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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ ch] >>im: my thankto ben ler, morenccar, n whe and roots righ ere from pladelphi [ cheers andpplaus seth meyers."
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,, [ cheers and alaus] >> announcer: from 30ockefeller plaza i new york, it's "late night with seth meyer tonight -- rebel on,star of "the grinder,"or fred savag music from parsomes, featurin8g band wi jael bton. [ cheers cheers a applause ] ladindentlemen, seth meyer [ cheers and appuse >>h: good even i'm setheyers. is"late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that'santastic. let's get to the news. the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers 24-10, last night, to win sur bowl it was areicto for peyt manning. i just he it doesnto his foad. [ laught
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last night's super bowl feated colday as well as some cd play. laughter and applause ] [ laught laughter a alause okay. we're okay on the foread -- [ lahter ] less so on the other thing. peyton m peyton manning sd last night that he's not made a decision about retiringnd wilwait l 's less emotional to determine hifuture. yeah, you ouldn't make any long-term decisions on the same day you voluntarily kissed papa joh [ ughter ] real. a al thing. [ applau ] rudyiuliani, this morning, hatime perce and said she attackolice officers by including backup dancers dressed blaaner members. that rudy giuliani, the only person in erican who was looking at t backup ncers. [ laughter ]ris chstie, in a new inrview, continu to criticize mao rubio for his
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ansa rubios scripted and not spontaneou to which marco rubio replied, "that's not tr, comma. i speak from the heart, clamation pot." laught and applause ] naldrump said, this weekend, he feels the iowa caucus rests were very unfair, toimse a dr. ben carson other things trump considers unfair to him include google, sidelks, shoe laces, oxygen, d dame judi dench. [ laughter ] toy chinese new yr, and 2016 wilbe the year of the monkey. i'm stlad 's not t yr the ppy monkey baby. [ laught [ lauger ] on that note, super bowl 50 was yesterday, and onehing is for sure, if you were a kid watcng the game, you wento bed and d mad ghtmar. laughter ] these commercials were way too disturbing. year, nationwide caught grief fotheir dead kid ad, but at leasteath is something at occurs naturally
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by? [ laughter ] congratulations, moun dew, for having the mossturbing mascot on a night that also had a walking coil of a rge intestin. laughter what happed to the coccola polabears? were we t ear that we liked those dudes? [ laughter ] even when there was a cute analn a commercial, the keaway was, "is he trying to bone tt rmot?" or "arthey going to eat thos dogs?" [ lauger th's n even mentioned in the commercial that ggd your unborn child will turn into rosema baby for a dorito. [ ughter ] i.e.thdevil's chips. [ lit laughter ] hey adverters, t disease doesn't have to be the mcot. we'll still understand the commercial. u n sell toenaungus cream without puina ce on a toenail wi fungu [ laughter ] the mascor cias ist limp dong wi googly eyes.
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[ applause ] i speak i speak for all of us en i say i was perfectly happy this was the most terfying mascot y of us had look -- get in theam s b mmeral i expect better next year. after a decade-long search, an 82-year-old new york woman grew up with her adoptive pants, found her 96-ye-old biologicalotr. unfortunely,he found hern heen. [ audience ohs ] [ laer have b have been doing is job too long tthink that joke would wo. [ ughter ] they're
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[ light laughter ] nobody. not onof you helped me out! [ ughter ] i'm not sure howhis e's going to go now. [ laer ] annay, according to a new list, rginia beachs the st rontic dtination in the country. and the least romantic is pound wn [ laughter ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight! [ cheers and alause ] om the new film, "how toe single," rebel wilson is with us tonigh cheers and applause ] om "the grinde on fox, the wonderful fred savage is in th house. cheers and applause ] alongside music from singeronriter parson james. [ cheers a applause before we get toll that, the republican presidentia candates held a hightakes
