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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  January 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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obligation" the changes will cost an timate385-million dollars over the next five years. secretary carterays, that military service lders lgely endorse the changes,.but revisions are expect in the mohs ahead. secrety carter can ilement some of the chans himself,...others will need congressional proval. we will continue to track this story because itmpacts so many here in southern colorado. a live look right now in pueblo. anotr warmay. and mike saywe should soak up thnshinewhilitasts. yoreracking thpoteial... we sa w days? what are tse ely models shing yomike? stl tchi thes r thpossility of atrong storm stt ek. theurope model bngs in snow sunday monday into early tuesday morning. thre will bewind witthis storm blowing snow remains a stng possibility stayunedor updates.
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northwest corado up t2 feet of snow rom saturday it sund. windnd snowill mak for dangerous travel. moslty clear skies tonightith lows in the 20's most areas. friday will be warm with highs in the 50's and0's with a mix o clouds and sun ed r-v in old corado cit
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along weik peafirefighters wableput it t.buthr-v tol ss ullynoasnse. xxxx tonight... the owner of tharv sayshe's ustrated with the ci. hydrant... wasn't working at the time--- service... following an accident several weeks o. news five's maddiearrett is ve at e me on pikepeak avenue... he full sty,addie? tus out --- re hydras are damaged ite a t he winter because rsn ow or icnd thethhat the owhe hns ahe time... e says theeaoblem bad inrsti... cars tuing toik pk from colbia haveo stop sign. go fas.. d ofteash into the corr heren her property. ok rq she calls it her zen gden... sot sandra "mwhole corner is about nature and peace go ergy." all up iflames. sot sandra
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theide height, your rd on fire, flames 25 feet high and 35 feet long." the owner, whoidn't want tbe idenfied, wonders if more could have been saved if the fire hydrant in front of her house had be worki sosandra "may top of ththg uldn't have burned, or the tires wouldn't have melted, or maybe my tesmy beautiful trees, wouldn't otte burn." thobm e says... t sa "see he's goint. carspeing thugh is intersecti... sing control and hitting h co. sot sandra "i would say at least 30 times since we'vlived here." three weekag.. sot ndra "ty finally actual h the fire hnt head it's a comm problem toughout the city. sot steve berry "and we're certainly seeinthem gehit a lot." 18fa month. berry lenge to stay on top of them in general, e it'sthe
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stbution sthatls work othe hyants withthousand hs, t cioritizes whichnes t fid .. if the's other hydrants nearby, it c take up to a month...h wathcaer soberry 'there was oneut 270 feet away." sot sandra "here they are trying to run down the block with this heavy 100 foot hos hk up down the." the owner calls it ironic. her hydrant was schedud fo ir dayat sosandra "12 ho almt to t dotou know." now aspsete abohe fire hydnt that wasn't working... the ownesays what shreally wants a stosin th intersection to slow t don by er.. cause she s soe secod poteiake o ts hyd ain. poing live in cos mg n five. updating you now... on three fireshat sparked
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onof the most chalnging for firefighters...was an aging artment fire on street... near old colorado city. we've leard ere are more "dangers" with older buildings. that's because when there's ructuralnknowns, old materials and flames spreadi veast... and sotime... fire crews havto pull ba. a deputy fire marshall says crews know the rks.... but can't changehe way things were built decades ago. ===== "tseropey nes were vestedong ago and we can't go ba in and ma someone chang er lin. we can't say lets te out every other house and rece the clearance between houses." the re department recognizes older nehborhoods have chaer and connection to history. they say most pele who live in these eas accept there is added sk. xxxx new at ten: the parker police officer who saved a teenager froa frozen retention pond is talking about that day. two weeks ago,hree boys fell through the ice. he pulleone out and did his best to save the oth two,...who died.
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him today. flowers and rion line the fence just a few feet from where three teens fell through ice. tric ltz died that... max gantnier psed away lesthan twweeks later. mi waid/parker mayor 7:50-53 "pker is a gat community and right noparker is in pain." twand a halfinutes after a teenage girl called 911 when she saschoolmas in the pon... pa police showed up --- incling officer tr biles c. treyiles/parkepolice dep 528 "this is one of e calls where you can think it as mu as you want, but y donno whatou're ing duntil yoget ther" th nwater reue eipment or spefic training r tthe ndndad tomprovise. he found a trethat seone hacently cut down. ofc. ey biles/parker police dep 115-14 "it was abt 15 feet long so i ab that and run as fast i can over there, tend iout to co who w the last one ab the surface." he pullecoleobinson out the eezi water thother bo we noere to be seen. c. trey bilesarr poceep 1241 "he kept saying repeatedly, 'they're gone, they're gone.
