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tv   Today  NBC  January 30, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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the sub of the sies "making a murderer murderer" says she can pve her client's innocence. this as people protest in supporof the convicted killer. history on the line. a tillingenni mat wrapping up down under. serena willis going into three sets, including thi rally that had everyone on the edge of their seats. serena get serena getshe poinut was it enougho win t match? > a hyor theweekd. yonce and coldp drop their latest collaboration. cing throughlood >> it already has 3 million vis in lhan4hours.
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we will explain day, saturday, januy 30th, 2016. >>nnouncer fm nbc news th is"today" live from stuo iockeller plaza. >> andelcome to "today" on turd morng. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm craig mvin alongside dylandrey. shnelle jon is not heith us she is recuperang. we wis her the be. tweet her o sd h a picture. brighten up her video. >>hat videopped? hot. you n' go wrong. we will loo a teo later. ere is also a tad of controrsy sroundingit. we will dig into that. the top story this morning, hiary inton on the defense af the state departmen announced it was withholding 22 e-ils sing they contained
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iowa. we haveull coverage fromes moes this morning. we srtith wse correspoent kristen lker. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good ing, erica. mornin not exactly the headlehe clinton campaign wants t see cauces. her top val, bernie sanders is notaking an issue of it, instead, both candidates are focused on the finish line. >> you can make her the next president of th united stat. >>eporter: hillary and bill clinton back together friday night trying to seal t deal here i iowa. >>hank yo davenport. >> reporter: this comes as the stateeparent released 1,600 e-mails from h private server as secreta of ate. this time holding 22 duments as top secret. state department offials igd in on friday.
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marked classified a the timet was sent. >> reporter: the clinton caaign isalng on the state department to make the els public. >>his i an example of overclsification run amok. >> repr: nbc's lter holt interviewedecretary clinton shortly before the news bre. >> w should the public worry about this hanging over you ad? >> there was never any information sent or received marked classifd to . >> repter: despite m an issuef the e-mails. >> the people are sick and tired of hearing about yourdamn e-mails. >> reporter: the campaign has yeto escape the corovey and thisould ht f monday's caucus. she is running neck and neck with sanders in iowa, who friday nit, focused onaling h pporters. >> i believe is ourampaign that generating the
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a large voter turnout. >> reporter: at therake diner in des moes, voters had opinion. >> does is hillary clinton e-mail matter? >> s. i feel it is a skelen in the closet >> i don't think it will have at big an ef. >> reporter: i atatement reased late last night, sanders again reiterated he is notntested ithe e-mail issue. he is interested in thesss that matter t vors. both candidates cross thetate day. eight events between them. e, secretary cnton will be joined by gabby giffos. erica, bk to yo >> kristen, thanks. t gop candidates wasted little time reacting to the clintonews nbs haie jackson has more. >> reporter: good mornin this time the candidates are getting ready for a dozen event in the final countdown to the
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takingim notnly at eastch other, but aoss the aisle at hillary clinton. the favorite target o the campgn trail, fg new fire from the gop rivals. >> hillary clinton is disquaed. disquafied from being commander in ief. >> reporter: mco rio calling eest news about the e-mai relee unacceptable. >> maybe she thinks she's above the law oaybe she wanted to read the sff oner blackberry and have tt convenient. >> hillary clinton on her e-mail server had 22 top secret e-mails. we thatctually is an accurate statement. this is gting more a me serious. >> reporter: clinton's cpaign spokespersonn fense. we kw tha these e-mls that they were not marked clasfied at the tim they were sent or received. >> reporter: republicansuick pounce. nampweeting the eail
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slamming what he calls clintos badgment. saving his hardest hits for republican rival. >> tedruz mayot be a u.s. tizen, but he'sr baby. he is an anchor baby. ted cruz is an anchor baby i canada. >> reporter: cz laughing it off in iowa. >> senator, trump calle you an anchor baby today. response to that? just laughter ishat you take away from it? >> i donaldnd he's welcome to say whatever he likes. i like and respect him. that's a i got to say. right now, it is up to the voters to decide. >> reporter: thewo ia frontrunners. >> we will do well in iowa. >> reporter: jusa weekd away from the ccuses. >> i am having a fantast me. have7 hours tgo. >> repter: final pusho e finish line. cruz striking a bit of a differen tone over t last4 hours out on the campaign trai
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marco rubio, meanwhile, so o holding rallies today hoping for a strong third place finish here guys, hoping to pick up momentum after theate thursday ght. >> hallie jackson in iowa. thank you. >> mark halperin is withus. ntlemen, gentlemen, good morning. they join us from iowa. >> good morning, erica. >>et's start off with t e-mails. mark, i know you wer sing sterday o "mng joe" there is a lot of ctt amo fbi agents. wh are you hri cld ce down the line? ll, lo, what is going on withecretary clinton is involving not just her, but staff. we know the people at the fbi and justice department are lookg at it not a criminal investigation,ut question whether because of the private server, she handled everything correctly.
