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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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from corado springs. the whfamily out to see peyton manning, hn elway and super bowl 50 m-v-p von miller code: tu 5bronco rally sot2 no super it w insane, iane, believle it'the eling ote in the mof this, once in lifetime, super bowl 50, once in life time. it was so greato see so ny people gathered in o placeo celebratour team. back here live. lisa? and rob... today we ao nor longme broncos' owner pat boen.. with a special proclamation...
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great leths some went through to wcome he their r bowl champions. live in denver, rob quk, news 5. of crse thplayers taking i the daas well... after all.. this celebration is for them news 5 spos anchor matt prrd is here--- at the
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must be eling! a y ke this is the pinnacle of their profession. th are on cloud-and aren't thinking about anything but the fans that were out there and the amoniphey ought me thhe playerdi through the reets, waving toans, with smiles from eato-e seeing the fruitsf a hard earned ampionship. team captains demarcus ware d peyton mning talking at the podium about their team commrodery and how that family sphere pushed them through the tough times, out supebowl champns. this right here syolizes wt teameally means. winninthsuper bowl, let me tell y when we go into the adm and it's packed? there is no place like bos count i me this right here, this is awesome. ing you wegot great teammates, we've g areat cker room. von miller was tking about that earlierwe've got a great culture in our locker room and guys fight forachother, guys want to win foeachother and i think that was
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of course the big questi remains,ill peyton manning be ck next year....or wilthe sheriff consider ser bowl 50 s last ride.. we'll talk more about that tonighat 6, ring news- sports. ne 5... yourtation for tarade, rally and celebratio. werlive allorningnd in the aft you n ndigight.righ w, okoaaom xxxx t's talk about weather now-as we take a live-lookoutse in colorado spris. autifuday day---and warmer tempetures are movingin. here's mike instlert 5. moly clear skies and calm winds in our area right now. satellite piures, high essure is controling our weather. that has pushed the storm track well nth of here at is allowing warm dry air to cut ross all of colorado. eatonight with lows in theteens and 20's.
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the poth areack colorapr. all the snow we got st wis melting tohe cracks of the s... making for a very buy ride in partof the city. news's greg dingrando is joing us live now, with more. e city says heavy snow last week followed by warm temps and roads th already in bad shape.....just made fothe perfect storm.....a pothole storm.
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town..... and they're not exactly all. onpothole ne powers and dublin tk t at least fou cars inuding asey wright's. she says she s the pothole coming....but couldn't avoid it beuse all the built up ow and ice. it blew out hetire...but there were others that b theiaxle. e says city s to ste up..and soon. ashley wright/t a flat tire sot 36:49 eith carare damaged and people are losing work time which mes losing ney thhed be putting back into our city's enomy the city needs to take care of this. pothole crews are out there workg.uthe'sots many as you wod think.... and th's only adng to e oble we'll plain why they aren't out in full forccomi up tonit at six. in cos, i'gd, n5. w at 5. a 2-year old girl from new mexico is in the hospital tonight. she was reportedly thrown om
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h of wsenburg is morning. albuquerque police say she was taken out of staher father .. 19 year old ramiro tirado following a corontation with girl's mother at a hom in albuquerque last night. an amberlert was issued d a privatcitin re icodo spotd the vechicle ear ts rnin trpers say when theyried to pullover, the suspect ed away. ing a chase at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. stop sticks were used and the driver reptey lost control anlled--th hand s daughterere thrown. ==== "they were botconscis and breathing on scene. the tt girwas anspted by airo denver to aurora to chilen's hospital and the male watransported byround." the suspect is expected to be charged both here coloro d in new mexico. d ne tonht. a sa cnty puty who was shot multipltimeyesterday not expect to rvive. the sa county sherifs ofce says deputy derek ge is on
