a february 16th deadline. last month judge martinez ruled unsealinthe records woul't be the public's inrest. the alition and some members of the mia asked t supreme cot to interne. chf moing meorolist stephebowers joins unoth a ok ar locaforecast... stepn... today wie beautifully sunny. temperatures will warmhrough e 20s and 30s this morning andto theower and middle s by m. no wl be sunny with temperatures warming into the lower 50s. enument hits 50 this afternoon and areas along the arkansas river will warmnto thlower 60s betweenoon and 3 pm. at 5 pm, temperatures will still
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this evening wil clear with mid-30s at 10 pm. i'm witthis news5 now
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>> 7:30 o a thursday morning. sanuary 28 2016. niceroupf peoouide. wel get outsi in just a couple ofs.
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>> theres a look at today's headlines. ld trump standing firm o theecision to skip tonit's republicanresidentia debate. foxne bl oeilly calling that aiskeast night.>> here is what it youaking i much more seriously tha iam. you are deprin theeople of seeing you in a forum they nd to see you in. >> no i'm not. >> trump plao hostally a w miles away from the debate site and says iillaise money foroundedveterans withour days untilhe ucusese he new nbc news streernal poll sults. on the democtic side hillary
7:28 am
lead over bernie sanders. and ammon bunr cc oupation movemen in oregs urg follors to go home. anher follower was shot and killed in a confrontation w police. >> more on t bas of ills pice fice took his own lif but staged it to lookike murder. it i back in the news. >> iestigation vealed lieutenant chaes joseph gliniewicz gliniewicz had been -- >>he latest twist in a bizarre story thataffled invtigato sie las year. a grand jynllins indiingelod glincz, thife josgliniewi, northern illois pole officer who killed hielf aer embezzling from a youth progr on chargesf money launring. investigats found tha mon was used for personal expenses includin a trip t hawi and
7:29 am
e dea of gliniewicz las septembe captur the country' atntn. gliniewicz was onall whee radioed that he was csing three suspect on ot. >> i meant out near the o concrete plant checking out two male whites. >> gliniewicz w later fou with a fal gunotwound. his death sparked aar scale manhunt. pocecouring the region and wa publicallyourned a hero fural. meloe telling the program how her husbd'seath affecte her. >> a i wanted was oneore ss,ne more hug,ne more ance hearisboiste
7:30 am
an'lleverav tha again. last nemberolice made a stunning announce. gliniewiczad acty sged his suicide aer lon run of stealing mon from a program with children. >> melodie gewicnedelf infterherand jury incteder o six counts a felonies. melodiglwicz 00bosh wasas. r att as ateninondeng h coatn withawnfme e dtay ci bri ces against her. she is a vicm of her husband's secret actions and loo forward to hayn c twhe wod h innoe. she is duek inrt next moh. et's get check of weather. >> wereeeing train of mso make
7:31 am
have a l of rainro westn washington stang the wes oregon. storm going to move and en aecd one in the heels of . will s mentain snow especially across norn ckies. that is today. as we go io torrow aon see t nex srm sm mats wayn e. ths going toduceea rain acros norther caliia. areontinuino build the pack rafallamnts couldes mu fives. cldefsh flooding. we areookingt perhaps as ch as a foot of snow in park city,utah. in the sierr weldee up to three feetf snow. we are ctinuing to build u the snow pack th the goo story out ther we have lake swn a
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give extra. get extra. we' >> we're back w. 7:40. donald ump's bigger battle th fox news is only the latest highprofile feudshat he found mself . willie i her with th. >> it heen unpredtable presidentialcampgn. thughout trump's four deces in the spo lig he hasroven toe a man who lovesood ght. he i the republica front runner whose currencys contversy. >> i have been very nice to you although couldbably not be bad on the wayou treatedme.
7:37 am
megyn lly is the lest. ing backohe '80s whe he was mocked by the sma. on twitter twitter blast co-founder w the er of vanit fair a a total r. as a reality tvtar trump bale battled with roez o'donnell. >> this man is like one of those salesman on littl house on t prairie. >> she wil s anyth that comesromer unattracve mout i look forward to suing her. >>eporter: that feuds still going strong. >>ou call women you d't lik
7:38 am
>> oyrosi o'doel epter: he sparred withrt stewart over her short-ved pemae on the apprentice. >> fantastic forhi built him aplatform. he tnk he can be president. >> reporter: trump's biggest feud of all, with the he re in the white house. in 2011 trump pushed the conspiracy theory that president obama was not born in the u.s. >> i would love him to come out with a birth ceificate. >> reporte the psident did just that releasing his original birth certificate sdplmpt with was born in hawaii. ror turni the tables while trump sat stone faced in the audi. >>one is her and prouder to puthis b certificate mattero rest than the donald
7:39 am
get back to focussing the sues that matter like did we fake the moon landin what really happed in roswell? and wre aregy and tu-pac >> all good ons. as for t feud at ha, the way it has goneithonal and f the past is ty had a public fight ae up for it behi closedoorsndverybodywins. it mains to beeen they ma unim for him to show up. he says hwon't. >> tou eryone of these battle and feuds we give him tons ofir time. he kno howo play themedi c up d you feel the need? d"t g2. e that movie.
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soup and sandwich and clean and real, d feelinod, sort of. and 500 calories or less. the clean pairings mu. at panera. food as it should be. >> and a w are back 49 vannah ae u lat last night. taon has t reason forat. i deed. go rnin last nightaving fun mattnd savannah youuys were on
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the two of you taking questio from fans all night long but the pac other in the hot seat with a gamcalled questionle behavior. let's see how you both did. >> what are the things you have to have on the set every morning before the show starts? >> tick s. >> is your jeans sma than mine? >> mae. o defore thown the studio almost every bere we go on the air? >> listen t our favorite songs. yours are fm the '70s. or the horse with no name hate tha sonblde. veryvery good. tets coming out. watching the two people i my dayith and the guy i m day with.
