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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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everybody grabbing beads. tes
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test,,, . >> y know, i sti g that code. somewhere, yeah.
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>> little o scho. >> how are you guys doing. >> are you all right? >> go oncos. >> i know. an this is the firroncos para. are you excited? >> yeah. >> what do you think authe win? >> wasy amazi . >> how long hve you been out here. >> i've been native. i've bee to all the parade it i a wderful experience. greatti. >> didou think, you will see other pade thi year. . >> . absouty. >> look at the t-shirt. look athe t-shirt. $10. you got the t-shirt f $10. >> very ce >> and see, i like that
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>> i'm very excited.i am it's been greatay today >> and what it is likorou at the e of the game. n thegame at was it ke. >> screaming. screaming. were yellingnd screaming. that's about it. >>uris broncosans had a ice voic and u, i le that t. where did you get that ha? >> i aually don't knoit kpingou warm; right?. >> i could tl you'r broncos fan. how lgavyo been a broncos fan? >> lon me. >> and the prade will come right down ts street rht here. are a andverybody pumpep. 's a sea of orange. before we go on a break, we wa
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>> whe we say go, you say brono, broncos. >> go oncos!. >> go broncos [ cheeri ].
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l beight bac,,, >> >> wel ba aeaiful day at broncos cotry. thousa o our frien and neihbo are.
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people downtown today. this year, thiis essenti codo t people, that's when theome re ithe mwest in the middlef winter. they say, wm lvingn emidwst? hat's w h tel ourmily rela no comin back. we want to bet it e so excid. u'r not the on one, i m ad add. we go and bitiffent stor but -- we'll take this >>ou know at? you culd not paint a more beautul sky than weave in the civic cen park. it's going to a spectacul
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we are still90 minutesromhe star of pae. entertaient rocking and rolling ativiceer rk. e bncosome dy ts morni. cleang uheloer and it'ot bad ts year. >> thas not alys pleasant. >> teenage son. >> an comes out of the ck, the endf the ason that's not aayoo stf. weo kw this or than part that's tbsol idca he pfect wa, dicated their ves. and itvered them throught thsea aarons in santa clara for su boelwl.
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maybeival you're abo to s in dotown mars is the parade i don't know ifoure reasing the information. trust me, they are planting somethi, ll be citing. ey are excited about this. and ty deserve it, after what is fantastic game. defense carried ty. why t? w can w d ts second i w. maybe wedn't be tng ouis. there fgents you ve toureou
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stuff out, vau ler, wl be back after a franchise tag. e are reasons to be considered but let's not worry abt kihu >> exactly. all the wri wait for anotr day. >> one theos te throughout the wlked thineine betweenonfie d cks. here t deal. heot ser bl chamio i thi youaw with the broncos, the team that's always confie, ven when folks in the middletherms were ubti them,oueard nfid i tha locker om.
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bowl did everear theind of talk that some peoe m ha been eagedn the season, when linebker bon rshall,he bte of me and nobody else cld sthat. enque that was brand marshall. and t's that cockiness, to me it sounds like aober ornization oth fac >> and how much could wea abt epin f tomady, preparg for ben retlibege. t ce hen breaked him. d he's so big, he's so he's a runng back and quarterback adhillips was alys, wve
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it se thi you now wt? wel furt t. we'll fd a way >>ne of the great ts i the nfl, fks wlsa atny gin sunday sh anybody could be ody. that's thnially true. tracy, mes, you knowour team is goingo g bo. thisteam, eery week, younewtheyad ahot tin. it didn'tteifwas peyt at h best this isis dense, gave us he every nge andhat'sn iornt par give tmchance. we tug o rer goodel wi theombaophy, e els. joels, toh st for him to
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givinghe range over to u. he's a dear frnd otnall he knows the fresher thins. >> a think about everhing, that is up in this and frnd a mentor,omone who has beenuch a fce in their live 's jtotorkor th. thosere twouys that owe this. and they areow --ssum his duty. and it'emotional for th. ando see how it impacts them you ow, ty must fee the weight of this in so many personways. and the tt comes with is everybod wiesr. b. could b he andould - w on, antibell will b in h stash.
