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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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,,, let's get to conditions at ound level on this " 5 weher day. na hland is live in colora spris. lena, where actly are yoand how are conditio looking as the storm just gets started? zachwe'rover here off of i-25 and rockrimn in colorado springand as you see rht now -- we're not seeing any snow
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had above average temperates reaching past the mid-60's. but as i'm sure yove noticed, it has been quitthe brzyay -- as the storm prarescomeur way. as carlee mentioned -- the snow should be moving in someti torr afternoon and it ght stick around throu the first half of the week don't worry though -- you shou still ha plenty ime to get thgs done in the morning and maybe en brave tse grery stores before the snow sets in. we'll be tracking these conditions touout the night and will have more tomorrow morning on news fi today weekend. live in colorado springs, lena howland, news five. deveping tonig... toow'scolorado motorcycle expoat the denver coliseum has been cancelled after a adly fht today involving two rival morcycle c. denv pe say the fight oke out around 1:00 this afrnoon. peop staed firing shs -- four peoplwere hitonof them
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one person was stabbed and had to be taken to the hospital. ree rs hessejuries fromistfight. during disrbanther were sts fir and at ast one stabbing. weo have one deceased party d multiple other ctims. at this time, we do not have anyone in custody. police later said one rson has been detained d qutioned. thcity of denver owns the ational westercomplex," which incles the denver colise. it decided, alonwith event ganizers, ancethe second y of the 38th annual rcyc eo. following up for y tonight on a deadly hou fire this morni in colodoprgs. investators say anlderly won diedthfire just before 5:00 thorning. six othepeop who livinhe hoe wereble to get outkay. so far, thname of the woman who edas not been released. ighbors we spoke wh today say this was a hrtbreaking traged twake up to. really unfornate, man your
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's tough, i couldn't imagine for anybody athis point in tim instigors e not sayingf ath wasuspicious the final two men on the lb after a ng prison break in southern california last week have bn caughtnd returd to custody. 37-year-old "hossein nayeri" a ear-old "jonathan eu" were arresd by the san francisco liceeparent in a stolen van. they anoer man are accus violent felonies. vestors say tr's escape was like something ou the movies -- they cut a hole in a metal gte, crawled rough plbi tunnels to the roof, and en rappellown four stories usingope b set we have been lkith causes of the espe from da one. certnloufocus geg thesdividuals back int stody as quickly as possible, but now the fos shifts to continuing to lo at where the system faid us... wherpolicies and procedus we not followed or should ha tighter.
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but believe me we wie looking top to bottom on that."policeerable to nab the escape aer a woman noticed their stolenan sitting on san ancisco side street. a robby spect is behind rs in t sings tonight, but not before leadi pice and depu oa chase and even hitting one of their patrol cruisers. it started around 1:00 this rning he first and main town center whenl paso cnt puties pulleover "charles pierson"n a felony warrant. springs police sayierson resed to get out othe and drove f,unning over stop stks andting aatrol cruiser. pierson was evtuly caught after he got out of the car and ran. he's now chaedith assault peace officer and d-u-i. new at ten... a fundraiserinnes held for fallen mine sergnt "jeffrey sempler" tonight. as we've reported, sempler's helicopter
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ssn re tn week ago. the search for and 11 other missing marines has since been call off. earlier tonight, lenwld attended that benefit get- together. :10 "it'been rlly rough, wre hopingt they wouldm ive, but that didn't happe a mother's wor nigmare... :07 "i kinda knew it was cominbut i di want elve it" sighs urie allen hped on a pla to hawaisoonfter leaing the search mison for her son -- was called of :0 "it's hardery lost so much" sg jeffrempr onef 12 missing marines -- nssumed dead. :0 hen we got tews of sgt. ffrey semplemissing and was involved in the crash, we d come tether a family just like the american legion should" family, veteransnd comete
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legion post in fntain for the sake of making things just a little easr for sempler's hetbroken family. :12 "all that monewill go to the family to help them with t incurring costs th they' going to come witover the next few wks, travel back to the east coast, to have a memoal services for t. sempler, our brother's memial" if sergeant sempler is found- he will be ld to resin south carolina, erhe gup :0 "he s an amazingerson, a grt acheand a gat see of humor" a litary communi -leg a lastines6 "wwe le body iour tight knit cmutyn the fountain vallein colorad springs, i think it hits hom but en in these dark moments of grief -- feelings of gratitude rise. :14 hank you so ch, i can't do thisithout each and every one of them. just means so much to kw that they' o the, ju, i'm not alon in fouai lenhoand,