7:45 am
behind the b showing spirit fingers. there he is action and before the show ende guessouuy all in on it there have it. od rng. that is how well w up. >> nothat he calls alex. we areot gng to repeat it. alex had the best te of any of us. >> everye theamera to -- ou gsyome thank you t's do thing. >> mron, thank very much. just ahd, t a that ll do taini f >ndhe meengingal toeal we sepate ft fm fiction. fst on a tday m news and we my moderate to sere chronic plaq psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anythingut simple.
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we cov yr cos ch trosp hri oon ntm) good thursday morning. good thursdarning... we're coming up onottom of firereghters had somtrouble puttg t this fe o corado city. it brokeutust befo 3ock on west ak avenue near 36th seet. a nearby fe hydr- hasn been wking a ce of weeks because of a crash. the v watotal loss. one wnsid but -- a nearby house d
7:51 am
architects he decided on plans r the w summ house on pikes ! thcity of colora spr uniled tm yestday... thsitor er wilalso ude thmy'sigh-altitu search loratory d a commicatioacoper c-s-u. there will alsbe an emgency shelter hut -- for stranded kers. ief rning meteorologist -- stephen wers joins us now with a at local forecast... stephe toy e beaufullnny. teeruresl warm through the 20s and 30s this morning and into the low and middle 40s by 10 am. noon wilbe sunny with tempatures warming io the lower 50s. en monument hits 50 this afteoon and areas ong the arkansas river wwarm into the lower 60s between no and 3 pm. at 5m, temperatures ll still be in the 40s and 50s. this evening will car with mid-30s at 10 . chief morning meteorologt --
7:52 am
, it' 80n "today." zoningnka. how worrieduldou be. weill separate ft from fiion. >>he sp awa from the smar phone.
7:53 am
areoucry? >>owong cldou go whoit whatapped wnne woman obsess obsessedithikg gives up her phone for go. i feehe need for d. >> do youeel theee the need for spee the t gun suel tse tt hollywoodlyinhigh >> good moing, tes. gdmoindenver. go bronco>> celebting my 27th >>ood >> good moing. welcomeack to "toy."
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re oplaz we are singood morning t them and good morning to yo i likourhrow back thursday song. ng. mara stewa is gng toe heree wilw tris toe p ade tstn the cssng tdition d because it is throack thursd w have aeek at some of our wedng dayss well. check othe top stories. >> dald trump says h is standing by his boyttf tonit' republica debate. the final gop sw down before monday's iowa caes. peterlexaer is ines moines. >> reporter: donald trump does no appear to be budging. this sets up a rareplitcene moment where trump is hosting what he isouting to be a
7:55 am
vetens orgazations. the rest oe republicans here on stage debating. the foxews ceo has reached out to trumphroughhe women in hi life to see if ump's cision is done deal. onox news lasight trumpas on wit bilo'reilly who all but pleaded with tmp to reconsider. the res of the republicans have been attacking therontunne ng the dision is a mistake an calling the wle thing side show. here are theandings. ou new poll out just this morning shows donald trump has catapulted bac in front of ted cruz u sevenoints holding on a slim margin over evangelicals. hi event is just e mutes away. >> wl be very intero watch. thanks. police ovt arrested three more of the
7:56 am
involvthe occupationf fedel wild life refuge oregon. spokman lavoy finicum was shot and kled tuesd in confrontion wit polic and fbi. the leader aon bun isrging e remaining occupiers sta a go home. walrt i shuttin down stores tay in 27 states. the clgs have impact beyond lost jobs. no in abama, arkansas and kansas walmart's dert w create so-called food deserts, area wheresrocery sto arehin ten miles. walmart says it shares the community's disappointment aut the difficult decisi the world health organization cald an emergency meeting for monda to decide if the zika outbreak sde
7:57 am
thdingosy and ltoirth dects and neurologica problems. the l global healtmergency s over ol outbr in 2014. savannah has more on this coming up in jus amite >> trucker i sharing a photo captured everyay hoes in action. he wriving near ptsrgh when he saw ahatkidded to a guardaieering on the edge of the highway. within minutes good maritans formed thisuman chaino removehe . hed he recorded t scene becausehe display ofumanity brough him brough him to tears. >> a -year-ol florida wom thought she was hav ghtme when she woke up to find a kinkachou asleep on her chest. chest.
7:58 am
in bit the ner. guess he got a little confed >> purdueasketball star a.j. ondoesn't need both hands ores dominate. heost his shoe on wneay nigh what did hedo? >>earried it d the court manao grab a key rebound with the otherhand. ey wt on to win by sli four-point margin. deserves axtra point for that. thank you s much. now to moren the arming conc overzika rdmergency mting be worl hh organization e day ter prent obama called for swier action against t virus. we hea theorld health organization say the threat is explosive. ems like alarmls are ringing everywhe. inlity t has bn
7:59 am
thisosito bne vir that hathe first srt in the 19s an made alownd quicker migration fm afric tosia to the pan american area. and think t urgcy is real that this lk tomall brainnd sigficant impa on neornsso powerfulndo concer tt i tnk it's lendgredence to this ncern right now. >> absolutely. let's get to some of the myths and fact a fictio how is it transmitd? i i tramitt notrom rsonerson but rather through a mosquito bite. an incted person when the virus is circulating in their blood h to get bitten by a mosquito that acts as a vector that infects somebody else. therare case rorts of suspicio tt there mige so per t person contac through sexual contact. e main me of transmissios
8:00 am
>> one thing people believe i that all women ofhild bearing age are at risk. >> the way w understand it rit now is if you have been infected the spts last a up ds u to a ek after tha period of timeou are n lge able to tnsmit to a chil i thin the recommendation for most of uss if you are travelino a country like this and y are woman planning to become pregnant after youeturn you shouldait at lea a week or a few weeks to ensure that aomic asptomat inctn has not occurred. >> xual contact, this is saying -- >> there are a least two that we are aware of where there might have beenransion v sexualontact and there is also rerts thathe viral c b found in urine and saliva as
8:01 am
e main mode of transssion is via mosquito bite. >> arehese mositos already here in the u.s.? >>he mosquitthselv are here as of today we he not had any locally-acquired infections. thateans thathe mquito is in the unid states particularly ithe gulf coast, southeast area asell as soutrn california. no of theosquos here t rnowledgeave bee infecd with the kavirus. travelers w areittecan transmit the viruso oer people and that is how it c spad. the typ of mosquitos that couldarry it are h but w dot have mosquos shown to havehe virus right now.
