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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  January 28, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ chee and appuse ]>> sfrtu ckr nter in the he of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." nigh join jiy and hi guests - billjo j.k.mons, ndy roots crew>> quest
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[ cheers and alaus myhe>>hey. oh atcrrit there. oh, my goodns. th's a great new yk city crowd,ight hertonigh edy. welce to "ni." thanyou so mucr bein he. thank yofor tching. here what people areking out. sie the rst imarieare abt a montaway, and the atre ry star - ah i an, e fa that a rally in new hampshire rnie sanders mked dona tmpor thinking at climate change is a hoax created the chine. [ lahter ] so ts t,peop are star to fee trump is hoax cread by the ches
10:36 pm
that's rea no, he rl. he he's rl. teve: wa. >>myrndersave her ee here ework tyesrd and eedp spng f almost anou we c't su e whol spee, t we condensed it wn to what bnie really wanted to say. [le ] big ban a eell str[ laughter [ cheers andppla] >> jimsimple. in and out. s: , t, boom. >>imtesecond >>: ah.>>th >>immythe otr ws is actually kin sry north koreunced yester thatt hasuccessfully carrying out it's first hydrogen bb test eier tha or thust thr firschipotle. but ther way, doesn't matt. ing pp. i don'remeer. i didn reait. dn't rd the ole e. >> stevehow is that en a in jimmyi dn rthe ole ar so me newsrom ovas. membs of the bti iame a go et later this mtho dete whetr oro ban
10:37 pm
onmember oparliant sai "loo enoh guysit ridiculous looking things on thr heads making se nobody gets over a fence. d that's right [ laught applause ] u can ke t the ban ce, we' a winto thw ana lot of us haveew year's resolutions. enk zuckrg posteon facebook that one his new year's rolutio is run 36s 6. yeah, at's rig. had a baby d 's ttg to runng. so if there's a time to -friend zubergn facebook, it's now.[ laughter and applause ] it's le, "yeah, we g it. congtutis." "i jt ran a , dedicad babgi laughter ] ere are reports thatwitter is goingo incrse its aracter limifr14chacters to ,0haracteryoar that? dioo] th saithey've ady en teinit on the internet. i gotta sa illy don't know if people should be writing loer tweet
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with40 chaimit is persoted,cat o try thnew th restnt that opened neighbho xcited." with the 10,00character same pers t "c'try the newreauraopened i neigod. ve never b thaild. i've nev been hockey me hter ] myousit hit in tair th a pucon his ht ha. it [ chrs and alause ] >> steve: to. >> jimmy: take a look at this one here. wi40 character eted, "hel of bed thi g, so coorl." withhe 10,000 character t, that me perso twd, "he, can't out of b this morning,o mfble. it bause my pillow iose down nevegot in a pil gh or a fight myn got foot once so dude ped ando at him. it hit in the ha. just h hair got hurt. #lol." [ plse ] you see what i saying?
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>>udience: yeah! vea ofair stuf >> jsureut tha udienc yh! >>imok, re's a 14charter li pe tweed, h is 1degrees today.#wtf." th0,00charr lit, thmeersotwte " te o18 deg t. res . at lsts t ing.i'veeveen t a snll. [ hter ] mysigohit swbal once. soid tew it ead, but it hit in the ha. #w you see,he000 chacmit is oious a big miake. [ chrs and applause ] >> steve: a lot hair. >> jimmyi with you. >> steve: ah. >> jmyhis usin almos had a cle ca. steve: yeah, that'slo call wyou the ha. immy: absolutely. guys, is is et excitin here. expert s l said th'vdiered tgest tasapphi ty er found. itor olion. unrtunaty,nit,ome old thr it off the ba boat. [ laught applause ] "he ke a french girl
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>> stevenear. r. >> jimmy: u ju tewhay. s: i d >> jmy: i didn't kwhat i was doing. [ lahter ] >> sve: mrs. sandl. >> jimmy: risked oulives okg for this jew. u coulha sd sothin oh, 't kw. thght near far everou are [ apse >> sve: nch snch dy ughter ] >>immy: gufinally, thi is precool h sevel companies arworkin together to replacthousands ofay phones hereneyork ty with frs. [ cheers and applause ] officials say that new yorkers need a more modern, more technologically advanced thing ught and applaus
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[ ch a alae we ry . vet up for the roots. chnd app] jmy: t re >> jim: get resome ght. >> steveye. oho fun. >> jimmy: guys, i'm ju s cited aboutonigh i mean this isood. right? you feel i [ chee and applause guy is fun. feel i you ken it's's just --ean. he's one othe grtest sianofll time. i can already see thstdi ovatiohappening w. he's great neworker. great performer. y joel is in the toght. [ chrs andppuse ] my goodness. he's at madison square garden. he doinghis thing, every coup months. every month. i think it's fr shs. evershow better than the last. it's uelievable. it'secord-breaking.
