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tv   News 5 at 530 PM  NBC  January 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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waddelavenue on the southeast side of the city. police descre the victim aan elderlwoma b have no relaseher na. police say there we a total ofsevepeople ling in he -- all othersot out sel spripo officers e heing with the invesgation. a li look ousde in both lora sings and pueblo. r suy and beautil day botcitiesod. t a stm withhe potiental to be ve is t way news five meterologist carlee hoffman is tracking the storin th news five weatheray... she joins us now with mo... carlee? we've had a few wondfuy warm da across southern cado, but things wl be changing drastically ase ad into e new week a the month of february. stayinbreezy andarm today with highs wl to the 60's and could even see few 70's popping up on the plains. some sunshine today, but clouds will be around for much of t day. a cold front hea o way tonight with the chance for some rainnow showerwithhe possibility of some ry light acmutions by morning.
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rit now. stetre ibo colorado spngs and pueblo a making re they are readfor the orm. as we've been reporting, crews wille t 20'
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streetrews in both colorado springs and puebre making sure they are ready for the storm. as we've beereporting,rews in both cities are makinsure their pls are ready toit the roads ashe fst flakes fly. they are also out toy pre- treating roads ianticipation ofhe snow and icy conditions. u can trust news 5 to stay on top of the developing d giditionoutside, brin you contius updates -air and oe. hundreds of boscouts are fighng tlemes is weenede annu "freoreecampout on the air force academy camp. eachivity is a comititn, om khrowing anfiing, tbuding winter-pro strtures ansl races.the kidsayt was a long cold nigh but the hardest part has been the wind. garrt polui/12 yrs old sot: 24:24 itseen pulling up stakes on one of ourides. it snapped a pole in half. we have the biggest problem beuse we have the biest tent in our group. peter cata/14 yrs d sot: 22:36 it got so cold that i had to get outf my sleeping
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was still shivering. th s i been a lot of fun, but they're glad they' packed upnd gone by the time the snow comes in. tework between el paso county deputies and coloro springs poce l tthe arrest of a robbe sct ornight. the suspect was discover during a traic stop and on he learned hs bein arst, he drove oveop st, leadindees and officers on a short chase, tting a crser while tryi tgeay law forcement used tactical mo to forcthe suspect crash at the intsen of tutt and conition. he out and ran, but was chased down. he'sow charged with assault on a peace officer and driving unr the influence. in california, theinal t men who were part of a prison break more tn a week ago are bac custody. the orange county sheriff' department says 37-year-ol "hossein nayeri" and 20-year-old "jonathan tieu" were arrested the n francisco police
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of vlent felonie investigatsay they eaped cutting hole in a metal grate, crawled through pmbing tunnels to the roo and then rappelledown the four-story jail using a ropmade of bed nen. weavbeen looking ae uses of the escape froda cenly our fos was getting ese individuals back into custody as quickly as possle, but now the focushifts t continuing tok at where e syemailed us... whe policies and procedures wereotolloweor shod ve tighter. sohat will take some tim t ev we will be looking to bottom on th." officials havelready tigened security at the jail, with me changes to come after an investigat the colorado couf appes has held the conviction of a denver pe officer accused dnapping and sexuall assulating woman while he wa patro 36-year-old "hector paezwa sentenced in 2012 to eight years
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prison followed by sex offender pration foa 10-year-to-le term. was arrested in 2010 after a woman said he took h to an olated locion and coerced her into performing a sexual act by threatening to jailer paez said hek her to a secluded location question her about a drug dealer. looking ahead... you now have a little more tn health coverage through onnect for healolorado." "enroll amera" tmed up wh "centura health" to r free help to peopletill needingo sign up. itas a set up indehe gym at the "boys and girls club" on south chelton. people say it s huge help to have someone walking them through it in person. jue any/getting health coverage sot: 127 ias kindaffy ttg my personal infout there so to abel to see person 11 and have them walk me through the press really helped. the deli to gn up is torrow nig at . righnextoor, the fire
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francis hospital" teamed up to gi out free u shot they say we're right at the peak of fluean, and getting a shot is the best weapon void gettsick. ev thougit may sm late ithe , nu saytsot ru boling/nurse sot: 7:18 we've cases of flu inugust, m itr toe to a f shot. so peopldid advta botserves bei offed undeone of, and they say it just made things easier. dominique hathaway/got health corage and flu shot sot: 18:42verything was really fast and easy. everything took me probably 45 minutes. real easy. i'm covered, and got a flu shot. itakes two weeksorhe flu oto ckn, but nurses sa itill still be pk flu season we are keeping close wchn the cotiontside... news five meterologist carlee
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first alt forecast. we've had a few woerfully rm days across southern colorado, t things will be changingrastically as we head into the new week and the moh of february. stayinbreezy and warm toda with hig well into the 60's and could even see a few 70's popping up on the pl.
