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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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until the vote in iowa. c's peter alexander explains >> reporter: tonight ould be the republan's final showwnorehe iowa caucuses iad doldtrump's no-sho is stealinhe splight. the front-runner stagingis own primetime event to raise money for veterans. gog head-to-head on tv with the fox news debate just three mile aw en drawing a pair of hi underdog opponents, mike huckabee and rick santorum. >> in aot of ways -- >> you're notiving em -- >>'m n walking away i was pushed away. i' not walking away. >>eporter: trump is defitly positioni himsf as the deal maker in chief. >> it's called an eye for an eye. >> i bout you so many vanilla milkshak, you owe me. >> y can do that any da >> rorter: tay t billionaire lnched thund-raising website ciming 100% of donations will hel vets. thenon't say
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money will go. ninesorrior tellc nehe cagn ctacted thatoday'rf 1 noro nowndcoiderio butepare veterans gup i skepticaltweeting, money doesn't need to be funled throu a political ll trump's debate t ckre? his opponents say yes. >> it' not that he's afraid of me. he's aaid of you. >> reporter: still, trum has momentum and no theead her in iowa. acrding to the latest nbc news poll. what are the risks for donaldtrump? >> the risks for trump is he looks weak by not confronting his opponents. the upside is, he avoids being the na a t republican te. reporter: marco rubio rin in lls, alrdy taking a swg. >> interesting side show. greate show on earth. this is not show. this is serious. >> reporter: late tonight anoer ist,
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campaign confirmso nbc news that trump wod be willing to debate ted cruz one on e just as soon as the canadian-bn senator gets a feder judge to rule on his elibility to be president. lester? >> all right, peter alexander, thank you. on the democrac side the race, o brand-new poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders lked in a virtual tie in iowa. debating over whether to hold more debates. meantime, clinton is also getting d ay from the til to raise more money. something heronent was quick to pounc on we g details fm nbc's andrea mitchell. >> rorr:t' a dead ht f the atsn wa ou new poll sho a close poll. the vermont senator has a commanding -point leadn new hampshe. with the race more competitiv both are now aing to more
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nexteek in n hashire, if the democratic pty apoves the political world has changed a littl bit. it noweems hilla clinton wou lik another bate you know at, i said, that's fine i don't mind that. >> reporter: facing a longer than expected primary contest, clinton left iowa wednesday afrnn to goohilalphiao raise money fromn investment firm. somef m supporters, including my good frid jon bon joviad a fund-raiser for me. >> reporte but clinton's fund-isers plays rig into sanders' critics. >> does wall reet getaway with it? millns in campaig distributionsnd speang . >>hy isnhat a negave ad? >>oes it mention hillary clinton? >> nope. >> does it have any age of hillary inn? >> nope. aren't y suggesting -- >> i'm notuggesting anything at all. >> reporter: tight inton returned to iowa, andanders who
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dest president ever ected president if he wins. he saidhe's in very od health. >> notith me. not with me. was a tough decision. do i get involved in senior boxing, challenge -- go for the light heavyweight championship, orun for prident. iecided toun for president. >> reporter: hil clinton iskn iowa tonit. she onlyust ok the stagetonight, though. because this contest s toh, s repeatedlyasoo ck to fd rse from t big , unlike sanders w has more than 5 million onlinecontributors. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. > our political rector, the morator of "meet the press," cck dd. you're in iowa. four days until the caucuses. how is this playing ther any sns of a blowback on the gd there? >>ot from abody that's thinking about supportitrump. and that'srobably od ns for m. look, he has figured out a way to steal the
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debate before it stted. and there's already a t ofumors circulating around here that he may gure out how t st the spght r the date i over, thaaybe he shows in t spin room, or he figures out a way. and that's been his mpaign in a nutshell is he figures out how to almost pull the rug out from und his ponents. as for the debate tonight, ihink it's actual fascinating that trump's not onstage, and instead the focus wl be on ted cru and marco o. the other big news in our new n news/wall street poll h rubio , now in a strong thirplace position. what does tt me? ted cruz is hamme rubio with a new attack ad. tonight, lest, rubio , this actually could be the showdown worth watcng, and the o that could extend if trp lt >> a lot ofhings in ay. chuc thanks. a proam no, last night w talked to rnie sands, torrow night wll have my conversation with hilry cnton on the trail in iowa.