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re the cruci n hampsre prary. an was hands down one of the weirdest eves of the entire primary season for more abouthis, it's time for "a clor look [ applse ] set consideri this was the eighthepublican debate, yomay ve expected things to be runningike a well-oiled machine by now. instead, thehteg with the precion of a kindergarten holiday pageant, led by n carson, who sohow missed his e to take the e. >> dr. ben carson. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: seth: is ben carson really a brain surgeo or did people start calling him at sarctically, and it just stuck? [ lahter ] h,eah, that guy's a real brain surgeon." [ laughter ] what was it like to have him as a doctor? "your surgery will beginny
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dr. carson in here."[ laught afr that, it kepgetting er, becae if tre's one thinwe'vlearned from this election sr, it's th no candate is going to get ation for doing something dumbn tvitut daltrum tting ined [ applause >> businessman donald trump. [ laughter >> flori >> florida senator m rio. [ eers [ cheersnd applause ] [ laughter ] >> seth: wait a cond. whatre those two remindi me of? oh, ye. that's it. [ laughter ] that's it. entuallythe candidatade eir way to the stage, and most immediatelyew jersey governor chris christie went on the offensive against florida senamarcrubio. rubio was coming off strong third place finish in iowa, but christie has been leading the chargen accusing rubio of being too scpted. on the debate stage, rubio had a chance to prove everyone wrong,
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>> let's just stop oe and for all withhis fiction that barack obama doesn't know at heoing. he knows exactlyhat he's doing. but i would adthis, let's dispel witthis fiction tha barack obama doesn't know what he doing. henows ectly whahe's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't knowhat he's doing is just not -- >> tre it is. >> he kns exactly -- >> there it is. the memorized 25-secd speech. >> that'the reason why -- >> tre it , everybod >> we are not fang a president that doesn't know what he is doing. henows what he is doing. [ ughter ] >> seth: tt's mao rubio on a loop brought to you vine. [ laughter and applause ] if he's the nominee, i hope he picks a donald tru gif as his running mate. inact, i think -there'what this tickewould ok like. >> let's disl with this fiction that back oba doesn't know what he's doin he kno exactly what he's doing. ughter ] let's dispel with this fiction that back oba doesn't ow whate's doing. he knows ectly what he's doing. >> sh: but the night- the nighwasn just all botched entrances and rubio maunction. 's a republican debate. so y know jebushs going to try te down dump. specicly over donald
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hicasinos. >> tt is not public purpose. that is downright wrong. and here's the probl with at. >> allightokay. >> the problem was, it was the -- it was the -- >> jeb wants -- he wants to be a tough guy. he wants to be a tough guy. >> to turn this into a limousine parking lofor his casinos is not for publicse. he wajust -- you know, he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times, yoll have -- you'll have -- and it doesn' work verwell. >> how tough is it to take- >> a lot of tis -- >> property om an elderly woman? >> l me talk. quie audice o ] >> seth: true story, after the debate, trump used eminent doin tpave over jeb shnd replace m with parngot.[ laer ] buthe crowd he crowd was rent on jeb's si, which setrump so much, he actually went full wrestling heel and turned on the audience. [ booing ] >> that's all of his donors and speciaterests out ther so -- [ bong ] it's what it is. you know who has the tickets for
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the televion audience? donors, special teres, the people that are putting uphe money. [ bong ] and this -- [ trump impression ] >> seth: and let mtell you something else, new mpshe, th's rig, i'm talking to you, ah! [ laughter when icomes to your motto, "live free or die," just know i'm pulling for the latter! ah! [ lauger ] in fact,he only thing trump seems to hate more than nors are terrorists, as evidenced by his posion owaterboardg, d whether or note'd allow it in a trump admistration. w bring back waterboarding and i'd bring back a hell of a lot worse th waterboardg. >> seth: so what iworse than waterboarding, y ask?we, trump gave a hint when discsing his skilldeal making. >> with congress, you ve to get erybody in room, a you have to get them to agree. but you have to get themo agree with what you want, and that's part ofei a dea ke you have to get pele in, grab 'em, hug 'em, kiss ' -- hter ]>> seth: incidentally,grab
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[ laht ] thnew hampshe primary is, of course, torrow.for trp,ubio, and cruz, it's a chance to emges frtrner. for kasich, ristieand bush, it's a last and. and for ben carsonit is, like althings for ben carson, a waiting game. [ applau ] this has bn "aloser look." [ chrs and applause ] we'll be right back wi more "late night."
