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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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burd on our business or our citizens so, whatever solution we come up withwee to do what is right for tm as wl as all our citizens." the next regularly seduled board of trustees meetg a wfromuesd ... that's february 16th. the meeting begins at 6:30,..and we will contueo foow this story fou. a live look at the interstate in colorado springs as temperures droponight. lead forecaster mike daniels is here,...d you're tracking more ry weather?? a fast movindisturbance will move ouray and bring a qui shotf ow tight and rrow mornin sooa m aga becom slk anicy for the commute tomorrow morng tonit snow delops most aas along the i-25 corridor ashe night progsses. rrowrries poible som areas earlthenunshine with
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nothat the s starting to melt...ande-freezing, is beming majorroblem out ther not only on the walkways... t side streets as well our kelsey knedy ilive wit more on wh wed to be looking oufor. when cars drive ov ts much snow.. packing it down on driveways and paing lots.. ice forms underneath..
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see.. it's still very slk. obvious sissue,...tha yoed to get rid of. okq nats: shovel ice.. nats: plow ice .. aore ice.. reaking it up and letting the sun do is thing." a part of winter in colorado.. t esciallyangerous when this much snow gets packnto roads.. parking lo andrays.. "we were basically coming out re like once everyour just trying to stay ahead of everything this homeowner's driveway faces north.. never getting any n.. "i might've thout abt rchasing anotherouse." withany nter's experience he knows how to ep it ear. "wjust ended up not packing down the snow d nodriving on top of icause ce that happens then it turns to ice." local emergency ros seeing an increase in juries from falls.. a pain one of our ive photrapher knows tooell. "i was running dn my drive to get my newspaper and just feet went out fr under me and wentown hard and thr my
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shoes or boots with good traction aimply wahing e you'rengan prevt ll on ice.. "if you're walking on snow w ice underneath you won't always see the ice, thats one thing to very careful about esally hills." e streetdivisoworkinto road thick ice.. ound wat stillery hi fromet sg.. e streetdivionas bee dealing with more ice complaints an usualll winter ng.. e've invd in this artic shark that is ttachment that goes on the front ourro end loader. it's got wheels with teeth onthat canun tgh t e and snpacko break it up so we can remove it." withemperatus warming close to freezing today.. weould've seen some melting that will refreeze overnig.. m really looking forward to some warmer temperures soon.. lisa??
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interstate in pueblo. roadin the steel citare much more manag... compared to colorado springs. the interstate in pulo is xxxx 'll alwaysp you upted on rrent road cditions or any xxxx growing concern and opposion tonight over a proposed la swap between colado springs parks and the brdmoo following up for you. city parkslanners the ones o put togeth therosal.there are some key stretches of land....d riof ways they want to connect in the city de parks master plan, whicincludes pt of incline still owned the brdmoar...nd some land at the top of cheyenne canon. th've proped an exchan for just ove185 acres...t the mouth of cheyenne canyon. one group--friends of cheyen canyon,.re fighting the plan. " we he a difference o opinioon the use of that 189 acres, o feeling ivery st in the direction of keepit an open sce. keep it accessle."
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grp--and why ty n'ink thdeal is eqtae-coming up at 6:30. a local elementa... making a tporymasc change ahead ofhe superbowl. thatoming up nt at. also isear's u se dramatically different tn last years! we'll ha an ten cas--aad at 6:30. i'm mi daniels. i'll have your extended first alert fiveect ne a six. ,, to pport our terans... how they're ing it.. us the special visit they're expeing from a medalf hor
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it all begins 40 dot miss tse stories--and alof the days latest and breaking news onn news fe ten. now, lheck back in with mike. a look from cas across colorado....
