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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  January 31, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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upse and end the idea thater matn is ivie. >> ty'reng tow ything thehave. e th mornin chuck todin d ois,iow joining meerefor insight and anas are tom brokaw of nbc nes, jennifer jf the des isrester, joy- r o msnbc and david brod of rin badcati netrk cru o, paul,sanders, the cdat e. we're going t do our own ucus. welmeo suay anspeal edn of "et theress." from des moines, iowa, ts is a special edition of "meet e pres"ith chuc dd >>good sundaymorni thre waku kcaucuses all happe torrow night. we're heres moines at the west end arctectalalva, ffee s tha lls cus and vintage furniture. and of course the candidates are ere,ll ere, all over iowa sellinthemse.
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befoe e caucuses 13 ndidasampaningniowa are d 1338 eents making last-minue tchi hoping iowa wi become the first s on theoad to nomination e couldn'te re excited o heacaffnate. stayned for o ch eve pols.we st witth late oomber put heeen d tmpi a fivent t cz, coubio in thir at 1nd ben carson sllndoub digit at 10 wi rand pa 5. and themratic res hillary clinton continuing to hold a nor row three-poie er bernie nders45-42. we t a l get to this morning. th developments the llarclinton e-mail story, bernidersill joinus late maco ru rand are stainhere atest end age, but wen with senar c from own n heinoephemp am f bn s opble unst setorruz, wco back "meet e pres." > chu, good mning. good to be wh you.
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dosn't believe t des moines register poll. you believe you're ahead. what iound was interting if you ad up the other candites that are going aer evgelical ters,en carson, mike e, ricsa they' 14 if adthe23% you'll be the ruaway winner ben carson gng to cost you owa? lite thend of the dt re w alwaoing to come down to do conservatives une. tennths ago u and i visited rig athe outs. if you'd told mmohs a thayeo caucuses w wld b a atistitie f fst plou h ted and toni. an are thrilled stonhe e gong com36 hour fromnow, conservat together? in past cyes whathington alwaysa is to siner d deconservates thappens ->> you'reored at t bit>> i a wed abo it. ey wkn n ernly tworun,c a oosed.
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reng t runa ery mute. y ow,orrow we'go to complte thull grass ill been toll99 nties in we re mpg eerhe other asking f the vote of een and women iowa a cusing on the ass ro d >> you b if trwi here he'sutole >> ssar -- >> el yo saiit. our friendcaht you ta re> ctt i said he be. that ia wi hul ive himmoenm. no bo ihe's aroositnew hirendhepofiof aincionsee,the peopl o c impact that werfully 36 urs fro now mond nht .m. and, y ow, i think the stakes are tooigh to get this wrong. you , the mt common sennt you hea fmeoe they'restrated with washingto they' frustraith olicians thesay thinand do r. n'teturd ag. aha frustrati, the rs
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beind c i they're looin fornste conserviv smeone thecan trust toesc nservate, a social conservave and a national security conservave. >> at the beginningfis month you led in the ps. altrmp wentaft you, sometimes viciously, kay, on various thngs. and it emed toork. the ru'seadis attacks oyo areouugh enou take punch? >> oh, listen, anyone that has ionsof ts minsf dollars o atta a run against them ing thave mpac >> will you able tvirace into>> abutel it'sino be tough. th isjutw eeks. >> isn, the fa ty'rel shooting at me - six weeks ago everye ootingttmp. now allth rublican caidates hootinat. at fl chage in this ace. and i'll ote, dond, re , xgodona thought hisfriende wii se ts llumrt dro.rrs nd sulyhe beganasng me, n ocy, not
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insults anttks. and,chck, my apprch consistently boefre tere staedng tha spond innd. th tpe of eservett tn f ioli and substance andecord and who wi be a consistent prov conservative >> why id y suddenly stop goingfter trump on paid ad oi af gn attaa b? concerned aoubo riocatchi youe e contrpand re attme y' atacking mewith a tmigh and wrerawi conast. and the contrasts aclr. th rastsby the w aresstantive pocy base a vote marco rubio te faty.a naldp i vo for obamacae. if lot rbio rghts pr cdie isdvingamsty, aocing citip for million people he ilally. andal tru rig now a a
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czemedinnarumanarlint aneree havehe idtic sihereh is theyano p heerthf you and your doctor. my views are polaoppose positesof bothf the. if i'm ected rell be no amnesty,were f eed w will repeal every wo of obamare sot giscl and simple cce f the voter >> let talk aut two sues he that seem t potentially tripping you up here in iowa. one is ethanol. you ar -- have come outgainst these ssidis.yove called it arave train. a lo of ions includin the republican governor doesn likeit. i going tothese numbers, isn't understandahy ns liese subsidies. ethanol and biodieselupport more tan 46,000 jobs, generated $2 billion for wan houseld state with unyment der . this is port rt of their economy. >> aolut li m vew on energy should pursu allf the
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economy. >> but w no mes and b u sisubsid thopttng me obistnd isbyiwhke nddsf tou on lobbng l. fam mas atonf money. th lobbyistse mhnto keep iwa foc on the l nda beuse i ia dmedepen o shinoneve yeave tobacashingtnda mand lbyisge ns pa sidi f oil agas,o bsidies foranybody. he pece thas impta aesonating is i'm gong to al trown the epa's eanol blend al whic ea makeit ga mievlesofetha that in canxpand ean sha of t mtplae by 0% t not based oandes and sub andubsidies based on the free maet.