10:42 pm
and tonight, hs ing to peorm a fun song i should also sa i shld also y, we have another gut onhehow. he'sne of the ices in "kung fu panda," academy awarnner.k. simmons is tight.cheersndpplae ] >> stevelovely man. lolyly man >> jimmy: was it "whipsh?" >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: he w just ntastic that. then we'reng to close out the sh wh a lly joel son that he's ver rfmed on a sh eveon television. cheers and appuse yeah. but he should.he sulhave. >>teve: uld ve >>im: hehoulhave >> sve: yeah >>immythatood. yeahyou'reoifrk out. [ lighlaughter >> qve: what iit? >> jimmy: i cat tell you what it is. that'secause thawoulgi away theecret he fun. >> sveit's a secret. >> jimmy: it a fun sprise. >> steveyeah. fun surprise. >> jim: hey, guys,he n wild cplayoff e thiseekend. are you psyched for this?
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this sunday's matcis between the minnesa ngs anthe seattle seawks. [ cheers and applause ] now, as you know, he end o erseason, eyivout ardsike mobl playey also ve out awas during the sso 're sort of ke t os in the high scho yeaks, like mlikely to cceed, cls clown,tuff le that. witthat ind'sim fo"tht s suates." here we go. tonight sho surlatives >> jimmy: our first player is michael bennett. he's a defensive e f the seattle seahawks. he wasotedost likely to be thve child oice cube and eep. [ ch and applause he wonhat.>> s: he wonaward. jmy: bideal. >> steve: not ba-ah-ad. >> jimmy: next up from the ahawks is tight en luke wills luke willson, he was voted mt likely to disappnt men when he tur arod. ught applae ] hey. oh, hey, what's up m? how you doing? luke! you all good? that cl.
10:44 pm
[ laug >> jimmynext ufr the seawks, marshawn lynch >> steveoh, yeah. [ laughter ] wait for it. >> jimmy: heas votedost likely to see the new "star wars" moe in 6d. [ laughtndlae ] >>tely did nokn that. >> jimmy: they must ve a a specl theate in seattle. we have -- next up, e minnesa vikings' punter locke. he was voted moslily to have sneezed hself into pubert [ laht ] >> steve: hello. >> jimmy: hello, hi. i can'take your call right now. [ hter ] steve: hell chy? mom, get of room. >> jimmy: next from the seawks is starting quarteack ruell wilson. he was voted most likely to cover yo eyes withis hands and yell, uess who?" [ laer and alaus] steveth's aaward? >> jim: yeah. he won that. next up. oh, my manj.r. sweezy.
10:45 pm
from the seawks. he was voted most likely to have never seen "making a next up, from th next up, from the seawks i will tukuafu. he was voted most likely to make this facehen his mo trto son feem. [ laht and applaus steve: come on. airplane goes in. >> jimmy: ne up om the vikis is austin shepherd. he was voted most likely to ju have fe thehipotle kick in. [ lahter and applause ] [ lahter ] sve: oh. >> jimnext, from the vikings, is lial josh. he wasotedt likely to open his mouth and have a a canary fly out. laughter and alause ] ke a bird his mouth. ne up from the vikgss jason trusnik. he was voted most likely to wear aringles caas aa heet.
10:46 pm
>> ste: that can'te an award. jim: thatan'treal >> stevedo prings sponso that award? immy: i dot know, man. >>teve: that's crazy. >>immyonce you pop your helmet, you n'stopour helmet. you' got to take it off. >> steve: you've got that can on it. >> jimmy: finally, we have blair walsh from the vikings he was votedost likely to lo like evermen "one direction"ombined. eru go guy [ cheers and appuse ] thosare your "l superlatives we'll be rht back with billjo.