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30's. cuent temperatures all over southern colorado.... next weath maker, a fast mongisturbance toght will push to the soutastomorrow morning. after fles some areas early morr, suhine retns antemperatures wl be a little wmer. hour by hour, ftov flurrie early me spo then generous amounts of sunshine with gradually warming temperatures during e day. snowl be lighta ace 2" possiblby tomorrow moing. lows tonight not as co with single digits and teens. highs tomorr in the 20's and 's. 7 day recast for the springs,
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ak front will bring cooler super bowl sunday is right around the corner!!! both th broncos and panthers players hard at work on practi fies today. our a-f-c champion broncos were rking out stanford palolto. arterback peyton manning told reporters today---he takin in every ment leading to e super bowl--and says he and e whole team are grateful r the chance to play a eager to get on the fld. we'll hear much more fm the team--comingin later in the snow. we're hoping to see "levi's stadium" in santa clara full of orange on sund... with local fans cheeri on our team! but as we arned today-here are a lot of scammers working right now to take adage super bowl fans ying gear. sportsirector grant meech is live in cafornia tight wh
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coinuing our broncos team cora- one pueb ementhool is sori up for e g game... but firs-- they'reakg a quk and temporme ange.. weir scot.. news 5's lena howld live in pueblo tonighto tell us why... lena? the principal of beulah heights elemenry school thought -- ere's way hischool could have a mast named the panthers going intohe super bowl... he de a quick change for the school -- beamg with broncos spirit. for a school made up of nthers -- they sure have lot of broncos pride... realihat wi our mascot being the panther, that put us
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we're not ableo brate being panthers whilehe broncosare playing against e panthers students and staff realizeth problem asoon as n-f-c championship ended. aney brought it to m attention ght awaytheyd, we have too someing abt this we're the panthers! we can't be the panthers when we're aying the panthers! so, principal jonathan dehn -- took things into his own hands. please celebrate with me as the ah h bro nats we're gonna change our mascoso that we can root f t beulah hehts brons since we're not le to root for the beula hts pantrs at this time go broncos!!! changing the school colors from black and ite to blue and orange... i think it's amazing that we ha the honoro get renamed after the best football team, that's right i said , the st footba team ev creed! ye jenay, yes! that broncos spirit -- bringing the entichool togeth it's rlly fubecae these are e thin ks are to
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hard on reading and writing and math and we do that everyday but the fact that they allow us to ha some fun with some stuff once iawhi, i think it ally makes the kidwant to come to school and like i said, those are the thin kids are going to remember and theye hopel for g n come suay. and then when wein, we can go backg the panthers causwe w'tare, w takeri in our school again the panthers ha hoole: go broncos! they plan on keeping this me change around through super bowl sunday... before becming the pther again. and don't worry, they had the entire school district's support with the change. live in pueblo, lena howland, ws five. it not just schools showin f broncos pride, many busissesnd offices are wearing orge alue. this picture posted to the koaa 5 facebook page... by the staff at the evans army hospital "eye clinic." d here's the cw at pursell manufacturg salid ey say they even decked out one of theirorklifts in broncos colors
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we'd lovto see your broncos pride pictures, too! upload to the koaa-5 febook page or eml them to us at myics-at-koaa-t-com. a reonal air carrier says it's leaving d-a. how many jobs this will affect, nextt 6. and the denver zoo making g anges to a popular exhibit--we'll give you
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covering colorado tonight: layoffs coming to d-i-a. republic airways holngs has warned the state of its plans to close down orations in denr d lay off nearly 1 workers. thregional flight car operates united exs roes out of dver. the compsays they plan to enopations bocr first. a ski resort chef has been arreed... accused of threatening tstab a waiter whoelived food to the ong table. poce in snowss s 32- year-o roberconnl was in a disagreement wh the waiter---yled anrew ples of food before thrtening the waiter wita knife. mcconnell now faces arges of fe menacing with a deadly weon. xxxxx some big changesre coming to steamboat skarea in eamboa
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topendillions on upgrades including a mountain coaster, and mi gf course to boost mmertime activities... similar to those at witner park resort.. which is owned by thsame compy. uniqueewxhibit is comi the denver o. "changes" are coming to the tiger enclosure that theoo saysilgive visitors new ys to con and interact th the anim new exhibi be call "the edge" it wi look the edge of a forest to better flect the ger's naral habitat. gutsill so be ab to smell and hear the tiger throh a peforad wa. 3 tigers will live in e space. you can check it out for yourselfhis ju. xxxx colorado'sirst gten free brewery opedoday in golden. holi-daily bwing excsily makes beer for those with gluten sensitivitieso it's not made likeditional beer with barley or whea right now they only have a couple of vari avaable in the prthey expect to expand ithe comi years. amgst all the super bowl excitement... it's national "sning day" r ma high schoers across southern corado..