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to interview members of h staff and secretary clinto it doe't mean shebe indictbut from a politic point of view it ishe is lled to talko the fbi, while fighting for the presidency, it will happen into concerns that krisn welker'sce that it doesatte to vors. >> john, i thisething we are talking about or is thi sothing tha voters in iowa or voters inew hampshi or voters in socarolina, this something vots talking about right now? iss resonating on the campaign trail? >> not vy mucht all. it never has over t cours of the las thet year, we have never heard a heard a lot of concern. a lo of concern o republican vors, butot demrac voters
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effect for hlarylinton to be the cratic nonee. it may spur fr on the decratic establishment that y clinton could be vulnerab theeneral eltion. if she gets there, the republicans will make a lot of hay with in the fall. >> and on t ground in ia, donald tru is defying any stereope the waynythin is done trationally in politics. theuestion is can the numbers see in the polls and terms of people at the rallies translate intovotes. what is your nse? will they comeut t caucu in bigger numbers,mark? >> thi the moment wn donald t needs to go from a yo suggested from the unthodox candida to an orthodoxcandidate. he needs caucu and people to come to the rales a turut to thecaucuses. good to remind peop. this is n a normal pmary thateople aresed . you have to vote seral hrs
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particular location at a particar time. trp's team is not inexperienced. th knowaucuses are ffert. he has a lot o iowans who have done this in the past. weill see on mond. my sense is they know exactly how big t stakes are. if hisperation does perform in iowa, he will be in a commanding sition for the nonation. i believe at least in part his operatio will work this will not be a llapse. it cld be a powerl force pal legal to the force he hasbeen. >> mark and j in the hawke ateaturday morning. thank you. we have you covered at the caucuses. we will b live on monday. > one of iat who caped from the california jail last week iehind barshis moing after turning himself in fray. investigors e still lookin for twother men with whom he cape
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>> reporter: in custody this mornin b tn duong. on of tee drous inmates whoscaped last week. after a week on the police tightened a dragnet around a vimese neorhood. duongecided he want out showing up at a auto shop. >> he told my we he wanted to turn in. myife makes a call >> did you we kw who he was? yes, of course we do. he's my friend. >> he is cooperating a proving formatn. reporteossein nayeri and jonathan tieu still on the loose. $200,000 rard out for their capte. police believe the men are living in a van. olen one day aft tir escape. but say they may have also stayed at the localotel in northern california. >>e have infmati that mr. narind mieutill begeern thean jose area. >> reporter:nvestigators ao say the men had help with the
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english teacher at the jail. she is being held a suspect in the jl break. they say she brought in maps, showing image ofhe ja's rooftop. tectives say she devoped a quote,ernal relationsp th inmate hosse nayeri. the story reminisce ojoyce mitcll in the new yorktate prisonscape last year this jail break readsike a hollywood . the inmatesut through steel and ang plumbing ducts and repelled six ories. this morning, t inmates sll on the runnd sd tbe desperate. for "today," muealmagu, c news, san a, californ. > > as the numberf zi cases continues to rise in e united stes, the scientists are learni more abouthe effects.
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folks who traveled to o of the affected countries. we he rehemellis with us this morning where t virus has hithard >>eporter: good morning, in brazil, ahories are woing hard to stop the sprea of t zika virus. going dr-to-door to educate pele on how to ptect themselves. months ago, many expectant mothers h no idea the threat their unborn babi. when this baby w bornwo mont ago, hisamily immediatel knew somethingas ffert. thounges of thrchilen, he w diagnosed with microcephaly. hes one of 4,000 babs born with t disease sinceoctobe th children have an abnormally small head. theisease effts every aspectof the child's menta d physical development and possiblyife span.
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about his development? hiother says she doesn't know if he will ever walkr talk. fo biesith microcephaly, there is no treatment for cure. the family takes it one day at a time. his fathe juli sd sas symptoms in hhird month of pregnancy. researchs belie mosits are seadinghe virus linke with microcepha e vis is now present at least 24 countriesnd terrories. the cdc is keeng a close wat on the prencef e virus in the.s. >> we have not seen virus like zika spread widel here simply because people have screens in thei housesnd air conditioning we don havthe level of owdingn t placewhere ka ispreang dely. >> reporter: the struggles are hard on the whole mily. including his grandfathe
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fernando tellss at while his grandson's future i uncertain, one things for sure, he will alwa be loved. publicealth officials say the likelihood of a massive zika outbreak inhe continental edstates, similar to what's happening brazil is low. still the cdc says its staying on top of this and wor closely with worldealth authorities. craig. >> rehema ellis for us in brazil. thank yo >> dr. natalie az is here to answeromef our estions. this is keeping you sy, i know, this week. >> is this zikaring mosquito he in e united states? >> we have the zika carrying mosquito in the uted states in the gulf coast and southern united states and southn califoia. we have yetoave a
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our knowdge, theseere are notnfted whka >> if you ar eosed to th zi viruot pregnt, but uld likeo tryo conc how longyou hav to wait? >> w bel the virus stays in e body for a feways to up to week. intuively, if youave been exposed or trave to an area where za virus is exposed and youreturn, you wanto wait a wer t befe try to concve. >> shod you get checked your doctor tbe safe? >> that's the thing. st doctorsould dthis on a case by case basi most people don't know the a infected. th are asymptomatic. that means tng every single woman who turns from one of the places. although we can test for it, it is n an easily commercially ailable st. has to be sent t a laboratory.
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caseepenng on the high ris posure. >> no vaccine. no cure at this point. this is a diseaseha has been around since t late '40s, i believe. why s tre not been a vaccine cread in 70 years? >>he fst dumented outbreak in then in then in pollynesia. the thing th the dies, craig, the outbreaks are sporadic and unpredictable. there is not a lot of attention paid to theiruses that seem innocuou innocuous. >> n an emergency meengith the wor hlth organizaon. >> the goal aording to dr. chan is three-fold. you want to make sureou have internatiol concer
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internatiol health threat or not? youant all ofhe resources ingo the rht place and prioritize whichouries need what. that's the basis of the meeting. >>kay. dr. natalie az, thank you. we like to know what you ar concerned out when it comes to the zika virus. you can tweet us. @todayshow. we will answer some of the questions in theext hour. in canada maj has kill has kied five people. the avalanche in mride, british columbia swept tough snowmobilers in the area. a social media giant is taking a standgainst priva n sales. facebook announcing it ban users fm worng out private sales on instagram and urs
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directly on sia media services, theften use t site a asko connect a coordite deals on weapons, pas and ammunition. the move is hoped to cut down on censed sales. licensed dears and gun clubs can post. and stunning upset in tennis. rena willms, as we mentioned, vying for a record ing number of grand amins this morning as s met gelique kerber. the announcers calling this tennis at its finest. just justne of thencreble points played this morning. if youavnot seen the relt cover yr rs. the woman ranked numrne in the sport felto theeventh seed.
