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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ cheers and applause ] jmy thas ryan rnolds, katie holmes, thomas rtt oncagain! [ eers and applae ] that sounded gre, man. and e rootght there from philadelphia, nnsyania. [ applau ] stayuned for "late night with seth meyers." ank you fowatching. have gat night. i hope we see you tomorrow. thank you souch. bye, everybody
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[ cheers and alause ] >>nnouncer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in neyork, it'slate nightith seth meyers." to-- johnliver, fromsaturday night live", actress aidy bryant, cooking cheeseburgers with chef apribloomfie, featuring the 8g band th leel bunton. [ eersnd applause ] ladies a gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause sh: gooevenin ybi'm seth mey th i"late ght." how is evebody doing tight? [ cheers and applause ] fanttic toear. let'get tohe news. the mpshire prary wa today and in dixville notch, the first to to complete voting, republican candidateohn kasich won, beating donald trump by just one vote. honestly, i'm kinda surprised trump didn'tin in a place called dixvie. [ ughter and applause ] jebush w jeb bush was caught on video
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an nbc reporter in new hampshire. ou jeb says the snowball was just meanto est hi chances of winning. [ laughter ] new poll o shows hillary clinton wi just three point lead over bernie sanders nionally. thgh she's actllup by 50 points if youo by blood pressure. [ laughternd alause ] chris christie, at a campaign stop yesterday, got down on one knee to try and woo undecided voter. and by "woo" i mean that's the sound he made en he elt down. [ lit laughter ] woo! woo! wo [ light laughter ] during a campaign stop, a new mpirbar offered rco rubio what they called a rco rubio rger. 's called the marco rubio burger, cause chris christ eats it for nch! [ ughter a applause ]
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has overly rehesed speaking style, marco rio was chad to hicampaign bus by a group of presters dressed as robots and callinemselvesarco roto and the rubio talking point 3000. so one thing for sure, unemployment is still a major prlem. [ light laughter ] presidenobama today submitte his final buet prosal to congress befe aving cy [ laughter ]itakes secon it t a sd. [ applause ] red loter is repting that its les are up 33% frothis ti last ar, follintheir mention in beyonce's new sgle, "formation." "yeah, it's been really busyn here lely," said kelly and chelle. [ laughter and applae ] this year' this year's oscars gift bag will reported contain a $0 crit towards rsonalized m&m ndies.
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can't wait to get some with my itials on it. [ laughter ] finally. some&m's with m and m." [ ght laughter ] this yea this year's oscars gift bag will also contain a $275 rollf toilet pap that comes in a gift box made from tender virg new growth fiber 's t toilet per that's both by and for ass wipes. [ lauger ] lady and gentlemen wha a great slow for you tonight. he is the host of hbo's "last week tonight." our iend john oliver is back on the show. [ cheers and applause ] so happy ito have him here. you know her fm "snl." we're so hapveer back. aidy bryant is on the show night. [ cheers and applause ] and we will be making double eesergerand s'mores pie with chef april bloomfld. [ cheers and applause ] soooki forrd to all of
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martin shkreli, the former ceo ofuring pharmaceuticals, best known for increasing the price of a drug that tres hiv-related infections by 5,000%, has come under renewed scrutiny after appearing before congress last week. t as bad as shkreli , the price uging he become famous for is just standard operating procedure througho the rest of the pharmaceutical indusy. for more othis it's time f "a closelook." [ cheers ause ] >> seth: shkreli appeared before the house committee on oversight and government reform la week to answer estions abouhis company's decision to raise the price of the dg. but instead, he spent the time doing what he does best -- looking like a real slappable ick. laughter ] shkri pled the fifth in response tvirtlly every question, angering the members of the comttee >> do you thinyou've done anything wrong? >> on the advice of unsel, i invoke my fifth amenent privilagnst ncrimination and
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youruestion. >> do you derstand you can waive your fifth amendment right? >>n the advicef counsel, i invoke my fiamendment privilege agains self-incriminati and respectfullyeclineo answer ur question. iitronounced shkrel >> yessir. >> see there, you can answer souestions. [ laughter ] >> seth: mr.hairman, i move at the witness be punched in his dumb smug face. [ laughter ] but things are aut tget a lomore interesti. u see, lasyear the rap group wu-tang clanecorded a new album. they pried one copy of the bum and sold ifor $2 million he highestidr, which was shkreli. yet, in the hearing, shkre was cagey he woul't even confirm that. is it wu-tang clan? is that thname othe album, name of the group? [ t light laughter ] >> on e advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth endment privilege agai self-incriminati and respectfully decline to answer ur question. >> seth: what was the lawy
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"i tt would be super funny if i pretend twhisper you advicebut then you jgive the same answer you keep ging [ laughter ] though, lyongress would ne to k a witness, "is it wu-tang clan?" [ light laughter ] yoknow beforehand, seone id, "don't a. just trust me, it's the wu-tang clan." but some old whi duds like, "it st doesn't sound right. i ne confirmation." [ light laughter ] noif you thi, "alet the wuang an must like sreli for paying $2 million for your alm," you'd wrong. wu-tang member, ghace kiah call shkli a [leep ] hea foraising the ice of the drug. and thenhkreli resed with a video of him and hooded goons demanding an apology fm ghtface. ll today, ghostface respded with a video of his n,t introded his own, far superior goons, his mother and sister. >> you wicked boy. you wied- how was you raised? >> tell 'em, mom. >> dyou have a morals? >> tell 'em mom. get him. >> oh, i can't belie you.