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. so, as you may have heard recently sarah palin endorsed donaldru'sresidel campaign. and yoknow, thgs lis really get me thinking. i'm getting' oer and sometimes i look around andon't even recogne the world i'm living in. [ light lahter ] thin are chahaing eryday and not wa f t bette [ laht and 's time to take a moment toabhow ings were just ait more simpleack in myay. [ eers and ause seth: by day rah pan sn't endorsi dona tmp sah palin was endorsg john mccain and then she was
11:54 pm
everybody realizedhat dorsement from sarah palin met political suice. ght lahter ]maybit stis. maybe it sll ds. [ laughter [ cheers and appuse ] backn my day donald trum wasn't threatening to kick mexicans anduslims out of e cotry, he wareeng to gy buomara out [ light lahter isn't th right, sty? g barkin laer ] , you'ed! ha-ha-ha-ha! [ uger back in my day, we didn't eat vitamints,he mint aved mi bahen a manand his se of vita hgo 'ed fashion wa from a fruiflav gummy. [ ht ] goa ye got a yellow.
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didn'tnt on 'ebe' this chewy,usty. [ htnd aus] i n feelem worn'ea, y. back in my d, blizrds dn't have namesike nas, we st called 'em what th wer a g ol' pa in thass. anthat way theid iur class named jonadi'ttote for tmonths bythidyin'"thas r corin' my dad's car owyakhd." [ ug laughter ckn my day, kanywa't abouto rease an album lled "wav", promisi it be the bestlbum otime. he was callin'haalbum "swish" isg o be thbe albumf all time [ ght lahter and fo that he gonna ll ie and maybe ll hp m pick titlend sck wh . light lauger ] . er ]
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my teeth laughter back in d people didn go ppin' arndn horboard poppcock they went zippin' around rollerad. and thosfolks on rolrblades never caught on fire. you just wished they did. [ lauger ] dog bain no, yon'ha gummy! they'rfor gh ] saw ium on rd. laer ] t rob m ofhis co gold. [ appl ck- ck - [ ht ] backn myaype manning sn theest quterback in thagueacine pa super bowl . heas the oldest quarterbin the leueacin' e seahks
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[ ght ht ] and as a fan imade you happy to see i long ty weren't sein' j at yo super b pa becau - papa john is not that go [ lahter and appuse ] ck in back in day, if youidt wanna te someone anyre you dn't just stignoringhets. no day iu didn't wa someone areou doubled do and m .ght laught ] re you happy n after awhile u rgot what happiness evenel and tn it don s bad anyme. uger ] g [ barking ] oh! [ ughter ] ksor bringin' meack therty. i was ha a wei ment. [ lighlaughter ]my day, peleeren't testing out the h bomb lik nortkoa. no, back imyay, only bomb peoe were testin'ut was
11:58 pm
it w all " this and "f" that and if you me itas [ eeinapriate. [ lahter and appla lo at meoi on anoni guess sometimes this grouched uprinch has gotttight ip on the gmpate. [ laughter ] this has been "back in my da" we'll be right back fomo "late night." [ cheers and applause ] t the ment stop you.
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[ cheers and applause ] >>eth: welcome back to "le night", erody. our rst guesis a vy nny actress who you know from films li "bridmaid and "pch perfect." starting friday, youan see her in the new cedy "how to be single." let's ke a look. >> what is that? [ scream ] oh, my god. i thout that w going to be boiling hot. it's actually really cold.>> you have lt. >> oh, my d, i do? yeah. >> tom gave it to me for sure. wait, what's ltrp. >> long-term rationship [ bleep ]. you relyeed to g that taken care of. >> what doou mean? i rley have any hair. >> it's like you dropped your
12:03 am
i could ma dreadlocks th that bush and rm aeggae band. looks lika whole ball of petrified cufries. it's like gandalf staring right at me. no penis shall pass! [ lauger ] >> sh: pleaswelcome to the ow rebel w [ cheers [ cheers and applause ] seth: howre you? >> i gat. seth: it's so wonderful to have you here. h, it'my firstime on the sh. i'm cid. >> seth: i'm very excid . [ eepplae d i' excited for this fi.e tt as very nny. d eay in theilm. mm-hmm. >> sh: y're the dance floo yr arter is oth e flr yea >> seth: and youust ab a guy and start making out with him. >>h-huh. i play robin. shs li a functioni alcolic. >> seth: uhuh. >> andhe partiest n the