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had everybody watchin in the contro room. >> ok. dylan dreyer i here with chec of e forecast. ateast iis not snowing. >> at least most of the snow's gone. this time last we, we were getting buried under snow. it has been in the 40s since. a lot of it has mted away. ou we, a different stor rain and mountai snow. snow throughevada into t rockies. weave a plumef moisture that will bng big storm system onshore as we go into tomorrow. look at this lengthf trocal moisture. extends 1,000 miles. it will make its way int t weoast. will see heavy rain and gusty winds. we cld see wind gus near 50 les per hour especially in herncalifornia. for the snow, we will see the winter storm watches and warnings kicin as go in tomoow oncehe heavy sw starts to take hold.
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now d and and that'sour latest foreca >> dylan,nk you. me, a look back at the other big stories of the week, incdingajor change for barbie. and big news "house of cards."
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nb ,, stillere o
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min for a photo oa potato?
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inside tom teeterinnthe cliff in > because i told them i had nothing to hide. >> how i t hell were you in the room? >> i don . n't ow, that's aoo question. >> we are back on this saturday moing, janua 30th, 2016 with a lk a the mini series "the people versus j.simpson." ople still fascinated tt murd tria ming why the dr portraye in the mie
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sison is sufferingrom ctthe brain disease tha linked to viole behavr. >> meanwhile, look outside studio 1a thisorning. a cold crowd tg t keeparm on thisinal saturday o january. > he is what is making helines half past the h today. th two ds to go untilhe iowa caucuses, the main issuen the cign trail today is likely to be hillaryclton's e-mails. the sta department is wiholdg 2 of her e-mai. her riva bnie sanders, is not min an issue of it, but the republican candidates e. ethan couc the affluenza teen, ll remain i a juvenile detentn facity despite the requ he be moved fromhe ul court. february.
5:26 am
be ridg pope francis style afterinning thele that the popode in las year. the winningid was $8 >> weeginhis half hour with he doad." th ce to look at the week's stories and other you may have missed. >> theleanp fm t blizzard of 2016 and therrest of the armed occupatio in egon re a the stori tha caught our attentn. >> wh the iowa caucuses looming, the campaignsere coative as ever. >>nhe waning to wa, naldrump convied iit aitbroke, don'tix. >> w c'tave a guy who stan in e mdle of the senate for and everyone else thks he's a wck job. >> i have no intention of responding i kind. >> i will work my heartutor you. ts ing, o newbc marist poll d bernds virtually
5:27 am
>> and trump skips the latest publican bate. >> fox putt he was the elhant not in the room. donald tmpoldly bcottin thox news debate. >> whenou a treat badly, u have tck upor y rits. n wning over the ka viru vi >>2reas or couries that pregnantomen should avoi andwoop researchers accuse e wld health organizatio of failino act fast engh. n wha a pandemic. clean u acrshe east as aftlizzar 20. >> gernmentffes a schos cled again tay in washgtonc. rravele with flights nceln new rsey. the oupation in the wildlife refugtarted to fl apart.
5:28 am
set up theitan wererreste alon the higay durg a violentonfrtationtnded the dea ofoy nicum. barbie wit lot of ze >> you can buy barbi i curvy andetite. mattelopes ts reflects the youn owners' worl >> the little boy's reactn priceless when montreal's dale white flipped a puck t him on monday night. the grownp caught t pu, but he gave it to th young ma h t puck. i love how he snuggled it an ice hockey puck is n warm. >> i is not a teddy bear >>e loves h hockey. te youe o tarbie story this week
5:29 am
did it for "nightly news." talke to a rge of ages at the t store h in nyork. they orwhelmingly said it is ab tim >> parents o ds? >> parents. one question is do you thi this is moreor the parents or t baieing it?they sd its man t people wre bthem theytomet mor reflve fheirhildren what tysee. iayverwhelmgl poti amo t ppl we spoke wit andostth w timr barbie to be me representave >> i if kid would se. notustooking at bare in rela to tmselves, but rbie as a traditional do. eew os look dferent tha atou eecarbie to lk li. >>nd the oerueio tha ca upet s youive gi turvy bbie ll
5:30 am
last ar and theylsoave fferent sones a hai lors eye cors. all of which people say were ed>> barbieuratel prent >>ah. s working on rently. barbara millicentroberts. . >> m barbie always had much nicer hairhan i did. did you want her to have worse hair? what was that? >> errrrr. my mom chopp my hairll off caus she hedit. > we have a warm u to talk out. mperaturesavbe wl above average. warmer temperatures through the sohern and norern plns icohod getp to8 degrstodaat's 16 degre ave average. kansas ty,58 deees. tomorrow, still 48 inchicag cleveland,51 new rk, . raleig 16 above average. an area of high pressure keeps it nny.
