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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the main focusight bon residential areas ght now... but hiways aren't in the clear just yet. here's freshideo of c-dot working to clear i-25 toy. they ran about a dozen plows north on the interate--- trying to t snow and ice off of the interstate.xx a live-loonow from pueblo... it certainly looks alot diffent from this me last night. ad forecaster ke diels joinus now in first ert mike---what are you tracking? rar, a few snow flakes in parts of southeast colorado but nothing to be concerned with. skies will be mostly car night. cuent temperates all over sohern colorado.... tonight clear and veryol sun tomorrow and cold early then a t warmer from late mning
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schoolistricts around our area cled today,..but facilities workers,...did notet the day off. theitask today was a big one.....clr the way so students can return. bill folsom went out to district 49 where the job's been as tgh ny. how is it bill? some of the deepest snow tots happened outast. and it w made worse wind pushing the snow into drifts to get rid of th snow....district9 rented a front loader.....and it's been going all da it started at falcon high school....and will move tother schools to help move piles of snowut of the way. it's been workg along side a fleet of trucks with ploblades onront. e district has tclear parking lots, walk..and access utes.....but at schools like falconlementary....they had to first cut tunnel-like acss uteso ev get to trans. " it was probably about three to
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snow and build a little path. d then i sta blding a tunn eyave been dealingit iftsetweenour d five feet high. it is so much snow, justushing it o othe way is inadequate. it so the front lder is needed to lift...and move o les. now i'm told the filitie ewll be working until 7:00 8:00 to get evething cleared at d49 schools.. that said...district leaders havelso been ossessing roads and safety concerns coinue...minut eo they called for a t hour delay, also said they willonitor roads overnight. bill folm, news 5. strict 2and district 11 say all schools are back in session tomorr. however...they add,....if you don't feel isafe to get yo child to schoo--call yr
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they'll be excused. a warning---some buses mighte ruing late because oroad conditions. and the bus drivers won't go do any roads that ar impaable. weill ep an eye on any school closures anla heading into tomorrow---and keepyou updated koaa-dot-com. here's new video that shows just how heavy all the snow b this cport ge way and collapsed on seral cars at an apartmt colex near u & academy. we're ld theire department used "air bags" to lift the carport up. one persone spoke th say her front mper wasamaged. no woron the damagto the other cars. xxxxx the eldey our community certainly ving a rough time with more than aoot snow the ground. silverey senior seices... thatrovides "mls on wheels for seniors. has also been impact by the m. they've en closed the past t da.. last friday.. meals on wheeldelivered enough fo to last through monday... but today, they had to me few emergency runs for siors who needed food. they plato be back "on
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"we needoday to just regup and t the fo ppped for the ne couple of days but everything should back noal forhursday and frid." silver key as that youe aware the ely neighbors in your communy. they say, be a good neighb and check on them... and you might even oer shovel their sidewalk and driveway. xx it mht not be snowing anymore---but we're still getting lots ogreat pictures from our news 5 viewers! cindy snapped this beaiful shot of pikes peak and garden of thgods. and take a look this pictur a deernjoying e snow nea eyenne mountain. anks to istina for this phot keep those pictures coming! send theto my-pics at koaa-dot- com. or post them oour facebook page----we koaa-5. remember you c always epn eye onhe weather rightown to yo neighrhd--- using our intective tools at koaa-dot-com. an accident in fremontounty... tus deadly. a pickup and semi coided
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ea of penrosthe iver in the piup.. was edthe hoital... but tonight we've learned did not surve. the ebloounty coroner identies him as 34 yr old paulwa, of con city. inveigats saour y nditio are the time consered a factor inhis agedy. xxxx l eyesn san frsco,....for sunday's super wl 50 matchup between the broncoand panthers. anth means that law enforcement at every level,...ramup to make sure the game gs off safely. news five orts director grant meech is live in san frcisco... with more on what the city's ep fans fe. secuty for the sup bowl ha alwa been a high porit.. but er since the terrist attacks in paris andhrts made against stadiums r large events.... serity has become even more paramount the san francisco police department is working over time to make sure that fans a
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exa officers have been dispatch to patrol the stree arnd nfl es witharge crowds and tacticaofce can be seewalking the streets keeping an eye out. fansay the extra presence is now the norm. its obviously necessary with athletic events beg a high profile thin.. i actually r the boston marathonhe yeaafter the mbing and so this isothi like that so i expted it.... i acally work in law enforcemenso when pulled in and see all the officers it kes me hpy because i know how scary it is today and it makes me comfortable bringg my family here no cdible threats have been maden san frscorsanta clara for sunday night. now if you believehasecurity is hh in san francis... itill be even higher on game day and in santa clara at levis stium... we're hearing from nfl officls on what they are doing to make the gameafe coming up at 6.
