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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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storm, you should stay off the roads. but if you e up getting stuck in your car,ake sure you monitor your exhau pipe. on the east coast there were three pele that died just eking elter and heat in their vehies, so yant to just me su that ifou are k your car that you are only running youcar for abou 10 minute per hour and that you're makg sure your exhaust pipe iclear so you don't ccumb to carbon monoxide poisoning. blanchard sa emergency officials are moniring the stm and th have plans in ple if we get t with significant snowfall. reporting live in colora springs, joannwise, ws 5 righw investigators are still tryingo fire out w caused this v re in old colorado cy. tolyou about it yesterday ns-5-toy... it happeneearlthay moing along west pikes peak in old colorado city. firefirs were able to puit out... but the r-v was a total loss. ne w insid
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owner's house... she'frtr becse the firehydrant in front of her home was out of svice and firefighters couldn't u it to put out the fire. itas bron after it w hit three weekago in a crash. there were other hydrants near... but colorado springs utilities says its a common prlem inhe wier, en dvers lose l cy roads andit hydrants... and with 16,000 in t city, if e daged hydrant n't leakor there other hnt nearby, it c te a nth for crews to repair it. "here they are tryinto run down the block with this h 10foot he toook up dn there," "it's a allenge to stay on top of tm in general, because it's tame crews that work on all 2,000 mile ofur wat distrution sy that also work othhydrants," thty sayis particula hydrant was set for rehi week... the fire.
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we're learning more about e arrest of a colorado sin police sergeant we told you about yesterday... the arre stems froa urbance --fter a traic accident lasmont sgt.stev biscaro" was arrest dnesday onsuspicion of misdemeanor asslt and felo menacing charges. here's theew informati... we readhrouourt papers -- ty show biscaro is accused of pulling a restrained suspect from th poceruiser to the ground. he'slso acse punching, kickanchokg him. the suspect was reportedly getting onol in the police cruiserand that's what led to biscars nse. sgbiscaro has been on the force re tn two des. toy... he remainsn paid admirative leave time now foreath and traffic on the 5 meteorologist carlee hoffman is re now with first alert 5. another above erage jay day here in thnews 5ng area. highs wi be in the 50's and
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gusty winds for the afternoon high preure to ourest will keep our skies clear oveight as well,ut lowwill ba little more on the mild sidwith mos eas still above freezing by midnight. we will see lows in the 30's overnight and into friday. you won't need heavy jacket all day friday as that hh pressure over throck mountains will keep sks mostly sunny for the end of the weeand temperures will stay in the 50's and 60's. clouds start to increase friday eveng withnow t high country, but we stayry aund the lower elevations. sard mostlsunny with highs even warmer in the l to upper 's. our next weathaker comes on sunday and monday asow pressure mes into the area. this will bring thretu of coerir and snow, possiy
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this morning...
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you're looking for supbowl ticks line! the colorado attney geral's office is issuing a warnin... to makreou do your homework before buying tickets from the iernet or craigslist sellers. they say youhould find out as ch aut the sr as possible, and check e location of the seats. also... always use a credit card and know the seller's rend policy. another reminder -- consider buying tickets through websi like stub hub and n-f-l ticket exchge. well this may be a good sign for the broncos! as crews were preparing levi's stadium r the big game.. workers got a little confused.... and forgot there were two ams playing in the serbowl! both end zones werpainted in broncos bl and orange and ne for the panthers. appantly therew painthe broncos' logo the visitors' end zone... d foot the broncos' wehe
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they decated the home enne before fixing their mistake! the result.. both endzones were for the bronco of cose... they fixed their mistake wn they noticed it. it's nott the broncos players and cohing staff getting ready r the super bowl. thr mascot "der" is gettinepped as well! as we know... at eveome game... thunder runshe field d if the bronco's win the super bowl thund will be used in the viory rade in denv. and thwill head ouxt week to safrancisco to make public appearances and to get onto theld for theuper bowl. thundeshould start making blic appearances around the san francisco area by wednesday or thursday xt week it was nightf tter and heedxchang. among the g-o-p caidates... at the debate...
