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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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9-1-1 using a fake number... and to operars threermed men re outside of the home. swat teams shut down the street, locked dn a nearby school. only to find the daughter home alone, shocked by the whole thing. "it's one those thingthat we haven't sn thisetn th community, so we're concerned enough aboutt that we want to get e wo outo e public." police say irs scams are comn thise of year... and say if you get these kinds calls, contact ceediately. there'a d simple w t get in touch with dichers in southn colorado.. and iting something most of us do every d... simplyending text message! e new "tt to-1-1service is now available thanks to the el po-teller county 9-1-1 authority... "in the 'to' field, enter the digits 911 u don't have to enr hyphs orashes. juhe digits 911. in the message field, teyour location and the type of emergency that youe hang i thvery firstessaou
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this a huge help to the deaf... heing and speech impred mmunity... but that's not all wan benefi e authority says the svice could save lives in a hostagor home-intruder situatio "tre could be an example where somebo may be hiding in closet somewre and wuld have to havem set one down aeave the line en and depen what we hey to determine what's going on." f right now... y t to send a picture... dispatchwill n be able she.. and the texts must be plain text... emojis... including youration d gency. reiveispahersill text bacto confirm additional details d se hp w come this april.... e "pedestrian access act" will take efft in colorado spngs. city council just passed the dinance. probits pple from sitting or reclining on sidewalks, trails or other public right of ways, during "high traffic urs" in certain parts ofowntowand old colorado city.
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violators will get a warning.. but ter thatthey could face a ticket and fes.... its aswednesday... ancathics l over the world are maing thfirst y of lent... by receivinghe tradition gn of the cross, drawn in ashes on threhes... and local catholics e taking a chance to pport thr communy. en andulty at "divin redeemer school" will observe mass at 8:00 this morning... anafterwards... they'll be working to assemble 600 compassion bags. they will contain baby wipes... lotion... toorhbrushes... tohpaste.... tissue.. lip balm. socks.. gloves... water. angranola bars. the bags will be distrib to y pe in community... taki a le lookp in denver for you... there's the mi high city sky line... mild weather conditions are making for a smooth commute, if you'reeaded noh...
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this morning compared to erday afternn. make somnoe bronco coury!" an eimat 700 thousand broncos fans pacd the streets of downtown denver... from 17th and wynkoop... all the y downo vicenter park... the city held it's super bowl 50 championship parade and rally... we'll have more coverage from tuesday's celebration the today. the chenneountain zoo is lcomina nefemaleexican gray wolf... just in time f the species' matingeason.. her me is "lightwk"... and the hope is at s will pair with e o's current male resident-- "leopold." we told you lastonth when their previo fale --weo" -- passed
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producg any pups. "lighthawk"... is weeko's sister... cheyenne mountaizoo has been participating in the "mexica grayolf recovery pgr" since 19... which is working trestore th vastly decimated wolf populaon in the wild. weather and trfic the 5s. chief morning meteorogist ephen bowers is here now with rst alert our mog drive comes wi sunshine and 3. eving drive will be su wi 50s cooling to s. our morning is mild wi 20s and30 we are quiet this rning, but a cold front attached to low prsu osouth dakota and wyoming may ing bit of wind to us as it passes toughtoday. our area is moisture starvedso there's really not much worry about beyond that wind. e wind can blow in the 15-25 mph range this morni and early thisfternoon. ter 2 pm, the wind will begin easing. the sun will sll be with us day. thguy wnsle nd will help the s to wa o temperatesnto e uppe40s anlowe50s by 10 am. pectower 5 around colorado spris and monument at noon
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most areas will mana 60shis aften with 50s in the high elevions. this evening will be ptl cloudy with mperuresoong through the 50s and 40s and into
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a famili pro wreakin havoagain on southern colorado rds. potholes are opening up all over corado springs-- after all thatnow we got lt week is melting in the cracks of the roads... making for a pretty ugh ride in parts othe city. news-5's joanna wise joins us liveow in colorado sprgs...