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of time in iowa look at you talking about milevel fusales. at th end o theda how does this not hur t iecom hat's wveranstad is saying. a ve fo y i gin to hurt the economy. >> but, chuck the point i made this actually would expand the owa econy. right now ethanol is banging into the rfs. it's essentially the blendall is cap.aeoe in iowaknownv as i've travele arnd ando town haetanol's no endin shar becse tha is pevtingit from. he wayo otherdate pgedo re tld wal nother cdidates focusi on the fure forethal. and you knowmene whooined me on m b tou across the ate, flowamed dave anderindilt more than haf ehaol pantsinhe iowa.hhe o wstites you ld see a60%arket inease. knoo' hrt my the lobbyist in washitond the people who are helped a iowa farmer and jobs here i t ste of iowa. >> one finalquestion, you talk about ronald reagan a lot.
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of have a presency like his. he famously had aterrific relatnshipdemocr tip n o'neil.he gt stnee u a pioi tobe able to tffne >> absutely. how? >> in entire time o the sate i've treat every meer he senatithivily and respect. >> i dot thi mitch mcconnell wo say tha >> as others attack me, i don't respond inkid. when daltrumpallsa adian or i do'tspondsu in fact, i sing dona praes. e i thi h's bo and brash. i think he'sbeen too willingo get deal and grow gve suprtm, t 's aolicgsngs. f tdawh reanb he cny? becae he bgrassrts ment tt reaan revolutioned tat turdthis untry ard. thawhat we oig.
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principled conservative to not get burned again, they need t come outondayht 7:00 p.m. >>'m goingo leave it there enator cruz, you have to finish the fl gssley. > my nextuest florida senator marco rub und stne ck fhe cruz cpan in recen day act, take a lo t ad they put o on ru's immigration stanc >> i am not a i will nevponeerhave n suprtnyblaet blanket legaliztion amney. mrc rubiof eying cureesty. >> one t architects of tpl senator marco rue yoebbio. it was mrco rubio a member of the gof eigh and ted uz tha sn't. >>na marcouojos now. senator, wme ba t "mee thess." >>k yo you jt ha a endly hu wthnator c the.thanosuch aendiendlyad hee. gs the ise of the gang
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>> acal --no no, t m -->> c u exn the i of mnesty? define amnty? >> the ad ideitful, actually tal about p andtrade, it stops m stentten s elninghat ainst p andde andbi goert mates. e gg eight ail thas--ha at wash ee arago as anfort to x ration la. iwas t bt th could be ne i anate ctrold rryreid at time. to was that th house would tait up and make better,utt s y to start thin aence ofess that's how ra h r ameot onet twunstitiolxecuti rs that s to actually ze people itho forcemen ow, th's not the y wee ing o ithen'm president. when i president, en i'm the inee, we're going to keep o mari in eouse and se d gng pass fir andmoigraona haur er
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s e lonte s. he aeoe ve theolitical s to it allat hey not tst the federal vnmt to enforceimmiio laws. and as resu the key that unlocks the door to make pgress on illegal immigration is to brg illegal immigration under contl first. and we will do th when i'm president. >> i've had a lot of publicans inowa that i' tked toho really like you and tn ty y won repudiate the gang of eight? >> that'not how we're going to do i i'm presidt.s notoinoe w that wll pa -- >> do you regreterein volved loriedix a prblemis is realproblem. re aree today? we areworse off today than we werei yearsag we have mo illega immigrants here. we have twounconstitutional exutive orders on amnesty. ient toashington to fix a problem. immigrion is srious problem. itmpts matand the st that i le in we are pacd ialimigraon in aatic y. isue has bet w each year it geer to solv morfficult to solve, but iis nowlear more than ever before tha you are not goingo be ab to do anythg