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in srts. and straight aad at 6:30.. the nation's fir priryust a fedays away. we'lcheck on theatest lling thathows an up cod be on the way for
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, our p story tonight at:30. road conditions contue to imove inany placescrs el so couy... but u'll also find other streets and sidewalks where ice is a huge problem. and the city is using some
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the ice,..and ear our streets. they have a new attachment for a frontloader called an arc shark. it gets underneath the ice and snow packed roads so it can be loaded up and hauled o.. homeowners witrth facing drivewayso have more prlems than most becau there's not un these winter m "we just ended unot packing down the snow and not driving on top of it cacae once tt happens then it turns to ice." his neigor'sou "does" get the su..and is perfectly d already. local emerncy roomtells th've eninan irease fal becausef the ice, please be refu escily when the sugo down. xxxx per let's check onhenterste tonight.... we've seen dozens of plow drivers working hardlleek to ke i-25 clears possible. but uscaion. you never know wheyou could hit a patch of icece. especially on those exit ramps. xx we'll alwaeep yodated on current roadonditis or any cidents that be our y--with thtraffic maps and
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a proposed land swapetween colodoprgs parks and the broadmoor--fing position tonit by growing on-line cagn working to fighone key portion ofhe proposal. news five's bill folsom following up this initial ory on the land swap proposal, tell us why so say theshould noto through. bill? th is just a few of the e-mails receed....they also fer to an on-line petition that's grong. wealked one of the groups in opposition.... al parks leaders who welcome mmen but also havconcerns that a lot of information on-line is speculation....en inacrate. e volueer group,riends of eyenne canon typically partners with colorado springs park but, they're taking an opping stance on a proposal to exchange part of the canowith the broadmr. we have difference of inion on t use of th 189 acres, our feeng is very strong in the direction of keep itn open space. ep it acssle." the land in qutions t mouth of the canyon. its south of the
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in queio so say few even know it's part ofhe pothers sayt is importt open space "is very cplicat a there's a lot of mg part d so thereas been some misinformaon out there."he proposal putether by pas... a two for oneand swap wi theittting ttg the larger amount. it includes portions of the inclinstill owned by the broadmoor. also pieceat the top of chenne canon that would be used for key missing tra connections. e ty may g more land.but thpeople against this thin it a badeal. " we belve thathere's an inequity in thvalue of these o parcels. " ths our listening phase, we're listening to the community getting feedback city parks leads say input welcome in a process that nsiders cheyenne canon....but also how it fitsn th parkmaster plathat is a blue- prt the whole ty. friends cheyee can beeveshe opinions of pple whve invested heavily it t canon, matte hey' ouroluners who e ar doing maintenance of trails and caning.
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donors over the last ny yea. this an area where both agree. they botwant more people to ow at puic informatin meetings. one get more ices involved....the other to make sure opinions are based on accurate information. rob r billwill likget re expensive thisear in monum the board of trusts proposing a new se that cou end up doubling wha customs pay. they tells us they've been keeping rates arfically low for too long. but the economic development rporation warns a quick spik in rates couldarm businesses and commity growth. "fort the last 20 years, there has not en a wer rat increase for a smallubset of r population who are serviced by the tows water distri "it's a tough decisi to have raise rates in any ciumstancebut i thk they can be done in much smarter way than wt's currently being
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the economicevelopnt corporation worries e increased fen paul will depre dment. the next regularly scheduled boarofsteemeeting is a ekrom tuesday. ...and we continue to foll this story for you. new tonight:n update on the flu season in ouarea.. and here's some good news! right now it'ss sere than last year... when we saw rdumr of hospitaliz doctorsay last yeas spike in cases s because of aadmatch in tluacne. anwe a well into flu sea th year... wi num... still lo stear his time.. already had 125orted cases...rinow... we've only had 7. the circulating flu at's causing iless in the commuty matches the tivated component of the flu vcine so what's floating around causing disease is actually what's the flu vaccine and doorsay it's not t
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sick!! xxxx super continue to follow health concerns worldwide over the spread of the ka virus. braz health officials confirm tonight they have a patient o ntracted t virus through a blood tranfusion last ye. zika is almost always transmitted thh squito bites... but there's gring evidence people c gett r ways--ftera fecases of xual transssio doesnarm mo peoplbut is belved to onble foincrease in birthefects in brazil. ing your election watch: five days to go until the nation's first primary vote in new hampire. the new nbc news, walltreet journal, marist poll out tonight,.gives be sanders a 20oint lead overilla clinton, as the two square off on msnbc tonight. ste handelsman is at the deba site,n durham. super: durha nh :00-:04 from the university ofew mpshire,tonight the debate will focus on e differences betweethe democrats. sur already on screen - -------------- cnn from :06-:36 lastight, hillary clinto
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meang lil very liberal like bernie sanders. sot sec. hillary clinton / d presidenti candidateoo srt to super "but we have different ways of going abouthem." sanders, earli, in aar attack sot se bernanrs d presidential candidate :17-:28 "i do not know any progressive wha super and take15 min dollarfrom wal street. aps that's just not progressive. clinton took 675 thousd in eaking feefrom gdman sachs. why?? sot sec. hillary clinton / d presential candida toortto super "well, i don't know, that's what they offered." tonit, nbc meror chuck todd puss harder sot chuck todd / nbc news political director :4044 "what we're hoping itoak some n ground, try to lp voters clari exaly wha these differces are." on the republican side, as jeb bush and chris christie and john kasich try to breakut n hamhi ia caus winner ted cruz is warning his rivals would comprome thdecrats sot sen. ted cruz / r presidenal candidate :58-1:12 "either somee like dald, w s told us he going the to make deals or meone likearco bio, very talenteduy, but has already demonstrated that he's willing to break his wo
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rubio is arguinge's the most electable republican. sot sen. marco rubio / r presidtial candite 1:16-21 "when im your nominee i wi ited this pay faster the anybody running for present - can." super: manchter, n 22-1:27 nats: the donald theeet na tmp didhe kind of meet and greetail politicking thew hampshirites dd. audio outc: i'm eve handelsman, c news, durham, new hampshire. threpublicans debate the day after tomorr...with marco rubio now jumping to secondlace behind donald trump in theatest polling da. e largest auto recall in u-s hiory--just gobigg.