8:02 am
transmission if they get infeed thecan smit. there was a news storybout the poib link of zika virus to an illsshich could b treated. inhaegard it is ccern butemember that the vast jority of people fected whirus asy zika vir are asymptom tic ant issual joi pain, fer. ing upext a new bod for barbie? the radical changes coming to theco toy. maverk rdy to flyagain. and wha would i take for you to give up yr phone? e womawa the citi double ca card comes in very handy with cash back twice urchases
8:03 am
that'sash back now, and cash back again later. cash back d vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you ea cash ck twice on ery purcsewith 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes lot of other cards seem one sided. list .enthe of great tasting ensure. th 9 grams o with 9 grams of protein... . an vams d minerals ensure. take life ! fe a cold coming on?
8:04 am
d duce s severityby5%. shyour cold with snap, th zicam >> all month all mth we talked about fanalifhat works. there's behind the siof philadelphia cream cheese. itlways begins wfresh, local milk blended witheam.going fresh from therm tou in just six da. when it comes to fresh tast nothing else tastes like philadelphia. karl, don't you have friendcoming over? yeahso? it stinks in here. you've go wash this whole rm are yokidding?ash it? let's wash it with febze.for all the thingsou can'wash, use... ...febreze fabrirefresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey,smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up 5 days of frhness
8:05 am
.[inhale + eale mnem.. ... , two reayto bre pp mmmm mm....mmmmmm mmm mmyot >> 8:13.
8:06 am
>> that's t. here's something w don't say evy da a news segment. breaking news. "time" magazine has just nounced matte is launching a whe w set of barbie y youan hern cur te, tall foyolle o b body sim to,ll their bodies. th hope thesearbies will more csely reflect the young owner's worlds. >> lov that. see smart. >> mattel has been hurti so this is a necessa ve. i sms like it's somethi ey've beenalki about for des tt shs unrealistic. >>he american girl doll, you can buy a closeness. >> i wonder if youut the dolls front of young girls in e maet, ic would they go for. whic d they g r?
8:07 am
curvy doll or do thedults buy them for m. >> wh's goi to happen with ken? 'sut so>> we've a had bad experiens flyi,right? >> yes. >> do you tak time to fly to the airline? >> i alwaysay i'm going to do and i nevero. >> iave passively aggressivy tweeted. >> you do? >> yes. >> here'sn aha does your complaing for you. 's called"service." you tell them what your complatsgainst t aiin they think youe jtied, the going toake on the buness for you. once you filed your complaint, u can just hg tight to wait to see howhishake out, however, i the employee for the service doesn't think there in the right, they're just going to paize with you. eye gng t oer you emotna suor >> n/win. >> the s most complnthey reiv ail toward airlines. an for nowhe a is free.
8:08 am
what's in it for them? >> maybe they're hing that it catches on andhey might charge for the service because it sodsik a great rve. >> it's a bunchfeople who like hearing peoplecomplain. >> c you imagine working there? allayong jt complaining>> you know what tt's terrible at thaappe to you. >> you guys - dyou think that the stores that he the mt lenient retn policies would get t most returns, right? makesense? ounds like itould local. >> wl, ady f t iversity of texas found tha the more lenient a policy the store was, the l liky they re lyoetn itemsr as for arendey s tisue to s i t dowmen efct th's tor tha thelongereossemethg,he more lue. in othewords ife don't ar the shirt, we've had it for
8:09 am
i think for me it's jus laness. i have forever to rn it. >> i'm embarrassed to return th. t i wld be more likely tep it the moresed t i got. y, wher. >>bout this one. up-and-coming pga golfer thomaseter pokedome fun. first i'm going to show you pictur. is the before picture -- this i the te i sorry. thiss that the pga tour uses official adshot he'snly probl hererehomas pets bmit soasical thepga tourru out hfhair wh is exact w nbc has do witme f yearthisxplas .i a lot more hair tn
8:10 am
photoshop hair cut. #wherearemycurls. the pga claimedy do norma dotosugh they agree thiss a little over the p. they say w regret this seqnce vents a meant disrespect thomas. we think he has a great head of ha. >> did they say #wherearurls toeep together >>am ranasot"popstar >> hap ws. bks herfrie icazla a n pares. e poshiup cute picture. the best prest, worked and pred h for is f he as we thank tel o a woman that carried our mirle bab boy for us. py f evee who s to reach ts joys stone. instant action
8:11 am
her.and another post that got people talking. it's beenumored for sme the suel t the movie "t gus in the s. tom said it would beun t jumpack into the cockpit a now that justight b case. producer of "top gun" jerry bruckheimert eete just romee in or tee my old friendomcruzisssittle top gun. jacket,everything. that movie was life-changing. >>ow man tim dyothink you've seen >> a lea 30 >>i'veer seen t whole throm start to fini. >> wh? toght's homewo signment. >> w >> whyyoutop watingt miay?
8:12 am
me and everhing. by women, in tom cruise. >> all right, all ght, i'll wa it. and 've loslovin' feeling." feeling." yember t bandberlin e theme song is by berl 're gointo dylan'sse rday. finane o t favorit hav a h beave h video. sh ted since nobod wants to s albumf your vacation photos, letaka look itakes me a l t dra me aw from you there's nothing that aundred
8:13 am
i blesshe rains down afri going toakee tim to do thi wnever have >>y. i kno the lyrics, but who singstheong? >> toto. >> i never knew that. there you go. >> we need to vatn -- >> i kw that. i said i bet natal l t ng. t's aclassic. we need to vation wh them. >> a by the y, tt's the end of it. that thend of "popstart." >> i pick "glee."
