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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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ch appla] j. smonscheee ] and e rootright there from iladel, erybody. chee aus] fte n yotc pe tchppla [ ch acheers andpplause >> annouer: om 30 rockeller plaza in new rk, it "late night with seth meyers. gh--
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jefisccomeanad elmaleh aturing 8g banth sh fre [ chrs andpplause ] dies andentl seth ms! >> sh: gg, everyby. i' meyers. th i"late t."vedy teela at is go to hear. let'geto the new dona tmp said in a new inteieth hhaa ve go rationship with g. sa trump, e eat, grearetish with almy [ laer ] sarah palin appearedn ioway to ese donald trump r ident. though thi she juslikes hibecausump sounds like a na she would givon kids. [ htertol, willow,ratrp. [ er trk. [ laer ] according to a recent poll, hillary clinn has a better ance than bernie sanrs a atinldrump.while in ol a good cncat beating
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[ laught ] like, leavno av ee appuse ]dictorke leebootting is year'car reny d heaciversi, an twas show "lilwhit"reied the academy, "oh, my d,e foot to nomina li whi laught ] the tragic sf whe las gotoo much m. n'deciheth or no shs g the omotn. lauger ] ske leebootting the caecause tre lily white. isreal tt bad? let's look athacng nominees. okay, yeah. [ laughter ] that's pretty white. also, what is that remdi me of? oh, yep, that's what iis. it's paint strip. [ lauger ] you know what i'm thinki? doing myuest bathroom in leo. [ light lahter ] hay birthday to lly parton, who rns 70 tay. i'm soy, that shoulde --
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[ lahter ] [ chrsndpplause a recher at a researcher at cambdg unersiaithtosc builngs rea, he w nee 4 feeto get ou actio clb up wal. then the researcher lookedp, and s tinderate wago. er t't re about sur, as mucas -- size . ught peopleocus on the suctn, but it'sot tt.on has bamaz has begun revealia snorm owstorlast wk ca westginia ersi t a causolofr asemensing during naon antm ball ga. wh amazing lucfor viia campus po officer
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and filly, a u.s. company comingtici for sel ba perhes thatan i thnato canse the wo. id spokesman for t company,ma'a that's garlic knot [ laughter ] ladies g, we ha greashow y t!ch a appuse ] o ppck us -- hthst onb"the bck list. jas spaders wi u "la nit"s ening. [ eers and alae ] she is ftasticd onof stars oe nenbc series, "you, me ahe al a fischer joinus tight. chee andlaus] anhe is very fun man he has a one-mhow at joe's eving. [ rsndpplause ] a very funny man. w,'m fronew mpire. lot ofandidaghno
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hampshire, andy mom is very excited. shsent me thislip yestday fromhe newspaper this is fr the street jol."d basicay,n kasich w n hhi, an wasn a sereion center and ically -- so kid were talking abo the importance of,ounow, stopping drug abuse, and he said, think y ought to add a cole people the board, mous peoe fromew mpshand th after bit of time, d thisuo "by the way, i figured out who you should ask to be on the board. he said, "seth meyers, he's on televisi. maybe you could ask him to be an horary board mber." nice d. jo kasich wa show. lovely tha remembered wa from new hampsre. excemt did nost long astil thxt ntence, because, "mr. kasich turned the affirmation of 17-year-old lly brown, o of the teenagers o just cpleted their presentation she had veheard of mr. meyers --" [ laught ] "-- thlate night tshow host who lid in new hampshire during his mdle school a
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e artie?[ lahter ] whdoes tt o behere? and lly brown, why yot doe ke t [ laer ] it's not tex! itot califoreers andppuse ] ere opeople in w hampire who have the o tv s. but at lea kichad back, because he then id, "you don't kn whoe is? he's a big tv star." which definitely sounds like a quote that wld only come from my mom so anyway, any press is good press, eveen people don't ow w yre. speaking of th presidential ection, e democric presenal candidas ld a crucial ten sunday nht, and manyhought that debate was won not by t long-time front runner hilla clion, but bernie sanders, who has osed the gap with hillary in th pos de racde in io a n hamhire wi more e t re, it's time for "a clor ok." [ ee and appus>>eth: ms, hillary had
