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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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charges... he's accused of hang a sexual relationship with underage girl. year old tylehamilton was arrestedast week. aces three charges includi "sexual asult on a child by one in a position of trust." the arrest affadavit says he and the teen victim t thugh a website called whisper. it does not say she went to e ol. still, a notice was nt home to coronado parents. district 11 tells us so far there's no evidence any students were involved. police are investigating a new irs scam ty y is disturbing... after scamrs impersonated a homeowner in distress to 9-1-1 operators... leading swat teams to surround the house! spatcher: "ok james tell me exactly at hapned..." caller: "there are two, three guys standing behind mdoor and showing me guns and king f money." the homeowners scammers had caed d mday... sayi if ey didy the irs thsands of dollars...
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housto arrest them. when the homeoers wouldn't pay... the scammers called 9-1-1 using a ke number. and told operators three armed men were outside of the home. at tms shut down the strt, cked down a nearby sool. only to find theauter home alone, shocked by the whole thing. "it's one of those this that we haveen this yet in this community, so we're concerned enou about ithat we want to t the rd out tthe puic." policeay icams are common th time of y.. and y if you getheseinds of calls, contact police immeatel there'a new and simp way to gein tch wh 9-1-1 diaters souern corado.. d it's by insomething st of us do every day.. sily sending a text ssage! the new "text to 9-1-1service is now available ts the paso-teller count9-1-1 auority... "in 'to'ieldentee ts. u dot have to enter hyphs or dashes. just the digits in message fie, enter your location andhe type emergethat you're ha in
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send." this a huge help tthe deaf... hearg d speech impaired community... but that's not all who can benefit. authoritiesay the rvice could save lives in a hoage or home- intruder situation. here could be an exalehere somebody maye hiding ia os sewhe and wwould ve to have tm set e phone wn a leavehe line opennd dend on what we hear to try to deteinwhat gngn. oghno.. y t tse aicre.. dispatchers will note able toee them... and the texts must be in pla text... nomojis... incling yo locatioan erncy. reid,patche will text bk toonfirm addional details and send help your way. a record-breakin700- thousand fans turn out downtown nver to celebrate theroncosuper bowl 50 victory!
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orange.. full of ople from all across colorado including coradoprings.. pueblo and trinidad... annabel bowlen, the wife of borncos owner pabowlen... led the parade.. also on that lead firetruck... peyton manningnd miller!! and even "miles" got in on the fun! e broncomascot rode on se-propelled recner as fans cheed on! in ouronnuing coverage: famiar problem popping u agn inolado spring. thol.. and somere! e tholne ps and dubl apparently took out at ight's. she says she couldn't avoid .. anitlew out her ti. ======== ashley wright/got a flat tire t 36:49 either cars are daged and people areosing rk time which means losing ney that they would be putting back into our city's econo. the city needs to take care of this. therare pair cre out workinon tporary fes to geus through the winte permanent pot epai are
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when we get consistent warm weather. colorado springs citunl.. passed the "pedestrian access act" esday.. the new ordinance goes into place in ail. it prohibits people from sting orlining on dewalks, trails or oth public right of ways, du "high traffic hours" in certain parts of dntown and d colorado city. council says theinance is innded to promote public fetynd economic vitality by ensuring that visito have fe passage and by encouraging the orderly use of the right-of-way. during the next s.. violators wi get a warning.. but after that, they coulde tick and fines. todays elon watch -- e so-cled tablishment of both political parties have been rocked to the core because of thoutcome of tuesday's presidential primaryn new hampshire. anneat noon -- we've learned jersey gov. chris christie is expected to drop out of the race -afr finishing sixth.
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-- and now have their sits set on south carolina. more from nbs chris clackum. --- pkg --- natsound/tru margin by ich donald trump won the republican presidential primary in new mpshire surprised most...but trump, himself ...who was on t today show this morning. sot/ donald trump / r presidential candida :10 - :14 "i said was gong tdo wl, and weeally did. i ess even better than anticed" but the biggest surpriseas john kasich...o came in second..lbeit a distant second.. , too was th the tay ow. sot/ john sich / r presidential candidate :22 -25 "i was the only one really pitivmeage." dioied by horpsingly poe di marco rubioem zed.sot/ marco rubio / r presidential candidate :31 - :35 "i think ithe months and wks to come, you're nogong to see anyone work harder or more passionately." ted cruz came in third..
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showinin south carolinwhere the next republican primary takes place february 20th. tsound/sanders the 20th is also wn the democratxt face off... in nevada.. ..fter bernie sanders turned his underdog campaign into a real fight in new hampshir sot/ bernie sanders / d presidential candidate :54 1:01 "together we have sent a message that will echo from ll street to washito" while hillary clinton's caaign was uised by the margin of her loss, she struck a note of confidence tuesday nig sot/ hillary clton / d presidential candidate 1:09 - 1:14 "it's not whether you get knocked down, it's about whether you get back up." oncasualty of new hampshire. chris chriie is said to be contemplating annd to his campaign. chris clkum,bc news. republicans are already the in the ne bate grnd state of sth carolin.. where ted cruz -is using chd's ay -in a new ad -- to attack dona tru.. "look i t thnew trumtion figure. no way! that's huuuuuuge "what does he do?" "he pretends to a publican." kids ugh ted cruz tied for thd in hew hampshire with j bush and marco bio...