8:14 am
we'll bker we are still > were s figing er si >> every day, ery day. >>t goes on and on. >> dylan, tnk you. mor of ourpecial sies. toy'"ditalive. this morning impact onhe relatish >>ecensuey fndeo check their phonp 150 times day. holo do you thinyocould lk, te, look at picture and sre itn media. so h lg you d think you could last without your smartpne? meet one woman whoared to e thinkable. >> kind of loong at it roiny, every secon i n't ve it dinging necessarily, but i'm kd of
8:15 am
updang it, checking it. >> a freelanriter anmother ofwo f brklynnerk yser cl one s consinher. ii took a run i wou stop and take picres and put them on facebook and stopgain to see if anydy liked it on facebook. >> reporte when she lost her phe she took a bold step. your phone? are you craz no. then i out, wait. i don't have to dealith my phon whatf i justave up>>t's mov many would never even consider. a recent survey, nearl half of smartphon oersay tir phone was something they couldn't live without. >> ink the tecologys feing erysptf who w ar >> sher tuleayt' impacting all ou impaing all our livesnd she's giving us a wakeu call. she ss weanommunicate insays ensl but are afraid of converti
8:16 am
e rult, enhouge' constant mmicatg, wre bare cctg. >>actoe nversati, empath is born, intimacy is bo. ese a thekillhat aow us toeeply relate to each her.yo cant sthat haav y leaed a seedbout he're relating t each other whe chnolo is right the at the tabl >> you're sing thatour atntion is pottially elsewhere. yo vibtion away from going the an that is a very real poibituan go the. >>harml, tohen ks c't age being red. >> boredom is your imagination calling to you. this iseally the fwering of children's imagination, d we've said, n'totr with at. here's areen >> but that screenhian caussoh cororsy, alelpyf d jobs mngsanook like this this.
8:17 am
rents, i'mhankful for technology in momentsikes. and that onethe main les stthompson fed when s tried to giv up h cephone. counlyontact her when she s in houseecause of the home phone, so that was really hard to get i touch with her. >> her friends even resorted to extreme meures. >> i didn't even know s had a house phone number just had hnel phone quk. i end up king her dr. i hadoomver anding her be toet her. and so sth's cell phone-free experimt of 2016 came to an end after two weeks. >> i'm not going back to no tenology i don'tnk that's the swer. it's hard teres i't you within twonds, that's okay.
8:18 am
on two ax. >>tecreases othy, o abity to connect. just the specter of havg it the has an effect. ilyheck m out o boredom. shaidou're misng out on moments to be creative. that resonated withme >> her discuion about insta reply. ople bie ifou don ply wn secds somhing is wrong. >> that something's wng. >> that's crazy. tomorrow we're going t troduce y good thursday ing. good thursday morning... e comingp on the bottom of the hour... i'm ircrin with this tay show updat.. accused planned parenthood shooter "robert dear"... is ithstate hospital in eblo... for mental health examination. the exam will determine if the state belies he isompetent did-- i can fire his ic defender and represent mself... following the 179 counts he
8:19 am
planned parenthood attacks... it's not known how long it will ke to the amon as there is a backlog at the state hoital. dear's due back in court 2 new this morning: the state supreme court ordered dgin the case -- to explain why he's seale prable cause affidavits in dear'sourte. the "colorado eedom of information coalition" says the state's top court gave judge gilbert martinez a february 16th deadline. last month judge martinez ruled unaling the records wouldn't be the public's interest. the coalion and some members of the mediasked the supreme court to inter morng orologist -- sthen bowers joins us now with a look at r local foreca... stephen... toy will be beautilly sunny. teeratures will warm through the 20s and this morning into theer and middl40s by 10 am. noon will beunny with tempatures warmi into the lower 50s. even monument hits 50 this afternoon and areas along the arkansas river will warm into the lowe60s between and 3 pm. at 5m, temperatures will still be in the 40s and 50s. vening will lear with
8:20 am
i'm with this newow
8:21 am
we are
8:22 am
28 dayf jaary,2016. and a and a look a someeople thed our plaza on t cool,risp and clear morningn w york city. eveone is so fired uon this plazahiin ng , newpp thatan turn fe's dai annances into a t otheas do youno anye pnning a ddg? grab tm because martha stewart here shang knowledge abo pullg off the ultim day. >> she loo beautiftoy. weaw h wkin sh lks like s ieadyor a wedding.> from casseroke haneis ttouanak small tweaks tond serve it moing, nooannit. you ha aun forour money, the most fashionable d. >> i love that hat. what is his name >> carson cody fm texas.
8:23 am
>>'s get a cck othe weher.>>he sw is all b md away hereewk city unless the plas pwed well. temperatures are warming up nicely. it will be unseasonbly mild. the snow continues to melt away. tempatures running fiv to ten deees ove avage. later this weekee a couple of chilly days. clevelandigh of 26. downouth temperatures suld get back int the mid 70s. 60s i atlanta only in the 50s on 50 on friday. nortast lookior temperatures in buffalo about6 deees tomo. we are goi to see tps back in the mid topp0s. boston closeo on sund. washington, d.c.houlde cse to 50.
8:24 am
th settle io>> >>ndhat'sr lest forecast>>hank you vch. howften do goste? recestichowearl of a.s househdsave on pri as me. ave bome an on demand ety whe every is ja cr. out iresbly an apporthat. olivia sterns is hereith aew you shouldtry.
8:25 am
dide demand thingsuir omni decide to giveckly? >> amazon changed o expectations. thmazon expect fe shipping ft and increasingly it means same daydelivery. we wantveryg solvedh one click ofn app. it effec ery portionf our s. t' about launy. tide has exnting. ersoll i liv in the cit an h rc nry hassle in my life. i' sureem your jeans iamper andwalk down the streetaring yo te and maybe bring aad of quarters. a new service called thoi pup yr layithin 24 hours and wash d return anemo go f c prodo servic. be you s thats
8:26 am
undry service is callsho. h expenve i >> you canet a suit cle 2. >et tk a shipping ckes. a honcern f lotf people like thip. >> sh ahe ion out of onlreturn y you getng onl and take it out of the bou have ia what do. youos take a pre whou wanto ship andy i upoor in minute y't havo ha >> you d'taveo h tap ut youingers tryg to clos upbox. l y do is hand over theerson at shyp. they will checkithll the
8:27 am
cap ror you.iave shippedndry aadf tr. >>hey charge$5. > pking otge iueer in n yo lk abouthispothero. >>he nbe on dema pag in the untry. all ofsho driveroundig cies youan w hours looking for. st on your a you can bwseforkingts by. you nd the closest lot or gage etsve the get discnt? y can comre pric. you don't get a discnt. ites y directis anth you can gein a o othe lotylashing the app. >>ell me aut get magic. it is a numbe you te. >>t i aic n. t mes g respsething deou wa. yankee ckets, sen you wife flows. >> anythg tts legal.