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john e and joeis reprents thefamy, too >> a hear iagai wit imer's. is an ente family. it iyour neighnd community. 's everybot comn a suppos you in a te like this. this last june, we had the zheimer's andrt auct and is a greogram.they ithis year de d new fel hoe. d i could not belie how manbrs players were there fromthe ptnd present. enettller, they allnewhompornt it wa becau the brcose bendt ts ar. this is - infa. dt'evasng tonk greatminds,eat forestreat ader, a w talked about. i was rading one after the oncosn, boland,he t callme. and actwa mike shanahan. are you serious? we have a
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he was physically just a an this dissemakes, you kn it's om you knnd so hisamily is coping withat as you point t, eaynd joe is, ise for ryersal >> y hearing behind us the broncos fanatching me historicighlights f the te through theyears. ve loganndccaffert ing it and we may hea fmmrom o me. ere's basically big beingut on for folks who er here on civic center park. then there will be the rade. woma 1:00, there will be the ra step ath pnt
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evng that the crowd here he parkexperiencinge spkers d themoments. an l melyou,e ve thisng coved everyich way. >> yes, we do. heroncos wl com outf the of th c and cou buthe topth s and this p wilshe.this shake. jourli,is hanson, will be right in their side yo wee wha the bos see theoment tha ty come t wit aea of oran ront o them. as cost will f erod he looking u a them, whathey mayl when th see that >> i'm goi to hope i could recordthis. i'm goingo see wtverydy iseeing athe. yoan t see how they someteshee o, as fa as what they wan to say to th crow
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bi we .>> we'reus sroundedy thecos
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>>ave to pk o peoe in the authis g has conucticheer allni log.ttle ben.'let iendally, i want t share y storreallyjohn,e fmho rings >> yeah, ie from idaho springs to be day,o be here withncopele. iove themuc loveoncos, right? we ll shem. >> yowee at the last pade? >> yes iwa >> howmpntt for you to here? >> iouldn' have msed it f the worl t at a. are y kiddi? tenr bronos, on t 50t super bowl!>> we have people that c fro ar r. aneopl with their fals youeer wit your entire family.
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your ltle ones w w th? >> i wted them toeehe ay, a iidn get to make ia ti andan them to expnces one hang hisro fla ur favor is vo miller >>on miller all the way!. >>ausee've bn dng it alllong we want erybody ate lihe awesome on chr. verybody okay. ten jon. >> this one i f pat! cheeri]. edynowree'
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wel send it o to steve. the pple herereeall rowdy. w about p whereou , >>ere'sewer peoe ove he t where you are at iroug t ong sunglasses theyot troncos sowre. who did iind in the owd? >> slacker? >> what up. >> co hait's tffial ser bowl champi hat.i' rcking it. >> you want to behe fas po f t de>> absoutely >> lng inur favorit broncos costumesthe what are y nam they? katri la mays rerad.
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t doestaretty warm. >> how about tt one? >> very to.>> y havegs. e mavori right re? vyco. i it was goio beorgut put onhey ar o a tose mario sos? icat >> like eyalls. ike it. eyeb socks. what does yourig ay? >>n t 7th day,od created bronc. retty sure endedha with one of awesome bos >> y hid. >> y w to describehe attire? >> so r i'moingo give thesuys 9ut of 1 huge eyeballs. >> w ithe corner of 13,
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gu we'll do that. n we' beight ba.,,,, welco bk to civic c rk. outside, k riiansn, a we roll aroundnne of ourive hour ofveage. >>t dsn't feel like it's been five minutes >> ts isng to be go fun. >> wreere at theeati of t cic cnterpark we'llake you ouan autsit haening. yoll s the broos an fan out there
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with the fanscross the ity. ourans a all over the place. nothpara. 1:, tig rally bein you'lluc oth wa u'll abl to t pm lose a rsonal. weill celrate the broncos third pe bowlring. >> you nd that day in between. the ys u'roexcite. yo exl all thene wang t ks. this perfect.>> it is veby has rechard. ye, yesterday, peoe we s grog eye>> the throats hur fro in at thetelevion. >>yea sometng tlls me,tomo wi have muc the sam feel? yes, it wl. we are scriitt harde was sounoah the ays an the sport tmnd all the ayerherypreheim,
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comi in ty g to celte witt of. hey,y, he this is apectula da uldn'task for bter ather. we saware ys. >> chly a >> iknow,ckmckerno ursrrel, for so many s, wl in e parade. we will kee ae. heno he wou bent center and lng it you c turnourd around heithout seeg the tribute toim mnon. >> that's the oneeautf th game. even ifpl are sick in you family, i heard storif pele havg dinosiow they man tetgeth. th wchhe g it go for a ltlwhile >> and w hop thi able to
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you know, we try to present a balanced picture onhat's goi on i ourty, stat wo, tionvery day,ndha means ts thingsgoingn fm time to ti. thiss joy >> hpy and living the moment. >> s thing the nisre doing, takingt a mome at me. >> kiss tfe hug kids, draeer andhat's it. >> d, ourse,18 yrs o, it seesterdayor k ristison, the wo w doesn't ag yearsgo at thivi centersome te. >> som with familia ce in 1978roncos errbowl. thekers w fored by -digits in the game.