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[ ch a appus, it j: , 's happeng. re we go. re joined righnow by one t a-time eate sg writs d composerof r muc. he's aofficialrancse a madison square garn,here his monthly shows have sold ou for over twoears now. wow. [ cheersndpplause ] please welcome btohow e he bt bill, e
10:50 pm
j: co>>imcome o billjoel! theyove u. that's right. thatight. ohthat what happens does th happen to billy joel, i goo a restrantthey stan? standing ova t ti? [ lighlaughter ] >> jimmy: wellned toni ye, thank you souch for beg here. we love you. absolutely. i'm shaking your hand, i'm huggg yo i'm very excited. you've hadreat year. i want ralations on getting
10:51 pm
>> jimmythat hpe quy. >> hpens real fa. jimmy: oh, my gos and ur oldt daughter, ex >>le. >> jimmy: know she's singing anplaying. s at the csle. e's phenomenal. >> she just turned 30. >> jimmy: 30 yrs o. >> yeah, she's 30 yeard. >>my h so ickly. e those two -- are youoi toet them arted in group? [ lit lahter ]u art w. this ipet time. >> ts t baid. jimmy: it a bad idea. e ba is five mths. this is peect. you can get a go harmony. are they learninharmon are you teaching them harmony? >> alexa knows hmony from yes and ars ofying music. she'really tented. >> jimmy: do you guyget toth and play together es, do. ery meheom tthe use,just s aro pla thpiano and sing.>> jimreally? >> yeah. >> j: and you ow the same s? no. [ lilaughter ] , she kns a lot new sti don't ow, she knows a lo stuff thai know. and - she loves to haoniz >> jimmy: that's what did withy dad, too. i would st g inthis would. [ t lahter ] the sameng. i'm goto do it witmy
10:52 pm
going blistening to -- your-month-o is gog to listeno liblp,lo, blee, ng, boing. [ laught ] and that's going to be the new thing. yore like, oh, i love that song. >> she's aeadyiggi music, i can tell. >> jmy: she ? >>eah. but you and yo dad are goo together. you a l oharm stuff. jimmy: yeah, we -- bum shed you at your show oncet the gard well, i wt latfor the because mjimmy an his dad we jt indop bastag [ lighlauger ] d thew igoin "u know y're suo be stage now, wait a mite. itwa >>immy: but th's what happens when -- my d. he jt loves dowop. i kn you love doo-wop. so we got togeth. any song you mentioned, my dad knows. he's le anncyclopea of doo-p music. when we got here, i'm li- i dot know how heven started don't know how got backstage, my dad. light ught wt -- yeah, iidn't ha a pass or athing. , he just kindends er like, "hey, up, guy" yeah. >> he was fu jimmy: yeah, hetart singing with you. >> i wouldave kept gng. >> jimmy: yeah. i got to s, there's tw
10:53 pm
announcement one is the billy joel channel on sirius. which i love. it'soming back. u're relaunching it january 15th, nto iit? >> yh. >> jimmynuy e billjoel cha wil on sirs. i ved it last ti. but it's different now ts time. >> well, i'm gng to be me involved. last time, i didn't get a chance treal be on-air when they were plang stu. waed t me in. we toobreak and wee toeditgain. sot'not onnae . it'soi to tuff tt like, too. >> jimmy: will you dj? will you appear on the thing, be l "hey, it's billjo coting down." >> is bj the dj, comg . [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: that right, bj the dj here. coming in at nber fourwe got beethove >> now, do you rembelike, m? >>im: yeah i remember wcbfm. it was doo-wop. cousin bruce. cousin brucie. jimmy: cousinrue. cbs [ chee and applause ]
10:54 pm
>> howard stern's house.>> jimmywe cornered each other, or i cornered you, al. hter ] i started lking about p music oromething, then -- >> there was ano. >> jim: yeah. and the were all the famous peoe. and we igned erybo and ang. >>immyyeah. >> yeah. >> jim: we sg r he whole part [ laughter ] i mean, it was so fun. >>idn't even eat >> jimmy: no, me, either. we kept saying, now this song,t so oh, 'lbe fun. th wtalked about maybe ing at adio stn,ln in sag haor. >> jimmy: inag harbo new york >> jimmy: yeah. akg over the stage. >> jmy: taki ovee ste, shongp mnit, me and y. and ing, "what's uguys? we're going to start, i got jimmand bj the dj, and we're here to show you what's ." [ light lahter ] >>t would be fun let's do it. >> jimmy: t's do it. u're d >> this suer jmy: wl, get re e going to show up. we knowhere the station is. cheers a applause ] we're going to just sh up. it wl be fun. jim: madin sq garden. re tomorrow nit as well. i have seen --