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many, e democratic pmary seike a onhorse ra. then ts haened nolmbers just released thin the last hourhow bernie sders pulling ahead of hillary clinton in iowa.>> hillary clinton facing whole new campaignfolks.>> younger vots rely are thronging to bernie sanders er ary clinn. linton's ld evaporating and anxious democrats see 08 aver again. >> seth: ts right. it's00all over again. youn handsome, charismic challe enteredhe race d he'sosg 4poo ldf fr er ay, there are some dis th what ppened in 2008. but the lling is clear. mocrats love bernie sanders. d rested in moatrimaampaign that one cave ticipajust a feweego if you t hrywoied about the poll you are wrong. >> well the funny thing, allison, isfter that poll came out, about an hour later there was poll wre i was leadi him b the same margins, about si
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i don'pay anattention to this. >> set yan say don't pay tention to polls rht after ng a p [ laughter ]that's liksa, "i'm n a gambr, but takne s anlflus er atasticary." lauger ] now it should noted that wa d w ire are naturall strong stas for rnie. once race getso the h and midwes tngs gelot tougher for hi but soar, rniege is very rl. anters are nrtg iousheossili heou win theion. t re's the he rt of the sty. the media compte missed it. theyored bernie sanderr monthsd a rult, hillary t a loid aunt of coverage. >> bernie nders ceedust ten minutes out of 857 mut of campaign ran 2015. h: bgot n ten! that'st. and five of those nutes came whene d sell histp ection on re e "patars[ hter ] "what do you mn theye worthless?
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so without the pssovere, atxpthe massivrge ansupporfor bernie we forne thing, he is ly ourming hillary among young te. ey see him as tic, someone who res abouthe plig othrking middle cl now, there are a lot of reasons fothat, incling his years in the senate fhtinfor usive uses. but just as importan the way he travels. passengerare sneaking ses th pdential candidate rn sanrs in thbackou, ridin coas heigns as the untr he ien climbinov ssengers. so pers saying tflew with h osoesairlines flights, andn waitat the gate with her passengers, watcng ms. >> sh: n, heatching hiown moesr watcng others movies over the s cae that sous liowbernie wldchovs on t ea "i't pay forovies. ju gee pee." [ laught ] lookt him crmed to the middle st coach. labernders iso frugathat ifs eld esidenhe
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[ laughter ] [ cheers and applause perhaps -- perhaps the most ocking factor ll of is bernipolarity witvery young ople among ters und the agef 24, a whopping 68% back sanders, whilonly 26% supportilry why are y people drn to ie? perhaps an explanation ls in thanerapllerik gaarerhis we >> how does a rapperndp supporting sator sanders? >> smoking a jointnd readi his twee. [ laughter ] >> seth: smoke a joint, readhe tweets [ applause t much me confusinth that.t ere stl s tomo to whyoungple are elin the bern. usually yog le are d youthicplns why billy still dsn hav kid's oice award [ lauger but evy so oftenld person tnss eiagd terst we call th tty ite
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it's alaceeserved r the ely, who are so they make yng pple believit will actually be f to get older. [ hter ] d bernie sanrss cuently inhetyte zon rackba prod ho. rn ps n a wa kids wch and san pe'm that co wi'm 74! i'going to havonsuit and yell autrything!" [ ughter ] mewhe, hilla remains i the hillary inn ne, a fine place be. e hillarclinto i plfor estaishe politicians who still leheir chnginational polls. the biest stake ary d ma iying to r thttwhite zo.use en sheri to be cool, it doenot work. [ applau ] >> sh: hlary just entershe white zone, ich is -- [ laught iffere chrs andppe ]th haseen "a closer look [ cheers and applause ] we'lbe right back th me
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the l-new xus rx and hybrid. nevehas luryee is expresse. ththe uit of pfectn. [ chrs and applause >> seth: welcome back, everody. , ve it up fhe b ulve y guy he [ eers and applause ] alsoack wi us night, and all ek long, hs of the moecorded drummers ithe
11:53 pm