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workg to tackle thproblem. e sttingo see them all ov towonce ain... and stees big ow sto has only made the oblem worse. one pothe ne powers an dublinook out at least fr cars including ashlewright's. she says she saw the potle coming....t couldn't avoid it because of all the built up ow d ice. it blew out her tire.....but ere wereers that broke their axle. she sa something needs to be done about it. eith carare damaged and people are losing work time which ans losing money that they would be putting back into our city onomy . the ty needs tta care of this. there are crworking tearily fix so of the potholesbut many are still focusg on the ow and ice
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right now many crews are still focusing on dealing th the ow andcessues last we s. permenet potole repairs e plned for latethispring, when we t nsistentarm weher. reporting liven colorado springs, jnna wise, news 5. ming up. a ly's despate fight to fiomfort forir -- living in agony. "a r, bump takes his skin completely off." it's a crippling disease with cu that's only treatith powerful pn-lling narcotics. this morning, we're taking ook at their fight to legali a safer alertnative... plus.. the home of e denver broncos ght have a new name in the near future.
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be a thing of the past..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in today'sour healthy family... a story any falies here in lodo can relate too... rit now a georgia couple is fighting for the lalizatioof cannabis oil... itmedicine they say their toleneeds to help curb constant pain from a cppling skin dse "christoeropper" has mor --- pkg --- nats: crying
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what this little boy faces na: crying the tear t screams, don't even begin to descbe the pn. nats: yi pain in thhearts and minds of his rents who live it, but cat feel on the outside. sot: audra underwood, reid's m "a rub, bump takes his skin completely off." it did just moments beforeur ierview. reid underwo... grazed his pointer finr against his father's jeans. blood poured from his little hand. t: brian underreid's dad ssenti reid is missing t ue that holds his in layers ther." a bac explanatn ofn unimaginable reality. e...reid underod suffers from epidermolysis bullo... or eb. sot: audranderwo, reid mom "paiishen you sleep,t's whenou e, it's when you play, it's when you do anything, you live in constant pn for your whole lif" a li typically cut short by th rardiseas
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are fill with bandage changes, bleachaths, and high powered narcots likeorphine an meadone... to numb the pain at least for a ttlehile. sot: brian underwood, reid's dad "there really is no part of his life that's not affected by e disease." that's whyhe undwood's a ghting f cannabil. reid doesn qualify under gegia's current law. id's dr. in minnesota who performed his bone marrow transplant in an effort to crea t gene he's missing is hu proponent of cannabis oil for itchg and pain. sot: dr. jakub tor, reid's transplantdoctor - super on screen "youave to imagine that you felln a vat ofurning oil." sot: audra underwood, reid mom "he still will find a on to smile." back at home... ian and dra are willing to admit... they'd rather bury their younsthild than see him suff like this. sot: audra underwood, reid's mom "definitely has a autiful soul that's for sure." days are long,nights are sleepless but brian and audra persevere. and they wl fit...
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in this morning's health watch... todain pueblo... the city-county heal departnt... cahospitals... and emergency offials will be testing the communits response procedures during a health isis exerce. the event will iolve rapid decision making and the simuted deployment of soces and peonell. current erncy reonse plans atre in ace wi bused d tested to help idenfitify areas th need rvement... t community can better prepare r future healtdisasters. ather and traffic on the 5 chiemorninmeteologist stephen bowers is here nowith firsalert 5. our morning drcomes wi sunshinend 30s.
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ll be sunny with 50s cooling to 40s. our mornin mild with 20s and 30 we are quiet this morning, but a cold front attached low pressurever south dakota and wyoming may bring a bit of wind tos as it passes through day. our area is istu starved so there's reay not mucho worrabout beyond that wi.
