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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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the most for the campaign on a single day. and right after his speech mo night, 40% of donatns were fm new donors. on the republican si the indoemen are rollingnor the top three. donald trump picked up sco brown's suort. someone he said he would conser being a v. candidate. andle another south carolina congressman indorsed marco rub f histro swing iiowa. edward lawrenc joins us from washington wit more. good rning. >> repter: dsnt see like t inteity turned u a no this is fun to wa both sides, democraticnd republican candidatesre tryg make new hampshire count. new hampshire is one of the smalle states in the nation. this week it'she center of national potics.
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where we a because believe oplen new hampsre a in makehe right decision. >> reporter: donalump fin finished second t senator ted cruz and mar rubiolmost beat trump finishing alose ird. >> we have the biggest vote ever in the hisry of arimary in iowa by ,0 ppl came out extra. >>eporter: trumpaysll win new hampshire. litical experts credit cruz's inedible grod game fo t win in iowa. >> i'm going to ntinue doing whate did in iowa re onhe ground inew hampshire and carolior to build grs root army >> rorter: meanwhileernie sanders says he raised $3 million in donations since his victory in iowa. i we reach out to our friends, our neighbors, our co rkers, i wering o large
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>> my commitment a deteinatn to serve you will win your suppor plea, come out and support me ne esday. >> rter: clion tras sanders double digits but she hopes to turn that arou. and she considered focusingn races aftethw hampshire imary. sh decided to stayhis week to try to closehe gap. >> edward, thank you. on capital , the house faed t reach t 2/3ajority to orride president obama's ve thaould repeal decisions and etily gut obama care. three republins didot to allothe veto tostand. itas fiting it haened on groundho groundhos da they've tried over 60 times to repeal oma care. frighteng new developments
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continues topread and the first case through sexual transmissias pinbeen reported in the u.s. in somencidents, patients have eneft paralyzed. here is theest from brazil. >> reporter: mosquitos are the primary way the zika vus is transmitted. t the cdc confirmed the case byal contact in texas. and they will now issue a new adviry this week. >> if a man comes back,ets si with zikand then has xual intercrswith a wan prna or may pregnant, there is the the theoretal risk that person could become infect. >> reporter: and they're als investating other serious illnesses the virus could cause beyond in babi.
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sudden paralysis aft having zika-like symptoms. he was diagnos with rarend tentlly life threatening attack o the nervous system causing palysis. debilitating but often treatable with oocell insions and physical therapy. >> we have 65 cases. >> reporter: neurologistay that'soutimes higher than normal at her hospal. do you think the zika virus is connted with thisyndrome? absolutely. reporter: the cdc ion the ground inrazil looking for a possible link. >> we're doi a study to see is at risk. >> reporter: this 59-year-old farmer paralyzed for a month th the syndromewingo
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medical sty. now tthe latest on the toxic water cries in flint, michigan is morni, mhigaovernor ck snyder wl unveil a funding funding an. and on top of that he's calling on the governor to fix the curoded pipess the fbioins e investigatn into the water contamination disaster. congresswomaniller has proposed a $1 bil grant to payor the lederviceipes. fr the rock to the midwest, many spent the nht unde a pounding winter orm. time lapse police dash cam show the condion tha later closed i 80 i nraska and a section of0 i eastern coloro yesterda
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remain hazardous and in t southm p southm power outages inastern mississippi and tornados like this one in alabama moved thugseveral gulf states. hereith more on thwild weather thugut the untry. >> rter: thesive winter stm pmelled the midwest and ains blizzd conditions in io and beyond. >> thisl be aig snow, maybeheorst sin 2008-2009. reporte more than at in colora and in nebraska where iteout coitions choke more than 100 mes of interstat 80, 15 inches o sn. rports sambling t kp up. near 2 million americans at blizzardarning. >> we could have wind hail, even tornados day. >> reporter: ports of at least two tornados damaging a crch and a college in mississii. reported sightings in alabama.
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kentucky. in memps, parngots and intersections flooded in minutes. meanwhile pennsylvania, bold prediction. >> there is no shadow to be cast an early spring is my focast. >> reporter: only the8th te punxsutawney phil has not seen his shadow since the late 00s and with el nino bringing teeratesbove erag an early sprg is not out of the questi but for millions of americans it it can come early enough. >>ow, hail,eople running shirtless. bill karins hereith us this rning. >> tay is a lot comalcalmer, a lot of in. t the severe uff pretty much or withnd d moines is tting a little ext sw this morng.