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so filia faces at 9 ws indi onead iet to sit to eryenin ade with spe vegef therade, hnong thmpn denr broncos. onso it's being lay, the escorts, the policoffi and of the firefights that aelping them brd thesesresking tohs sking them wheo get rough the le of togr. ter theytart the bus, iis on th. >>e'rtiv center ive. >> isn't that greato see. >>oes it make yervoust how -- h a we supposedo wtch ed sardeli. >> d't think we an. wel ry we'll the fans.
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we'reappy to b t. team. adele doesn't need either. >> i don'know. i w trinkt she's drkin she drinkig a lot of green tea, k at. >> it tot aouple s tonk i just want to g out of 20s >>t' fascinatg. i have a 15-year-old. they d'tremeer. they don't remember a super bowl victory, you kno s it's t fo t neenerion say, was everydy like. just lik we remembererrie ys. it'sood to say, i remembe watcng tuper bo. su bowl xl, easy tsa 0 >> easy to forge how many colorada picked up. i should get a pin for that. 'sy nike, smany fol a mong t colora all t tim and everybody mades tns pltsuch the fact is,hey are cong from somewhreht
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the fact ha peopleanto veh y ls t nessily a bading. i was refg a thinking abthatheferenceas back thn. we ddn't have sporuthority field. didn' have this great big stadium that we have. now tt you look this p year, oninghe heauars or theewindo field at the headquarters. they udo go to greeley for training mp. weave done a lot that expanded and supported t team. >> head's up, you're not wching the 1998 parade, tose e pictures of modern day. iyouer watching 1998, chris chstianson wld look exactly the sa. >> different hair. >> my hair islways different always. >> we'reettling in f a great da th sun is shining. nobody, nobody wor a c o hereday. everybod kws it'oing to a beautiful under t colorado sun. th bas are plang in civic
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we'ltake you t pade ute w t fks are benning toine up i anticition of a paradehat's e hour 1 minutes away >>ringomethingo drink. oh, yeah, b the
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>> atholo continues. thanks for being w us. ur l five hours of thgut broncos count love day. >> big old celebration. some people aresain y streamthis y we ar >> and sending a twitter message, watching from bost rom a ov. ana lotfkssay, he to day, how cld watch wahingm tv, wachin. >> dyounow wha t brady isdoing? >>. have n i either? >> tis anufig. t toot tt intoo mu wor notingts brons am unke everyeam to win the super wl ishesame title. notvery tm h to shoot througth best toet .