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peorm one st selfless of service.. byoning s organs. deputy gr is a navy veteran, husband and father of twchen a 17 year old malepe is in custody and the sheriff's offi sa charges areenng x new tonight. a school securguard om ronado higschool faces felo charges... connted to accusations of a sexual relationship wh a minor. 28 yeaold tyler jose milton was arrested last week. he faces three charges including "sual assault a child by one in a position of trust." the affadavit says he and a teenager m through an on-line site called whisper. it does not say she went to the school. still, aotice s sent home to coronado parents distri leaders say instigators tell them, so r there's no evidence of this volvg anstudents. xxxx rit now. lora sprin police are investigating an overnight shooting. it happened around at a home in 46-hundred block of splendid circle south police s they respond to ports ofhots fired and found
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police s he's in the hospital wi nonife threating injuries. the inveigatn is ongoing---police say thedon't know what led upo the ooting. xxxxx re recognition for people in our communy who ma an important difference during and after the plned parenthood oongs. mar hnuthers tay gave the "spirit of theprings award" to threornizations. the leaders of "mortgage sotions expo center"... for imely offering up their ace as a weelong cris center. the "red cross.. for proving days of food, shelter and sut to emeency reonders invtigators. an "american mical respon amr put a dozeambulences at the ene and thenroht in otr reurces from up and down the front rae, to covethe rest of the city. ===== " to have such a heightened event, to be recognized by the mayo to appciatedor what we do especially the crews, day in and day outhey're out there in the front lines, for them bo be recognized isery
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the mayor points out it's important to recognize many our community for their response and tireless support, during the tragic shooting in nember. are slippingon your new year's resolutioto exercise more? yo not alone. 're taking a look, in tonight' "youy family." and it's primary day in new hampshir.. we'll let you know where the presidentialantes stand. bufirs h in the weher center === == nats of celebration
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di why ntare pushing for the legalization of cannabis ere eye. ich could change their son's
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the broncos victy parade wasn't the only big parade ross the countryod. it's fat tuesday. that means today is the final day of the mardi gras seas---and tt comes with a lot of celebrions. as y can see---thoands lined up along the main streets ofew orleans today for e annual rade. of course nothing like we saw up in denver...for our suowl nning broncos! xxxx in your election watch it's primary day in new hampshe---aneris a b turnout. it could set a record... and the pollster on the ound new hampshire. point the possibili of big wi for republican dona trump d democrat bere sanders.... if they , it will beir first nds of the 201 presidential ection season. of cours no one can safo sure, til thospolls close in hampshe. we'lkeep tracking this for yo xx w at 5. e mayor of fnt michigan says she's working on a pn
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as we'veeen followinclosely for you---flint's ter is contaminated with leadecause of a switch in the cits water source. the work is pect to co5 milldoll th consired - risk wouldgiven priori for pipe replaceme. look from cameras across colorado and georgia. his day in the 40's and 50's currentemperautr all over southern colorado... next wther maker, high pressure will again bring dry skies and warmer than normal temperures. a normigh this time of y he sings in 44, pueblo 49. ho by hour, sunny all day tomorrow. a chilly srto the day but temps will warm ni fm late morng into the mid afteron. lows tonight in the teens and 20's. highs tomorrow ithe 40's, 50's d 60's, 70 nr the kaas rder. day cast forhe springs, high tomorrow 56ighs will stay the 50'through ne tuesday with dry skies each and ever one of those days. pueblo high tomorrow 68. staying unusually warm io next weewith highs in the 60's and drskies. canon city and wooand park, sks. conditions wl stayryor at least the next 7 days with
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nencerns over the virus. we're tracking the latest for you in tonight's healttch. and an assau with an allir??! we'll show you this bizarrscene at dri thugh.. right after e break. xxxx february is huge for us. alour crafted classic footlongs e just $6 each. the mediis goinga little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an credible amount accumulion inside... that nowee... joy l our c footlongs
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this story thtory is ceainaly a lker. a floridman is facinassault charges----aer police he threan alligat through a wendy's drive-thru window. happenein octob but the t was onlyecently taken into custody police say the 23-year-old placed his order---and whethe server turned around---he through the gatothrouge window!!! hirentsay thincident w a rmless pra tt has been owout of pportion. ==== s/linda memother:53-1: "mother: he's not a bakid. he's a stupid ki heid atupid prank.