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snow in thekies ato system in cifornia startin >> > rr! at'sour lesforecast. >> thank you,ylan dreyer still to come, shou you bu a big new tv beforehe super bowlext week? >> yes. >> we hav the answerrom the
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we will look at coldplay and beyoncs latest collaboration. they are performing theig game next ween they dropped aew video. but first ese ssages. alwayset place at the dinnetae for good manrs. stay seated, napkin oup d elbows at sides. and rememb, mealtis r nourishment, nothing more. let the mon g away ust keep theroove, a thenhe'll comeack to y again let it play let the music play the ci
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tofect ings for girlut cookie thave sething r e. ke the here is thething. they lef o the other popar okies here. weill dig in wihe thin mint mom's favorite. put themn the frzer. with a brunelo. >> leave aite bit in your mouth and drink t wine with cooks in yourmouth. >> i'llaste it. >> oh. th is rea good. >> thas nice. like thise. >> y are cbining win a cookies, how can you go wrong? >> i is not f everyone athome. hat'sot bad. let's dohi one. >> the do-si-do next.
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>> i don like peanutter. can i skip? >> it's your job to eat cooes and d wine, craig. >> theseo well togeth >> this is a red blush. blush. >> the as. >> >> in connect, they were always moas >> they were chocote coconut cos. >> probay heard there is afootbaame hning next week. supebowl 50, ocourselot of people are debating to y a newv r the parties. it isficult to read t news when you have a ckie in yr h. >> a study ss yes, you should. craig saysou should, too. a suryn fatwalletays price isfactor. you are in luck, late janua d february is prime buying months for nsumers. >> cutting prices to make room
5:37 am
we are in the market for a new television. thissantast news. a lot of 4k televisions. prices are starting to come down on those. >> my husband i alwaysn the rket for a new telesion. like bria >> and finall a picres rth 1,000 words or in this case, $1 million. hotographer kev abash recely shared with biness insider. sold aic of a potato last year for 1 million euro. late the over $1 million.s. >> didn't the guyho bouhe pope franc popemobile paid $82,000. >> godspee he i "popar" beyoncend coldplay a kanye joel g popstart. >> after potart.
5:38 am
you can thank coldplay in tim for super bl 50, the band released its m" with th queen bee. we hav known for some time they are pals. we know sheill be onis album. is video suld not cause such a stir. it is. maybe it is the exotic setting or her wardrobe or the song is offhe hook. >> ihould mentionfter the backlash onocialmedia, some e callingt ctura appropation and others showing it appreciatio for the foreign culture. now movg on to kanye west
5:39 am
the album tit change to "waves." aves." andhe online with fellow rapp wiz khalifa got more than 40illion views. now looking to move pashe twitter , k karshian shared this arabl picre of her hubb and little girl h. now everyone is talking about how the gi looks so much like her day. kanyes the musical guest on snl onruary 13th along with host melissa mccarthy. i hope he does skits. >> i hope he plays alon you never kno with kanye. last, but not least, w have good newsnds for fans of the netflix hit "house of cards." the good news, netflix confirmed th frank underwoodill return for aifth ason.
5:40 am
creator wlnot. he sayse is lng the serie tous on new deavors. the series starrin k space res a th sson marchth ak theayfter my birt. hing and eatin somoas. >> the brunello. >> tnk you. up next, our producersut to test with the nice fun ga of rather?
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hey, you're going o great. hi. noye
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to seeow much you coul save on car insurance,goo alarm sound k! >> we're bac on a satday morning. have been dreading. no amount of winnd cookies n change that a playingould you ever. with the bowl. >> go. >> would you rather have t sur power to fly orecome visible insible. i think i wld fly. >> then y lose yr mil on delta. >> i do like my mqm, delta. >> you pick fly over invinc? >> iould see my mom. >> if you areinvisible, you could do all kindsf bad stuf
5:44 am
ss gting undreed or hav your boss waln on you. >> which would you rather? >> which boss are wealking out? >> i need this job. you can't take the fih. you have to answer >>ould pfer toy boss walk in on me. >>ylan. >> would youathe fulfill you bigges wish or resol your deepest regr thin reg a partf life they helpou becomeho you ll become i wldather hav mygest wi. goo an >> >> wt y t plaalon s would you rather nev e le to tt again asong you liv nereen able to mak a phone ll? that'oughone. >> i thitependingn e ag we usitour answer. ill check back with ur thgh.
5:45 am
who wants tlynstead of be visible? >> who wants to be invisle for nefarious purpos, craig mein >> comg up, dylan looks a
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trtmenforradiant sk. >> good morning. top secret surprise. with justwo days to go before the iow caucuses, hillar clintos campaigntr bcramg t contai t damage after2 e-mailn her serr fnd to be top secret. big question isill this have an iact on the mony cauc new evidence? a mbshell from the lawyer f stepn avy, t subct of eald aboutumentary "making a murderer." avery's lawyer has new edence at could fe her client. whhe plans to do t cle his name.
5:50 am
the doctor who fir diaosed the bra disease in football plays now say he suspects o. simpson has thedisee. this comes as o.j.'same c to the headl with the seri. we will loo today. r >> ris and shine "today show. >> geoia peaches in c. >> from texas a weame tohe "today" show. >> hi mom and dad, wre on tv. hel, grandapids. >> good moing to you on a saturdorni here on a c new york city. we w get outside in abi we want toake a moment to send get well whe to shnee, jones. shes under the wtherere
5:51 am
that is why she is n here we know y are watching >>e hope you are covering, sheinelle. h for yourake you are sleepingin. eryone wching athome, sent shei shnelle your welshesr piure onnstagram. we lookorward to her feeling better. we have a lot to get to this ing. the final countdow i wa. two days from the caucuses hillary clinton's els are front and center this morning. hulcoge. we srt with nbc's kristen welker in des moin. isten,ood rning. >> reporr: erica, gd rn the races razor tight in iowa. the late e-mail issue could not com at a wse time. and her rival, bnie sander not making an issue of it. th candatesreocused on the fishine. on friday ght, hlary and bill clint we tryin to lock it up in iowa. over shadowi that, the state departme released 1,600 e-mailsrom her time as
5:52 am
they withhd for the first time documents labelg them t secret. the eails were not markeop secr whe they were sent and the inton campaign stress clintoever sent or received class classied e-ml at the time. the question is will vots here in iowa care? we have wait unti monday to find out. late lt night,ernie ers reit reiteratedn a statent he is not interested ier s. he is interes in e th wl cross thetate with eight events between them. on hillary clinton will b joined by gabby giords. erica. >>kriste thanks. to the repubcans now wre the war ofords with donald trum and ted cruz shows no signs of letting up. nbc's hall jackson is in des moines with more on th. hallie, good morning.