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in legal immigration der control and provitto people. not just pass a law that sa it andth's how we're going to do it i'm predent. >> you havelud tthe fact ma ist t ofreouight be on wtoo for anith the undocumented do you thi this ist' lding youcagn ck hat the differce betwe third and cond or thdnd firsfor you is your miraion position? >>n look, we h 11 people runnfor president that are running competitive campaigns. 11 eople on the gund iowa spending money,mpaigning, worng hard temselves to gain voters so a lot o this ismented right now. ted cz is clearly the fro-runner in wa. he h 00 votes, spe millions ofdollars here, got everyndsement he ed.e alway kne that going , bute feel reall gdbo th progress we' makng he weveake on more negative attacks than every othe ndidateined. b 's supuper pa bacalt a thirdf ioney attking and we keep growing and feel posiveabut . we feel posive out wh it's going to mean monday night in
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>> yo broughtp the p and trade issue. ll play the full quoteof what you said. frihould potion itself for what ielve is inevitable and tt isa feder c and trade program. florida should doeverythit cano be an early comeli s can access early compliance fdsnd hellu what thatap and tra looks lke at the federal level. so i in favor ving e department of environment protectn a mdate that they go out and dign a ca and trade or a ca tax pam andg itack to the lesture ratifici some timein next o years. all right avou fll coext thre. no, you didn't. thers more aft clip >> we'llexplain. >> >>toesme aossas y're sain it's initabo florida has to prepare. >> but whatou just played is not the full clip. right after that i said i'm not favor of implementing it. i'm in favorof them bringing it bk tohelegislature. i do not support big government mandat. the co tt at in 2006 and'0 wenadg candidates for president were jn ain baraoma,
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d ias e speake othe hose a i sid th i chaat the feral government will pass cap and trade. i'm not in for of it bu if the , we have toe prepad to comply with that requiret even if we don li it. d i dot want it tohe stat flora mone have toco evyonknew . theemocts knew tt sion. enhaly christ oposed cap andtrade, i w the first person t speakut of itin ll op-ed in the miami herald. rig afte that there's even more. >> this get at what sort of i think is cen f all of the candidateson both sides is you're bsically saying, oo you got to sometimes vern withha u have, n with whatu want. >> right. >> but e votersey mre than that. the voters sm angry. ey'reatisfied with ts idea atoukw,ou're doing the you got to work with wht you have in washington, not with wt you want. you know, i don't ink that's true. i thinkoters understd to solve probls it's going to
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unch oh su. i thnkpe undstan high educat ids,i k udeoan amic is ug m. wee toingo hree , but ink ter a patin ytok on ing withent tht's w wk with mark warner on it d w with other oplen this sort of e. the aressueat we're not gogo agree on. ring obacare, that'y we ha elens. i nk ife's chae to orgeer'eotraou inciples u wk gether. uthe are iss ere y can't do . thas y ave elecns anddatendthos sor of tngs in america >> why are yo e personally mo popular republican candidaty m h nd ben carsonhere nck an neck, but over nationally you have the highest favorle rating. why aren't you higher? >> ain, i think it goes back to the facthere are now 11 peopleruing forsidef the utestat run cpevecamigns. i mean, theatens. th areors, orconies, ser o an fo senator r sa dhey' camignig hard. so ve goter have a lotd of choices.
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feel pretty goodout oss. >> te qsti lot of yr donors, wre do u-- iing forride of th it stas. >>utouewin entuly we wil.hewwiwe win helegates tn ybody elu morthahadmfideoi t ietha i don t you're going to realarity ohis ra until tce naow a litt t. >hat's aood nhtor you tomorrow? >> we want as many vos ase can. feel rea positive about wit gog leto. xpeiame f wways we we annddo in io other le have a lot me people onhe groere, they enmore money, but we' g to ha aood nigt. i'm excitbout it. >> senor rubio, beafe onhe trail. i thinke'll see you in new hampshire as well. when we come back, areowa democrats ready to vote for a 74-yr-old socialis who'sot ev a registered memf the raic ? we' t out.