10:55 pm
>> jimmy: yeah, of cou i'm coming. i'm the. e'll do something onstage. >> jimmy: yeah eah. jimmy: real chee and applae ] >>ea >> jimmy: don't get volved.he quest, don't get jealous. don't t jeals. don't get jeals. we can dsoinfun. we'll do dooop now >> whatever you want to do. we can do it all. >> jmy: all right, i got a ght tohink abo thi i'm going to think authi >> okay. >> jim: becae it'smazi. have y sn billy jo in coer anyone? [ cheers and applaus] thiss good. if y haven, yoare in for such a treat. it's the mt n thing ever. you don't seme when i'm there,hough, right? if i'mn the audice, do you? youee the cwd? >> umm -- >> jmy: how far do you see? >> i see about six rows back anthen'm blind aer tt. >> jim. you don't me tcause m the ne ds. anks for t hook-up, by the way, yh. [ laughter ] >> aime, jimmy. >> jim: yeah, appreciate at. another announcementyore adding another show. july 20th isoing tgo on . will be your 31st consecutive showa roat the garden in th run athe garden 'srazy
10:56 pm
>>im: 31 shows >>n'know it was ing o this long. if tre'stillicke demandi'm going to kp aying.>> jimmy: u n't stop. [ cheers and applae ] it's the most -- it's the funight. >> it may go on for the rest of nural le. [ ght laughter>>my: it's thet fun, and you gu are going tget a ste ofhat this is all abt. mo with biy joel when we come bacwith "the toght show,"rybody. [ cheers andpplae ] e mo y mov the more you sweat degree'sotionsense tecology s you fresh wi every me. it has uniqumiocsules that contain agrances. friction breaks the capses... ...releasingursts of freshness all day. whether u're mng a deadline... ...ging a bite. ...oheading out for e night. motionsee, pction toeep u mong.
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cheers and alause ]im: ev im: eryb wac with the and o y .ers a pihere.d to have hind the piano. it would aear you just showed up becau the pno is here you just ended up sitting behind piano. haere lly to rk immyyeah, tly. was thera ou aay presen s behin a piano? mide >> jimmy: middle c is the -- >> that's ere itll starts. it the first note u ar whou takpiano leon mile c. >>immy: i don'know- i can't piatu. t i can -- no, butou don't enant meo. i'm hosting e sh and youe here[ laht u know wt, citfield, byhe way, that w beautil ing. i t know if yoguys the world series the ts were in the world series and they re at citi field. applause ] and i gues ehth
11:01 pm
"pianoanatiti fi y h that. jimmy g er you havneen- en ili ay en >> no,y ingiand i went "wt do ino ey'rdog ." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: hat's thing ye. t mets woth n, thanodssbee i s supposed to be a jinx. i sawo other son at met worlseriesaney lost"b joel's ngeye goin l" eyy won at nht. >> jmy: theyid winhat nigh >> wbrokthcurse. >> jmy: t i me, evybody ingingpiano n." you doally kw whato se that yr ng. you're l "thank u." you knowow the song goes. >> yeah. kia. jim: yeah, we hava clip of you. kin cool here it erybodisin. utre imy jar and say man what you doing here la da da di di da sing us a s
11:02 pm
[ rspplaus >> jimmyat whalove. "yh, knothe rds.i goto sing along." that's great song to sg to. >> thas strange, man >> jimmyi've never sn th in the world series of them st notalking, like "they're warming up the llpen." the guys dn'y -- joe buck or whoer dn'tay wo. they just leu sing noke -- d was faas t s >> jimmy: we we talking duringommercial. thought of methinfu becaus were going to talk, and th i said, "well, should maybe do a song, like if weat a party or sog. [ uger >> okay. >> jmy: what song would we do? sollston -- cae we d have to do yo song, right? >> stones are great. i love the stone >>im: eaf buen"? >> "beast of burden." >> jimmy: in g? in g? [ cheersnd appuse ] i'll ner ver your beast ofurden
11:03 pm
bacis bro but it's hurting all i wafor you to make lovto m >> you tit. [ cheers a applause ] i'lnever beour beast of burden i've walked for s my feet e hurting all i want is for you to keove toe cheersnd applause ] am i hard enough i rough enough i ricenou m notoo blind to s i'll never be your beas of burden et's go me and draw th rtains micn e raocome on ba ma se toe eers anduse ]
