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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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in corado spris and el po county-- snow totals hit doubleigits! ws 5'sill folsom is live in coloradoprgs-- wita ok at conditions therehis
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throughout colorado springs... c-dot d city street crews are tryi to ke up th a the sn... is mning... pls coin twork hitting primary routes.
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running 24 hours.. the cityws peoe are frustrated. theye ng dvers tbe if so... a minder they won't get to the de seets unt snow stops and primary and secondary routes are clear. mounin met trait announced this morni thabue is suspended in colorado springs r the day. this... after last night's decision shut down routes 4-and-a-half hour early! conditions at the downtown bus termin were treacherous all day long. although the buses areipped with chains, at least sen got stuck in a 90-minute span in the afrnoon. weather and traffic onhe 5s. meteorologist stephen wers is here n witfirst alert 5. while heavy snow is itinto oust, some spotty batches
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ro conditions are messy. not ly is snow on the roads slowing thingsown, a layer o ice beneath that snow is making roads pecially uasy this morning. the heavy snow winds down, the weak snow slabs onhe mountains with additional snow top he pushed the avalanche sk to dangersly gh levels. alche waings are in effect for much of thhi country. our tempatures a in the teenand 20s this morning. wind chills arin t singl dits and teens. snow this morning wi bece more stty with temperatures struling to warm through the 20s. at noon, we will stillsome sps of light snow around, and temperatures are not any better than 2. the snowy sps will begin to becomeewer after pm th ld 20s tbrief low 30s. aside from a linge flurry this e wilme t
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some bnc pyers say they're a bit sores moing after their buses werenvolved in a crash on a y area freeway.
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the ddle of th freeway when the team'police esco pulled up behind her... tohing off a chain-reaction crash. a highy patrfficer ffered minornjuries. no sious injuries r the plays. a report from l media this morng -- clapeon mning has toldis close fends -- at hll rr supe bowl 50. ytn'sa publiclyhahedo -- wee found broncos fans-- don really care at this poin th'rju lookingorward to sunday's bigame. sports director grt meech is in s francisco thimorning. goodorning fm safrancisco - one of t host cities r bowl 50 the place th bronco fan chome f next wnow now th bronco fll notas a opportunity seeheiream ay for an l title buit hus wonring how f does brco countrstretch... s hard to find any blue and orange in a sea of red but brons ys show . how d this start? i gr
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ununely he is a raers fan i ked john elwayarly o d i always cheer for the broncos wior lose. i ve be and oragne socks that i prioritize on frida just becse am a broncon. sinci was ttle - you sll little - oh, well i still like th big and all and me notven ompecies -ne dr a time - lau- fans aren't waing this opportuniy to see their team in the super bowl. a bunch - aqib tal, derek wolf- peytonanning - you ready named peyton oh,ronnie hillman yesteday as he arriv in santa clara, the marriott, a we threw a lile goockis way coasoastnco ns - soreads far and wi? thats righ! monday was thever increang sptacle s media day - today
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as ty getheir preparation ramp up e panthers osunday night in san francisco - grant meech - newse sp he'sook oo that is media day. the as irodud on a -up francis's goldenate brge." adnal ia ved rimeime isear, and isalled "superl oping nigh" ill ahead...on ts fit ert 5 weathe anotr uatonow the storm islang out in pueb...
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that's coming upex in today's you
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lengo ski harfor anyone... t for kids with disabilities.. can eecially diffult.but new adapti skis are making it easier for these ki to hit the slopes. "ashley bishophas mo. pkg --- nats e' going skiing! haand ar areoth ers... theyre beyond excited to hit the slopes wi eir friends. the two girls are disabl and t to participate with a special aptive ski. parents of children with sabilities say thiis a special outing because ty n't always get to go. sot:a gi, skar's mher "thet left behd quita t, it better now than what it ed to for se" craig dummer is volunteer with inc. he doesn't have any children partipating in the field trip that are disaed... but took the day f fr his job so hayle andkylar could come. so craigme hope c lunteer "whagreaportunitto ke the d off, it'sur first day on the hill this year so a lot of energy and excitement, so i s happy to come out and help" the adaptive ski costs roughly about $4,000 and wghs about 60 pounds.