reesis witus, [ rs andppuse ] josh has played with hundrs of incrible art, such as katyerry and michael buble and been a memr of such iconic bands li the vandals, guns n' roses, tname just fe ank you soucg he th us is week, josh. >> aig! [ chrsnd applause ] >> seth: now, this is very exciting. it is a ve excitinti in d ofhemistry. recently, scieists have scered four new ents, and thavdded to e peodic table. thiss a g al. the confirmati of the elen cafter years owork from ientists. the new elements are ununtrium, ununpentium, unseptium and unoctium. they were created by shootg beams ofonat metal and tasuring the diation and her cl produas the cay into ipes. elemen theveon la a fctioof a sonbuale the taing t thiss sur ring. that why thes p goinoundo schos here i new york cittoch ks abouthe w elts in a fun
11:54 pm
are very luckto have th hereonight. give it for the four emen! [ ch and applaus] >> hi, every! >> yea woo! oo >>oo! are youeadyo learn? >> yeah! >> hey, t it! re f there a fou new elents ri them ifou're able s ur nces at your periodicle inuntrium the element 113 you'd like know my symbol it's uut school is in ssion so pl up seat the riod tle's venth w icomplete >> seth:ee, isvery nice. and it'such a greaway for ds tarn. i love t i'm ununoctium for learng it ner tooate
11:55 pm
i'm o but don't me ut if you hatin' on me son i'll pun you dead in the toat [ laughter ] set wl at, se righfor ds at all. i unpenti the olent one i'm straight up unstablehow ny elents ou know comeit ing label i'll stab you bitch might not get out ale he last thing you'll er e is15 >> seth: okay. well, at guy was wor. that worse -- i also got fetishes it'sasy to see i'm the element at nts to watch uup [ laughter ] >> seth:kay. we shoulop. soboulte thej we ldp now. i'm ununseptium i'm e sexy one now you come to me if you want some fun for fat thighs big easts no lovjust sex better big that latex who bes s
11:56 pm
howany different ways doike [le117 lahter and applause ] >> we have bn chem.w.a.ists witattude! [ drops mi [ chrsnd applause ] >> set i'd lik >> seth: i'd likto apologize on behalf of nbc. webe right back with james spader. rootmetrics, in the nati's largest inpeensty, teedels penceacrossheount. verizo wonig wh one hundd fiy three state wins. t and got thirty-eht, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also w first in the us fota, call sed, and reliability. a angot, t k on an age netw
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that's a ge changer. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welco bac everyb our first guest tonit is a thretime emmy award-nning actowho you know fm su shows ase fice" and "boston lel. he currely stars as ex vernment agent raymond reddingtn thhugely pular seri "the black li" which airs thursy nights at 9:00ightere on nbc. let's take a look. >> now, given the publity surroundg the assistance
12:01 am
stint as fugitive, i undersnd wre one's suspion may come from. but it is unfounded. and before ts dinner is ov, i will not only ovthat i ha n betrayeus, i will identifyhe person who has. save ur breath reddington. yourrave already bn dug. >> i'm sry, but "bn dug is that rrect? that doesn't sound correct. >> i think it's digged. is g. i'm prey sure dged is the archc past tense. i suppe theyboth mat. sounds funny either way. i'm you were sayg. >> s please welcome ck to the show, james ader.[ chrs a alause ,, et so love >>eth: slovely to ve you ba! >>hankou >>eth: and it's ways -- th
12:02 am
thsh haslreadyeepicked >>hank you. [ chnd applae ] >> seth: wn yo telng chacter's storlike y, is i kno sfar vanc that we're going have this mu more timetell >> in me ws. i meanthat's one of the things aboua television show that makes ieresting to make, bualsoakes it -- it has to be so uid flle, bee yodon'know wt li spaofour show igoing toe. anif irialed in y wa which ourhow is, yo n't knowow ccus your has to be to get y t your end pnt.>> setight. >> which is very different. cable shows tend to be or to great degreeort of he -- >> seth: shorter ssons. >> a m tthey c sorwork ou and ou is not ke that. wws? ife're all oa sudden canned, we'lhave to icy spri to then >>eth: rjust tout gunsnd start bling. yes
12:03 am
seteah. youorked thhe ayht didamet on a ay anhearyou say is quote hrked itelevisi d he saiheu movit'ke runni a marath wh make a leonite ruing undi t laughter ]is tsomething yound tr because obviy da lot film rk, asell me tv wo >> yeah, david h a great sse r the dramatic. light laughter ] t 'sittle liha-- mean, yoknow what 's real me like is -- remeerelemta junior hh,n the teacher wosort-- wn i wa going was tt age, iwa sortf a progressive periodn education. and thteacher would often break the clasintoroup workroups. and gi a project. fothe ek, you ow? anthey alway-- always -- e or he ys mada very realttemptso of ta t misfits inhe cla a s emutmo t groups.