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ke orreak dependingf he pull--but it's uniting engelicals. >> iis. you touched on it i that interview ted cruz es arou in all of these campaign sts and say we nef re g to vote f carson,ice guy,but please don' goes on, mike huckabee and all these folks. you actually add the numbers up, ted cruz runs away here in io with it. the proem is is that not only does he have to contend witthe ct others will vote for carson and huckabee and others,donald truisaking 19% as we t latest poll of evangelicals which i know ishocking for folks. >> 're ying to g a fof who the trump people e, cruz people, we've pu compiln torgtgetr of t vors i've okento. >> i'r ted cruz because our count was founded on the bib and the constution. >> ged tedruz in tre, they're going to startetting in line and dog watweee to get done
9:21 am
marco rubio. >>ter: howfeel dald um wah hisshow. but dot know-- i'm afraid of what he mightdo once he'snoice. >> reporter: why areyou caucusinfor trump? >because's ing to make amica great ain. >> i think everyby's a little bit afraid. ericans are afraid, the world is afraid. >> i hopee's tou on legal migrationike he says. >> i believe hean keep our country fe. >> he is not politicly correct. an i amne with that. > reporter:woul y be ucing if he wasn't running? >> probably not. i've v caucused bore. >> reporong you livein iow >> 4 ears. >> theret is. buflo bll hat guy there, has liveereol and h nev u d he's a d tru that's who donald trumpneds to sw up. are they going to show up? >> well, younever know. it's interting to me that ted cz h all the high ints in this des moin registerloomberg politics poll. everybody likes him betterhan donald trup. they think he has thereatest
9:22 am
expernce. but donalump ishe guy that they think would beestto fight the u.s. enemies. and th's abig deal in this race. , youknow, eveone says that donald trump's organization is suspect. but people really have faith in hiright no. >> a i think you can see, too doald trumao has the mst loyalcker y athepling, he's got theost ncngeabl voters. they are sticking with hi tht's y i thin you're seeing more intramural fighting partiularlyetween cruz and rubio because rubio's are among the least adhent. so i thkhat youre seeing with ted cruz is he's tryingto n only ta away the ben carson supporters but als go after the rubio supporters f whom he's actually the number oneendch>>t's st p erablatin jefer's poll e. e desoine regi. the two mostolapeople, replicans,are the guys running third d fourth, ben cars and marcoru thefirst is lea favorable of o topfour,trp. itgoes to the point, it's loyalty but not growth.
9:23 am
republican party and within differentortions of the repuic pty. i ally tnk that a b piece of what dold u soing for is celebry culture that we live in in america. and he is everywhere and comes in with that big arplane and people sayi'd like to have a little piece of that. here's a guy runningtrongly amo evangelicals married three tes, he had affairs around the world other people, he went broka couple of times. ey bore rght thh th. playin a dffen ballpk yea >> well,t ao nt. i u thi ere's a ge bloof engical voters that are the sickndir evangelical voter, tis election pecificall those folks are ruling the day. you know, evangelicals are sick of being played as political pawns for years. i an, look athe federal marriageamendment in 2004, if n go backn hio but george. campan that, ld evanlicalstoet out at the polls and rove dropped it like a hot poto. they believe dond trump will stick up for them. >> david, plain this, weere talking about this earlier.
9:24 am
evangelical voter that's for trump than -- isit different -- elain the difference. you were telng mehere's a iffence beten the trump evangelical and he cruz evan evangelical evgelica >> there is. there's a nuance there. first ofll we know evangelicalare not a monolithic oup. >> of course not >> but lot are identified evangelicals. i'mnot tryin to get on yone's case, if you will, but look, th reality is is that the's a certain type of evangelical that votes for donald trump, aile bit mre of a cultural christian if y will. but then there is the bie study, wednesday night service, you know, t onhat you're going to at thepotluck on sunday, that's the ted cr lks. >> that's your cruz. >> thoe are the cruz folks.t oolis donald trump istill plange wieveso of tse fol t g o we s crossi intboth realms. l w tom. >> you ha t ke trk of who loses here.
