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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  January 30, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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detectives are working closely with fire marshalls to work throu not only the fire investigation t the death inveigatioas wl. investigators say there a lot of damage to the home so it's going take some time to wk through the investigatn and find a possible cause anorigin of the fir neighbs spoke with today say is was aeabreaking trag to wake up . really unfortunate, man your het goes out to the family, it tough, i couldn imagine for anybody at this point tim-- vestigators arnot saying if th death w suspicious. her nameeen reas yet. 'll inue to llow this as it develops th on-air d onne at aa-dotom. live in colorado springs, lena howland. breaking news out ofenver...
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aftea shtingnd stabbing incint at the denver coliseum. er police confirm several people were hurt in the incident. it hapned during the "colorado motoyc expo. poliay no suspects aren stody yet, and they aren't saying anything yet about a possible motive. we will have more r you this story onewsive at 5:30. breaking news out of californi this afternoon- thfinatwo n who were part of a prison break more than a week ago are back in custody. the orange county sherf's dertment says 37-year-old "hsein nayer andyearld "jonathan tieu" we arrested by the san franciscpolice departthey and another man are accus of violent felonies. investigators say they escaped by cutting aole a metal grate, crawled throu plumbing tunnels to and the rappelled down the four-story jail using a re made of bed linen. teamworketweenl paso county deputies andorado spngs poli led to arrest a rbe suspect overnight
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he learned he was being arrestedhe drove over stop sticks, leading deputies a officers on a short chas hitting cruiser while tryi tget ay. laenforcement used a tactical ve to forcthsuspect to crasat the intersection tutt a constitution. got outnd ran, buwas chased down. he's now charg with asult a peace officer and dring der the influenc turning to a live loutside in colado springs. the calm b t storm on this saturday. we've en tcking a storm could bring us some heavy snfall this weekend and into the beginning ofhe wk week. ws five rologist carlee hoffman more on this first ert fiveeather d we've had a few nderfully warm ys across southe codo, t ings wilbe an drastically as we
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month of february. da with highs well into the 60's and could even seeew 70's poppg up on the plains. some sunshiny, but clos will be arnd for much ofhe da a cold front heads our way tonight with t chafor some in/sw shows with the possily ofome very light
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ght now... street crews in both colado springs and pueb are making sure theare ready for the storm. as wve beerepoing, crews in both cities are making their plows are readto h the roads the first flakes fly. eyre also out todapre- treating roads in ancipation of the snow and icy conditions. you can trusnews 5 to stay on top of the developing and changing conditions outsid bringing y cnous ues on and online. happening now in yr election watch... two days left until e wa caucuses and the first actual votingn the raceor the white house. republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton have small leads in the latest polls, but the ras arose and the caaiing innse. haelns us now live from iowa..eve. good eve frodemoes. hen iowa polan be
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cruz, da at in eswithime ins/ sen. teuz / r enti cdite :04 -08 "we have 5urs untithe iowa caucuses." call friends. he said. get them to caucus s/ sen. r presidential candidate :11 - :14 "this is youtime. thiss the men and men of iowathe time to make a desion marco rubio... in sioux cit. closing on cruz. rubio's iowa polls are rising... s/ sen. r pridtial candidate :20 - :24 "look, this is tast minute of the campaign, this is where desperation kicks in." the republican frontrunner flew ck to io s/ donald trump / r presidential candidate :27 - :32 "we have a chance to do someing so great make america great. dold trump holds a nearly 7 poinlead in iowa polng... cru..who ce led h and insisted to me the numrs e rerting. "what do you sayo the trump backers that ud to back you but now back him?" "well, there backinge once ain." for mocratic frontrunner hillary clinton, a reminder that she's under instigation more of what she emailed re- sified top secret s/ sec. hiy clinn /