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"a he's going to b missed" news fe. we'vjust got wd that this dinner raised rehan 55- hundd dollars within three hour if you'd stillikto contribute, e mily also has a go fund me page up -- linko that can be found at koaa-dot-com. looking ahea.. you now have a lite more than 24 hours left to sign up for health coverage thug"connect for health colorado." "enroll america" teamed up with "centura health" today to offer free help to peoe ill eding to sig it was all set up inside t g the "boys and girls cb" on south elton. people say it was a huge help to haveomeone walking them throit in-peon lianony/tting health covera sot: 10:27 i was kinda iffy putting sol fout there so to be abel to see person 1 on 1 anha them walk mehrough the process really helped. the deadne tsign up tomoowightt midnig. right next door, the fire
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francis hospital" teamed up to giveut free flu shot they say we're right at the peak of flu season, and getting a shot is the best weapon to avoid getting sick. en though may seem late in thseason, rsesay its not too late to gevaccinated. ruth boling/nurse sot: 7:18 wee had cases of flu in augt, may. itnever to late to get a flu shot meeodid ta advtage of botrviceingffered undeone of, anthey say it just madthings easier. dominique hathaway/got health covege and flu shot sot:42 everything was really fast and easy. everythi took me probably 45 minutes. realasy. i'm covered, and i got a flu ot iteswo weeksor the flu shot to i bursesa it will still pk flu ason th just two days until the iowa caucuses, presidential candidates are out in full force this weekend. they're hoping tt onlast push will get caucusers t to vote on monday night n-c's "steve handelsma has mo. with 2 ds go, donald trump
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presidentialandidate :03 - :10 "if we c win here, if win in iowa-- eryone's talking about it-- we can run t table forhe first me ever." he means w everrepublican contest it's possible. trump'weakest pos are here. a 5 point iowa lead. s/ donaltrump/ r presidential candidate :22 n fery 1st, yogotta t out and ucus. you gottdo it." even in a rd, he sd a mitto onaltrp / r presidential candate :26 - :35 "if your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife cause you don'tike her... i don't carehat it is. you're sick... you gotta get out." teuzentlurged his backertow up and caus aninsted te's ing ba the iowfrt runner's spot he once held s/ sen. ted cr / r presidential cdidate49 - :51 "what do youay to e trump ers atsed to byou t now back him?" "well, they're backing me once again." marco rubio's push will artly gitas/ s rco rubio / r presidential candidate :54 - : "we're gna bomrd you with emails. were gonna bombard you with emls. for like two days."
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large iowa lead has slipped to 3 points her email problem's flared again... but her longtimeupporters look likely to caucus s/. hillary clinn / d esidential candate 1:0- 1:13 "for tse oyou who have ready cided to suprt me on mo nig, thank you so mu." man clint, bernie sanders iselying on first time caucusers. younpele. s/ sen. bernieanders / d esidenti candidate 1:1- 1:23will win taucus mond night if there is lge vor rn." and predicting the tut...says experts impossible ill to come, a manitou sin traditiodidn't disappoint in itcustomy disregard r a stmaimnfec we'll ou to the nutcake to coming upbufi wintrweat arriving as we speak in hern colorado.
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storm of theeason so far. highs today ab his today abe avere in the 60's and 7s with mostly clear skie overnight lows ithe 20's and the gustwinds will slack up a bit b it will sti be breezy tight. snow possible in t higher elevations however this is aad of a bgestorm setting on sunday. will see a mix ofun and cl to starthe day then clouds increase closer to 5 pm with thehance for snow startingn. is snow llontinue overnight with 3 inches possible by mond morning. an aitional 3-7 inches will be possib omonday
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viewing area until tuesd at 12 pm. s he 20's an's overnight now exing a ton
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a post-holiday tradition in manitou springtoday with the annual fruitcake toss. nearly 200 pple show up at manitou's memorial park to chucthe often-reviled holiday dessert as far as they could. competitioncluded distan, accu, and speed.'s an event ople in manitou looked forward nd enjoyed for moren 20 years. tess kuckleburg 08 toss winner favorite part of e fruitcake toss ieveryone getting togeth and having a super awesome with all of r friend and you knowing away those fitcakes, because you do need th. :11 icipanere encoaged to brg dotions r e mau rings fo bank. the days just keepickingy, super bo 5onhe horiznd a daunting task eaof the broncos....