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birmin, just light rainor you. and firth toorth you can see the strong windsontinue and further to the noh, all the wayo nortrn new england to get into any wintry precept. and and even there it will change over as the warmer air movesn. so, re we are a 10:00, a line of srms approachi areas of th colinas and through the afoo wll bng tha lin through raleigh, washington d.c. and steadiest rainfal tgh thefternoon into th evening rush new york city and it esn't look like severe weather but we'll see stronger storms even inhe oveight hrs towas the rolinas. and ext rain foryou. now a clo looatour ahea
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exactly cold but cooler okloma throh areas of arkansas and a ve warm d inlorida84 i orlando andirportelays t the northith the heaain in the big cities. so, noornados today, it doesn't lookike but a good soaking ra. >> all righ bill, thank you. coming up, top u.s. genels are cling for womeno register for future milary draf, just likemen. >> us, caught o me, the moment arida sre cle fights off o unarmed robbe you're watchsh. and those whdo should itch to geico because you cod save hundreds on car insurance... ah, perfect. vat parking. evening, sir. hello! here'sheeys. d, u go easy on my ride, mate hm, wouldn't md some of that beef wellington... to see how much u could ve on car insuranc go to ahlarm sounds)
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hrtburn! no one bnsn my watch! try alka-stzer heartburn reliefchews. th work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...aming. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn liefchews. enjoy the relief. >> in the near fure,en may t be the only osequired to ster for the draft. women may haveo regtertoo. both the marine corps and army chief of staff told the armed serves commiee they're in favor of eanding the draft. they opened all combat jobs to
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new detas in the shocking killing of a 13-year-old in virgia. they say she wasta to death an the conneion to two virginia techhfreshman charged to her deathay b social media a called tick. they senhower stabbed lovello ath. and nattily keepers was charge would impro diosal o t body is now being charge would being accessory before the fact the firsdegree rder. and checkut ts surveillance video of a clerk over powering a d-be robber. the clerk wasn iraqi war veteran was able to grab the gun. all rit, time to get down to business. the aver price of gass below $1.80 a gallon. aro of 20 cents sce the beginning of 16.
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now sellingas for less les than a1.50 a gallon. aman ans to open 300 to 400 ysicalooktores nion wide. they oned theirirst sto in attle last november. e pre in sres and onle wille the me. sup bowl 50 is around the corner and that means lots and lots of wings. according to national chicken counse did you know there waone,mericansill consume 1.3 blihicken wings, that's up 3% fm last year. now you know. just ahead, why the denver broncos nt one ofheir players me just days before e super bowl. plus a must see moment e dukefeorg tecgame. spor is ne.ldlife rcue worker enp a loofn. ugh onrease...yet gentle. dawn helps open. sothing en bger.
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thi this morning on "today," pets on airplanes, a special roen report on how some people ar abing tystem to save a buck wn traveling. apparently with their gs. n sportsuper bl i st days aw. an therroncos ok ryan mphy me after be questioned byolice during prostituon sting in san jose.
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detained by sta clara department. they relsed him. soreporters threw the ier o typical typical jovial cam newton, peppering m withuestns about black quarterbackin ball, he made clear h dud not think races an sue. >> i don't even want touch on the topic of black qrtbacks cause i thinthis gamis bigger than black, whiter even green. why should i have back it up? that'sot an ise. rits an issue f you. >> quartback johnny manziel's days days in clevela appear be over.manziel continued to find himsel the dog house for h off the field activiti
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was hospaliz aftereing invoed in an accident where h injured his bachile dng anll terrainvehicle. he's alert and able to me his extremties. he's announced the 2016 season will be hisla. >> to the hard wood where a golfer madthe st of the night. pga golfer sinks a putt during the georgia ch-duke bastball game. and a $25,000horship. guess guessch gramm winning starill be belting out t "national anem" at sup bowl. andhe bt part of the super bos is the sprrlcommcials e me. see tknow that psoriasis is just someththat i have.
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shoulders don't shoulders dot just carry pad eyryour fans' ssns, hopes, and dreams anmayb a chance at greatness... becausshoulders were made for greatnes not dandruff >>all right, now for some tertainment news this morning. "gillm gi fans are wondin wondering where mccarth i and she said body aed me or sooky to come back to sta hollow. e noknow h much the harry potter's wand costs.
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onlyost $1. the daily prit, nican e bounty on harry's head $250,000 $250,000. lady gaga will rfor a tribute to t late david bowie athe gramies andet to sing th national anthem at the super bowl sday alo side mar who willorm in sn language. if you drive drunk, you, simply put, are a srt sided, utterly useless, oxygen waisting human form opollution. >> that ien mirren with a burge and a beer, the actress, along with dra are already in super bowl ads. they're hoping to build up tement onocial medi
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plus... pueblo police are looking to hire a specific group of pe...
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good morningthanks for joining us on this wednesday mornin.. it'february 3rd. i'm ira cronin. and i'm shle ckrell. ma sool distris closed for thd raht. 're llinl of the closurest the bottom of the
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