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thernoon. r 2 pm, the wi will gi ea. retailer "sports authority could be filing bankruptcy soon... thsporting goods chainissed
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creditatinperts expe t ore to default on all of its loans. if that happens, "spts authity" would likely to closabouhalf of its 450 stores. the company spends six milliodolls a year to ha its name on e brcos stadium... it's unclear if the -year namingights deal -- will sta intact -- if e mpany files for bankrupt. okay, let's geyou another live lookutside.. this one comes from our pueblo studio camera... maybe punxsutawneyhil was right on ground hog day... becae it's going to feel a l like spring today in the steel city.. it may evetouch 70... stephen have more details onhat wh we come back... plus this... hank you newamhire." w hampshire, iant to thank yo" beie sanders and donald trump emerge victorious in new hampshire. w the race is rning to the ne polical battle ound...
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thatll coming up in your
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welcome back at 6:2 we're turning to your 16 electi wch triumphantonald trump is a winner in politics this mornin.. afr a big night new hampshire... and that wasn't thonly "first" om lnight's primary.. vermont senar bernie sanders cruises a decisive win over hillary clinton...
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the votes among democrats... politicaanalysts this mornin believe beie'spopularity among youngeroters d women led hisin by such a large margin... the vermont senar calls it a the "washington ele. "the people of newampshi have sent a profnd message to the liticaestablishmt the economic estlishment and by the way to the media establishment whoo:" we're not going to forgeu you starteit! remember, yo started it. "now we take this campgn to the entire country we're gon fit for every vote in every state" hillary clinn called her democratic r latlastight to concede the race ere. s hoping to turn the defeat ound... ung it as aallyg cry for her supporters acrs e nati... new mpshire vors a breathing new fen ohio
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caiagn... heinished second in last night's republican primary.. ka beat out marco rubio, jeb bush and ted cruz... o won in iowa... kasich trailed projected winr donald trump by more than 10 points, but ilsays hs excited out whe his campaign finished. republicans are already on the move in the next battle ground state of south carolina... where ted cruz -- is usi child'play -in a new ad -- attacdonald tru... "looi got the new trump action figure. no way! th's huuuuuu." "what does he ?" "hpretds tbe a republican." ks laugh d uz tied for third hew hampshire with jeb bh and marco rubio. uz is aimingo gain the montum he ha-- after winning e iowa caucuses.. the donald has also launched his own attack ad outh rolina... callg cruz -- a washgton insider who can't be trusted.. south calina hds itsrepublican primary on feua 20-th.
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candidates while waiting for the results of the w hashire primary... but a relaxed bernie sanders... took se time to ow his skls on the court before he was deared the winner! cameras caught up to sandat campaign hearters tnd him surround by his granhildren. aying a littleketball! weather and traffic the 5s. chief rning meorist n bo is here now with first alert 5. our morning dre cos with sunshine and 30s. the evening drive will be sunny wi 50s cooling to 40s
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30s. we areuiet this morning, but a cold front attached to l pressu over south dakota a wyoming may bring a bit of wind to uas iss through today. our ars moistutarved, so there's really not m worry abt beyond that wind. the ndan bloinhe 125 mph range this mng and early this afternoon. after pm, the nd will begin easing. the sun lltill be with us today. the sty doslope wind thsun to wm our mperatures into the upper 40s d lower 50s by 10 am. expect low 50srod colorado spngs and monumentt noon th low0s around pueblo andoci
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ghnow... where the celebriofor e brons per bowl ampionship is over anwith it, ends the 20 football season... kicks f! weve ah-lits fro y'feivits...