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long.'" les got on t unstable ice and started trying to break it apart --- oking for the teens. as he and a reghter pulled max ... ey fell through the ice o. ofc. trey bil/parker police dt. 23:08-:1 "your heart is broken for t being able to helphe other two." the rker officer doesn't thi he's hero . t knows someone who is. of trey biles/parker police dep 15:50-55 "i bieve ce is aero r sting aliv" at was victoria nchez reporting. parker police are alreadmaking changes since this tragedy the police chief said the departmenturchased 75 rescue ropeto keep in emeency vehies. officer biles said he plans to keep an eye on cole from nn. new information tonight: on the arrest of a colorado
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sgt.steven bisca" was rested yesterday on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and felony macing chges. it aarsts om a disturbance after a traffic accint last year. reathrough the court parswhich ow bisros d pulng restrned suspecfromhe pole uiser to theroun he alsaccused ofunching, kicking and ching him. the suspect was reportedly getting out of control ithe ce cruiser---and that'what led to biscaro's reponse. sgt biaro has been on the force more than o decades. he is onaid adnistrative leav xxxxx alsoewonht: the ste supremcourt is ordering the judge in the planned parentod shooting case to explain why he's ed the rest aavit andthrecos"colorado freedom inrmation coalitn" says thstate's court ga judge gilbert martinez a february th deadline. last month---judgeartinez d sealing the recowodn'te inhe publt. the alitn someembers the mia asked tupreme
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spect robert dear... is now undergoing a psychiric exam at the state hospital i pueblo. we're gging through y releed nbe today--th show a steady increasethe numberf "humanrafficking cases" the national human trafficking resource center says the rising numbers are the result of "me reports"... peop u anyns cnicatio reou fohe.. erti autries of some whnelp. the humatraffickintask force of southern colora has been working to raise awarenesfoyear--ev creating t o space for the publicndnformation. ========= "we wanted to fi that void we opened up cafe re in our business a few wee ago and procee will go towards human trafficking organization" the cafe' is inside e lorado institute of massage the in coloro spngs, where the dictorf task force wos. xxxx a major land sp proposal between colorado springs parks and e broadmoor n works. it involves propty near rr
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wells hiki tras near eyenne canyon. some of the open space watchdogs in oa say it wth i calla twfoone de icos acrea. 370 acres go tthe city..nd the broadmor gets near 190 acres. tonight...the communitwas invited to sre their tughts. ==== areercoerned ouwh trsfur of lansno st forr our our andknd what kind of spwe lea in futu, for thosfuture generations we detai of the swap anthe la involved on our webse at koaa dot com. itas exactly 30 yes ag today,..when seven crew membs boded the spac shuttlchalleng and set off for space. just 73 conds after the launch fr cape naveral..the shuttlblew aricans watched on live t-v. day meris re hd across the cotry toonor the sen men and men whlo their lives that day..ncluding ristmcauliffe...who was to
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into space. a year-long investigation showed extremely cold temperartures caused parts othe shuttle to break apart. inr elecon watchoverage: there rewovents tonight for the republican candidates fopresiden a debate on the fox network....with l the top candides,...cept donald trump who boycotted the debate over issues with the moderar, megyn kel.. he held his own y. and ev though he wasn't on stage... other candidates took shots at "i'm a maniac and everne o thista is upid, faand ugly and ben youre a terrie surgn. noate have gottee donald trump ptionut of the wa lauger " meanwhile ump heldis o event carrd on sever cableor f woued io.. ss se llion. trummaintaina poinlead over ted cruin the polls wit marco rubio pog third in iowa... just four days before the caucuses.
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a warning about scams suounde sur bowl w to make the ticket you're buyg will actually get in the g an's a cnce to "wibi on sur bowl sunday. how u can get on the fun pueblo--cong up. bufirst let's check in with mike. ,,,ning onews 5 today...
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dangerous mixture that teens are drinking.. soda and racing fuel! we'll have the obvious res mecal expes are concerned out "dew-shi's" dealdy
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all begins at 4:30 video of drivers trying to
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ancy road. we cou see icy conditions here early nexweek. a look from caras acro colorado... hightoday in the 50's and low 60's. current mperatures all over southern colorado.... next weather maker..hi pressure to our west and lower pressure tour east wbring the nd downspe tomorrow. th warm wind wilmake friy the warmest day so far this week. hour by hour, sunshine will mix with high thin clouds as we work through friday. temperatures will be very mild fo januar
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tomorrow highs wilreach the 50's and0's. 7 day forecast for t springs, high tomorrow 60, brzynd warmn rd. ow sdaand monday with much colder air. there ll bwind at mewith next weeks storm so blowing snow will be a problem atimes for travelers. dry and co weesday and thuray ebloighs the nex2 da i the 60's. snow suny and mondayith ch colder air. the storm exits rly tuesy rninbut tuesdawill be cold with a high of only 27 dry and a waing trend wednesday intohursday. canon city and wooand park, dry and mild the next couple of days then a big chan nex
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ow sunday and moay with significant aclations possible. temperatures will be much colder next week especially monday and tuesda dry and a little warmer wednday