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caucuses start.. have thhilits pl... when a burglar strikes... a bank maner takes mte in h own hands... we'll show you how hthwarted
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welcome back..
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video the f-b-i just relead... of that fatal traffic stop shooting of an armed occupier a national wildfe refuge in oregon. officials say "lavoy finicum's" vehicle tried to maneuver around the block and gostuck in owbank. then... when ficum gotut of the uck he reached towd his pock aas shot. the f-says there was a loaded 9-millimetese- automatic handgun inside that ck. th morng... the occupation in oregons still not ... right w four proteers remain inside that wildfe refuge... despite pleas fr the group leader for them to go home. attorneys fo"ammon bundy"... are relang a message fro eir client who iin police poce ctody. "ammon wishes to me the following statement: 'my message still remains; turn yourselves in. do not use physical force. usthe tion platform th we have to connue toefend
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constitutional rights..." although bdyan the occupationo end, he says he frdom. today... teacher at southern califoia jail is in cuody... accused of aidin the escape of three inmates. the orange county sheriff's dertment arres44-year old "noosha-farian ra-vaghi". they say sherovided inmate with maps and possibly tools to escapehe centralen's jail in saa ana. th alsbelieve she ha sort of a relationship with one of tscapedugitives. today the search for the three inmates ntinues. toda.. a icago police officer charged with murder -- will appear in court a hearing. officer "jason van dyke" i accused of fatally shootina blk enager 16 tis. the indictme alles that n dyke "acd without lawful justification" when hehot 17- year-old "qu mond"n 2014. as we toldou... "vanyke" hasad n
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so appearing in courtoy... e so-called "affluenzaeen" who has just arrived back on u-s soil. -year-old "ethan cch" land at dals-rt worth internatnal airport yesterday in handcuf and wh a po escort. todays hearingill determine couch will receive bond or be moved to an ult ison. as we've been reportin.. the teen and his mother were subjects of an international maunt after he missed a mandatory probatn meetin couch is on probation for killing four people in a drunk driving 013. in ts morning's election watch... repuican presidential ndidates were not holding anything back stig ithe fox news debate. seven of them squared off... while frontrunner dorump -- didot attend... mo on that in minu. the highlight of the night... senators ted cruand marc rubio rned up the heat oeach other. accusing the other of changing their posions on t status of undocumented iigrantbut... more than just wning over
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ying tmotivate iowans to actually tno a caucus on monday night republican presidentia caate "donald trp" is stding behind his decisiono skip last night's debate and stead hold an ent for veterans. at lt night'rally in des moines... trump said he was commted to supporti and rsing money for veterans who are being mistreated.. it for me peonally a good thing, a bad thing, will i get more votes, wi i get less votes, nobody kns. who the hellnowsbut 's for our ve, and u're going to liket because we raiseov 5 miion dollars in one, over 5 million. applause so that's not so bad." so far.. still no word if trump will take senator ted cruz'sffer for a one on one debate in iowa tomorrow. right w in oregon... crews are working toix these massive sinkholes! chk this o!
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street yesterday! the bigger one took out st of thtravel les on the highway. the second sinkhole is just ght across the street. that one opened up just a sht ti aft the first sinkhole. whacaused this to happen. me now tffic on the 5s.teologist carlee hoffman is here nowith first alt 5. another above average januar day here ithe news 5 viewing area. highs will be the 50's and 60's tod with mostly cloudy skies. gusty nds for the afrnoon high preure tourt ll keep our ski cle ornight as wl, but lowwill be a lile more on the mild side th most ars still above freezing by midnight we will e lows in e 30's overnight and in frida you won't need a heavy jacket l y friday as that high pressure over the rocky mountains will keep skies most sunny for the end of the week and mperatures will ay in the 50's and 60's. clouds start to increa friday evening with snoin the high countr bute stay dry aund the loweelevatns. sarday mostly sunny with highs evenarmer in the low to upper 's. our next weath maker com on
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pressure moves into tharea. this will brinthe return of colder air and snow, possibly with some dent accumulations,
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chaos breaks o at a cracke barrel restaurant in new mexico.. police -- flowed a nted suect into the buiing! it was all captured on an officer's body camera. police were chasing the suect after he flipped his trun the street... and took off towards the staurant the suspect tried to hidbehind the counter... but waeventually arrested. nonjuries were reported. yesterday we showed you the owner of a gas station thwart off a robber... and today weave video of a bank manager also opping a burglar in the act! it was all caught on camera... can see e person with the mask approach the door of the bank...