12:04 am
>> le t put all miittogeer every once in while, just by so strange happenstance,he sfits might all land in the sameroup for o pct >> seth: >> o well, a televion shor at lean houlong dmais as if y're back iementary school, and all thsfits ha landed ithe sa group, and you'reorki on that same precl yodie. [ ught ] >> sh: oka at ss loly. yh. >>h:ow, yo--ou've viouslne -yore o oreoston lega" d th- yo brst fan appeal u'ver had. i mn,y a stagring am. i don't me in terms of numbers. i rely mn i -- iust -- you know, for ince"boston gal," a show i did yrs ago, d a ryof car graphic.
12:05 am
t on this show -d thme ththe office", bthe way. it alshad a veryifferent demographic, but a very sortf cleademographic. and, again, thare excens that rule, as well. this ot em be thexception. the doesn't seemo be a re for it. really -- i ve pple who -- and i -- you know, i live in new , so -- i't on t reeta lo a i travel a ir amount. and it is stagring thess ctiodiversof peoe who come up and e fans of the i mean, leapsnd bounds, mo thaything i've ever worked on, including any fm vedone - l ages -shocngly ung.>> sh: le yog tprobly suldntc thow? laug>>e wao to b wahe sw. too old toe tchinghe show.
12:06 am
we. every economic strata. every cultural group. from the g with nothho selling p in washingtonreark -- [ light ught ] >> s tthguwhhatwo setsf y. yoormous sl, u ow, peop. prs, male, female. et wto real quicout one r n of yo showhis on[ laht ] now, snle jones isucthhe just meowfr l the last time you re here, thoupermison, walked io urressg ro -- >>es laught >>et and toois pho anhe wn the sh a es >> wldusli to sho-- not yes. is ifr lasme swaonn a ip to ove exactly how she fes about yo >> okay. >> james, if you're watching right now. [ laughter ] i think that my obsession for
12:07 am
but i loveou. i veverything abt you. [ laughter ] u ara kooky ttle white man, a oh my god [ laughter ] seth: now -- [ eers and applause >> scry. >>h: sheranow, tnk tt vel of fanwoulmash awayuthen shtwth othedacan terae now." this is on set. she's on "the black list" se>> you k she wasn r . seth: she d aepise. >> sid. >>eth: sshhad a at youhoulhaveotte stinorde [ laught ] >> yeah. >>et butnsu -- >> in't aware of allf is meone have made m of>> sne sulve madeouware. but no >>o,'mli y.d is- n i teouth this is like 70 a.m., okay? laer ] eth:nd i know lesl. she'nevebeap a a.m. on. lli 7:00 am. neam i! itheam i. i'm miseat sev. >> seth: so we can lfod toeslie jos maki cam onaclist." y y>> set a r, grt. th vexting d 'ss so excitg
12:08 am
ts a9: he on we'll right back fiher.
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[ cheers and applaus] >> seth: welcoack tolate ght," everybody. you know our next guest from her nine-season run as pam on "the offic"
12:12 am
her neseries, "you, me and the apocalypse" premiers thursday, january 28 on nbc. let's take look. >> hurry up, and don't make a sound! [ sqak [ barking ] oh, crap. what is it,oy? [ barking ] [ squeak ] >> lve them bbits alone! [ barking ] >> oh, oh, hello, puppy. it's okay! it's oy! [ squeak ] oh, my god! how ny toys does ts g have! [ ba]eh,y god. oh, no, ohno! good doggie! >> seth: please welcome to the show, jennfiher! [ eers and applause >> seth: h a y sh:ow a y i so od!>> seth:t's so gat to you! >> it'so good to s y too. this is so sal for me, because, well, i love you.