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fore the voting begins. a warning now fro eorld health organization that the zika virusis, qte, spreading explosively. this year ale, 3 llion to 4 million inorth and south america could be infected with the virus lind to birth defects. the c said the number of people returning to the u.s. with zika is growing. nbc's t costello has re. rr: whity pnce isne of a few americans who has experienced the zika virus as a patient. was oer neymoon in bora bo he contracte zika thrgh a uito . hom she velod s sh, conjunitis,nd a heache. >>orn tired, kind of agging. i auay eed up sting o oor for about a d and a halfai becse of the joint paiecause it was painful to walk at that pot. >>eporr: d prince recovered a she was not pregnant bziltoda n news was with a 20-yr-old as she
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her 2-month-old is one ofhousands o babies who have been born with miochaly i the last ar. while zikaryin uitoes have not rnedp in t itedstes cases have tp in 11 es and c. they contracted zika e abroad n puerto rind 1 in the vgin islas. pertome zi motoesil arr inouthn gulf states they n't expect a massive outbreak >> tre islways the slight possibility that weightee a majo outbreak. on't tnkhat's to occur. t we're going to be ared for it. >> repter: the reasons for the optimism, there's f less trash and stag nast water. urar esoway fo moe. cother act as barrier. and amerins use air conditioni and window scrns to kee mosquito out. meanwhe, ga park is 18 weeks pregnt. she and h husband have now canceledn
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>> we just thought it sn't worth theisk. to go. weusrobay couldn't live with ouels if somethi everidhappen. reporter: meanwhe, the national institutes o heal tod sai it hopes to start clinal drug trials this year, but a zika vaccine cld be years away. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> a mystery that played out hours late this afrnoon in the new rk area, a reports started to stam in of what felt li an earthquake from the jersey sho all the way to long isla a connecticut, prompting a flurrf 911 call rns out it was acally a seriesf sonic booms caused by a mitary as in maryla conductilit te the n ey coast. mystery solved. justot of frayed nerves left behind. >> and we have breaking news onhe nse stalemate in egon, t federal refuge seized by ti-governmen protesters. four ldouts rain d we'reearing a convoyas lef the
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roadblock has bee removed. sis that things may be coming to a conclusionthere. e lder had urged them to stand down. bundy was aested tuesy when violence erupted during a traffic stop and left on member of his group dead. e've got an exaordinary access into an. and in a rare intervw, the amican educated head of iran's nucle ram reveals to nbc's ricrd engel never-before-heard details about the ntroversial deal that lifted inrnatnal nctions on ira >> reporter: ltle is knownbout how iran ended up making a deal with itsld enemy, the united states. but now in the first ameran interview since the deal, the head o iran's atomic energy oation to nbc newis cotrs supre les eye dole la entrted him with hammerg outhe deil of e nuc agreement. withinlimits. >> h said, i do not trus the amicans, t ok, i tst you.
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se wha you can do. >> reporter: ali, an m.i.t. educated scientt, revea for theirst time conditionhe supme leader set. >> one conon was that,look,ou just discuss the nuclear issue, you know, no political gotiatns. repter: t ayatollah also insisted talks had to be quick and presee iran'sight to eich uranium. >>he fouh conditn washe condition that let's - you don want to say what it is even now? >> not reporter: be did want to tal about king relnsh the u.s. t a level noeen since americ diplomats takenostage at the u.s. embassy here 36 years ag relation, industal coeration, ctural cooperatio - >>merica ftori opening here, is that what -- >> we welco them, yes, if they want. why not.
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is hard to build. >> this phot, our nlear mayrs. >> repr: he keeps photogras i his office of fr nucle scientis a iver assassinated in an effort to slow iran's nuclear progra he classraelid thekillgs, with washington's tit approval. allegations whington deni,nd isrl n'com. >> thers a space here. doou thi there will bsixth? viously youon't want tt -- >> iop it' . i hopet'sme >>ou he it' you? usehiss source of pride. toldou. yeah. weook forrtyrdom. >> reporter: a wide gap still exists between the u.s. and iran, and theeal of its revolion remains just belowhe surfe. gel, nbc newstean there is mto tell you about here toght. di you get shu fole tickets? or maybe you paid uble to see boss? inveigators say you' playing a fixed game. how they to track down on it.
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we're back now with a maj new investigation blowing thlithe reason so many le get shut o wn trying to buy tickets for a hot conc sporting ent. chances are it's happened to you, and it not because so ny people are beng tgo.