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a cord-breaking 700- thousand fans turout downtown denveto cebrate t broncos supebowl 50 victor itas a mas sea ge... fullf people from alacross loradoncludi rado springs.. pueblond tnid... annabel bowlen, the wife o borns owner pabowlen... led the parade... owing the lombardi trophy r all to see. also on that lead firetruck... peyton manng and von miller!! and even "miles" got in he fun! the broncos mascot ron serolled recliner as fans cheered on! fore ty heed oor the parade, coach gary kubiak and fensive captn demarcus war had call waiting....from the present of the united states. hopefully u guys can get here before i leave office. i'd like you to pass along
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peyton, obously what an extraoinary wato cff a career. fothe team to be able to carry him to vicry like that. as you heard... president obama is pretty convinced peyton will retire after thisear. th mig be the president's pred... but so far... there's still no word from manng if he'e hanginup his helmet. john elway ialso staying tit-lipped and lving tt answer for anothay. there is no deadline, we're going to enjoy this let peon enjoy this. i'm sure he'll sit dowwith his mily and then eventually we'll talk to m to and go through that. but thers noimeline for that ght now. we'll of course flowing
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offseason gets underwa switching gears to a sad story... this morni we're learing the sheriff's deputy in grand juncon- who was shot muipleimesonday.. isot expected to surve. the sa county sheriff's ofce says -deputy "derek geeris on life support,nd say -- he will pform one last selfle act of see.. by donating his organs. deputy geer is a navy veteran, husband d father of two children. his familyeleased a statement saying "theihere broken." a 17 year old male suspect is custody. chars e pending. developing this morning. is wanted fugitives curreny awaiting extradition ck to colora... afr being arrested in seattle. police say sean burrs has "13 felony arrest warrts" out of colorado... inuding burglary and avated motorehicle tft
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the el paso unty sheriff's fice ss it wked with sevel jurisdtionfrom across the state, and washington.. to locate this suspect... ghnoei held without . right .. a 2-year-old-girl from new mexico is recoring in the hospital.. after yesterday's rollov crash just sou of walsenburg. investigators y shwas abducted by her father, following a confrontation the girls mother's house in buqurque. an amber aleas iued... and yestery the cawas spotted ne walsenburg. crashappened... aftetroopers say the father d em on a high spe chase bo were thrown fm thsu suffering "moderate" inri. a securityuard from "corado" high school faces felony charges... he's accused of hang aexual laonship with an underage girl 28 yeaold ler hamilton was arsted last week. he faces three charges including "sexual asulon a child by one in a position ofrust the arrest aavitays he and the teen victim met
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whr. it does t say she wento the school. still, a notice s sent home to corodo parents. distri 1llus so r there's evideany sten werenvol colorado is hoping to put a stop to "teenexting" with the release of series of public service nouncements. he ask me to send him one of those pictures. that's a gat idea. you know, how bo you just se it to yearbook? you knowhat's going to go viral. yoll soon start seeing some realistic sexting enarios playing out ring yr cal commercial breaks. the goal ito make kids acros thstate aware of thegers of sextinghat they may not have tught about befor and whhundreds of teen involved in the non cityvestigation had to find out the harday, leslatorwant to keep at from happening in thfuture. hopefully we can get that ssage out there ando a little educaon on the front end tt ds pants and teachers all kno
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mef the ingsowe . state setor vin grantham of canon ty helped "spehead the project", llowg a sexting investigation athe high school. lawmakers are explorg the possibily of creating a new crime called "misuse of electronic images by juvenile" so that ki involved in sexti won't face felony charges. that bill was introduced in the hoinanuary. weather and traffic on the 5 chiemorning meteologist stephebowe is re nowith fit alert 5. our morning ive comes with sunshine and 30s. the evening drive will be sunny wi 50s coongto0s our morning is mild wi 20s and 30s. were q ts morn but a cold frontttached to low pressure ovesouth dakota and wying may bring a bit of wind to us as isses through today.