12:13 am
time. anwhen i fstot o "theffice,yo o." >>h:es >> wnever get t thosnd olikebc pares. >> seth: there we nbc rties, yeah >> nbcarties. would always try t like, meet the " peoe, because i'm a ge "turd night live" fan. and so -which i think mas sense. >> seth: yes bausef you're at a party anthere's a urdani live" actoor wter t ro sultath cae ey'rclearly nn e nnsteoplinhe room. at w itoavnversaon with. >> sh:xcle tory. [ laughter ] >> andou weral so ni me. seth: ts great. >> whenever i would cond li be a huge fan >> sh: i cnged. >> oh you're [ lauger>> seth: ieeyotonow. oh,ou're not --oue mean now. >> sve: was like decade ago,nd'm super mean. >> oh, sot. >> seth: and i wisu 't brght up those parti, becaatsois dd to me [ lauger ] o no. >> no. 's sto see you.d verni for , welausehose parties you uld go to, and a lo tshs are ound for long tim so every yeayou would go to an nbc party anu meet a lot of people on showsnd th thosehowsould be gone the nextear. k>>h: so it w aice run for oic bec f foren years
12:14 am
weot eh he full seven years. ah seth:ight.and w yoreon nbc, an thisool sh. hethfirst episod which thght was great. explain emise peo because i uly it is a pre at inot common on. ydeni't itky it's totallyac sit s okitrt >> sets nihaa about the ocalypcky and lit lauger >> it'supeway. ay. istar wita grp optucka bunker underground and world has just eed. >> seth: yea >>hen you flash ck 30 days anu see w all pele up e. >> seth: perct. >>eeminglyncidta but there'me mtery intrigue sobrar falsse impri[ ughter >> seth:ha y for ming at clear. >> for hac io the nsa' comp syste but m covengor a lov e. so in a xisecurity prison. men mullally, who's on t show, she playa ghtful impr wom. laughter >>et y. a ible perso career crin. set
12:15 am
drinking priest at the vatican. >> seth: yh. laught it's so good. >> seth: is all the c castyoe to eec >> rht. ve heabefore. >> seth: y ea so -- wt happs isnews of tnde womes, ther arisoea megaani travcr country, we teamp,d of "tlma and lo" st-- seth:ery nice. >>- asutlaws to geba to our mily befe e worl ends.>> seth: is fanttic. >> icry. >> s is a great t fit epe is a wrful setup. calike, ele a lot of coms, you're li, "oh, there's al y re." and i'm very much looking foto seeing mo of it. and we c tell from the cp yore dng some stunts. ll spam from o. [ laug ] >> set hows stlife tr you?>> iwas soool. i ent ke ten years at the saesk in tame offi e sand sge van nuys, califoia. >> sh: right. ken you go iik 'm g be an aor >>ig sh:ctually nad to relaperson job.>> i eth:ea cply sh:h. >>oumy next job, i
12:16 am
i wao see the rld, wando things. i we shot this series in lonn. >> seth: mh-m. went to south africa for pa oft. th sit imaa. id erwere carse ot ato. i omeone hge i would theredays whe megan and wod lo at each otr, ande would say, " ink this is what cruise ellike." [ laughter when he goeso work. >> seth: y were living the tom crui life. >> we' tom cruise. >> jmy: and knowom uise'sew movie ist h n office. [ lahter ] >> that'so fl rc>> s it'so ful it's clecc a i does lk good. t h: n >> is not. ohoot. >> seth: y mti south rica. i have sn these. these are faastic. >> yeah. seth: but you -- there was some culture sho, based on sign explain real quick.>>. wh wn uth africa, i was so ten witthfunny gn i kept taking ptoand i sem wldd them home to husba. and call thies, "sig of sth africa." seth: "signs ofouth africa." >> okay. he firs from a airpt. yout to einrs