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ac now, they'rfighting back. erng ac tl impossib ica be to score a ticket see her. it's a worldwi probm for soanof the hottest ts. whis it often so difficult to get tickets at face valu >> we're reasing today a repo -- >> reporter: now, a three-ar investigation by the new york state attorney general veals tickets are e never available to begin with. >> artists, omoters, venue operors ll hold back a large nuerf ticketthat never make it tohe regular market. >> repter: accding to theeport, some shs had 70% of tiets earmarked for presale evts. the report ao found that one ticket broker ing ahigh-tech purchasingique lled a bot canopp tickets for re onexample sne ught more than 1,000 ckets in o minute for u2's perfoan at madison square garden last ye. it's a dilemma that s artists fr eon
5:46 pm
crying foul, and many fa saming. >> so frustratg. hearreaking. yoow ty're doi purposely jusso you'll pay thrur times the price. >> it's a nationwide problem. it's everywher i can'think of a state in the country thissn't a proem. d it happe at evermajor concert venue. >> rorter: your best shot at landing those mu-have ticks, experts say register for fan clubs to get early access. but even the ere's nouarant leaving so many fans on a sour te. jacob rascon, n wsneyork >>whene come bac whe were you0 years ago day? the estion so many are asking tonight
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(mics ums inify) like isi'll nev forget. t t 26 foap bensppable this is my fighng take ba my life ic),,,, it was exactly 30 years o en sev crewembers boarded e space shuttle
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off onn venture. t 73 seconds later, the moment is seared to the memories of amicansho watched it le and many mo who saw rlayed. the mission ended in a tric dister in t sky. c's kevin tiles kes us bacto the mont that forever changed space exploration. >> rorr: oa clr t unusuay cold cape naveral morng. ace shuttle "chaenr" lt is rth and headed for ace, fled withanticipa and he. but at 139asrn standaime -- >> we have just seen the launch of the space shuttle "challenger." therhas been a major prlem. >> reporter:he shuttle tragically disintegrated high over t atlantic. its cre ove gone. includingcrista allive, the first
5:51 pm
thcape. her students were watching in new hampshire. others watchin across cry wld oose toon memory by becoming teachers themsves. today at ceremonies om arlington naonal cemetery,o ca canaver, wrths laiin remerance. we still reaching r e stars, fro the maov oth red planet, stunning new pictus of pluto fm the probe new rizo. and, of course, the international ace station where today a moment of silence was held but it w on that january night three decades ago that esidt rona reagan postponed his state of the union dress to deliver his poignaemembran. >> the fute doesn't to thfeint hearted, ibelongs to the the "challenger" crew was pulling usnto the future, and wll continueo follow. >>epter:evin tibble n news, chicago.
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we'll take a look at the ora and blue spit aheaof the>> > fiy gh changfo one t m polar toys of all-ti. for generations, baieolls have presented an image of perfect beau. for many, th's exactly the problem. buw as nbc's eca hill tells us, barbie is getting a whole new look. >> repr: since barbie debut i 19shtried just about job. t oninat never change her figure. until toy. en toy maker mattel introded three new barbie bod typeso tt represent the shapes and ses of real women. peti, tall, and curvy. i think is about
5:56 pm
reporter: critics d long complained barbie's body waan imssible ial, and the was growing pressure for more physally reastic do mattel went back to the drawing boar and troduced more diverse options. >> society felthat barbie needed to be more in touch with the times d a better reflection of the world we're living in toda >> reporter:hile barbie remained best-seller for mattel, 92% of american girls 3 to 12 have oed one of the s. s plged 20% from 2012 to 2014. a ide that continues into 2015. >> more d more brands areecnizing that wen and girls asonsumers ands audiences, ty need moreth demd more, theyant re, d they'll spend mo. >>orter: matl is hoping the n dol availabl online w, in stores this march, will help boost sales. >> tim are changing. life has changed we're l differt shapes, different
5:57 pm
ethnicities. >> reporter: it just may be barbie's freshest look ever. erica hill, nbc news, w york. and thatill it for us on this thsday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc ne, tha youor watching, anod night. mike ad libs w details emerge... rit now 're pourinthrougcourt cus-- detaing thcide thas colodoprings picseeantacinfelony crges. kelsey sndp hello everyone and thanks for joing us for news 5 at 6. m rob quirk. and m lisa lyden.
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digging inly relse statistics that show an increase in the number of reported hun trafficking cases... colora. our kelsey kennedy has the report. keey why are some optimistic about an increase in these numbers? this many rerted cases of human trafficking "looks" like bad news.t that's jus. cases are bei repord. especially here in colorado where the interstates maketrafcking coienient. and the more cases repord by victims-he more we can learn about how torent it. "so when they're earning their trust annot just looking at them as iminals they're sharing morenformation s we're becoming more aware. the problem has beenhere but we'rmore awa of now." gfx1 new nuerfrom the "nation hutrafcking resource center" show 500 more cases were repoed nationally in 2015.. that's an increase of out 9 rcent. "i thinkhe numbers are even higher. we don't want to exaggerate, so
5:59 pm
colora moving up othliof states with t "most han trafckg cases".. jumping 2-spots om 19th 17thn .. rogepaio the director of the man trficking task for of southernoloradbelieves.. th could be a result of "more resoce and "awarenes "making these viims fe suted and they're ving us more honest information and so the numbers have been there so we're getting more confirmation of tho numbers." gfx3: "10 more" hun trafficking cases reported in colorado over thstear. in line with theatiol trend.. anncase of about 8ercent.. gfx4: those cases reported in colorado.. 48 of them sex tfficking case. the her 22 cases of labor trafficking.. paizio and the task force have been working for years to raise awareness... recent opening a caf in the colorado institue of massage therapy whe the public can learn about the growning problem.. "being a massa therapist, beg in thifield and knowing that massage parrs, that our industry iconnected or tied to th kind of thing. it was an easy obvious choice


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