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ey're thbest [ lauger ] thbest. but let's not get distracted from the real issue, which is els not alone. he'st doing what a lot of pharmaceutical companies already do, expt he's being loud and conniving about it, while theye insecretive and connivinabout it. in fact, theouse oversight committee revealed an email from an uamed pharmaceutical executive asking shkreli not to raise the price of t dg,otcae it was wrong, t cause, "thbenefit n worth ri of getting yourse back inhe news again." he basally telling shkreli, don't draw attention to what we do. it's like whenou pull a heist and ll everyone, don't spend the money right away and then shkreli goes out nex morning and spen $million on a wu-tang album. [ laughter ] but the problem with drug prices in arica is much bigger than martinhkreli. he's a convenient deserving scapegoat. but americans pay way mo for drugs across the board tha her developed countries. take, for example, an acid reflrulikeex acintonn, insurern unittas
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tenth, just $23. at is crazy. no oneeeds acid reflux drugs re thaamerics. [ laughter it shod come as a side dh th the kfc double wn. [ light ughter ] major reason for these excessivprices is that unlik other countries, the u.s. governmentoesn't negotiate with drucompanies. prices are set completely by the market. but the's also widespread gougin just like what shkri did. for example, last year a cpany called vearmeuls bohtheigs pr fe saving heart ug e me tirisic roy 5%%. valean valeant didn'tause nearly as much outrage as kri did, because they don't have a smug, irritating face. have a othing logo. if valiant's logo was this, you'immediately thk,hat are these [ bleep ] upo? [ laughter ] i don't ust themt all. if congress rely wanted to help, politicians on either side of the aisle would work together to pass ws and limit the ability price gouge. but they can't do th, because
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important information. is it wu-ng clan? [ lighlaughter ] >>eth:his has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] we'll beightack with john oliver! [ cheers and applause sfx: cel sfx: cell phone viat. yeah (sh) youe ay... 's oka he made it! jason.. whato you mean? we were very bad boys. alexa what'sn the ws?alexa: here'the news, "alecbaldwin and son hwartzman were seen mooninpaparai.baldwin threw s shoe at photographers bere making arun for it". my poor cashmere socks... alex will you der another pair of brescianis.reordeng brescni socks. okay listen... cayou send some lawys or sothing? (moaning) ...alec? i am ner getting married.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth:come back to "latnit," everybody. back with usn drums tonight from ton the radio, jaleel bunton isere. thank yo thank you so mh for being here, jael. [ cheers and alause ] you can catch jaleel playing every monday nig at union pool in brooklyn with reverend vince and the lovehoir. thk you very much for being here jaleel, and thank you so much for being here, 8g ba. give it upor them well. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonighis the host of the emmy and peabody ard-winning hbshow, "last weekonight," which returns for its thseason on sundplse welcome bk to thehow, our friend, john olir. [ cheers and applause ] >>eth: >>eth: how are y, myriend? fine, t you, my friend. >> sh: it's happy to -- let's get arted wi the everybody wantus to talk abou se. set the audience is -- they're on the edge of their
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cued up outside in cold. >> seth: yh, thewant to hear thisonrsation between you and inwhich is o socr -- ouotball teaplayed each ottoday. sure. >>h: you are a livpool n. i'm a west ham f. correct. >>eth:y pled this afternoo >> uh-h. >> seth: and my guys won. >> [leep ] you. >> seth: yeah. laughter ] okay. do you have mo to say on it, or do you feeletter now? >> i do haveore to say but it will basically just be a longer to say that. [ lauger ]eth: okay, ga. so that'the ccinct way. >>nd ill be bleeped at h [ laughter ] so i preme what said was congratulatis ofome kind. >> seth:eah, exactly. >> seth, [ bleep ] you. [ laughter ]>> seth: that y -- i think the secondolw up -- no ty'll figure out. with thetextow, theyl be ableo re outhayou said"[leep ] you." >> sure, sure. yeah, ah. >> s ihink that -- >> yeah. [ laughter ] yeah. >> seth: butmerican football's per bowl on sund. >> yeah. >> seth: is that somhing you watch?is that -- >> of course. ours sh: yeah. >> it's the greatest thingo pp ta lesi all yr becausin most of theports, you know, the sport is the key pe.