9:25 am
that's go to be crically portant.threer fo pele drt,%f th vpsent y whe ios newhi? losin ias importantasngre> w l abot, ling meti twng. nywa we're back a we'reoing to talk about t democratic ra andhe n who ha f all etaions.get p, lt'salabout ers. hes upended hillary krinclinton's expected ma t the nomion.
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wel welcome back. to the demo rce wre inepende sateie sanders unningend neck withillaryclintn. counton young enthusiast reporters mahom never caucused before t turn out torrow and put himver e tif they do li signal a new beginning for minati. enator sandrs jos me from ar rapid iowa. thanyou fojo >> mur le poce wngsh atho inatn withoouupsett hlaclintoere i firs >> ,chucetme jst say thi asouell o wen wen ismpaign were at 3% in t polls. e we 50pots behi hlary nton. today as you've incated we're neck and ck. i think we have aealhoto win thisthe is large ter turnout. and it's n just youngpele. is workg class.
9:29 am
are sick and tired stus quo poits. t i ia. rue in new true allver iscoun to swer yourq yeah, t weal doava at towardvictor because peop want t seeth cotry ldly mve in new directi so tt not a wlthnd inme is goingo the top . >> but n' yavto win iowa he if th is going t become a big nationa campaign? >> well, thers no question, you know, that what hapens here is very, veryant. and if wean win and f a ajor ups, it will rlye spngboar i ink,to oer ates.t athend oe dai hink in tmsfvi delegates, et y wi twopoints oose by two poin not goi matterholot. t here'se int, we are running a national campai. er strong not just in new hampshi. we're gaini ground gniftly in south carolina
9:30 am
>> i w topl for you thin secreta clinton said friday about your health care ids and g you to respondto it. here it is. >> i don't want us to be thrown back into a terrible, tribl national debate. don'wantuso endup in gridlock. people can wait. peoe have health emergenci can't wait for usto he some theoretical debate aboutom dea that will never ev c to pss. >> nar, i wldayhe biggest difrence between her suppoandour supporteis herpporrs willsayu ieay lihat nator nds istrying toal aout t he can't gis plans sse that's esseialy what secret clinton is saying. what are youying? >>el first ll what secretary clinn has implied throughohis campaign or last ntor two ttomehow i who spent my l figing f universal alth care to guane health ceo every n and chld h thed tatesin the rest
9:31 am
akg al caght. somehowoingto dianle the heth care stemeavemilli ofchildreniut health care, elder people without heth care. that is ablutely antraus and incorrect at ofrse th will nev happen. at a timehen we a spendi three times more per person on health care an the people in the unid kingdom, fore than the people other cntes, pay t hght costs forescionrug tthe people elsewhe, s, i think visio i tomo forrdto guarane he eve and chi in a cost effectve way. b obvioly toay for it, ideas, you're going to be isi sme taxes. nan pelosi,ead of the house democratsaid this. we' not running on a platfo of raising taes. it was an impli sort ofhe didn wt you at theop of the ticket with those hou democrats. what do you ll her? >> you know,chuck, l ju at the ts
9:32 am
ending farrehan oer coes on heal care. proposal will saveiddle class famils thousads of dollars aear on their health care costs. most pele tell me, ye they wod b hayto p $1,000 morentaes they're paying $50 ss i hlth ca miu. so,know, is is anue where have gottoon hh reosts, guantee health care to all peopl ando wtevery othe majry onah is dog. we have got to takeon the drug companies whoreipping us off and the privansurance companies >> and you n't thi you're goingo be a pblem forhouse moatwhotnt run on raisin taxes? no, i think ifactillary tonbe the pro cse o gn is he cn gerating
9:33 am
tuou low.democrs win wh er turnout is high i thi our campaign is raising the issue aut a rid the economy of corrt campaign fince system. secretary clint yesterdus d,osethpr hper prhtn5ll n'ha sper ou araontrut$27. i wa toskyoouyour on whside a a bk yendo priden pula deat in thes moies regter pol.tre is ak by billpres it calle uyer's emse," how ob let progressives own. your me is featur as so of e top endorr o the book. says bill pess mes as, dot,t,ea t boo irness you, th dot,ot, dot doeshave you sag anthingegeabo oma simply sig onhis ok>>huck,wht h maying whatbeieve. tthe nenst
9:34 am
bringi mreeopl inhe political -- i think barack do fantaic job. hasn't lown -- you don't beliee's do ofession gresu thinllss is wron >>no, i tnkresima's fjotod isly etr anwaevears o. ut=& what we hveot to do tovopeopnheotica press i aay t we have not done. the reaha theh ricndrybody ets orer isig money ctrols what es on in ngre. the ntidote to that is a litical rutio involving pee ithe pca ro. tt's what td. renou eevelasabutseretary tonere-oe you yu peonnysiti abt he electality about her hones? >> ll, here's the sue. you know, as you well know, chuck.
