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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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while e snow sed-- crews contin to workround the clocto clear thousands of miles ofoadway in lorado spris. news'soanna wi is live at interquest parkway--h the work that stl needs to be done. ghw. we'riting mountain metro transit --annouce whher bus rvice will re this morning colorado springs. as we' been poing... officials suspended bus rout monday afternoon through tuesday because of treacrous conditions othe roads du e snowtorm andt's aftermath. we'll be sure ate you as
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right now. 're waitg on main metro ansit -- to anuce whher bus service will resume this morning in colorado springs. as we'veeerepoing... officials suspend bus routes monday afternoon thugh tuesdabecause of treachero conditns on the roads during the owtorm and it's aftermath we'll be surto update you as on as weear decision meanwhile... city crews are still working arnd the clo to plow the roadways in colorado sin. they've be focusing on the prard secondary routes... and in some cases, they had double back.. when higwinds ewnorifts right back ovethe roads. it's going to take some ti to get somef throads ssable ain, so they ask thawe all use cautn whe dring. from grasslands mountains, pueblo county crews are dealing th a varie of chlenges during ts winter storm. g differences in elevation -- make for -- big differences in
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up in the mountains of beuh and rye, crews plow more equently, but rroweroads means they have get creative wi where thepush the sno on the east side of e county, snow continues to blow aoss the roadways lg after it's stopped falling. t the drivers e usedo it -- eon-call work is assigned a stion of the coty that they alwayslow. the idea is they'rall familiar with toads that wld call theout for, swe don't get anybody lost or going down ivate roads or tt sort of thg. pueb county call out 35 available trucks for thiwinter storm. they stoppedlowing late tuesy afternoon afte clearing erything along mo than 800 mil ocounty roads. oueaeople e still digging out this morning... where snow drifts piled up several feet high in places. high winds and blowing sw
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escially in peyt. check out e man's stggle to get to his barn yesterday! now keep in mind... "vince stites" that you e here, is soot-the d these drifts ap to his waist! "wind chill is unbelievable the drifts are iane, we're having a hard time tting in the barni was plowour drivew, got the trtor stuck, so it's beenry but that' thprice you pay toe in the country." falcon schools are also closed today... and here's a look at why... this is falcon elementary snow drifts reaching six feet high are blocking entrces on some campuses. as always love seeing yr pictures to help us tell t story. we receievedany.. showing just howad southern colora was slammed by thsnow storm. here's a few... jas martinez took this photo out in manitou springs... he says
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snow to snap the picture! d take a look at this e from sally atherton! she found this masve icicle! it's almosas bigs her! michael monto sent in this one! using the snow to show his superbowl pride! and laly we got this one fro r ne partner's up in denver... "lauraagen" spotted two nuns dressed in their gowns skiing sln's lake! on in colorado! time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist ephen bowers is here now with first ert 5. frigid air has settled in, and temperatures are in the single dits this morning. when the wind picks up, the wind chills drop to below zo. still have thin veil of clouds overhead, but ty aren't anything to worry about this mornin
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out of wyoming andtah and into northwestern colorado this morning is associated with small upper level disturbance. thisisturbance will increase ow over the motains this morng. somef that snow will run east of the mountains and to the i-25 corridor this afternoon. high clouds ll filter some sunshine this morning. temperatures will warm through the single digits and tes and to near 20 degrees by 10 am around colado springs d pueblo. by noon, we n have a couple of light flurries flying in the s west of i-25. temperatures will be warming througe 20s. flurries begin increasing east of theountains b2 pm with temperatures warming into the 20s and wer 30s. more of those spotty fluies will ctinue thugh 5 pm, and temperatures will ease back into the teens and 20s. those few flurriesill fade away this evening. temperatures will already be
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fountainolice e askingor ur help indentying this woman who caed a disturbance at a local truck sp. they say shehows signs of mental illss. she's describeas 50 t0 60 yes of a.. with dirty blonde hair... and brown eyes. she was wearing a blue "colorado" sweatshirt... grey pants and red hat. ficers say she may gby " verly." if you know this pers's identity... you're asked to call polic immeatey. today... colorado springs police seeant "steven biaro" is scheduled to appear in el paso county court... for an aisement hearing.
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assat and felonyening chgestemmingm a affic accident in demb. biaro is accused of straed suspect... who was reportedly getting out of ctrol in the police cruise sgt biscaro has en on the force more than two des. today... remai on adminirativeeave. pueblo police are hoping to hire mo of our military "veterans"... aivi their education requirements. it's an effort to both increase their application pool and open opportitier ts entin the job market. the police department has been actively looking for new officers, and say those with military tining are perfect for the job. eviously, applants had t have 60 collegcredits to qualify for the academy -- but now... any veterans with at least yearof acte ty service who has beenonorly dischar withhe pt two yes can apply e a pulo pole officer. somebody who's in the military would haveombat trning and hand-to-hand combat training. osright off the bat are someing more tn somebody
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apication process is open now until rch 13th. inructions are on our website, k-o-a-a dot m. a newly-retired el paso county sheriff's deputy -- is celebrating with some inresting dance moves! take a look! de "tony scherb" retired last week after 29-years of service... d he tk to an elevat to groove to the popular song "whip-nae"! a cara captured the ole thing... his colleagues even got in on the dance party... stoppi only when their bs walks ! is video has gone viral... aching over 5-million ews on thisideo hasonvil... reaching over llion vis on our facebookage! still ahead... after weeks of searching... new evidence is found involving
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litary helicopter crash in waii. plus... amat landingll caught came.. why the t of this plane was
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welcome back... the s. marines rps reports that some d-n-a evidce was recovered during srch operions following th crash of two military helicopters during a training mission last month. officials are not saying what exactly was found. the search was callef january 19th.. and the missing were declared deed. among the 12 marinesille.. is sgeant jeffrey sempler... whosmoth les in fountain. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. today... neyork real estate heir "robert du wilbe in cour today in new orleans..ere he expected to ent a plean felony firearm and d charges . e 72-year old millionaire -- has been held without bail since his arrest last year... which ocrred the day bore the final episode of an hbo crime documenty about his life. dursis also facing a fst degr murder arge in los angeles. prosecuts claim he killed his frie, cre writer "susa berman" in 2000. dut has not been arraigned in the se.