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you n one. ahead at 6:30. ntinuing our brooseam covera- one pueblo ementarychool is ao gearing for the big game... but first -- there making a quick and temporary name change.. with their sc news five's lena howland explains. for a school made up of panthers --hesu ha loof broncos pride... we realize that with our mcot beg the panthe that t us in quite predicant. 're not able to celeate being panthers while theroncos are playing against the panthers students and staff rlized the problem as soon n-f-c championsh ended. and ey brought it to my attention ght awth sd, we have to do something about th we're the panthers! wean't be
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the panthers! , principa jonaanehn -- took things in his own hands. please celebrate with me as the beuleightsos! nats 'rgonna geur mascot so that wcan root for the beuh heights broncos since we're not me bncos!!! anginghechool colors from black and white to blue and oran... i think 's amazing that we ve t hor to get renad after the best football am, that'sight sd itthe best football team everreat! yes, jenay,es! that broncos spirit bringing the entire school togeer. 's reallfubecause the arthe gsidargoing to remember and we have to work hard on reing and wring and ma ande do that everyday b e ct that they allow us to have some fun th some stuf ce in awhile, i think it ally mes t kids t meo ho a like sa, those thingsids e going to rememr they're hopefur biwin come suay. and th wn win, we cano
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becaus won'tare'll take pde in ouschoolgain as the pthers haha school we: go brcos! thlan on keeping this name change around through super bowlunday... before becming the panthers again.and don't rry, they hae entire school district's support with the change. a look from cameras across colodo.. highs today in the 2s an 30's cuent mperatures all or southern colorado.... next wther maker, a fast mongisturbance tonight will push to the soheast tomorrow mning. after flri some areas eay tomorrowsunshine returns antemperates wl be a little warmer. hour bur, over frries
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amous of sunshine with gradually warmin temperatures during the day. snow will be light, a trace to 2" possiblbyomorrow moing. lows tonigs ld with single digits and teens. highs tomorrown the 20's and0's. 7 day forecast for the springs, high tomorro34, much warmer sardayh sunshine. a ak front will bring cooler air sunday with dry skies. muarmer air turns we with sunshine.pueblo high tomorw 39, sun and 50 on sarday a setback sunday with a high of 40.
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thugh next thursday with d skies. woodland park and canon ty continued co tomorrothen much warmer rday. coolerir returns sundawith ly cloy sks.
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there is a lot of mi acroght w.but..let's not forget, thi will not be ca wk to the championship. can the broncos slow down e high-fg pahers offense
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ant meech is bakinit dow r one more wk day to get through fans, then you can turn your attention entirely thi sunday. hover nce beating the patrio, that's all t broncos haveug aboutnd t chlenge they'll in per bowl 5 orts dector granmeh ins us livand grt, what doeshis meoild down ? ma this game is very simple when you break it down as we have for weeks... its all about o quarterbac... can peyton manning live up to the moment and can the offense hang in
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d can thbroncos dense ld down cam newton??? it wont bey because ly one team has bn able to top the panthers so far thisson and thisno doubt bthe broncos tougst test of t season. ey have faced the challenge of big mobiuarterbackre but newtons a different level. denv isn't nvous about t moment - ty've been waiting for this. i nt thinkt's added pressure i st think its the reality of the situation and thats whe we out ourselves to be to havto go up agait the st and sta with the best sowe wouldn't havet any her way... power with speed... like i said thrun the ss the hit yrom a t ofnt angso i definitely think it's th ughest challenge of the season. now as for the broncos... i thineven peyton maig has had enough of talkg abt peyton mning b a lot people are
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oz was the best scenarioor the broncos... accepting the challenge of keg the team running when manning went down and he thrived for them in that time... go5 and 2 and the g wiover the patots and bengals. but he got benched for the playof for manng... a lot of people stilwonder if the brons should have std oz b he is fine playing teamte this week. as a competitor you nt to be out there with your teamtes, you nt to be in e fire and be in e huddle with those guys t bo line is weve en winning fotbals since peyton's been back ie line up and thats truly what make me happy thats i ce about is winning games.... im not gonna change upnyging this week im gonna prere the exact same way a something unfnate happens peyton im gonna step in osweera free agent at the end of this season and is uncertn what he will do when the mket ops up after sunday night.