5:53 am
this rning, the republican candidatesreetting rdy for the final push and final weekend before the caucuses. they wasted littl time on pocing on hlary clinton f the e-mai issue. while clinton spokesperson cas this overclasfication, the republicansave different word forit. like unacceptable that's from marco rubio, who argues this news should disquali clinton from bng coanrnchf. te cz yshiisor a mo rious. as the gop candidates te a at clinton, they are trying to gain tction with caucus goers inhe last60 hours before the caucuses. trump, ample, rolling out a n line of attackgainsted cruz. calling him a canadnncho baby. uz is laughing it off getti ready f his rlytonight. the onee ask donald trump to debate m.
5:54 am
marco rubio, he is hoping for momentum. hopi for a stron third pce finish here after his debate craig. >>hallie, thank you. a feral judge has denied bail for the main figures in the ard standoff in the wildlif ge. the judge id ammo bdy and followersose a danger to th mmunity a argue that it was a pceful eratn. the jue would release those ends. four prosters still occupy the refu new waterning in int, michiga this morning. tests showead levels in mples a so high, filters are effective. officials are not sure what caused the high ve residentsre urged to make sure they test the wate
5:55 am
make it a match for the histor books facingangelique kerb inhe austrn open. credible volleys and saves were enough. kerber pulled o atunning upset. >>he san dgo chaers may ve aeal to move north. the footbal team has agree in principleo head to englewood, liforn tohare a stadium with the los anges rams. th chargers chairman says the te wl stay put f at least is year while he tri to work ou new sdium dea with san diego. dylan has a check of our saturday forecast for us. >> we aralking about the weather in cafornia. thatiein nicely. >> nice segue. aecen sto makg its ore. we have a seam of moisture off e pafi extends 1,000 miles. lf that moistur is going t continue to makits way onshe. a lot of rain and mountainsnow.
5:56 am
inteifyff the coast and produce wind gusts a hig as 5 to 60 miles hour. we heeveral winte storm warnings and winter weather advisories acros theocki in the s well today, we will see the storm ge organid. sorn californ. heavy snow ie sierra we areng to seehis entu start to seadast to the rockie nday eecyn denv, cld s nea bzzard condions with e gusty wds reducing visibility down tos than 5 of a mile at times. on tuesy, snow aossebraska and kansas and up into wa. strong storms ahead of the fr especi through themi as f rainfall totals, to 3 inches of rain. we could see brief flooding. as for snow, denver couldnd up wi 1 ftf snow.
5:57 am
the storm stas and tt's your latt cast.craig. >> now,dyn. now to a decades old ce that has lot of peoplealking thks to the netflix series "making a murderer." on friday,rotesters gathered outside stephenery's prison, both fornd agast aver th rng, his attorney says new edee could hel free him. "dateline's" andrecanning has
5:58 am
>>ood morning, aig. e attory m with stephen ery for about thr hoursnd isase is movin forward. everyby is wondering what happened to teresa halbach. forhose who think sphen avery did not do it, it comes down to oneorney fams for wrgfulonvictions who sd she is abouto the case de wn. th cead people tking since it premiered on netflix last month and thealk got er in the county where had ened. maniwoc, wisconsin. trial. >> dna proved he was guilt co time here. he sho rot in jail. >> don't let netflix tell you what to think! >> reporter: demonstrationsere after steen avery w ongfullyonvicted in 1985 releed in priso andhen
5:59 am
photogpher. stephry convicted. >> reporter: at ial, his attorneys claimed the sherifs fice planted evidence in an tempto frame him. >> i is n true. iave confidence in e depues. >> reporter:ow avery has a new attorney. kathleen zellner. she spoke to us outsi the prison. >> do you he evidence free stephen ery? >> we do. >> can you tell us anything abouthat >> can tell youenerally since 2007, there have been significant advances i forenc testg and so clearlye're goinhe clearest way to do this is with stific sting. >>eporter: she has been poring rough boxes o evidence and determined tovher client is nocent. lks like thereay be anotr cpt in this c yet.
6:00 am
perspective of when wel seesomething happen in the case? >> i thi within day poly less. >> histtorney mentioned the car. avery's blo and dna were founde victim car. so zellner bought o to understandhat she is dealing with. she has alternat suspects in mind. she won't who, but the are peop o h radar. >>ou have been follong this case. what is e likelihood that sthen avery gets a new l? >> the problem with t queion is we don't kno yet wt the newvidence is she i talking abt. soon as weind out how big it i and credible it is,hat rmese gets a n ia we are waiting for.hopefully inhe next month we will see another break in th se >> there appears to be another chapter left in e story. andrea, thank you again. erica. >crg, than. a precariousituationn california shows no signs of improvement. hos on the edge of a
6:01 am
the cl sve malkoffrepos, he ys tre are some that don't an to leave anytime soon. >>eporter: just 15 mutes fr srancis.>> a dangerous situation in lifornia. cota erosion. >> reporte these 60sra aptments in cifica, lifornia sit o onef those hillsides. >> don step out. >> reporter: resident ba llowby sho us how the repeat stormhave been bringing these homesser to disaster. >> youanee how brown t water is.that's sand in water. >>eporter: thaacific oce water, warr tn usual, has accelerated the proemhat has beenwing for years. if ts el nioss b as it prected to be, wil we e morepartment evacuated?