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the suspect can't come in! the suspect stggleto open thdoor... and evally gives up and runs off! you cat e it in the video.. bupolice sayhe suspect w armed th a gun anused it to hit the door! check this o... 18-time olympic ld medal swimme"michaelhelps" tes a brk fromraining to help out the arizona state basketball am! at last night's game against oregon state... phelps appred behind a-s-u's infamous "curtain of distraction." that's used dung free throws. the curtain reals phelps with medals dd around his neck,.. swim cap on his head... and two -- shall we say "non-olympic" bodies on both sides... the oreg playemisses both free throws... much to the delight of sun dils fans
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still ahead... the zika virus may be coming herethe u-. exper are saying -- abo
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weome back.. rit w crews in chi -e working free fouriners trped in a tunnel! theye been stuck dowthere
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day e mine collaps tpping 17ers. today only fr of theare ale. crews have been working sinc the dister to free them... but staby and llinrocks have hindered rescue operations. th have beeivingood and ter the pa month... but toda.. crews ve finally g to a poinwhere ey can rch them... using scue csules. aesd dned s.. aftece fd heas carrying two hand guns and a copy of thqun. officials say he was detained at a hotel inde the park. police also detain the man female partner. right now thman's motiver ng to e hotel with the weapons is unclearthe parkaine after t arrests. th comes afranceemains on edge and under a statef extremist attacks around par in november at kille13 people. medical expes say thzika vis could spread to rth ericand africa...
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southern part tted states. but... experts here in colorado say a local outbreak i almostmpossie... as the mosquito species that carries the vihas vebeen detected in the state. "zika" is linked to severe bth defects in tusds of babies in brazil and is spreading rapiy acro latin america. today is yr chance town piece of history! onof the cars us bpope francis during hisit to ilelphiaast lls availae at auction! the pope travel arounthe city in two "ft" cs. one ofhem willemai display athe philadelphia au show... but the other isp for sale at today's auto show in philly. organizers sayhe proceeds will benet select ms and missions of the chdiocese of philadelphia. me now for wther and tffic on the 5s. meteorologist carlee hoffman is
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another above average january day here in the news 5 viewing area. highs will be in the 5s and 60's today with mostly cloudy skies. gusty winds for the rnn high pressurto ourest will ke our skieslear oveig well, but lows will be little more onhe mild side with most areas stl above freeng by midnight. we will see lows in the 30's overnit into friday. you wot need a heavy jact all day iday as that high pressurever the rocky mountains will keep skies stly nny for the end theeek d temperatures will stay in the 50's and 60's. clouds start to incrse fday eveng wi snow inhe high country, but we st dry aund the lower elevations. saturday mostly sunny with highs evenarmer in the low to per 60 r ne weaer mak comes on sunday and monday as low pressu mov into tharea th will bring the return of cold airnd snow, possibly with se ce aumations,
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us. big chges for manyilies in southern colorado... how the goverment is making things easier for the men and wosk everyday. rm agao d out the ek but bichanges are on the way llavan hby hour break down for your weekend coming up good mor and happyday! thanks for joinings. it's january 29th. i'm annie snead... in for sllene today.
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rsthisning-- as we keep anye othe powerful storm heed our way, emerncy officials are puing the ouw-- an ahead. ne 5'soanna wise jns us live from colorado springs wh more on what you can do to get prepared. jona... goodorning... emgey offials sathere two questions you should ask yourself. what do i needn order stay fe imy house if im stuck in it for a cole days... d what do i need in my car i im stuck in it for a coue days. emery officials say these are the essential notes yo should he on yr checklist.. make su havedequate food and water, enough supplies for not only you and your kids... buur pets as well... and any type of medications. tobi blanchard sayduring the storm, you shod stay off t roads. but ndgetting stuck your car,ake sure you
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on the eascoast there werethree people that died just
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