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presential candidate :56 - 1:02 "i'm really not concerned. because it's the same storthat has been going on r months w." she's he more than0 ents in iows/ sec. hillary ton / d presidtial candidate 1:0- "so ease go out and stand up r me on monday night!" bnie sanders has campgned harder. 130 events. telling supporters if they uc they can takeower bac fr the billionaires. s/en. bernie sanders d pridential candidate 1:1- 1: f we havthat cragenot only will win here iwa, no ly will wein tominatio but much me importantly, we wiransrm ameca." "d youraucus locati." but first a big efforto get out the vote. cauc turnouts usually smalth a few votes can makthe dierence. thatill ep these candate pushinhard all t waytil mondayight i'm eve haelan, nbc news, des moines looking ahead... you nohave a little more than hourst to sign up for health cage through "connect health colorado." "enroll am teamed up with
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sign up. it was a set up side the gym at the "boys and girlsb" on soh chelton. people saywas a huge help to have someone walnghem through it in person. lie anthony/getting health cora sot: 10:27 i was kindaffy putting my persol fo out there to bel to see pers 1 on 1 and have them walk me throughhe process reall helped. the deadline to sign up is tomorrow night adnht xt door, the fir depament and "penrosint francis hospal" te up to give out free flu shot ey say we're right at e peak oflu seaso and getting a shots the besteapon avoid getting si. even though it may seem late in the ason, nurs say i not too la to gevaccated ruth bing/nurse sot: 7:18 we've had cases of flu in august, may. its never to late to get a flu ot. so people d take advantageof both serves being offered under one ro, and th say it made things easie domihaaway/got health coverage and flu shot sot: 18:42 everything was really fast and easy.
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real easy.i'm covered, and i got alu shot. it tes two wee for thelu shot to ck in, b nurses y wi sll be peak flu season. as fans here in lorado get readfor e big game next week, the super bo city is almost oially openor busiss! thousands are expected to gather in san francisco tonight for fireworks anfestivities. "pete suratos" hashe story. the excitement surrounding superbo cy - is a timgh. s/ ed mor, n frcisco "ery wco tsan franci ht of ser bowl 50." sacio mayor ed lee eaking aa news connce fr tite.the along embarcad e. anitseashe mn location forcerts,d inraive n thfamily s/d le mayancisc agl thohi
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above pebowl city, is visa er loue. thiss tenly. showcasing demos othr la technology. s/am shrauger/ visa "we have are vision of whe paynt andrce are inin the future." s/ reporter standup and ert the moscone center you got the f-l exrience, where ns can get chae to e if they're afast as thr favorite n- f-l play- ta part ithe 40-yd dash. even iyourm isn't playg in the big game, youan take part in football drill or learn about the history of the l -- says ma pat augenthaler withhe n-f-l. s/ mart aunthar/ vp of events, nf"it's allyor everyo from 2 to 92." but to enjoy the events, it's impor to bep. s/ keith bru/ per bowl commtee "d't bri large backpackorther types of th tt ll ultimately not allow you intouper bow. public transpoatio suestevoid t. savee stressyocan y thfun. s/ keith bruce/ per bowl committee "once yore in the tes yoll have such a fun ti in n per bowl cy." that waspete suratos" rerting. ws 5 is your headquarters for bigame- sports decto
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daall week from california. with the ser bon theay, tho leate next d sor tho e natail ferios" obowlpending. fdsiewe a partygoer ll spend aund olrsn , eaaprel,nd more's umon 4-llars fr t highe in theurves story. a spial ski event for those who canot see -- we'll show you the ograthat is helpg bld pele g out and eoy the sles. plus--- we aeeping a close watch on the condtions ouide...