12:17 am
ay i landed cwnuth afm loing for reom. know hthe sis, it's like bathaight ahead, c tthe le. one of t items on the sign says fearmweapons. >> seth: there you >>haa realir sign. [ la ] eth: yeah. s toilet. the isour firems/wpons, and ers the exit>>eah. laughter ] seth:nd i wl no that i would have thought exiwould haven the oppositeay of firems/wpo. meay. i w li dr eans, icnghem ? s rig. >> io? i ghghit cra. >> seth: think thi my favote one >> yeah.>> seth: so at was -- explain. i'm going to sw this one first and you explain . >> oy. >> seth: so, ts says "please close door afterse d to baboons." >> yeslaer okay so a rwildma afra. >> s sur ok.>> mosbaboons thatill nd intthrestoom afr you. so ts s a blict room rnintohut thdoorso tt t ba inheatooeerrib feelike thesboons ar
12:18 am
to theoi they cae a human restroom and they' like, weoto the woo?" >>h. laughter set a r. thi aersir si >> yh. >> sh: this basicalllike beware --hildat py. >>eth: childn >> we have tse s, rt of. set yeah. ilen at pl. if you're driving,ike,lo out, childreat py." >> yeah. but we we in kind of aur area. eth: uh-h. >> and we w this sign. >> set fantastic. "slo" get inlose -"free range ildren." >>ree range. laughter ] ge-free. geo antibiots. >> s that's true. ea >> sause iote ho.cakiss i free range. >> sh: it' rge yeah >> yea >> sh: i just feel like, i dot feel like go pson. [ applause ] fac. yeah. set thank you so ch the photos osouth afca. yeah. >> seth: that's incredi photo ries. >> that'all ok picture of. i ouldave ken h:r chilen th. d ngle ur them.>> thht. seth:re like,mo take picture of usafri." yoreike, "not now, oy s. >> wait tillee these signs. yeah. seth: thaou so chor beg he. tha y. >> set lovely to see again. >> y, anks
12:19 am
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[ cheersnd applause seth: wme back tolate ght," everybody. i'm veryxcited a o next es he's a hugy polar ch comedind actor w premiering h new o-m show, "oh, mgad" ajoe's pub at the pu there on thur ght. se welcomeo thshow, the very f [ cheendpplause ]
12:24 am
this is first aearae eric tn togh[ ch appus]nod. so h s ed relyeth:aw y at e's pub. it'santastic. watcngou do stanin not at wzing and en you ouse nted to make sure i said g ealeh right. did onnce it rig? >> almost. oka 's okay. americans,hedot my me >> seth: oka>> y know whi wa the rpa w daysa ladyas getinev , bong es. s e trel, mr spencer, nice travel, mrs. nson." e to mng pass. li -- "and're all se" [ uger ] etidt evry. shry. s dn't . >>eth: wid >> syou ju s gga >> seth: yeah, g igood >> o"gad is od," that's a od one. seth: i wante soff, because -- my m -- s ch tehemers, middlehool fh nd i do t eafr sothve least, want to prove cld say yna. o your mom ifrench teacr and you dot speak
12:25 am
ioo-- i stu litt bit, buit didn't stick. his is mt ican thg have eard inlife. [ hter ] mom is not an eng ache a i -- she doesn't nc and i sak engl [ lauger ] >> seth:h, n look, get , u'bing ind're righ kw,hould le seto u wao teh me a hras ulthat be lpfu oh,e.h: iou bringbaher? o you teachfrench phrase? ch andppe all right. bonsoi-- >> seth: bonir. >> je m'appellseeyers. >>eth: je m'ap seth ms.>> no, witfrch aent.h:m'pe mers [ lahter hisis all in fh,ight? >> seth: no. ah. >>ets m le a litt guy, kno[ er m'ale m >> sh: jm'e t meyers.