12:04 am
and so onef r shooting d keust with 300 extras in a huge club just dancing for the whole da and the director, he's german, he's like -- [ germ accent ] ebel, i want you to kiss some ofhe men." and i'm like, ure." [ light lauger ] but then the choe walike whicone? >>et tre 300 y so an assiant dict comes out heik "okay, if anyone doesn'tant to ks rel wilson, gothat side of the room." [ laughter ] >> seth:h, no. >> only a few went. seth: okay,hat's good. >>hen ut tn okay. itasllembaassing, becathen they madeparade around t available menand i had to choose a handful to kiss in varus sces. >> sh: that's a lot of prreyou. >> yh, inow,ecause ty kn ws eng. likei'm justalking alo, ke, pretding liki'm t aring athem.ananyway, so one othe guys i pied was this africaerican
12:05 am
ly good daer. >> sh: >> thas noright. is it? laughter ] he was. heas. and i got toiss him in t scene. then at the enof the day, he uto me, just before i was ing toy traile h sa, "rebelwant youo know thathoosinmeut of all thosguys made my le." >>eth:hafantastic. >> yeah, inow. and i was like -- at least h didn't go home a go, "oh, god, guess whai had too to" [ ughter ] >> seth: now, part of th fil you are a lawyer. you went to hool.>> yh. legit. >> set legit. [ cheers and appuse ] thks. a lot of peoe look at me a thk i'm st. t nograduad from a scho that's kindf ke the harvarusia. while you were ilaw school you were also an actressho was elevisio yad some degreef me when you were at l school. yes? >> yea by out thseco
12:06 am
tv and i wafausor playing th ganrl w w like a al gangs like, yeah, yeahi bash a theothegang yh. laughter ] and then pple would see me at law school, but i'd try prend to be studious. i'wear glaes and try to itnotes and stuff. people would be , "is at -- that --" would just confe hell of peo ey're like, "how didhe get iner likehouldn't sebody kick h ou bui aduad. uated in009. >>eth:reo. >> i'veevcted like fended any real crimin >>eth. you ink you could, tugh. >> i feel ke it could be really funnyf i did. [ laughter ] seth: ihink -- yeah, the more famous you get, t more it'll be the firstime walk to a crtrooms a re lawyer. >> yea becae i ll like,ouw, i could maokes. the jury would realllike me. i could get anybody of i thk. >> seth: yeah there -- wel look, ifhe timcomes when i need a defense lawyer who i think iser fny [ laug no i wt to ask you abo
12:07 am
fit of a, thank u uc >> oh, okay, this is barrassi. >> seth: you set this up. i'm rtting it, kind head sho y, my first acting ad ot. seth: and i -- shou descri it fit or suld i show it first? >> show it. >> seth: all rause i have a lot of follow-up qution >> okay, yeah. [ laughter ] seth: rebel! you went to the harvard of stralia yothought this was okay [ chee and a kno like, ok, so i'm like 18 here. >>eth: uhuh. >> holding a softball mitt. >> seth: yeah. andt ine you didn't know i wasrty, aoftball. um, n't know what's happening with my ferahair. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] i'm also wearing the rld' thinnest gold chain. seth: yh, bary shs up. >> maybe that''cau like, you kn, ybe i coul cy.>> seth: i not jus softball. >> but just so you know, my
12:08 am
the graffitithe backgrou. lit lauger ] >>h:h, there's so -- there's so much going and there'so f aing pas wherth wor. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> seth: yh. >> like, what was i autioning for? like a reboot of "league of thein"? lighlahter >> seth: yt's sort oli re seet "league of their ow" >> yeah.yeah and wh f sd i s beco atres l nobody thought that it would ev hpe anlooking at that head st, like, wod you think that girl would get hired? >> seth: yh. no. [ ughter ] >> sh: yes. it'ssual o othosings whe nobo believein me d provedm ong. but this is a case wheou look at this and you go, "nobody beevedn me a rig they were." laught ] yeah. >> seth: i tnk it's th cry -- it's crazy now to look back that i have succeeded based on my early decisions on a head shot. but you out grew it very well. congratulations on that. >>h, wl thanks like m owing into my looks. >> sh: yeah. >>hich is weird, 'cause mo are their hot ae .>> set but nowike -- >> seth: i think, you know, you grew out of the ove. that helps. >> yh, yeah. [ light laughter
12:09 am