11:52 pm
withhe super bowl. you can sit you a so jade wi what yodo during the super bowl. ericanjustxpect fighter je and ladgaga now. laughter ] yoexpect tt basele ofa super wl. >> set yeah. >> iit's not gaga, it's someone of equivent status. >> seth: mm-hmm. >>ut that was a bad ga. that was not seth: it was not go footll. that d football game. seth: yeah. >>, it doesn't matter, does it? cae beyoncves the day. [ lahter ] >> seth: yeah. so, you enjoyed the halftime ow? >> of coursei did. well, i di asritish per i found the appearance of coldplay slightly excruciating. [ hter ] >> seth: yeah. >> you think, "oh, gtlen, no, you arnot whatrequired here. [ ht ] oh, no ty' briing out flowers. that's theppite of the intent of is sport." >> seth:eah. >> "these melike to smh into each other until they can remember nothing in their 60s. your flors and messages of love a not appropriate, mr. martin." [ laughter ] i'veevereen super bo halftime band leave thstage and justnvite other bands on to take over. >> set yes. >> it was sptacular.
11:53 pm
oh, good. here's bruno, d here's beyonce. en better. beyonce. where's coldplay gone?" and i though-- there was moment, i though "at's really sma. steave." [ ughter ] ye and thenis marn wedges his way between em, like, dad dancing hiway between them. going, "yeah? me too, right? don't belie me, justatch. like it. i'm fuy. i get down with the funk as ll." laughter ] heas -- he w ithe middle. >> seth: yeah,e s. [ cheers and applause ] >> he wasn't in thmiddle, though. he was trying to take the power position. buwh you're between beyonce and bruno mars, you just look like a guy in the ck seat trying to -- lahter ] >> seth: oli that. >> "me too 're having fun as a three arene? [ lauger ] as an uivale three." >> seth: i have to giv chris martin credit, though, because i feel a lot of bands, if they reach the level where they get the halftime show. >> yeah. >> seth: they wouldn't want to share the stage. >> sur >> seth:ut i feel like he's
11:54 pm
was, "yeah, great, the morth merrier." >> or someone said, "let me save u from yourself here, ris." [ laughter ] "youan't close on yellow at the super bowl [ laughter ] >> seth: "clks?" can i can close with "clocks"? >> you can clo with "cs, but lebrunicitp little bit, to again, save y from yourself. >> seth: tt's right. "yello is not super bowl focus. no one'nnrember ty played >> seth: i -- >> it's justonna be, "oh yeah. time beyonce sang twice. she was amazg. she did two super bowls." >>et i w -it was fl suig awe, whh iseirda r bowl halftime show expthen it's coldpla >> yeah. >> seth: like coldplay seems li you wt l thlights on. >> you may as well have the lights on. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. no one's ever li, et g down tcoldplay, click." >> that's right. it was very muchike sex with the lights on.laughter ] why not? let's just see. let's justave thfull horror of what's unfoing ere. [ laug ] look, there arthe amps they've got. th's nic [ laughter ] seth:ow, there's no british sport where the'spectacle. the's no fight jets. >> no, no, no. cause we just watch the sport.
11:55 pm
then, you're hapr sad abt that you don't en invite the lling stonesnd say, "l take this notch."[ lauger ] >> sig it eitr enougon t re, or ican't av. >> you don't wch the world cup and y,wow, i can't remember who played, bui remember that jay-z wathere!" [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> and that was fun. >> seth: you're right. well, now i feel -- i -- >> no, it's good. it's good. >> seth: okay. >> thas the thing. yodon't realiz they'll have the second most spectalar spevent on earth is such drop frothe super wl. >> seth: yeah. >>he superowl's crible. it doesn't -it has tnscend the sport. >>et yh, absolel and i still t js is the crazy -- t timing the jets is the craziest thing. >> yeah. but again, you're l -- the's no surprise in anye's -- [ laughter they go, yeah, of course, but they go across otime. they couldn't be late. it's the super bowl. [ laughter ] you don't undend h hard it is ttime that out. seth:e're spoiled. >> and youust ink, "yeah, well, they alwaywork out." lauger ] >> seth: we're spoed. we'rvery spoiled. >> that'rit. >> sh: newampshire primary today.