8:28 am
esefanttic.thk ymuch >> j aadetng thne ha s walks youhrgh pola wedngrendhend no > also ptein yr futu, how to make seoure read t face theinancial
8:29 am
martha and geneomin . rs thiisda onb we back withorurar da elpi you hit ew year soti fcial editor taught you h earn more,s and i you save. weringing itll tet ct yourancial fu. >>t wre g t t ouay isomeopl don' lovehinkin abou the ainanci emeencies and challens tt can change
8:30 am
o tion areal abo tsik iless,e ath,e a hurre o a fl cannge your lif in a inant andt peopl are not epared. l's talk abo too ressed. they thirotectios expensive which iamyth. >> ishow you how to do the whole thi with your tax >> fst line defenses to do w >>av emecy n. t abos . we usuallymn th tegory o sangs. fact they are tion again protectistny smallemergencyec a big emergencthraax refund is $3,000. that aasic cus th >>t is your tion? how y h mu cushion. lde ebo t h three to s mon worth of liviexpensesif y c put$2,000 away'm happy girl. insurance, sin onse.
8:31 am
healthnsance i sometngyoeavow mandatedy law. not having hh insur more bies year. sot less esive tha peop th % pple iffor suie bsid >>e ranc whoeeds it isexnsive. t is not a expensive as peopthink. ifou have ybody incomer your serviceswhich mean se parents yo l y are single nobodys ndin you ydon' you wan to look at a 20 level term policy much cheap than whole life to fige how much you u calculator. i hav on m website.
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use t rfthum ght youcome ptty odballpark aouplfthds of sunce,isilit inranc nter insuranc disabitys partilayportantorinepelebe wo g igh y oyer. employer. rent's iurans dirthe an ifou rent a pla to live aolutely need it. >>obodyikeski abo this onmpornthatou hav a . how easy i it t dra a will?>> it so easyith online tools and superinexnse. y you own ll fornl own will fornly uer $50. if you w to ghe lawyer rootire oor $5 or mo >>y put it ithe safety
8:33 am
>> life chans. eour tax refu. all this weald abt wh that taxfund. ifou can'treplace something that is when y need sunc that is m bicule ofumb. y haveid a you are a pant plee ge a will. its unconscble not toave e. >>heas more sateg o he weite. >> were goio wp o today campaig trow with speci chathead ttoy's faceb pag t nd you estis.
8:34 am
ultiuior t perct >>come w b to "to" before a bride says i dt
8:35 am
foreheday.mahatewart cbine0 yeaofedding wis i h n bo. aoio tak a look classicsndee h pple modernizing. >>evolutionary. 20ears ag was muce trional. nowt i gngas and oeyourse. b urself. sometimesh tse k ofascs lhessic ide. weturethe th is >> wonrful up ith affantt.ry naally a il. >> another e, i think. me. >> that's martha>> that is ho me dre witmo nly you c much beautil drs. our firstdel. thiss te. she iring a snnin gown.
8:36 am
>> i sho oer azi gure a ho. thrt belo the k whiis f f shot married last june. >> her actual wed s. let is very >> chrt hhe is mye. and she jusgot marrie at my fa. herding ftured in a magazine. eas thiazess. e iann >> you >> you alwayan aning ecauseuring oaneremony is peopl e.
8:37 am
> bride have classics to show on ourreen bde made dress used to be long the sam exact drs. ts i aypic aemblage ofhee dr notll girave e se bo. now tnd ishangin the lor, beautuloffwhite and leer the bdes choose in that l p a dress fit them. i tht is really >> short bridesids dresses, too. let's talk about flower there is short look. >> andpretty. rs t classic this one of yourazines from way ba which sssicflers. eautet on t
8:38 am
thiss a moderenditio that. like 10 res here b ey to rry. stem pose ishet. >> cannot go wro with pale pink if you areoref an outdoor nature glou cld hav a va oeautifulflows. >> i lov that pf color. >> with sweet pea just love . e thiswers because it has a middle. it like punk rockflower. >> a lit of eng it isergorg >>e second ta about s. ttiones thi e which is just the classic tiered ke. u canembellis ith fresh flowers. thiss a good bget cake becae isoto heavi
8:39 am
u ca d a macaroon li th. i love iove thion ese sar doratns so inhe pri uut sti wcc>>t is sor of adern twt. >> which wld y li? >> i t i le this on do too. ank you soch.
8:40 am
you cve e. firs is "tod nbc. >>t'851:58:51. thiseek all about comfortood classics. we a talking aut caeres e haselicio oneish repe tt y c make for breakf ordinn. that is the greates tngou have done because we love breakfast casseroleshere. >> getting yourorditsatouan l tkor cis.rereingredies. >> wresitaan us bsesn't lik hot? we swe b pep ions. pr muc einere stsou f ea >> start by browning the sause.
8:41 am
crumblet u and cook intil ereoink . itesboigoen mis.en addnllf o gat gredient ok a tse colors w drain offhe fat. sotely the w put it a ck into the same p. weeay wa tsereat flavorso fetoth. grt. thenre spinach. are gng t ssont lt and peer. yo are goi to wan t cook thisownor a f mines til the veget bteenou inspin to cook out the mois >>t get too >> have ouriful usage. thepinach basically sappears inthe. now we sprkle in halff eee ut c g bet t . >> w cee
8:42 am
cassoless youan mak so many eren yon u chienausa otu age. wp e gs ut ia ltleilkoake it nice and fluffy. l's lk dowstairs. we have o tters diggi in. which are trying first? >> we are servingourselves. >> i'm trying to schooler un rig >> were gng t will hel . w >> put ttn thve atfor 45mites. >> whenhat comes let m owhat it looks ke. lookseyo serve ireakh . takse swaphe oo ma a dner casserole. what is the big ange? >> whene are buying
8:43 am
y thingso we wantferent us wehnique for the breakfa sserol roed tausa a out the we add i our s, rlic, onions. we a goi to let tha all cook wn. then w over here to thenes that are already d >> you hav a tomatoes. >> w add in firoasted tomatoes, some fresarra sauce. e have rigato. >> she hcook >> add tin. m itlltoge. >> y areng to ler it he. lay itn perf d t w bak itnd lk how beaifulhat turns t. >>e is thished prt. two caeroles, veryimilar ingredients, one forakfast d one for fint o with f >> how is it?