i got tter amoling as we withge. >> set yeah, tre's not aot gorigh-- [ laughter ] even le -- we haven't even taed abouthe posture you're sof like aning forward. >> hirme, director lauger ] yeah. >> seth: now, crazier than being in law schoowhen you we on television, had a job working in a movieheat. >> i did, yes. when i was i verfirs austlianil still wor at the movieinema. becae it was my casualob when i w at llege.and eopluld se i thmovie it's caed "fat pizza." real quaty fil [ light laughter ] anwhen people wereeaving the cinemai'd hereolding the trash bag, so they could put their popcorn and soda in. and i'd be like, "hey, weren't you in that vie?" [ laughter ] and d like, "yeah." laughter ] itas -- a we later hado it. >> sh: yea
12:10 am
because yogo all-you-could-eat popcorn, soda guy ar >>eth: gummy bears. now a bad de of the job, would imagine -- i don't know what it's like in australia. there wille teagers will ok up inhe back of mov thrs >> yes. >> seth:hey will usehe dark space for two hours for th. >> and it was my job to bust them. >> seth: okay, what dithat entail? you don't wt sticky stuff seats. like you don't. >> seth: oh, so you guys go a lot farther in the back of -- laughter ] well,ou kw what teenagers are like. >> seth: yeah. and yeah, we'd come uwi our flhlights just like bu them in their f we'd be ke, "stop that." and ifhey di'twe'dit ne to them. [ laught ] for the rest of e movie. t i waexcellent busng teeners, eecially teened boys. d would so bust emf ried to brg hot food into the cinema. >> seth: uh-h. >> i hava really excellent see of sme. [ light laught ] >>eth: oh wow. >> and i'm lik-- [ iffs ]
12:11 am
[ laughter ] and i was always right. i was just sgo at decting. then i make them -- they'd ha ttheir hot food tside bere i'd lethem into the movies. >> seth: i remember on having -- i bo somfo fromn outside place at a mall anthey wouldn't let me bring food in. th caughme and i dithiseirdhing where i took a stand. i was ke, "this is so mb!" and st had to erand anily eaa ger. lighlaughterke, "i can'telieve -- yo should be ashamed of yrself." and the guy was li"i don't like being here either, ddy. you dot have to be dickhead." well, ratulatis on the film. >> tha you. >> seth:hank you smuch. this is your first te. plea come back again sn. >> aw, thanks fohaving m [ cheers andpplause ] >> seth: rebel wilson, everybody. "howo singl ons in thearsn frid. we'lbe back with more "late night." there e is.
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cheers erybody. 8g band over there. rs and appuse ] sitting in on drums wk th our band, he's member of the eat band based here in new rk city, from tv othe radio, jaleel buon ihere. [ cheers and applause ] u cacatch jaleel playing every night at union pool in brooklyn with reverend vince and thlove cho. thank you so mucfor being he leel lookinforward to the the week. >> thank youery much >> seth: our next guest an accomplished directod an emmy and golden globe-nominated tor yoow from his portyal of kevin arnold on "the wder years. he currently starring in "the
12:16 am
nigh on fox. so lets take a look. sometimes, dean, it feels like you have a tendency to bring t dramats omr tvhow into the real world >> example --, wh y saytuff lik he gnder nev set >>e doesn't. ever. >> i knothat abo him, and lo it. and that gat for tv chacte oblem isineal life, settle, lo >> n if have any say in it. >> okay, gat example. another on great linefor like, a hard nose tv lawyer. t doese place re >> seth: >>eth: please wee tohe showedag
12:17 am
seth:>> seth: i'm shay to u re. >> i'm vercited to be here >> sh: cgratationsn e ow. seth:s such a f show. we we talkinbastage because -- ihink that was a good clip,ecauset shows rt of -- this is a vetrange s it's not what you expect >> no,t's kind of at the show is about. it ts idea thaa guwho' real oy knn hollywand beg onelevion, his show fishes. and heomes back boise to y to ld a normal life. rob we and i are brothers, which, know makes l sens [ lit laught ] and, so i'trying to schoolim being. so, you know, it's about brot and it's about family. but theame time we're yingo ki osatirize and skewer celebrity and the television and reay erything >> seth: yes. >> whichous unterintuitive, t it's reallyun to do. >> seth: you gs e fantastic tother. rolowes ood at being someone o pls th charter, >> ifrom another planet. >> set yeah. >> yeah, yeah.