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there's really not mh to wry about beyohawind the wind can blow inhe 15-25 mprange th mning and early this afteron after 2 pm, the wind will begin easing. the sun willtille with us day. the gusty downslope wind will help the sun to warm our tempatur into thupper 40s and lower 50s by0 am. expect lower 50s around colorado springs d monume at noon with lower0s arounpueblo and caon ci. mostas will ge 60s this afternn with 50s in e high elevio. thisvening will be partl cloudyittemperatures cooli throh the 50s and 40s and into
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havoc again on southern colorado roads. potholre opening up over corado springs-- after all snow we got last week is meing intohe craof t roads... king for pretty rough ride pts of the city. ws-5 jnna wise joins u live now in corado sings... with how crews are worng to tackle the problem. we're starting to see them all er town oncegain... and last week's big snow storm h only ma the problem worse. one thole near powers an dublin took out at least four cars ariver tells us... she sathe pothole coming... but couldn't avo it because of althe built up snow and ice. it bw out her re.....but ere were others with worse damage... like broken axles. the potholthat caused so my probms tsday mning at porsnd dubliwas filled by city roaght away. city officials said potholes like these will be addressed
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are ported. rit w ma crereti cusi on dealinwi the snow and ice issues fr last ek'srm permanenet pot hole pairs are pland for latethis sprin when wget nsis warm weatr. reportlive in corado rings,oase, ne 5 ks joann. stilahea.. deral authorities ar warnin.. terror could strikinside the united states time in the
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taking a live lon washington dc.. whe prident obama is vowing to fig back after the sueme court blocked a key pa of his new policy to limicarbon emissions fromower pnts. the licy to reduce emissions is a centerpiece of the us commitment treach the pollution rgets it pledged to meett the un climate summit in paris late lt ye. tuesy... thcourt sided with states and indury group that wanted the regulation delayed while they challenge its gali. top u-s intelligcefficials e rning that isis is determined to attack inside
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direor of national intelligence "jameclapper" testified yesterday on capitol hill... sayingomegrown extremists pose the biggest threat to america. clper also testifed that isis haoutgrown al-qaeda to bom the biggest terrorist in the world.fuhe he comented on terrorists posing asefugees... saying terrorists are very skilled at creatg phony passports and can pass a lemate t. a mexin airline is now apologing to an actor... after denying him security clearance into the country when refused to reve his turban. "waris ahu wa-lee-ah ahlu-walia" has starred inseveral movies. is alsdegner thactor ys htold air officials that he ulnot ta f hiturbanfterassing through veral security screenings. the star is a ikh" and regards the turban as an important part ofisersonal relious enti. 's calngor aeromico
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this morning an auin texas police oicer is on desk duty after fatay shooting a ned teenager during an altercation. police say t officeratally shot 1year-old "david joseph the teen fused ders to stop and then charged t office this all happened when police responedo reports a man chasing othemaat an apartmencomplex... officers thefound the de teen. the investigation isngoing. well right now let's get a le look athe after math of mardi aseltions in new orleans. this is bourbon street. earlier... paradetook over thstreets of new orleans! thousands people lid up along st. charles avenue to get their mardi graseads! always... float dershrew out bea to cheering parade goers... ile dancing to the mching
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ta look at this... a sptacular ssion in the sky! more than 800 paratroopers from fo bragg, north carolina jumped out of planes yterday as part of a drill! bere the jump the paratopers were given eir emergency simulation mison and had to quickly pack u.. and head o to xas.. where they made the jump! this bgade is part of the "global response force.. a unit that has to be ready to ploy anywhere inhe world at anime. aftethe drop, paratroopers ok on a mock ene force and finall floridaheriff's k9 wounded in the line of duty last aras awarded pple heart and the medal of valor ofcer "endo" has recovered fr bng shot last november and was hored for rk protecting h hdlernd other depues.