11:56 pm
>> seth:s this something tt you pay atten to because you have a show on sunday? ere'll be time forouo comment? >> well, i guess the thing i don't undersnd about new hampshire, no offens seth:es, my homstate. >> is why the hell people care about the peop o nehampire so much. [ laughter eth. that's fair. >> all i've seen all week is politicians saying, "well,t's greato be here in new hampshire," which you feel is a lie. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> off the b but then they say, "ani'll tell you what i love about the te here. th're inrmed, theye educated, and ey're involved." you think that's inadvertently a real slap in the face to everybody in the try. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> "it's good to be heren w hampshire, not le those ims in arkans." [ laughter ] >> seth: you can't explain ything to them. >> i don't get i but itn your blood, right. explain toe the nd of zard-like qualities that you have as a nehashvor ich kes u ablekn what bt for e re ous. >>eth: y s ted cruz ruo. you sethem as ree-dimensional figures.>> sure. >> set it's like the matrix
11:57 pm
like they just walk -- we ju, like, in this zone where we see them for truthr es. it's weird. >> that's azing. >> seth: yeah. we just procs it aa totally dierent level. >> jusev whileou're eating your olees in a diner, you think, "knows gointo shake my hand, but can make a decion on behalf of threst of the couere." [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, absolutely. thher this that -- wch it's so great to be in nehampshire, i lived theremy parts are there. i love my parents. >> yeah. >> seth: it's great e in new hampshire, n now. >> right. >> setot this time of year. >> yeah, sure. >> seth: like,f my parents called and said, "we really need you toome home." i'd be like, "i'll w i' ce mar." [ lauger ] i'm not coming. >> yeah. >> sh: ili slush. it's awful. >>eah. and sowell it's just now, everfour yea, you don't wa to be filling up your r d have governor kasich s, "hey, niceo me you, friend." >> seth: yeah. >> "plseplse don't let me use myatrix-like vision you, kasich." seth: you now -- congratulations. your show is bk. >> yeah. >>eth: season thre well done. >> season thre thank you. [ cheers and applause thank you. >> sh: you hadaithat you weren't going to talk about the 2016 election until 2016.
11:58 pm
seth: now that it's here, how will your showddress what's going on? >> i tnk we'll probalook more at the ocof the election than the personities involved. so, i think that's what wel prably do over the year raer so mu here looking at gove kasand his traving ndf defeatis maniacs. [ laughter ] >> set now, this has been a contentious campaign, buyou believe what you have in england th the pri minister once a week basicly has to fa everybody. >>eah. yeah, so you'rprobably not aware of this. there's mething called "prime minisr's questions" in england. and what it meanis, once a week, the prime minister has to o paiamentnde shd at for half an hour. >>eth: they have to do it. >> y jusgotta do it. esn't matter what is eng. doesn't matt if the untry's at war. you stand there r half ahour and you let people heckle you like you're in a low-range comedy club. [ uger ] like the you're at the pittsburgh yuck yuck. [ lauger ] yeah. so, yowill be e most werful pson in englandand
11:59 pm
therand accept these insting les from people. i think u might like iit's -- i knowhere's respect for fi here -- >> seth: yeah. >> -- americahich inice, but it's even cer to shout at the person you're annoyed at. [ ht set and then, as the prim mister, y're allowed to shouback? >> se. yeah, you can do -- you cado e foot down. >> seth: so it's just shti >> you have to uerstand, british people are so repressed, it's best to have just hf an hour ia week wre we just explodat eh othe outing ] [ hter ] "shame on yo shame you!" oh, i'drul sor. please cryn.[ lauger that's it. we're like emotional volcanoes. we ept on the clock for 30 minutes, and th we put th bleep ] back. laught ] >> seth: andhen justave to go about your week. >> tn we just gobout our week. exactly,eah. >> seth: one of the thingshat happens with your show, which is so fantastic, is -- the show's fantastic, but people frame it on monday. yo clipsre, anlot adlineay, like, "john oliv escat.">> yeah. "jn oliver destroys." ople dramatic with their headline do you try to go out and eviscerate a dtroy?