9:35 am
you owby t ma, atck ry clintn, ack nt. i've d t paign iso fcu o ssueaci wor familsand themiddlecls. annotkersalattas stilla i you ow,hinkhisssio issue. am notgog to atthill cnt. e aerican people will have to ma ttudt. but imoing to continueocus shy the m c cs tosappear.ndhavesi levels incomalthineqty and fin allionuyecons. >sat nrs i go leave it there. ay safe onhe trail. 'soing be a fasnating hours. thankvery mu. thk you. ing up, the issue th has haunted hllary clinn more than any other this campaign
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wh alis tologthat's aame changer. wel >> welcome back. as you alrdy ow tomorrow iowa voters willect didatethrough e caucus sysm. not a prima. but at exaly is ccu we'reere th you comicated answer. caucusesreeld in places like schools, churches and goverent buildings. and it's where vote ther and w up inerson to select their candate. at one of over 600 precinc acro iowa t i iowaepublicans and
9:39 am
differently. so lt's start wi the republicans. its easier. ty show to theiruc locatioand simplyast a secret ballot for the candidate oftheir choice. deegates arewaed proportionally based their overall stawide vote tal. prey stightforward, ght? it's basically anld fashioned fihouse primary. nowif only it wehat simple for the democrats. first, ere pites from representatives of each ndate. then votersaroundhe caucus site, ls say a high school ym, anatherith likeindedsupporters. lintonuprterin one corner, sandersackers in another, o'maey fol in a trd aomethilled declared, ey meetas well. but, for examp i martin o'ey, w is pling the lowest, n't seef at least 15% at this site, his supporters can go tonother candidateor become undeclar. th waythis work thame
9:40 am
g %, they ve to choose among thos who did meet the threold. ts all continuesntily vible candidatith at least 15 suprtor the undecled group ifhey ve 15% sppo reai >> by the way when y watcngthe ra etn et tomorrow night we'll get raw nbers ac votes on theepubn de a you' see hundre o thousands on the demrati side. it wi only be few hundd or a thousand or twoecause what youl sees adding u of local degates, it's a little bit confusing. you'll just ha to wait for somebody to sayo d sowon, so d so won when nbc nws delareit. hopully we can say you can ta it to the ba we'e back in ment witthe lest on thelinton e-mails. before i had the shooting,burng, pins-andeedles of diaticrve pain these et were the rst iny fa to gr from coll raised ae twin girls, and ained as a nurse. but i couldn'tear my diabeticerve pain any longer.
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ase r business. you c o it. and back. panel ck t b jennifer cobs, y-ann reed a david bdy. start a little bit, i also talked to a bunch of demoats at varis clin andanders ents. le gve u a taste of givg their case for why they're passionate or pragmatic. ke a isten. >> iike a lot of what bernie says, b think it's more alistic to go with hilla. > reporterdid u cauus eiht years o? >> yes. >> repter: who d you caucus for then? >> barack. i felt the charisma of obama muchore so than llart the time. >> reporter: what about hillry this time makes you feel betr? >> the mp >> ging to start for o'malley, if he's not viable then w will probably go to bernie. >> reporter: whatakesou from
9:44 am
>> probably too much establishment or mething. >> bernie tal abou the big s. and shs takgoney them. >> i thk thatat the end o the dayhene's sitting wn thiing abohat he g to do, heinelyres about me > w sanys bese with the gun laake nse. >> yes,you didn't mishear. tht youngman is undecided bween bernie sanders a ted cru only in iowa. you catmake that up. t was interesting there is you get taste from the voters that the is the mocrat a is tking ab-- democratic ters ining abo can get b ne, theemso ar pers en the soidsm wiheerniefs.t y pllotallyfferent oryonisideaofenthusiasm. berniender talks about hispeop are more enthuseastthusiastilook whyouroll has. u have clinton peoe wi m enthusiasm. >> is . they her bt r her strh and preparedss. t is ue.