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,, wnd'szzard s the st powl snowstorm hit theortheast in 20 years!! that from the national oceanic and atmospheric adminiration. millions of amans arstill diing out from t cripinstorthat pound the nortast. atea 4peleie now the stowerful storm... waba i1993. itumped more than 30 incheof snow. fr mississpi to maine. xx
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stherdoclosk ow ctlrock
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new video in to the newsroom tonit, of the roadblock,nd shooting...that d to the death of one of the armed militia-men, occupying an eastern oregon wildlife refuge. the fbi sayshat when lavoy ficum, w they say was
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truck,...he reached toward his pocket sever mes,...and w shot. eight others we takein to custody,...and their leader, amn bundy,...told e rest of the ocpiers to stand down. however,...four peopleemain at the compound,...refus ing to leave,..aintning the standoff over feral nd sues. mo u. airlines a offering refunds fopregna women o booked trips to places affected by the zika virus. united, american, delta, jet bl a spirit are offering refunds right now. carnival and royal carribbean cruise lin are ao letting women redulr tr the zika virus is mosqto-borne d y cause serious birth defects. it has mostlenetd in latin american and the carrean. a list of affeedountries is the c-d-c's wsite. a warning for broncofans if yore looking foruper bowl tiets online. the colorado attney general's office ia ing today..tmake syodo your homework before buying
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they s you sulfi out as much aut the seller poib...,check the location of the seats...andlways use a credit cd and know the sell refund licy. you should also consideruyg tickets rough websites like stub hubndhe n-f-l ticket exchge. customers have the chancto win "big" at severalestaurants and bars in pueblo on super bowl sunday. eye offering wt they cal "super bowl cards" -- which resees a st a game board with corsponding numbers. athe e of eachrter when fan matches the last digit of of commradery amontheir customers. thatmosphere that creates whenhe game is intense and citing is just o whe everyone comes together anenjoys the game and cheers for their home ste team it just fantastic e me is consider legal cae the businesses d't collect a profit for themsves. the entire pgoes back to the customer brcos ide is bng in
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rock star l decked out i oran and blue e nver brcos. this spectaculight wasade pole by the castle rock fire department some willing firefighters made the ek tthe toof the rock to installhe orange and bl bulbs. than to ck luceyoretng us share his ptos! the brs are rtnlon everyone minds, we're breaking down their practice work for the off week.... ...a wve g hscol pes om across the springs
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highlights areominupext in spts it's hard believe any storylincould take away from super bowl-50. yet therit is...the ever- esent question, will super bowl sunday beeyton manning's finagame in the n-f-l? sports director gnt meech was at do ll today to t me clarity fr the sheriff himself. if this is peyton manning's last rodeo - at aay to go out... thats ifhe broncosin the super wl manninuldn't s if as or wnt the end... hey this might be my last rodeo so it's been special "i don'tnow if it's be confirmed or not... what ever happened tpriovate conversations no cfiation that whatsoever - we e on to carolina." jokes aside - manning will be
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in super bhistory next month - and when you look athe panthers cam newton and how he pls - manning might be aying eed. "well i hope thats not tru- because i will be t of job and my broth will be ptty close hind, ya know? so uh... different types of quarterbacks soh theres different ways to be efctive... and ths the way you have to pl i" it would be hard for any ayer to ss sen weeks of the sson with an injury to try and get up for the playoffs bunot manning - he'seen rejuvenad and has the res ofhe team. "i felt ithen he walke t fielagait san diego d i fe it ery ek since - h a ader a o ogrtest leaderin this gameand 's obviouslbeen a greateader around here for lo time so know it's specl to have him in the hudd and ry proud ohis rk to geck intthisosion. ost tohe quarterbacknd the team thats winning formula heroncos grant meech news five spor
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1. bradley beal tjohnall for e two-haed slam...ti upa t . 2. kola jokic for the nuggets...e-aw....drns it..nverp 54 3. emuel muay....salting it away....thsteal and slam.... e nuets role tthe n overthe zard.11713. schl hos,ernd pine creek tonight. 1. dawson thos....for three....pine creek lookg for the upset. 2. jose goln for doherty....the ok and hoop.....doherty stayin it. 3. jeremiah prut... quick ive...upnd i 4. ifn waer....thlan, but it just wouldn't be
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doherty would end up breing away in th o, th rto the win 67-50. elseerro the sings, palmer high and liberty ttli it out downtown. 1. t.j ark....blowingast the for 2....keepscoree. 2. d'angelo wallace....the big man r palmer..dring for the baets. 3. ris gaes respond.the reverse and the foul....liberty is rig tre. 4. palmerulls away though....will ross with the layup.... palmer wins on their he urt, -61. mostly clear skies tonht wh lows in the 20's most areas. friday will be very nice, a mix of clouds and sun and breezy wind t test from 10 to0 mph.
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aying warm saturday then much colder air winow sunday and monday. the lorean is coming back in utur ca fous t tim machine in the "back to the future" films llo ck int pruction next year. the rent company'swn says there arenou supplies stk to buildbout 300 cars d luum is ne. new deloanarexpe to sl for less than a hundred thousand dollars. thanks f watching news 5 a10:0 tomoowowng joiira,ie d stn fonews 5oday stting at 30.
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