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momentum he had -- after winning thiowa caucuses.. meantime -- ump has also unch his own attack ad in south carolina. calling cruz -- a washingt indewho t be tsted.. utcarolina holds its republican primary on uary0-. on a ligerote... the anety was high for some candidates w waiting for results of new hampshire primar.. but a rexebernie sanders... took se time to show his skls on the court bere he was decled the nner! cames caht up to sands atispaign headquarters to nd him surrnded by his grandchildre.. playing a ttle basketball! new at noo-- a scary situation for a girl heading to school this morning. police and d11 confirmed a man rassed her on her way to the bus stop, bound for dland internional emtary schoo at's where news 5's eg dingrao is le with the latest originally thiwent out as an attempted kidnapping but
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eith way scary sittion for kids and paren happened thorn en the ttle girl s walking to the bus stop alone. the 11 says man walked up to her mas anhaing commts sced h a threateto take the girls necklace. shthen quicklyan to a iends house and the man walked away. neighbors ne midland internatiol were scked somethg ke this d happ kenneth jo neighbor t. i don't like tt kind of stuff going on juslike anybody else. we d't nd it. surprise you? for this school year make matters worse 1 says they have had some similar instances haen in the same area over the past couple months. which is why the district se out notices not only parents this hoolurrounding schools as wel we'll have more on that comi
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still ahead this afternoon -- gas prices contin to fall -- we're taking a cler look at thpredicti for this ar -- in todays consumer watch. but fit yourxtended forecast with meteorologi jessica van meter. jessa? it's warmest day of the week,
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be 'cold' any stret of the stick around- ick around- coinour t 5 forecast. we've made it to tof the weo the warmest day of the week!hsil reach the 60's and even 70's for ouwarmt areas. skies will plenty ofight a rmth to lt more sn. it'll be a great day to be outsidsoaking up the and warmth. lowsipust bew freezing tonight th mostlclear skies. noquiet asarm for the rest of the week, buttill well above average. wille in the 50's low 60 with mostly sunny skies. eas of the mountains will have e ance to see so lht
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the weekend, but that will b the onlyhance of precipitation
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inoday's consumer watch... gas presontinue to fal and more some good ns for drivers. gasolines expected to rema under 2-dollars for the entire year! this is according to the lest
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which sa regular g will average at $1. a glon naonwide in 2016. if this foreca holds to true is will be theirst time since 2004 tt s drivs ve paid a full-year average of under two bucks a gallon. after the brea onfaly fighting for thei son --attling a rare and destating sk disea..
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in tod's yr healthy family... a story so many families herin colorado can relate to. right now a georgia couples fiting f the legalization of cannabis oil... its diciney satheir toddleneeds toelp curb constant pain from a crippling skin disease "christopher hopr" has more. --- pkg -- nats: crying you cat for one minute imagine what this boyaces. nats: ng
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even begin to describehe pain. nats: crying pain in thhearts ainds of his parents whlive it, but cat feel it on the outside. t: audra underod, reid'som "a rubbu takes his skin completely off." did just moments before our inteiew. reid underwood... grazed his pointer fger ainst his father's jeans. blood poured from s little hand. sot: brian underwood, reid's dad "essentily reid is missing the glue that holds skin layers togeth a basic explanation of an unimagable reality. e...reid underwood sfe from epidermolis bullosa... or eb. sot: audra underwood, reid's mom "pain is when you sleep, it's when yat, it's when you play, it's when you doin you live in constant pain for your whole life." a life typically cut short by this rare disease. the days leadingp to the end are lled wh bandage chan bl baths, and high pered rcotics likeorphine and thade...
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little while. sot: brian underwood, reid's dad "there really is no part of his life that's not affected by the disease." that's why the uwood's a fighting for cannabis oil. reid doesn't qualify und georgia's current la reid's dr. in minnesota who performed his bone mrow ansplant in effort to create the genhe's miing is a huge proponent of cannabis oil for itchingnd pain. t:r. jakub tolar, reid's transplantdoctor - super on screen "you have to imagine that n vat burning o." udra uerwoodreid's mom "he still wi find a reasono smile." back at home... brian and audra are willing to admit... they'd rather bury their youngest cld than see him suffer like this. sot: audra underwood, reid's mom "definitely has a beautiful soul th'sor se." days are long, nights are sleepless. but brian and audra persevere. and they will ght... until the end
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on this dnesday -- we've madet
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the week andlso to the warmest day theeek! highs will reach the 60's and even 70's for our warmest ars. skiewill be sunny with plenty light and warh to melt more snow. it'll be a gre day tbe outside soing up the sun and warmth. lo dip just below freeng tonight with mostly clear skies. thanks for spending part of your afternoon with u for continuous news updates all
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