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will be around for much of the y.cold fro heads our way tonight th the chancsome w shows wi thepossibility of se very light accumulations ng. wsill n the 20's. a wint sto tesiificant snow ll our way sund into da morning. mperatill veum b overnighcold front so highs wi be mainly in the 30's. sn cnc ince throut the second half of sunday with some very hvy snopossible by sunday ening. monday will beno d filledith snow, heavy at times this will be accompanied by stro winds, espeally on th plains. snow flyegins to move out by tuesday morning
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asf now, best estimates fo snow totals by tuesday morning look to be in the 6-12" rae for of the i-25 corridornd heavier accumulaons in the mountains this storm will obviouimpact avel with accumulations on roadways, low visibility, d blowing snow. if you have to trave plan on allowing a lot of
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happening now -- spaghetti nner fundraiser is underway for missing marine sergeant
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sempler's helicopter crashed off the coast of hawai during rtine training mission more than a week ago. the search for him and 11 other marines has sie en calle off. news five's lena hownd joins us live at the arican gion post in founta- d na what can you tell abo t furaiser? zach, it just starteonlybout 30 min ago here at t american legn po in fountain. e communithas come together toaise money for the familto helpith any reted exnses dung this heartbreaking me. i'm join now le by dea noechel -- he is theaner of tonight's event and dean tell us a little bit about this fundraiser?? live ierview it note n in thein uil 8 here inouain. mi up night ten -- 'll ha a full rertn what th fundraiser means for the
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li ifotainlena howland,
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,,,,, as fanherecolorado getready the bigame next
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almost officially open for business! thousands of pplgathered in sanncco tonig for the big party. there will be reworks togh and actities that anyo can take part ineek. news five sports director grant meech is makinhis way to lirnia for the bame. ill have live dates stonday on nfi. the brons head to santa clara 5's mt icrd has a look at the
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just thinkone ek from now you'll be right there and i'll be right here. onlyifference? the broncos will be in san clarand we'll be less th 2hourfr the kif of ser bow50. pretty excitg stuff. but some of you may be thinking, exciting isn't the word.....nve racking, bone chilling and just wn rht sry better ts your mood. that mightecause the whole season h been possib thanks to a stellar defense, with minimal help from a jekyl and hyde offense. something yton manngill looko chge by fallininto whever rolhis team nee from himo come out with a win. we wt dour part on ofnse to help our team win. from theet-go, i've said that oudense is the reason we're here, s ke that very ear. but want to do our part and ntribute. he mayeed tohrow it 50 or 55 times, i don't kw. t when we'veeen banc we'vbeen a prey od team, playing sod defense, he understands that.
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kind of calle need him in. kickoff is at 4: mountain time from santa clara, ant meech lle there for the gamend the entire wk leing up. cot on news-5 for all your super bowl coverage. air force baskball also in action today....a mountain west matcp against san jose state. jayce hillsman....from beyond e ar..uily 6-0 sparta. 2. jan jas getting on e act.....from's good..9-0 san jose. 3. zach kocur fighting back....a three ofis own....12-3 it wll spaans though....this time thsene buck from andon ark...nd one... other tough game for air force, they fall to san jo.....75 to 54. it'scrnymothe r forcfalcs are noa amou o cross righnow. grinng tiray to yet another wi fday an
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the falcs grabbed the 3-2 win overanisius last night, that makes five consecutive wins and six games witht least a point. ketuerplayinin t lcons we a ligoalndg th h carrd em a sean ng. head cch fnk srato say the hig thr st, just matterf keg e momentum going. we got a lotf good things going, our boys are pling fabulous hockey. the team game we're playing, with how young we are,t complete team gamewee playing righnow is edle. thlcs are first peri now, e th stl eless. l sehow thair, coming up tonight on news-5 at 10. spki of ilding momentum, corado clege is doing the same these da. a rough start to the season, but this young grittbuh s found a way muscle out some ns and pick up some momentum the process.
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tirsoised for thweekend ee setngoa hiland believesiseacama happen. we've lost some really tough, close ones early on in the year anthen our confidence went the her way. then you start twin some of the close ones into november, into decembed then all of a sudden you start to see youren bu b. they'll ger chance tonight
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drinebraska-omaha. thanksor w thks for watching news five on yo weekend. all of the days latest news and
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previously onbe bloo... yeanother exampl of commissioner reagan extremtactics and one that i don seeim practicing in the whiteeighborhoods. this guy is dangerous. only if you' standing between and a tevisn camera we supportedayor ple his election, and we demand hahe remove frank ag as policcosion. no wilneto wk toth no iestin building consens. a nuad is not seeker of csensus, bumold of consens.potter you're early. mmissier rgan,good to see you as always. new look? part of a spiritual rtf you will. a nechurch, w outlookneme. couldn't hp noticing the reporters mp outde. thought weightay a fewrds ter thmeetin no, thank u.
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