11:04 pm
am i rough enough am iich enough i'm notoo blind to see [ ee and applause ] 'ra etty ptty pretty prettpretty etty girl pretty pretty py prettyretty ty g come on bab please plee plea [ chrsnd appuse ] you can pute out on t street put me out with no shoes on my feet putt pu out t me out of mise i'll never i'll never be your beast of bden ll never be your beast of burden never er never er
11:05 pm
[ cheers a applause ] >>immy: biy el, everyone. billjo is gointo pform "sces frn n restnt" t sw night. you dowa to mi j.k. simmooinse after th br stk arnd, everybody. ev nev never never never never ner be put me out of misy
11:06 pm
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[ cheers alause ] jimmy: how fun was that that w so fun. i meancomen. billy joel, once again, everybody. [ cheers and alause ] oh, i love our next guest,oo. he's aolden globand academy awarwiing actor. oh, he had a great sech. he lends his voi to the new animated fil"kg fuanda 3 which hits theaters nationwi januar29th.
11:09 pm
weome j. simns. [ cheers and applause ] >>my: they k >> jimmy: th know tanthe they see talent. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: they're a great audience the absolutely. u can't mess with em. [ cheers and alae ] y'reng to be with you the whole year, right? immy: yeah, they're th me ev -- they've been here 31 consecutive showin a row. it's a recorbreang. [ rs so hpy to have t don't leave.dolee. [ cheers and applause ] >> at some point, you're gng to bringn some f the wille some food later. >>immythere will be some food lat, yeah [ cheers ] one of those tiny snack packs th crackers, and you spread the cheesen it [ laughter the plastic thing. >> they each get o? jmy: let's nojump to conclusions. we'll gure it ou [ laughter ] welcome back to the show. how exciting. we gotou. we got billy joel. i me, that's all you nee that's like a demographic thing you're wh ba, itguysh bear. [ lahter ]
11:10 pm
that's next week. we're doing all bald, ite guys with beards. >> i'll be back. >> jimmy: you'll be back. but i'm so happy you're here. i just want to say congrats on the oscar. i am not going to say i called it, but i called i cheers a applause ] it was all me. ye. you were so great in "whiplash." oh, my gosh. and i mean, i'm watching t acemy awards, d i'just going, "ohmy gosh." i wajust so excitefor you. then you won >> did you nice i head butted lupita whei took the awa? >> jimmyno. >> you got to play that back in slow mion sometimese i went in toet the thing, and was thinking about what am i going to say andverything. oh, i ve to take the thing from her and hand shake or a a hu i wasn't sure. so i went for the ha shake and a kiss on thcheek, and bump! [ lauger ] >> jim: oh, no. >> totally head-buttedupita. >> jim: yeah, ye yh. that's good luck. i mean, hey, you won a then, you head-butluta. thenouent on to say this great speech, whici don't know word for word, but i rember t one part, you said, "call your mom.
11:11 pm
[ applause ] it was the best way. >> i g dad in ere, t. jimmywhat that? >> i got d in there, too. >> jimmy: and hey, you got dad there too. and yosaid, ey, if you're lucky enough to have mother and father that love you and they're around, call them. don't ma them, don't text them." right? >> you did memorize it. >> jimmy: i did. i kind of did. back. [ laughter ] i nt you to look ait later just tmake sure i got it word for word but then, yowe on. it was just beautiful. it was good y --t'a a classy night, the academy ards. it was just a classy way to stt it o. that w nice of youo do at, and then ocourse, you thanked your beautiful wife, as well. who you've married almost 20 years now, is that correct? >> it'll be yea in ptember, yeah. [ cheers and appuse ] >> jimmy: now, i know why she would fall a guy like yo i go, "oh, he's talent." then i saw picture of ere you first met. because yomet doing "peteran" on broadway. >> yes, we did. >> jimmy: ye, and u were -- oh, n. this is really cool. re's you and your fe.