8:44 am
>> mix the both together. >> m them both? >> one bitee same breakfast and inone. and by way, t ssere recipeshis week are on two of the greatest ckey players of allime. first your loc new good thuday mornin
8:45 am
weng up t bottom of regh had some trbl tting out this-v fire inld lo city. itrout just fore 3 o'clocont ak aven near 36 street. near fe hydran- ha't beenorki for a cplof weeks cae csh. thr-v waa total loss. no one was inside. t a nearby hoe did ff se dage arittsavcided pla r e suitouse on kes ak! city of coloprings unveil tyeery... thvisir centerill so incle the army's haltude rearch laboratorand a communicat facitoperated by c-s-u. the will also be an emergency shelter hut -- for stranded hikers. chief morning teorologist -- stephebowers joinss now with a lo at oulol forecast. stephen... toy will bbeautifully sunny. temperates will warm thrgh the 20s and 30s this morning and into the lower and middl40s by 10 am. noon wilbe sunny with temperatures wming intthe wer 50s. even monument hits 50 this
8:46 am
arkaas rer will warm into the lower 60s between noon and pm. at pm, temperatures will still be in the 40s and 50 this evening will be clearith mid-30s at 10 pm. chf morninmeteorologist --
8:47 am
>> ts hi morng o today's take. we get to skate th a pai of hockey leges. and qui comfort food you can whip u in mis. l tha and moreoming up now.
8:48 am
"today'ske" with alroker, natalie morales, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. >> w "y." natae. al is onassiment >> thiss one of kanye' stronger comin outith n albumhaas called swish. he cng it. you arenyer near social media yesterday t mos epic twitter w between kanye st wiz kalifa and wrapped upy ber rose you ambe rosou know- wlie wasweetinlive. >> i w hittingrefresh. then i jump over and go back and foh. >> tha is how i found out about it.
8:49 am
kanyead a 17ointn of why isended b lifa. he is nomin for an oar but th kardashians -- bottom line is i he decid twier is just for people warring no thats wre you goo -- >> afterll o thatt wasmisuerstood a tweetha h though w autis wifha wasn't abo his wife. it wen on f like t hours andasike my d. >> and ends withimayg i'msorry. then yaid'm aor p andlo. >> t i why pick the - so nny. >> very entertaining. if you want facook yeyid you something like 6,00s. js of le and on show >> dylans staing by hit
8:50 am
>>et a hit fiv minu >> 017. ,000 e gngoet it. thi one you stday. sterda >>us t mi to m the lnch ofurpage. were ging away 25rizes i 25dadasri is b one. microsturfa 3 tabl. you canidehat putt as a chrtm giftlate>>o cebook.cod gently used. you hav unt 5:00 p.m. ean time thenht aer thi sho 10:0m. i am going to be on book i'm td thi is ourirst feb chadam is
8:51 am
cae dl iou can a me anything. igdtrtha saysouuen ielte- th is e k , i wl anernythingousk. >>ou reserve the rht t answ allhe queson >>f reservehe rhe means nnswengt.i verayersf deodoran . >> we have all done it. >> d y agree to answer anhing well done. >>osturpassg . terdayomeb won trip to neworkkbrmpt the w unce the wrsnnday. ill i willensrinyin abt willie. ietting ohaut t big stoonight in
8:52 am
republican debatn d moine iowa iowa caucuses just four ds away monday we hav nbc news wall stre journal poll. among rublins in iowa trump 32%, ted cruz at 25%. marco ruo jumping up to 18 points. points. donald tmp i getting a littl separaon there. rubios e guy to watch iowa and n hampshire. let's flip over to the democratic side. we have a dd hea within the margin oerr. hiy in %,erni ndt oaly at unchan from the lll >he story tonightsond trp'suswp a th de. heillo a plelent dre univey rightp the road. he wil be at0eaern time
8:53 am
te start surroundy vetensnd hopeso raise lo money ind of showi up to the date whi is hosd byox wch he says has treated him unfairly he was oast nig with bil o'il smp they wan to kn you. >> you a not giving the the opportunity. not walking away. >> you are walking aw. uld you do me favor -- >> i bght youo many villa lk shakes you owe me. will you jt nsid, think ab mightomebackrgive, go forwar answerhe questions, look out f the folks. ju you toonsirit. >> e t a i h a ha you wldn't ask
8:54 am
me that. but it's not to ,bill. >> whats gngon >> j ft l the two grownme one a prestigious coentator,ery suessful, on a psint candite and es dno y kno you boht m mshes i kephinking if twoom we on television basing t esidentialaten milk shak -- do y thing th would b said?>> one milk shak twostraws. o'reil andtrump. there i mor >> the straw. >>he on >> lock eyed. >> it so serious
8:55 am
it isal ats int. reall . >>zingonaldays h otng the. loteopl wonring definitelotoi e. in 11onum ietter mesetween hnd kell dowor anintervw. was tto p tog a de a rublican debat i 11 he was critizing candidate whoswouldn commit es t to meg kelly. you thi y are a better moderar than i am? can never beat you. you h d a greatjob, by y, a in. >> isn't that ironic. >> tnk it i megyn kly drop the mic. t tt on the loop. >> w thatrfaced yesterday i was l that right there. ifou feel since tn she has n treated himwell.
8:56 am
juuy a m shak >> t solevnks horinks villa milk shakes >> i leanilla p chol onit>> oldchl va ch vanlasdecious. >> how c you kno a vanilla shak >>ove er at's why. >> ameca likchocate. >> citn an me notometng wetypically se calgy calg defensem dennis wiman croheckck linesman linesm ika backwds heading to tbench. he says it was unintentional.heasooking down and looked up and didn'tave time to get ouofhe way.