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today... a house ovght committee will hold aearing in washingt, on e safe drinng water in flint, chan. this... as the mayor of flint is laying out a plan to fix l the water pipes in the cy. mayors from atlanta and lansing michigan are joining in to help... both oerg their support to replacevery lead pipe in every ngle home! it wilst up to 3-thoand doars r house repce. thr s ntined when the citywitched wate sources... and when lead from pipes seed into drinking water. some tse momen were caught onape... as a small plane makes an emergency landing in a goon in waii! investatorsay the pilot of e cessna was unable toet the planes landing gear down and was forcedland in the water. team of emergency crews were preparedn scene and were able
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the ak pretty quickly. the pilot the ly person on board. deo captures a large tornado touchingown in western alabama la night. you can see the dark sky and hear how loud and fast the wind is going! e tornado left a path of damage, taking out sevalrees and power s. while some hou t path of the tornado re also hit, so far, only minor injuries have bed. time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bors is hereow wh fit alert 5. frigid air hasettled ind temperates are ithe single digits is morning. wh the wind picks up, e wind chills drop to bel zo. we s have a thin veil of cloudsverhead, but they en't anything to worry about this morning. a batch of thier clos moving out ofyomi and utah and into northwestern colorado this
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this disrbance will inease snow over untains this morning. so of that snow will run east of the mountai and to the i-25 corridor this afternoon. high clouds filter some sunshine ts morning. temperatures will wa through the single digits and teens d to near 20 degrees by 10 am around coloradsprings and pueblo by noon, we can have a couple of light flurries flying in t lls west of i-25. temperures will be warming through the 20s. flriegin increasing east of the mountains by 2 pm with temperatures warmi into the s d we30s. morethose spotty flurries will continue through 5 pm, and temperatures will easeack into the teens and s. those few flurries will fade away this evening. temperatures will already heading backowtowa single digi by 10 p some of us will chill to below
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,,,,,,,,, take a look at this! the driver behind the wheeof this car actually rvived... after a giant hunk of ice flew off a semi and broke through her windhsd! it wravellin50 m hour when it hit the car! the 73-year-old driv suffered severe facial injuries... but she'expected to be okay. auhtriesrearng drivers that this can happen to anyone. anywhere... afr a winter storm. they say the best way avoid this... stay far behind semis ile traveling on the highway. ill ahead... mysterious damage causes a plane make an emergecny landing... we have the latest on the
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welcback.. new vijust released shows devaating airstrikes in syria.. they areieved to be russian operations. you can e smoke from the massive explosns... thatit several village and complete chaos... as crews rush o scue civilians from destroyed buildings. this morning... it's unclear how manople edn the airsikes. it also has not yet been confird that ruscaied t the mission.
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caus a hole to open upthe side of is airplane... forcin the raft to make an emergency laing in salia yesterday. you can see the hole above the wing. paengers say they heard a loud bang and then a fire bro o on board! two people were injured. the flight wasn its y from somaa to "djibouti" africa w74eople on board. local officials do notieve ul py was involved. astronauts at the international space station are having a little fun and ting children athe same time! take a look at this! british astronaut skyped into a classroom in the u-k... and showed students how liquids main intact in spa. byquzi somter t of contne.. you cae how itms into a glob! he then ayed ping pong wh the war glob... hitting it back and forth with water proof paddles! then he added a taet to it
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ze! and for thfinale... he ate it! time now for weather and traff on the 5s. meteorologist ephen bowers i here now with first alert frig air has stled in, and temperatur are ithe single digitshis moing. wh the wind pis up, thwind chills drop to below zo. wetill have a thin veil of clouds overhead, but they aren't anhing to worry about is morning. batch of thier clouds moving out of wyoming and uh d into northwestern colorado this morning is associated with small per level disturbance. is disturban will increase morning. me of th snow will run east of the mountains and to the i-25 corridhis afternoon. high clouds will filter some nsne this mornin temperures will warm throu the single digits and teens and to near 20 degrees by 10 am
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by noon, we can have a couple light flurries flying in the hills west of i-. mperatures will be warming through the s. flurries begin increasing ea of the mountains by 2 pm with temperates warmi into th20s and lower 30s. more of thosspotty flurries will cone through 5 pm, and eratures will ease back into the teenand 20s. those few flurries will fade away this evening. temperures will already be headg back down towa sgle digits by 10 pm. so ous will chill to b
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, plus. for the second day in a row... bus service inolorado springs shuts down... we're tracking the decision whether to get busses back up
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frigid air has settled in, and teeratures are in the sile digits this morning. when the wind picks up, the wind chil drop to bow zero. we still have a thin veil clouds overhead, but they aren't anything to woabout this morning. a batcof thicker cs moving out wyoming and utah and into northwestern colorado this morning is assiated with small upper level disturbance. digitsy 10 pm. some of us will chill to below zero by tomorrow morning. good morning, thks foroini us on this wnesday morning.. it's february 3rd. i'm elne cockrell. and i'm a cronin. manychools-- closed again toda we're scrolling a of thlay and closure informatn at the bottom of your screen. within the 30 minutes we've learuntain metro transit is back on a gular hedule today. service had been susnded since monday afternoon use of treacherous conditions on the roadg
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