11:12 pm
[ rs and applae ] come o lo at thight t. yeah there is. there you go. ere you . >> i w getting a little handsy, there. >> jimmy: you got a little ndsy, yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but that's sweet. you just met. you met and fell in ve there? >> we had thsame hair, so -- [ lahter ] >> jimmy: ah, well, you got a a odoice. you got the best voice for theater. but alsothat's why these gs want you in thanimated movies, because u've a a good voice. soere you are in the new "kung fu panda." this iangelinaolie jack black, obviously. everyones cong back. but yore new. kate hudson new, and bryan cranst inew. >> mm-m. >>immy: and you play kai? you're a villain. i'm the scary bad guy. >> jimmy: oh, okay, yeah. i was ke, "do you play kai?" [ laught ] you're a cute little -- >> no, yeah. you don't know what kais. >> jimmy: you're a litleaby nda. yeah, yeah, no. no, yore not the baby. >> no, craton gets to be a panda. i'a giscoking ox thg. [ laughter ]
11:13 pm
that? >> wl, i mean, when they first aske to do it, the only qion i asked was, "it all the same team?" you know, the writers and directors producers. and it is. and i thought the first tw movies were so good, a the actors. >> jimmy: yo voi is a a iendly voice. i wouldn't cast you as a a villain. >> well, but at least i t th low voe. >> jimmy: "yea m a bull." [ ght laught ] >> so that was my thought. i would go to my james earl jones darth vad land. >> jimyeah! >> see if that w kind of what theyere looking for. >> jmy: nice reference! i love that. yeah, i know that one. i want to show a cli here's j.k. mmons as the villain, kai, in "kung fu paa 3." check is out kai heturned! >> who? >> kai. generakai. supreme r lord of all china. >> i d't know. >> t jade slayer. master opa. >> e >> okay, i used work with oogw
11:14 pm
great warri. >> wve heard of master oogway. >> oy,y. [ cheers and applause ] >> jim: i knew youwe like a villain, but you're friendly. a lovable viain. th's our pal, j.k. simmons right there. "kung fu panda 3" is in theaters everywhere january 29th. billy joel performs fous next. stick arnd. turn your tvs up. it'soo it's good, 's good. cheers andpplause ] hell hello, nice to meet yo melda. i'm john. we iited you here today to get your honest opinion t this new car. to keep thin unbiased, removed all the badging and logos. so, what do think it is? i would say le maybe acur feels li a bmw. let'lookt the inri. reminds of theinside of my fris lexus. sothis car supports ape rpy siri, open maps. nice. wow.
11:15 pm
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be my lt time. th's why i choose nicoderm cq. sunday fday negets old, whicishy they live hard [crying baby] -ish. with hry's hard soda,
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henrs hard soda. vear [ chee and applaus] >>immy: oh, get ready. get ready. get ady. th is gointo be n ght. performi his classicsces frn italstaunt once agally alause aottle of
11:19 pm
le of red aps bof rosenste wll get we' g table near thstet ur old filr ac you anfa to face tle of atle red ttle of ite it a depends on your aetit i' mt yo i'u any w
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,, ngs e e ysgoa od j a e got new wifgoa new li d thly f we lostoh long yost weig i ow u coulev lsoic afr souch me dyoremember those ys hangi out at the villageen engier beathts and ghbl j
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ng abo neweans eer holits my sweetomanc en nigh
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wate tght with there hey hafocoleof y theytartedt enhe moy ti ahejuidn'unt thtears hey li thelived for a whin a rye style 'sme i e they got aivor aa tterof ahey of frien then theand thqueen we t gen b nev gback
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bnda eddie had d readheme the higto the le ofho f rofheir les eyoun't goacto e grsers he best they cs ckp pieces e alwaysneeywoboth find w t ti heabouda edd tl u re tn ldoulr d waving ba
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, , ote of r ottle of owhitaterd md
11:26 pm
, chee achppla] >> jimmy: ! >> jmy: ! destruio stcte lljoel ckets r s mis squa gn go e friday, ja
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chnd appla]
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