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neon in practice this week... asked the defensive players how he did... they said he did gre but he iswhere ne as m. we'lsehoready they a on sunday. national sning day was yesterday, but thanks to our winter weather....pine creek ghchheldheirs is afternooter school. ne creek sding ks as far as princon and as close as c-s-u pueblo, but one athlete wadrawe attention of everyone in the ro. jojo domann si his letter intent to nebraska today. he'll play the this coming fall and when asked why nebraska, domannaid hicisionencompass the enti coruske experience. the field with the opportunity to win and a winning progra ang with the facilities a the fan base and the gameay expience. f thfield, i want to go into sports brocastg and th
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broadcasting. the avalane in aion at p er tonightfollowing 2-1 loss to thchicago ackhawks tuesday. that opened up the avsecond halfthe se and definilyotthe waey d hoped. coh patrroy lking out his players and the ust he has in tm to onlcarrthe team te playoffs but know what's best r them when their thece. ....mforble with i they going at 7:00 against the dall stars. a warning for everyone about your t-v's ahe of super bowl nd. and the largest auto recall in hiory, involving potentially dangerous aiag expands agn.
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stinger toppinur consumetch: nda is recalng an additial 2-point-2 llion nda and acura vehicles... because the dr's air inflators, made by tata can explode. honda's recall incdes older del years ting b
6:37 pm
and 2016 models. because replacement parts aren'tavailae until laummer... honda has asked dealers to pride free loaner cars to customers, during reirs. this brings the ovall number of vehicles called ithu.s. problems... to about 24-millio xxxx fiathrler isallingore than a half-million dodge chargers world. the call covers model years 2011ough 2016. cr ys t body beneh e doorn rm during jack use and make the vees unstable, causing them to soff the the automaker sa is aware of three minor juries red to the problem. subway's popular five dollar footlong deal is no more,...inflation has raised it's ugly he. it now goio cost you six cks. subway made the nouncement as part of s "sub-maggedon" promotional campaign. thmpany says aincrease in the co of ingredies made the price increase necessary. the ndwich chain launched the 5-dollarootlong in007. xxxx if you're seing up a new t-v or moving yours ahead of sunday's bigame. a fety remindetonight...
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according tohe consumer product safe commission' "anchor it campaign,ne chi dies every two weeks and one child is injured every 24 miwhen a t-v oa piece of furniture faonto them. that's w they are urgi eveyrone to do a quick cck to make se t-v's are cured on a wall or safely placeout of reh of kids. t- should be mount to the wall wh a bracket or anchored to a low, stab piece of
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the vs se and weight. light sn ton light snow tht a trace to 2" over the viengrea, lows tonig in the singles d tes. friday will start th clouds and then sunshine with highs in e 20's and 30's.
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here's aook ahd at what we're working on forewfive aten: soldiers expos to dangers chemics while seing er we're talking to some of them abt how it's affected their health now that they are home--and finding ouwhat is beindone to he tm. also at ten: most ofolorado preparing to cheer on the broncos fosuper sunday! wee talking to one southern colorado man who's going all out for at be e areas biggest part thanks for joinings for news at 6
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. it's bn seven years, jamie.ti to let go higgs: what do you know about thgroucallg thsees deusx machina? they're hackers. and what's your connectiono them? i don't havene ne knows the rl identity theeader of deus ex. would yolike t see a photof him?remindou of anyone? you ckedhe n yeah. i know it waspike. sulbe in t, not you. i'm getting out soon. i promise. these laes bothering you, hun oh, god! i am sister here for the interview. i need someone tenacious, with a clear head and thicsk you're just another salile man who toucheshis penis too much! when can you sta?
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jamie: l alive. layla! and it sms there's another me rhonda! t in. leanne: i'm coming too. no! you're apt, jae. and i meant to tell you, there just never seem good time mie: d this is a good time? mie: e that that's the endf li as wknow (indistinct chatter) yep, it's e end of the wld the actual acalypse. anwh anwhere am i? i'm de under the surbs ofuburbia.
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