12:18 am
ere in bse, idaho. no and hanging ouwi r, he's the nicest, best, sweetest guy. >> seth: he try . >> i really lo hangi out with him. and every cen a like, "oh, mgod, he ani cod be like thbewhy n't we hangoutll the te?" >>et yeah. >> and then he'lsay things like, "oh, w at dinnerith gwyneth or --" ani'm like, "oh th's why." you just exist in this wor, that i cou n ba rt of. >> sh: eone had ura of, suld hang oith rob lowe more. that's not the harpart coming up with that part of it. >> ery day i like, "oh, my god. why aren't we better friends [ lauger ] >>eth: nowi do wt to ask this -- >> whyon't you returmy cas? it'seally kwar see hi the morning. i'm lialleyou all nigh i was texting u. btery dead?" so i would get him chargers. >> seth: still nothing. >> no still nothin >>h:en dpeop ask yoush, "the grinder", hay conntion with the gay hookup a, gr?[ laht appla hoten doest happ? >> jt the right amount of time >> seth: justhe right ount of timin [ ughter ] >> yeah, yeah. st the rht amount. >> seth: yeah. >> uh,o -- >> sh: by the way, there is -- within the gommuni, i
12:19 am
u shld s r low 'gnd'.aney're likeh, my god!he'shat?" la >> ianto come upith an app, so weould be, like, okay. you're within00 feet of rob, can you have sex with him, if you - >>eth:f you watch "the gnder." >>eah. if y watch "the grder." like, , he'sn your what areou in the mood for? like he wants to do dinner. y -- any acce to you on this app? >> oh, absolutely. i would mand it, yeah. i would demand that. >> seth: this is -- >> but i love at you a. that really meana lot to me. >>eth:hank you. >> i really appreciate that. just thathers interest. >> seth: yeah, exact. you guys should definitely should do some promos. you ntiod -- rob lowe is so ndsome >> yes >> seth: you he been using rob lowe'skin care products? >>o lowe h -- ve how i'callg him "rob lowe." my daughter,ho's 7, asked me once what rob lowe's last me was, becse we just call him
12:20 am
yh. so he has a skin carlinend he said, "ohdo you want some?" li, "ah, yeah." li if rob wes like, "i use is on my face. do you want some?" yosay, "okay." >> s yh.>> yon'tstion. >> seth: a do you feel like it's bn making a difference? >> well, you tell me. >>et yea you lo better. >>kay. this is before i started worki with rob. >> seth: yeah. a ttle greasy. look over h >>eth: yeah. >> pfection. >> sh: lat tt, perfe. >>oo tha >> seth: really nicelyone. >> yeah. i mean, if this iwhat you get,ust after a few months, feel like i'm on a road to really gre place [ lit ughter ] >> seth: yh. >> yeah, yea seth:his s ways -- ur career a waso tereg to ecau, viously we all knewou from he wonder years" and then you actually ard directinlevision? >> i did, yeah. >>eth: a was tt somethg even by the enof he wonder years"as somhing you re thinkg abdoing? akid i always wanted -- the bk of my mind i always wanted tbe a director. i loved -- even on "the wonder years"i loved the mechanics of the mera and how iworked. i s constant fiddling wi it andakinit apart. i d get a l of
12:21 am
>> seteah, ias gonna say. >> i was jusintested. en i also loved the art of it. why e rector would shoot a scene onway versus ather director would shoot ianother way. and what informed those choice and how the choices transferd into a different scene, a dferent flavor a scene on the air.ani was always jusso terest in that. sot's mething i always want tdo anthen afterolge kd of rew myself into andried it. >> seth: a youe done ifor a long time nce en, right? >> yh. no, i mean that's what i've been doineverce "the grinder" came along that what i'ven dog, was rectin d it was, u know -- ke i said, i always wanted to dit ittarted very slowly very modestl li i just fished colge. i'm like, okay, i want to be a director. hodoou -- there's no how-to. so i would just likech on. and there was a sh that i loved that really made me laugh and i literay jurote down the name of the prodti company after sh and called them. like"hcan i come hang ou and likeatou guys lm?" >> seth:o, this is tecond me you'vdone somhing that's really cree and stker-y over the course of --