12:00 am
>>o, n really, no. we -- primarily the game is entertainmt rather than evisceration of y kind. it's odd, it's odd. 's very ce. like, r show gets ssed around on mondaynd thrghhe week but, the packagingf it is igly dispiri to watch when someo is just screaming, "look watch hn oliver sembel tables!" [ laughter ] >> seth: yh. >> lerally takes leg off,s it! that table ino more! e system is crushed!" su. or i mada joke for 15 minutes about a thg. ughter ] which i ess that ls pealing. >> seth: yeah, that's true. i guess they have to packaget wi escerions >> ain, th's it. the internet is basically like boxingrainer fors. >> seth: yeah. >> jussayihat e going to do someone just saying what we're goio do to some >> seth: i'mucky i know you becae i feel the people that read these evisceration headlines just think have, like, ere claws, and you just walk around all day jus destrong aping out people's guts. [ laughter ] >>eah, i do noha wolverine
12:01 am
[ laughter ] i also don't have standard woerine upper body strgth thout the cls. >> seth: younot ev close toolrine or a lverine. >> i'm a by on which you could build a wolverine. ughter ] >> seth: but thank you smuch for being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> y're weome. >> seth: congrats on season three. >>t's a easu. set always a easure. john oliver, everybody third season of "last week night" premierunday on hbo. 'll be back withore
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that's a ge changer. [ cheers and applause ] >> sh: seth: wcomeack, erybody. before wcontinue with the show just want to talk little bit about some othe very exciting guestse ha lined up next week. and -- i'm sry, plug calendar? wally,hat is plug calendar? >> oh. yeah. seth, the "late night"rew calendar. do youind giving us a quick shout out? >> seth: yeah. i'm sorry, what ishe "te nit" crew cale? >> well, y know how the new york firefighters calendar came out a ltle while ago. bba bba. [ laught ] >> sh: yeah, i'm familiar with that >> and now the new york taxi driver's calendar is out. >> seth: oh,hey have a calear too
12:06 am
beep beep honk honk,wooga. some real hotties inhere. >>h: oy, don't er do s" aga laughter ] >> okay. so the crew here at "late night" decided to me our own lendar. the perfect gift for valentine's day and the best part it's all for arity. >> seth: well, y know what that's very nice, way. i'll mention it. do have one you? >> it's youruckyay. there's a box of them under your desk. >> sh: oh, all right. re we . wow. all right well this ery, very professional looking. [ ught [ laughter ] ou gottaooside tug k you'llat y see. h: oka herego.oh, my gdnesis thatom? [ laer ] >> yesseth >> seth: okay. this is our stage manager, tom. ok greatbuy. >> thankouseth. [ laughter ] >>eth:t's a t suit. >> it's mine. laughter ] >> set where'd you find a whe tiger? >> oh,t's mine t. [ laht ] >> set reay? home that sn't come up before t's ilga [ laughter ] >> seth:h, that's ir >> hkeep going, th.
12:07 am
>> seth: yea i know how calendarwork, wally. [ laughter ] ohokay so thiisamery, gen [ cheers a applause that's a new look r u, gene. >>oteally, seth. >> s okay. [ hter >> seth. >>h: yh, what? >> ware just heang up. >>eth: uh-huh. >> speaking of hotgo to july. >> seth:uly. all right. whoa. okay thiis gregg from the sound dertment. [ laughter ] i'm sorry, is he holding his sound boarin the wer?th can be sa >> oh, it wasn't. check august. >> seth: okay. oh, ma that's not g [ lahter ] >> seth: a right well, i ink that's all we have or. >> wait. what about me, seth. >> yeah, yeah, yeacheck out steve. it's real good. >>eth: oh yeah. okay. yoknow, tta be ht, stev actuay the rst one that makes sense to be in a calendar like this. .
12:08 am
i -- iust thought you'd be, mae, sier. >> youon't think i'm sexy, >> seth: no. >> okay. good. [ laughter ] >> seth: i'm sorry. wally, you said this wasor chity. whhari is this evefor? >> wally's kids. >> seth: and i'm swhat is wally's kids? >> you know have two kids, tt and dny. u've met them before. [ laught ] sh:ly. >>etheck decemr.>> seth: we really have to move on, wally. >> wly: but it's my moh. >>h: oh, boy. oh, wall eers a applae ] >> do you ke it? >> sh: >> seth: i don like . >> i was having great ha dai? >> seth:ouwearing a hat. >> seth: oh, wly. we'll be right bwith more "late night."
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[ chrsnd applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "te night," everybody. our xt gst is a veryunny la who y know from h work on "turdayight le" wch returns this weekend with host melissa mccarthy andusical guest kanye st. she can also be seen in the new ort film "darby forever" which appears on thuday, february 18 on vio. weome bao thshow o
12:13 am
>> seth: >> seth: hello, gorgeous. >> hi. >> seth: how are you? >> o my god, i'm so od. seth: i'm so, so hay to have youere. oh, my god, whatreat.>>eth:hat a treat. ana fantastic show lasweek witharry david. >> thank you. >> sh: that was ju a excellent episode ofsnl. [ cheers and appuse ] >> yh. yeah, itas theest. 's so funny.>> seth: he was fun be nd. that's whaeverybody -- i've askinpeople on the ca, saide was just a delht. >> totallyhe was one of my favorite hosts ever. >> seth: you we fantastic in "bern your enthusiasm" just great. you t tocrat hch must've been nice. >> yes. it was like a like dream cause it was like a fanty role play fo"curb your ehusiasm"or me. >> sh: yeah. you guys we're great in it. >> yeah, it was grt. >> seth: and now melissa mccarthy is back which isiting. >> yh, which iso fun thiss hethtime hti sie i'veeen it's like a fily member returns. >>eth:h, tt's so lely. >> y >> seth: now, want ttalk abouyour connection to body ee a "s which i remembewhen died one oyo imprsis e. >> yeah.