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super bo 50 isn't the only battle breng between colorado and the colinas. we'll showou the food drive coetition at's getting lots of aenti---cing aninconc oe zika virus. annie snead will let you kno how to ptect yoursel coming n toght's urhy family. but first here's mike in fir alert 5.
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da.. are callg "life-changing"
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thosstories d your lest headlines coming up tonight on news 5 at 10. neformation night. onhe water crisis in flint michigan... the acting water chief of the p-a sayst was avoidabl!! that testimony camout toda during the first hearing on capitol hill. he says michigan state officials resisted calls to al with the prlem. as we've bn following you---the city's waterecame ntaminat with ad after a switch ithe cis'ater source. xxxxx a pivotal day. inhe crinal case against entertainer bill cosby. we've just learn...
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the sexual aault case against him. thatas the focus of bate all day the courtro. cosby's lawyer maintained at a decision, by a fmer d.a. not prosecu the case back in irrevokab. but in court... the current county prosetor said.. uch agreement exists. as we said... late today.. the judge ruled hel not grant immunity to cosby and the case canove forward. his accuser claimse asulted at h home 004. xxxx in your election wch tonight. another casualty on the road to the white house. repuican rand paul, has droppeout of the race. and rick santorum's campaign is on hold, he is expected to drop ouas well. meantime....all eyes are on the new hampshire primary. hillary clintois freshff her narrin - in iowa. and na trump is trying to regain his spot as frontrunner after finisng second in the republican race. trump is expected to have a stroerhowing in new hampshire... where he's had a 20 point ad in the pol. the democt ...
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some newideo of severe weather in iia avy rain and fla floodg washed out streets in evansville last night. asou can see---some roads were completely flooded---and some cars tried to brave the conditions. ng wds ao knocd t power and storm drains could not keep up with the fast downpour. xxxx a look from cames across colora.... hightoday in the 20's and 30's currentempertures and wind ills over southern colorado. next wakera cold hwt flow ain tomorro a weakisturbance in thflow will bringlouds and few snow flakes late in the day into rrowht. st of the flurries wilstay over theigher elevations. hour by ho, sunny and cold early morr morning cloudsncrease late with the warmest r dung t early afternoon hours. a few flurries wildevelop late, mainly over the hier elevations. lows tonig ithe singles and
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highs tomorrow ithe ens, 20's d 30. 7 day forecast forhe sprgs, high tomorrow 35. mostly cloudy iday with high in the 30's. the warmest day of the wkend will be saturday. dry next week with a warming trend. pueblo high tomorrow 38. upr 30 again friday. mu waeraturday withunshine. cooler and dry sunday. much warmer aext week with a high in the 60's on wednesday. canon city and woodland park, urries possibllate tomorrow over the higher ations. another chilly dayriday. warmer airsaturd with sunshine.