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lunteeust be trainedo it. e voeer controls t spand stki. dummer sayki off wasl worth the experience sot: craigummer, hope inc volunteer "seeing the smiling faces of t kids coming down and hearing their favorite part, if it's ming down the hill or the de up thehair lift" mother liza says theoluners are angels andappy h dauger clde normalcy. sot: liza gi, skylar's mother "to see the looks in their eyes when they come down the hi 'seally icand ere ally areo words" nats reporter: "how hap you to beer your s? ha "soappy weather and traffi the 5s. meteorogist stephen bowers is here now with first ert 5. while heavy snow is exiting to our eastsome spotty bahes of snow are lingering thimornin road cditions are messy. not only is ow on the roads owinthings down, layer of ice beneath that snow is making
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morning. as the heavy snow winds down, the we snow slabs onhe mountains with ait on top have pued thelanc riskngously gh level avalanchwarnings are in effect for much of the high count. outeerat are ie teens and th morng. wind chills are in the single digits andeens. snow this morning wi become more sttth temperares struggling to rm tough the s. oon, we will sti have s ofight snow around, and temperaturesre nny bette th 20sthe snowy spots will begin to becomeewer after 2 pm wi cold 20s to brief low 30s. aside from a lring flurry this ening, snow will co to end. let's get you caught up on road conditions right now news 5'soanna wise is live in eblo-- what'happening the? right now yo taking a ve ok at i-25 in colodo springs-ve youselfome extra timehen heading out-- the roads are snow packed and icy! wel have mve uates
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,,,,, legeyou caught up on rd conditions rht now. news 5's joanna wise is live in pueblo-- what's happening ere? right now u're takinvelook25lo ng- giour ome extrti winou the snd y! weha more live updates our cin plus...
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ba. fectinet south
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mi uon ts rst al,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mog's coumer wa.. uary is a month full deals for shoppers experts say is month ione of the best times of the o buy indoorurni retailers discount their current nes to ke wayor newer mods cong this sing. also a good february buy are mattsses.... pecially watch for dealsarouhesint dayy.anex b savorwint cloes... etlele racks spngerandise... discounts could be as high as 60 to 70 percent. after morehaa deca ... free snackare ming back on airplanes!
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ited airlis offinee t pain... so.aines... thnaonarge ali nounced wl resu fering free ks ima cabin benning mon s-coinental flights. bere offering them on and all domestic flights by april!he of frs comes rlin eoyord prits. they say it' of thr effort to "reieshe stomer experienc the return of frnack airnes enjoy record profits. they say it's otheir effort to "reinvest he customer eerience." today... another warning about tax fraud. a man here in colorado... fell vtim to one an i-r- scam... but in his case they actlly caht thehiefflorida! investigators say "mycobi lee" etende be an official fr e i-r-s. th say he dema the victim det 7-thousandollars in his bank accot and en
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also notified police andhe nk. the suspecwas caught thdrawing e money from a bank in florida... d arrested on grant tht chges. weatheand affic on the 5 meteorologist stephen bowers is reow wh first alert ile heavy snow is exitinto, so spotty he snow aregeng this moing. road cditiony. not is snown throad slowings down, layer o ice beneh at snow is ming roads especial uneasy this the heavy snow winds wn, thweak snow slabs on the motains with additiol snow on top have pushed the avalanche risk to dangerously high levels. avalanche warnings aren effe for ch of the high country. our teeraturesrethe teens an20s this morning. wind chills e inhe single digind t ow trninwill become sttwithemperes struggngwarm through 20s. at noon, we will sti have so spots of light snow around, and temperatures are not any better than 20s. the snowy s will begin to become fer after 2 pm with
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feweter 2 wh cold 2 torief l asfromingeluy this evening, ow will come t