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homan is next with your we've had a fe wee had a few wonderfullwarm dayscross southern colorado, but things will be changing drastically as we headnto the new week and the month of februar stayg breezy warm today highs well into the 60's and could en see a few0's popping up on thelas. some sunshe day, but clouds will be around for much of the day. a cold front heads our way tonighwith the cnce for some
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possibilitof se very light accumulations by morning. lows will be in the 20's. a winter stormith the potential fosignifict snow will move our way sunday into tuesday morng. tempaturesilve tumbled behi thevernight cold front so highs will be mainly in the 30's. snow chances incase roughout the second half of sunday with s ve hw possible by sunday evening monday will be anotheray filled with snow, heavat times. this will be accompanied strong winds, especially on the ns. snow finally begins toove out by tueay mning with drie conditions returning as of now, best estimates for snow totals by tuesday morninlook tbe in the 6-12" range for much of the i-25 corrir and heavier
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this stormill obviously impact travel witaccumutis on roadways, low visibility, blowing snow. if you have to travel, plan on lowing a lot of
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wh p for sno reters bg ss centralah a large grasfi teane dozens of homeyeday near e small town of blanar south ofomcity, rcin thevacti oabout 50 families. about 200-acres burned before firefighters got it under contl,
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ught fire. the national wther service h declared a red flag warning in ntral oklaho, whe warm, dry air and strong gusty winds created favorable wildfire conditions. one grp isrovi thayou n't need to see to hit the s slopes...
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hundre of peoplerom across e world are in norern michigan this week for a special ski event. it's put on by a n-profit organization thateaches thos with visual or mile impairments how to cross-count
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lison scott has the story on ki for light." - pkg --- sct mccall from atnta, georgia be blind since he was rn. buwith helfrom the ski for light prram... he has now been skiing for more than 30 ars. so scott mccall, ski f lig president ell for one thing it's an opportunity for people like self were totablind wh otherwiswould obably n have an opportunity to learn tcross country ski d then to enjoy thsport of css country ii." more tn 200 pele from across the rld are snty creek resort this week cross country skii. about halfthe people are suallyr mobilitympaired... anthe othehalf.. are trd guid. soarry tulkk 2nd year guide scott's a reallyoo ie he hary takes any guidance at all and he has very educated feet. he can follow the track with minimainput om me so it's really fun skig with scott we haimtoell stories and you all sorts of this other thanust talk about wheis feet a." sot: scott mccall,
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"i think telationshith developsetween the visually or molity iaired skier and there sighted gue is somewhat unique in t fact that trust is almost an instant requirement because yoare being guided and being given diions in an unfamiliarnvironment." ma of the ski for ght participants are rular atteers. barbara howie... who'be in wheel chair al r life.. says sheomes wh r husbd who is blind. sot: barbara howie, paicipant ou can. you can. you can. everyone can do it. we're all at difrent levels. you don'ha to do it at a highevel you get to do it at your o level and that's good thing about it. there's no pressure. it'sust wonderful. that was allison scott rerting. each year, "ski for light" takes place at a different location, and next year the event will talace in oustate at sno mountainanch igran. mardi gras season is kking high ar iw orles with fst of e ci's major parades gog down
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locaresints and sinesses have putp fences and oer baie ianffort toeep the tipatelargcr o eiproper. radefothal pre-lenten celtion are scheduled thh the weekend
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february 9th. we've had a few wonderfully warm days acrs southern colorado, but thgs will be changi drastically as we head into the neweeand the month of february. staying breezy andarm today th highsell into the0's and could ev see a few 70's popping up on the plains. some sunshine today, but clouds will be arnd for much of the da a cold front heads our way toght th thee for me rain/snow shs with the possibilitof somvery light accumulations by morning. lows will be in the 20's. thanksor watching news five on
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n this saturday ght, down to the re. th 48 hou togo, the candidates mak final push for votes in iowa. t, we go inside thear rooms and door to door. inton and sanders neck and neck and a real battle among the republicans a iow ts ready f the opening act of 2016. captured. three escaped inmates inail tonight after two are caught on t streets of san francisco. acher who may have helped them break out. re against time. the growing battle to contain the zika vus on the ground in brazil at the outbreak linkedo birth defectsspads. >> eatgell. why more medical stts aaking classes in the kitchen. "night news"ins
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