12:26 am
vu[ no, i dt sathatall.>>h:ted tout ttleeth ye on i said "mname is seth meye." eth: okay. >> "e onlyovie i've seen-" >> seth: oy. [ french ] >> s le eth:ur l. >>bout france, talking abo fr s'es-- >> sh:'e. >>s -- "tatouill" seth: "ratatouie," yeah. ratalle. ce que- sh: pce que>> jsumerica set je isca er so thonly mov i've aut french ople is "ratatou." >>eah,.>>h:amazin anall the rats ck. [ laug ] >>h. crue monsieu. u ow what, when you come- mean, yocome tpahiis whau seinheeets knowrang croque nsie. laughter ] >> seth: i've goto go.>> all the s i've got toe no i -- i -- >> i c't bieve youmother is anch ter. setheotud of [ er ] y came tmy sw. u wha haveo y ll my m,
12:27 am
rsshow. lew fra allhe way frranco e ho new yorcity. anwas ly, re happyi dn'ta greaow. laughter she's crazy jewish mher. >>h: oka ce mefter the sh i idu know, "ibad.i didn't like myw." i felt ohe elish and -- she said, "th'shat yofe on st t in aiewars [ ught s az sethe wgging. i'm su she bragginabt you y w stage e sttoneou.>> b soesn't spe glh. sheoesn's fun in elish >> ito - think it's imptant. feelike ouaudienceight not understandare hugelycefu you hugelys, notus frae, allr ropeover the w d yeyou decide com -- xct amic h: exct america. >>he world - seth: y.u er fhe
12:28 am
rminyo acth. why afr all sucgive yrself a chleng lihi >> t honess use itting, u ?t sayi he hi frae,ery gratndo sao frenc ns. ey watchg usigow. 's0 a.m. over ere. they have no idea who we, bu-- seth: laug at'sy. thi ws eninr thicane hi who veo id who a[ la >>et there. we're trading. a littleoff.eersnd alae o,now, tbe hon u knbeinab to sr,ou kw? feel when i n st ama inng, i fey li iel20 yrs ago en s s evy rfe, then tell you, yoknowwhou're cited, wiss somethin wn yotain, s thsthiou can perien athy'mappy today. because en srt my rs
12:29 am
in english. 'sometng i expernc w. i d y it's aan fas in le you, and sh dot you're far u have mon >> set oh, wow at is hard to believthat uld ha. at wouev hpe >> tuld veha. laht ] eth:ecse bngt upaway. laer ] it's t firng bring up. yeah u have n's -- u know >> seth: n do want to talk abt it c.i'm chlengg my ndust ta because this ale that yoe -- you' in ates. you dating? you dating a how is ting differfor you here? >> y know y wlkabout i mber. i n't undersnd. frch pple,t dersheg coept, yoknow usameric girth wao knowhat'going to ha. on't know. we improse.we don't kno so, you ow, i' lrned aot of things frous.thk you. [ la just learnedhis gi who texted m"netfl andhill
12:30 am
[ ughter ] res, what aut nbc and mae? la ] nntnbc an sse, >> no, sh: that is not- that not go. i leao ndwith benefits sh: oy. t ow t s y. mean - acahe o girl and a guy, they are frnds d they he sex. >> seth: yep. >> in fran we llhem frs. [ uger>> seth: ist impliinrae mp. >>ouw, y dono --itogical.laughter, nois okay enchn, tis themoilus cpt i've everar ight. h: oka>> youmarried, right >> seth:'m mried >> y g a de ght? >> seth: we have de nights sure. have date nig. [ laughter ] at'srong wh ht tt's mol righ da nht ibacallen er--es- ied -- t g g a date wh his wife, t? >> sh: yes >> a rig.
12:31 am
i mean, what happen? en ioeall. ing toarry again i get it ughter i mean, i'm ou like tting the jackpot in a casino. you own the casi. [ uger ] 's sd.this in anbut th soone we. laer ] >> seth: i. that makes a lotore ns >> yeah! [ applause ] >> seth: that mas t re sense. the first time w you -- i was intrucyou -- was "come cars ttin cosefeld's ndershe s medion.d u j becau you we t v o chter in the french ee moe. >>bevie, sh: so you du it. so he -- yot rry rst me, d sh junri at do you n jey in comeso ri >>as r i've been hu of jerry sein wsie so ny and is is at hned. as vfunny. we were having lch witjerry
12:32 am
and en he sa, "itoee pce." said, "what do y mea hed, "i wao go see ho cedian ves. "n ing with t.[ hter ] said, "is itoo r?" said, "no. "is it too smallnd y're had? "no." "iit ms?o. you wan kw y i di to why? >> seth: yh. >> i had posrs o rrsefeld -- [ laught ] onhe walls in my apament. can imine entered? "oh,y go ts gurazy. [ lahter he's going to ki me anea me." [ laught ] so i gotta >>et gooll. i'm youided it. i washonored. yoknow? i'a gean.i love him you owit's g. w a gat -- re nctre. >> set uh --ou said it t. [ lauger, soappyo have youere. tha so mu >> shaou'rso hored iss tht ti
12:33 am
el erybohis "o md" preesthuray nig ajos pu it fst -- at the p
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