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himself in reer: and yore sg heis vio pn. er: solu nitas a tal prank" thspecces arge aggravated assau and unlawful possession and ansportation of aigator xxxx w 5---an inibletory out of alabama a moth in bor d nervou father rush tohe hospital---and a stateroop pullthem over! and byhe time he realized what was ing on----t s time t ta matters intois own hands. trooper kessler says he pulled the uplever for speeding---and quickly found out thbaby was being born with or without him. the rents say mayave been a erentcomif troer ssler 't puld them or.====== s/danny lo - father1:02 - 1:10 "cause if he didn't pull us over she would have delivered that by two blocks over ia moving car while m driving and do i alherself." s/shaw lowe - moer1:13 - 1: "i've saidrobly a hundred times that i had baby a car. i n't t er that. it stilllo my mind thait happenedanwell survived." th the mom and baby are said to be doing stine.
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a li-loonow from our news 5 studios in pueblo. beautiful today.. anmike says get ready for en warmer weather..
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i'm annie ea in tonight hltwatch. doctors in brazil thk the zi virus is causing not only unusually ny bs in newborn baes.. but also eye abnmali. zika has beespreading in brazil and in somether latin american countriesince las spring. since then -- doctors ve reported a surge isevere birth defects called microceal... ka inftion during pregnancy is strongly suspected as the cause. one doctor in braziltudied 29 babies witmicrocepha.. and und 10 had lesions in their eyes.
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lesions will have on tir vision. walgreens will begin selling a medicationsed reverse heroin overdos -- wiout the ed for a pscription. the company says stores in 3 states and washington c will offer er-the-count "naloxone" it's a drug that's used as a antidote to overdosefrom heroin or otheopid dru. walgreens will also install kiosks where people can safely dispose of their unwanted, unused or expired prescripon drug and in tonight'sou family.... n 40 days since the beginning of the yea.. s of us made new yearolutions to get healthier nd exercise! turnout -- 40 days is all many of us can take. since january first... the number of pele making good on their resolutions exercise has soared. but you pbably saw it comi -- it's all downhill fr here. records from "go's gym"
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9th... ecinat t gym drop dramatically.... otr gyms see similar so-ca "fitness cli aople fall back into their old routines. many become frustrated when they don't see their hard work reflected in the mirror. buexperts sansistency and patienceay off.. so -- set realistigoals. sot:ohnny stewart - profsional bodybuilder - :57 - 1:03 "a lot of people w want to start out at the top. i alwa tell people s out where your body wi aow y totart out." and if you started ohe year doing work outs that jt aren't working out ... switchanother formf physicalctivity. activityrackers anfitness bands n help wittivationbecaus help peop visue all thexer they'rdoing. r heah sties. just head to "your healthy" mike? clear ancold tonight with lows in the teens and 20's. tomorrow wilbe sunny and even warmerith highin the 40's, 50's, 60's and0's.
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thks for watching news five at five. we'll e you ck right here afr n-b-c nightly news, next
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at koadot com. bing news tonight. a dramatic fight to the finish. polls in new hampshire. can donald trump score a big victory. rntview and a side you haven't seen. y hsaidd act differently as president. > the rest of the
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kasich, cruz, bush, aree head f a surprise? is bernieanders headed for his fst clton? olympic fes, tonight the arican ar thataid right w she wouldn't go o becse of concerns over zika slashing your bills and saving you big ney. brhers whoade eir entire busines just that now sharing hohey d with amingults. tom brokaw jns wh something important that's suddenly gone missing. "nightly news" starts rit now. >>nnouncer: decision 2015,he new hampshire primary. is is "nbc nightl news with lesterolt reporting fm mast. >> gd evening,e're 30 mutes away from theast of the poll closin inew hampshire. the evening'sraman fu swing. do trump and sanders become the big story or will new hampshire's
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vors defy the polls and reset thegame.
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