6:02 am
acuated.we are going to the backf 310 esanade. 20 peoetill live he. reporte the cit has evacuate tsuiing and thi builng.andust days ag ty declared this buildgnsafe a well. no all 20 low-inme residents must find somether place t live. opleike jeff boan. >> nobody will be here for ever everybody isealizing that >> reporter: these apartments areteering 7 feet abovehe crhing s belo this i aormal day. during an enifueledorm, those waves coulde double that ze >> d't tnk it nessarily all that sa. reporter: bart tk these photos less tn a mon apart. it is eas to see how much sand is now gone from eridge. each storm clas athhu of t west ast.
6:03 am
side on new year'e. partf the blufffell. >> reporter: you can s how easily this land crus apt. so r, that dog is the only fatality here on the rocowat's shaky ground abov r oday," dave malkoff, i cifica, liforn. > comg u our wk's biggest health stories and why exercisi aroun thelock doest an you wil bn me caries tn if you too grilled chicken and bush's bak beans. >>mom totally forg to give us getables. kn. it's aweme. >>o-yah. blow iup. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to o seetamy recipe with a hint of sweetne. th're the vegetable ki le. they're totally ting their vegetaes. boo-yah. >>blow it up whaa? bush's bed beans the veie ks love. y our we flavor, asian bbq.
6:04 am
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nivea in-shower body lotn. first i wa... then i apply it to my wet sn. it moisturizeswith no sticky feel. i quklrie off. and i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion in the dy lotion aisle. hi this morning i"today's" health, tre are questions arou the zika viru here she will walk us through the medical stories this week. virus.
6:06 am
of gestation is exposure? >> the firsters the mo vulnerable. that iheth central nervous system is forming. that can be the mos critical. that doesn't rule out a problem could o later on in prncy if you areexposed.>> the nexous from maven. wewere it 7:00 how lon does t ndoait preg infecteman' sperm pose ari this gsk ifs transmitted sexual. >> i'll answer the second question first. erre some reports that the virus can be detected ialiva an semen. ose concerns are to create the con about sua ansmsion. the main mode of transmsi
6:07 am
e ofow long you hav to wait, i want to make car, we dot know everythingbout the rus. we are learningor aut the rus and mosquo that cares it we bieve ittays in your system up to a week. if you are planning becomin pregnant,ait a coue weeks before expore. moving on. we he en talking abo the water crisis inflint. we keep tki about lead. lo ofricansive in h but before t '70s w lead pis and paint. what a the true effts of lead isoning? >> a concern for children und th age of as we as fetus in the wombaving exposure. again, b the main side effect or issue cane cognitive pairment in young children thtages o early pmen >>ow you tespeople to determine termine exposure to lead. >> it can be done th a fger prick, prick,ou can g aositive
6:08 am
yo can sak to yr doctor about getting your cld tested for lead expure or yourself. spea to your health department. you wt to renovate carefully. that ishe maiconcern. lead found in t paint chips. >> and next headline had u thinki abouthe newye resolutions. working out andorking out hardnd more. more exercisesn't burn more calories? don't get iuitively it doesn't mak a lot of sense. eres more rearch o over y eat than energ you spen to maintnr lose weht. ifou a aery active pern and exercise reguy, if you spend an extra hour at the gym, youre problyot burning anymorealors than you normally do in t day. the main difference comes in someone dentary. people whoon't exercise a
6:09 am
king thetas ctuallygog to me diffen. the idea is biologicly, we have a cerin amoun of ergy we expend every day. it doesn vary when your ve is dng cognizant. >> doe that mean ian have a glas of win instead? >> yeah, no. don't ierpret it tha way. >> natalie, thank you. >> still ead, a looat t hilynticatedseri, "the peop vsus o.j. simpso a why the doctorho fst discovered the cte in fooall players says simps is sufferingroit as ll.
6:10 am
nbc.,,,,,,,,, sll ahe on a surday morning,ne of the mt inten
6:11 am
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6:14 am
th g theircks aredp yesterday as well and they're encouragg people not be fooled by the warm temperatures tay and tomorrow. just a few weeks ago, emergency planners completed a disaster drl based on a blizzard scenario.....very similato what we're expecting in the next upledays the ro crewsren't thonly ones preparing. grocery stores like safey ar making sure th have their shs fully ockefor peop looking torere f a few days stu at ho. safey ys texct t brush to hitonighan ayorning.. sost bigust be to go early some time today. inddion to food....peoe are also stocking up othings like ice melt, wiper fluid, and shovles... all go this to keep in mind e y for th next big round of winteweathe les get over to for an update on your forecast. keep it here on news5now for
6:15 am
> we're back on this saturda morning, january 3th, 2016. hay to be out on the plaza. this is a fantaic crowd. my sister--law and niece. >> where is your sisterla >> ovethere. >> n's family. >> they pickedre weekend to see us. folks warmed um he b appl still to comen thisalf hour, a new cpetition that is su to getearts racing. inside the world of drone racing. then on a different level of ener, i'll introduce you to a f wom who want to change the way people think of bowlg. they might eveeteetn on
6:16 am
i don't know if that is a bght id afternoon. >> you lk le you are serious. >> icompive. we know. breakfast. a hardy eggstrata. we begin wh news from the l tha diagnos concussns rose more than 30% last year. that is upm 206 the yeabe. before. the doctho dcoed cte sa he believ o.j.on suers from the disease. thomes as th mierie is about to beg calle "the pele versus o. simpson."