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tracking a delnao shotnd wed his livin girlfrnd durg a me disturbance. weatr and traffion the 5s. chiemorning meteorologis stephen bors is here now with fit alert 5. we will be right back with the five things u need to know before you go. and... here's savannah guerie our morning drive comes with sunshi and0s. the ening drive ll be sunny with 50s cooling to 4. our morning is mild with 20s a
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we are quiet this morning, but a cold front atthed to low sure over south data and wyoming may bring a bit of wind to us as it passes thrgh today. our area is moisture staed, so there's rlly t ch to worry abt beyond that wind the wi can blow in the 1mph nge this morning and early this afternoon. after 2 pm, the wi will begin easing. the sun will still be with u today. the gusty downslope wind will help the n teerates ithuppes
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weill be rht back th the fi tngs yo to knbefore y go. an re'sanh guerie. th looat what's coming up
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at 7:00. here a theive things to know before you go. it is h wednesday... and local catholartang a ance to support thr counity. students and faculty at "divine redeemer school" will observe
6:40 am
they'lbeorking to assemble 600 compassion bs... which ll contain babwis... lotion... toorhbrushes... toothpaste.... tissues... lip balm... socks.. gloves... water... and granola bars... the bagsill be distributed to needy peopleour community... colorado springs police are asking for your help in identiing this burgry suspect. he's accusedf an armed robbe lastontht the metro p-c- store on east plte avenue.... where hesed large revolver ile taking money from the cash register the suspect is described aa heavy-set black male in his mid twenties to thties. he's about six feet tall with a muachend goatee. you havanfoation you're aed to call police. today in pueblo... the cityounty health departme... local hospits... and emergency officials will be testing the community's response ocedures durina health cris ercise. currt ergency response plans that are in place wille used anteed to help idenfitif areas that need imporvement... so the community can betr
6:41 am
come thiapril.... the "pedestrian access act" wi ke effect in colorado springs. city cncil just passed the ordinance. it prohibitseople from sitting or reclining on sidewalks, trails or otr public right of ways, during "high traffic hours" in certaipart dowown anold colorado city. now duri the next 60-days.. violats will get a warning.. t after at, they could face a tick and fines..... the eyenne mountain zoo is welcoming a new female mex gray wolf... ju imeorheci' ti sso. r mes "lighawk..anthhopes thathe wl pa with the zoo's current ma resident-- "leopold." we told you last month when thr previous fal--week --assed away. "lightwk". wee sisr... ane's mang her fir publ appearance at t zoo... lateis rnin ather and trfionhes. ief rninmeteorologist stepn bowers ihereow with firsert 5. our morning ive comes with
6:42 am
the evening drive will be nny wi 50s cooling to 4. our morning isild with 20s and 30s. are qui thimorning, but a cold fnt attached to l essure over south dakota a wyoming may bring a bit wind to us as it passes through today. our area is moisture srved, so there'reallyot much to worry abouyond that wind. the wi can blow in the 15-25 th afternoon. easing. the sun will stie with us today. the gusty downslope wi will theun to warm o temperaturesnto the upper 40s d lower 50s 10 am. expe ler 50s around colorado springs and monument at no wi lower 60s around pueblo and caon city. mo areas will manage 60s this afternoon with0sn the gh elations. this evening will be partly cloudy with temperures cooling through the 50s and 40s and in
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stay conne wk-o-a-a dot l y.
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newstrws goo gd morning. landslide. donald trump andere sanders n big in new hampshe. >> we ar gng to make america so great again. maybe ger tnr fore. hank you, newhampshire! for hillaryclton, a crushi defeat. >> i know i have some work to
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ople >> rean jn kasi,nergiz by a secd ple finish. >> if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> marco rubio ridin high aer wa, adms his debate perfmanceost him. >> i didn't do well on sury nit. lien is, that will never happen agn. >> how wl t outcom change th? who in callst its? candatespeak out today, dnesday, fruary 10th, 20. >> annnc: from nbc news, is is "tay with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a inkeller plaz goo morng. welce to"today on a wednesdaymornin >>e jus gave a our lead guest. rht ere, donaldtrump, live in our studio. a man of his . yesterday, he sa, if win, i'll joinou in your studio. gu what? here he is.
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