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fit up at 5:.. it'sno first alert weather y! fromolado springs to peuo, news-5 has you covered if you needo hit the ros this morning. we'll our live team ra with ws5's bill om in colodo s-- bill pulo also hird last
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,,,, pueblo-- also hit hard last night now. news 5 joaa wi picks up our team coveragfrom the steel
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condionsorsed thughout day in pueblo! but earlier in thevening... ty cws took advaage when the ow wasn't fallg as much... re-treating their priry utes! ent their shift spreinlt. sand ande-icing mixture. th were also able to mon trouble spots like northern avueear airid inines like the onen santa . really kept thes out the the whole time, patrng and doing what they cato improve e roady condit i inthat really the best wean do, and it's woed out
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pls are only running on sen ut throught the ty -- so be ve careful as you head out thimorning, cially on side streets. despite snow... the colorado sprin airport... is worngo ep runways operating! as of ght now ere's no dela ocancellations this morning. and yeerday at theings airport... the only cancellions were to and from denver!pls spent day clearing nway after the ow isweeped away.. another truck spreads top of the linehemica to help the snow melt! it costs about 10-thousand dollars for st one ps!!! but thairport says that'what keeps runways open and allow planes to come in d out! denver intnaalirpoed thion itter-- on how its crews kee opations gng in ather like th. a lk-- this iw, timvideo- yocasee pls d ot uipment earing sfrom the xiwa ar00 flights--r a third of the aports traffic --
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the storm. today and tonit. the ation army'sarng shelter inowntn codo s emain open it beearnd the clock e pawo day helping the homeless. shter magersay ty adde ro f another8 peopleo comen anget wa, but not ary sl t shte that pthemt just ove spac ailable. huren't the only ones fferrom the co... thnttocan bthreening livestock oe plns. 8-years ag.. a blrd killethousands catt neaunta. but ranche we spe with--say they arencerned ou ste thht w. becausiss the me of ye when they plan for winte storms. 8-years ago... time now for weath and traffic on ts. meorologissthen bowers i here now wh fit alert 5.
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r east, some spottbatches of snow are lingering this morning. road conditions are messy. t ly isnow on the roads slowg ings down, a layerf ice beneath at snois ming roadespecily uneasy thismorning. heavy snow winddo the weak snow slabs on the motains with additional sn topavpushed thevanche risk to dangerouy high levels. avalanche warnings are in fect for mu of the high coury. our temperaturesren e tes and 20s th morning chills are inhein digits and teens. snow this morng will becom moretty with temratures struggling to warm through the 20s. at noo we will still have me spots of light snow around, and temperures are not anyte than. the snowy ots will begin to become few after 2 pm th cold 2 to brief low 30
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wealso trackincles of vernmental offices cause of t sthe cicolora sprin offaes are clos--is court. el paso coty oes a combined crt- clos-- jurors areot to report all corado spr utilities fices are closed-- are all oicesor t city of fountn. alclosures a delayare scllinat t bottom of you reen. pueblo police chief -- "luis velez" iresponding to complaints r onhis officers.
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aseteriorating eipment a f manpower have become repeated concerns. ievesays he derstands,.. but ange takes time. counpresident "steve nawrocki" backed up the chief, saying hand his coeagues share the sponsibi for budget decis i absoluly agree andeeat thisanizatn todais mu better ape an it wa ve yea agoyoblame ver you nt t ultily if itom to moanthe finadeciisit tre. e po94ut dy uhere. we repo94 out of 99 rs whoook a suey pported votef no confidence in e ie some membersf ci council have called for an ecuti session with city manager "sam police budget. but still ahead.. was close cl. but a decraticinner has en declared the iowa cauc. we have e te... ...
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wel ll y if punxsuwney phil sawis shadow... we'll tell y if nxsutawney phil saw his shadow...