12:14 am
>> yes. >> seth: and adele did a sw at raci music hall that was on nbc and aot of "snlcast got to go. how was that beingn the dience of radio ci that night? was lllo wee for me. >> seth:kay. you we're fully -- >> i was jt sobbin constantly. and -- seth: didou eect that ing in? >> i tnk i went in being le i'm "sn and i've been here for four years. i'm overt. or something. and then iat down and immediately it was like -- she's an gel [ laughter ] and just like sobbed steady and there th ke and chris d sarah who i write with and we were all ju like holding each oer andeeling it, baby. >> seth: oh that's great. >> yeah. >> sh: did youet a chae to meet her? yeah.>> s tt's awesome. >> yeah. >> set and how was that? it s eam. i he so cool ando nice ae got to le do that adele video where we all became adele and it was like, again, fantasy role play a thing for me. >> seth: yeah, you're living t life. yeah. i'always pretending be someon eth:ow whaare the othe
12:15 am
to do other thgsi nto lkbo a bunch of th. but one thing that was vernice at you did for me is we have e documenry now and you acally flew to iceland tbe in an epode of that. >> yeah. >> seth: you ao fied something in oren for some of thother on the show. but i dinot realize this, you have h some bad experience being driven to and from sets. can you te ua little bit about this?es. es. so, bothn eld and in oregon i wasn car cidents ere i was beg driven bi want to salike an 18-yr-old production assta. >> seth: sur that'sike the lowest rung job sometimes is like a kid on the set will drive you tand from something. >> totally. anin both cases like sort of like a nervous p.abeing like, "so what's 'snl' like," u ow? d i'm li"oh, it's cool. it's great you know, d then just like starinat me and just going like -- right into like a bus. i ess i ve that effect on young men. laug ] but it really has been like traumatizing. but thone oregon we smashed righin a deer.
12:16 am
>>eth: that's dangerous. >> we murdered a deeat 5: a.m. anthen liki instany became h very ol mom who was like, "you're okay, baby. you're okay, we're okay." i'm ay." [ laughter ] and then i got out and i w like, "he's finehe'seabut he's fine." [ laughter ] and then man drove band he was like, 'all kill a deer?" and we werst like, "ye. yes, wdid." and wasike, "if y a ey'll cut the ers off for ya." [ hter ] and we werlike, "very cool. thank you,ir." seth: you're supposed to be like, "ask who?" >> ino fully. it's trendy to me. >> s so u don't -- y didn gets the aners inhe end? >> nop >> seth: oka gotcha yeah. that's fanstic that wou be ly -- i think that would be a lousy reas to have abo hers on your wa. >> i know. >> seth: they're like, "oh, you're a hunter?" it's like, "no, random hit one." >> yep. laughter ] "me d a chilove righto this deer and i d these a fun uv."
12:17 am
upcoming season of "girls" you're going to be on. agn one my -- a show i love and u got to gto tokyo. >> yh. >> seth: how -- have y nev been bor >> no. d actually i reali ie never been anywhere because it's su dfere wor and ias there for ree weeks which is a very long time. >> seth: yeah. >> and felt byhe end of it that was like th japanese won ere was st like walkinaround andaying like- [ spking japanese ]whh ju means i'm sry. [ lahter but then i couldn't hand t isine because -- >> seth: oh, so you dn't go all-in on japanese. i n a big fispers. m not an adventurous eater so i st lived soly off chicken quesadillas ich is -- [ lahter ] >> seth: where dyoget chicken quadillain tokyo? >> o you'd be surpd. [ laughter you can find tm. yeah, ju lived off chicken quesillas,andy, and french fries. >> seth: oh, that's good. a lot candy though. a lot of weird janese candy. >> oh, you know this. >> seth: okay. i mostly knoit from your instagra >> i know. seth: it was just lik eray.