8:57 am
game. can surehe re it loo like he isting towahef. dw whereisye e. you doneeha oer . ise looki wn? h j gtencked senseles wtut tarhe h do is >>at that mont. i dot owf it contion. sown on the bennd enchface >> m be a g guy, a eat ay. pushed hi >> i he did that o purposee isot very art. youan be artsonnd ha moment a he makes a ppe mot forwd. i donhink anys that dumb t lay out a rn professional spts.
8:58 am
hes pbabl a smartuyut a dum me. you got> u go cck ltnit. >>atchha h livh dyhe aske about tiggest aer saeeme on t. >> you had a disagreement. >> maybe ove the temperature in th ud. >>illie ke it le an i >> dsile hav a say? >> aartl bauts lik 12 degrees in the. >> ithe a therstat >> the f dirrser theteerate. wou you te aole dcing ass we geist o tv >> ag >>e di h ic wurol daing. 's axercisgas >> misd at is setng w do our
8:59 am
uys pedaing. >>wo guys whan m shakes a pes and one straw. i hen'tit theacebook button in aile. wanto see how m it jumps. we a up mor t56,0. >> keeorng tt buon. ifren feboo pag for todas take i have faceok page so ge me a uple oflikes, too. might a well t self out there, too. will go back to the weatr. we have heavier rn moving into the miaea couldee stron srm today. throal system haee stalled and d cause severe mo.
9:00 am
rong storms with damaging >> and t >> and thatsour latest recast. internatnal lego day. weave ourlegos. >> min is scary. >>hey are very sca like a big head o a little body >> my kids are obsessedh legos. le comingp josh dume came he tous our facebook button >> he h a new see me. see me. don't stare at me. seme. see me. tknow that psoriasis is just something thav
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brandon thinks b is heaven in a jar. that's becse ontcome from... committed to responsiy sourced . blended with ingredients ke cage-free eggs.mmm. heaven. real ingdien. that's how wre working to bring out the best actor actor josh duhamel started out a a model. you know him fm movies. >> jh is lding tal and geral drmine to the sta oforth kota. >> y canay that. >> tak out evething hisome e haso offer. i feel a rd trip coming o manyplecoergi >> iuess i should hsked
9:04 am
>> it's a true ll t it. it's free it'rest pit on north dako >> i grew upthere. it wethinghatas a i knew mway it like dy aingbout it. i doow how many times i heard peoe iaveeeno oth stas haveneen norakotye tskede if w par of the cpaig i said absotely. we sntight ds goi across ttendee gsha iadev s. it's beautil. d it'ne of the bt kep seetsn e untr >> the csttart is you are stding at th state lin greeng every person >> i w b uthere. >> you will beere. t's tk authisflk.
9:05 am
bout tt a l bi it's a mie aut a -- i pl att whos tg e par this . cino is fer ner. i gnfortiha the armeucal titan getting drugs illegally. i ask i i cano aftim ying toake partr. he warns me thaf i d't he evytng that iee toake hi down h wlake mdo. bomes movbo g on the rrying tole his name. it is movie you never knowho di i unt t hav y guys seen it? he is ang in it. >> canou do a quick sutou we hav a febook pagbehi every in americ caou ask gooeople o rth to give us lov on
9:06 am
>> com on north dakota like the "toda show. >> we did a little resh and found out you wantedo be dentist. i did. that was the plan. at least that is what i told my mother. >> youndp doing a good thing instead. theam is calle a't tha etoh. we willhowou imes of ople that you haveord with closely and see if y can ot let'sake a okthis is hersme. you know it is a woman. >> >> recca?>>ext one y h als wor clos osel re. thi current ojec. jamesfranco
9:07 am
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qui > qui and easy cfort fd with jusn chel. >>hank for having me ck. >> loveomfo. is i corn badith chi eele>> it is a corn bread waffle. it ual tak 45 minutes. in the waffle ironakes nutes. scoop iight . well greased. close it an then three or fourinut later you get the awesome beautifulwayo top them wh ts butiful chilly, a ltle eese >> i got toet in on that ac. >> liou it becom heaven a plate. weeted sagn up?
9:11 am
everybodyth you shemnt a bo ricks storought manara marinara uce. we add chicken stoc we have2 ouncesfarinara saucend a quafck broth to a add cooked l noodles. >> can you useoil >>tly. >>ou get little cheese a freshba s. >>s is somhingt intimidate e going to how to it. gnocch what here was we ricotta cheese, aittle flour.
9:12 am
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9:14 am
tak ak at the ne the world health d meeting monda t decide if virusut should be declaredtional heah emergency. theosquito borne is spading linkedo defects.
9:15 am
ganization an rnational emergency s ebol outbreak >>ederal inspeors s they found defish practcientpractices. they say theyunvered major infrons inclg s th pose ipardy t tients heah and sety. says it is reviewi the report and is commi iur th all labs operate at the highest sts. distu repor about d bu be bugs hav develop resian to the most widely used group of insectices for controllinthem. people spending a lotf mo onrodu thatren't working and say strats to re-eluated. > a report says people who live in hawaiiave the highest eralll bng in the
9:16 am
how aricans feebout health finances, comty and sensef purpose. follow hawai aska, montana, colorado a wyoming. west virnia ranked lowest for theventh year iarow. l get a checkn weather. >> we have ltle clipper system movg throh the great lakes. is will produ some lig snow and trigger leffect ow and wlmula. you caeeheanding doe to s up oncou hav colderwinds. stlyight amounts as we go thh the aftnoon todnd th on trsday ler tonig were going to s the storm continng t move intohe noheas aot o precipitati w i st siz out. as f as sall tals twoo
9:17 am
isolated >> and >> and that's your latest forecast. today our specialeries chill out we are tking winr health. >> nbc' medical ctrutor is he toelp us sort out facand ion when it to cooninter myths andld wis tales. good morning. >> we are going toit it running. mber one, cold air gives you a ld? false.