12:22 am
look, who did yocall? whho iwas n s. [ laughter i lo "even s"! >> set yeah,ll right. >>t was gr and so i hung out for, like, weeks. i'm a creepyuy. >> seth: yh, may a little. >> boy -- [ laer ]lo, i only went places people wted me, i wouldn't make it to thich >> sh: thereou go. you gotta -- >> you know? you beat the doors dn.>> sh: you beat the doors do you didt ask to beere. [ laughter ] no!insisted d re i am, america! [ cheend applae ] >> seth: here hes. an're hay u're he. now -- >>on wait for yone to as just m happen. h:make i we can't wait you havas a gues "lateig." noyou obviouy, "the wonder years"a sh tt t so much to so ma people. is istilsothinat you hearrom people all the time? >> you kwm i reay -- i feel ieaed out in at en startg as aittle ki i playedhese parts that people feel a cnectioto. >>eture. >> and wheth it was acting as
12:23 am
"the wder years"even "the princess br" directing sws like "is always sunny in philadia",r "pown" or doing stuffat in fe on "the grier" peop just -- ey feel, it's wa funny rit? set y. [ laught ] 'sood. >> it's ways bui' beelucky enough to part of things thave relyeant a lot to le and they revisitt over the years and ey share it with fri. anso eime i encor soone, there's jusa sea of warm a they're so happy for me. and it'sever, like, "oh, let's take a picture" or "ohgn an autograph." it's always st lik "keeprinding! ke grinding! [ laughter u kn, kecrs the street like'm their -it'sre i fe li haen er. >>eth: welthat gat - on sp grding! >>eth: it o personalay->>y kilikeha they ?"i'like, "they ke t fe. don'worry t it don't woy >> set you- i want tsay this, and i meanhis ery. becae e goen chance et bore and people from tv ow you d't kw ty're nnbe ne y wu
12:24 am
the fa kevinrnd was played by a pern who islso very nue and nice pson means thrld e and everybody else. sogrinding.>> iilnever op the gnd >> seth: keep grinn' >> i wl never op. chee a applause seth:red va, everod "the grirs tueay ghtsx. we'lbeight bacwith m fromarjas. [ ch a alause ] fos, y folk youan't me tuffp. fourants cse pus as their getawacar. bravo-nen pursuit of a toyota prius. ov. w hard is it to catch prius?over. this thing is tually pretty fast. ove very funny. oh look, a farmer's market should get me flowe for e ca!
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[ cheenduse ] >>h:ig's musical guest is sthern soul-pop sinr and sowriter, who just releasis debut"theemple e.p." performing theitlerack f e rst time on vi please welme tthe ow pa jam [ chrs
12:29 am
oh, lordywisht sjust some day buit's anoth sunday oh, h, lordythe pele , they all s h,ordy th're whispering myame noputtg it to flames noh, lord oh, lordy, what it thati've done to become the bad one? i've beeno shaken ace ain't en ama tell me 's man to do? i neeardr ssage i a't got no ess re staing on thef anit'sbout te say hold up, w is is n my shode
12:30 am
a ttle cde but,l, got bolr na na nbe tooetmmt lo you wa min the teme with my down bum now singlikeoohe-e-ey,e- o oh, loritike i'one amag th think i went planned this ooh, loy,hy sd i se remption? whdo i feel this ton?tell me
12:31 am
iin't got no essings fire staing on the rfand it's and it's abo time to s ld up, why is is evil on my shoder? hell must' got a little cder but, hl, iot br na na, hey nowen too qet mma loud u want min temple th my head down but i'm now siing like ooh, ooh he-e-ey,e-e-ey ol hd on, ldtoouses ooh, 'cae i'm up i'm up on ft and i singi
12:32 am
hold up, why iis devil on mshoulder? helst've t le cr lder t,ell, i got bolr i got bolder now na na na, hey now hey now oo quiet i'mma loud get so lou b i'm up w siing like ooh, ooh he-e he-e-ey ohi'm oh, i'm g ke sgi sging likoooh he-ey, he-e- , rd , lordy, it's like d ve dage tink i went
12:33 am
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