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>> it h toave ieldanta to me degre. a lof ppl worriewe go backoalre i that painful los in thetche cold day. doest alysme, it' a shoe anyans ookth size of this crow , >>nbeevae >>ks, it's not eve 11:00 in e morning. thearade srts at 1:00 rly hers still m an two hrsaway. e civic cent parks ar t g pcked >> oh, m gos it's sn. d you poied out, i'm so ted to see se othe faces as ty come out with t photogprs and in place. an alonghe pade rotehe yo talbo thepast, i remember them -- y ow, viheirnd-hd vo caras n the day, taking
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wan to sak thiin.theyve t phonesnd twteccousndy will ng know what i'm looki fo he's mmentike this,n the pop san t aric everody h their phosut doone ofthe, you . andre one wnt standing wating. >>us vin soang itin. >> thaegs wt i'm looking for. >> carrie,igh along the parade e. af peoe will have cel phones in nd. and i'm going t batcng for that one peon ding, in iin. >>t's only 11:0e morn justo pove t barsav been open for awhi, check o the guys bin us, hu>> seen a lot. >>kay, they are a littleired up.>> wre seeing a toda the' at, ery time
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everybodis honng,rybody ischeerin 's sea of orange. in a good mood. home depot truc went by. >> it's a beer truck tt got a lo of ause. we're on 1h and broadway. d t pade doesn't even start for more than an ur. you weresaying, it's deep right now. e crowds a going azy >> the cwds a ge bigger and bigger downhestre. the guy a so ted. it's bee agaitince we've had parade in er, someor chpionship. >> we're party like it's 199 i did t to a guy few mis the avalanche paerst one, wh they won the snley cup. they s thas so puny,o tiny. and expecting ailon pele. i wldn't beured i i broke thenumber.people we way, i toronto.
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at the cityounty building. >> all guy are our iends. telyou wt you guys are esome. peully, wi come byw in the stee we wi show you what lks likef y c't get at wor >> a l of people a pying hoday there's noay the peoe. we couldn'tea where we will throw it , so we'll say, back to y >> tyou, thank hat neverfails hey, yo sofun beee n y athwhry. >> su goes up. sun goes wn ift lksike knd iike ch otr, which we do.
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time hring each otr. and that' a reason why we' spendi the da rly five da part it'reato see you. >>his is goibe art party. sky 9 giving them a loobo civic center rk. this iot anditori statemt but rr jus an observi. it's neoeerowd o pele here whou alof ever them tt's sad.
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houl thetf e as well. and gueswh? let's t pain colorado withbrush. >> denve has a coue o cheers. de has a couple of diferent chrs. e cwd kno. we're t have toring in reinforceno eers. i don't know how in e world esopil havenying less in e nk, tt lombardirophy emerges ith doors of the countybuilng. >> i wouldove , light the fire truck, t wer damage sterday for plains. eed to do that. get thisrowd hydrated. i tnk we got this. we are excid,very sine one them. some ofhem have beenhee, i'm guesng sin 6:00 or 7:00 a.m >> s a astonnishing dication. we wld expect nothing less for a team that's sold outts home
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yeand counti yeah. >> just thi back totahifrche. inheld afl. the t thatotts sta because e minoreague baseball team, the bears ded putnn aition 8 thound more seats, tnking they are going to get a mor leagu basell te. they didn't g it. and a guy nam lamar hunt, you
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>> he >> hereat news. >>e're back. >> w recently lost pern the platform. the's a sea o hanityend we're off on the sers, probably 10-15eet in th ai thers fencing around us to kehe sea o people, i o great- and thehances ar cour wl be jostled ughoutthe day. news we have som cit crews across d here. don't worr
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s. ingonditi remem the lte i've seen [ eering >> hi, everyone. go morning.. is it still morning? a it is th super bl xlicry parade and y. rit now on on wco and stet.>> hi, waruthere. we're at the denver pic brary. kind of towar tnd of e ay u. finalif you saw me rlier, there arany peo fact, we' getng a l of parapractice everybody isheerg for random cars, as they pass by. by the way, i've got slacker
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he'sere me. look at th. i don't knowhathat s. whev iwa it was noisy. we are calling it fashion plice fo the pade. >> and we don't have a lot t choose from. opleecked in their orange, but they are not going crazy yet. >> let' talk about thehirt here. this is fashionable. >> it is fashionable. it was a shirt i brohtnd t broncos lost every sgle game wh i wouldea it. i retired it for the last two years. i brought it ba, now i w the superbol. >> you don't think that's sligy b luck. >>41. who iowrong? >> wt about next year? >> i have n thoughtt through. i willuy a shirt. >> i'm surethe's a vendor somewhere here. anywa we're here. we're lng for people wit the cziest broncos atti.
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