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spng is coming earlys welcom.. weome back.. here's a live lookroour studio.... this fit alerher day-- ue to date ythroghout the morng on conditions.with ve tm verage a weather and traffic on the 5s. later toda washinton d-c... present ama d us ker "pauan" set to et one-oe for the first me.. nce "rn"ame use speaker last year.tho wie lunch in thealafter meing that
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eys th idenal 2 bget est and eas leat new is morning.. n-b-c news has markemocrat esidenal candide "hillary clinton" the apparent winner the iowcaucus. s based on a rort from the wa democract par. but-cland senator beie sanders on rubcas d cruz wonheirst caucuse naldmpame second si by just thr pois... just barelahead of senor marco rubio. the candidat wl nohead to w hampshire,here that primary is one week away. r ws of iowauc... only twoandites reman the democratic side. martin o'mley annoced he drop out of the race-- aft a poorhowingwa. e blicane is a littl less crowded thimornin foer arkansas goveike huee said he speing hicagn.
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survielancvio ows mae lm tree crashing rough the of of a restau i californ! stng windsnoed the 150-oot tree over... and it narrowly missed four pele sitting on the patio! the restaurant is badly damagebut incredibly... one was iur! ti now foreather and traffic on the 5s. teorologist sthen bowers is he now with first aler while hey snowiting to ea, some spotty tcheof snow arliering thorning. roonditions armess not on
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, a layer of ice beneath thatnow is makg ads especial uneasy this morning. as the heavy snow winds do, the weak snow abs on the mountain with addional snow on top have pushed the avalanche risk to daerously high levels. avalanche warnings are in fect r mu of the high cotry. our temperatures an the teenand 20s this morng.
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chills are in the single digits and teens. ow this morninwill become more spotty with temperatures ng to tou the 20 at n we s have some spots of light sn aroun and temperatures not any better than s. the snowy sps beg to
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is jt in: punxwney pl-not see show this grndhog y. that mns-- aearly ring! thats go news fothe of -- ted of e snowlrea. thiss vifrom last year's event, we're workingo bring yonew video coming uat 6. still ahea.. one family spends their snow-day honoring pton mag! 'lshow you their creation
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we'rcontinng to track coitions foroun thisirstal5 weher da. re a le lo ai-25 in lorado springs... you can unt on news-5 to update you throughout the moing on the storm... na the snow may cse problemfor ivers... but many kids and families throughout southern colorare finding ys to veun on
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went outside to enjoy their day offrom school! we found a group sleing near coonodark. and it wasn't just for kids -- we foundents o there having fun too! everyone bundled up for e co -- and hing fun in our first big storm of t season! same sto over in western colorado! one family has created a snowy version of tir favori ftball pler! thcasey mily in juncon bui a 12 foot snoan th broos qrterback peyton mains numbers painted on t front. it tk them more an 6 hours to create the masterpiece! the real manning is only six-foot- fi, so he pales in comparin to this snow scuture ti now for weathndraffic on the 5s. meorologist stephen bowers is
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while hey snow is exitg our east, some spotty batches of snow are lingering this morning. road condions are messy. t ons snow othads slowg thgs down, a layer of ice beneath that snow is making
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morning. as theeavy snow winds wn, thweak snow slabs on the mountains with addional ow on top ha pushed the avanche risk to dangerously high levels. avalane warnings are in effect for much of the high country. our temperatures are in the
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wind chil a in the single digits anteens. sns rnllom more spotty with temratures struggling to warm through t
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at noo we will still have coming up. it'sundhog day, er certa stickin around coloro day... we're wang up to more snow the grnd... th several is ll
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wee bringiyoteamerage with everything you need to on news five tod. plus... road crews are trying keep up with the snow fall... but e piles of powder ve seral roads shutwn this morning... forcing closures across th area.. we're tracking t plo progress forouorning commute.. go morning, thanks for joining us on this first alert 5eath day it is tuesda.. february second... i'm annie snead... in for sheene cockrell. ani'm ira cronin. first off... we have all the school a other delays and closureon the bottom of yourcrn. rst up this morning... our first alert 5 weather da covegeontinues at 6 m.... we'lcheck backn withurchf rninmeteorologiswill
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righnow, we have crews
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