12:18 am
mostolfundies. >> iasust walking around like true simpleton like, "oh, the bright" [ laughter ] and like- d theneing le, "i'll eat them." >> seth: now, you -- this is methinthat ests inokyo th you went and checkeout. >> yes. >> seth: a cat cafe. >> yes. >> set this is -- how ma cats are at the cat cafe and what's the idea? >> oka the id is that you go u're going to ke have a cup ofoffee and cats are just going to be walking around. and i ed in being kehis is disguing. this is like a [ bleep ] box. [ ught ] ani lefteingike, iov the t fe. i feel serenity now. was so weird. >> seth: so is the idea atou like hold the cats oyou just watch the ts lyou ul >> thehave like gyms thathey can clb d ju sit belo and like t. laht ] and then thejust walaround. d ey all seem to have like
12:19 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: wait, seriously? it's not even regular cats? >> weli me n at this one. i dot . one had like very sht gs, litt -- little nub legs. [ laughter ] but it was nice. >> seth: thidooteem like the way i nto drink my coffee. i don know loved . >> seth:ou loved i >> i led it.>> set iant talk abou "dby for" whis faastic. >> yeah. >> seth:his is a 20 nute short film you did, os rodriguez from "sn directed it, correct? >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and wan show a cliput explain real quick ere this idea me from. >> oh,es. so, when so, when i was in chicago i used to go tohe fabc store and i would get fabric f shows i w doing at second ty. and so thiwoman whwoulcut the br fe would alys beike, "what thifabric fo and i uld say, "condity r a i doing." d she would get like this little hollywo like owbiz excitement and be li, "oh,
12:20 am
and so i always ke loved thinkingher nd of aging what i wasoi and so tt's kind of what this is. so basically darby works in fabr store andhe kd has lile daydrea in cp she't me ki okeunk rock girls a e's imagininwhat iwould like if she s little rock chk. seth: all r. let's ta a look. i rip [ ble ] up. you know, i dirced my pares. you ow howeople dohat. i n'love to hangut with my mom. she's respected me encouragedinerything i've done t i don't care. i like to sing. i t ha hat's [ bleep ] we bto p get ready you little smarty this is nasty 's gonna suck but we don't care anwe don'tive [ ble ] [ laughtndppla] >> set "day for."
12:21 am
everybodshould check it out. d it's always so lovy to see you. i cannot wait to s the show on saturday. >>ove ya. >> seth: aidy , everyby. [ chee and applaus] nl." melissa mccart kanye west. we'll be right back with ril oomfield. and you're going to stick arnd >>eah.[ cheersnd alause ] [screaming] thld nissan rogue,withntuitive all wheel drive. because winter needs a ho. now get a $199 per month lease on the016 ssan rog nissan. vati that extes. rtying t gravity-defying... friend-connect day-seizin stro...
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with an incredible amount of aumulation de.. that now sms... eny all r classic footlong
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[ eers a alause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. we're here with chef april bloomfie. welce to the show. [ eers and applae ] her w restaurant, alvation burger," locad in the pod hotel he in midtown ops tomorrow in new york city. welcome back. welcome to t sho >>es. thank you. >> seth: not welcome back. but i'm so hpy to have you here. congrats on the new restaurant. what are we nna tonig? >> okay, so have you cooked a burger before. >> seth: i have cooked aurger
12:27 am
burger we're goingo start selling tomorrow. >> sh: okay, great. >> so, right, we got a coue of patties. have you cooked a burger before? >> aidy: no, but i eat a ton of them. [ lauger ] >> okay. t. listen -- well, listen. row a uplef ies in that pan. seth, you can do same thing. >> seth: okay, great. >> make sure you take off -- oh, you're a natural. [ laughter ] okay, that's awesome. >> seth: all right. great. >> seth, you're a little slower, but that's oka >> seth: a ltlslower, yeah. >> you gta da second patty. >> aidy:oh. >> throw that there. >>eth: this is ne, thin patty. >> it , yes. >> seth: okay. >> y know why? because it's goi tcook super fast. >> seth: okay, great. oy,nd is in get really some great ramelizaon. , m gointo give it little season. >> sh: okay. so whe i'm doing that, you want to cuyour bun? >> seth: yea please, would loveo. you juscut it ne an even. >> sh: okay, gat. >> you can cut your too. >> aidy: oy. >> so,isten,'ve gosome loly special sect sae. just watch it. >>eth: okay, can you tell us at's in it, or is that a secret? >> no, it's a secret. it's aecret. it's a sret. >> seth: okay. >> we've got se chee that we made in the restaurant. this is our little- >> sh: homeme cheese >>omade cheese >> seth: okay. >> you want a taste? >>eth: i would love a taste. >>reat. doou want a taste of cheese? >> aidy: yes, i do. seth: that'really good cheese. >> who doesn't likcheese, u know? >> seth: oh, i le it. this is reallyood. >> nicand . so, we're just gonna wait until we get a little color.