6:17 am
>> reporter: gooing, erica. thissn etion journey for a nation still captivated b the trl othe century. a lot has changed and those closes to what ppened are speaking outs we' all about toet a newake on an d drama. >> enthal jamesmpson. rorte more thanwo cades, the drama tt unfolded on live television is back in the spotlig f a new generation. an fx mini series isromising torecreate history a tell the bend the scene othe trial anverdt. during the trial, simpson was a ronicpousal abuser capable of murder. but now a n twist. dr. amalu, recentltrayed by sth i "conss says
6:18 am
aumati >> ourxperience says somebody who plaooall for 10 to 20 years,lus has severe personalit changes midlife, inclingio and impulse ntrol, we diagnose them with cte. it is rsonable to think simpson has been suffering for whe. reporter: for many, that is nothe excuse. ro goldman's family telli dr. phil they feel t sers takes attention ay from eicms ding theilers ner contacted them. >> we have a who new generation whoer saw this take place and is now going to see thisers and aum tt everything in this series is fact.
6:19 am
>>eporr: the filmmakers did ntt kris jenner. she recently opened up t "people" magazine. >> with all of th attention, kris hopes that peopl remember at the heart of all this was the ssf two lives ron goldman and nicole brown simpson. >> repter: o.j. simpson is currently being held behd bars ineva servingime o unrelated charges. you can hear more from the families of the victims on the upcoming episode of "d phil." meile, tfx mini series begins on tuesday night. >> steve paterson in losngeles rus. thank you. >> i can't believe it has been that ng. dylandreyer, we havehe final check of the focast. >> we have people behind u he. >> welcome. weome. we apogize for the weather. >> it'sot that ba >> compared to charleston? yeah.
6:20 am
charleston. we are looking at the chance of some snow the day after theowa caucuses. for everyone ther it may be challengin getting out of town. on monday,t looks oudy, temperur nooad in th mi30s. th the big srm moves in monday night into tues rain and snowlily. e northern part o iowa with snow. southern iowa will get a wintry mix. an area of low pressur in the ies to produce snow. a br storm system will make its way onshore. especiallyn southern california tomorr. we could see wind guspr 50 to60 mileser ur. we are lking atean a someousnow. that willurn into a bigger storm for t denve area, especially on mo. we could see as mh as 1 foot of snow. that is e storm that is moving
6:21 am
get intoday > and tt's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank u. >> still come, rolling with the pros. dylan'sot done. she has tips for us from the bowlg pronals. the citi dble cash card comes in verhandy with cash back twice on purases. earn once when you buy, d agou pay that's cash back now, and cash back again late 's casback d\j vu. the ti double ca the only card that lets you h back twicen evy purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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6:24 am
wh you think of ing, youon't thi of glitzr glamor. eris a group of wom proving that the spo is not just for t girls. >> o girl dywent to meet these ladi. >>y bowlingall isn stage. i not get to u it. they let m play. ey a the best female bowlers in the world. they are changing the idea o at it means to be a professional bowler. les face. bowling mht be the rody dangerel of or no ect. u kno the hes.
6:25 am
birthday parties. hardly the stuff of professional orts. but a new generation of women i challenging thesestereotypes. >> ian make a living doing this pressionally. i think younger girls are starting t see that >> kel kulic became the first women ever to win a national title on e male dominated pro tour. she became the only bler to grac the cov of espn's cover. she works out five days aweek. >> the perception of we're not athlet, bowl ten gamesn one day. see how yourand hol up over ten ges and do tt over a month. see how your by feels. ow what it is like to coordinate a 15-pound ballnd shoot multiple sres in differen angles. it i demanding frtrating. >> i quickly leaed how frustring it c be when kelly
6:26 am
at first, ias that nervous. i did oy own bling ball an shoes at one point in my life. i codn't be that rusty. right? >>h, no. think about t ball swing from the shoulder. ke you a pitching aall unr rhand. >> and rht down the mide. >> thesuess. >> a pplication forhe membership on the profenal tour. i'll get you o beforehe das over. >>hy doe't bowling have the same ca >> it is the size of the facilities. now iisorking o age. cuteits and snted bng balls. >> thi smells delicis. have nevermeed bowng
6:27 am
>> it is an era detail that catches people offguard >> it is really heavy. the next goal for kelly and her team, the olympics. >> currtly,owli is on the sht listbe in the 20 olymcs in to >> a chanc for bowling to ge the respect it desves. i think it isxcitingeein a crop of women me into something you just feel like is an older men's sport. you guys are coming in and kicking butt. >> i truly thinkhis is the beginning of setng ser specl for all t youth wlers coming in the ranks. my hope is that this is the ture for women's bowling a it takes of >>an she do it? >> so they use5-poun bowling balls and travel with about t bowling balls. that is azy.
6:28 am
it that youust don think of wh youowl a rnd or two a a party or have a beer. >> you look like youtill g it. you do, dylan dreyer. timeo get the b out of orage. mine an ght-pod ball. th'shy have my own. the eit-podall is designed for kids. my thumb didn't fit in th hole. i t g my own bowling ba ball. >> freakishy large thum. >> no. comin up, inside the dro cing. the competition tt has
6:29 am
nbc. >> back bac on this saturday with a fierce new competitionhat has only a few playersnd fewer fans. that's probably not the case for long.