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a scare for nearly three thousand patients at swedish medical center. why they all need toe tested r hepatitis anh-i-v---coming up in tonight's ch. and he cld be one the most dedicated onfans in sorn color 'll inucyou "myron"---d you all of
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the break. e sur wls just days away-and there's a different type btle brewin the united methodist churcs of colodo and north cina are challeineach other in a food iv competittion! it's gstatewide... to see who can collect the mt canned food by game time!! volunteers say it's a friendly challenge---and the real goal is to hp others. 's a food drive the theme is bt the s, or beathe panthersat hunger. the churches in both north caroli andolorado taped
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chalng--thosvideos are trending right now on faceok. xxxx new at five -- as fs acss t country epare to head to the superbow. we found athercolorado fan... thatill join tm!! he's a super fan in canon city getting rey to go to his 4th broncos super bowl! before the big game two years ago -- the man known as 'smitty' bought this smarcar in silver and black. of course, nothrilled about the ers colorsad it painted blue and orange ri awaynd he added e vinyl icrs as a nishing touch. i've got peyton manng's numb righhere, we've made everything as good as possible foe broncowith it anget this... at 80 years ol this sur fan has been a bnco's seasonict holder for almost halff his life! xxx another live-look outside in
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ke has one laseck of your
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i'm annie snead. inonight's health watc swedh medical cent is asking nd 2,900 people derwent rgery ertoe tested for hepitis b and c and hiv,... becausformer surgical technician may havstol pain medion. bo the hospil anthate hetheparent said today th're not aware of any patients becoming infected so far. only patients whhad rgery betweeaugust 17th and january 22nd in the location where the technician worked are bein asketoet the free tests. in 201 surgery technician at a loradoings surgical center -- krisn parker -- was
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for infecting up tthree dozen patients with hepatitis c. anin tonht your althy family.... continuing coverage the zik ru. thgovernor oflids declared a health emergeny in four counties there.. after at least nine cases of the mo-bor illns were detected.. though its symptoms are generally mild, the concern about the ka virus is mainly for pregnant women: brazil haseen a 20olhigher dee ofheir defect "mrocephaly"caika soared. it lds to smalleheads and le doped brainin bab the link isn't proven, but ficials are coerned. some cotries the region have advised meto delay egnancy, and the cdc vises pregnant women toelay travel to t ars where zi is spreading. the u-s has had more than 30 ses reportbut th've been among trelers to the more than 20ffecd countriein central and south america. sot: paul roe, georgetown un. medil "we vehavelt
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n't ink he to be unduly alarmed just yet." ile there's no treatment or vaccine for zika ailable now -- work is derway. so officls say a vaccine like wouldn't beea for several yes,.. so test bet if you're treling to areas affected -- is tprotect against mosquitoes. r more heah storie.. just head to "urea he's several stories we're working on for news five at six. sunday's super bowl might be competitive on t field---but the t-mmercial battle just as fierce! we'll give you a prevw onhis ar's batch of super wl ads.... and if hitng slopes is in ur plameteorologist carloffm will t you know wherthesh powder is in yo ski report. mike? clear and real cold tonight with lows in e single digits to below zero. ursday sunshine wi ge
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possible ime areas tomorrow night into early friday morning. highs tomorrow in the 20's and 30's mt ar anks for watching news 5 at 5. we'll seyou baight here afr n-b-c nightlnews, next. and your l news is always on
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toght,ighting nit, fighting rds. donald trump says ted cruz stoleowa, accusing him of voter fraud. cruz now hitting back, while hilly clton and bernieanders unleash their hest tacks yet on each other six days until new hampshire. mid-air explosion. did a bomb cause the blasat ripped a gang he in the side of a passenger plane? new details in that mystery tonight. >>without warning. tornadoes tear across
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dozens of homes destrod and a church torn apa as people inside prafor their lives. wiping out zika. the ce to combat the rus at its soue. days before miions of tourists attend one of t world's biggest cebrations. and the hidden war being fought i mmunities amid an epidemic thas n to numbeon r vote i the nation's first primary. "nightly new begin ght now. >> announcer: fr nbc news world adquarters inew yorkthis is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. facing a primary showdown in new hampshire just six days from now, donald trump talking abouta do-over ina where heame in cond p bind d uz. in twier tirade, he's accing uz o playg y tr pull off monday's n, but tmp not the cdite soun o abo cruz who is bu bastorngough
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