9:45 am
has the empathy and vision, however the convential wisdom he has mo enthusiasm not true. our pollowshathe is winning on who would you be more enthusiastias the nomee, she wi. anespecially on the very enthusiastic, hich is that reall st, strong passion. he gets 53% saying the will be veryenthusiaic abouther, only 49 for him. >> oy, theis nothing in this poll tt indicat sanrs is going towin unless tse first-time cauc goe search >> the metcs for her are certainly better gng into the caucu but i thi the reason you're seeing the bigger turnout and the more visible pason for bernie sanders, hisandicy rell rresents the two b sappointnts of the ogressiv ing, the most liberal wing of the democratic party haveto do with number one, no prosecutio owa reetanrs after the grea ress nd number two, the fcthat ere was noblic option or univsal heth care i terms of like a medicare for al those two pockets of ristance to the obama year are dring
9:46 am
's driven an anger barack obama. but the challenge is you're running essentially to succeed the democratic president. so if you're saying weed to repudiate the adnistration's policies on bankers and on lth ce, what you repudiating baracobama. it becomes very difficult t get rack obama supporterso support you. >> theguy with th 90% favorableating higher than both those current docrats running. >> well, what's been missing frthe democratic s however what is the international poly? what are they goin to do about i we're in a war. andthere' benmostno iscuioonhe doctic se. id bnie nderthe day, t landscap arly d havan eaow wouldeal with what's goi on in he mile east. it's almost all at this point very domestic. and so in the iowa caucuses tomorrow night,emocrac caucuses, w'll hav three candidates and then the fbi investigatn. >> wl, u bring up -mlsicanxct the eailsto rightvid?
9:47 am
generaleleco abolely. they love it. doest impactemocraic voters>> o pli shod, no. t esn't efct them. >> i don't think it's treet que hony i think will be there but a unspoken way. buts itan explosion or ist a fizzle? that's the part -- >> well, the line in the ew rk times" ory about this at i think stan out most to democrats is t information was not classifit the time it wa sent. so lng th is, docts are sithis su >> ink bniders c do a lot more damage to hiary clinton not necessarily bringing uphe e-mas, thespecific e-mails, butbrinng u authenticity, bringing up ablishme, bringing up here wego agn. u kn, this narrative that has alreadyormed oillary clinton, if he can continue to tap into tha it might be different. >> isn't the issue- it's interesting here. has bernie done enough to beat her? he does seem to be like he doesn't want to go evywhere. look, bark obama, he didn't ve any qual a gong afr tse trust issues, turn
9:48 am
he went right at her. >> but hesitancy i ink becauseof that same sue. r democratshis is not a chng election. thisis 1998, tis the atteto continue the obama legacy and protect it. hillary clinton has a much easier argument to make wrapping her arms around th prestaying i will protect his legacy,bernas t i wa to funmentally change overtrn oma legacies. >> ty fire ba really hard saying he's aying dir and romiset t camp netively and h of stepped bac again. >> berni sander reminds me a little of ho dan2 yrs go. >> uh-oh. >> we' out ofome on ts pr o sunday morning,m, e, roge smoa l hoard dean's g o pu it oops thehe's third. d a dista third at that so there was enormous amount of excitement arondthat matches bernieders. i talked tonother gentleman t. pleasant wlo said i think
9:49 am
iaid why do you thinkthat? he sid theernie peoare ur. ion ppler sr. and t whe took. b that goes our dn. ean weer bhat didn meanre werere of them. >> th te. rea quk, on thenthuas polling u showed there it's interesting. they're more enthusiastic for hillary clinton as the nominee. >> that t ke as the nominee. in othewords, yeah, we'l be enthusiastiwe wanh house back. that's esue>> yeah. the's also driveh a female presideas well. 80% of democratic caucus goers nt a woman. >> 69% would be comfoable with ialist. the way in wa. we'll be back in 45 cond with an end gameseent and surise guest, senator rand paul will
9:50 am
we'll be riback.,, - coveng your kid's eyes is one way to prevent them from seeing something inappropriate. r wais to use parental controls on your tv, compers, anmobileevices to ctrol vwi habits whenoure not arod. it's in your hands. yno end end tjngs us setor ran wa t squee iore ntess r s. >> well, at end? fei your libertarian support was strong he when the ye started. >> we stillhink it is.