6:30 am
polarity of drones. w the sport has pilotsacing off against one another. >> we ha nbc's kerryanderwass this morn tre i ncar a forla 1 d indar.why not drone racing? youutoges on a s we tetred this here they c errac. nethel nonetheless, they are interesting, but also is high high ergy, low altitude. at morth $500each, these ones are not toys. toppg out at speeds o 100 miles an hour. pilots sapn ggles, guardi their aircraft in altime. seeing the world like a superhero. >> wn i talk to o bt pilots, they talk abohe
6:31 am
theyelt le su. >> reporter: like overcaffeinated fireflys. ey zip through gates a out the same tunnel football players use to enter thestadium. d up the stairwells where fans walk to the seats andack into the stadium. e first dronecross the finish linehowered in fireworks. >> it's the speed andcorol. you are jt trying to go as st a you can without crasng. reporter: like c racing, those crash can be speccular. >> twothe gs just crashed on takeoff. it s goo >> reporr:nvestors s f thought video games wouldne day become a spectat spo rt tens of millions of dollars. now they believene racg cod tnut tbe hugely pular spector sport as well. as this g underway, fans
6:32 am
evtuallyhey may also strap on goggl andfly. like superman.ght alongith their favorite pilots some of the $8 million seed ney backinghi new sport, investments fm steven ross, owne of the miami dolphins and dolphinsicechairman, mt higgins. >> iee celebthletes and have huge followings. >> and, of cose,om of th pitsre ady dreamin se day they may b b the nt mar ettif dne weave we have mario here. that is tethsered. h t wun it >>'m the bee. >> there y go. don't want to breakit.
6:33 am
>> the guyver therere not too hay. >> kerrylan asked you during ourreak if you he a drone. >> actuay sobo did give meone abo ts big. irted ind flew ithel and into pieces. >> aice to see espeallyrson. i thi ty td meof srtmove. >>e have triedhat the past itsnrk. war ocold winte g. wh delicious breakfassesn most peoplow thec's of a diond. w,ay jewelers bringsyou...the newest c: chocolate. levn chocolate diamonds. only levian, m of jewelry design for centuries... .makewelry with rare chocolate diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian es, dazzlindegns thhe's reo lo. ay, the number-one lry stor.. america. viholatends...
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6:36 am
let it play let t mus play >>hi this morning in "today's food" we a ckingp a breakfast cserole that is hay for an. we have micha seour with us >> good morning. >> what is thi called? aharred bccoli eggsata. ssere. simp. decis. weo aharrcc co. it i deli. you haveeggs, oil a mi. let's get into it. >> let's do it. >> t hea ofroccoli c to florets. olive oil.
6:37 am
ut tbe generousith the salt. >> w do you char it? when you charbroccoli, it cameli ramelize it. yo wan to toss thi with the oliv o and salt. get you che skisn ther u allyo that. it oa roain p a 0 for ten minutes. >>hatf you d't wt brocco cauliflowe we can put this bachere. yo basically get thisn th roastingan and p it in the oven f ten nutes. this is abaguette. have eight eggsn here. sta whisk this. uant to take mustard, dijon. tablespo
6:38 am
we start king. a little tip so we know. ce tipo havreve en ywhis it can be tough if you don't set it up with a wetowel. drop itn t mide and u d neeny nds. >>y feot a fan ofeg can yougg wh? >> y can egg white absoly. uble up. if you he eight eggs, 1 egg whit. we are whiskg this.we wlncpora our milk slowly. nicend whisked in there. >> ay >> all right. then how l do wet the breadoak tgg miur youan do this ohe fly. you could do thi day of ifou like to do it theay before. i take myread in here and it
6:39 am
thro in e f overnighof, you are ready t ro. >> whao you add? thi i wherehe fun com .. e cooke onions and garlic. we have osauted mush we we have cese re parmes eese wewe going to t o chaed li. weill as in . u can wit you han you cae a rub spat. weill reser a bit for thetop of the dish. >> they can smell food mile away. we're here t help. >> you willet it all nic and incorped here. all righ >> it th >> w tt . it . >> andt lks like this >> and how lgo we cook ?
6:40 am
325. >> thatooks od. you can throwhat rightn there.ttice and xed. all right. betiful. >> thank youo much. ifan thi recipe toy.coyonk u. it may be warm today.. but the big snow storms on the wa...and the prepartions f it are alrea underwa corado springs.... stetivion spent thchinplow blas and drop bts on thr rk trucks to get them rdy for sunday night the county got tircks gear up sterday as well and th're encouraging people to n be fooled bthe warm tempatur today andomorrow. just a few weeks ago, emergency anne completed a disaster drilbased on blizzard scenario.....very similar to what wrexpecng in the next couple of days. thadrews an't the only onesreparing. grery stores like safeway are makingure they he their llople lookin ppare a days stuckt home.
6:41 am
rushtonight aninto suay morning.... you're be bethtust be to go early some time today. in aitiotoood...eople aralso stocking up on things like ice melt, wiper fid, and shovle.. all good things to keep in min we gereadfor next big round of winter ather. let's get ovo for an update on ur forecast. keep it here on news5now for
6:42 am
comingp on newfive today weekend --othenature has her eyseouthn colorado thiseend e chking in t re c to e e geg read sts frozestuf pizza chee, k ods foouki plty of coffee androcery stores are already by wi people preparingo spd a few extra dayshomeweek. hostores are kping theshelves stocked and when they ctto be busiest. anwier warminghelters in colorado sprgs are already near capacity. what the cy is dng to help the holess before the storm
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