12:28 am
>> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> wanna have a little peek? >> seth: n c i a you a question? >> yeah. >> seth: causey wife and i are having a disagreent about burgers. >> what'that? >> seth: is it bad to press do wit on a spala? >> yeah. yeah >> seth: okay. ll, i st thaone. >> do you know why? [ lahter >>ou know u should never gue withour wife. >> seth:o, i won't. >> you knowhy? because it pushes out l that juice. >> seth: yeah but it goes -- [ sizzle ] [ laughter ] and that's fun snd. >> it is. is. bualthe juice evapatg. >> seth: yeah. >> so, seth,ou've cut your bun in half. >> seth: i have. >> do you want to put some of this sret special sauce on ther >> seth: yep. you did better than seth. >> aidy: thank you. >> seth: okay, gre >> good job. >> set oy. >> you want a bit more on there? >> seth: yeah, sure. i mean, well, i n't ow. it's aret. so, how do i know? >> it's that way. 's a secret. >> seth: okay, great. that's goo >>aky. lovely. perfect. >> seth: oka >> let's give to aidy. >> aidy: yh. >> yeah, great. let's put cheese on er >> seth: i le thispeed that these are cooking. >> yeah, ty're good, right? whwants tolaver a hot stove? >> set yeah. >> burgersre fast and waslap a bit of chse on the? seth: you bet. >> aidy, what abt you. >> seth: o can itart eating ck >> aidy: oh, yeah. i wantheese. >> yeah. help yourself. >> seth: okay, good. >> just a little chili and some negar. nice and easy.
12:29 am
you. >> set what's this her >> that is a littlbe fat, actually. >>eth: beef fat? what do you use that for? >> you can ge it a little toast o little n, here. seth: oh! >> just git a little spread. >> aidy: ooh, a beef fat bun. >> yeah. mm-hmm. [ ughter ] >> seth: yes, please. [ laughter ] >> aidy: yeah, beef fat. 're doing . [ laughter ] >> this is, like, beef on be. you know, if you're not busy you can po a beer. >> aidy: yes. >> seth: oh, plee! oh, my goodness! >> you wt a er? >> seth: i would lbeer. >> great. >> seth: i'm so excited, i forgetbout that. >> do you like your burg do y like it well-do? dium? >> s i like it medium, medium-well. >> oy, gat. , wel lethis go a li longer. >> seth:kay, great. >> you see how you got your eesen the, aidy, seth? >> yea >> set uh-huh. >> thas gonna melt i >> seth: thas gonna melt?i knew tt. >> yeah. aidy: oh,y oh, myod [ laughter ]>>h: oh, my goodness! aidy! now, let me ask you a qution. atr new restaurant, ho many -- laughter ] >> jdrk it. it's fine. whoo! oo! [ cheers andpplause >> seth: i jushave aull growler? >> yeah. >> seth: ihink i'm gonna go straight from the growler.
12:30 am
>> sh: how many buers will be going at once? like wheyou have a full house, how many- w many burgers can fit on your grill? >> you know, probably, like 15. one straw. >> seth: that's goodee who makes ur br? >> aidy: i'm gonna copy you. >> do you wanna to take your burger? >> aidy: yes. >> here, look. [ laughter and applaus] >> you guys -- [ cheers ] >> nice. >> seth: a right. >> you can eat thanow if you would like. >> sh: can pickle up? i'm gonna pickle it up. >> do you want to eat it? aidy: yeah, want to eat ne. >> yeah, go on. okay. it mht be ho okay? soust cul. ah, pickle it up. you want some ckles, aidy? >> aidy: mm-hmm. >> seth: ay and i are very happy about this. we were talkinback stage. >> aidy: i saii hope i get to take a big nasty bitona. [ laught ] >> seth: all right, wait. aidy, li, side by sideignd nasty. >> it might be juicy, okay? >> seth: yeah. >> be reful. >>idy: how juicy is it gonna get? [ cheers and applaus] >>oo >> aidy: >>idy: oh, it's so good! >> what do you think? >> aidy: oh, baby. seth: it's fanttic. >> witburgers, you go have pies, right?
12:31 am
>> do you want to do the honor and just glaze this ttle small pie? >> seth: yeah. ohright. so we're going to do this rit. fore? >>eth: oh! >> aidy: holy hell >> seth: y i've ed one. all righ so what am i doing? >> so you just kind of glaze it >> seth: uh-huh. great. you want. ke if you li, li bitter, u knows'mores then -- >> aidy: ooh. >> look at you. >> seth: if i turn this on you, uld you admit i was right about the spatula and burger? [ laughter ] >> yeah. do you wana job? >>eth: i would- well, maybe you wod. >> aidy: a man truly afraid. ooh. [ laught ] >> you got it? we got little banana pie. >> seth: fantastic. wh'sn this pie? >> this is a'mores pie >> sores pnut butter pie. >> aidy: oh,aby, baby! >> a who doesn't like peanut aidy: sdang good. really, really good. thank y. >> aidy: this is so od. >> so glad you're drinking out ofhe growlers. seth, have your growler
12:32 am
where'd mineo? i was so bummethat it was not ther [ laughter ] ank you souch. >> thank you. >> sh: conatulations on the new restrant >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> seth: midtowneeds some places to go. >> yeah. ye. >> seth: april bloomfield, everybody. saion burgerpens tomorrow. we will beight back.
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