9:18 am
common miscceptio especiallyhe whole idea of ma sure yr head isovered whou go ouide. only about 10% of your body heat is losroh lost through your head. ie idea wret has to with surcearea. ino tt eea is exposed b huchkin is exposed. >> are weasting mey on hats? one of th isss that moirusesnd moreolds circulate ithe winter te so peop tdo g sick me fruely in wter butas thing to do witthe cold temperature. > exercising in the cold is od for u, true or lse? >> false. >> anyeather is good for you. >> that is really the answ. t i definelyot bad for u. why d you think it is bad for u?
9:19 am
iidn' thi tt wld b th mos scientificayased swer. the answer is thatny pla y excisensider osi is good for you. thes ia tt mbe exercising oside because you haveose morenergy t sy warm when you can burn more lories and exert m ener. >> it does hurt going down for some peoplet could trigger asthma. you can ha aller ith wint true or fae? >> people are insid u can get dust mites, ld. we know people in the spring and mmer are exsed to plen b therere inor lergs. >> solutely. you canake tmll year round. >> nber four and i gave this answer. you n't t th wron yolose most bodyea through your head.
9:20 am
o m apologies. >> it has nothing to do with the ct that the head is expo it has to do with the ountf skin tha is expod. fo argent sakehat you went out wat, a srfnd ovesnd your underwe you wod b colder than if you had yo head uncovered because you legs are exposed. >> has nothing to do with catchi cold. notngo do with catching a cold >> a wrd ddle t ft gives you the flu? >> ue. >> no. >> i thought you got the flu virus put in you? is a inactived dead virus. yo cannot ghe flu from the flu shot. look atou guys. they a gingou dead virus protn tha your by has a acon that sicknes is a vaccine
9:21 am
you know how kid g vaccine action >> i'm getting anoth opinion on this, with allue respect. andhat is the ef the segment. >>ere we go.
9:22 am
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to block the vir a prechethce you could heal your cold sore, ft, fasaswo a aalys en ud thestign.arn varts wor immediately at dotoit o ock it out, fast th abreva. > have you ever thought about ju howanyesearsech t inrnet i in eriions a going to breakt down and reveal the topeahe o the month. yo he thees job. >> i he souch n splmpte. >> y get to go throu aee in our heads. >> wn doee your so? >> oarinatns t srch for oious asons. elapo. steven ary making of a murderer.
9:26 am
one thing we are seeg is peopleskg how they can help stevenavery. we srt to see these pitions pop up. we saw the white house sp in andeople wondering whay canoor him. t'idmit the crime but how c help m. the nflplayoffs. the ser bow is tee from no >> about aweek. >> m tm is not in so tt is how muchre. poweall,ucky ers? >>he term powerbapiked. pe searchi wheo buy ck >> n lky numb >> was beforehat but whean bu peopleere flingd about the numbesect. >> i wost
9:27 am
accesso te. drak >>ones t b a moment >> kanye st. the album w s and n weigh. weigh.>>etaysopf min for eryb on the >> weove atber thon srcf rtainment, e just continues to make us glow. oneng that reay set the web on f was thear pool kaok we all wante adele's friend. oneuestion topping the top is w sin like e. my vocal a there >> a voi searc aoicerch. how doingade. theext one,im kard, numb two. she conties to be pular forbvio res. sh is aew malngbout
9:28 am
>> juseberng i ere a num one. >> he is at the top of the billboard ar people are flowing the m an fol his love life. me of the instagm pics have popping up. ones datg kba >> do lik el vocal techniques >> did we get i'm going to i going t t t it. angg? >> we are not singing. >> h dog lik ele? i will be singi l ade ithelre >he puck he. natand willie t theic google i knew had icwater,it wld just be so and i couldn't even drink it.
9:29 am
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off-to-the-r. day-izing... you. yore sonanwe're here the you sthat w. w ecl nourish. ltgrfles thpp alnds d raberrs. new special k nourish. y. dam >reams come true gment. we are on the ice with a couple of hkeynds. mes six stanley cups. he is afamer. the great mikerichter tog ah th >>y here ucited a he w thell-sta and you cadt on oiste
9:34 am
odin >> tbo t cr er bhav had. u heo have amang ments and memoeswh washe best f >>ooany tohink about in rticaris remy firstnhl goal wasny mos ay aays remb. you len th noraruns tim ll le intory for all the ght on gameseven,8 ves. who you rember a that time >> o all t cupson new was mo rksix, ie. reat hockey town, great ortstown. memoriesf the-star ga '94er new rk. we had mh goi it was 10 w 0.
9:35 am
beabammates. >> thisea whato yxpt tcompetion? >> i a lookingorrdoitias doiomhi forne of thenetwksenay ag moon theowns so excitbohe l-ar me. ow ty will put a good show the formathiverybos citing. a lillser kill now everyear ale better,on mor sk th w sase how gd these guyare. >>eillhowcase -- m wan to tommci>> bdes gry 2g up
9:36 am
here w . i h tn len. keep going. >> ! e epgoin >> fohand,hand. she g wn?u a ght? >> h do youet ? were you celebrating? >> thiarf hocys
9:37 am
tohn>> you are n betwe thepi ther bnhlkend >>eastimen nbcsn. hon tohare t ice wh yoo mu
9:38 am
s,,,,,,, weav stars thehthere. a socan't t wathe gam on saay. csn. we are checking in on our lis. natae's - on the i gots
9:39 am
natalie, youbum on the i ed us. iiv rig ahi sweruestns the from news, this is ""todah ""y" withhie fo hodakotb. vero studio1a in roefeller plaza. >> hit ! can you hear that sound? that the snd of eeekend knocking. thuray. th9th ofanry --8t of
9:40 am
nna bush gers filling i as kathie isoff. this song called "love mylfyaley stnfeld. it's not ery d you have a emy and golde globe winr waering around. weav jane seymore, starring in a new film called50has ofblk. yoare bre. >> i am very brave. this isike ttoei on the edge >> yeah, this is rht on the precipice. >> whe y like to >> but it's hysterical, sot' worth it. >> she is slady, so assy, s play ts role. >> iknow. yohaveo cy tolay therole.wee goio tkyou a at. >> ay. >>rels goio pla arad. >> weove chades. and lewis and dill are here they found a mother/dghter duo o really wanted to be ambushed. frankly who doesn' andhey're gettingompletel transforme we speak. >> andfouav't bo
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