9:51 am
chairs out of 1,600. i think that's more th any other candidate has annound. ed yog people in our s moines offic if you get there there's 100 of them or more mang phone calls. thy've called milln iowa voters. i ink we've call them much we kno them byname now. but wethink wre a lot stger than the polls reprent. our strength we think isith the younger vot. yet t meet acoege k orid o of college that's done a presidential poll. the pollsre skewedder. yothink you a sders arighting for the same voters? >> in some ways i mean, you knw, h evinced a little dirust of he bi bas,i t bi bank i worldsculprit for onomic despairty what's been disappo t me on the rpublin is there's bee almost no istid disc abt ho we'rei d wi the wan mdde . re'aot tlk abou t vetens that's after th've serd. theye home bad wounded
9:52 am
but there's benno discussion aut iphisticeday abhow we're toea with whathe consequens are. and no call foracrifice peopl who aret hom we haveess than 1% of our populion in unirm andin harm's way >> well, i think the most impoant thing if you wa to try to geto a point wher we do defeatean you have have a c-f in ria. so for t whoreaying omothdes lesst ca temohn n, bbothsofatwar s dorubio,heywao bo ass a isist e stime ink real mista doneadto aluon.tohose liary cli d anrs say theynto veo-y ze over the ad sho down ssiajets. i an, chri braggin about down rssian je i think tt's naivetat lladoble nmakeheor safer.
9:53 am
youhareson? i thinkit's iteresting. des mnestdid a p ago a o ypp more interventio in warorss li and itastyvenlli we think there arequite a few vots t there w are still war wea. we also think h regime change worked? i inkolinghussein made iran ronger. i think topplghafie dslam son in ibso i tnk the a arument and i nniicme topngelar dic estctuall made imore dero n fer. >> jennifer. >>uratotthl iowa 20%. du thk yan get anyere cse to tt?mabeur lln' rea fyour pporters. >the interesting ing about ypoll you k in on o tltll who did yo vote f 201 an thi y t l
9:54 am you' rlyly findlofs.i dothik puos t koursfing them.hi tn fnou s tfi iepthgon re riegoito - 're ing fple n y owuris out the lerrian asctof l th. he i go ttr rallies s a ot of berians and i'm ondering about that crsser appl and hat's hurt you all. >> ihimost libertarians or liberian leanin pele like mysf, wedon' want to mak the sand gow or crpet bomb the iddlst. wenderstand if yohave inscri ve m cate more teoris th you vot considati think the fed was a fini mentor ted cruzot showing up for tha momen it's going to hurt him witussing y lerty vo t him. hinklsoedso wantio havetpalaon the a. u sawesnsth dete torubio.rubio , o yoted f thnsaefm,ou'reoting to t nsa and te resed, no wan vement to collect 100% of ur cell phone re and it's kehe lbevote w crneear pople like
9:55 am
dt theernment the sinef coecng phon or. at do you gotdo on y ghat s i' g nhamphi>> tnk wve tbebo expeatns and we haveoo very, very well. i've said that fromhe very begig. y know we've be sort pusd out ofheews cycle a litbit if you haven't notic. >> it happens. it d happen >e ar l candidates out re, b wave to exceed exptatis a wave to do w i wat, ou we're area gu we're in th des m regisr plconstently, hink it mig be -- we mig getce as muc awhat's in there, three tims much. wehink we can d much bet th expted. think w ev ve anotr chance of winning. >> hns the w do survivere iniowa?whes th v go whe youet to new hai in your ent? >> y kno'mure exa what has. there a going to o or five peopha y know, are not going to vry well here.
9:56 am
fiina orinhihere to dowa.hink t bcauseth thinkhl ewampshire, but i fter w mp iow es a rehuffli of the >> therace cald --this i t most popur on out of ia. this t one spo the y one whoevert . >> notttachto i >> tou al seto pal, nk we baxt wek from new hamp but wego covege allda long oday, morrow.
9:57 am
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