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we're almost a week away broncos fans. and for denver that means they'll hoping on-board a plane tomoow to head for sta clara. once they get there a flurry of cameras, praice and yes the big game. distraions the team is trying not to think about. thbroncos main focus is on their opnent. a teamhawon 17-gam thi year a steamrolled their way through e ayoffs and into the super bowl. peon manng and cch gary kubiak say, 'ltake a ful team effort from the biggest stars to the smallesutility players bng home thatuper bowl win. we want to do our rt on offensto help our team win. from the get-go,'vsaid that r nshe reason 're here, let's that very clear. but we want o r part contbute. he may need to throw it 50r 55 times, don't know. but when we've been balanced we'vbeen a pretty good team, playing solid
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but i thinhe's ready for any kind ocall we ne himn. kickoff from levis stadium is at 4:30 local te. here on news-5, we'll be keeping you ead of t game.....grant meech wi be in santa clara all we witlivepdates andooks into how theroncos are getting ady. air force hockey haseen on a rollf late, five straight wi and a point each of their st six. wi win tonight they could poli o their second straht ekend sweep, this time against canisius. inuflo f this one. air force gets things going..matt serratore waiting in-front for theip, gets ....1-0 air rc canisius respos though....ryan schmelzer leaves it on the doorstep for ral cudemmi.....we're knotted atne. we wouldtay th way...the final in ortime, 1-1. colorado colge, not a night to write home aut. fact with so w highlights,
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of this one. after a convincing 5-1 or nebraska-omaha on friday, the tigers unable to mustethe same kind of effort onhe ba end of e back-to-ba. six to one ty fallo o, y anher's come the calling card for c-c er this tough as. they'll t the ice ne agast minnesota-duluth next ekend. to basketball action n. the nuggets have been struggling to gain momentum in 2016..yet the team is coming off a solid win against e wizards a few nights back and would look to make it o-in- row nst e pacers. indianapolis sning britly tonit. so would wl bart....e m to get us started and orten the gap to 6. 2. barton showing again..threverse am has the bench excited....still dn 6 thgh parsertougal night..mta ellor the..lks good, nuets up bone. 4.
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o-t....ellis again doing work, wn low for the buet. nus fall in o-109 105. r force baball also in tion today....a mountain west matchup ainst n jose state. 1. jayce beyond the arc..quickly 6-0 spartans 2. jalen jamegetting in othe act.....from's good....9-0 san jose. 3. zach kur fighting back..a three of his own....12-3 4. was all spartans thgh..this time the baseline buet from brandon clark....and one... another tough ga for a force, they fall tsan jose.....75 to 54. some gh school action, rampart and sand creekoing at
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jackson ehrlin for the qck bucket..rampart up early. 2. ua kalec, thsteal and off to's go....ramp pulling away. 3. d'n move.....sand eek keeping things close. 4. kavac had it working tonight though.....the three ball, it's good. rampart cruises to t win in is o.....64 5 herty d palmer also on t hardwood tight 1. dalven brushier....pulls up fothree....gets it....doherty keeping it close. 2. wi ross r reverse layud we're trading basket 3. tynan velasquez the dre down loand the bask....palmerooking to pull away. 4. d'angelo wlace....the biman battling, gets the foul d e..... but doherty foht their way
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get e win, 54 to 52 over the rror alrigh tre's a lotf sports out there....some traditiona others, noso traditional. check it o aiberian ice swim was held today. lks ducking their headnder water g eies drop in....sjust a matter of how ng y want to be. those swimmers t event helps strengthen their body an
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we will see a mix of sun and clouds tstart the day then clouds increase clor to 5 pm th the chance fornow starting in. this sw willontinue overnight with 3nches ssib by monday morning. an additional 3-7 inchesill poible on monday. a winter srm watchs effector all of the news 5 viewing ea until tuesday at 12 .
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a selfie from mars. nasaeleased a photo yeerday. taken by its "riosy" mars rover. it's a sf-portrait of e car-size mobile labotory near the "namib dune,a spot where it has been collting and analyzing sales of martian sand. uriosity" habeen colleing da othe red anet since
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and new yorkknhalighwi never go out. ouvepos th erre tonight. standitu. pari'e la ville lumi\re. ici, * new york city, nous savons que cette lumi re n \tnd jamais. ous tout am nreouene so. us smes out eur av vous. d now, le from n yor it's saturdanight. chee and applaus announcerit's
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